she thinks his goodbye is good

“Well Marianne it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine. And you know that I’ve always loved you for your beauty and your wisdom, but I don’t need to say anything more about that because you know all about that. But now, I just want to wish you a very good journey. Goodbye old friend. Endless love, see you down the road.”

Leonard Cohen wrote this letter for his one-time muse, Marianne Ihlen, as she was dying of leukemia earlier this year. The letter was made public in August with his blessing, and when I’d read it, it made me cry, this sentence in particular: “Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine.” Because it was so beautiful, because I knew we were going to lose Leonard soon. It’s making me cry again tonight.

“You Want It Darker” is a lovely coda, but all the same, I’m sitting here listening to the old stuff tonight.

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Can't Let Go Yet Kiss please. Reminds me of the 4x09 limo kisses with the nose nuzzles. That kiss is my Kryptonite.

If you’re looking for fluffy prompts for the weekend, can you please do something with Olicity waking up on a lazy Sunday morning and Eskimo kisses please? I stared at the 4x09 limo kisses too long and am spiraling again. Please and thank you. 😘😘😘

a/n: okay but like… this is exactly what I was thinking for this prompt so… (it’s not really a goodbye kiss anymore, but still)

Can’t Let Go Yet Kiss - The type of goodbye kiss when you keep leaving quick pecks on each other’s lips, but end up pulling each other back for more, which could go on for hours if one of you don’t finally pull away.

“Good morning,” she mumbled as she moved closer to Oliver.

He wrapped his arms around her and gave her lips a gentle peck. “Morning.”

Lazy Sundays were always her favorite. They didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything. She and Oliver could just exist and relax in the sweet warmth of their bed.

He let out a sight, “Can’t stay in bed too long today,” he muttered.

What? That was not part of the plan.

“There’s a fundraiser for the children’s hospital today.”

Definitely not part of the plan.

She whined at him.

“I know,” he mumbled, “But the kids.”

It was hard to argue that, but she still wanted her lazy morning. She inched a little closer, giving him a slow, sweet kiss. His fingers moved across her back gently caressing her skin. When he pulled back from the kiss, she leaned in further, letting her nose brush against his. He gave a content sigh at the eskimo kisses. It wasn’t fair, but she knew she could always get him with the gentle touches. He reveled in the sweetness of her touch. She would never actually abuse this because she knew after so long of being tortured that he craved this kind of thing. Today it was just hard to let him go.

If she were being honest, she craved his touch almost as much as he craved hers.

He rest his forehead against hers and slowly opened his eyes. “Maybe just a few more minutes.”

She hummed her approval and gave him another soft peck on the lips. He smiled against her lips and gave her a few pecks of his own. Yeah, she could have stayed there all day. It was so easy to pull him back in for more kisses when he started to pull away. So easy for him to lean back in, brushing his nose against hers.

She didn’t know how long this went on for before he finally pulled all the way back.

“Felicity,” he said with an amused smile.

“I know,” she sighed dramatically.

“You coming with me?” he asked.

“Hmm, come with and be arm candy for the Mayor… I guess.”

He rolled his eyes at her because they both knew that no one saw her that way. She actually liked going with him to the children’s hospital, even on days when they weren’t fundraising. The kids loved Oliver and he loved them. He sat with them and read stories or played with dolls and action figures. Felicity always wanted to play with the Green Arrow and as pervy as that sounded she just really liked doing the growly voice with the toy, making the kids laugh and Oliver make faces.

The best part, though, was the fact that Oliver was just as much a hero to those kids as the Green Arrow was to the rest of the city.

She kissed him once more. “I love you.”

He kissed back and nuzzled her nose. “I love you too.”

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Things Odi's Note To Mattie Might Contain Apart From a Suicide Note

For the Humans fan who’s in denial, and proud.

1. The information about George/Elster she wanted from him, which he withheld for her safety - a course of action he now knows is futile, since she’s gone after Leo regardless

2. A confession that he did try to erase his own consciousness, but failed. He wrote it down because he thinks he might be afraid to tell her when she gets back, in case she’s angry, but he knows he has to tell her.

3. A goodbye, because he thinks his presence is affecting Sophie negatively. (He’s gonna go join Max and Flash’s commune instead.)

4. Instructions on how to make really good apricot jam.

5. The words and notation for a ballad he’s written for her (we all saw that BTS shot Lucy tweeted).

6. Nothing. It’s just a folded over piece of paper and he was practicing writing her name on the front, because he likes the way it looks and he needs practice.

7. It’s actually a note Laura left in Mattie’s old room ages ago, which Odi found when he unpacked a box she’d forgotten about from the move.

8. He’s written her a list of paint colours he thinks would work better than the ones she’s been trying out on her wall.

9. A treasure map, only X marks the spot where Fred is hiding.

10. A fun limerick.

11. A diagram of how she might fix his bad arm.

12. Descriptions of sensations or emotions he doesn’t know the names of, and what caused them, so she can help identify how he’s been feeling.

13. A rec list of h/c fic (she could do with the research)

Today (St Patrick’s Day), is my aunt Lori’s birthday, and I never knew that until I was by her death bed. I’m pretty terrible with birthdays and ages in general so I don’t fault myself too much, but it’s a reminder of all the lost time we could have spent together. I wish I had been more insistent about going up to Maine to visit more than one week a year. 

After my grandpa’s move to a nursing home a few years ago I did visit every few months with my dad, and we’d have a mini reunion in his room and go to the local Irish pub for dinner after. Those were really good times. When she was diagnosed with liver cancer I started thinking every goodbye might be the last. And then it was. 

There’s that divide between wanting to make the most of my time here with the people that I love, and wanting each of us to live on as normal with enough space to ourselves, especially with anxiety and not wanting to seem “needy”. I’m not sure I’ll ever get it right. 

definitive hunter ratings

father gascoigne: he is an actual father. he is good

micolash: wears a cage to keep his head from going anywhere, but his body can still move and therefore his head can continue to travel as before. an ineffective and foolish man.

eileen: she is perfect. there is nothing wrong with her

vileblood hunter alfred: he’s good at his job, but that doesn’t make up for his rotten personality. send him to finishing school right away

djura: yells too much, fires too many bullets. rude old man

gilbert: dead

the doll: where can i buy my daughter one for christmas? is she not available in stores?

annalise, queen of the vilebloods: a queen with no subjects!!!! preposterous!!!!!!! undoubtedly a sham. but good fashion sense

patches the spider: don’t talk to me about him

TVD finale...

I have to admit it, im not a big fan of TVD, but today i stopped what i was doing to watch the last episode of this serie, because i was really curious of what was going to happen, how it would end. I just finished to watch It right now, and im not ashamed to say that i cried….like, a lot. The entire episode was good, better than i imagined It would be, but one of the scenes that made me cry the most was Stelena’s goodbye. Because when i saw that scene, i remembered an episode where Elena was talking with Damon about Stefan , when Stefan had turned off his humanity. She told Damon “ when its all said and done theres nothing more important than the bond of family” (…) “i think you gonna be the one to save him from himself, It wont be because he loves me, It Will be because he loves you” …This entire episode brought me back this scene to be honest, like when Stefan and Caroline were talking and Caroline said “ family first” , but in the Stelena’s scene i really really felt what Elena said. Because Stefan did what he did to save Damon, because Damon finally was the best man he could possibly be, and Stefan wanted him to have a chance to make the world see what Damon Salvatore had to offer, and in the end, the peace of Damon was with Stefan. And thats the most beautiful thing i saw in a really long time…

It Doesn't Hurt


They had both been sentenced to death. Graves had taken away the case and it hurt Newt that he might never see his creatures again, not even get the chance to say goodbye. He didn’t want to think about how scared they would be at some stranger going into their home.

Newt could feel Pickett crawling down his arm, trying to pick the lock. They reached the room and stopped in front of a large pool of dark liquid.

“Please, please let Lexi go. Do what you will to me but she’s completely innocent.” He pleaded on deaf ears. The witch who was holding him raised her wand to the side of Newt’s head. “Let’s get the good stuff out of you, sweetie.”

This was it. Newt was going to die. Pickett started working faster but it wasn’t enough. A long silver strand of memories left his head and the witch flung it effortlessly into the dark liquid.

Images swirled until a younger version of Newt’s mother appeared. “Newton. Come on, don’t you want to help feed the hippogriffs?” She beamed brightly, holding out her hand.

The chains holding Newt fell, Pickett with them. But he didn’t fight back instead he walked closer to the enchanted death liquid with a dazed look. The small bowtruckle panicked and ran over to Lexi.

Chris Evans Request

Heya! 💜 I’m absolutely obsessed with your Chris Evans imagines at the moment! They’re SOOOO good!! I was wondering if you wanted some more ideas? Here’s what I was thinking: cute moment where he’s playing with his nephew and you are watching. Later you have a discussion about having kids together and it’s just lots of fluff.

You said goodbye to Chris’s sister as she left with two of her kids. You and Chris were at her house in charge of watching Miles while she was away tonight. “Alright, buddy, what should we make for dinner,” your husband asked carrying Miles on his side.

“I don’t know. Aunt Y/N, what should we make for dinner,” he asked you.

“Yeah,” Chris smiled and sat Miles down at the table, “what should we make for dinner Aunt Y/N.”

“How about some grilled cheese?”

“With tomato soup,” Miles said excitedly.

“Of course,” you grinned.

“Want to help me out in the kitchen Miles,” Chris asked and Miles nodded. You took a seat at the table and watched as the two boys laughed and smiled around the kitchen as they made dinner. “Miles made it all by himself,” Chris sat your plate in front of you.

You took a bite and looked at Miles. “You made this?! This is delicious,” you grinned and Miles smiled at his achievement.

Once everyone was wrapping up dinner you started taking plates. “Since you two men made dinner I’ll do the cleaning.”

“Uncle Chris, can we go play in the living room?”

“Of course buddy. Y/N, you sure you don’t want help cleaning?”

“I think I can manage your mess,” you giggled. “Go. Have fun.”

As you put the final pan out to dry you walked into the living room and saw Chris and Miles wrestling around. The smile on boy their faces and the continuous giggle that came from Chris brought a large smile to your face.

When Miles saw you he yelled to you, “Aunt Y/N, help me! Help me! Get Uncle Chris.” Chris had started tickling Miles and he was having laughing fits.

“I’m coming Miles,” you smiled and pretended to try and pry him from Chris’ arms. “Uncle Chris is too strong. I can’t get him,” you pretended to struggle. Chris let go and sent Miles into your arms. “I got you,” you cheered victoriously.

“Thanks Aunt Y/N. You’re stronger than Uncle Chris.”

“Of course I am! Look at these guns,” you flexed your barely there arm muscles.


“He’s fast asleep,” Chris said smiling and joined you on the couch. You snuggled into his side as he threw an arm around you.



“Do you want kids? I mean, you’re so good with Miles and the rest of the kids. And, you seem to really enjoy being around them.”

“I’d love to have kids. I’d love to be a dad but, most importantly, I’d love for you to be the mother to my kids,” he pressed a kiss on to the top of your head.

nah but if nozaki would ever get serious, it end up not being serious at the end. Like,

suddenly Nozaki says he’s going to be moving to a new place with his family and then chiyo get all heartbroken and as much as she wants to spend the last of his days till he moves with nozaki, she just can’t bring herself to do it and then when nozaki is leaving on the subway 

sakura confess for real no ‘im ur fan.’ she uses ‘love’ and nozaki all, ‘i love you too’ 

and she happy she got to say goodbye and that she loves him before she thinks she never sees him again

but in reality, his family just moved closer to his school and nozaki moves in with them and next day nozak is like, ‘so where dating now?’

but the outcome is good so meh

Look, all I want is for someone to draw the following

Pearl going through Bills old photos, and finds a picture of his wife in her wedding dress.

She shape shifts herself into wearing the dress to see how she would look in the mirror. Then she shape shifts herself into looking like a very pale version of his deceased wife in her wedding dress

Then Bill walks into the room and finds her

Its like what Amethyst did, only Bill actually thinks its his wife


When Pearl is pregnant with her and Bill’s child

She knows shes about to give birth and wants to say goodbye to her Husband

But she finds hes asleep, and instead of waking him up, lays down next to him.

She remembers all the times shes had on Earth. All the good and the Bad. With Amethyst, Garnet, Steven… Rose… and Bill.

And she cries knowing how happy she was in the last few decades, especially with Bill, and how sad he will be now thats shes about leave this world, but is happy that he will be with their child.

She wants him to be her final sensation in this world, so she kisses him one last time, and in a blinding light, vanishes, leaving behind their daughter in his arms, to whom he will wake up to in the morning.

The worst part?

Nobody told him what would happen when Pearl gave birth.


I know that Jaime’s speech with Edmure made you gag but he said those things because HE WAS HOPING THAT HE WOULDN’T COME DOWN TO VIOLENCE. IT’S JUST LIKE BOOK!JAIME. He made his threats and he’s prepared to carry them out but not without compromise. Wasn’t that the same with book!Jaime? Yes, he said I love C-*gag* and probably means it to an extent but the most important thing is HE LISTENED TO BRIENNE. THIS ISN’T AS SAD AS I’D HOPE AND THAT GOODBYE WAVE HE DID. HE LOOKED AT HER WITH TARTH EYES WITH A LOOK OF APPROVAL SAYING “DID I DO GOOD?” which means he sought for her approval. He realizes that what SHE thinks of him matters a lot. OH MY GOD THAT WAVE LIKE THIS EPISODE I CAN’T-

Totally worth skipping the first day over hahahha

New question though…


Ok maybe I'm heartless or just really can't stand Elena

So I finally watched the finale in its entirety and I’m sorry I wasn’t moved by any of the goodbyes. I was like ok, still nothing. I hated how Bonnie tried to apologize and I hated how Kai tried to make Bonnie think she was the blame for his behavior. I literally sat through it trying to will myself to get emotional over the goodbyes, and nada happened. Damon saving Bonnie and Matt putting Bonnie first telling her to leave was only good things to me.

I hate the whole tying Bonnie’s life to Eleanor’s. I really hope they don’t spend all of next season making Bonnie feel guilty or having Damon pining over another Petrova. He’s done that already. They really should’ve just killed her off permanently.

Just my thoughts

Don’t think about the Doctor landing on a godforsaken planet overrun by flesh eating monsters and how of course the TARDIS materializes just a short distance away from a man who aches with a pain so similar to his own. (Because she always takes him where he needs to be, even if he doesn’t know it.) Don’t think about him realizing that he and this shaggy haired man share the same pain over the loss of a clever, brave, good-hearted blonde. Don’t think about the Doctor realizing he can’t help himself (he can never help himself) but he can help this man.

 Don’t think about the TARDIS materializing seconds after the group is forced to leave Beth’s body behind at Grady hospital, or the sight of the Doctor lifting Beth’s broken body into his arms just like another version of him did so long ago (or is it so far ahead? time is so tricky), on that space station with the last of the heart of the TARDIS pulsing in his veins and the sight of his beautiful Rose like a goddess of time, seared into his mind. Don’t think about the Doctor healing Beth using timelord technology in the TARDIS, working over her day and night as the TARDIS above him makes worried sounds (because she, too, knows what it’s like to miss a certain blonde). Don’t think about Beth waking up in this wondrous place and looking at the man who saved her and seeing his pain in an instant, seeing to the heart of him quicker than anyone ever has before. Don’t think about the way his eyes might look as she asks him who he lost. (She knows what loss looks like, now. How could she not?) Don’t think about how easy it my be for him to tell her about his Rose, about how she laughed and loved and lived and how much he misses her. Don’t think about how he might turn away only to feel her arms wrapping around him from behind and hear her whispering that it’s okay to cry, if he needs to. 

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