she still is but wow she was so cute

Imagine being one of Negan's wives and Carl having a crush on you, only for your husband to start teasing him about it a little too much

(I turned this from a Daryl to a Negan ome shot as it has been a while since i’ve wrote one for him :3 Especially some fluff! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Since you had been so good with your begging and pleas, Negan had decided to take you along to his recent visit to Alexandria.

He called it a date between you and him and it made you laugh to hear him say that, without denying him, you also love the idea of being the only wife for one day.

It had been quite some time since Negan had made a deal with the community there and from what you’ve heard about the place you couldn’t help but want to visit to see it with your very own eyes.

The drive was long enough but you had quite some time to fool around and enjoy the company of Negan.

Upon arrival at the gate, you weren’t disappointed. The walls were high and everything seemed so secure with not even one walker in sight that you just had to make a comment about how drab the Sanctuary looked in comparison.

“Wow…This makes our home look like way crappier than it already does!”

Your husband laughed and shook his head at your comment. Leaning closer, he whispered in your ear, “Really? Better than our sweet home? Do you need me to show you every corner of our place…with my dick inside you…to be reminded of how great it is all again…”

You held in your laughter at his joke and pushed him away from you, asking him to stop as he kept trying to get closer and closer.

He was always like that with you, making crude jokes while you were being innocent for a moment. You like that about him actually and for once it made you forget about what the world had become.


Although, he was this cheerful and in a mood, it came to a stop when the cars themselves stopped. After he stepped out, being a gentleman to you he hand led his hand to help you out of the car.

The gate opened to reveal the people there and with no hesitation you smiled softly as you would usually.

You greeted them and from their expressions, you could tell they hadn’t expected someone like you to be around all of these Saviors.

It felt a little awkward as they got quiet from your bright way of greeting them but nonetheless they acknowledge you, despite it mostly being from the way Negan had glared at them.

You took in the view and your amazement couldn’t be stopped. The houses and the people, truly reminded you of your neighborhood.

Without even asking, you kissed Negan’s cheek and walked passed him, having decided to take a tour on your own, while he and the others went on about their business.


Luckily for you, it was a warm sunny day, making it easy to just wander around. It had been quiet some time since you had seen any other people than the faces you knew, you couldn’t help but smile at each of them.

Suddenly, you took notice of a young boy walking around while pushing a stroller. You knew for a fact, that there must’ve been a baby inside and quickly you made your way towards him.

You just love kids so much, you had to hold the baby, especially since it’s been ages since you’ve seen one.

As you got closer to the boy, you carefully greeted him and smiled.

“Hi…It’s a nice day to take a stroll…”

As Carl heard you, he stopped himself. He looked at you from head to toe and could tell you were probably several years older than him yet nonetheless, you were quite pretty to him.

Not to mention how nicely you were dressed, it made him blush at the thought of how pretty you were, not even for a moment that he thought you were among the Saviors.

He stuttered and looked away, realizing his actions and simply answered, “I-It is!”

You chuckled and approached him, trying to catch a glimpse of inside the stroller. He noticed you and as you looked back up at him, you shrugged and tucked your hair behind your ear.

You saw the child and instantly couldn’t help but let out how cute she was.

“Aw…Is this your little sister?”

He nodded and opened the visor to reveal the cute little blonde girl. He told you her name and signaled you that you could stroke her hair.

“Yeah, she is…Her name’s Judith…”

“Judith…That’s a pretty name…Do you mind if I hold her?”

It unnerved him to hear you and made him realize he had no idea of where you came from. He seemed in deep thought and ended up staring at you even more to check if you had any weapon on you.

He figured things out and nodded at you. “No not at all…Go ahead…”, he said as he stood by and took her out for you.

Your smile grew to see her and even more as you held her in your arms.

“Wow…Such a pretty little girl, you are…Yes you are…look at your small little hands…so cute…”

Compliments from you, kept pouring in as you held the little girl. She was undeniably adorable and from the way she acted with you, she clearly enjoyed you.

She cupped your face and laughed as you playfully shook your head and kept her entertained for quite some time, even earning you a little peck from her.

It surprised Carl to see his little sister get so comfortable with a stranger but still made him smile to look at you both.

“I think she really likes you…”

You turned your attention back to him and nodded along, joking around with him.

“I think so too…She really has good taste in people!”

As he laughed, you then ended up staying by and playing with her for a long while, making Carl grow to trust you.

You both spoke to each other as well and had seem to hit it off well. He thought it was easy to speak to you and couldn’t help but laugh and smile from your genuine humor.

He just felt so comfortable, he had forgotten about his worries for a moment and you had both ended sitting by the porch of his house.

He even noticed how prettier you were and couldn’t stop himself from staring at your features. He blushed every time you would look back at him and even worst when you had praised him for being so brave.


As the time passed, you had notice everyone starting to walk away and decided to get up. You handed him his little sister back and smiling at him, you said, “Well…I guess I have to get back now…My people are about to leave…”

It caught him off guard, you were apart of the Saviors, he couldn’t believe it.

“Y-you’re with them?”

You nodded and ruffled his hair to try and cheer him up from his obvious worried and concern look.

“Don’t worry…Not all of them are bad…”

He liked the way you had touched him and you noticed how hard he blushed from it. It made you smile again and wanting him to trust you, you pecked him quickly on the cheek.

“See you next time, Carl…”

As you said that and were about to walk away, suddenly a familiar voice roared.

“Woah! Holy shit! Carl! Are you trying to steal MY woman!”

It was Negan and he was making his way towards you both rather quickly. He stared at the boy wide eyed and with a rather funny expression, not understanding the situation.

Hearing him, you turned back to look at him and just shook your head, knowing that he was probably going to make some bad jokes about it.

In all honesty, it shocked Carl even more to know that you were with Negan and couldn’t hide his disappointment from him.

“S-She’s with you?”

Negan smirked and approached closer to you, grabbing your waist tightly to him. You stared at him and he stared back at you. He was smirking, oddly it seemed more than genuine and you couldn’t tell if it was because he was having fun or was it because he was admitting to you being his, either way it made your heart skip a beat to see him like that.

“Hell freaking yeah! She’s mine! What did you think?!”

Carl was oddly getting pissed and just didn’t want it to be true that you belong to Negan, especially as he knew you weren’t the only wife he had.

He felt somewhat bad and feeling confident about himself, he got up and faced your man.

“I just didn’t think someone like her would willingly want to be with a psycho like you!”

He nearly spat at Negan and his comment definitely made him laugh. You laughed as well and shook your head.

“Goddamn! Right on! Now that is the badassness I wanted! Wanna fight me for her?”

You rolled your eyes at his comment and grabbed his arm to pull him away.

“Come on Negan…Stop messing around with him…I’m so sorry Carl…”

He didn’t budged and stared at the boy for a long while with his big grin, wide eyed and realized something. He kept blushing and staring at you, making him understand that he certainly grew to have a crush on you.

However, he had also witness you pecking on his cheek and knew that also had to be another reason behind his redness.

Instead of leaving him alone, he leaned backwards and made another comment to see his reaction.

“Are you still blushing? Oh come on! You’re supposed to be a badass…Not a blushing boy… Don’t tell me it was that kiss…Come on when a hot woman, like Y/N, kisses you, you don’t lose your balls like that! If you’re going to steal my woman might as well be worthy of it, kid!”

He kept egging him on and you just felt bad for him and even more when your husband mentioned the young boy’s missing eye.

“Tell me…Did you show her…Your awesome missing eye…You know…The socket…the dried up blood…”

You could see that from his words, Carl suddenly was shying away from him. His head dropped down and himself trying to cover his bandage with his hair as Negan kept getting closer.

“Don’t be like that! Show her your eye! You like her don’t you! If you do then show her what you are and who you really are! A psychopathic future serial killer with a disgusting eye…That’s who you are…”

His nose was now crinkling and you knew he was more than on the verge of tears, and that you couldn’t handle it, the idea of child crying was a little too much for you.

You pulled Negan back and went closer to Carl. Turning towards your old man, you crossed your arms and sternly told him, “Alright, enough Negan…You’re making him cry…It’s not funny anymore…”


As Carl heard you, he figured you would side with him even more if he gave you a real show and just decided to go with it. He teared up even more and as you heard him, you turned to look at him to wrap your arm around his shoulder.

You pulled him closer and with your other hand you wiped his tears away. It made Negan instantly jealous and suddenly he stood up straight, trying to ask you to come back to him.

“It’s okay Carl…Don’t listen to him…He’s always like that…”

He nodded and you felt his breathing being ragged. It tore you up even more and stroking his hair, you looked him in the eye and said, “You don’t need to worry so much about your eye…You’re a charming young man…That’s just a little scar, don’t let it be your weakness and bring you down…Especially not from a big man child like Negan!”

You shot your gaze back at him and he looked shocked. It made you smirk to see him that way and as you looked back at Carl, you noticed him nodding and wiping his tears away.

“Thank you, Y/N…”, he mumbled under his breath. It made you feel oddly warm to cheer him up that way and you couldn’t resist to peck him on the cheek again and pull him into a hug as you said your goodbyes. His sister cheered him up as well with her own hug and you all stayed in a little embrace for a moment, making your husband more than jealous of the situation.

“Don’t mention it…See you next time…Okay…”, you said as you stroked his hair back and cupped his cheek for a moment.

You then looked back at Negan and crossing your arms, said, “And you mister! No more teasing him like that…he’s not yours to torment!”

He couldn’t find anything to say and as you approached him he opened his mouth, only for you to push him away and walk pass him.

You were being playful with him and laughed as he called your name from behind. He turned back to look at Carl and noticed him smiling.


He had thought of apologizing for it but seeing him like that, dumbfounded him and pointing towards him, he said,“Wh-Why the hell are you smiling? Y-you were a mess earlier…”

Carl shrugged and feeling bold told him, “I was…But you know…I can pretend…and I got Y/N to cheer me up…She kissed my cheek twice…She hugged me…and most importantly she picked me over you…”

And with that, he turned back to walk in his house, leaving Negan shocked behind.

It made him stutter out, “Y-you! You tricked her! Unfair! Hey come back out!”

In a slight panic, he ran back towards you and started acting like a pouty and grumpy kid.

“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N! Wait for me!”


He was quite fast and surprised you as he stood near you. Walking with you towards the cars, he held your arm and reported to you what had happened.

“Carl lied to you! He was faking it! The tears and everything else!”

You rolled your eyes at him and shook your head to hear him. You just had a feeling Negan was being petty and acting like that just to get your attention.

“Yeah right…Your words and attitude really didn’t get under a young boy’s skin…Jeez Negan…Like i’d ever believe that…”

“B-but- He admitted it!”

“No buts mister…I’ve seen you make grown men and women cry like that from your unnecessary comments…so a young teenager is no exception…”

He frowned even more and looked away from you, he just couldn’t believe you weren’t siding with him.

You laughed to check on him and decided to cheer him back up as you got nearer to the cars.

“Are you seriously jealous of a teenager, Negan?”

He looked back at you and seemed to hesitate between yes and no. You sighed and cupped his face and told him, “Well you shouldn’t…I love you…Not anyone else…”

At those words, his smile came back and he chuckled. Shrugging out of excitement, he held your hands in his and asked you, “Really?”

“Yes, really…Now stop acting like a baby…and get over it…”

He bit his lip and ended up nodding in agreement until you added more.

“Also…No more teasing him like that…I know you were trying to be playful…But that’s not the way to get to know a kid at first…Maybe when you get closer, you can start teasing and roasting him like that…”

He looked up and down and took a deep breath before looking back into your eyes. He reluctantly nodded and ended up agreeing.

“Fine…i’ll try…I won’t hurt his little feelings…”

“That’s good to hear…”

You nodded along and pecked him on the lips to hear his answer. You stared at each other with a smile and about to laugh, only for him to add a little something.

“Yeah…but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep my eyes off of him from now on whenever you’re around…”

As you opened the door to get in the car, you stood still for a moment and tilted your head to the side as you asked him to explain.

“What do you mean by that?”

He seemed taken aback and ended staying by the open car door just as you before answering you in his loud voice.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t notice?! Y/N it’s been the subject matter since the freaking beginning! He clearly has some weird fucking crush on you! Did you see the way he looked at you?!”

You laughed at his meaning and knew it was the perfect moment to tease him about it.

“Negan, language! And…Of course I noticed! It’s me we were talking about…Of course that was bound to happen…I just have that magic on every guy!”

You wiggled your eyebrows at him and smirk mischievously, leaving him hanging as you stepped in the car.

He followed you and was trying to convince you of never coming back to make sure Carl wasn’t going to have his hopes up, only for you to laugh and be adamant about coming back and keeping the promise you made to the young man, making him get frustrated again.

12x17 I..... liked this episode ?

This is my first post-episode overview commentary because I just was surprised how much I liked this episode. There was still some wtf-ery but generally I enjoyed it and, well, I can’t help but link everything to Destiel these days and the Destiel itself was strong but man, the continued breaking down of the barriers to it becoming canon more textual just keeps coming this season. 


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The women: Ok so I really hope they follow through on the Mary can actually “have it all” and I hope there’s a reason for Kelly’s characterisation like she’s being mind controlled by the kid, but other than that I’m pretty happy with this episode? Kelly textually said she was used. Yes, thank you.

Mary and Ketch - I didn’t…hate it? Ok so it’s a bit weird but only because we have info on Ketch that Mary doesn’t? To Mary he is her trainer, he’s charming, he helped save her boys…. she doesn’t know about Magda, Toni, maybe not even how vicious he can be…. and Mary is allowed her fair share of Winchester terrible sexual partners and she’s a big girl, she can do what and whoever she wants as long as it’s not hurting anyone. 

And there is a clear Destiel-related reason I am 100% OK WITH MARY MAKING THIS DECISION! (see below).

Crowley / Lucifer: I’m hoping this whole thing is just another set up like it was last Bucklemming episode, to be ‘fixed’ later, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt there. 

Mick: I liked Mick, I wanted Mick to live even though I knew he wouldn’t really. At least now people wont be worried he’s replacing Cas. Oh well. Also, kind of re-cements Ketch as our bad guy. Will he still try to kill Mary? *drum roll*…

Omg the Saileen: They are cute, they HOLD GREAT EYE CONTACT and all the little smiles and flirting while at the same time wow badass hunter couple. And Sam learned more sign language?! And they talked before off screen after Coeur d’Alene and its implied they talked more than that?! Yes please! 

My head canon is that that night she still couldn’t sleep after killing whatisface snobby Brit guy (yeah, another snobby Brit guy, thanks for that), knocked quietly on Sam’s door, he wordlessly offered his hand to her, she climbed into bed with him, they cuddled and he comforted her, that is all. They are so pure and I love them.

They can be a badass hunter husband and wife and just all the cuteness.

Ok so the Destiel: 

Pining!Dean is what I live for in these kind of episodes. Whispers *Thank you Bucklemming*? 

Dean / Cas and Sam / Eileen clear romantic parallels all episode! Dean not deflecting and admitting he is worried to Sam! (Also aside - Dean admitting Mick drank him under the table and not posturing like he’s this big macho guy).

Dean called Cas 4 times… that day. I would also be worried, Cas always calls Dean back. They also text regularly. So yeah. Also the callback of Mick talking about Lucifer being in your boyfriend. Ouch. Also MORE Dean calling Cas away from Sam *satisfied face* - will add this to my already long phone call post ;) 

Ok, so the Mary/Ketch thing…

Personally, Destiel shipper hat on I hope that between the colt and this, when Dean finds out it will really cement his realisations this season about his feelings for Cas. 

If Mary can sleep with who she wants why can’t he? He’s put her on such a pedestal and she’s shown she’s human over and over again, this would cement it for Dean. And if Mary can sleep with someone she doesn’t love, who Dean knows is a psychopath (even if Mary doesn’t), why can’t Dean acknowledge his own pure, healthy feelings of love for Cas? I don’t know if I’m voicing this coherently but I have feelings about this ok. 

This season is just building so much to break down the walls around Dean / Cas: 

1. Dean generally is letting his facade down and letting his real self shine through, see ALL the meta about the whole of season 12 plus the textual whole episode of 12x11 showing us this is what we are meant to be seeing and getting from all this.

2. Cas was / is still thinking about where he belongs. Dean was / is still worried that everyone he loves will abandon him. THESE THINGS TIE IN TOGETHER AND ARE TEXTUALLY TIEING IN TOGETHER THIS SEASON.

3. Sam and Eileen are / could be a cute hunter couple and a great example. Sam doesn’t have to rely on Dean if he has someone else. Dean can move on himself much as a single parent often does once they know their child is emotionally OK. Check. 

4. Mary shows him that he doesn’t have to worry about *shame* on the family. She might even say something to this point about herself if they discuss this (I’m looking at you leaked argument between Dean and Mary in 12x21).

5. Cas has told Dean that he loves him. And yes I will go on record AGAIN to say that Sam and Dean both had an acknowledged, directed, written, face of REALISATION when Cas made the clarification and made clear the first I love you was to Dean alone. Even if it wasn’t (pffff), it was written ambiguously for a *reason*.

6. And….

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It seems Dean is realising now how ‘fragile’ Cas is. He is no longer on the ‘Cas’ll be fine’ band wagon. HE IS NOT MAD, HE’S WORRIED.

There is a reason twitter is awash with - 


- every episode since 12x12 (even 12x15 only had marginal Cas and no real Dean/Cas other than both times it was gloriously, clearly, romanticised).

We are supposed to be worried, to be missing him because Dean is worried and missing him and off course this flows through to the show’s narrative and they’re making us feel this (and I’m sure Sam too of course but its not the same).

Dabb. I see you.

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So, look forward to SIF Thanksgiving Festival 2018!
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Good things to imagine

-amy wearing jakes flannels around the house

-jake wanting to cook a nice sweet dinner for him and amy so he facetimes charles the whole time for advice

-a sleepy amy in the winter, snuggled against jake in a cacoon of 600 blankets while they watch terrible hallmark christmas specials

-jake giving amy That Look when she starts talking passionately about a neat article she read

-amy and jake showering together, not even for the sexy times, but because they’re dorks and they really like bubbles and kissing in “the rain” and each other

-one day, jake has a day off but amy still has to go in to catch up on some paperwork so he honest to goodness considers going with her because he’ll miss her so much

-jake and amy knowing how each other likes their coffee

-amy can probably lowkey sing rlly well bc she’s musically experienced and shes always invinting cute little tunes when shes doing chores and they always sound like old do-wop songs and jake always sneaks recordings of her because wow he loves her

-jake and amy binge watching stranger things

-watching scary movies together, both acting tough at first but having to hide in the others shoulder by the end. Its a mess.

-couple’s cooking class that goes horribly south.

-they play that “watch me catch this random food in my mouth” game aaaaaall the time bc of their first date

-they never ever go seperate ways without saying “i love you so much” first

-jake being the little spoon and amy snuggling her face between his shoulder blades bc have you seen jake peralta’s shoulders?

-jake rarley ever waking up before amy but when he does he can hardly help himself from watching her sleep because god shes so soft and beautiful and amazing and he loves her so much

-when amy wakes up before jake, which is almost always, she likes to trace his face. His laugh linesm, his eyelashes, his /chin dimple/.

-they probably have so many cute stupid inside jokes its ridiculous

-they bet on everything but its bever an issue bc they are so solid okay?

-just…..jake and amy.

Makeup Voiceover;Mark

Request: could you please do a mark scenario where his girlfriend is a beauty youtuber and they do the “boyfriend does my voiceover” challenge?

  • okay before i start i want to apologise in advance because i don’t use make up at all so i’m not familiar with the termologies or brands skmdnd
  • and im just really bad with anything that’s got to do with make up so!!
  • and this was shorter than expected :-(
  • without further a do,
  • let’s start

  • so you had always wanted him to do it

  • and all your subscribers know how cute you both are and they’ve been requesting non stop
  • but shy mark was so afraid and scared he couldn’t do it until you agreed to spend the whole day cuddling with him
  • and he agreed almost immediately
  • “if i knew you’d agree that quickly, i should’ve said that earlier”
  • “hehe don’t break your promise!!”
  • so you lock him out of your room so you can film your makeup tutorial video
  • and you decided to just go for a simple and casual look
  • and outside you can hear mark calling haechan
  • on speaker
  • “why am i nervous for this”
  • “it’s only a voiceover?? it’s not like you’re showing your face”
  • “yeah i know, but my heart’s beating so quickly im-”
  • “shut up and just do it, you can rap in front of so many people but you can’t do a single voiceover? surely absolutely fully capable!”
  • “i called you to give me encouragement but i guess you’re right”
  • and thanks to your professional and talented™ skills,
  • you finish in 15 minutes
  • and after checking the clip one last time,
  • you call mark in to sit beside you,
  • a mic in front if him
  • “just say whatever that appears on the screen, i showed it to you bright and clear!!”
  • you see him nervously smiling and giggling,
  • before clearing his throat and pressing the record button
  • “uhm… hi everyone, it’s mark, y/n’s boyfriend and as you can tell i’ll be doing her makeup voiceover for today, i heard you guys have been requesting this for quite some time now, so here it is”
  • and you smile brightly at him, giving him a small thumbs up to nudge him to continue
  • “as you can tell she’s barefaced right now- still as beautiful as ever and i can never ever see a difference- but oh my goodness what is with that pout, how cute”
  • “she’s holding up a small little stick right now, oh wait- it’s the nyx foundation stick”
  • “ahh, apply it in small streaks around your face and make sure to find the correct shade for yout skin tone!”
  • “spread it out evenly, you don’t want any patches”
  • “she looks so beautiful-”
  • whispers mark, focus”
  • “haha oh- next you want to take this eyebrow pencil”
  • “i can’t see the brand and words it’s too small”
  • “i’m serious oh my god, stop giggling at me”
  • “it’s okay- anyways, you want to start shading your eyebrows”
  • “make sure they’re symmetrical”
  • “how did she do it in one go, that’s my talented girlfriend right here”
  • “oh no her smile is so cute”
  • “mark stop it i’m blushing like mad right now- okay guys i’m sorry if you hear small conversations like these, he’s just sitting beside me recording right now”
  • “i can’t help it”
  • “you want to do your eyes next”
  • “she’s using the naked2 eyeshadow palette- i’ve seen this somewhere before- and she’s going to use the lightest shade of brown”
  • “oh it’s shiny”
  • “apply it gently on your eyelids”
  • “she did it again guys, in one try, that’s my girl”
  • “oh she’s moving on to the blush already?”
  • and he whispers to you
  • “you’re not applying highlight?”
  • “i was too lazy, but anyways continue babe”
  • “you still look good anyways”
  • “why is she giggling to herself”
  • “huh- wait isn’t that my voice”
    • the background plays his conversation with hyuck *
  • “i didn’t know i was that loud- oh my god”
  • “she can’t stop laughing, look at her face HAHAHA”
  • “im so embarrassed but she looks so cute giggling to herself wow”
  • “on a side note, haechan if you’re seeing this we both got exposed”
  • “okay she’s calmed down now”
  • “she’s using a very light shade of pink, just perfect for her natural rosy cheeks”
  • “her side view is wow…”
  • “she’s smiling again aw how cute”
  • “her cheeks are all pink now”
  • “i want to pinch those cheeks so badly haha”
  • “ow omg don’t do that”
  • “guys he literally just pinched my cheeks”
  • “hehe”
  • “on to the lipstick-”
  • “aw babe”
  • “story time: i actually got this for her last week because she was having bad day and i thought this might make her feel better”
  • “yes thank you so much mark, i love it and i love you”
  • “i love you too”
  • “it’s actually the moonshot lipstick”
  • “ahh.. it’s the peach and cream shade!! i remembered it hehe”
  • “i thought that she’d look gorgeous in it so i decided to get that shade”
  • “look at the way she pouts her lips again- how adorable”
  • “oh my goodness, i just realised she actually did all of that without using any mirrors, how wonderful can she be???”
  • you’re blushing like mad again at this point of time
  • and you see him frown and pout a little
  • “it’s come to an end already?? that’s fast”
  • “anyways look at my princess posing for the camera- you look great”
  • “look!! at!! her!! smile!!”
  • and he starts giggling
  • “anyways i hope all of you enjoyed watching this!”
  • “thank you for subscribing and supporting my baby and watching all her videos”
  • “continue doing that and give her all the love she deserves!!”
  • “it’s been mark here, hope to see you again hehe”
  • and he giggles again
  • he lets out a breath of relief and you give him the warmest hug ever
  • his words never fail to make you feel better about yourself
  • and he gives you a small peck on your lips,
  • “can i do that again someday? i actually liked that hehe”
  • “of course mark, anytime”
  • “and you did great, like always”

anonymous asked:

Hiii I love your writing could you do a Connor x reader where he's in love/obsessed with her?? And she's like Zoe's best friend?? Thank you!!

thhhaaaannkkk youuuuuuu

•You had always been Zoe’s best friend, from the beginning of Pre-K to where you are now. So, you had always hung around Connor, that was just inevitable.

•He was one year older than you, so you had always found him cool, ya know, the usual cool older sibling. Zoe always agreed with you too, she had looked up to Connor to deal with all of her problems since she was little.

•Connor had played with you and Zoe when you were much younger. You would play hide and go seek at her house and he would always join in. No matter what you were doing, he would want to join in because he didn’t get to play with a lot of people who liked him but you guys.

•He had always thought you were cute and then he saw you grow up even more, and was just more amazed by you. You had grown up to be so pretty?

•Zoe knows of his crush, I mean, it’s her brother, she knows his behavior, plus he might’ve accidentally let it slip to her. And wow, she loves the idea of her best friend being her sister in law but she’s still reluctant because what if they break up? Will it ruin her friendship with you?

•You’re one of the only ones that truly cares about what he’s feeling. If he’s depressed, you’ll try to help him even if it can’t go away totally but you’ll help him be a little more happier.

•He protected you at all cost at school. You try to keep it as every that you get made fun of for hanging out with the Murphy’s but he found out one day when Jared Kleinman confronted him about it.

•The Murphy parents absolutely love you. They think you are good for both their daughter and son. Cynthia always invites you over for dinner a ton, and you can’t really deny to stay because you love the family too.

•Zoe kept trying to set you two up but Connor would catch on then stop her. Finally, one of her plans worked and you ended up joyfully on a date with Connor.

•A week later, you ended up started officially and exclusively dating Connor. This wasn’t just for Zoe but you really did like Connor, and not just as a friend. You kind of saw Connor in a new light.

•Zoe was, maybe, a little jealous when you and Connor started hanging out more but you pledged to her that you would always be her best friend.

•Spoiler Alert: You and Connor never broke up.


Agents of Shield Character development:

1. Agent Phil Coulson:
Season 1 : typical Coulson; suits, slim, lanky; looks like a representative for vacuum cleaner; still every second just plane cool 😎
Season 4 : woooow is he actual muscled??? And badassy?? So much sass; he can still lend you a hand 🤚🏼; best dad ever?!; HES SO IN LOVE WITH MAY; kissed a 🤖

2. Agent Melinda May:
Season 1 : 💪🏼🤦🏻‍♀️🛩😎😶🤖🔥⚔️

Season 4 : 💪🏼🤦🏻‍♀️🛩😎😶🤖(literally) 🔥⚔️
Sorry but this woman is so badass and hasn’t aged a day in like 20 years; there are just no words for her awesomeness; loves her little potato husband Phil truly ❤😭

3. Skye alias Agent Daisy Johnson alias Quake alias Mary Sue (but a great one, not these annoying chicks):

Season 1 : hacktivist; you know nothing Skye; awkward little kid; looks like daughter of Coulson and May for real 😳

Season 4 : now wow she’s a superhero; but acts like a teenager; so she’s still a little bus kid; but a cool one with badass moves and real forces; she quakes your ass 😏💪🏼🔥; and is of course still hot

4. Agent Jemma Simmons:
Season 1 : one half of Fitzsimmons; dorky; cute little sunshine ☀️; 🤓🤗👩🏼‍🔬; she is soooo british and I love it ❤; little bus kid

Season 4 : now the better half of Fitz ❤😍🤓 (finally!); Have to admit it: Bossy suits her 😏👩🏼‍💼😎; loves her monkey 🐒 Fitz; is also badass

5. Agent Leopold Fitz:
Season 1 : other half of Fitzsimmons; awwwww what a cute little monky kid 😍; 👨🏼‍🔬🤷🏼‍♂️ so nerdy but a clever boy 🤓; like him really; little bus kid

Season 4 : uhhhh better half Simmons 😏😏😍😍; wooow scruffy suits you really good!!!; ohhh you have grown up; but you will always be a cute 🐒; and a bus kid; wooow is everybody badass now???; looks like yes…; loves his Jemma sooo much ❤🤗❤️

A Concept: Learning How To Swim

You would be lay on the sun lounger next to the pool, being woken up by hearing small shrieks from your little girl and a warm laugh from your husband. You would sit up slowly, letting your eyes adjust to the sunlight, to see Shawn in the pool with your daughter. His smile would be as wide as ever, as he holds his daughter in his arms. He would be looking at her with so much admiration, making your heart melt. You would get up and walk over to the pool edge, sitting down so that the bottoms of your legs were in the warm water. Shawn would look over at you and smile, moving himself and your little girl closer to you.

“Nice snooze?” He would ask, grinning up to you. His lips would press softy against yours, and you’d nod, yawning in response. I small chuckle would escape his lips and you’d turn to face your little girl.

“Having fun baby?” You’d ask, knowing the response. Any time that your daughter spent with Shawn she was happy - over the moon in fact. The two of them were basically inseparable, and it was the nicest thing to see. Everyone who saw them interact would comment on their unbreakable bond, ever since the day she was born.

Her face would light up as both you and Shawn watch her for a response.

“So much!! Daddy taught me how to swim!!” She would say with excitement.

“No way baby! That’s amazing!” You’d beam, running your hand through her curly locks.

“Show mummy” Shawn would say, moving away from you. After checking her armbands where still secure, he would let her go and move a few feet away from her. She would be kicking her little legs so that she could reach Shawn, making you feel so proud. She’d eventually get to him and look straight at you, waiting to see what you think.

“Wow!! You swim like such a big girl!!” You’d respond.

“I am a big girl!” She’d say, leaning against Shawn’s bare chest.

“Not to me you’re not” Shawn would mumble against her head, kissing it afterwards.


ahhhjdsk i think i just died from cuteness overload

suggestions? let me know in my asks xo


Hi Briskeby - Nippletwist

elias: whats up guys. sadly, this is our last briskeby video… SIKE!

adam: never that this is going to be our last one

elias: never. yeah, as said yousef left for Turkey, but in the mean time, we of course got a replacement. he deserves an introduction song.

mutta: yeah come one. lets start slowly

mikael: are you ready?

all: who is it? whos coming?

elias: are you ready? hold on

*lots of screaming*

elias: as you see, we have the one and only Even back.

adam: in the gang

even: its good to be back

elias: its good to have you back

even: its nice to be invited

adam: its always nice

elias: so hes finally back. *alarm sounding* what is that?

adam: its the plane alarm bro

mikael: its trump here to bomb norway

mutta: no no its..

elias: *inaduble* is here to invade the country

elias: okay people, todays challange is the best friend challenge

Bestbud challenge

  1. One will draw a question
  2. The others will write their answer on a note
  3. The loser gets a nipple twist

elias: the ones that gets it wrong gets one of those nippletwists

adam: im not down with that bro

elias: then its evens turn

even: what is my catch phrase?

mutta: oh! i know it

elias: ready, set, go!

mutta: “relax”, relax i got it

elias: relax i got it

even: did you write that as well?

mikael: take a hit.

adam: he always used to..

elias: bro, relax i got it. do you got snus? relax bro i got it. bro, do you got perfume on you? relax i got it.

adam: thats true, he used to say that

elias: okay, wheres your nipple? there it is

adam: bro relax, that hurts so bad. poor guy

elias: who were the last one to send me a DM on insta?

adam: you know the person

elias: okay let me see. Isabelle from Elvebakken.

even: isabelle? what do you still?

adam: they are still talking

even: are you hooking up with isabelle? shes cute tho

adam: he was the one who looked her up

adam: if youre not having her please let me know, cause shes seriously. youre talking to too many girls at the same time

elias: so youre taking my leftovers?

mikael: wow, thats not allowed to say

elias: one, two, three!

adam: which song do i put on before hooking?

adam: mutta, mutta you should know this! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

even: he has kept a tradition

adam: what did you write?

even: birthday sex

elias: but whats up? are you guys coming to sanas party on saturday?

even: of course

elias: you guys are coming anyway, even if youre not invited. youre coming

elias: but isak, his boys were really cool

even: yeah they are super nice

elias: youre a really good couple. youre super cute together

even: thanks, thats nice

elias: when did you get together?

even: about half a year ago

adam: where did you meet?

even: at nissen

adam: i talked quite a lot with him at evas birthday.

even: yeah, fuck that was really nice

adam: do you remember when we had a science exam and i went to the toilet…

*memory lane*

even: it was so funny at elvebakken…

*memory lane*

elias: that was good times

adam: but i do not miss school. im so happy im done with school

adam: why did you leave even? what happened, why did you leave elvebakken?

even: hmm.. it was around the time that we lost contact. i just felt that things were just kind of at the bottom of the hill.. if you know what i mean. and i just felt like i needed a new start

adam: thats understandable

elias: so there wasnt anything wrong with us?

even: no no

elias: no, cause we just heard this rumour that was going around, and i didnt really dare to ask you

adam: there was.. we were calling and calling but we never got an answer, right? you dont have to answer this, or you could answer when the camera is off if thats better, but we were actually told that in that period, after you left elvebakken, that you tried to take your own life.

mikael: thats probably fucking hard to answer tho

even: well i was sick, i was in a really bad place, but im feeling much better now.

adam: thats good, that really good

even: i have a great daily life, i have a job, im done with school its really chill.

adam: its only going up

even: and im back here with the boys

elias: its good to have you back too

adam: you guys you shouldnt..

mutta: you shouldnt misunderstand

adam: yeah even is a real great guy

mutta: yeah hes the coolest guy i ever met

elias: yeah the coolest. hes the one who taught me all my dance moves and all that

adam: what dance moves?

elias: all my pick-up lines

mutta: hes the one who taught me this one

adam: then youre a bad teacher cause he suck at that move

elias: its good to have him back

even: its good to be here

mikael: you have to be a part of our future videos

even: can i join?

elias&adam: of course

adam: yousef just stay in turkey

even: yousef, if youre watching this, just stay in turkey

elias: well just be six people instead of five

even: well buy a new sofa

adam: bring a sofa home from turkey, its probably cheaper there

elias: okay people, thats all we had for today. should we just say it in unison?

all: good summer! well talk later!

Makeup Voiceover;Ten

Request: OML I LOVED YOUR BOYFRIEND DOES MY VOICEOVER CHALLENGE WITH JAEHYUN 😍😍😍😍 if you do one for ten I will love you forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • okay first of all
  • 📣📣 I MISS TEN 📣📣
  • and im sure we all do
  • so i’ll try my best to feed you all with this post
  • and i hope it’s good enough
  • let’s go

  • so you and him have a youtube channel together

  • you all take turns to upload videos every week
  • most of the time you film makeup tutorials, hauls & anything related to fashion/beauty
  • while for ten he films dance covers/tutorials, vlogs & reaction videos
  • on weekends the both of you try to film videos of just the both of you, be it vlogs, q&a’s or challenges
  • your subscribers love the both of you very much!!!
  • and they always mention how cute the both of you are because the way the both of you stare at each other lovingly in videos make their hearts melt
  • which is why they asked & suggested ten to do this challenge
  • because always in vlogs ten would always film his reaction of staring at you preparing your makeup before yall head out
  • and his eyes are all 😍
  • with a small sweet smile on his face
  • and after days of contemplating he finally agreed
  • and both of you were excited because yall had never done a challenge like that before
  • throughout the whole process while you were filming the makeup video,
  • ten had purposely entered the room to interrupt
  • be it making weird noises, singing songs or just randomly waving at the camera
  • which caused you to lock him out eventually
  • after what seemed like hours to ten you were finally done
  • and you were met with an excited small little boy entering the room to record the voiceover as soon as you were done
  • setting up everything he clicks play
  • “today’s video is very different!!!”
  • “we’re-or i, will be doing the makeup voiceover challenge”
  • “i swear so many people suggested this our whole comment section was filled with this”
  • “okay enough of talking, let’s start”
  • “so here we have a bare and natural faced Y/N, such a beauty wOW”
  • “she’s clipping up her hair first oh”
  • “first step!!”
  • “foundation”
  • “she’s taking out this silicon transparent thingy- IT’S REALLY FUN TO SQUISH GUYS”
  • “she told me the name of it once but i forgot”
  • “-she’s using the foundation from Clinique”
  • “oh it says on the bottle that it’s a concealer too, how cool!!”
  • “oh she’s squeezing it on the silicon thingy”
  • “dab dab dab haha”
  • “and blend it out evenly”
  • “oh babe’s skin looks lighter now”
  • “-just saying i love your natural skin more but oh well, still beautiful”
  • “oh i think that was my voice”
  • “i thought she’d cut it out but i guess she didn’t, rate my singing guys!! Y/N’s says it’s annoying”
  • imitates you “go away babe you’re so annoying”
  • “it was a joke”
  • “i know, i love you”
  • “okay sorry for that, but moving on!”
  • “she taking out a pencil?”
  • “what is it for..”
  • “ahhh eyebrows!”
  • “it’s from nyx cosmetics”
  • “she’s starting to draw it”
  • “look how concentrated she is, how cute”
  • “anyways while we wait for her to finish drawing her brows-”
  • “look at the mirror she’s holding!!”
  • “it was the first gift i ever got for her, isn’t it cute how she still keeps it oh my”
  • “and… she’s done!!”
  • “wow on fleek babe”
  • “i think she’s doing her eyes next!”
  • “just look at those eyes wow”
  • “she taking out a palette”
  • “the uh… maybelline’s uh.. ‘24karat nudes’? one”
  • “wow such a long name but-”
  • “she’s using the light brown shade”
  • “applying gently on her eyelids”
  • “what was that-”
  • “oh sorry it was me again, just me saying hi”
  • “i couldn’t help myself i’m sorry hehe”
  • “look at her giggling at me omg”
  • “i love this angel-”
  • “but,, she’s done with her eyeshadow!”
  • “she taking out another stick like thing”
  • “it’s a mascara!”
  • “it’s from l'oreal- the name’s too long again but-”
  • “oh this is cool, it makes your lashes longer??”
  • “woah look her eyes now, extremely gorgeous!!!”
  • “okay i think she’s done with her eyes”
  • “cheeks now”
  • “-the place where i love giving kisses the most”
  • “why’d you say that out omg”
  • “i mean… it’s not like they haven’t seen us kiss on camera before..”
  • suddenly attacks you with a kiss
  • “hehe nothing happened guys”
  • “but i think she’s doing her highlight?”
  • “making her look more stunning like always but”
  • “she’s using the one frok stila!”
  • “it’s so shiny wow”
  • “using a brush she’s just applying it on her cheekbones, forehead and bridge of the nose”
  • “blend blend blend”
  • “and viola,, babe’s shining under the light!!”
  • “we’re not done with blush yet why is she blushing-”
  • “- and laughing”
  • “okay, must be me again- i was dancing and making funny faces to distract her so”
  • “her laughing’s so adorable though”
  • “okay she’s cooled down”
  • “she chased me out of the room after that-”
  • “oh she’s really not applying blush??”
  • “thank me”
  • “last but not least, her lips!!”
  • “she’s holding up the one from too faced, in a matte pink colour”
  • “it’s so watery woah”
  • “apply it really carefully”
  • “HAHA look she drew it out of her lips but it’s okay, still cute”
  • “oops she realised it and cleaned it up aw”
  • “and…. she’s done!!”
  • “she looks like a model now wow”
  • “why aren’t you on a magazine babe”
  • “so gorgeous”
  • “guys my girlfriend never fails to impress, right?”
  • “maybe she should take over the whole channel-”
  • “i’m talking so much today!!”
  • “but this was really fun to do and extremely amazing too”
  • “don’t forget to show Y/N love by commenting and viewing her videos!”
  • “but of course, not forgetting mine too-”
  • “a new video will be up soon so do subscribe, like and comment, we love you all!!”
  • once he’s done recording he has this proud look on his face
  • with the sweetest smile
  • “i did it babe hehe”
  • then he suddenly jumps up and laughs to himself
  • and when you ask him why
  • “omg babe maybe you should do a voiceover for my dance tutorial next time too”
Sweet Dreams (Jesse McCree)

Originally posted by purpledrxgon

Pairing: Jesse McCree/Reader
Words: 1360
Warning(s): None except the overuse of darlin (im sorry)
A/N: Shiiit sorry this took a bit, I’ve been swamped with school stuff these past few weeks + I addictivly play overwatch rip my soul.
AU: Meeting your soulmate in dreams.
Request:  If you’re a slut for AUs, how about the one where you dream about meeting your soulmate for McCree? Please and thank you!!!

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havenothingtodowithme  asked:

Hey! First of all, I love your blog 💖 and are you still doing blitzstone hc? Could I ask for some wedding cerimony headcanons? Or just cute hc in general! Thanks so much 💖

Sorry this took so long, I had a lot to say! I loved writing these!! To anyone else who may have sent me requests, they’re coming

- it’s a few years after preventing Ragnarok for the last time
-hearth & blitz are around 24 maybe?
-they’ve been dating ever since a little before the last possible-Ragnarok when they ended up having a pre-battle, heat-of-the-moment, I-don’t-want-to-lose-you-without-telling-you-how-I-feel Kiss
-but anyway, Blitzen’s best is thriving & Hearth’s magic is way better than it used to be & everything is good and pure
- Blitz proposes like this: on the anniversary of the day Blitz found Hearth in Nidavellir, they go out for dinner in a fancy restaurant, and then (after sundown) take a walk in a park they used to stay in while they were homeless.
-They end up at a quiet fountain w/ no one else around. The street lamps shine off the water & in Hearth’s eyes. It’s dark enough to be romantic & secluded but bright enough to sign easily.
-Taking a deep breath, Blitz gives a little speech (signing & speaking) about how much Hearth means to him & how he’s his everything. This information is nothing new, but Hearth is still completely in awe.
- By now he has the suspicion Blitz is planning something big, but he’s still completely overwhelmed when the tiny dwarf actually gets down on one knee. He doesn’t pull the ring out right away, bc he has to ask Hearth, will you marry me?
- And of course the answer is obvious, they’ve been living together for years now, they’re absolutely a package deal & there’s no way Hearth’s gonna say no. So he just nods and signs Yes really excitedly & pulls Blitzen up to kiss him & then Blitz pulls the ring box out of his jacket pocket and opens it.
- It’s silver & simple & elegant & it has perthro engraved on the band. Both their hands are shaking when Blitz slides it onto Hearth’s ring finger. They kiss again, laughing bc everything is falling perfectly into place. This is their dream come true.
- they get Blitz a ring too. It’s gold & has a wider band than Hearth’s with the same engraving of their family’s symbol
- they invite Magnus, Samirah, & Alex (who has become a part of their family too) over to tell them & the kids are beyond excited for their dads
- so for the actual ceremony, it’s pretty small- just the family, the Floor 19 Crew, Inge, and Freya (Blitz didn’t want to invite her, but Hearth convinced him. She’s your mother, Blitz. And she’s the goddess of love- it’s not like she doesn’t know we’re getting married! If we don’t invite her, we’ll never hear the end of it.)
- Halfborn performs the ceremony, bc he has definitely been ordained at some point in his 1200 year stay at Valhalla
- Magnus is their best man, Samirah is the maid of honor
-Alex is the ring bearer
- Blitz designed everyone’s outfits, obviously. He’s still salty about not designing the outfits for the fake wedding with Thrym tbh. He can’t say it, but he def wants to show up Sif
- and he does! Hearth wears a white suit + his scarf bc it’s 100% necessary. Blitz insisted he not wear black for once. Blitz’ pants & suit jacket are black but his vest is red to match the scarf. He’s wearing a bow tie too
- Magnus’ tux is gray w/ a white vest. His hair is grown back by now so it’s braided on one side to keep it out of his face during the ceremony
- Samirah’s dress is green again with silver lace & her hijab has silver threads in it for accent
- Amir’s tux is deep purple & he’s perfect and beautiful
- Alex is female & her dress is a very pale pink & her makeup is green. The dress stops around knee-length & is very twirlable. Magnus is dying
- jack is here & he insisted upon having a bow tie tied around his hilt
- Blitzen threatened to throw a fit if Halfborn showed up half-dressed like always, so the beserker relented. His suit is dark brown & his beard is braided neatly
- Mallory’s dress is a lighter green than Sam’s and is sleeveless. Her crazy hair is tamed a bit & falls around her shoulders. Halfborn has to concentrate very hard on the task at hand
- TJ refused to wear anything besides his union jacket but he let Blitz fix it up a bit.
- Freya is literally gorgeous, as always. She’s wearing about forty pounds of jewelry & Blitz wonders which piece was responsible for his life until Hearth takes his hand and smiles at him
- Inge is a free hulder now & is pretty close w/ hearth & blitz. Her dress is light blue & her hair is in very elaborate braids. Blitz asked whether she wanted a hole for her tail in the dress & she decided yes. She wears her tail proudly nowadays & is very active among the movement to free the huldrefolk
- also I don’t think anyone invited him but oh look, there’s Odin! The weirdo shows up about two minutes before the ceremony starts and is like “how could I miss the wedding day of my greatest pupil??” And hearth is so green
- tbh I bet Thor & Sif show up too & by this point it’s like…. Any other gods planning on showing up last minute or can we get married already? This is the exact moment when their former boss the severed head appears right in the middle of the aisle & Amir nearly faints
- when Thor shows up Hearth is definitely like who the fuck invited him, that giant dumbass is going to ruin our wedding!! Thor’s just kind of like “Wow my good friend the elf is so happy to see me!!”
- there’s also a suspicious bird at the window… Utgard-Loki…. Is that you, you sneaky fuck
- Marvin & Otis are sitting in the very back of the room with the very strict instructions not to eat any furniture. Otis starts crying in the middle of the vows & chews off an armrest anyway
- after all mystery guests arrive, they can finally start.
- Blitz’ vows start out with him talking about finding hearth in Nidavellir & how important and life-changing their friendship was immediately. He tells hearth who absolutely incredible he is & how honored blitz is to be marrying him.
- hearth’s vows describe how he’d always thought he’d be an empty cup for his whole life, but he never knew that from the moment blitz found him he was being filled more & more everyday bc of their friendship, and how blitz was the first person hearth ever trusted and he can’t believe he’s lucky enough to have him for their whole lives
- they exchange rings & they’re both near tears
- Halfborn says “by the power vested in me by the world of Valhalla, I now pronounce you dwarf & elf. You may kiss the groom” and blitz grabs hearth’s scarf and yanks him down for the kiss & everything’s beautiful
- Magnus definitely cries. The kid’s dads are getting married, give him some slack
- Alex teases him, but her eyes were a little misty for a while there too
- they don’t really have a reception, but the very extended family (so basically the empty cups + floor 19, Amir, & Inge) go back to blitz & hearth’s apartment to celebrate
- blitz bridal-carries hearth over the threshold & it is the cutest thing ever
- one of the boys probably had a bouquet to throw. Sam catches it & she and Amir don’t stop blushing all night
- big tearful family hugs. Blitz, hearth, Sam, Magnus, & Alex having a giant family group hug while the kids are so happy for their parents
- Alex teases Samir & Gunderkeen about when they’re gonna tie the knot. Mallory & Samirah retaliate by bringing up Magnus & making Alex blush a lot
- Inge dancing with hearth & telling him how happy she is for him. She just loves him so much wow. I like to think by this point although she obviously still loves him, she’s gotten over him mostly & maybe has a cute elf gf that’s also active in the free-the-huldre scene.
- Inge dancing w/ blitz afterwards & giving him a stern “don’t you dare hurt that boy” speech but obviously he’s not gonna & they’ve all been friends now for years so by the end they’re just laughing
- blitz & hearth having the first dance as a married couple & just swaying and holding onto each other and at the end they kiss & it’s really slow and sweet and beautiful and I’m dead

This was. Really freaking long, hope you enjoy, xoxo your Local Blitzstone Dealer™

2. “You’re too good for this world.”

A/N: Wassup weirdos. As promised, here’s day 2. Happy finals week to some of you, I’m supposed to be studying right now but LOL but when am I ever obedient?? that’s right, never.  Again, I’m going off the Fic Meme list here! You can also read #1 “Oh My God. You’re in love with her.” here. Lets have some fun with drunk Beca, shall we?

“She’s so pretttyyyy though, Stace.”

“I know babe. I know.”

Beca wasn’t usually a lightweight. Beca didn’t usually get trashed off her ass just for the hell of it. And Beca wasn’t supposed to have told any of the girls that she’s been with Chloe now for months. Oops?

Chloe was gone for the weekend with Aubrey for some conference thing. She had mentioned to Beca what it was for and where it was but she obviously wasn’t paying attention to that particular conversation. I mean, if Chloe Beale was laying across your bed flipping through a magazine wearing nothing but a towel, would you be paying attention?

No. And neither was Beca.

Moral of the story, Chloe was gone for the weekend and left Stacie in charge of the girls when they went to the Trebles party that Saturday night. Leaving Beca in charge of eight intoxicated girls was “obviously out of the question” per Aubrey’s request.

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luke as a single dad
  • “daddy can i paint your nails pink!?”
  • “uhhh can they be blue?”
  • “no they have to be pink because I painted uncle michael’s blue.”
  • “okay okay”
  • dropping her off at school and earning little ‘awes’ and 'she’s so cute’ and 'wow hes young’ from other parents and teachers.
  • buying her dresses and tiaras because she’s his princess.
  • him playing with her curls and telling her that shes a mini version of him and hes glad because of it.
  • during interviews he’d be like 'my beauitful daughter is the biggest blessing in my life, i love her with all my heart.’
  • everyone fangirling over little girl hemmings.
  • infront of luke shes a princess but with uncle micheal, shes punk rock.
  • luke being a cool dad but still playing princesses.
  • him teaching her how to tie her shoes and then she teachs her friends at school.
  • luke bringing her up stage and letting her sing a song but since she doesn’t know all the lyrics she goes 'i like the summer rain i like….la la la la.“
  • making flower crowns with her.
  • every weeknd he’d spend hours with her coloring, playing princess, doing nails and makeup just to see her smile.
  • his heart breaking when he stops by her room and sees her talking to picture of her mom because she’s in heaven.
  • luke letting her sleep with him and telling her that her mom was an angel and telling her mini stories of her.
  • wakes up and smiles because its a beauitful day with his daughter and hes thankful for it.
The Bet

The Bet

It was a couple of hours before the Super Bowl and Billie felt like she was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. She and Chris had arrived in Houston a few days ago and it was hard for her to keep up with his manic energy. Chris was on cloud nine because his precious Patriots were on the verge of winning their fifth championship ring. 

And since they didn’t bring the baby that weekend, he wanted to party his ass off. But Billie felt like a third wheel because he was spending most of his time with his brother Scott and last night he went out with Jeremy Renner to the Super Bowl pre-show concert. But as luck would have it, he had also sprung for her parents to join them for the big game. Yet when she picked them up from the airport, she hated that her mom was bombarding her with questions about the baby. And she explained that Leila was better off with Chris’s family so they wouldn’t screw up her sleep schedule.  

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All My Idols Ch 10: More Knights

“Where are we going?” I ask as B.I and Bobby put me in the back seat of the car before climbing into the front. My morning with the boys had been amazingly filled with laughs, dancing, and random sexual tension. After the other boys excused themselves to do personal things these two boys thought it would be fun to get some lunch, but we need to pick someone up first. I agree, with nothing better to do today and not wanting to lay around the hotel room all day. We pull into a tall gated area, that I’m guessing is for idols or other rich people. I can’t tell where we are from the outside of the tall building. B.I bravely grabs my hand and leads me inside, following closely behind Bobby.

As we walk through the building I begin to realize that we must be in the middle of a reality show recording or something. But the farther we walk in and the more people I see it clicks in my head.

“Show me the money?” I say out loud, B.I looks back at me and smiles.

They brought me to the set of SMTM. I’m suddenly much more appreciative of Jinhwan’s baggy clothing and GD’s hoodie, blending me in with all of the rappers and crew. We weave through halls until Bobby seems to find who he has been looking for.

“Hyung!” Bobby says excitedly. I look past him to see another idol. Block B’s Zico is at the end of the hall with a smile that makes his eyes disappear. I find myself blushing at the cute sight, and soon struggle to hide my face as we get to him.

“Took you long enough!” The older scolds.

“Sorry, we had practice this morning.” Bobby bows a little.

“Aish, I’m just kidding.” Zico looks past Bobby to wave to B.I before looking down at me. He just stares at me for a moment, “Come in here for a minute, I need to talk to someone then we can go.” He waves us into a small room with a small couch and a chair. B.I pulls me to the couch with him while Bobby pouts in the chair. “Here he comes.”

“Zico,” Another familiar voice calls and I feel like I’m going to cry from anxiety and joy. Jay Park wanders into the room giving each of his dongseangs a nod in acknowledgement before, just like Zico, his eyes stop on me. He cocks his head as a sexy smirk crosses his face. “Who’s the little cutie in the corner?” Jay asks as he comes over and pulls my hood and hat off. I stare at him with big eyes as I try not to blush at his closeness.

“So it is a girl!” Zico comes over and smiles down at me as well.

“Don’t crowd her Hyungs!” B.I says as he tries to get them away from me with no luck.

“What’s your name precious?” Jay asks with that sweet voice of his.


I’m taken by surprise when he speaks to me in English, “Are you from America?”

“Yea, I came here a few months ago.”

“How did a pretty girl like you end up with these idiots? How old are you?” He questions continue.

“We met threw a common friend and I was born in 1994.”

“1994?” He repeats. I nod, “I guess I’m your oppa, Charlie-ah.”

“So cute!” Zico says next to Jay, both are leaning too close for comfort for a first meeting. “I’m your oppa too Charlie-ah.”

“It’s princess actually,” Bobby corrects with a smirk in my direction. I roll my eyes at the boy.

“Princess? I think it fits a girl as cute as you,” Zico coos.

“I’m not really the type for nicknames like that but for you,” Jay winks at me, “I think I can make an exception. As long as I can be your prince.” His teasing is driving me crazy as blush crosses my face.

B.I thankfully responds for me, “She already has prince!”

Zico scoffs, “Is it one of you fools?”

“No,” Bobby says with his head high, “We are her knights.”

“Than who is her prince?”

“Big bang,” I answer shyly.

“Really?” Zico seems impressed but I can tell Jay is questioning it.

“Yea we picked her up from their hotel room this morning.” Bobby nods his head.

“That’s impressive,” Jay looks at me with wide eyes, “I can see why they would want a princess like you.”

“Hyung, you’re being creepy,” B.I says trying to sound tough but it doesn’t really work, only earning a glare from Jay.

“Well fine, since I can not be her prince, I guess I can settle as a knight.”

Zico smiles big at me, “I want to be one too!”

“If you guys back up we will accept you into our knighthood!” Bobby says, obviously not enjoying their closeness to me. When they both lean away I feel as if I’m having a heart attack.

“Aigoo, that was way too close for a first meeting, you got her all flustered.” B.I says with a glare at his hyungs.

“I tend to have that affect on people,” Jay laughs.

“Zico Hyung, are you coming to lunch with us or not?” Bobby asks as he stands up, B.I and I following suit.

“So impatient, I’m waiting for Loco Hyung too.”

“Loco?” I accidently say out loud. All of the guys look at me surprised.

“He’s a rapper with my company,” Jay explains.

I nod, “I know who he is but he’s coming here, to this room?” I say as I slowly inch behind B.I. The two boys I came with give each other a confused look, but only for a moment as my actions become familiar.

Jay is completely confused by my reaction to this news, “Yea, is that a problem?” I hesitantly shake my head before fully hiding myself behind B.I.

“Is she okay?” Zico asks as he comes closer to me again.

“If what I’m thinking is right, she may have a little crush on Loco,” Bobby teases, looking past B.I to see my latched on to the back of his shirt.

“Ya!” I swat at him from my hiding place, pulling B.I a little closer to him for me to reach.

“Aigoo, why him? I’m much better looking!” Jay fakes pain.

“Then who?” Loco’s distinctive voice asks as he comes into the room.

“Then you!”

“What the hell are you guys talking about?”

I roll my eyes at Zico’s playful answer, “Our princess has a little crush on you.”

“Aish, since when is she your princess?” Bobby almost snaps.

“Since we joined the knighthood, remember?” I can hear the smile in Zico’s teasing voice.

“Where is this princess?” Loco laughs.

I tighten my grip on Hanbin’s shirt, pressing myself closer to him, making him stiffen awkwardly.

“She’s hiding from your ugly face,” Jay teases the younger.

“Don’t mind him Hyung,” Bobby chimes in, “He’s just jealous she didn’t act like this with him.”

“Is she usually this bashful?” Loco chuckles once again.

“No, she yelled us the first time we met.”

“That little angel yelled at you?” Zico sounds honestly surprised.

“I did not yell!” I snap from my hiding place.

“She did that, she was really cranky.” B.I adds in.

“Because I had been up for almost 24 hours and you woke me up!” I slap both boys on the back, earning a yelp and a laugh from them.

Jay laughs and says, “Wow that little kitty has some claws.”

“She still cute,” Zico pipes in.

“I want to see!” Loco comes toward where I’m hiding. He looks around B.I to see my burying my face in his back. He laughs, “So cute, she looks like a little thug.” I look up at him with big eyes and a blush across my face. “I hear you have a crush on me,” He teases with a cute grin. I tuck my face back into B.I’s shirt.

“I thought we were going to lunch,” I mumble quietly.

“Yea, hyung are you coming along or not?” Bobby asks bring Zico’s attention back to him.

“Hell yes, I’m dying to get to know our little princess.”

“Can we come?” Jay and Loco say together.

“Only if it’s okay with Charlie,” Bobby places a hand on my back to sooth my racing heart. “Would that be okay?”

“Yea, that’s fine,” I sort of lie. I have no problem with them, it’s just that they have no issue getting close to me and flirting with. Something I haven’t considered an issue until now. They are people I consider myself a fan of and can’t deny their attractiveness. But pushing my girly anxiety away I let go of B.I’s shirt but latch on to his hand.

“Let’s do this than,” Zico says gleefully as he wraps his arm around my shoulders and leads me out of the room, B.I trailing close behind still holding my hand. The rest follow along as well, talking amongst themselves.

Oh god, what did I get myself into?

We go to a nice restaurant, another one with tight security for idols and other rich people. I feel embarrassed in my attire, even all of the boys are wearing about the same, sweatpants and a jacket or sweatshirt. In a private dining room the boys order massive about of food, some I have never even heard of but choose not to ask. I was sat in between Bobby and Hanbin who declared it as a rule that they have to be the ones closest to me.

They talk mostly to each other, asking me random questions, and offering me more food than I could ever eat. I still feel a bite on edge with them with the way their eyes try and figure out what I look like beneath my baggy clothes but their friendly words and silly flirting puts me a little at rest. When we are all done and the bill is split, the three of us head out first, but not without the other three demanding a hug. Bobby promises to bring me around again when things actually get going on the show, an idea that the boys just seem to love.

They usher me into the car again to head back to the company to surprise GD, who is stuck there working. We arrive back at YG with no problem but one step out of the elevator I bump into the one and only Mino. I almost fall but he catches me by wrapping his arms around me.

“Aigoo, I’m so sorry,” We both say together, locking eyes.

“Ah Hyung, let go of her!” Bobby whines as he tires to pry a confused Mino’s arms off me with no luck. In fact the older seems to tighten his grip on me.

“Why?” Mino asks a little mad for some reason.

“Princess, you gotta stop wearing that idol attracting perfume.” B.I scolds as he also tries to get me. “We already added three hyungs to your fan club, we do not need more.”

“Ya! Get off me,” Mino kicks his youngers away, still holding me tightly to him. I’m surprised when he actually turns around so he is in between me and the other two. He looks down at my curiously making me blush like crazy. Out of habit I burry my face in his chest to hide, earning a deep chuckle.

“Hyung, we’re going to get in trouble,” Bobby whines.

“By who?” Mino snaps back.

“What did I say about letting people touch her?” A voice roars from down the hall. We all look to see GD standing their with CL, who just looks confused by the scene in front of her. Bobby and Hanbin look absolutely horrified and drop to their knees with their heads down, already waiting for their punishment.

“Oppa!” I say gleefully, both happy to see him and wanting to divert his attention from the three boys. I squirm out of Mino’s grip and run up to GD who is already storming down the hall. He wraps his arms around me tight and kisses the top of my head repeatedly.

“Did they hurt you Charlie-ah?” He steps back to give me a once over.

I stare up at him trying to seem innocent, “Mino oppa caught me when I tripped.”

His eyes narrow on me, debating on whether or not I’m lying. The sound of heels clicking down the hall brings my attention to CL who is walking toward us. I can’t contain my excitement as I rush to her, taking her by surprise.

I bow respectfully, “CL-ssi I am such a huge fan!”

“Hello, no need to be so formal,” She says with a beautiful smile as she stands me back up. “You look like you’re close to GD oppa, feel free to call me unni.”

I want to scream out in joy but just nod shyly.

“Oppa,” She says waving GD over, “Where have you been keeping such a cute girl?”

“Chaerin, we can talk about that later, I need to have a talk with these little fools,” GD glares down at his youngers.

“Oppa,” I snap this time, “Leave those boys alone, they were nothing but polite to me. I swear to god if you touch a single hair on those boys head I will never speak to you again.”

CL and Mino stare at me with wide eyes, filled with confusion and surprise by my words. Bobby and B.I, though still a bite scared, know well enough that they are safe from their hyungs wrath for now.

A CONCEPT: when Kara and Sara meet and start working together, Sara starts flirting with Kara profusely; there is no shortage of winks and sly remarks and finger guns here friends, and instead of telling Sara flat out that she’s not gay or even interested, she blushes and becomes flustered and giggles because wow Sara Lance is flirting with her and calling her cute and it is really hard to form words around someone that pretty. And eventually it comes time for them to part and Sara finally and very clearly asks Kara out and Kara, still flustered, cannot come up with a response to save her life but Sara takes a hint with her silence and says, “I get it, you’re not gay,” and Kara still cannot come up with words to even respond and so she kind of gives this nervous smile that makes Sara tilt her head and ask, “…or is there someone else?” And then Kara gets EVEN MORE FLUSTERED if that was even possible and she stutters a million excuses and Sara’s confused smile grows into a wide, knowing smirk and just nods along to all of Kara’s excuses before they temporarily part ways.

But when Kara gets back to her apartment after saving the world once more, with the help of her amazing new friends and allies, she thinks about Sara Lance and her unabashed flirting and her all too pretty smile and giggles to herself because it feels really good to get hit on, especially by someone as pretty as Sara. But then her friends’ words come back to her, swirling in her mind, a question she can’t help but ponder herself. “Or is there someone else?” The words echo over and over as she’s laying in her bed, listening to the ever bustling city outside her window and before she can stop herself, she can see the vibrant green eyes behind her eye lids and the ever-flowing, always perfect, always beautiful raven hair and a perfect row of teeth trapping ruby red lips and a smile that lights her whole world like the Sun does for Earth and…

Damn. Maybe there is someone else.

[A Continuation]