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Dirty Thoughts

Summary: The Reader lives with Abraham and Rosita and has been in Alexandria for only a few weeks. Reader has a major crush on Daryl and Abe invites him to dinner one night. Daryl and Reader finally get what they want from each other. Smutty Smut. Daryl x Reader. Enjoy!

Warnings: SMUT (All my blog is so… ;) )


You stared over at Daryl, watching as he picked up one heavy crate of supplies after another, lugging them from the truck parked at front of the gate, to the side of the street. His arms glistened in the sun, as sweat ran down his big, muscular body. You bite your lip a little at the sight of him, looking him up and down with one thing only on your mind. You imagine what it would be like to run your lips up and down his neck, what his tongue tasted like. Your mind begins to wander, thinking about all the things you would do to the man you stared down.

You had only been in Alexandria for a couple of weeks, but in that short amount of time you had developed a full on raw physical attraction for the man they called Daryl. His big muscular body was like nothing you had ever seen before and the way he made you feel when he was close enough to touch. He didn’t say much, to you or to anyone else, Rosita told you that he wasn’t at all a social person. You tried to make excuses to talk to him and get to know him better, but he was always short and stoic.

Rick and Michonne had saved you from a couple of walkers out in the woods a few weeks ago. Before that you were travelling on your own, you had been with a group, but you had snuck away in the middle of the night. The men there were anything but friendly and you had saw what they did to their women, you had only been with them a short time before you ran off. Before that you had been with a close friend from the days before the world ended, you and her made it quite a while after before she was bite and turned.

Now, here you were seemingly hitting the jackpot, Alexandria was a heaven that you never thought you’d see again after the world went to shit. Not only were the people nice and the supplies decent, but there was also the added bonus of this beautifully rugged man, that it just so happened didn’t know how damn attractive he was. He grunted a little in the hot Georgia sun and lifted one of his big hands to his forehead, wiping away the sweat the heat had caused to build up. You bite your lip a little harder, feeling yourself tingling all over as you imagine his hands over your body. You rub your stomach a little absentmindedly, not hearing Rosita come up from behind you on the road, towards the gates of Alexandria.

“That man has to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to notice the way you look at him.” Rosita said matter-of-factly, crossing her arms, coming up to stand beside you.

Your face gets a little hot and embarrassed by her words.

“Is it that obvious?” You ask her laughing a little nervously.

She turned her head sideways and stared at you with a smirk.

“Are you kidding? You might as well be over there straddling him right in the street.” She smiled mischievously.

“Actually… that might work.” She finished and you laughed out loud, feeling a little more relaxed as she joked with you.

You and Rosita had become close in the few short weeks you had been here. You had been assigned to live with her and Abe, you taking the bedroom in the basement of their house.

You stared back over at the man that had you wanting everything that you shouldn’t want in this hell of a world. You stared him up and down again as he lugged the last of the crates over to the stack he had built on the side of the wall.

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A Day In Peridot’s Shoes

Here is some JASPERIDOT fanfic based off hattersarts​ amazing Human AU Jasper and Peridot. She kindly editted this for me and revised my terrible grammar; If you are not following please go follow this sweetheart for amazing art and great laughs! Without further adieu!

Title: A Day in Peridot’s Shoes

Content: Safe for minors, just fluff…and some Lapis. Because you always need some Lapis

Description: Peridot sees a bit more of Jasper’s more loving side… though it is a quirky way to show love.

“And I told her that I just didn’t like shoes-!” The young woman across the counter laughed. Peridot had an arm draped over the counter and an elbow supporting her chin. “Fascinating,” she replied shortly. She may have sounded uninterested but that was her usual state, and the small smirk and rather soft stare coming from behind the round framed glasses she wore confirmed she was not being sarcastic. Her coworker shook her head and smiled as she always did: widely and sickeningly adorable. The two may have been a bit physically similar but that was where said similarities ended.

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38 with nozoeli? your writing is amazing :3

thank you! 

38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

“Hey,” Nozomi murmurs aside. “Do you see that pretty blonde waitress over there? I’m going to tap that.”

Umi spews water across the table and all over Rin’s face, much to the latter’s displeasure. While Rin grumbles and wipes herself off, Umi stops choking long enough to respond to Nozomi. “Can you please hold back on th-that sort of thing when we’re having lunch? I don’t see why we can’t have a normal conversation for once whenever we go out together.”

“It’s Nozomi-chan’s duty to ruin Umi-chan’s appetite at every given opportunity,” Rin solemnly recites with a little salute. She flicks her damp napkin at Umi. “And picking up girls is a must, too. Nya!”

“Don’t make it sound like a tradition, Rin!” 

While her two younger friends bicker, Nozomi carefully maps out a plan to reel in the waitress and win her over. Her friendly smile is obviously a mask to win over patrons, and Nozomi can detect weariness and exasperation beneath. This might be a tough case. She’ll have to be meticulous with her methods. 

Then Nozomi realizes she’s too lazy to plan that far ahead and figures improvisation is fine, too. She tilts her head at Rin with a meaningful look. Rin, bless her heart, catches on immediately and throws the contents of her glass at Umi without a second thought.

The ensuing shrieking and commotion is more than enough to draw the waitress over, as well as the attention of what few other customers there are in the restaurant. “Excuse me?! Is everything alright here?”


All according to that non-existent plan. Phase 1: Rin grabs the waitress’s attention without being obvious about her intentions. Phase 2: Umi, now filled with bloodlust and rage, chases after Rin and leaves Nozomi alone with the waitress. Phase 3… well. It was never a plan. It never had phases in the first place. So. 

Eli Ayase, her nametag reads. Nozomi smiles to herself and taps her chin with a manicured nail. 

“Should you… go after them?” Eli uncertainly looks between Nozomi and the direction Rin had scurried off to, wringing her apron. “You’re awfully calm about this. What happened?”

“Nozomi Toujou! Nice to meet ya.” She beams, holding out a hand. 

Eli’s worry falls right off her face. She flatly regards that offered hand. “…I didn’t ask for your name.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine~ Rin-chan was being nice and luring our other friend away, so that I’d have a chance to say hello to the beautiful waitress who caught my eye. Alone.” Damn, she’s on fire… even if the waitress’s deadpan stare says otherwise. Still, Nozomi continues to smile and keep her hand stretched out. 

“You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes. I’m literally a waitress. You could have just called me over, Toujou-san.” 

“Oh, but that’s boring,” Nozomi frowns, finally putting her hand down.

Eli looks absolutely unamused, but she still gives Nozomi her number in the end anyway. 

more solo family moments, because i love this family so much // moody teenage ben is really just a big ol’ softy for his little sister.  

She woke up with a start, and huffed in frustration when she realized she couldn’t go back to her dream now. 

It was a good dream too: sandcastles…that’s just about all she could remember by that point. She was building a great big sandcastle and she had an unlimited supply of sand to do it with! 

Rey closed her with a hint of a smile ghosting her small face as she tried to remember her dream. 

She couldn’t wait until morning to play in her sandbox and try to recreate the castle from her dreams. It probably won’t be as impressive, she thought, but that didn’t tamper her excitement. 

Rey frowned a little at the thought of her mother’s unreasonable hatred of sand. At least her father, uncle, and sometimes even Ben indulged her…maybe she could get them to play with her tomorrow! She was hardly irresistible–her smile slowly returned. 

The sudden clap of thunder jolted her from her fake sleep, reminding her why she was awake in the first place. She hated rainstorms. 

She was only slightly scared as thunder struck once more and Rey could hear the rain intensify from outside her bedroom window. 

Kicking off her covers as the sounds outside got seemingly louder, she headed to her brother’s room, who’s door was directly in front of hers. 

She opened the door rather noisily but Ben didn’t hear it. 

“Ben…” Rey whispered, shaking him a little. 

She waited a beat before shaking him again–this time a little harder. He was so heavy, she thought, when hadn’t budged the first time, she threw her whole body weight into shaking her brother harder. 

“Ben!” She said more loudly. 

Finally, Ben was starting to awaken, his head popped up from his pillow. His dark hair was disheveled and in his face, and it took a minute for his vision to clear from sleep and focus on his sister face which was illuminated by moonlight. 

“Rey?” His voice deep with sleep. 

Her big hazel eyes were alight with fear. 

“Can I sleep in here with you?” She asked timidly, “You know I hate storms,” She pleaded. 

Just as he was about to tell her no and to go back to her room, there was another clap of thunder, even louder than the last one Rey was sure she heard over their home, sent her scampering into his bed with a tiny yelp and smacking into his chest. 

Ben couldn’t help but laugh, “Stop that Ben!” Rey admonished, she crossed her arms across her chest, frowning. “It’s not funny.”

“Sorry, squirt.” He chuckled, before finally calming down. 

With her frown still in place, she looked up her brother with round tired eyes, unamused by his amusement of her, “Do you think Mom and Dad will let me sleep with them? You’re no help.” She sighed. 

Ben shook his head, before Rey had unceremoniously woken him up, he hadn’t even realized it was raining. 

He was usually a heavy sleeper anyway, and though he couldn’t really tell what time it was, he knew it was probably really late. Their dad had just gotten back from a race so they got to stay up a little later than usual. Ben didn’t want to think about his parents celebrating and walking in on them, or worse, his sister walking in on them. She was too little, too innocent. 

“I’ll stop being a nerf I promise.” Ben sighed and played back down, “They’re probably really tired…go back to sleep.”

“But their bed is bigger!” Rey’s face lit up at the prospect of all the space their parents had in their bed. “I know they wouldn’t mind,” she propelled herself forward and off Ben’s bed. 

Ben groaned inwardly. Usually, once an idea got into his sister’s head it was hardly seldom that they could get her mind to change, much like their mother that way. 

“Will you come with me?” She asked him shyly. The sudden idea of walking through a dark hallway alone was not appealing. Ben’s room was much closer than their parent’s. 

She extended her hand out to her brother and Ben reluctantly got up and took her hand. 

Once outside their parents bedroom, Ben listened carefully for any sign of movement before opening the door–you can never be too careful, he thought.  

Han and Leia were fast asleep. Han’s arms were wrapped securely around his wife’s waist and his face was nuzzled cozily into the curve of her neck. 

“Psst! Hey!” Ben whispered, trying to stop her but Rey was already shaking their mother awake. 


Leia wasn’t as heavy a sleeper as her son, so she was instantly awake after the first shove

“Rey,” She said groggily, opening one eye first and then the other, slowly focusing on her daughter’s face. 

“Hi!” Rey smiled, “Can Ben and I sleep in here? It’s thundering outside and I don’t like it.”

“Ben?” Leia looked towards the door to find her son shrugging. 

“Uh-huh!” Rey nodded, leaning into her mother’s space on the bed and placing her chin her hand, yawning. 

“So can we sleep in here?” 

Han started to stir awake behind Leia but didn’t open his eyes, “Company?” he asked gruffly. 

“Uh-huh.” She turned back to Rey’s expectant face, “Sure, baby.” 

Leia helped Rey climb in bed with them, and Han made space between them so that Rey could lay in the middle. 

Finally placated and feeling more at ease, the child snuggled in between her parents and let sleep reclaim her. 

“Ben,” Leia called to her son–a little more alert now, as he turned to leave. “You know you can stay…since you’re already here, and there’s plenty of room.” 

Ben thought about it for a second, “Fine.” 

Leia was surprised he agreed so quickly. 

“Fine,” he repeated, “but don’t – ”

“‘Tell Poe,’” She finished for him good-naturedly. “ Yes, I know.” 

He’d given no protest, it was almost too easy. Ben was growing up too quickly for her liking, and though he’s not completely aloof, he’d be withdrawn lately. So it amazed her how readily he’d agreed. 

Leia moved back some making room for Ben beside her but also making sure not to crush Rey.  

She massaged his darker hair back from his face and kissed his cheek. 


Leia pulled Rey in closer behind her with her as Han’s arm came to wrap tightly around the three of them.