she stayed with her bf

This little guy just can’t get enough of back scratches😝
Arrived safely on Iceland on Wednesday and I’m hanging out with my sister currently, on Sunday I’m gonna go to where I will be working, so excited!

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When I was a kid, my mom's cousin wouldn't let her daughter read Harry Potter or watch Pokemon because, idk, it promoted anti Christian values or smth. Meanwhile mom gave me freedom to enjoy such things. Now I'm a semi functional adult and her daughter is a struggling drug addict with an abusive bf and a kid she can't raise, and she wants another 1 so her bf will maybe stay with her. My point is antis remind me of mom's cousin and they're so incredibly full of shit.

Antis are the sort of people who think keeping kids naive is keeping them safe when in reality all it does is leave you with an adult who has no idea how to cope or function in society, who has no common sense, and is gullible as fuck. Keeping kids naive =/= safety.

We have a family friend whose daughter had a child at 15 and she’s used by some of my relatives as an example of someone who didn’t plan on having a child, got pregnant accidentally, didn’t want it but had it anyway and is now happy bc she loves her daughter and it’s so fucked up. Yes, she loves her daughter and says she “wouldn’t change a thing” but that doesn’t change the fact that at 15 she fell pregnant to a boy she’d been dating for less than a year, dropped out of high school, gave up her education and never had a chance to get further education because she was raising a child when she wasn’t even an adult yet. She’s now 23 and has never had a job in her life which will make in incredibly hard to get a job if she ever needs to in the future, is completely financially dependent on her boyfriend and kept the baby because she felt she had no other options. She’s fortunate that she and her bf stayed together and she had family to support them but even so, it was a sad situation and shouldn’t be pushed as some sort of sweet fairytale.

[FANACCOUNT] 160527 G-Dragon - VIP Fanmeeting in Fukuoka

GD thought he was her bias (hence the fan service) but she had just said that he was the most popular @ her school

YB then pointed out to GD that she was wearing a TOP t-shirt so he was obviously her bias GD laughed so much, kinda apologetically too 

Oh! And the members, especially Daesung, kept asking “What did you say to her ear?” and GD kept saying “Nothing, I swear! 

Actually, Daesung at first was incredulous and kept saying "You kissed her, right? you sneakily kissed her! (always gd fancam: here)

How did GD get confused when it was him who asked the girl who the most popular member in her school was?! he assumed he was her bias

After that super close fan service GD found out that the girl had a boyfriend so he apologized profusely "I’m sorry! Really really sorry!

She said her bf was not there today & GD sighed w/ relief 😂 SR suggested she told her bf to stay away from SNS for a week (to not find out!)

Credit: @susifg

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ur anon is right. Lottie stays at Lou Teasdale's house or her bf's when she goes to London, Fizzy lives in a dorm. Lottie & Fizzy made sure to snapchat from the public house to show us its still there. They've never SC'd from there before! TIMING

Did they take snaps with the Hulk? Is the Hulk covered in dust by now? It’s been so long.