she steps foward and he steps back

Beauty and the Beast •Prologue• (AU Newt Scamander x Reader)

A/N: This series has come to be from a request for a Newt x Reader story based on Beauty and the Beast. I really hope I please the reader who requested it, and I promise to update regularly! Thanks for reading!

“Where is the boy?” The deep voice of the Transfiguration professor rang through the hallway. The other professors pointed to the room behind them, the wooden door closed and a slight trace of blood smeared across them.

“Professor Dumbledore, the boy has requested to be left in peace until the time has come to leave the premises,” one man rushed out. He was considerably shorter than Dumbledore and appeared to be shrinking as he trembled at the towering frame of his fellow professor.

“If you believe that will stop me from entering, you are wrong,” Dumbledore sneered as he pushed open one of the large doors. The other professors immediately scampered away, cries of fear escaping their lips as they left.

“Get out!” A voice growled as a glass jar was thrown in the direction of Dumbledore.

“Let me see what the Lestrange girl has done to you,” Dumbledore pleaded softly as he stepped further into the room. There was the sound of someone walking in the dark, their footsteps loud and heavy; Dumbledore squinted in the dark, attempting to make out where the boy had gone.

“She cursed me,” the boy snarled. His once tall and lanky figure was gone when he finally stepped into the moonlight pouring in from the large window. Dumbledore gasped as he saw the beastly frame of the boy after being cursed; he was much larger and marked by jagged, black scars. His eyes were a much darker color along with his hair, and he looked nothing like what he did before. He was barely human, simply a beast that hardly resembled the boy he used to be.

“My boy,” Dumbledore gasped, eyes wide as he stepped foward. The boy let out a huff and turned his back to his professor. “There must be some way to reverse the curse.”

“She said the only way to reverse it is… is for someone to love me like this,“ he whispered lowly.

“If I may ask, why did Leta Lestrange curse you?”

“I ruined her experiment,” the boy replied. “She said I was selfish, never understanding the true meaning of loving someone so much that you could overlook their faults. I could not watch her do this experiments any longer, I set the beasts free… so she turned me into one to be stuck with the reminder of my selfishness.”

“Did she not love you, my boy?”

“She was using my love for her to blind me into doing what she did not want to,” the boy spoke angrily. He went into the shadows, hidden from the view of his professor. “I will forever pay for this day. No one could ever love a beast like me!”

“Mr. Scamander!” Dumbledore exclaimed as the boy jumped out of the window and fell to the ground. Glass shattered everywhere and he hid his face in his arms. By the time he made it to the window to call out for his student, the boy was gone.

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