she thinks he's in drag and not a lady


Arya Stark Appreciation Week: Day 4 -  Foreshadowing

“The Lannisters are proud,” Jon observed. “You’d think the royal sigil would be sufficient, but no. He makes his mother’s House equal in honor to the king’s.”

“The woman is important too!” Arya protested. Jon chuckled. “Perhaps you should do the same thing, little sister. Wed Tully to Stark in your arms.”

“A wolf with a fish in its mouth?” It made her laugh.  - Arya, AGoT

She splashed noisily through the shallows and threw herself into the deeper water, her legs churning. The current was strong but she was stronger. She swam, following her nose. The river smells were rich and wet, but those were not the smells that pulled her. She paddled after the sharp red whisper of cold blood, the sweet cloying stench of death. She chased them as she had often chased a red deer through the trees, and in the end she ran them down, and her jaw closed around a pale white arm. She shook it to make it move, but there was only death and blood in her mouth. By now she was tiring, and it was all she could do to pull the body back to shore. As she dragged it up the muddy bank, one of her little brothers came prowling, his tongue lolling from his mouth. She had to snarl to drive him off, or else he would have fed. Only then did she stop to shake the water from her fur. The white thing lay facedown in the mud, her dead flesh wrinkled and pale, cold blood trickling from her throat. Rise, she thought. Rise and eat and run with us.  - Arya, ASoS

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that Arya will meet up with Lady Stoneheart and I believe she will give mercy to her mother.

I highly recommend reading this post by @gendrie that explores the important relationship between Arya and Catelyn

the losers club: coming out
  • When Stan came out as gay, his dad thought he was joking. He laughed in Stan’s face and clapped his hand on Stan’s shoulder and was wheezing for a good while. However, when Donald realised he wasn’t joking, he got quiet. He didn’t say anything until Stan turned to leave, and then he pulled Stan into a hug. It was weird for Stan at first, but he let it happen. He said, “I’m so proud of you.” That’s when Stan started crying. He and his family went out for dinner that night to celebrate.
  • When Mike came out as bisexual, his grandfather dismissed it as a phase. When he came home with a girlfriend, Leroy was pleased. When he came home a few months later with a boyfriend, Leroy was cold and wouldn’t talk to him for a few days. Eventually, he sat Mike down and asked him if that boy was really who he loved at that time. Mike was hesitant to reply with a short nod, and Leroy nodded back. He told Mike, “Treat him right. Don’t let anyone come between you. Now, get back to work.”
  • When Bill came out as pansexual, his parents had no fucking clue what it meant. He explained it calmly, that he didn’t give a shit what someone’s (Stan’s) gender was, as long as they (Stan) were nice to him and cared about him enough to date him. They accepted him and didn’t make a big deal of it, which he was glad for.
  • Ben never really figured things out. He mostly liked girls, but there were very rare occasions (mostly around Mike) where he got nervous around boys and wanted to hold their hand, but thinking about doing anything sexual with a dude made him feel queasy. He told his mother about this, and her reaction was what anyone would expect at that: he was confused. She gave him time to figure it out.
  • Bev told her aunt she was bisexual (mostly into girls. Like… ninety percent into girls. Ben was sweet, though. She liked him.) when she was in her late teens. Her aunt… didn’t give a single shit. She nodded and took a drag from her cigarette and said, “Don’t let ’em treat ya wrong, Bevvy. Don’t matter if they’re a lady, like yaself. She treats you wrong, she gets gone, ya here me?”
  • Eddie came out as gay as soon as he figured out he was. His mother was extremely angry at first, yelling and blaming Richie for her not being able to have grandchildren, but when Eddie pointed out to her that he hadn’t planned on having kids anyway, she calmed down. She kept asking if he was sure, if he was joking, if he was one hundred fucking percent sure. He said yes, of course, and she sighed. She wasn’t happy, but she accepted it.
  • Richie wasn’t as lucky as everyone else. He told his parents that he liked boys, and they ignored it at first. However, when he talked about having a boyfriend, they got pissed. They tried to interrogate him into telling him who (he refused, he didn’t want them to hurt Eddie.) and his mother even took it far enough to throw a bottle at him. He ended up avoiding them as much as possible after that. Stan’s parents made him dinner when he came over red-eyed and sniffling because of it.
I Think I’m Dying


Sirius had woken up to a coughing fit that made his lungs ache and his throat burn. Regulus was still snoring softly from the other side of the room and Sirius made sure not to be too loud as he slipped out of bed and closed the door softly behind him.

He knew he wasn’t allowed into the study when his mother was working but he hadn’t known what else to do - he’d already lingered at the top of the stairs for an hour, trying to get his mother’s attention without having to actually go downstairs but she’d just ignored him. Sirius pushed open the study door with some effort, tears streaming down his face, chest tight, tiny hands pulling and worrying the ends of his nightshirt. Walburga was leant over the desk, quill scratching on the paper in her manicured grip.

“What is it?” she snapped, turning sharp grey eyes to glare at him, “You know you’re not allowed down here.” Sirius recoiled slightly, his bottom lip quivering. His face was starting to feel heavy and sticky with tears.   

“Mumma,” he whined, “My throat is all hurty and I can’t stop coughing.” He paused for a moment to meet his mother’s eyes, “I think I’m dying.” Walburga curled her lip disdainfully at him, setting the quill aside to cross her arms over her chest.

“Don’t be absurd, you’re not dying now go back to bed and stop being a nuisance!” Sirius hesitated, he had wanted a hug, a smile, anything to make him feel a little better. He balled his hands into fists by his sides, his lip trembling. Walburga pushed away from the desk so suddenly that it rattled against the wall and Sirius almost fell as she strode towards him, grabbing him by the arm and yanking him out of the room back towards the staircase. Kreacher glared coldly at him as they passed the kitchen doorway. Sirius struggled to keep up as his mother marched him up the stairs, stumbling a few times, depositing him in front of his bedroom door without so much as a backwards glance.

“Stupid boy - it’s a wonder I had children at all.” Sirius sat in the doorway of his room and cried. He screamed and he yelled and pounded his tiny fists onto the floor but his mother didn’t come back and, eventually, he fell asleep on the landing curled up in a ball.



Sirius loved being at school - the castle was everything Grimmauld Place wasn’t, it was loud and colourful and welcoming. He’d already made friends with three of the boys in his house: Peter Pettigrew, a shy blonde boy with big round eyes and a nervous smile; James Potter, who was becoming more and more like the brother Sirius wished he had - James was brave and funny and just as up for causing trouble as Sirius was; Remus Lupin often tried to stop them from going quite so over the top with their pranks but Sirius could usually talk him round. Remus was taller than any of them, with long spindly legs and light brown curls that dipped into his eyes constantly and lots of faded scars that marked his cheeks.   

A week into his first term at Hogwarts, Sirius got ill. He’d woken up one morning with his throat closed up and his skin cold and clammy. Determined not to let it ruin the flying lesson scheduled for that afternoon, he’d sucked it up and gone to breakfast with his friends. The Great Hall was filled with the delicious smells of the usual Hogwarts feasts but they just made Sirius want to be sick. He faceplanted the table groaning softly.

“I think I’m dying.” He mumbled to himself. James, who had just been about to launch a spoonful of jam at a totally oblivious Peter on the other side of the table, paused mid catapult.

“Sirius? You alright mate?”

“‘M fine” he mumbled, “I’ll still be able to go flying.” They were probably just worried they wouldn’t be able to go, he thought. Someone touched his shoulder and Sirius slowly raised his head to see all three of his friends peering at him in concern. Remus’ hand hovering above his arm.

“Never mind flying, you’re almost the same shade as Nearly Headless Nick, do you feel alright?” Sirius only blinked at them. Remus looked worried. They all did. But they couldn’t be worried about him, more likely they were annoyed that they wouldn’t be able to go to Ogg’s flying lesson. They’d all been really looking forward to it after they’d seen the Gryffindor team on their way to practice on their second day. Looking at his friends staring back at him, Sirius couldn’t bring himself to lie to them.

“I feel like my stomach is about to jump up my throat and I haven’t been able to breathe properly since I woke up.” He waited for the sighs and the angry muttering and the mumbled ‘stop being so selfish’ that he was used to but none came. Instead James stuck his hand in the air, calling over Professor McGonagall. Remus leant forward again and placed a cool hand on Sirius’ forehead.

“What is it Mr. Potter?” McGonagall asked, peering down at Sirius who struggled not to let his head drop back onto the table top.

“Sirius isn’t feeling very well, can he go back to the dorm?” McGonagall nodded after a moment.

“Of course, he looks dreadful. You’d better go with him Potter. You too Mr Lupin, Mr Pettigrew. Make sure he doesn’t fall up the stairs.” James grinned up at her with a mock salute and ran from the room. Remus took one of Sirius’ arms in his and started guiding him from the Great Hall.

“Why didn’t you say anything Sirius?” He asked quietly. Sirius shrugged.

“At home no one really cared… most of the time they just told me to get over it so I uh, I just assumed it’d be the same here.” Remus gave a long suffering sigh as they reached the Gryffindor tower.

“Don’t be daft Sirius, you can’t help it if you’re ill and of course we care about you. You’re our friend.” Remus turned to say the password, leaving Sirius to try not to betray the fact that even though Remus had stated it like it was completely obvious, no one had ever told Sirius that it was okay to be ill. As they walked through the empty common room and up the stairs to the dorm room Sirius could hear James stumbling around.

“Sirius!” James bounded to a stop in front of them as they pushed open the door, taking Sirius’ arm and yanking him away from Remus and further into the room. “So I moved your bed away from the window so you wouldn’t get cold and I took the blankets off of my bed so you’d be really cosy and- where’s Peter?” Remus left the dorm to look and James pushed Sirius down onto his bed and pushed and pulled at the covers until he was tucked in, eyelids drooping with the soft warmth of an extra blanket.   

A loud clattering on the staircase made his eyes jerk open again to see Peter and Remus returning to the room, both with arms full of food from the breakfast table.

“I didn’t know what you wanted,” Peter said breathlessly, dropping the food onto Sirius’ bedside table, “so I brought you everything I could carry… though, I may have dropped a few of the sausages…” Remus deposited even more food onto the trunk at the foot of the bed before glancing at the clock.

“We should get going or we’ll be late.” James wrapped an arm around Sirius’ head, pulling it into his lap and draping his body over Sirius dramatically.

“But if we leave him alone he could die, Remus, die!” He shrugged one shoulder. “We’ll have to skip all of our lessons to look after him. Won’t we Sirius.” Sirius couldn’t see anything through James’ arms.

“Can’t… breathe… James!” James let go and Sirius relaxed back against the pillows, a slow grin spreading over his face.

“Oops, sorry mate.”

“Remus is right James, we have to go! I don’t fancy being late for potions… a detention with Slughorn would just be listening to him talk for hours.” James got off the bed pouting.

“Fine,” he whined, craning his head back over his shoulder to wave at Sirius, “we’ll come see ya later so hurry and get better.” Sirius listened to them as they left the dorm before letting his eyes drift shut, happier than he could ever remember being.


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Babysitter (Part 2)

Summary: Your parents have to leave for a buiness trip for the weekend and you invite Taehyung over

Pairing: Kim Taehyung/ Reader

Genre: Smut X2

Word: 3.3k

A/N: I suppose there will be a part 3 lol maybe- Sorry if this one is not as good

Part 1 | MasterlistPart 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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Being in a relationship with Lucifer would include:

Originally posted by dailytomellis

Warning: Smut, drugs

A/N: *smirks*

  • Him playing the piano for you, singing a song he wrote for you.
  • You never touching his scars because he doesn’t like that. 
    • But you still telling him that he’s magnificent.
  • You worrying when he goes solving crimes with Detective Decker. 
    • You always telling him to be careful.
    • Also telling him to keep his mouth shut before he gets shot.
    • Secretly asking Detective Decker if she could keep an eye on him.
  • Babysitting Trixie from time to time. 
  • Maze accepting you after some warm up time.
    • She actually showing you how to be a bartender when you’re bored. 
  • Amenadiel being very polite, but wary of you.
    • Him not trusting Lucifer and him thinking you’re just his toy, nothing serious.
    • You calling him Ami just because.
  • Sometimes chilling at the Lux because it’s Lucifer’s home and loving it when he plays the piano and sings.
    • Being jealous when the ladies stare lustly at him.
    • “Don’t be jealous, [Y/N]. Green doesn’t suit you.” 
    • “Well, if that redhead touches you again, I’ll murder her ass and drag her corpse to the garbage bins.“
  • You calling Lucifer nicknames.
    • Luci.
    • Luce.
    • Lightbringer.
    • Wings.
    • Chicken wings when you’re drunk or high.
    • Daddy when you’re drunk and horny.
  • Getting drunk together. 
  • Doing cocaine together. 
    • He absolutely loves to snort cocaine off of your chest. 
    • You do like the same. 
    • Him taking care that you don’t do to much cocaine because he knows that mortals end up dead after an overdose.
  • You making him talk about whatever he wants to talk about because you love his accent. 
  • Driving with his super fast car around the city.
    • Him not liking that you want to drive because he thinks he’s a better driver.
    • Also, him having better reflexes.
  • Going out on dates and him always paying, although you don’t want him to.
  • Pervy jokes all the time. 
  • Your first time together being spontaneous. 
    • It’s gentle and passionate with lots of kissing and touching. 
  • Soft sex.
    • Despite what others might think, Lucifer can be very tender. 
  • Rough sex. 
    • Lucifer having the stamina of a horse.
    • Handcuffs, hot wax, ropes, blindfolds, cocaine, alcohol, gags.
    • Him showing you all the positions you didn’t even know they exist. 
    • Having sex everywhere. 
      • Bed, couch, car, floor, piano. 
  • Oral sex. 
    • Almost always to ‘warm up’. 
    • Him making you quiver when he pleasures you. 
  • Maybe a ménage à trois.
  • Cuddling. 
    • Both being the big and smal spoon. 
  • Lucifer confessing that he’s indeed the Devil and you not believing him until he shows you his true face. 
    • You slapping him is your first reaction, then screaming in denial and anger, and then calming down before asking him about everything.
    • You slapping him after he tells you that one of his powers allows him to ask about your darkest desire. Of course he has asked you that question the second time you’ve met. 
Essays in Existentialism: Rivals

Clarke and Lexa are rival cheerleading captains with a little too much sexual tension. They both stay in the same hotel with their teams for a competition.

“I want absolutely no fraternization,” the coach said as he placed his hands on his hips and moved up and down the sidewalk in front of the hotel. “There will be no pranking, no fighting, no yelling, no touching, no post cards, no letters, no hugging, no anything, with the opposing team. Am I understood?”

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Hometown Weddings | Part 2 | TOM HOLLAND X READER

Description: After Tom promises Jacob that he’ll tell the reader his feeling at the wedding if  he can get proof that she likes him back, Jacob works tirelessly on trying to get a confession out of the reader.

Word Count: 1839

Part 1| Part 3

Jacob’s eyes zeroed in on (Y/N) who was leaning against the lockers talking to Zendaya animatedly. Today they were filming on location at a high school in New York City. Right now, however they were on break between takes.

“Why are you staring at (Y/N) like you’re going to eat her?” Tom asked his friend, looking up from his script for a moment. They were sitting underneath a nearby window reviewing lines for today’s scenes.

“I’m just… thinking,” he replied looking away from his female costars.

Tom raised an eyebrow and put his script down. “About what?”

“How you’re going to tell her that you like her,” Jacob answered, smiling cheekily.

Rolling his eyes, Tom once again picked up his script and went back to reading. “You are absolutely insufferable,” he mumbled with a strong accent.

“If you would just tell me how you’re gonna do it then I would stop pestering you about it,” Jacob said.

Tom sighed. “Jacob, I already told you, I haven’t thought about it because you’re not going to come through with your end of the deal.”

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Wrong Place, Right Time

This is a prompt fill from the lovely @raptorlily you are such an awesome supporter of my work and I must admit that every time I post something new on Ao3 I eagerly await your review, just as I do your fics.

I hope this fill meets your prompt, it’s only a little bit of pressure filling a prompt for one of your fave fanfic authors.


Betty Cooper goes to the White Wyrm to confront Jughead and finds herself in hot water. Enter her knight in a black leather jacket.

Rating: M - there is some stuff ‘wink, wink’ going on but nothing graphic.

Also there is a ‘Keep Reading’ cut.

Betty took a deep breath and pulled her pony tail tighter before she walked through the door of the White Wyrm, if Jughead Jones thought that she could be dissuaded so easily he had another thing coming. The text message had been the last straw.

He had been putting distance between them for weeks. No longer coming to Pop’s, declining her invitations to meet at the Register to write. Even when she was with him he was distant, he no longer sought comfort in her touch, and she knew he was keeping secrets from her. It had all started as soon as he put that damn jacket on. She had been afraid for him, what it would mean for them once he was part of the Serpents. He had promised her that it was just undercover, that he wasn’t about to make the same mistakes that his father had, and she wanted so badly to believe him. She wanted to be his partner in this just as she had been there for Jason Blossom’s murder investigation and subsequent solving. Just as he had been there for her with Polly, the very start of their relationship.

She was determined that she was not going to lose him to the Southside, plus no-one, not even Jughead Jones was going to break up with her via text.

She could feel the atmosphere change as soon as she crossed over the threshold, suspicious eyes roving over her trying to figure out what one of ‘them’ was doing in a place like this.

“You are a very long way from home Blondie.” A leather clad man with a long beard, greyed with age sneered at her. She noticed from the corner of her eye another member, a teen around her age had made his way from the table where he was seated. She continued to make her way towards the bar, ignoring the furious beating of her heart and the shaking in her hands. But as more and more of the gang members moved to surround her she could feel her confidence starting to give way. She straightened herself pulling herself up to her full height and continued on.   

“Extremely far from the white picket fences of the Northside.” He continued to chuckled unkindly.

“Did the boys get too boring for you over there. Wanted something a little more dangerous.” The younger man said as he approached her his eyes roaming over her body, as she hugged her arms around herself suddenly self conscious of her tight sweater.

She turned around sharply looking for an escape but was now surrounded by the other patrons of the bar, other members of the notorious gang which currently was locked in a civil war with her own side. Well she was here now and there was no feasible escape so she might as well get what she came for.

“I’m looking for Jughead Jones.” She said cursing the slight waver in her voice as she tried to command authority in her voice.

“Well girlie, you found us instead.” The older man said as he placed an arm on her shoulder and as she moved to shrug him off he only gripped harder. Frightened she reached for the pepper spray that she had stolen from her mum’s bag, grateful that she had had the forethought to do so. “And we don’t take too kindly to your kind nosing around here.”

Just as her fingers clasped around the cannister a tall figure pulled the man away from her,  pressing him up against the bar, as she moved back stunned, free from his grasp.

“Back off Mongoose.” A rough familiar voice threatened, and recognition washed over her. A beanie-less, leather jacket wearing Jughead Jones, had the Serpent pinned to the bar, twisting his arm behind his back, his tall imposing figure had the other members who had initially gone to help take a wider berth as soon as he glared at them.

Her heart was now racing out of something more than fear, seeing her Jughead defending her honour sent a heat spreading through her body and a flush to her cheeks. His hair was wild, waves falling over his eyes, as he glared at those around him. He leant closer to the man’s ear whispering something that she couldn’t quite hear and noticed a widening of Mongoose’s eyes as he took in the information, before nodding eagerly.

Jughead released him and Betty watched as he nursed his arm as he moved to the back of the small crowd that had gathered when the commotion had started. None of the other serpents seemed to want to be near him as if he was tainted.

He turned to her next, his hand pushing back his hair from his face and his eyes captured hers with such an intensity that she felt her flush intensify, her sweater becoming too warm despite the coolness of the bar.

“You need to leave Betty.” . His face an expression of something that she had only seen a few times, when he was held back by the orderlies at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy and when someone had covered her locker in pigs blood spelling out their hatred for her. There was a roughness and authority in his voice that made her go weak in the knees. Her protector, always.

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Okay??? But??? Beauty and the Beast???

I just got done watching Beauty and the Beast, the new remake, with @icarus-will-rise and… wow… I think there were times I cut off the circulation in his hand I loved it so much

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?
As usual, spoilers. This will be tagged as such tho.

• THE. CHOREOGRAPHY. AT. THE. BEGINNING. As a dancer, this was what made me instantly love the movie, like IT’S HISTORICALLY ACCURATE AND BEAUTIFUL AND??? WHY??? I LOVE IT SO MUCH
• C O S T U M I N G. I especially loved at the end that some of the servants still had face paint on their faces, like “oh yeah, that’s still there, it’s not like they’ve magically had their human faces cleaned while they’re not human or anything”
• speaking of the end, “Turn back into a clock. TURN BACK INTO A CLOCK.”
• and when the piano turned back he had no teeth? I approve
• also speaking of the end, HOT DAMN, Dan Stevens’ growl when Emma Watson asks him to grow a beard… like… damn… that was hawt
• THE TRANSITIONS FROM THE HUMANIZED OBJECTS INTO NORMAL OBJECTS MADE ME CRY. Cogsworth not being able to talk, Mrs. Potts’ face disappearing, Chip’s dish shattering (I GOT SO SCARED), Lumiere and Plumette, the dog with his legs up, just, AH
• Okay, unpopular opinion here, I didn’t love the songs all THAT much. The originals are better. Emma and Dan definitely did a great job recreating the songs and all, but I think we can all agree the original “Beauty and the Beast” by Angela Lansbury smashes the new one to pieces, right?
• However, on that note, the new songs were pretty good and fit right into the soundtrack in everything from background music to lyrics. Evermore was good, but the one in the movie was def better than the credits one, I mean, come ON, guys.
• Okay, back to the movie–
• LeFou.
• L E F O U.
• Props to the casting director for ALL of his/her choices (Emma Watson could not have made a better Belle if she spent DECADES preparing for this role), but OH MY GOD JOSH GAD AS LEFOU.
• I don’t know WHO saw Olaf in Frozen and went, “This snowman would make a great gay sidekick for Gaston”, but whoever did, I love them.
• Speaking of LeFou, he went through some GREAT character development. From being completely obsessed with Gaston at the beginning (telling the Bimbettes they didn’t have a chance, talking to an imaginary Gaston in the mirror, calming Gaston down with thoughts of the war <which was HILARIOUS btw>, winking during “Gaston”) to actually having a backbone after they tie Maurice up in the woods (you can see him begin to shift his alignment, and lose his love for Gaston, there) to finally being like “yeah, screw this, Gaston wouldn’t save me from a falling talking piano with key teeth missiles, I'mma help the talking teapot spraying my fellow villagers instead”. I LOVED LeFou.
• You know who else loved LeFou? THE DRAG QUEEN. I know he’s either Tom, Dick, or Stanley, and I think it would be pretty ironic if he was Dick. I’ll have to check when it comes out on DVD since I wasn’t really paying attention, and by GOD I loved that little hint that they ended up together during the dance at the end.
• Anyway, back to the plot
• Those wolves were TERRIFYING
• Also, I don’t know about you guys, but instantly when I saw the beggar lady I was like “she’s gonna be important”. It was when she rescued Maurice I knew she was the enchantress in disguise, don’t ask me how, I just knew. They wouldn’t put a character in there randomly unless she was essential to the storyline, so I guess that’s why I guessed that.
• …did I mention LeFou was by far my favorite?
• But Emma Watson came in as a close second. By GOD, she was a great Belle. Her reaction to that library was tbh exactly how I would’ve reacted.
• Like I said, casting was spot-on amazing.
• You could FEEL the angst radiating off of Beast.
• Maurice was great, not as kooky as the original but I like him better as a sad artist.
• ^By the way, Belle’s parents’ backstory had me in tears. The plague representation was so accurate and answered SO many questions of mine.
• Also, Gaston was really good
• He actually tried to woo Belle a little instead of being like “I’m so great, you should totally marry me just for my looks and charm and hunting skills and my luxurious hair”
• He gave her flowers, sorta kinda pretended to be interested in her books, and seemed genuinely interested in saving her when the townsfolk were being mean so at the beginning I was sorta like “gee, why’s Belle being so rude and shit”, which was the only reason I didn’t like the change in Gaston’s behavior
• Then he started being a dick to her dad and I was like “whoops never mind”
• Umm,,, the fight against the villagers was really great?? Mrs. Potts seeing her husband (who was the citizen with the most sense, let’s be honest here) and falling from the chandelier, the boiling tea, THE DRAG QUEENS, Chip being a badass smol, Lumiere’s fireworks display, Plumette dusting people’s faces and the piano being heroic by trying to cover the door? It was A+
• Also “GRANDMOTHER?!?!?1?????!!??!!”
• Le Fou… the gay is strong with this one…
• Basically, I loved Beauty and the Beast’s live action remake, 10/10 would watch again.

• My only problem is her dress, really. My only GIANT problem, that is.
• They didn’t include the dog in “Beauty and the Beast” (the song), but fine, I’ll forgive that
• My major problem is that dress
• Okay, fine, it’s got the appliqués, but WHERE IS THE NECKLINE
• We demand the truth
• (Side note: what is it with Emma Watson’s dresses being inaccurate in movies because this is now the second one???)

On A Scale of One to Ten

Anon Requested: Lily starts falling for an insecure, yet charming crippled james, and naturally when his injury is miraculously recovered, girls throw themselves at him. (Healer!Lily/Auror!James AU)

Fanfiction Net

“You have to let me see him.”

The desperate plea that came from the intruder’s lips was wrought with emotion as he pushed past a startled Lily Evans to the bed where a badly wounded man sat awaiting the Healer visit—Lily’s visit. Instead of assessing what had brought the man into the rehabilitation ward in the first place, Lily was assessing the boy who had come charging into the room like the patient was on his deathbed.

The bloke (not the injured one) flew into the hospital ward only moments before Lily, taking out two guards and a door with the flick of his wand. He wore a leather traveling cloak and his wand was tucked in the black bun stop his head. The boy was handsome with black hair, grey eyes, and perfect cheekbones. His pale skin was akin to the models she saw in Witch Weekly but his expression was less sensual and more roguish.

The boy stared down at the man in bed, exasperated, “Your owl left out the part where Alice Longbottom buzzed your hair off, you look ridiculous.”

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No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

Originally posted by wonhontology

Warnings: Strong language, sexual suggestiveness. (no actual smut scene yet)

word count: 2,489

 “I don’t think I have ever been so graphically threatened a day in my life,” Hoseok says clutching his heart.                                   

Part 2: Eating out, and eating out. Because apparently there’s a difference.

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The Dinner

Angst + Fluff /// Baekhyun’s mother has never liked you, not in the slightest. Tensions rise around the dinner table when his mother invites a guest over.

“She doesn’t like me,” you mumbled whilst resting your head on the window. The cold glass was somewhat mending the current throbbing in your head, but you knew it was no match bigger one would come along. 

“No way,” Baekhyun said. “She doesn’t know you enough, she needs time to get to know people.”

You turned to him, “It’s been two years.”

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Originally posted by sikanapanele

Elijah x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Not smut but still smutty, Klaus ripping into Twilight, Elijah being a weird horny vampire stalker

You smiled when someone sent over a drink. With a glance of confusion you went to had it to Rebekah before the bartender corrected you. Elijah smiled with amusement. Normally they were the ones that spoiled you.

As the night went on, Rebekah found something to entertain her, while you went on to chat with the person who had brought you a drink. Elijah was keeping an eye on you and every now and then you’d pull him into your conversation.

“Elijah you look so out of place.” You giggled and loosened his tie, unbuttoning the top if his shirt.

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Flesh and Blood

Roman Reigns/Reader
7160 words; Smut/Explicit (though it takes a bit to get to the smut)

Vampire AU, Arranged Marriage AU, Historical AU, set in probably like some fantasy vaguely 1700’s-ish time. I wanted to get this done for Halloween, but it got so long!

The journey takes days in the carriage, so many that you start to lose count. You’re permitted to pause briefly at various inns along the way; quickly change your clothes and wash, swallow down some stale, tasteless food while the spent horses are replaced with fresh animals, and you’d ask your father why you cannot take rest at places more befitting your status, but you know the answer.

This is a shameful, secret undertaking, and your father would rather his humiliation not be witnessed by his peers. It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, that appearances so matter to him when your own approaching debasement seems to be of far less regard. You are his only daughter, and while he does care for you, his favor and preference has always been for your three older brothers. You are aware it is a sacrifice for him, allowing you to be used in this way, but you also know he has done nothing to prevent this being your ultimate fate, agreeing to it with little protest.

The Last War ended before you were born, but the truce between the two kingdoms, of Humans and Vampires, has never been an easy or especially tranquil one. There have been aggressions on both sides, a slow build of tension over the years, but negotiations for a more lasting peace have been underway for some time now.

An alliance is about to be formalized, but there must be a concrete concession from both sides, a representation of their commitment to stand united against further war. And, it seems, you are that representation, for you are to be married. You, the King’s most insignificant and expendable niece, will be wedded to Lord Reigns, the youngest son of the High Lord Vampire, as a gesture of good faith.

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Cotillion (Jay x Reader)

Warnings; like one curse word

Notes; I just watched Descendants for the first time last night, and I’m totally in love with Jay so I decided to write this. Hope you enjoy.

Originally posted by molzies-fanfics

You and your friends, Carlos, Evie, Mal and Jay were walking around the campus.

“Hey Jay.” You heard many girls say, while as you walked. Of course they had all fallen for Jay, his charm, his looks, his confidence had them all won over. And if you were completely honest with yourself it won you over too but you never said anything not wanting your feelings to come.

“Hey do you torture them?” Carlos said as he nudged Jay in the shoulder. “Just pick someone to go to Cotillion already.”

“I’m going solo,” Jay replied “So I can dance with all of them.” Jay looked over at you to see your reaction, but you were to busy you looking at Chad, who had been weirdly staring at you the whole day.

“Y/n? Y/n?” You snapped our of your daydream as Evie waved your hand in your face. You looked over at her. “So who are you taking to the Cotillion?”

“Myself.” You smiled cheekily, Evie rolled her eyes.

“Y/n, I know these aren’t your type of thing, but come on having a da-”

“Hello ladies.” Evie was cut off by Chad. “May I steal y/n for a second?”

Evie smiled brightly “Of course.” As you walked away from her, she winked at you, which you rolled your eyes at.

Jay turned around to see you gone “Where did y/n go?”

“I think she went to go find her prince charming.” Evie giggled as Jay stood there confused. “Ugh you’ll see what I mean soon.”

Chad dragged you away from your friends. “What do you want charming.” He smirked.

“I want you to be my date for Cotillion.” You looked over at him.

“I’m not buying that for a second, we all know you still aren’t over A-” Chad moved his hand to cover your mouth.

“Shh, don’t mention her name. And yes you’re right. I thought maybe you could help me, with a plan.”

“Oh god, not one of your ‘brilliant’ plans.”

“No listen, all you have to do is be my date, make Audrey jealous. Maybe kiss me, but that’s it. And what else do you have to loose, it’s not like you have a date anyway.”

“I don’t know why I’m doing this, but fine.”

“Thank you, ok so all you have to do for now is act like you’re super excited that I’m your date, like go around telling everybody.” You rolled your eyes “And try to act happy about it.”

“Ok.” You honestly didn’t know why you agreed to do it but whatever now you have a date.

After Chad pulled you over to talk to him, you went back to Carlos and Jay’s room. You knocked on the door of their room and you heard a come in.

“Hey guys.” You walked in with a shy smile on your face, trying to act as happy you could be with getting a 'date' to the dance.       

“Ohhh, I know that face. It’s the I got a date to Cotillion face.” You rolled your eyes at Evie.

“Well, maybe.” You watched as everyone’s facial expressions changed. Mal and Evie’s were excited, Carlos’s was surprised, and Jay’s was just blank. But then Carlos nudged him in the shoulder, causing him to put a fake smile on his face.

“Well who is it y/n?”

You covered your mouth with your hand “Chad.” You muffled into your hand so no one could hear you.

“Come on y/n there is no need to be embarrassed, tell us.”

“Chad.” You said quickly so you could get it over with. Evie clapped her hands excitedly.

“Look at you, finding your prince charming. Oh I have Chad’s fitting soon, I can see you guys together, so your dress matches him.”

“Ugh, really?”

“Yes of course, come on.” She pulled you out of the room. You took once last glance at everyone before you left. Jay was staring at you with an angry expression and watched you leave the room.

“What the hell?” Jay stood up angrily “Why is she going with that idiot?”

“Wo, chill Jay it’s not that big of a deal.” Mal said as she left the room too.

It was the night of the Cotillion and you were all ready. You had your hair and makeup done, by Evie of course. You wore a f/c dress. You met Chad outside of the boat then walked onto it.

Chad had dragged you over to some of his friends, which was really boring. He had a hand wrapped around your waist, you noticed Audrey look over in your direction angrily. You nudged Chad’s shoulder and motioned your head over to Audrey.

What you didn’t notice was another very anger stare, coming from the one and only, Jay. He watched as you laughed at something Chad said. He has made you laugh like that before right? He thought to himself. Then you smiled and looked at Chad sweetly. She never smiles at me like that he grumbled to himself.

“What Jay? What was that?” Evie asked.

“Nothing.” Jay grumbled back continuing to glare at you and Chad. Evie caught on pretty soon.

“You’re jealous?” Jay shook his head.

“What? Pfff no, I don’t get jealous.” He cockily said with a smirk.

“Ok, whatever you say.” Evie said as she walked off. After she left his smirk quickly turned into a frown as he continued to glare at you. Jay watched as Chad pulled you into his. Chad then quickly pulled you into a kiss. While kissing you, Chad slipped his hand on your upper thigh.

“What are you doing?” You whispered to Chad.

“Sh it’s working.” He said as he motioned over to Audrey. Before Audrey reached you two, someone else did. Jay roughly pulled Chad away from you.

“Hey get your hands off of her1” Jay yelled in Chad’s face.

“Jay no it’s fine.”

“Yea Jay. What I’m not allowed to touch my date, sorry I got to her before your scummy ass did.” Jay punched Chad causing Chad to hit the floor. Audrey quickly ran up to him, comforting him.

You looked down at Chad and then back at Jay with a shocked expression.

“Y/n I’m-m sorry-y.” He said before running off.

“No Jay wait.” You said but you were too late he was already gone. You look down at Chad and Audrey.

“Thanks y/n.” You smiled.

“Don’t mention it.” After you said that you went off to find Jay. You looked all over the ship until you found him sitting on the edge of the boat. You quietly walked up to him.

“Hey, can I join you?” You watched as he wiped his eyes.

“Sure-e.” He said, his noise stuffy. You both sat there looking out into the ocean. “Why did you go with him?”

“Who? Chad?” Jay slowly nodded. “He came up with his stupid plan to get Audrey jealous, by me going with him and it’s stupid but I agreed to it.” Jay perked up.

“Wait so is what your saying is that you didn’t actually go with him?” You nodded.

“Why do you care anyway?” Jay looked down at his hands “Wait were you-were you jealous?”

“Pff, no. Maybe just a little.” you laughed.

“Don’t worry Jay. I um like you too.” You mumbled the last time so he could barely hear.

“What? What was that? I didn’t hear it?” Jay cheekily smirked.

“Please save my face from getting any redder than it is now.” Jay laughed. And leaned into you. Your lips connected. This was by far your best Cotillion yet.

The Dress

Written for this week’s challenge over at @txf-prompt-box​! Also tagging @fictober​ and @today-in-fic

Prompt:  A FBI charity event

bonus: Skinner’s there!

double bonus: Scully’s dress gets torn

I’d say it’s set in season 7.

Maybe she should have worn something else. She would have, she thinks, if she and Mulder hadn’t just come home from a case the night before. She barely had time to do laundry, let alone go dress shopping. Scully didn’t think it’d be a problem anyway. When Skinner told them, or rather demanded that they attend the FBI charity event, Scully nodded, looked at Mulder, who less than enthusiastically nodded as well, and marked it in their office calendar. She knew she had a dress in the closet that would work just fine. What do you think Skinner will do if this case takes us out of town for longer? Mulder asked with a smirk three days ago, pointing at the big red x in the calendar. But luck wasn’t on his side; the case wrapped yesterday, just in time, and now here she is. Dressed in a black cocktail dress that’s just the tiniest bit too tight. Scully holds in her stomach for a moment. They’ve on the road a lot lately. All that diner food; the fries she keeps stealing off Mulder’s plate and the burgers she pretends not to like but actually loves. That dress used to fit her perfectly. Scully eyes herself, turns around and around, just looking at her reflection. A few years ago the dress would not have fit either. Instead of being too tight, though, it was would have been too loose. This, she decides, is much better. The door bell rings and Scully is surprised that Mulder is indeed on time.

“Scully…” Is all he says. His eyes roam over her body, take a moment here and there to dwell, before they move on. No words are needed. Scully feels herself blush, smile, and for the moment forgets that the dress is too tight.

“You look nice, too, Mulder.” He nods at her, puts his hand on the small of her back, and leads her out. In the car, Mulder is mostly quiet. Scully was fully prepared to listen to his complaints. I don’t want to go, Scully. I want to stay home, Scully. Why do we have to go there, Scully? None of these come out of his mouth. He mentions once that instead of throwing expensive charity events, the FBI could spring for better hotel rooms but that’s it.

The charity event is well underway when they arrive. They watch Skinner, his bald head red and shiny in the spotlight, as he announces that all proceeds will be used to support mental health programs for law enforcement officers. Mulder and Scully dutifully clap along before Mulder goes to get them drinks. By now Scully is used to being Mrs. Spooky and being treated as such. She and Mulder, in the eye of their colleagues, are inseparable. They most likely are, she thinks, as Mulder returns with a white wine spritzer for her. He didn’t even ask what she wanted; he knew. The way everyone is looking at her tonight, though, makes her uncomfortable. Mulder, as so often, seems completely oblivious.

“I am very glad to see you here, agents.” Skinner greets them with a curd nod. As if they ever had a choice.

“We’re happy to be here.” Mulder remarks, his voice dripping sarcasm, and takes a big sip from his drink.

“It’s for a good cause agent Mulder.”


“Agent Scully, are you all right?” Scully stares at her boss. She is, in fact, not all right. Still, she nods and hopes that her superior can’t tell she’s lying. A wave of nausea hits her as she raises her glass to her mouth.

“Well, have fun you two. I know I said the event was mandatory but I still thought you’d find your way out of it.” Their boss walks off and Mulder turns to her.

“He sounded proud, don’t you think?” He chuckles. “You think we can leave now?”

“We’ve been here five minutes, Mulder.” Her head feels funny. Not as funny as her stomach, though. Her hand shaking slightly, Scully puts down the glass. She could swear everyone is watching her. Sweat breaks out on her forehead as she puts both her hands on the counter in front of them.

“Oh look, there’s agent Johnson. I didn’t know he was married.” Mulder sounds like a regular gossip girl and Scully wonders why he even cares. Her mouth, however, won’t cooperate. She’s cold, she’s warm, she’s nauseated. Her hand reaches for a napkin but her fingers can’t hold on to it. It falls to the ground and Scully doesn’t even think about it as she crouches down to pick it up. She feels rather than hears her dress tear at the side.

“Noooo.” The word is out before she can stop herself. The nausea intensifies and Scully wonders, seriously considers, laying down right here, right now and just close her eyes. Torn dress and all.

“Scully?” His hand is on her shoulder and his face close to hers. Tears spring to her eyes and she doesn’t know why, doesn’t want to think about it; she just wants it to stop.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” His voice is way too soft as he helps her stand up. Scully holds her side, hopes that no one is watching them closely, even if she still feels like hundreds of eyes are only on them.

“My dress.” She says, hoping Mulder can hear her weak voice amidst the turmoil surrounding them. He can. He puts his hand, much larger than hers, over the ripped fabric. His skin comes into contact with hers and its warmth is just right. As he leads her away from the party, and she really doesn’t care where they go right now, she thinks of the last time she felt his skin on hers, his warmth against her. Months ago, their walls down, their emotions high. An innocent peck on turned into full blown kisses. Words and reasoning were swallowed, kissed away. One night. Just one. In the morning, Mulder warm and cozy beside her, fast asleep, Scully got up, got dressed and left. Just like that. They didn’t speak about it, didn’t mention, or even just hinted at it. If she didn’t know better, she’d wonder if it had really happened.

“I’m taking you home.” Mulder, here and now, says. But Scully can’t leave. Her stomach somersaults and her hand shoots up to cover her mouth. She drags Mulder to a restroom, doesn’t care that it’s the ladies room. No one is in there as Scully stumbles into a stall and gets sick. Violently. Mulder is by her side in an instant, his hand on her back, soothing her with words. Her skin is cold where the dress gaps open and she shivers.

“You’re scaring me, Scully.” Mulder’s voice is shaky, quiet against her ear.

“I’m sorry, Mulder.”

“No, no, no. Don’t be sorry,” he kisses her head and lets his lips linger there, “I think we should have you checked out at the hospital. How long have you been feeling sick?”

“I haven’t.” But her mind begins to nag her. She’s been feeling dizzy lately. The other week she was sick a couple of mornings. There’s something she’s not seeing, she can feel it.

“I know we haven't… when we… that night a few months ago. I hope that’s not… I hope you know nothing has changed. If you’re feeling sick, if there’s-” and that’s when it hits her. It hits her like a truckload of bricks. Morning sickness. The tight dress. The nauseating smell of the white wine spritzer.


“Mulder, I don’t need to go to the hospital. I need a drugstore.”

“What?” She turns to him. She knows she must look horrible; she sees it in his miserable expression he’s wearing. Right now, it doesn’t matter. Even her bad breath doesn’t matter.

“I need a… uhm, I need a pregnancy test.”

“A… pregnancy… test.” His eyes grow bigger with every word. “You mean… we could have? I mean, I presume it was, well, me?” She smiles at him, unable to say anything else right now. They don’t need words, anyway. Mulder takes off his jackets and helps her into it. As they walk out of the restroom, she knows that certain eyes follow them, wonder and gossip. She looks up at Mulder, he glances back at her, and she sees hope and love reflected there. That’s the only thing that matters right now.

anonymous asked:

can i request a shy tony fic? like the team finding out how freaking shy tony really is after they move in together? basically tony being really shy and self-concious about many everyday things. he's not the talkative, self-confident playboy they thought he was, he is the contrary and it wakes up the instinct to protect and treasure in them.

i’ve snet you a shy tony prompt and now i realize that i forgot to add sensitive to the list. because let’s be honest that boy is really sensitive and emotional.

Natasha actually knows that Tony is shy af because of previous spying on him. She thinks it’s cute but she’ll help him out anyway because she knows he’s sensitive. <3 (Basically she’s a Natasha and Jan (from AvAc) hybrid.) Look out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

Tony heard voices in the kitchen and slowed to a stop outside the doorway. The voices… sounded pleasant enough. And it was his house. And he was Tony Stark. There was no reason not to go in. Except that he was wearing yesterday’s clothes and he was pretty sure he had oil in his hair. Should he go shower first? He should probably go shower first.

He turned and let out a tiny noise of terror when he found Natasha standing behind him. “Eep!”

Natasha raised an eyebrow at him, then looked him up and down. “…You look fine.”

Tony lifted his hand, then stopped halfway to his head, self-conscious. “I don’t—have oil in my hair?”

“You do, but I’m pretty sure they kind of expect you to be a mess.”

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Adding Insult to Injury- Joe Sugg Series

A/n: Love this idea so much. Basic premise: Caspar sets y/n up with Joe, but y/n over hears Joe and Caspar talking about her. (going to post every Wednesday, so stay tuned for the rest of the story) Request 


Part 2
Part 3

Originally posted by begavet

Y/n had a huge crush on Joe, everybody knew it. Mikey, being her best friend and protective best friend at that, knew this was a bad idea. But no, Caspar just had to do it. He just had to set y/n up with Joe. But so far it was going well, y/n was excited and Joe seemed to be too. 

There they were, heading on a triple date: Mikey with some girl he met on Tinder… I think her name was Addison? Then there was Caspar and Maddie. Finally, Joe and y/n. They were all happy to go to this very nice Italian place that Josh and Connor recommended. Once they were seated, each man across from his lovely lady, they opened their menus. Joe kept meeting eyes with y/n and she continued to giggle like a third grader. Breaking eye contact for the first time in what felt like an eternity she actually viewed her menu. She did not realize that Joe had left the table and was dragging Caspar down the hall. 

“Listen mate,” Joe began.

“No, you are not bailing on this. She really likes you Joe.” Caspar pleaded.

Y/n headed to the bathroom but froze when she saw Joe and Caspar huddled close together in the hall. She wasn’t usually the type to eve’s drop but she was tonight. 

“She’s not my type,” Joe complained. “She’s not even that cute. She’s too smart for her own good and the way she giggles is annoying. Mate, I’m sorry but–” Joe stopped talking when he saw y/n with her hand shaking as she covered her mouth, clearly holding back a sob. “Y/N”

“No. Stop, it’s alright. I’ll go.”

Y/n ran out of the restaurant like a bat out of hell, dashing through the crowded London streets and away from it all. 

Touching You*

Bucky Barnes x OFC Request Fic

Another repost because Tumblr mobile is being stupid. Ask from @this-kitty-has-claws. Inspired by Nickleback’s Next Contestant  Hope this helps @justreadingfics

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC
Word Count: 1899
Warnings: Smut, Implied Violence, Swearing NSFW (18+)

He absolutely hated it.

The mission, if he could even call it that anymore, had dragged on for three solid weeks. Three solid weeks of watching as his girl was manhandled in the most aggravating way possible. Why they were even still part of this charade was beyond him.

The target had been rounded up, his cronies captured, but he was still here, standing against the wall, acting the part of bouncer as he watched over Jules, doing her thing, slinging drinks at the bar.

She made a good bartender. Gorgeous in face and form, she had legs for days, bare beneath the short black leather skirt. Her shirt was an old Nirvana one she’d clearly stolen from Tony at some point and taken scissors to. The back had been sliced through, leaving the shirt hanging in shreds across her spine, but it was the neckline she’d cut down in a deep ‘v’ which constantly drew his eyes. It more than highlighted the swell of cleavage, enhanced by whatever miracle underwear she seemed to constantly wear in order to torture him.

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