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"Potter..." Draco x reader

Draco Fluff Request|: hey I don’t know if you take requests but could you do a Draco Malfoy fluff featuring jealous Draco. 
Requested by Anon
Warnings: mild swearing 0:) #AngelChild

 I sat down next to Daphne in the great hall as I couldn’t find Draco anywhere, the golden trio walked in after me, all with their heads hanging low. I squinted at them trying to figure out what they were doing as they all looked incredibly guilty. Before Potter sat down I furiously strode over to him and grabbed his wrist. Draco is always trying to find out what they’re doing, maybe I could help him. “Y/n… What are you doing? Let go!” “I usually wouldn’t be seen dead with you. However today, unfortunately, we need to talk” I tugged at his arm and pulled him out of the hall. As soon as we were deep enough into the hallway I shoved him by his shoulders against the wall and pressed my hand against his neck. “You won’t tell anyone about this or I will hex you Merlin’s sake. Got that?” I narrowed my eyes at the boy as he nodded his head. I leant in closer when he swallowed loudly. 

“Right Potter, you’re going to tell me why the hell you and mud blood, along with Weasley, look so fucking guilty, what the hell are you three up to?” His eyebrows knitted together in response. 

“I won’t tell you that y/l/n” I pressed even harder on his throat

 "Fucking tell m-“


 A loud voice made me jump, I reluctantly removed my hand from potters neck and turned to the voice only to be met with the stone cold eyes of my boyfriend.

 "Draco, where have you been?“ I ran over to him to pull him into a quick hug, only to be pushed away by his cold hands on my shoulder. Draco’s eyes had become darker almost like ash. He forcefully gripped my arm and pulled me off to the common room.

 "Dray please let go you’re hurt-”

 "Fucks sake y/n please shut up a second" I was pushed into the room whilst Draco slammed the door behind us. “What the fuck are you playing at y/n?” “Wha-what do you mean? 

"I saw with Potter, you had him pushed against the fucking wall I’m happy I stopped you when I did”

“Draco I didn’t do anything with him I was just try-” He raised his hand high in the air, I cut myself off with my own scream, Draco’s hand connected with my cheek. At that moment I couldn’t process what happened, I couldn’t move I was completely paralysed.

 "Y/n, I didn’t-“ I looked him straight in the eye as I slapped him. He held his hand to his face in pain. I didn’t want to be around someone like him, I stormed off to my dorm leaving him alone in the common room. Many hours past of people coming in and out of the dorm. Daphne had even come in to see what happens to me at dinner and why I didn’t come back. I told her everything about what happened, and she was raging. Once I told her that Draco had hit me her face went bright red, you could practically see the steam coming out of her ears. Only a thew seconds later she stormed out of the room and upstairs. I smiled lightly still having small tears coming from my eyes. Another small knock on the door. 

"Daphne, go away I just want to be alone” the door closed again, and I could hear light clicks of someone heels coming closer to my bed until there was a slight dip next to me. I turned onto my back again and looked up to see the bright platinum strands of Draco’s hair.

 "What are you doing here?“ I spat at him with my tone.

 "I wanted to- apologise” he let out an exasperated sigh and ran his hands through his hair. “I didn’t mean to hurt you I promise, it’s just- seeing you with someone else, it doesn’t feel right. And I guess I’m just scared of loosing you… Because if I lost you my world would fall apart and you’ve helped me so much this year. I don’t know where I would be right now without you, probably crying somewhere, harder than I already am…” I looked up at him, and sure enough, his eyes were bloodshot and, Draco Malfoy was crying.

 "You’re crying because of me?“ 

"Yes. And it makes me feel worse that you’re crying because of me. I’m so so sorry y/n. I don’t know how to make this up to you” he pressed his palms to the back of his neck and awkwardly looked down at me. I sat up and pulled him into my chest, we sat that this just letting us comfort each other. I leant back and let his head rest in my lap. I played with his hair as I spoke to him. “You know Draco, I don’t think I could ever stay mad at you, I also don’t think I could possibly move on from you I never want you to leave not even for a day”

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Mwa ha ha, our trash king finally has what he deserves!!! Thanks for making this blog, can I request a (dirty ;) #35? haha sorry, i really like that prompt! :)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hanamiya opened the door to his room with a sigh, unable to recall a more stressful practice that the one he had returned from. The recent defeat by Seirin had left the basketball team on edge, and none of them seemed to have the tolerance to deal with each other. Exams coming up wasn’t doing much help, either.

He flicked the light switch on and dropped his backpack onto the floor, wanting nothing more than to take a shower and sleep. He was done dealing with people for the day. His shirt fell to the floor in front of his closet as he grabbed a pair of sweatpants for bed. 


Hanamiya turned to face the sleepy voice coming from his bed, watching his girlfriend peak out from under his thick comforter. “Are you coming to bed?” she mumbled, stretching her arms above her head as she watched him.

He watched her with a raised eyebrow. “How’d you get in here?”

“Your mom. She loves me,” she said. Hanamiya sighed, knowing how true it was. 

He ran a hand threw his hair and moved to the bathroom. “Give me a minute. I need a shower.”

She whined. “But I dressed up for you an everything!” 

His hand paused before opening the door. What?

Turning, he watched as she kicked the covers off, revealing her small form covered in his basketball jersey.

Only his basketball jersey.

A grin slid onto his lips as he stalked over to her, dropping that clean clothes in his hand somewhere along the way. Eyes traced the curves of her shoulders until her soft skin met the sleeve of his jersey that had slid down. The neck was far too low, giving him a glimpse of the beautiful breasts that he had far too much fun admiring.

“For me?” he said, far too seductively for her to avoid blushing. The little nod of her head as she moved to her back had him leaning over her, knees on either side of her form. He tugged at the neck of his jersey, leaving an open-mouthed kiss to her chest. “I was going to grab a snack before bed, but you’re far too delicious,” he said, eyes bright. His lips met her ear. “Can I eat you instead?”

She giggled, running her hands thew his hair and leaning up to capture his hungry lips. “Only if I get to taste you,” she whispered.

A groan broke free from his lips as he reached down to rip his jersey off of her, suddenly far too desperate and aroused to continue to tease her. “Take if off,” he nearly growled, attacking her mouth ferociously.

She laughed again, not moving to his wishes as she turned her full attention to his mouth, hands holding his head to hers. “I don’t think I heard you loud enough.”

He managed a smirk between kisses that left her weak in the knees, like always. “Brat, you heard me. Take. It. Off.