she the baddest

  • Baba: What's the sweetest thing Hiki has ever said to you?
  • MC: .......
  • MC: ............
  • MC: .................
  • Hikaru: What's taking you so long, stupid? I'm nice to you.
  • MC: You literally just called me stupid.
When Mom sees you fangirling
  • Me: *watching anime and FANGIRLING*
  • Mom: Why you smiling like that?? Their faces looks the same and they just have different hairstyle!
  • Mom: Don't yell back at me, young woman! You still going to pick up your damn grades!!*slam door*
  • Me: *muffled screaming on my pillow* Why did I was born in this world???

Kissed By The Baddest Bidder
Event: 江戸の恋は 艶やかに
Soryu Oh SHE CG
Outa/Ota Kisaki SHE CG
Mad Hatter/Rion/Lion SHE CG

Kindly credit back to me should you use it or reupload it else where. Thanks.

Although CL doesn’t identify as a rapper she identifies more as a performer in general I think she’ll really needs to ump up the quality of her raps lyrically and vocally. I’m not going to BS she was a decent rapper in Korea with the kpop industry. This is the AMERICAN industry she’s trying to break into though which houses the biggest names in rap and hip hop. She’s going to have to upgrade b/c she may have been the baddest chick in SK but the female rappers here in the US will eat her alive.