she still does the same heart

I have watched this scene a thousand times and I remember the very first time I watched it and my heart still does the same funny thing.

I remember absolutely losing my shit at the shot of the flowers in the air and I was like “OMG BRENNAN’S GONNA CATCH THE BOUQUET. ARE THEY ACTUALLY GOING THERE. ARE THEY GOING TO DO IT???????? OMGGGG.” And they teased us with the slow mo shot, heh. (When I rewatch this scene, I STILL get that anticipation of excitement.)


I adore that she looks back at Booth,who just does an adorable smile/half shrug, trying to seem nonchalant when you know he’s screaming on the inside, like all of us. HAHAHA.

No, but seriously, the marriage arc on Bones was just perfect, there was NEVER a single instance when Booth pestered Brennan about marriage. The ball was in her court all the way through, and Booth absolutely would have been fine if they had never married in the end (”I LOVE EVERYDAY.”) A testament to how much Booth loves her but also a point of great character development for Booth, who was once fixated on the idea that he HAD to get married. (Arguably, you could say that his change of heart was because Brennan was the only one who really mattered, which is equally valid, but I like to think that Booth learnt something from his previous mistakes).

And here, Brennan was not horrified at the thought of catching the flowers; marriage no longer seems like such an awful concept when it’s in relation to Booth ;)

also, just so I can get some of this salt out of my system…

they literally showed that Regina still has people’s hearts in her vault and Robin even called her out on it, and she felt a little embarrassed sure

but then in the same episode we have Hook doing something bad in the past and he’s guilt-stricken about it and that’s gonna carry over for multiple episodes like it always does and just… I’m so tired of this double standard when it comes to him just leave him be

cassiebones  asked:

Time for headcanons: 1. Maggie calls her parents on every holiday and leaves a long message to tell them how her life has been going; all the good and bad things. They still haven't changed their number so she figures they might actually be listening. 2. Alex does that cute fiddle thing where she writes hers and Maggie's name in a heart on her notes. 3. When Kara is agitated, she just flies. She doesn't have a destination in mind. She jus flies straight in any direction until she gets back home.

1. I’m so mad at you (not really but like. Why would you do this to me.)

2. Ofc she does, like… canon af.

3. Same, Kara. Same.

Does her name
…. taste the same
as mine, mumbled in the dark?

And do you fear
 ….. she will hear
it’s echo in your empty heart?

—  Ranata Suzuki - Silent Whispers
Dating a Trans Girl

The thing you have to remember is that trans women are still women. Categorizing us as “trans women” is instantly telling us we’re not real women. If you say “I like trans women,” you’re basically saying you have a fetish for us. That would be where a lot of trans people (myself included) will walk away or start ignoring your messages.

I can’t speak for everyone, but generally when you date a trans girl, you treat her EXACTLY the same way as you would treat any other girl. Anything you would do to win another girl’s heart is how you would win a trans girl’s heart (well I mean, every girl is different with what she likes or dislikes, but you know what I mean). Cuz we’re just normal girls, regardless of biology.

Right now, trans people are getting a lot of attention. Verdict’s still out if it’s good or bad. But what it does mean is that a lot of trans people feel, if anything, MORE segregated than before. Now that the media has jumped on board the “yay trans” bandwagon (which is great, don’t get me wrong), it’s kinda reinforcing the idea that trans girls are not real girls and trans men aren’t real men. Like we’re some sort of different breed. Tacking on that “trans” adjective separates us from other people in the same way saying “black” or “hispanic” drives home racial differences. Gender, colour, sexuality—we’re all just people and it really shouldn’t matter.

Make a trans girl feel like any other girl, woo her like any other girl, and you’ll probably find her more receptive. Don’t open with something like “Wow, you’re so pretty! You look JUST like a real girl,” or “I’d never have known you were trans,” or “I love trans women.” Don’t even mention the fact she’s trans, just treat her like any other girl.

It’s literally that simple. :)

cheating plots i want:

  • i’m in love with you i swear but she’s really hot and i’m weak and this has been going on for two months and i still have no feelings for her, and i love you with all my heart but i can’t help myself and you should hate me. pls don’t ever find out??? ((she does find out)).
  • i’ve been with my partner for almost two years but my feelings for them haven’t been the same for a while and then i met you and suddenly i’m doing stupid shit to be with you and you make me feel like a damn teenager again but i don’t want to break my s.o’s heart???

so a big part of gilmore girls is obviously the battling of social classes. lorelai in working class and her parents in the upper class— which leaves rory somewhere in between. there has always been an issue between lorelai and her parents about where rory really belongs. in season 5/6, this comes to a climax that, according to the fans, is pretty much the worst thing to happen in this show. rory steals a boats and then quits school and lives with her grandparents.

but here’s the thing: it’s not out of character.

even though everyone likes to paint rory as being level headed and frequently use the pro/cons list as an example of this, that is not always the case. rory has a history of making impulse decisions based on her feelings. past examples of this are:

  • running away & shoplifting after dean kisses her
  • yelling at the class once she is late for her AP test
  • making a speech in the s1 finale based on her feelings for dean
  • goes to new york in 2.21 to see jess
  • kissing jess at sookie’s wedding bc she likes him even though she’s with dean
  • sleeping with dean

yes, she makes pro/con lists. but you know why she probably does that? because she recognizes that a lot of her past mistakes are done on impulse decisions. of course she’s afraid of making the wrong decision she does it all of the time. 

right before she steals the boat, she is told by one of her journalistic heroes that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist. her dream job. she is, understandably, upset. of course she doubts herself and her abilities. i am not surprised that she stole the boat and im not surprised that she quit school.

bad decision? yes. out of character? no.

can we appreciate how much love and protectiveness Ronan displays over Opal? like, it takes a hell of a lot to get Ronan worried enough to display his concern so openly, but he sees her scared and covered in blood and races to pick her up and comfort her and tell her she’s okay. this scene is so horrific but at the same time it does such a good job of emphasizing what a cohesive family Ronan and Opal and Adam already are and my heart hurts just to think about it.

You don’t miss him anymore
but only because you can’t afford to
it’s been 11 months and
2 and a half weeks since he lit your heart on fire and you’ve been searching the whole time but you can’t find the damn extinguisher
and 11 months and 2 and a half weeks is a long time when you’ve been burning up for every second of it

You don’t miss him anymore
but only because if you bring him up in conversation one more time your sister will disown you and your mother will send you to therapy
and even when you talk about him with your best friend all she does is tell you how he isn’t worth it, how he’s just a jerk
when two months ago she was stretched across his sofa
and breaking your heart at the same time

You don’t miss him anymore
but his name still feels like chewing glass
and trying to say it feels like speaking through a mouthful of vomit
both disgusting and tear-inducing and you aren’t sure if you ever want to speak again

You don’t miss him anymore
only because you want to survive
and you can’t do that if all you can think about is the way he holds her hand
and the way he never once held yours.

—  You’re finally free but at what cost– Lily Rain
Everything has changed

Request: I have a hotch imagine request where the reader is in the bau and is young (like 26) and is really close with Garcia and Hotch and Garcia helps her realize that she’s in love with Hotch and Rossi does the same thing with Hotch? I love your imagines!

Paring: Hotch/YN 

Warning: Cursing? If thats a warning.

Rating: PG-13

Enjoy my bae… but not too much ;)



In the elevator you kept inspecting Hotch’s coffee cup. No matter how many times you looked back at it, the little drawing you did was still on the side. You drew him as a little stick figure, eyebrows included, with hearts around it. In the short time you’d been working for the BAU, you and Aaron had gotten close. You spent time with him and Jack, went on outings together and even went to different restaurants. He was your best friend. Well besides Garcia.

You stepped off the lift, heading toward Hotch’s office. You wanted to put his coffee down before you headed to the lair.

“Y/N” Someone yelled from behind you.

You turned around, your face breaking into a huge smile, “Morning love.”

“You look nice today,” He tucked a stray hair behind your ear.

You flushed at the contact, per usual with him, “Thank you.”

Aaron smiled at you, staring. You met his eye for a while, then had to look away. The butterflies in your stomach threatened to make you say silly things if you kept looking at him.

“You brought me coffee…..” He noticed the cups in your hands.

“Oh!” You exclaimed, thrusting one into his hands, “Yeah. Here you go.”

He took it, brushing his fingers against yours. A shiver went down your spine as his calloused hands brushed yours. You hoped he didn’t notice.

“You’re so sweet,” He squeezed your free hand, “Thank you.”

You bit your lip, looking at the floor, "anytime.”

“I better go. I’ll see you later?”

“Sure,“ You smiled impishly at him, trying to relieve whatever tension had presented itself.

He leaned down, kissing your cheek softly before continuing on his way. You inhaled sharply, watching until he entered the double glass doors. Best friends could stare at each other’s butts right? That was totally normal.

You touched your cheek, smiling to yourself as you headed to the office you shared with your childhood buddy.

“Woah,” She said as you set your stuff down, “that’s a Hotch smile if I ever saw one.”

You raised an eyebrow at her, “Hotch smile?

“Yeah,“ She snorted, "Girl you have one smile for when you’re happy and one reserved just for Hotch.”

“What!” You exclaimed, “Garcia!”

She threw her hands up, “Its not my fault you’re the last to know you’re in love with him.”

“Okay,” You sat down, “Now you’re kidding.”

She pointed her fuzzy pen at me, “You need to open your eyes and see how perfect you two are for each other. You already spend most of your time together anyways.”

“Doesn’t mean anything except we’re friends,” You pointed out, sipping your drink, “Next.”

“You think he’s hot.”

You rolled your eyes, “who doesn’t?”

“THE REST OF THE BAU,” She exclaimed, gripping your wrist, “HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS?”


You couldn’t even remember why you were laughing. It was probably the wine you’d had with dinner. Before you knew it you were both rolling on the sofa, holding your stomachs. You finally stopped, laying back and whipping the moisture from your eyes. Aaron was already still, staring at you. You smiled at him. He reached his hand up slowly, brushing the hair away from your face. You felt the redness creep up your cheeks. You interlocked your fingers with his, bringing his hand up to your mouth. You kissed his knuckles lightly, eyes still on him. You felt him lean toward you. Finally, finally he was going to kiss you. 

Then your cell phones went off at the same time.

~flashback end~

“Oh damn….” You exhaled leaning back in your chair, “Oh shit OH FUCK. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?”

Garcia chuckled at my lost expression, “The moment you met him both of you were gone.”

“Both of us?” I frowned.

*******Meanwhile in Hotch’s Office******

Aaron walked briskly up to his office. He set his morning coffee down on the desk. He grabbed his briefcase and hung the latest picture you and Jack colored on his wall. He chuckled fondly at it, shaking his head. It was pretty terrible, but thats why he loved it.

“Morning,” Dave said from my door, his eyebrows raised.

“Hey Dave,” He greeted, sitting back in his chair.

He came, sitting down in the chair across from Hotch’s desk. He sighed loudly then noticed the Starbucks coffee.

“Nice cup.”

The younger agent picked it up, smiling at the drawing, “thanks.”

Dave opened his hands, “I’ll cut right to the chase shall I?”

Aaron tried to look neutral, “you always seem to.”

“When did it start?”

Aaron smirked, “I think starbucks has been around for a while Dave.”

“Not what I meant and you know it.”

“For the last time,” Aaron emphasized, setting his pen down, “I’m not sleeping with (Y/N). I never have been.”

Dave held up two fingers, “Ah but you want to.”

“We’re great friends,” Aaron argued and ran a hand over his face, “Jack adores her. We have a lot of fun together. I like having her around.”

“Hotch, please for everyone’s sakes pull your head out of your ass. Its obvious you two are in love. JJ, Prentiss, Reid, Morgan and I have a pool going to see how long before you two jump each other.”

“You what?” Aaron scowled, “Rossi!”

Rossi shrugged, unapologetically, “I’d be immensely grateful if you’d decide to screw your head on today or any day until the 15th.”

“Just because I love her doesn’t mean I have the right to jump her!” Hitch finally exploded, slamming his fists down on the desk, “She doesn’t feel that way about me. You guys are crazy.”

“Finally!” Dave slapped him on the shoulder, “Now we’re getting somewhere. Some honesty ladies and gentleman!”

“Drop it Dave.”

“No! We can’t drop it until you two talk this out.”

Hotch threw his hands up, frustrated, “What’s there to talk about? Dave she’s young. She’s gorgeous. She could have any guy she wants. Why in the world would she want me?”

“Because I’m in love with you.” A quiet voice said from the door.

fic: let our hearts collide (1/?).

“Does she still have feelings for you?” Costia asks point blank. Lexa bites her lip and not for the first time tonight, wishes she were anywhere but here.

“I don’t know,” Lexa says honestly because she doesn’t. For the past year and a half, Clarke has been a stranger. They haven’t spoken more than two words to each other that could be construed as friendly. Clarke’s antagonized her every time they’ve been in the same place and reminded her of all of the reasons that she broke up with her in the first place.

“Do you still have feelings for her?” Costia asks, shaking Lexa from her reverie. And Lexa has to pause

or the one where clarke and lexa are exes who can never get a handle on timing. or the one where octavia and raven are seeing each other in secret, despite octavia’s relationship with lincoln. or the one where none of them can ever get it quite right. or, the greek au.

rated e. ~12.3k. clarke/lexa. octavia/raven. read on ao3.

August 2016.

She’s hungover.

Her Mom is unloading boxes but Clarke’s eyes have unfocused, her energy having been expended by just getting out of bed that morning. Her elbow is resting on her thigh, her chin in her hand, and she sits atop one of her suitcases. The lawn of the Alpha Sigma Tau house is bustling with girls, some excitedly embracing friends they hadn’t seen since the end of last year, some spending a few last quality moments with their parents before the semester begins.

Most of greek row looks similar. It’s official move in day, though some people had been here longer than other, today is when many of the houses begin to fill and bustle the familiar energy. Clarke almost wishes she hadn’t stayed out last night playing pong with the boys next door. Almost.

Her eyes are shut underneath her sunglasses and she wonders if it’s too early in the semester to fall asleep on the front lawn of the house. It wouldn’t be the first time that she’s done it but it certainly would be the earliest. She’s contemplating the merits of just curling up and letting herself become one with the grass when a voice from in front of her shakes her from her haze. “Get off your ass and help your Mother,” and Clarke opens her eyes to see Raven Reyes, fellow AST and her childhood best friend of ten years and counting, standing in front of her, hands on her hips and a familiar smirk on her face. Clarke snorts.

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Why does it hurt so much?” she cries.

“Because you love him.” You rock her gently in your arms. “Because you love him, but he doesn’t love you back.”

“Will it ever get better?" 

You hesitate. "I don’t know. I haven’t gotten there yet.”

She gazes at you curiously. “Does that mean… you love someone, too?”

And when you look at her, she has the softest smile on her face, but her eyes are still teary for someone that’s not you. Your heart skips a beat and breaks at the same time.

“Yes,” you breathe out. “Yes, I do.
—  c.n. // confessions of a wannabe writer #11

I. You exist. Keep existing. Your lungs breathe, your heart beats. You are the same as the girl living seven miles away, the little boy across the street, the elder you saw walking down the street who knows how long ago. You’re all human. You are human. You are human.

II. Fires seem to burn in your soul.

III. Endure. Atlas did, still does. He carries heavens and land upon his shoulders. You carry skin and bones and blood upon your legs.

IV. Gods drink from the poisons of the bitterest souls.

V. Kings and queens may fall but you will never crumble.

—  i. Five things I wish you knew | a.l

This Ronnie/Lawrence storyline is SO, SO, SO good! I’m enjoying the Robron parallels but also the things that are different

  • It’s obvious how genuinely tortured Lawrence is–credit to John Bowe for that strangled face he gave when Bernice asked if he had ever been in love with Ronnie. You could see Lawrence’s struggle in every crease. And the fact that he held on to those cuff links… The heart wants what it wants, Lawrence. I hope you let yourself be happy.
  • Ronnie’s love is PURE and dare I say ETERNAL. That letter–”I think about you every day”–oh wow! I think he still does, honestly, even 30 years later. Asking about the cuff links, hanging around just to see Lawrence essentially… I love that he’s a romantic!
  • The way Bernice is dealing with everything is so mature. She’s compassionate with Lawrence, knowing that whatever he is is just what he is, bless. And at the same time, she’s prioritizing her own self-care, not allowing herself to believe Lawrence’s lies just for convenience–it’s just nice to see Bernice strong like that. She’s one of the best characters on Emmerdale, you know, she’s a genuinely pure little bean, and she deserves all the passion and love of a husband who genuinely loves her (@ Andy). 
  • Overall, I can’t wait to see the day Lawrence allows himself to explore love and life with Ronnie. Imagine their first onscreen kiss–I wonder if it would be their first real kiss at all? Maybe they expressed love for each other but Lawrence was too afraid to act upon it… So this is their first real go at being together! Kind of like Robron are at their current first real go of being together. BEAUT!
  • Chrissie giving her blessing would be a major way to help him, too. Imagine if she were to even comment on how Robert being honest with himself led to Robert and Aaron’s happiness & set Chrissie free to find her own honest happiness, too–wow, like could you imagine Lawrence looking up to Robert and trying to be like him? Someone actually emulating Robert so they could be happy? Just… what growth. And Lawrence and Ronnie deserve what Robron has. 

A+++ storyline.

whatever you do

  • do NOT think of davos seaworth whittling away at a chunk of wood at castle black, alone, huddled close to the fire with hands still numb from the cold
  • do NOT think of davos seaworth holding the little doe up to the candle light and thinking of shireen’s smile when she’ll see it
  • do NOT think of davos seaworth riding with haste to stannis’ camp with the thought of how lonely shireen must have been
  • do NOT think of davos seaworth finding the dance of dragons book open on the same page that shireen had been reading the day they said goodbye
  • do NOT think of davos seaworth, months later, reaching for the little doe tucked safe against his heart, his new luck

Okay, guys, so.  Mason Verger and Alana Bloom? Mason Verger and Alana Bloom.

I mean, I’ve talked about Hannibal as an infection, right?  And he really is.  He’s a contaminant.  It’s barely even a metaphor anymore.  Bedelia asks Hannibal if Pazzi knows what he is, not who he is.  Will is afraid that, having come under Hannibal’s spell once, he has to kill Hannibal in order to avoid a complete a transformation into him.  Alana essentially says that the attack has left her with polluted blood and a consequently compromised mind.  Hannibal as an agent of corruption isn’t really a metaphor anymore.

And we know that Alana hasn’t succumbed completely to it, because she does still have the heart to call Pazzi and try to save him, even after she’s taken pains to establish that he’s not as innocent as all that.


The fucking look on her face every time Mason is a dickhole about her previous relationship with Hannibal is pretty much the same look Hannibal had on his face every time Mason did something like stab holes in his tasteful decor.  It helps here to remember that, while Hannibal was a surgeon and so many of his victims were dispatched with that skill–a skill which Alana doesn’t share–Hannibal’s attack on Mason used the weapons of a psychiatrist first and foremost.

And of all the people Hannibal’s touched, it’s somehow Mason who came out of it relatively unchanged.  Margot’s lurking around, doing god knows what after her promise to take care of her brother just like he’s always taken care of her.  I mean, we don’t see her doing anything horrible, but she doesn’t seem to have backed off that promise in the slightest.  Pazzi’s been corrupted by professional disappointment and the promise of material gain.  Jack has his wife’s death on his conscience, as well as the question of whether he’d have picked up the needle if Hannibal hadn’t put it in Bella’s hand first.  Bedelia is having petty arguments over who’s really responsible for a dude’s death-by-icepick and quietly suggesting that Hannibal eliminate Pazzi as a threat.  Chilton’s somehow even more the moth to the flame than he was before, Will’s lost his goddamned mind, and Chiyoh’s throwing dudes off trains. 

Mason?  Mason’s still the same sadistic, vulgar asswipe he was to begin with, even if he’s lost his face and his physical independence.  Which essentially means that just like he couldn’t really appreciate what Hannibal was capable of until it was too late, he now can’t appreciate that he’s invited a predator he doesn’t understand and can’t control into his home and is deeply annoying her every other time he opens his mouth.  She’s not there for whatever the fuck is going on in his head; she’s there for Hannibal’s death.  When he looks at Alana, he sees Hannibal’s girlfriend, and he’s not shy about seeing some persistent connection to Hannibal there, like he can get to Hannibal by needling or threatening her. 

What he fails to see is that Hannibal was her mentor for a very long time before he was her lover.  She’s one of his victims, sure, but–just like Will, just like Bedelia–she’s so much more than that.  She’s sat at his table, year after year, eating strangers and targets and friends and colleagues.  When she began to suspect what was going on, when she thought she might be in danger, she armed herself and tried to kill the monster.  The attempt on her life has made her angry and opened her eyes to exactly what Hannibal is and given her a taste for blood, but it hasn’t made her any less perceptive or intelligent.  And now she’s risen from the dead and painting her lips red and patiently explaining to a vapid ingrate how he can find a monster.

And not only is he not listening, but he’s also being terribly, terribly boring.


she’s been thinking a lot about prom lately – who isn’t? it’s almost summer, it’s their senior year, and it’s a big deal. well, normally it is. but pepper’s been enjoying her quiet romance with tony for the last few months too much to care about all the over the top drama that is sure to accompany prom. so much so that she’s got an entirely different plan in mind when she brings up the subject one afternoon at lunch.

they’re sitting together in the quad, the takeout bag from al’s between them. pepper likes the way their hands touch when they both reach for fries at the same time, and her heart still does this little fluttery dance when it happens.

squinting in the bright sunlight, she finishes her fry and then turns to him.

“hey, so, i’ve been thinking. about prom. because, i mean, it’s a month away.”


I wanted to comment on this

Because, yes, it’s a meme. And maybe I’m a bitch of fangirl who can’t take a joke.

But the punchline of this meme is [person] is now focused on [insert something] over [something they’ve forgotten about and moved on from].


The entire fucking point a main aspect of HoF’s character development of Aelin, is that she learns NOT to hold her heart so closed inside her–she opens it. She stops burying her beloved friends in her heart and lets herself love them.

And there wasn’t a lot of Dorian+Aelin time (he was a little possessed) and Chaol  with Aelin  had hella issues. But the book is not about Rowan and Aedion with Aelin only.  Part of why I say this is it’s still a sort of backhanded commentary on how Rowaelin now appears to be endgame. But Aelin does not solely focus on these two; she also has Nesryn and Lysandra. Aelin has never actually HAD two female friends at the same time. And it’s unfair to pretend Aelin is purely focused on having male company and is just all out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new. Not to mention about the fact she still struggles to forgive Nehemia and misses Sam. 

I dunno, maybe this rant is pointless, and like I said, I missed the joke. But memes are funny when they make sense. And this makes none.