she stares up at him as she walks away

Appointment in Samarra

A merchant of Baghdad was sipping tea in his garden when his servant ran up to him, breathless and trembling.
“Master,” he cried. “I have just seen Death in your garden. She pointed at me with such a ghastly stare that I knew she had come for me.”
“So you have seen Death,” the merchant replied, “as each man must. I understand your alarm.”
“I must leave Baghdad and go far away from Death. I have a brother in Samarra. I will go there tonight, Master, and escape my fate.”
“Then take my swiftest horse, and go with my blessing.”
As the hoofbeats of the fleeing servant faded in his ears, the merchant, curious, walked through his gardens to confront Death.
“My servant has done no harm. Why do you disturb him with your ghastly stare?”
Death smiled. “I did not mean to. I was merely surprised to see him in Baghdad when I have an appointment with him this evening, at his brother’s house in Samarra.”

old illustration from last year
published in Cricket magazine

Just think about Young Teddy Lupin finding Tonk’s old Hogwarts uniform and walking up to his gran with the robe on and she has just stares at him because although people say he looks like his father more, she sees more of her daughter in the young boy. 

Then the first day of Hogwarts comes and Teddy gets sorted into Hufflepuff and he can’t believe that he got sorted into his dream house no matter what other students say about it. He sends and owl to his gran straight away and a few day later he receives a letter and a package. The letter just says how proud his gran and Harry is of him and how she sent what he asked for. 

He opens the package to find his mum’s old uniform, robe, tie and scarf that his Gran kept all these years. He doesn’t mind that it’s faded a bit and it has a few pin holes in from Tonks keeping he badges on it for various bands. In fact, one of them is still there on the front and Teddy refuses to remove it.

 He changes into it instantly because wants to have something that always reminds him of the stories he heard about Tonks at school. He looks down and finds a single blue hair. He sends and owl to his gran and asks about the hair and she replies back about how Tonks had it for a short while because it was his grans favourite colour. 

Next time he visits his gran for the holidays she has a tear in her eye as teddy walks up in the uniform with short blue hair, just like his mother had years before him.

Next year’s cross over and Kara’s back to help the team. She walks into the hanger with a smile on her face as she greats her old friends again. While everyone else is busy catching up, she walks over to Mick and waves with a bright smile on her face. 

Mick smirks back and folds his arms. “You didn’t call.” 

Kara’s eyes just widened and she starts spluttering. “Y-you were serious?!” 

Mick looks her up and down. “We can make some time later, Skirt.” 

Mick walks away and Cisco comes from behind him, jaw dropped.

“I did not need to see Mick Rory winking and thinking he’s got game” Cisco says, offended. 

Kara just stares at Micks back with a surprised expression before it changes to a thoughtful look. Cisco notices her look and double takes. 

“Oh no, Mick does have game.” Cisco groans as he walks away. 

Future || Jack Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Word Count: 1.1k+

Summary: Feelings are revealed when Jack and (Y/N) spend the weekend at her others house back in the countryside. 

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, it was so so fun to write so thank you so much xo

“Have you finished your vlog yet, love?” (Y/N) asks quietly as Jack walks into the living room. She stands up and walks toward him, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head onto his chest as he brushes his hand down her hair and tilts her head up. Their eyes meet and she smiles adoringly, counting the colours of his eyes. “Hi.”

He tilts his head to the side and smiles, leaning down to press his lips against hers for a few seconds before pulling away away and pressing his forehead against hers and staring into her eyes. “Hi.”

“Did you remember to finish your vlog?” She asks again, her voice softer than usual as she tried to keep the atmosphere as relaxing as possible. Being loud seemed unnatural in that moment, so the words they shared were lulling and quiet.

They were spending the weekend at (Y/N)’s mums house, and Jack had decided that since you were gonna be showing him around the place you grew up and he was seeing everything form your past for the first time, that he wanted to document it all. That day, she’d taken him to see her old secondary school, and gone on to show him all of her hiding spots where she and her friends would stay if they wanted to bunk classes. It’d been a day full of laughs and Jack teasing her about how much of a ‘bad girl’ she used to be; but now it was almost eleven pm and they were both beginning to get sleepy.

When he nods, she smiles and entwines their hands, taking a step back and tugging him along with her. “Come on, I wanna show you something.”

Jack frowns in confusion but allows her to tug him up the stairs toward her bedroom, his eyes flicking from the photographs on the walls to the shelves of trophies and medals. She lets their hands fall apart and nods toward the window with a small smirk. “How good are you at climbing?”

His eyes wander to the large window that she was stood beside, and he scrunches up his face nervously. “If I say I’m shit, will I not have to do it?”

“That isn’t how it works.” She grins, holding out her hand and nodding toward the window. “Come on, I promise that once we’re up there you won’t regret it.”

And she was right. After following her lead and managing to climb onto the roof without an issue, the view was beautiful. One of the perks of living in the country side was the fact that there was hardly any light pollution during the night, barely anything compared to London: and so the stars were visible in the sky and the moon was their only source of light.

They sit with (Y/N) between Jack’s legs and her head resting on his chest, simply inhaling the fresh air and basking in the scent of freshly cut grass. The small lights from surrounding houses were comforting, and the way Jack’s arms wrapped themselves around her waist made her sink into him with a happy sigh. “You know, I used to spend hours up here when I was younger. Used to lock my bedroom door so my mum couldn’t walk in and realise I wasn’t there.” She purses her lips and smiles. “God, I drank my first bottle of vodka up here.”

Jack chuckles, resting his chin on the tip of her head and running his hands up and down her sides. “You really were a rebel, huh?”

She giggles and throws her head back, closing her eyes when he places a chaste kiss on her lips and sighing happily thereafter. “One day, I want to move back here. Maybe once I’ve got a family, and I’ll have a huge dog and two kids and maybe I’ll have stables a-”

We’ll.” Jack interrupts, causing her eyes to flutter open in confusion. “When we have a family, when we have a big dog and two two kids and stables for our horses and a lock on every single window so that our kids can’t sneak onto the roof and drink vodka like their badass mum used to.”

She sits up on her knees and turns to face him, still between his legs as she furrows her eyebrows in confusion but can’t keep the overjoyed smile off of her face. “You want that- with me, I mean?”

He nods, a look of disbelief on his face as he cups her cheeks in his hands. “You thought I didn’t?”

She shrugs and shakes her head, glancing down and blinking quickly to keep her emotional tears at bay. “You grew up in Brighton, and you adore London. I can’t take you away from that.”

“Baby, you wouldn’t be 'taking me away’. You’d be giving me everything I’ve ever wanted. A family, and beautiful kids who’ll have the most amazing, fun parents possible.”

She sniffs and wipes a stray tear away from her cheek, laughing a little and staring at him with a smile. “Fuck, do you have any idea how much I love you?”

Wiping her eyes with her thumbs, he watches in adoration as she leans into his touch and pulls her lips between her teeth, a habit she’d picked up after him do it whenever he was happy about something. This was the girl he’d fallen for; her face free from any trace of makeup and his clothes hanging loosely on her significantly smaller frame. Her hair was in two loose French plaits and she had dark circles beneath her eyes due to the fact that they’d stayed up until three am the previous night; but she was still the most beautiful human being he’d ever played eyes upon.

“Enough to marry me?”

Her eyes widen and her breath gets caught in her throat, her hand flying up to cover her mouth in shock. “Jack-”

“I know it’s not ideal, this isn’t how I wanted to ask you; but this is perfect. We’re gonna have a family, a future together; and I can’t imagine not being married to you when that time comes.” He says, looking down for a second before looking back up into her tear flooded eyes and smiling softly. “Be my wife?”

“As if I’d ever say no,” she says, her voice cracking midway through as she flung herself into his arms and presses her lips against his, laughing against them when he got thrown back against the roof with a crash.

This was their future: and they could hardly wait to see what surprises it’d bring.

New House: Breaking In the Kitchen

You asked/begged for it, so here it is! Breaking in the nursery can be found here.

He’d insisted on the window coverings this time. Their house was far enough away from the main house they’d likely be safe. But the last thing he needed was one of the tenants to walk by or Ian send one of his children to come help them.

She was already stripping by the time he got inside.

“Stop,” he said in a commanding voice he usually saved for his children.

She did, staring up at him.

“Jamie you promised.”

“Aye I did, and I mean to break in this whole bloody house wi’ you. But I also said I had specific things I wanted out of this one.”

“Oh that’s right! You never did tell me.”

Grinning madly, he held up a brown paper bag with the necessary outfit inside.

“Put these on.”

She frowned at him.

“You want me to dress up?”

He shrugged.

“I’d more call it… dressing down. Go put this on before we begin. Quickly now, or I’m like to start wi’out ye.”

Taking the bag, she ran around the corner to dress. His fantasy was becoming a reality. He knew she wouldn’t ask why, especially in a mood like this. But Christ, to see her and feel her in his hands…

He stood in the empty kitchen, panting like a dog. 

“My my,” came her voice. “You actually went through my drawers to find these, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did. I told ye it was specific.”

“I usually only wear these on special occasions.”

“This is special. We’re going to make love in our new kitchen. Or, weel. It’s new to us.”

She came slowly around the corner, almost the perfect embodiment of what he’d imagined. 

“No, no. Ye canna have it buttoned up to yer neck!”

One of her brows ticked up.

“Oh? You didn’t give me any instructions.”

“Unbutton it.”

With a wry smile, she did. Slowly.

“How long have you wanted this?” she asked, pulling her hair loose from it’s tail.

“Ye ken how I imagined the kids’ rooms?”

“I do.”

“Since I first saw this house, I imagined ye just like this.”

“Goodness! I hope I love up to your imagination.”

He nodded towards one of the counter tops and she backed towards it.

“You’re much better than my imagination, mo chridhe. Much warmer and softer.”

When she reached the counter, she let her head roll to one side, examining him. His cock twitched and ached to be engulfed by her.

“Have I ever spoken in these fantasies of yours?”


“What did I say?”

“Ah, weel… Ye said… ‘come make love to me, James Fraser’ and…” he hesitated.


“Weel ye told me to come home in you.”

Sliding onto the flat surface of the counter, she let her legs drift open.

“Well then, I ought to do this right if I’m to be the living embodiment of your fantasy. Come make love to me, James Fraser.”

Her voice was even sexier than he’d imagined. As he got closer, he thought that he must be dreaming. But no. It wasn’t a dream. He could smell her strongly here and now. When he dreamed about having her, the smell of her was always faint.

“Come home in me, my love.”

He pulled her to the edge of the counter and kissed her hard. Immediately her legs wrapped around him, bringing him closer and closer. He didn’t remove any of the clothing on her body, that wasn’t the point. All he wanted was to be inside her and one with her.

“Lord,” he breathed as his fingers probed her hot flesh. “Ye gave me a rare woman and God! I love her well!”

Now her arms wound strong around his neck, bringing his head down to her shoulder as they became one flesh. She gasped and let out that little squeak she always did and he smiled.

He’d been a little rough with her the day before, because that’s what she’d wanted. But today he could love her slowly and sweetly. Thank her for carrying another of his children. Show her how much he cared for her as he made love to her.

Being together like this almost had a sense of forbiddenness to it, like she would hop off and run away at any moment. The only thing keeping her there was him.

Endlessly she whimpered his name, paired with a full-body shudder when he was fully inside her. Her hands slid down his back and took a generous hold of his buttocks, pulling him even as he pushed against her.

“Yes,” she groaned. “Yes Jamie! Come to me!”

The sun was golden on her brown curls, making it look as though God himself had painted a halo on each hair. Everything. She was his everything and so much more. His soul. His heart. His love. The very air he breathed.

Suddenly he cried out and tasted her skin between his teeth. What? Had he bitten her?

When he regained control of himself, she was wheezing and shuddering, hanging against him limply.

“Did I hurt ye Sassenach?”

“A little. You bit me, you barbaric Scot.”

Stepping back, he kissed the small red welt.

“Isna the first time. Likely no’ the last.”

“I suppose we can check the kitchen off the list then, yes?”

“Oh aye, we can.”

“Good. Because I have plans for the sitting room.”


She pecked his lips lightly and smiled.

“Do you happen to know where your nice kilt is?”

Caffe Napoli

This is a little something I whipped together for Adrinette Month Day 5 (Coffee Shop AU)! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Marinette couldn’t believe her eyes when he walked into the tucked away coffee shop where she worked. She hadn’t seen that face in years; as time had passed any trace of her obsession of him had slowly slipped away from her room walls until all that was left was a single picture, a picture from the Jagged Stone concert that they had both attended. Maybe she was dreaming? It had been a long day and after a while the faces did sort of blend together.

As he crept closer and closer to the front register it became clear that she wasn’t in fact dreaming. It was him, Adrien Agreste. He hadn’t noticed her yet. He had been typing away on his phone since he had walked in. Recognition did, however, strike his eye the second he looked up to place his order. He didn’t say anything, he simply stared at her.

Marinette, not sure how to react, put on her customer service smile and stuck to her typical script, “ Good afternoon, how may I help you today?”

“Marinette? Wow, it’s been so long!” His face bloomed into a full grin and Marinette felt countless memories rush back to her.

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Can we please just imagine

• baby hiro just walking around the café. Like just imagine him. You’d have to be careful not to stand on him bc he’s so small

• baby hiro just sitting next to customers and telling them all about himself and waving to new people and it makes their day because damn this three year old tiny thing is adorable

• baby hiro clinging to aunt Cass and demanding to be picked up so he can suck his thumb and play with her hair and let everyone know that she’s only HIS aunt Cass and NO ONE ELSES

• baby hiro asking for some cookies and aunt Cass says no and he just says “aww cassieee!” And just walks away sadly and she just stares at him and just adfhchwurhfksncj he’s so small and cute and asfhehcksj

• but seriously I swear hiro called aunt Cass cassie at least some point in his life like how cute would that be I can’t

• baby hiro stumbling down the stairs when he hears his big brother tadashi come in through the door and he’s so tiny and slow that tadashi has to run to him to and picks him up and just *cuddle*

• “dashi can I have a bicki?” “No hiro.” “Dashiiiiiiiiiiiii pleaseeeeeee” *puppy dog eyes*

• bath time with the hamabros. Just imagine.

• “hiro, time for a bath!” “NO NO NONO NO!” *proceeds to run around the cafe and hide under a table with or without people sitting at it he doesn’t care whatsoever as long as he doesn’t get dREncHeD IN WATER he dOeS nOT CaRE*

• just baby hiro in general

Alright so I saw this “ Who does what in your OTP (Christmas Edition)” Post so all I could think about was the new ML Christmas special so...
  • Adrien can’t really wrap Christmas presents so Marinette has to help him and show him how to fold the sides correctly and where to put the tape and how to get the little strings all curly with the scissors. 
  • Adrien just loves Christmas and just gets so happy so he wakes up at like five in the morning just to wake up Marinette and he’s already made this big breakfast but he doesn’t even eat a lot of it cause he just stares at the presents under the tree and day dreams about how much more perfect his day could get 
  • Adrien is always following Marinette around so that he can hold the Mistletoe above them once she turns around to face him but he loves doing it so much that Marinette starts to hide and tries to walk away whenever she seems him walking towards her and soon they’re just running around laughing and he’s always chasing after her
  • Adrien doesn’t have too much experience in decorating for Christmas either so he just kind of helps with the small things and follows Marinette around like a dog as she tries to decorate everything and he’s even there to hold the ladder while she hangs up the Christmas lights or puts the star on the tree (and just in general becomes worried for her anytime she’s on a ladder doing something dangerous with no one there to be there if she were to fall, so he just walks around trying to keep her safe)
  • So Marinette, Alya, Nino, and Adrien are all hanging out at this local Christmas party or something and they all get on this conversation of when they stopped believing in Santa and Marinette says something like “I was devastated when I found out Santa wasn’t real” but (because of her constant streak of “good luck”) she happens to say that right as these little kids run by but they stop to listen cause they heard the word Santa and (come on who doesn’t get excited to hear about Santa and whups)
  • Marinette is sent to this this little mall jail (because there was a mix up in the communication with the parents of these small crying children telling their parents that “this mean lady told them Santa wasn’t real”), so they’re all trying to bail her out but Nino is just laughing so hard and so close to just rolling on the floor, and Alya has been filming the entire thing, (laughing just as hard as Nino), as well as the locked up and profusely blushing Marinette, and Adrien just has this huge grin on his face while he opens the cell door and pulls her out

Or lets say in a different case…

  • Again the class is at a local Christmas party (lets say, hypothetically, its at a mall owned by the Bourgeois family) and Chloe being, well, Chloe, she gets mad and tells these kids that Santa isn’t real (or at least gives them the wrong idea leaving them to believe that Santa doesn’t exist) and she gets in trouble and ends up in the little mall jail and she’s just screaming and yelling cause “NO ONE PUTS ME IN MY OWN JAIL NOT EVEN DADDY CAN” but ends up there anyway because “sorry kid but rules are rules and your dad said specifically that if someone makes anyone upset or becomes an inconvenience we have to lock em up until someone can come get them” So Chloe is just stuck here and shes trying to call her Dad (but, yup there no service back here)
  • Adrien, Marinette, Nino, and Alya saw the whole thing (and you know Alya started recording the moment she saw someone come escort her out of the room) and Nino, again, laughing so hard but is just chocking because he’s trying to contain himself by drinking some water but nope that’s not helping Nino your gonna die if you keep taking huge gulps of water. Marinette and Adrien basically have the same expression and he just takes a big sigh while Marinette just face palms and but they’re not just gonna leave her down there all night so they go and bail her out and Marinette is just “Chloe you know you can’t just tell these little kids that Santa isn’t real right?” and Chloe is just “I DIDN’T EVEN TELL THEM SANTA WASN’T REAL I’M NOT THAT MEAN” while Adrien just escorts her out of her cell and is lowkey “shh whatever you say lets just not do that again”

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A Day In The Life Of ~Dan Howell Imagine~

Hello humans! I hope you enjoy this imagine! :)

*Not My Gif*

“Now I think we should go wake up Dan.” Y/N smiled and held the camera in front of her.
She quietly walked into the next room and opened the door slowly.
“Daaaaannnnn…..” She whispered.
No response.
“Danny boy.” She said a little louder this time.
Dan shifted and groaned loudly.
Y/N stared at the camera before placing on the nightstand. She slowly crawled into the bed and on top of Dan. She quickly placed her hands on his neck causing him to jolt
up and squirm away.
“Wake up!” She laughed.
Dan shifted and leaned forward, bringing their lips together into a sweet kiss. After slowly pulling away, he smiled and shook his head.
“Now that I’m awake, will you please stop touching my neck?” He chuckled lightly.
She sat back and put her finger to her chin.
“Hmm…maybe.” She smiled and stood up, grabbing the camera.
“Say hello, Daniel. Today I’m doing a ‘A Day In The Life Of’ video.”
“Another one?” He laughed.
“Yeah! Apparently they really want to know what we do with our lives and I have to disappoint them when the only thing I film is us watching Netflix and eating snacks.” Y/N
“Wow, we really are boring, aren’t we?” Dan questioned as he stood from his bed and walked to his closet.
“Yeah, BUT today we’re actually going to do a little shopping and maybe get some lunch?” She smiled and looked over at Dan.
“Yup!” He grinned as he put on a black shirt.

“Tell them what you ordered, love.” Dan grinned as he pointed the camera at Y/N.
“Chicken nuggets?” She giggled in confusion.
“Tell them what sauce you ordered with it… Go ahead! Let the world know how strange my wife is.”
The words “my wife” still caused her stomach to twist in knots and her cheeks to grow warm.
“Um, marinara sauce…Don’t judge me! It’s really good!”
Dan turned the camera towards himself and gave a 'I can’t believe she really thinks that’ look. He then smiled and turned the camera back to her.
Without saying a word, he just watched as she took a sip of her water and played with her hair.
“What?” She giggled.
“Nothing, I just like looking at beautiful things.” He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.
She hid her face behind her hand and stared at him in awe.
“I love you.” She mumbled.
“I love you more.” He grinned.
He leaned across the table and pressed his lips to her forehead. Y/N smiled and grabbed the camera, pointing it as Dan.
“And yes, we’re always this sappy. Aren’t we, babe?” She laughed.
He nodded and took a sip of his soda.
“So where are we going after this?” She questioned after the waitress put the plates in food in front of them.
“We are going to Starbucks and then stopping by some of the shops to get some Halloween decorations because SOMEONE insists that we decorate the whole flat.”
“Halloween is a month long holiday and we’re already late with the decorating.”
“It’s only the 2nd.” Dan laughed.
“Exactly, we’re soooo behind.” She grinned.

“What about this one?” Y/N held up a fake black mirror with a 3D monster coming out of it.
“I love it, but if I wake up in the middle of the night and see it, I’m going to scream.” Dan replied.
They both laughed as they continued to walk and pick out decorations.
“Do you think we have enough?” He joked as he held up the two large baskets full of decor.
“I don’t know, what do you guys think?” Y/N waved the camera over the baskets.
She smiled and turned it back to her.
“Yeah, I think so. So we’re going to go check out and head home to hang up all this stuff.” She explained as Dan laid his head on her shoulder.
“And I’m going to attempt to help.” He chimed in.
“So I guess that ends this 'A Day In The Life Of’, thank you guys for watching!”
“Bye guys!” He cheered before pressing a kiss to Y/N’s cheek.
She blushed lightly and smiled into the camera.
“Bye!” She cheered.

Requests are currently closed (Sorry about that!) BUT feedback is appreciated! :)

Her heart broke as she stood in the doorway staring at the love of her life kissing another woman. A whimper escaped her lips and his head whipped around to see her blue eyes, that he had called beautiful so many times, filled with tears.
Pushing the girl off of him he stood up shaking, “Baby it’s not what it looks like, please just hear me out!”
“How could you?” She screamed. “I have given you that last four years of my life and this is how you show that you love me? What did I do to deserve this! Why can’t you just love me?”
Tears streamed down her face as she walked away for the last time because this time he didn’t come after her.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #13// 4am
Island Escape: Part 2

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JJ Project Series

Warning: Contains smut and violence in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

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aone protecting his s/o who is scared of being outside at night but, this one time she has to be out late and asks him to go with her? hope this wasn't confusing x

Not confusing at all, Anon! Hope you enjoy!

She stood in the doorway his home, staring out into the darkness just beyond the front porch light, her stomach dropping at the thought of needing to walk home. Alone. In the dark. The instant feeling of sweat began to form in the palms of her hands, her heart picked up in pace as various scenarios ran through her head in rapid succession. She could make it, it really wasn’t that far away.

The large, warm presence of Aone was felt behind her and she immediately reached her hand back to grasp at his. She shouldn’t ask, she knew she shouldn’t, that she could make it, plus it would be rude to ask him to leave his home to walk to hers then all the way back. She shouldn’t, she–

“Can you walk me home?”

Aone’s fingers cradled hers against his own, stepping forward to position himself next to her, giving a small reassuring nod that the action wouldn’t be a problem. Giving her hand a small squeeze, he stepped forward, guiding her out into the dark landscape causing the nervous trembling in her limbs. He walked at an easy pace, his calm demeanor sending relaxing waves to her as the strolled. As they went, she quickly forgot that she was even scared to make this walk in the first place. Actually, she thought it was over far too soon when she saw her front door come into view.

The feel of his lips pressing to the top of her head caused her to look up at him, a smile instantly blooming across her face. Standing to her toes, she returned the kiss, this one touching at his lips that pulled up at the corners as well. “Thank you,” she whispered, allowing her fingers to slide free of his before moving towards the door. For a slight moment, she was grateful for her fear to allow her this extra time with this sweet giant.

2nd September 2019 || Ron/Hermione || PG-13

I don’t know where this came from! Suddenly, I was writing them post-kids, which I almost never do.

mypatronusisacupcake sketched a pretty awesome arse, and then I promised to write “handful of arse” into a story I was working on… but then it appeared over here, too…

Warning: PG-13 for sexual conversation, swearing, and naked!Ron…

“There are no kids in our house.”

Hermione stretched out along the bed and opened an eye, staring up at Ron, where he stood a few feet away, in only his pants.

“What?” she asked, scratchily, her first word of the day.

“It’s completely quiet. And… we can walk around starkers.”

“That’s the first thing you want to do with our freedom?” she rasped back, yawning.

He reached down and quickly removed his pants, sliding them just to his ankles before stepping a foot out and kicking them away from him. Turning to gaze down at her, he raised an eyebrow, and she burst out laughing.

“You can even go to the kitchen, just like that, and bring me back a glass of juice…” she suggested, pursing her lips up at him before the corners of her mouth twitched into a smile.

“I could walk around the bloody garden!” he added, enthusiastically.

She wrinkled her nose up at him.

“Don’t get carried away. Our adult neighbours aren’t away at Hogwarts…”

He grinned at her, running a hand over his scruffy face, sleep tousled hair standing up at humorous angles.

“You suppose Hugo’s got into Gryffindor?”

“If he hasn’t, he’ll be Ravenclaw,” she said with certainty. “I’d bet ten galleons on it.”

“Reckon George is still taking wagers?”

She laughed and shook her head.

“Rosie’ll owl the second she’s awake, to tell us what house he’s in,” Ron said.

“So, as late as she can possibly get away with? Thanks for passing that down to her!”

“Oi, says the witch still in bed at half-nine!” He smirked at her. “I’m being productive.”

“How?” she asked, sceptically.

“I’ve already gotten up and taken my clothes off! I’m planning the rest of my day, thank you.”

“You’re confusing productive with going slightly mad.”

She sat up and arched her back, getting a good stretch in as Ron watched, his suddenly glazed eyes dropping to her breasts as they pressed against the front of the shirt she was wearing, an old, faded one of his.

“Have I told you you’ve got fucking amazing tits?”

“Oh, no,” she teased, kicking the sheets off her legs. “In the millions of times you’ve seen me naked, you’ve never bothered to mention it.”


She crawled to the side of the bed and sat up on her knees, pressing her face to his naked chest and running her fingernails up his back. He reached down and grasped two handfuls of her arse.

“But surely I’ve mentioned your incredible arse.”

“No, never.”


He released her to move back up and slide his hands under the elastic of her knickers, molding over warm, bare flesh.

“How many times d'you think we’ve had sex?” he asked, as she flattened her palms to his back, lifting her face so her chin rested in the centre of his chest, staring up at him. “I mean, if you had to guess an actual, reasonable number.”

“Oh, God. I don’t know…”

She stretched up further on her knees and rubbed her cheek against his stubble as she considered his question. Doing quick calculations, she could multiply twenty-one years of being together by the days in a year, subtracting time for her final year at Hogwarts, attempting to factor in chunks of time when the kids were small, but recalling stretches of time at their first flat when they wouldn’t leave the bed all day-

“Seven thousand?”

“Shit, that’s a lot.”

His hands slid out of her knickers and up under the back of her shirt.

“Oh, would you rather slow down-”

“You’re funny.”

She grinned as he bunched her shirt up her sides, until she let go of him and lifted her arms into the air, allowing him to remove the shirt altogether and toss it carelessly to the floor.

“Later,” he said in a low voice, as he watched her scowl at the mess of clothes he was making on their bedroom floor, “we can clean the house together… naked.”

“Can you be honest with me?” She says staring at her feet already regretting the words spilling from her mouth.

“Did you ever really love me? Did you love me the way you said you did?”

“Cause if you did, how’d you walk away like that? How’d you leave me and never bother to look back?”

He pause’s till she glances up from her feet and locks eye’s with him.

“ No. I loved you more then I said I did, and that’s why I had to leave.”

Now he’s looking at his feet.

He says ” I knew I was bad for you, I knew I would hurt you just like I did everyone one else. But you. You were different. What I felt for you was unlike anything I’ve felt before. And that’s why I couldn’t stand to see myself hurt you anymore then I already did.”

—  Broken story #1
Didn’t go as planned, did it? - LokixReader smut

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Alright, so I saw this post from some girl, that complained about every single Loki fanfic being unrealistic, and honestly.. she is right. Why would this guy, that didn’t hesitate to try and kill is own brother suddently become all weak just because of a girl. No way. So here is what I think would happen. 

Prompt: A simple girl from midgard was caught staring at the God of Mischief himself. He was not pleased with this. She thought she could turn him over to the “good side”. Turns out, the god of Mischief does exactly as he pleases. 

Warnings: swears, sex, feels, sad ending

She rose to her tiptoes, and tried to kiss him. As he noticed, he pushed her away, down on the ground. “You are nothing but a stupid mortal. What makes you think, you are worthy of the love of the God of Mischief?” he asked, and rose his eyebrow, as he walked towards her. She sat on the ground, looking up at him. She wanted him, more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. She wanted to turn him over, to be a good, caring and loving guy. She sat on her knees, looking up at his face. “Nothing. I am only worthy, if you believe me to be” she said. He stopped right in front of her, almost putting his crotch in her face. He looked down at her. He shook his head and smirked. 

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The Other Girl (Part 2) - L.H.

Sorry it’s shit?

“You look like you’re going to kill someone,” Calum said watching y/n rake her eyes over the tall blonde flirt with the girl he tossed her aside for without warning.

“I just might,” she mumbled downing the rest of her cocktail, her legs crossed, her already short skirt riding up even more leaving little to the imagination. She had worn the revealing outfit for a reason, knowing it did as it was supposed to when she caught the blonde blatantly staring at her ass as they walked into the club.

“Have you talked to him since we left for our tour?”

“Nope. Not since those pictures surfaced, and I don’t plan on it anytime soon,” she said back looking away from Luke and towards the tanned boy sitting in front of her. For the year after they met at VMA’s before the boys started their tour, Luke and y/n were talk non stop whether it be texting, phone calls, or stupid tweets back and forth. He had mentioned many times about wanting to have a relationship with her, just neither knowing how having a relationship would affect their reputations, not that it mattered, two weeks after that conversation, Luke had no problem showing off another girl attached to his arm with multiple showing them with their lips locked together.

“You’re going to have to soon. We’re going on tour together for almost nine months.”

“If I went almost a year without having to speak to him, I think I can last nine more months,” she responded quickly standing just as For Free started playing. “Come dance with me, Hood.”

“Is that really such a good idea?” he questioned, standing up nonetheless as he held onto her extended hand, leading the way to the dance floor.

“Yes because I know for a fact that you won’t try to sleep with me,” she said back, although she wouldn’t exactly mind getting into the pants of Ashton Irwin, but not at the cost of pissing off Luke and causing bad blood with his band. When they had made their way into the center of the dance floor catching the gaze of a certain blonde which made it all worthwhile. The way Calum’s hands moved along her body with y/n’s arms wrapped around his neck, her back side to his front had Luke seeing red.

“Hello? Why’d you stop dancing?” Arz asked him snapping her fingers in his face causing him to turn his attention back to her. “Luke?”

“Nothing. I think we should get out of here,” he mumbled pulling her out of the club knowing she probably thought he meant something else. She’d just be very disappointed when she’s dropped off at her hotel before he goes to his.


“Which smart ass thought that going out last night was a good idea?” y/n groaned walking onto the stage of the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts, deciding that they would start the tour in the home state of Black Stallion and end in Australia for 5SOS. Her sunglasses and messy hair being the only signs of her absurd hangover. Michael raised his hand as Calum went to make a snide remark, only to duck as a shoe was thrown at him. “Don’t even start, Hood.”

“I thought you said you could keep up, y/n,” Michael teased as well causing the four boys to laugh as she crossed her arms pouting as Cameron made his way towards the stage.

“You’re late,” Cam said smacking the back of her head. The band had requested that since they were starting in Boston, they’d like to be able to drive themselves to the venue and home afterwards, deciding they would leave for the rest of their tour the two days after. “I even woke you before I showered.”

“Well, I’m sorry I didn’t really want to get up this morning,” she spat back as someone made their way on stage with her guitar for a quick soundcheck before the soundcheck. “What are we playing?”

“I don’t know, you pick,” Cam said back as Damien walked out onto the stage with his bass in hands.

“I bet you ten dollars she’s going to pick Your Betrayal or Blurry,” he said giving off the names of y/n’s two favorite songs, one by BFMV and the other by Puddle of Mudd.

“Shove that ten dollars up your ass, Damien and let me live my life.”

“You just aren’t a morning person, are you sweetheart?” Ashton asked as he tossed her shoe back on stage, quickly slipping it in loving the comfort of her UGG slippers. She flipped him off causing everyone to laugh at her once again.

“BFMV,” she said simply walking to her side of the stage waiting for Laurie’s cue as to when to start playing. Luke watched y/n carefully, not having spoken a word all morning, even more so now since the girl he was helplessly crushing over had walked into the venue, her fingers strumming as if it was second nature playing the song as if it were own, killing the one minute intro of guitar solos. She was born to be in the music industry, one way or another.

“God, she’s good,” Michael mumbled under his breath fixing his hat as he leaned forwards in his seat. It wasn’t a question the entire band thought she was a goddess of some sort, whether it be from her looks or the way she played, or both of course. “I would kill to play like that. She didn’t mess up once while shes hungover, this is the first song they sound checked, and, on top of that, it’s not even their song.”

“I need a girl like that in my life,” Luke mumbled causing Calum to snort next to him. “Something funny, Calum?” he asked not even bothering to look in Cal’s direction.

“Not at all, Luke,” he said back, a smirk evident in his voice. Calum was probably the only one on this entire tour that knew what had gone on with Luke and Y/n, to a certain extent. He knew what Y/n had told him, having confronted Luke on it as soon as he knew. All Luke could do was shrug and walk away, not able to get into it without feeling the heat from management. It’s not like he wanted to purposely fuck over the girl he’s dreamed about dating since he was fifteen.

“Lu, what are you wearing?” he heard from behind him turning to see his so called girlfriend standing there with her arms crossed over her chest as she looked him up and down.

“Clothes? Is there an issue?” he asked turning back around. At this point the band on stage had finished playing, now watching the scene unfold.

“Yeah, you look absolutely ridiculous. I have an appearance to uphold, and I’m not going to have you ruin it.” Luke chuckled in his seat ready to ignore her until a voice blared through the speakers of the venue.

“I do believe Luke’s his own person and can wear whatever the fuck he wants?” Y/n stated in a questioning tone while holding the mic as her brother started laughing, shaking his head while watching her. “Especially since his reputation is a little more important than your non-existent one.”

“I’m sorry, and who are you?” Arzaylea asked walking towards the stage ready to throw hands. “Oh yeah, just the wanna be rock star that’s opening for my boyfriend.”

“Honey, I am a rock star. The rock star that pretty much helped to skyrocket your boyfriend’s career. Your boyfriend is ‘opening’ for me. So, if you’ll do me a favor and leave my venue, I’ll be ecstatic.” A small smile appeared on her face as she looked quickly to see the amused one plastered on Luke’s, putting opening in quotations considering both bands were playing full sets.

“This isn’t your venue, bitch. I’m pretty sure it’s privately owned.” Y/n laughed slightly as Cameron joined in.

“Just like Kenny Chesney ‘owns’ Gillette Stadium, we ‘own’ the Xfinity Center. So please, don’t let the gates hit you on the way out,” he said pointing towards the exit of the outdoor amphitheater. She left in a huff, face red from embarrassment, even more so since her boyfriend rejected her advances to a kiss. “I can’t stand that bitch.”

“You and me both Cam,” she said back before hopping off the stage ready to watch 5SOS perform live in front of her for the first time ever.


“There you are,” Luke said from behind y/n causing her to turn around confused, shiney blue electric in hand as she looked at the blonde confused. “I need to talk to you.”

“Luke, are you serious? I go on stage in ten minutes,” she groaned rolling her eyes as he gave her a pleading look. He not only had all day to talk to her, but they were even alone together for an hour, neither speaking a word to the other. “You’re one hundred percent serious…well, hurry up.”

“I’m sorry,” he let out, both knowing it wasn’t for pulling her aside ten minutes before going on stage.

“You can’t be fucking serious Luke. That’s it? This couldn’t fucking wait for a better time like, oh, I don’t know, when I’m not about to go on stage?!”

“Please, babe, just hear me out…I can’t go nine months of this tour not speaking to you. I know you have no issues ignoring me for nine months, but I just can’t do that…I-.”

“Y/n, hurry up. We’re on in five,” Laurie said running by her with her drumsticks.

“I can’t do this right now, Luke. This is seriously a shit time,” she said turning away from him ready to run to the stage before being turned around. “Lu, seriously, let go of me.”

“Just promise we won’t ignore each other anymore, please?” he practically begged now just as Cameron started yelling down the hall for his sister.

“Fine…, but don’t expect anything more than that.”

Okay but imagine this: Ladybug tells Chat Noir that she has this massive crush on this guy at school, and he’s really sad about it, but she asks if he’ll be at this certain place so she can talk about it afterwards, so he agrees. After school Adrien wants to get there early but Marinette tries to get his attention by saying she wanted to talk to him in private but he had to go somewhere, and he leaves and she gets really upset, so then when Ladybug and Chat meet up she’s distraught about how he’d left without even giving her a chance to say anything and he’s raging for a while, because how dare anyone walk away from his Ladybug? But then it clicks, and he stares at her and starts hugging her and apologising over and over again and she’s so confused but then he tells her and they both just start crying and hugging and their kwamis convert them back but they don’t even care and it’s just two teenagers hugging on the roof of an art shop

Firefighter (Chato Santana)

“Ooh, we better keep these two away from each other.” Boomerang teased and you rolled your eyes. “Why’s that?” Harley asked, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Turns out this one used to be a firefighter.” He informed Harley. “Oh! That’s funny.” She said and Boomerang nodded. “Kinda why I said it.” He told her. “And you ruined it.” Harley told him and walked away.

Chato stared at you intensely, “Are you guys supposed to be like…cats and dogs?” Boomerang asked. “I will shove one of your boomerangs up your ass.” You threatened. “Ooh, I’m so scared.” He chuckled and you growled. “I’m just gonna-” He said and walked off. “He can be quite an ass.” You said and Chato chuckled, “Yeah, but he’s family.” He told you and you smiled.

“The annoying older brother I always had.” You told him and he smiled. “So…fire.” You stated and he nodded. “This is really awkward, do you have anything else we can talk about? Shows? Food?” You asked and he chuckled, causing you to calm your nerves. “You guys bondin’ over fire?” Harley came back and asked, placing her hands on your shoulders and smiled widely.

“Firefighters aren’t very fond about fires.” You told her and she pouted. “I know, but it’s a nice conversation starter.” She told you and you smiled. “Really? I think if the person was very passionate about fighting fire, a conversation about fire with a person who has pyrokinesis, would be a nice fight starter.” You joked and she smiled. “I’d pay to see that fight.” She laughed, causing Chato to chuckle.

  • Friend: Hey, how are y-
  • Friend: ... Okay, but what class do y -
  • Friend: B Y E