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Can we please talk about how surprised Mon-El seemed that just being there and holding Kara was enough?

I felt like when he was talking with Winn and he said “what’s left for me?” what he meant was “what’s left for me to do for her?” as in she’s Supergirl - what could she need from him? I think he was kind of afraid to ask and have her realize that she didn’t actually need him for anything.

I think he realized in their last scene that being there, supporting her in the simplest ways, was enough for her and it kinda blew him away. I think he was struggling to see what he could give to someone so incredible and strong and I think those little expressions - the smiles and the soft looks on his face - were showing us that he understands that yes she’s amazing beyond words but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want someone to be there for her at the end of a terrible day. 

He asked what she needed from him and he probably wasn’t prepared to hear that just being there was enough. From what we know about his past there probably hasn’t been a time in his life when just being Mon-El was enough for someone. Especially someone he cared about and that he wanted to comfort and support. He is so new to all of this and I can’t imagine what it meant to him for her to tell him that all she wanted from him… was him.


stare through the mirror of the self, reflect the face of someone else (the bodyguard au) by bigchickcannibalistic

She’s leaning it. Red lips close – so tantalising close it’s fucking taunting her and it’s fucking unfair. So fucking unfair. Because her heart’s pounding, her hands are already on her hips and her throat is so dry it could be a fucking desert.

And it’s so fucking unfair because this is not how it’s supposed to go, and how can her body just betray her like that, just give in to temptation wrapped in a black dress and with positively thirsty eyes?

I work at a little local petstore and I am very fond of all the animals we have in store as I’m the one who takes care of them.  Today one of our two mice that had been surrendered to the store gave birth to nine darling babies, so I took her little gf cagemate out to prevent her from hurting any of the newborns.

We didn’t have any extra mouse cages or tanks in store, so she got to hang out with me today, riding around in a little dog treat pouch i had on my hip or climbing all over me until someone brought a new one over from the other store.

Her name is cookie and she is the sweetest most darling angel mouse in the universe, doesn’t bite and just adores people, but a bunch of kids came in and kept making really rude comments about her saying she was gross and shouldn’t be out in the store and that the best kinda mouse is a dead one. It really hurt me because cookie is just a sweet angel who deserves the best home ever. They left after the store cat hissed at them for pulling his tail;;; i rly just wish people would respect animals a little more

Black is such a beautiful color , No?

Earlier today shopping (more like going broke) for gifts for sweet face Hazel’s birthday and grabbed a few things for myself while bae was at work. My uber driver was looking at me all types of crazy loading his car up ‘cause of all the bags I had haha ended up having his whole back seat and trunk filled. 💀 

I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she see’s the stuff I got and I really hope she loves all this things I got her.  Btw babe you have to help me hide all this stuff when I get home 💀 


Genya Safin, busy at work being hella diplomatic.

Missing Him

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Person: Dean

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 574

requested by anon

“Hey babe!” All the judges and contestants turned around to see where the voice came from.

“Y/n? What are you doing here?” Dean stood up, surprised to see you with bags in your hand containing food. Today you decided to go see Dean while they were filming for SMTM6 and on your way to CJ&EM, you decided to get as much food as you can for anyone who was there.

 "Aigoo! Let me help you,“ Tiger JK came over to you and grabbed all of the bags right off your hand. "Ahh it’s okay you don’t have to take it…..never mind.” Tiger JK was already near getting back to his seat. 

 "Ya why doesn’t my wife do this for me?“ Tiger JK asked himself but everyone clearly heard it. He then runes to you and asked,” Is all of this for Dean?“ 

 "No I bought as much as I could for everyone,” you answered. 

 "Zico don’t you get jealous?“ Gaeko asked. 

 "Y/n always does this to us, she spoils us with food cause she know we don’t get out of the studio, so I don’t get jealous since she cares about all of us,” Zico explained and grabbed a container of food that Tiger JK was already passing around. Actually almost every got their food, they had all came down for where they were to the center stage. 

 "You answer like that but I get a vibe that you want a girl too,“ Jay Park said, laughing away with Dok2. 

 "Well you guys enjoy then. Dean can you come here?” You gestured Dean to come over as you headed to the door way. 

 "Ohhh~~ go Dean go!“ Most of the group chanted with their mouth full. Dean embarrassedly walked over to you, cover a third of his face with his hand. When you finally reached the doorway, you grabbed hold of his hands, pulled him so you were face-to-face, and kissed his soft lips then letting go, "I miss you babe”  

Dean brought his lips to your again, but a kiss even longer this time, “I miss you too. I wish I was with you than being here…honestly." 

 You chuckled then wrapped your arms around his waist and set your head on his chest. Ever since SMTM6 had started, Dean had barely any time to spend with you. You understood but you couldn’t help but miss someone you love so much. This was actually the first time you seen him in a week, although it did feel like thousands of years. You missed his lips, hands, eyes, everything, even his text. He usually sent you morning text and night text but now he’s been to tired to even get up before noon and too busy to text at night. 

 "After this is done, I can be with you, you know,” Dean hugged you back tightly.

“Don’t you have other things to do?” You said looking up at his very handsome face.

 "The only thing left on my schedule is to be spending time with the girl I love.“ 

"Ya this is just like watching a drama!” Both of you turned around to see everyone near the door way, climbing on each other back to see the scene. 

“Ahhhh why did you speak?!” Killagramz exclaimed, everyone seemed to be enjoying the scene more than you thought. 

 "Sorry couldn’t be helped.“ Sleepy shrugged. 

 Noted: YALL DEAN IS SUCH A FLUFFBALL. I’m soory I haven’t done the older ask yet ;-;

Guys. Can we stop with this whole “Nicole is gonna die” thing? She’s not gonna die. I get why y'all are panicked cause we’ve been screwed over before. But Nicole is not gonna die. 1. Cause Nicole is confirmed to be in every episode this season 2. there’s wayhaught moments in the trailer we haven’t seen yet 3. Emily Andras is the showrunner and she hates the bury your gays trope. She thinks it’s lazy writing and she understands completely how damaging it is. 4. Please also stop with the “Maybe Nicole is gonna die and they’re gonna leave us hanging until the next ep” Emily isn’t gonna do that. She knows how much that would panic us. She spoiled the whole first season of her show to tell us that Wayhaught survives the season happy and in love cause she wanted us to be able “To be able to watch a show without anxiety” so she would never leave us hanging like that for a week. So please stop with all these “Nicole is gonna die” posts. All it’s doing is making new Earpers who don’t know Emily that well panic and making them think we’re gonna get screwed over again. So please stop. It’s even making some old Earpers panic. So please stop. We don’t want people to panic. Please stop.

So done.

Right, ? Employee here, I’ve posted many fuck customer stories, but here is a fuck managers that I just really need to vent out.

We changed our manager about 8 months ago, our old manager was an amazing guy. He was so sweet, and would try to be as flexible as he could be with his employees. Especially when it came to school, if he knew you had exams coming, he’d ask if you wanted two days before off so you could study.
Well, he was promoted and moved to a different store and he brought in another manager, we’ll call her J.
Now, J seemed very nice, and I already knew some of the other managers would be iffy with her since she was our new “Leader”.
In the span of about 4 months, one manager quit and another was fired by her.
One, I understood. I had posted of him before, he had huge anger issues.
The other, was both the manager who Trained and hired me, so I was really sad to see him go.
We had another manager named A, who was the mother of the store. She brought us food, helped with homework or home issues if she could, tbh she spoiled us.

A quit before Christmas, then we had two people walk out.
Since J was hired, we have not made the month of sales we should be doing, we haven’t made the day at all either.
She has threatened to write us up during December if we asked when the schedule would be out. [ she had a HUGE habit of not posting it until Saturday night, THE NIGHT BEFORE THE NEXT WEEK STARTED ]

In December as well, I posted about this. I asked off days for Jury Duty, a doctors appointment and to visit my grandmother who came from Mexico. When I did so, she said “Don’t complain about not having hours, your taking your own hours away.”

In January a lot of us got the stomach flu, like me I got the flu and the cough was so bad I ended up getting bronchitis too.
She threatened to write us up if we didn’t provide doctors notes. Mind you, some of us don’t have the best insurance, I would have to wait till March for the next doctors appointment, but managed to get one from the hospital when my coughing was so bad I threw up.

We’ve gotten 3 reviews in the last month only about her and her shitty service. She has an awful habit of calling out customers across the store about how they’re wrong and they don’t know what they’re talking about.

I had to train the new manager she brought in, after I had asked about a promotion, having been with the company 3 years.
When J and M [new manager] are together, they spend their time in the back and don’t come out unless we need them. We can hear them laughing through the vents, so clearly it’s just to hang out.

I’m left to attend to helping my associates and the customers, doing everything from ringing people up, to cleaning the store and filling out paperwork up front.
But now I’m here working 13 hours for the past month.

I have been so drained to the point where I’ve come home and just cried, and I’m hating the fact that I have to come in the next day. My dad recently had surgery and since he’s the family provider, I can’t afford to quit since I need to help all I can. The stress is beginning to show in my school work, I’ve failed two exams and in myself, since I’ve been breaking out like crazy.

One silver lining I have is that the manager that was fired is trying to get me a job where he works, where it’s super flexible and just a better enviorment. Fingers crossed guys!

Short story, my manager is an absolute bitch and I’m drained because of it.

Imagine an Au where Sam wasn’t a goth girl and wasn’t friends with Danny and Tucker, but a rich girl who cares of what people think about her and is friends with Paulina.

This Au Sam lives as her parents’ puppet, Sam wants only to acceptance of her parent and become the prefect daughter they want her to be. Meaning wearing bright color clothing and hang out with people who have high standards such as Paulina and other popular kids. Although it doesn’t mean Sam is shallow or spoiled, she just trying to fit into society.

She still a very outspoken ultra-recyclo-vegetarian, bossy, passionate, strong-willed, and also good-hearted person. She isn’t spoiled, she never ever use her parents’ money nor ask for it. She actually work as a helper for a farm and animals shelter.

Sam secretly loves wearing black, listening to punk music, watching monsters movies, and reading ghost stories but hides it due to the fact her parents hate it and isn’t proper for a lady. She sometimes wish she could show her real self, which is why she’s jealous of Danny and Tucker, who openly express themselves and don’t care what others thinks.

Danny and Tucker thinks that Sam is another popular, shallow and spoiled kid. They were never friend not because they don’t like her but because Sam parents don’t want her socializing with the son of crazy ghost hunting parents. That doesn’t mean Danny isn’t the Ghost boy because Sam didn’t tell him to go exploring the ghost portal.

Sam thinks Ghost Danny really cool and admire even willing to ask his real name. She enjoys making logos for Danny Phantom and help him on ghost hunting since she’s a fan of ghost story. She feels like hangout with ghost Danny makes her feel she could be herself. She also the only one who puts the piece together and found out Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. Sam envy and wanting befriend (but can’t) human Danny while she wants to help and found out more about Ghost Danny.

Though several events Danny change his opinion about Sam and she wasn’t the mean girl all the rumors says about her, but she really nice and down to earth. There was even times where Sam helps a lot on their ghost hunts. After having Sam risk her life countless times, Danny slowly grows a crush on her and help her break free from her miss prefect daughter act. Also Tucker realize Sam isn’t a bad person.

I imagine that in episode Beauty Marked:

Sam really don’t want to be in the pageant but because her parents force her. Sam knowing Danny secret and tried to warn him about Dora being a ghost. Danny who still didn’t know Sam knows his secret and accidentally choose her. Sam still dressed like a goth princess and acting in a sloppy manner as a plan where Prince Aragon wouldn’t want to marry her anymore.

It was Sam first time wearing black and say “I actually really like the color black”

when Danny finally saving her he would stumbled his words proving he’s not the human Danny.
Sam: “thanks Danny Fenton”
Danny: “of course! W-wait I mean I Danny PHANTOM will save any civilian in need”

What do you guys think about my AU.


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Is it possible Lydia owns Seed Peter? Like a fashionable small dog. He's spoiled because she uses him to accessorize herself. He doesn't understand he's the accessory.

I would argue with that, however - 

- Peter’s usual mode of transportation is in Prada/Gucci/Chanel or nothing, so that’s probably why his theme song is Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’.

Manwhore - Part 7

Thanky, thanks to all the lovelies that liked, shared and made adorable comments on the previous parts:-  part-1, part-2, part-3, part-4part-5 & part-6 I really appreciate all the comments.😀

Thanks to top chick @redprairielily for being my excellent beta and offering sound advice as well as correcting all my errors.😘

Part 7

After Rae woke she lounged in bed for a good hour just relaxing and writing down some ideas for the script.  The rest of her family had already disappeared for the day so she decided to take advantage of the peace and have a long soak in the bath.  Knowing she wouldn’t have to worry about time constraints or somebody bursting in to use the toilet she decided today was the day for the pina colada bath bomb Chloe bought her months back as a Christmas present.  She threw it in and watched the water fizz and change to an opalescent orange . She lay her head back enjoying the fizz, the warmth and the delicious tropical scent.  All the tension that had been building in her shoulders and neck over the last few days dissipated and left her feeling renewed.

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i didn't understand daisy's answer in that interview about the romance part. does she mean with the whole friendship thing that reylo is not going to happen??

Hi anon!

First of all, I love Daisy and I understand that she can’t spoil us anything about VIII..

That being said, she still gave us a bullshit answer. I’m like 99% sure that Reylo are going to happen by this point. And I will throw my computer out of the window and then eat the remaining pieces of it if I’m wrong, lmao.