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  • PAIRING: Professor!Sirius Black x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which Sirius meets a very intriguing girl at a pub up in Hogshead. Fate comes in, and the next thing they both know he’s her teacher and she’s his student. But one thing they do know is that they’ve got the hots for each other.
  • WARNINGS: teacher x student relationship
  • WORDS: 541

It was the start of a new year. Every student in Hogwarts was extremely enthusiastic mainly for the reason that they get to see their friends again and it was the beginning of a new year, which also meant new everything. Such as new friends, new teachers, and new classes.

The Great Hall was booming with the students’ exhilarating voices in their very loud conversations.

Y/N was located there, seated next to her best friends since 1st year, Rachel and Hilary while the first years got sorted into their awaiting houses. Their conversations consisted of remembrance from when they were in first years, aside from talking about each other’s summers and how they’ve missed one another.

“Remember when we were up there in the first year?” Rachel started the topic with a smooth voice, while the other girls nodded along with her. “Good times.” The trio was now gazing at the first years in remembrance of the old and days.

Hilary sighed, “I still can’t believe it’s our last year here.” She put her head down on the table, groaning. “I’m gonna miss you guys so much.” Her voice coming out muffled, since she was literally leaning her head on the table.

Rachel then piped up, “Okay, before I start crying let’s talk about our summers, since we already owled each other over the summer, let’s talk about the details we left out.” She rested her head on the palm of her hand, listening.

“Well, since I went to Florida this summer, I tried a few drinks at the tiki bar they had there, and I lied about my age so I can get an alcoholic drink,” Hilary admitted guiltily, which made Rachel sarcastically gasp. “What about you?” She turned to Rachel.

“I just roamed around London, going to a few places that I haven’t even been to before. Which I find surprising since I’ve been living there for years already.” The pair giggled at the comment. Then Rachel asked Y/N how her summer went.

The girl who was previously staring at nothing with her head leaned against her hand, in a dreamily like state, uttered a ‘wait, what?’ snapping out of her gaze. The Y/H/C girl seemed a bit distant, and not too enthusiastic like her usual self.

“Are you okay Y/N? You seem distracted today…”

Y/N shook her head, “Fine, I guess I’m still pretty jet-lagged. Y-You know what I’m just gonna take a little nap, wake me up when Dumbledore’s speech is over and he sends us to our dormitories.” Her two friends shared a confusing look but nonetheless nodded, which made the girl rest her head on the mahogany table.

Truly the reason as to why she was so distant was the cause of that night between the mysterious man and her. It was one of her best nights ever, but it ended so soon, and she just couldn’t stop thinking about him.

While the girl was asleep, Dumbledore went up to the podium and introduced his every year speech which Y/N didn’t hear since she was so consumed in her nap. Though what she didn’t hear was when Dumbledore introduced the new transfiguration teacher.

Let’s just say, it was definitely fate that brought them together again.

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So a little background story, I had told C to call me when she got to my house so I can open the door and I ended up taking a short nap. Tell me why I woke up to her calling me and the first thing out of my mouth when I answered was, “Yugyeom?”.

Now I’m here trying to mentally contact Jackson to make sure it’s not what he thinks it is and that I still love him with all my heart -Admin A

Sick Day

Idol: Simon D

Word count: 1,036

Genre: Fluffy

Request: Can I get a scenario between Simon D X Reader? Where the reader sleeps in his arms when he was taking good care of her cause she’s sick. (Simon’s perspective)


Something felt different walking into the apartment I shared with Y/N. Normally she would come up to him and greet him with a kiss on the cheek plus a tight hug. Then she would ask if he wanted to eat and start making food for the both of them. Today she didn’t greet him. In fact everything felt really quiet.

I called out to her but she didn’t answer. I quietly took of my shoes and walked to our shared room. The lights were off and I made my way towards the bed where the cover was covering Y/N she looked so cute all tangled up in the bed sheets.

I ruffled her hair with a grin when I felt the heat seeping through my hand. I touched her face lightly then feeling how hot she was. I noticed the sweat as well and I knew she was running a fever. I quickly made my way out of the room.

I tried to be quiet as I made my way through the kitchen cabinets. I was looking for some soup to make her and medicine. Thankfully everything I seemed to need was there and I wouldn’t have to go to the store.

I tsk as I was making the food, why hadn’t she called earlier? I would have come home and taken care of her. I was putting everything on a try and made sure to grab cool towel to put on her head. I was making my way back to the room nearly tumbling on a stray shoe.

I turned on the lights watching as she groaned in disdain and I couldn’t help but still think of how pretty she looked. She was slowly getting up into a sitting position. She was trying to fix her hair and rubbing her hair. She then let out a loud sneeze.

I chuckled at the cute noise, her head turned towards mine quickly.

“Oh! I’m so sorry! I haven’t even made dinner yet,” she spoke trying to get up but almost fell as she stood to quickly and got a little dizzy. I noticed she was still wearing her sleeping clothes. I rushed over leaving the stuff on the desk and made my way to steady her. Grabbing her by the arms.

“Shh baby you’re sick don’t stress too much,” I told her gently getting her to sit back down on the bed. She tried to speak but I shushed her, “Why didn’t you call me?”

“You’ve been so busy preparing and writing I didn’t want to interrupt,” she was looking down moving her toes a habit she had when she was nervous. I grabbed her chin.

“I’ll always make time for you,” I told her seriously looking into her eyes, a smirk I couldn’t contain came out when she tucked her hair behind her ear and look away in . She looked so cute and I was leaning down to give her a peck but she pushed me away.

“I don’t need you getting sick,” she said and let out a cough.

I froze and went to the desk to grab the medicine and glass of water handing it to her. She grasped it with shaking hands I hadn’t noticed before but now that I took her in completely I could see her body was shivering and she seemed to be sweating more. Her eyes looked a little glazed. She kept sniffling.

“Oh babe,” I spoke softly while tilting my head to the side as she swallowed the water and pills.  

“Here I made you some soup,” I brought the bowl to her and she made to grab it but I held it away from her, “I’ll feed you,” I told her sitting crossed legged in front of her. She sat in the same position as I did.

“You don’t have to. I can do it,” She rasped out.“I want to,” I looked at her 

seriously. I didn’t mention how she was shaking to much that she would probably spill the soup on herself. I grabbed the spoon lifting it up to her mouth. She swallowed it slowly. She hummed in what I hoped was delight.

“It’s really good,”

I smiled happy that she liked it, I didn’t cook much but I’m happy she liked it. At least I could do this for her. Once the soup was finished I got up putting it back on the desk. I grabbed the towel and told her to lay down. She was reaching for the covers but I tsked at her. She knew she needed to stay uncovered.

She pouted cutely. I put the towel on her forehead I heard her soft sigh as she felt the coolness of it.

“Sleep now, when you wake up I’ll give you another pill,” gently as I could I leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Thank you, your the best boyfriend I could ever ask for,” she said softly that I had to strain to hear her. I only smiled and gave her another small peck but on her cheek now. I moved towards the cover and covered her feet knowing she would like that.

I wanted her to feel better already. I missed her kisses it was completely random but I hadn’t kissed her in all day and I was feeling resentful about that. I shook my head making my way towards the kitchen again. I cleaned the dirty bowl and cup.

I grabbed another pill making my way towards our room again and this time turned of the lights. The sun was still shining from the room’s window it was on her face and I went to shut the covers making the room darker.  

I checked my phone and saw it was only six in the afternoon. I shrugged and got on the bed, I might as well take a nap with her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me. She seemed to melt into my body. It was times like these and made me feel completely and utterly in love with her again. 

“Feel better y/n, I love you,” I said into her Y/H/C and closed my eyes letting sleep overtakes me.   

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Hey VERY URGENT my two childhood cats are about to get put into a shelter b/c I can’t take them. The deal is, my mom died & I moved out of the house into a no-pets apartment. My sister stayed in the house but now she’s moving & doesn’t want the cats.


They need to be gone by Tuesday (July 14th) or they’re going to a shelter.

This is Zuki & Charlie. Zuki is an elderly snowboot/siamese kitty who is very gentle w/children but not w/other cats, though she can come around. She napped w/me every night from 3rd to 10th grade. She is very good @ being held.
Charlie is an older longhaired ragdoll cat that loves toys on strings, & LOVES to flop over when you pet him. He is very affectionate & is good w/strangers.

They are both around 13 years old, & need to have their health checked.  Unfortunately they have both been outdoor cats for years. They could both probably get reacclimated to being indoors, but it could be hard.

These two are bonded & love each other very much. I love them too, but my situation just can’t provide for them. I can’t give transport, or even carriers or food bowls for them. But if you can take them, & promise to love & take care of them, you can have them.
They live in Oregon City, OR, w/my sister, a little South of Portland. Shoot me a message/ask or email me @

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It’s Been Waiting For You

The plane ride had been short, but unpleasant - even in first class, the turbulence had been enough to nearly jostle them out of their seats.  But they’d finally arrived in New York, landing at Laguardia in the early afternoon.  “We can pick up our luggage downstairs,” Santana smiled.  “And there’s a car waiting for us as well.  It’s going to take a while to drive into the city, so you can nap a little if you like.”  She wrapped an arm around Dani’s shoulders.  “You doing okay so far?  Stick close to me, it’s going to be pretty crowded in here.”

Day 7 SFW: Napping for @kyluxpositivityweek

After the roller coaster ride, they decided to take a nap. I love clan techie too much…he’s a pure cinnamon roll that need to be protected. Add some millie up in there cuz she need loves too.

With all the commotion of moving into my new apartment. I can’t find my color pencils :’c! Hopefully they are buried into the million of boxes i have in the living room.

More to come….!