she thinks i'm cute okay


the 100 ship aesthetics ➳ Sea Mechanic

you are of the stars, 

and I of the sea; 

we are made of beauty, 

we are a force to behold, 

and the depths of our love 

remains vast and unknown. -h.m.r.

Cutest thing happen

Today the cutest thing happen and it literally made me happy for the entire day I’m still smiling about it and its night time
So my teacher brought her little girl to school today and I introduce myself to this little girl and she goes “you’re pretty” in such a little innocence kid voice and I swear when she said that I just couldn’t stop smiling I said “thank you” and she said “your welcome” AND I SWEAR IM LIKE MELTING AT HOW CUTE THAT LITTLE INTERACTION WAS! IT WAS SO FREAKING CUTE.
And this gives me another reason to love kids.

To all the people tweeting stuff like “No offense I like you but Nina is ruining Camsten” at Jasmin Brown: 

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uwj-here-deactivated20160125  asked:

Did you see the new episode? I'd love to see you draw Dipper and Mabel when they were little.


It’s not much, but I’d like to draw more of the cute smols in the future UvU

Shoutout to these two for having the cutest friendship ever. <3

I’m not a fan of Linda. I’m not going to hate on her, but I don’t like her, and I”ll be glad when she either leaves, or starts actually being nice to Iris. There was no need for her to be that rude when Iris approached her the day after the double date. NONE. 

And don’t try to talk to me about a fucking girl code when the two are NOT friends. That much was clear tonight. I’m sorry to everyone who really wanted a P*rkwest friendship, but I’m not feeling that at all right now. Even Eddie managed to fake it longer than two dates.