she still accepts she loves him

not too long after the holidays, isak goes home to spend the weekend with his mom. she’s been doing okay. they haven’t had long conversations. he hasn’t told her everything he wants to tell her. he’s not really sure he’s ready for that now, anyway. but it’s been good, they eat their meals together, they watched a movie last night. it still feels strange, in a way, realizing that she knows and yet she still loves him. it’s still something that he has to get used to. because he had conditioned himself to think that his relationship with her was over. he had taught himself to accept that fact. but she was still there and it was now a fact he had to unlearn, and it wasn’t something he could do overnight. but he was getting there. it was good. they were good 

the next morning, they’re making breakfast. isak isn’t a great cook, but he’s been trying. his mom is cracking some eggs and isak says “wait” and he quickly opens the fridge and looks for some sour cream, finds it and then he adds a tablespoon to the eggs before his mom starts whisking them. she asks “why did you do that?” and isak replies “it’s, hm, it’s a trick. it makes them creamier and better. you’ll like it” and his mom looks at him and she starts smiling, a smile he hasn’t seen on her face in so long. “when did my little one turn into a chef?” isak bites the inside of his cheek a little “it’s even. he told me about the trick.” he doesn’t know if she understands who even is. he’s never talked to his mom about him, except for when he texted her to say he started dating a guy

his mom stops whisking and there’s a moment of silence and she stares at the eggs before she turns her head to look at isak. her eyes are still the same. the love is still there. “that’s lovely. he should come the next time you come here, we should let him make the eggs”. she starts whisking the eggs again and isak smiles to himself before saying “yeah, we should” 

I underestimated Lola and I am so pleasantly surprised at how hard I’ve fallen in love with her this season. 

This girl. The so-called “dumb one”, which she is clearly not. *Exhales* Has more sense than most of her peers and damn near all of the Degrassi alumni when it comes to love.

Sure, the shit she pulled with Shiny in the first season was shady but once she got confirmation out of Tiny’s mouth that he was in love with Shay, she LEFT. She declined his offer to stay with her regardless. No, she said she wasn’t nobody’s second choice and there wasn’t shit else to talk about after that.

Sure, she mourned the break-up for months after but it came more from not having someone than not having Tiny himself. 

And then along came Miles. Sparks flew. A true bond was formed. She accepted his bisexuality AND she accepted that he was with someone else. But it still came from a place of dignity because she had no expectations of him becoming her man, officially. She just wanted to feel good and she made him feel just AS good, hell, probably even better. 

What probably impressed me most of all was the fact that she didn’t immediately see a shotgun wedding with Miles or the opportunity to get some five, six figure child support checks coming in the mail the minute she found out she was pregnant.

It was like “Nah, fam, fuck it, I’m good. Straight to the mawfuckin’ chop-chop”

The fact that she even went through with the abortion without getting a chance to even tell Miles shows that she kept it REAL and wasn’t looking for him to say something that might make her change her mind. Lola would NEVER feel secure if she had to use a baby(though it takes two to make one, I acknowledge that) to get a dude to wanna be with her when he told her from the jump that he’s not leaving his man. She would once again find herself feeling like second best; a pain she’s not trying to relive.

Though her Tiny/Shay situation was much different, the lesson was essentially the same(you can’t pressure/manipulate a nigga for his time and affections, it will ALWAYS backfire) and it only took her ONE time, just ONE TIME, to learn it. Which(spoken with love) was much a faster growth than her predecessors Alli Bhandari and Manny Santos had. That’s rare for a person her age(and even some grown ass men and women), both on Degrassi and the real world; that’s why I’m so proud of her.

Nonetheless, Miles confirmed(to his own boyfriend’s FACE at that) that he DOES love her and though she doesn’t consciously know that, I’m sure she can feel it/sense it. STILL, with the circumstances at hand, she did the right thing, the smart thing and the mature thing. So if they EVER have another chance, this is why she’d deserve it and why I’ve gained so much respect for her. That’s a real ass chick and Miles has ALWAYS been a MAN about his shit. 

The honesty is what captures my heart the most between the Mola pairing.


“And like a rook, I mate for life

Heart of Gold

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Request:  I have one request (sorry it’s a bit long) I really like of your writing, so here we go… Seb and the reader have a fight and both decide to take a break in the relationship cause Seb is going to film for six months his new movie and during that time they both miss each other very much. And when Seb returns alone to his apartment one night, he immediately misses the reader, and decides to send a message to her saying that he is sorry. And he makes a request to her, asking her if she still loves him she would have to draw a heart with his name and leave it in front of his apartment the next morning…If she drew it she would be saying that she still loves him and that she accepts to go back to him. He sees that the reader has viewed the message but has not answered anything back and this leaves him anxious…He barely sleeps that night thinking about the next morning. And when the morning finally arrives, Sebastian go to check the door and what he finds makes him cry immediately… He finds a thousand hearts, with his name written with lipstick…And then the reader appears in front of him with the eyes full of tears saying that she still loves him very much

I changed it into Bucky, hope you don’t mind.

‘’Bucky… You are going to be gone for literally months. And you just came back,’’ you exclaimed as your cold hands covered your face in frustration. Bucky released an audible sigh.

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But why do people have a problem with Leta being a big focus of Fantastic Beasts 2? I don’t understand you guys.

1- Are y'all not the least bit curious about this person who is clearly a very important part of Newt’s backstory? Cause I know I’m very curious about the Lestrange that stole Newt’s heart.

2- She’s in it for a very important plot reason, NOT just to distract from Newtina. Fantastic Beasts VERY CLEARLY established that Newt is still very much in love with her. When he’s that in love with someone else, there’s no way he can fully, truly give his heart to Tina. Newt HAS to meet her again, face his feelings, and accept that she is the wrong woman for him before we can get to the Newtina we know will happen.

3- We know for a FACT that Newt and Tina get married and have a family. There are three whole movies after FB 2 in which we can see that happen and watch the Newtina story unfold.

So just calm down people. Let the story run its course. We’re lucky enough as it is that we got one Newt movie, let alone five. Trust JK and Yates and everyone else whose names I don’t know who are involved in making this story happen. They know what they’re doing.

Unless they make Tina’s stance be “You can either ditch her or me. You can’t have both of us.” (This is my only concern about Leta’s presence in FB 2.) Cause Tina would never force that ultimatum on Newt. If it’s a good friendship for Newt, then she would support it. If the Newt and Leta relationship does indeed turn out to be bad for Newt’s health, then Tina would stick by his side and do everything possible to protect him and get him out of the relationship, not abandon him to his fate and wait for him to come crawling back to her. If this happens, THEN we riot. But right now, we know basically nothing, so just calm the heck down and trust that Yates and Queen JK know what they’re doing.


Sasuhina AU: Hinata tries to pass a love confession note to Naruto so she hands it over to Sasuke. Sasuke thinks it’s for him so he’s too shocked to see Hinata pointing towards Naruto. How Sasuke developed his first crush. He later confronts the Hyuga heiress and tells her he accepts her feelings. A confused Hinata stutters and fiddles with her fingers as she tells him her feelings for Naruto. He just rolls his eyes with a slight tint on his cheeks. She asks for it back but Sasuke says he already threw the stupid thing away. Sasuke walks home to an empty house. He crumples up the love note but stuffs it into his pocket. He never talks to her again but still carries the note even after he leaves the village.

A girl could only imagine a world where Sasuhina would be canon 😭 would you guys like a fan fiction like this?? Let me know

Grandma from Soul contract :D

Please, can we give a moment of appreciation to grandma of Duanmu Xi from Soul Contract? Ha haha I mean… she is such total shipper of  Duanmu Xi x  Yang Jinghua and their the best supporter. ;) I mean…:

- She totally accepts Jinghua and is so happy Duanmu found him. :D She welcomed him so warm. :D

- And teheh she even wants to help in arrange their “marriage”. ;) 

-She was really so happy and moved for the fact Jinghua became Duanmu ‘s soul image. :D awwwwww. :D

-And she is still sooo moved after some time, haha feels don’t wanna leave her. :D 

- And look.. she really acts like such loving and supportive mother-in-law checking how her son-in-law feel. :D 

-And makes sure they get along. :D

- Hohoho she is even interested about more intimate parts of their life together. :D Like really hahah I wonder, what she menat here. ;) Buhahaha.  (I’m like 100000 % sure she knows, Jinghua is not just soul image for her grandson… She knows her grandson soooo much so haha she knows that Jinghua must be cute little beloved lover for Duanmu :D)

-and look here… she knows they are together ;) HAhaha. I love her soooooooo much. :D 

Clinton concedes to Trump: ‘We owe him an open mind’


Hillary Clinton apologized to supporters Wednesday for the painful loss her campaign endured and implored them to keep “an open mind” about President-elect Donald Trump.

“This is painful and it will be for a long time,” Clinton said during her concession speech. “But I want you to remember this: Our campaign was never about one person or even one election. It was about the country we love and about building an America that’s hopeful, inclusive and big-hearted.”

Clinton added that she believes in the country “and always will,” imploring citizens to follow her lead and support Trump, their 45th president.

“We have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought, but I still believe in America and I always will,” she said. “If you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

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Killian and Emma are such twin souls that it shatters my soul.

As much as they’ve done to try to move on from their pasts, to let people in, to love themselves, they still struggle. Emma doesn’t know who she is if she isn’t the savior. Killian still struggles to forgive himself for his past mistakes. 

Yet, Killian doesn’t see “The Savior”, he sees Emma and loves her with everything that comes with her. Emma doesn’t see “Captain Hook”, she sees her Killian and everything that comes with him. Even though they struggle to accept themselves the other one loves them unconditionally and supports them no matter what.

My love for them both separately and as the most amazing couple that has ever existed cannot be described in words. 

For YEARS Baz thought he stands no chance what-so-ever with Simon, and that he and his friends all hate him and his whole family, and it’s not like he can abandon their family? He is loyal to them and they’re all he has, and accept him despite the vampire thing. And Simon and his friends shouldn’t care about his moms murder or anything because while she was loving to him, she was evil according to them.

But then!!!! Penny calls his mom a legend and lists some of her accomplishments and sounds so impressed and he is so surprised? And both agree to help him find his mothers murderer, which means they don’t absolutely hate him and his family? And he must’ve been lowkey so happy?

But still there’s the issue of vampirism. Simon was calling him a monster for years, and if he found out Baz was really a vampire he’d be disgusted and would probably kill him on the spot, so even if they spend some time together now, it will never last, and they can never be together, or so Baz would think.
But then!!! Simon discovers he IS a vampire and instead of flipping out, he’s just so chill and accepting?? I’m not a vegetarian Baz! I also burn in the sun Baz! And Baz must be like !!!!!!!!! ;-; Because it’s more than he could ever hope for? And Simon is being amazing actually accepting of this horrible huge secret? And he still wants him?

Just. I’m thinking about how Baz must have felt then, before that scene, and during and after. Just. Just.


I came out to my mom and she was so understanding!! I feel so floaty right now..
I don’t think it has registered for me.
I was so nervous that I kept asking her if she’s real with her words about her loving me. I made her pinky promise me before i came out hahaha

I’ve been hiding for 6 years because I was afraid of the resentment from my family. But over the years, she told me she became more understanding and accepting, that there’s nothing wrong with being gay as long as people are happy. I’m so glad and I love her even more now. She even told me that when I get a boyfriend, make sure he’s a good person. I’m appreciative and lucky that it went so smoothly..

I feel a lot better for now! Thank you for those who took the time to read this, I just wanted to share my experience 💕

i still cant believe that there are people out there that genuinely think rukia is being forced into this marriage when

-rukia would never agree to something like that. if she disagrees with something, she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is(something her so-called fans supposedly love about her… hello the rukia you love isn’t someone who would accept such a sad future)

-renji would NEVER force her to marry him(lets b real, if rukia leaving him or wanting to simply stay friends made her the happiest then he would definitely her accept that…like he literally let her go for 40yrs because he felt that was the best for her)

-at the first signs of unhappiness, byakuya would’ve definitely noticed and canceled everything-like do you honestly think he’s going to let his pride stay in a loveless marriage and live an unhappy life??? do you honestly think he would let her marry in general if he knew something was up???

like antis claim to know and understand the characters/story better than anyone else but they dont lmao

It’s so annoying how people just call Sakura useless. I’ll admit that she might not always be present in the battle field but people need to see just how powerful this girl is. I mean she’s saved multiple lives with her healing abilities and she’s always there to help people emotionally. Like she was one of the few people who encouraged hinata to talk to Naruto instead of just tease her about it. And she always notices how people are doing during on missions. Also I find it beautiful how she turned from a girl who fangirled over sasuke to a woman who loved him for so many years unconditionally and without any expectations. And even now when sasuke is constantly gone she still remains supportive of him and she’s such a good mother to sarada. People stay so focused on all of her flaws and mistakes but no one ever appreciates how she always tries to accept those flaws and improve herself. I realize that this is just a messy cluster of words but you get my point right? Stop calling Sakura useless.

The Main Event (A Billie and Chris One-Shot)

***(@mculove1 asked: I wish you would write a fic of Billie taking Chris to a wrestling show and him realize what a huge fan she is and he thinks shes so adorable with her fangirling)*** 

Well I proudly accepted her challenge but only if she wrote a fic about Chris falling for a female wrestler. And because she put up her end of the deal w/ Ringside Love, I finally stepped up and wrote my short story. 

I just really hope I don’t let her down, and for those who aren’t wrestling fans, I really hope you can still follow along and I hope you guys enjoy it.  

***(And for timeline purposes, this story happened right after Billie and Chris became an official couple. So this is pretty early on in their relationship)***

“Oh no! You are not wearing that bright yellow shirt!” Billie giggled.

“What? I thought you would like it.” Chris said as he modeled his Vintage Hulkamania T-shirt with ripped jeans.

It had been a hectic couple of weeks since he was in Europe promoting his latest independent film, but luckily Billie was willing to meet him in London for a few days. But they hardly spend any time together because his schedule was flooded with press interviews and TV appearances.

Billie tried to keep busy by shopping and doing a ton of sightseeing, but Chris knew that she was beginning to feel neglected. And when he finally had a day off, he suggested they have a date night. And he even allowed her to pick whatever she wanted to do, no questions asked. And to his surprise, she actually scored a pair of tickets to see the NXT London Takeover at the Wembley Arena. Chris tried to act excited but he wasn’t a fan of wrestling and he didn’t think of it as a real sport. But he pushed his cynicism aside because he wanted to keep his girl happy.

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  • Stephanie: I love him
  • Damian: *tt* Lucifer is a girl, you can tell as she still has her antlers during winter
  • Stephanie: Damian oh my god what does she need? can I make her a blanket???
  • Damian: That would be an acceptable bribe to ride her

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Ok so in your own personal opinion do you think Even is bi and started dating Sonja because he liked her? Or do you think he's gay and dated Sonja for the same reason that Isak dated Sara, and then it was just convenient to keep her around? I feel like he could be bi, but I haven't seen other people's opinions.

i believe he did love sonja, i guess he was falling out of love slowly for like, the past year but could never bring himself to break up with her? “i cant dump sonja we’ve been together since we were 15″ and also because he never had a reason to and he still loved her, and she was there for him for 4 years and he just didnt want to lose something stable? sonja understanding and accepting the situation with isak also shows just how much they loved each other, like it mustve been really hard for sonja but she still helped isak through it bc he cared for even and his well being and also the way she got that mad at the end of ep8, she was afraid something bad would happen to him.. so yeah, i think their relationship was always valid:)

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Prompt: hello!!! may i please have an elijah x reder where the reader is a witch and shes an old friend of the family and once was elijahs lover and she still loves him but hes with haylie now? and it all takes place when the witch offering episode idk i love your blog btw! xoxo


“You see” Klaus started his rambling “A very important witch is here tonight, that deserves to be mentioned…” Out of his pocket he slowly pulled out a ring box, holding it for all to see “(Name),” Your name rolled out his tongue so fluid it made your breath hitch. You heard someone in the crowd drop a glass “may you accept my offering?” Klaus smirked.

You shook your head playfully, tapping a woman on the shoulder and pushing your drink onto her which she was glad to accept. Slowly, you moved past the crowd, now finally face to face with Klaus.

“It is not my place” You said playfully, your fingers wrapping around his chin and bringing him down. His face flashed with fear but when your lips connected with his forehead he almost shivered “Blessed be.” You murmured, taking the offering and taking a delicate step back. You turned to the ogling crowd and smiling “Since I don’t see all four elements, you may refer to me as the third – water.” You smiled, and everyone nodded in encouragement “If you want to offer, my arms are open.”

The music strated playing again, and before anyone could get ahold of you Elijah was by your side, his fingers intertwined with yours. He pulled you into the dance floor, your bodies a bit close for just strangers.

“Why hello there, Elijah” You murmured with a flirty smile. Elijah shook his head, staring deeply into your eyes.

“What are you doing here, (Name)?” He asked, “Why after all this time-?”

“I missed you.” You admitted, still smiling “You know how obsessive of my goals I can be. Young and foolish, and I shouldn’t have left as fast as I did and I’m so-” His face flashed with hurt and eyes briefly cast to someone in the crowd of people. The cold aura hit you like a snowball and you took a shaky step back. You gulped, eyes turning away and loosening your hold on him “I’m always late, aren’t I?”


“No, it’s alright, I understand, i am not the only girl in the world, after all…” You smiled awkwardly, standing close again “Just one last dance then, alright?” He stared at you with an unreadable expression, then smiled, though sadly, leading you in a dance as you followed after him, staying together for one last time.

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Lorcan had been born from and gifted with darkness. Returning to it was not a difficult task. 

But letting that glimmering, lovely light before him die out … In his ancient, bitter bones, he could not accept it. She had been forgotten—by everyone and everything. And still she had hoped. And still she had been kind to him. And still she had offered him a glimpse of peace in the time he’d known her. 

She had offered him a home.