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why don't you like kathleen kennedy? shes the only female and she seems nice

it’s april 2017 and there are still people who dont know kk is a white demon

  • kk is an icon of white feminism.
  • when she doesn’t get involved directly, female characters’ looks get incredibly diverse (animated series or novels etc. although, we can’t say they treat women of color well.)
  • new female actresses who play lead roles, d ridley, f jones, and e clarke are all white brunette (just like her). this is my personal opinion but for me, f jones was the weakest part in rogue one because of her emontionless and soulless performance, but kk was the one who insisted on casting her and she’s very proud of it. we haven’t seen clarke’s performance in the upcoming han solo film yet but she’s already very famous for horrible eyebrow acting (even her fans admit it). tessa thompson and zoe kravitz, who also auditioned for clarke’s role, is obviously better than her.
  • (also, i think the rogue one novel was a bit better but the movie was… it focuses on the white woman, who didn’t care about the rebellion but only herself then becomes a hero. it’s not feminism when men of color are used to spotlight a white woman, especially when one of them has sacrificed everything for the rebellion from when he was a very young kid. when i heard jyn’s character was originally more like cassian i couldn’t stop groaning because THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER.)
  • ‘for some reason’ she keeps thinking white brunette women are the most ideal people to get the roles. even if she’s doing it unconsciously, it doesn’t change the fact that’s racism. she’s a racist.
  • and when you are a racist you can’t be a feminist because feminism means you support all the women.
  • she seems very passionate when she talks about rey and jyn but when it’s about other actors who are men of color she suddenly becomes silent?? and she talks about this “girl power” a lot but when it’s about races, ethnicities and diversity she doesn’t say anything? it’s always the directors who sat next to her who speak about it, or actors of color themselves. her “girl power” only involves white women and yet she said star wars represented the world. 
  • she was a producer of complete disaster : avatar the last airbender movie, where almost everyone got whitewashed, which means she learned nothing from her past.
  • @kyber-sphere replied:  Actually, she isn’t even a feminist. Every time someone asks questions about “girl power” in panels she gets obviously irritated. One time, she was even dismissive towards the person who asked it too.
  • What she says: im fine
  • What she means: Cleopatra VII was an extremely intelligent woman and one of the greatest political minds of her time. She was the first Ptolemaic ruler to learn and speak in Egyptian because she knew how important it was to connect with the locals, but she also recognised Rome as an emerging power and formed alliances with them instead of making Rome her enemy. She probably saved her kingdom from absorption into Rome during her rule, and yet society has still turned her into yet another one of history's sex objects, who was good for nothing other than her pretty face, a myth that today's media continues to propogate. When will old white men int he film industry learn th
Baby, Goodnight

Member: Jackson of GOT7
Word Count: 1853 
Content: grinding, bathtub sex, subtle dom!Jackson themes?
Summary: Jackson loves to take care of her; it’s just what he does. And since she’s quite forgetful – or too stubborn – to take care of herself after long days, it works out in the end for both of them

A/N: for the “tell me who you ship me with and I’ll write a scenario based on the pair” thing. It just got so long that I figured I’d just post it on its own lol. this isn’t edited btw and it’s 3am rip. also, to you guys: @ivegot7scenarios, @the-porcelain-doll-xo, @kpopfanfictrash@kittae, @hallyuwriters, @softmarkbum, and @hypetae

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Birthday wishes- Justin bieber imagine(mature)

In which he receives his birthday present. BTW, i need to chill.

“Y/N!” I call out for her as I sit against the headboard waiting for her to come out of the bathroom and show me her ‘costume’ already. It was my birthday today and she insisted she’ll give me a surprise tonight. She pops her head out slightly from the door, smiling at me. She suddenly jumps out with her hands in the air.

“Ta-Da” she says, grinning.

“So sexy,” I mutter, my mind not comprehending anything else but the angel standing in front of me.

My eyes scan her from bottom to top, not believing how amazing she looked and at the fact that she was all mine.

She raises her hands to cover her face and shakes her head rapidly, “this is so embarrassing.”

“Come here,” I say, extending both of my arms out, signalling for her to come. She drops her hands to her side and stares at me, slightly blushing.

“I hate you,” she whines as she crawls up the end of bed and begins to look at me with those seductive eyes. I glance down at her chest for second, wanting nothing but to rip the tiny black outfit off her body already. She didn’t know how incredibly sexy and cute she was, she drove me insane at everything little thing she does.

Not being able to keep my hands longer, I impatiently lunge myself at her body, like a lion darting at its prey. I hug her tiny body and flip her underneath me. I stare at her face. I notice the way her hair flew into a large mess, the way her face looked so amazingly perfect or the way her eyes made me fall in love with her every time I look into then was so crazy to even comprehend into words. 

I begin to graze down at her, my eyes traveling all over her body and up to her gorgeous face. She smiles at me. I stare at her lips, so amazingly kissable, making me want to bite down on it so hard until it bleeds. I shake my thoughts out of head as I rewind back to pleasuring Y/N.

As quick as a bullet, I quickly begin to kiss down on her neck, sucking her delicate skin. I slowly make my way to her chest. I slowly pull her lacey black bra down, exposing her perfect shoulders. Literally every bit of her body was breathtakingly beautiful. I continue to slowly pull it further, now revealing her perky mounds. I lower my head until it was levelled with her chest. I take her left nipple between my lips and gently bite down on it, poking it with my tongue. I gaze up in her direction, not wanting to miss her reaction. Her bottom lip is harshly taken between her teeth, her eyes shut completely, hands gripping the white bed sheets tightly and her heart beating rapidly against my head.

“Mhmm,” I mutter purposely against her, lips still teasing her erect nubs. The vibrations of my voice, startle her, causing her to let out a muffled whine. Although it was suppose to be my birthday, seeing Y/N struggle against my touch was more pleasurable than anything else. After a few minutes of teasing, i decide to bring it up a notch and leave her breasts and begin to kiss down her stomach. I look up to her face and sees her eyes staring back at mine, following my every move. Loving her attention on me, it makes me eager to please her even more.

Soon, my face is levelled with her lower body. I lean down and peck both of her thighs lightly, purposely avoiding her area. I could feel her eyes sending daggers at me, wanting nothing but to get her way. I gently kiss her through the black lace, feeling her dampness agasint my lips.

“Ugh,” she sighs as her legs quickly wraps them around me neck, holding me into a headlock position. I smirk at her impatient actions. I grip the back of her thighs gently and look up to her, not giving her what she wants just yet.

“Tell me baby,” I begin to say, blowing my hot breath against her core as I speak, “What do you want?”

“Justi-n,” she whines out my name, her voice sounding out of breath. I grin mechanically but still continue to tease her to the max by ignoring her whine and kissing the inside of her thighs instead, avoiding the spot where she needed me the most. Loving the control I had over body, I grip her thighs a bit tighter and asks her the same question, forcing an answer out of her sweet mouth. She doesn’t reply, biting on her bottom lip harshly. So I retract my mouth away from her all at once, testing her next move.

“Please Justin,” she instantly breathes out, “fuck me.”

Happy with the response i wanted to hear, I begin to pull her panties down and slide them down her legs with my fingers. I look up to see her, her expression looking so dazed and hot, making wanting to stop this game and fuck her continuously with her moaning out my name continuously. I begin to slowly pull her legs apart, to open them to my hungry eyes. I grip the inside of her thighs, slowly separating them. I can feel her hesitation as she keeps her legs still, not cooperating with me.

“Don’t be shy, baby.” I say in a warming tone, hoping she would listen to me. “Open your legs for me Y/N.”

I look up to her face. She looks nervous and shy, her eyes slanting down with an worried expression. I lower my head down between her legs, keeping eye contact as i do and slowly began to blow my warm breath against her delicous core. She stares down at me, focusing on the every move. I stick my tongue out, licking her with the tip of my tongue. She bites down on her bottom him harshly, instantly closing her eyes. I slowly lick her up, tasting her sweet juices on my tastebuds as I slowly began to separate her legs for me once more. Her core was so delicious, making me want to taste every bit of her, wanting me to eat her up everyday just for my own pleasure.

“That’s it baby girl,” I groan, watching her squirm under my touch. Her facials are so intense and sexy, making me want to cum instantly. I reach down with my left hand and pull down my grey sweat pants, along with my boxers in one swift motion. The strain of the material isn’t present anymore, making me groan in satisfaction. I look between her luscious core, wet and ready for me and my aching stiff member, begging for attention. I struggle to hold my my need for her as i began to glide my hands along my shaft. I felt so turned on, precum started to be visible as it began to appear at my tip. Without thinking, I slam into her core, taking not only her by surprise but myself as well. I was so ready for her I couldn’t hold back a second longer. I feel relief as I feel her warm tight muscle around me, sending me off into paradise.

“So fucking good,” I breath out breathlessly, the pleasure sucking my breath out of my lunges. I open my eyes to find Y/N staring right back at me. She smiles teasingly, “Justin,” she laughs. “I didn’t know you needed me that much,” she giggles as she continues to laugh at my neediness.

I start to feel anger bubble up into me as she still hasn’t stopped. “Keep these above your head,” I deeply growl at her, still slightly embarrassed at my actions, I narrow my eyes at her, warning her further. I keep her arms above her head in a tight hold, gripping me harshly with my left hand.

“You’re hurting me,” she whines softly. I ignore her pleas as I violently slam my stiff hard length into her, sterching her tight core instantly. The feeling of her tight walls rubbing against me was more to make myself let go but I hold tight onto my orgasm, wanting to bring Y/N closer first. I take my bottom lip between my teeth, holding in my desperate groans needing to be released as I continue to move myself inside of Y/N as quick as I could. Her presence made me feel weak and made me fall apart instantly, now it was me begging for her instead. I watch down at her, her eyes shut tightly, her pink lips slightly open with nothing but heavy breathing to be heard. She looks so sexy yet so vulnerable. I love seeing her like this, it made me proud to see her squirming under my body and i wanted to keep seeing her like this, like a video on replay.

I let her arms free as I reach out with my fingers and began to rub her erect nubs, wanting to bring her closer to the edge. Her voice begins to shake in pleasure as begins to let out heavy pants.

“Oh my go-d,” she barely lets out, her voice sounds so erotic and sweet, singing sensationally to my ears.

I start to feel the intense heat as i felt sweat rising against my forehead, back and chest.

I could suddenly feel my orgasm approaching earlier than I thought, I glance at Y/N to see her eyes shut closed, her hands grabbing the white linen sheets, tugging on dear life. She begins to shake her body. Her core begins to pulse my member, making me feel out of this world as she lets go, her juice leaking out of her core and down the insides of her thighs. I close my eyes tightly at the sight, so eortic as it plays in my head again. The feeling of her muscles, squeezing my shaft tightly, so wet and amazing, makes myself let go. I start to enter her sloppily as my pace become unsteady. I pull out of her. I open my eyes to see her face sweaty and hair wild like she just woke up. She looked so sexy as she lays there with large eyes gleaming back into mine.

“I love you,” I say seriously.

She smiles slyly at me, “Happy birthday,” she cheers before leaving her head off the pillow and pecking my lips.

Bromeo and Dude-liet

A/N: Hello! so this is based off the prompt, QUICK I NEED A ROMEO AND I KNOW YOU KNOW THE LINES- oh you thought I was Juliet? Nah man I’m playing Benvolio, that dude is Juliet. Captain Swan with a good old helping of Captain Charming. Hope you like it! Please fave/review if you are so generous! Thanks!

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Disclaimer: I do not own Once Upon a Time, nor am I William Shakespeare.



“Out of my way!”

In her haste, Emma Swan managed to bump into nearly every single person in the crowded hallway. She flew down the stairs, paying no mind to her hair which was falling out of the intricate braid that she had spent twenty minutes getting just right. Her mind was singularly focused and she could feel her time slipping away. Finally, she spotted her destination and ran into the men’s locker room. Her eyes roamed the room, skipping right over all the half-naked boys who were staring at her like a ghost. She spotted the mop of dark hair she was searching for and began to elbow her way through the crowd to get to him.

“Jones!” She shouted, gaining the attention of every other male who had not yet noticed her presence except the one person whose attention she needed most. She yelled his name again, directly into his ear this time, and wondered why he hadn’t heard her, or if he was simply ignoring her. “JONES!”

Thankfully, he turned around that time. The source of his temporary deafness was explained as he took headphones out of his ears. “Swan? What are you doing in here? This is the boy’s locker room!”

She just rolled her eyes and forcibly grabbed his hand, pulling him in the direction of the doors. “If I see something I haven’t seen before I’ll throw a dollar at it,” she said. She was in no mood to waste any time. Already she was ridiculously late and could not spare a single second. They broke into the crowd of the hallway and Emma resumed her elbowing and running.

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February 13, 1542: Katherine Howard and Jane Boleyn are Executed

On February 13th, in 1542, at a little after 7 o’clock in the morning, Katherine Howard and Jane Boleyn were executed.  
When the long night of waiting for their executions finally turned to day, both Katherine and Jane began to prepare themselves to face the world for the last time and their imminent execution in their separate chambers, which were comfortable enough, but in no way comforting.  It is doubtful that either woman got any sleep the night before.  Both women began to don the clothing that they had painstakingly picked out for their executions.  One can only imagine the thoughts that were passing through their minds, but Jane was probably recalling the executions of her husband and sister-in-law less than six years before; Katherine probably thought of it too, and perhaps she thought of Culpeper.  Both women knew what to expect, they both came from families that had an intimate knowledge of death by decapitation for treason.  And they both knew how to die well, how to die honorably, how to hide the terror they no doubt felt, and how to accept their fate as tradition demanded, in a gruesome ritual that required the victims to willingly go to their deaths, without a fight or some other “unseemly” spectacle.  

The four ladies that had accompanied Katherine to the Tower helped her get ready.  Her nightgown was removed and replaced with a silk chemise, silk stockings and shoes were put on her tiny feet, and then her underskirts were put on, in order to give her gown the fashionable shape that she liked, followed by a velvet kirtle*, a velvet gown, separate embroidered sleeves, a French hood with gold edging, with leather gloves and a mantle* finishing her ensemble.  The mantle was to protect her from the cold and frost of the early February morning, since the Tower Green was located outside, with little-to-no protection from the elements.  Jane was also assisted in getting dressed, since as the daughter of Lord Morley, she would expect nothing less, and even though she was a convicted traitor, she was still a Viscountess and could not be treated as an ordinary prisoner.  Her black damask nightgown was removed, a chemise was slipped over her head, followed by a kirtle, then plain stockings and leather shoes were put on her feet.  Then she was dressed in a black velvet gown, which was what she had normally worn as a lady of the bedchamber, followed by leather gloves.  She likely would have been wrapped in a mantle as well.  
Sir John Gage, the Constable of the Tower*, was also very busy that morning, since the execution of a Queen was not an everyday occurrence, and there could be no mistakes made.  Because it was so important that everything went smoothly, Gage decided that he could not leave the preparations solely to Sir Edmund Walsingham, who would normally have been in charge of the execution preparations.  But Gage and Walsingham were fortunate in the fact that they had the precedent of Queen Anne Boleyn’s execution to follow, so there was no need for constant communication with the Council.  It also helped that Walsingham had been lieutenant of the Tower at the time of Queen Anne’s execution.  The men made sure that the scaffold was properly prepared; it was about three or four feet high, draped in black, and covered with straw to soak up the two women’s life-blood.  Upon it rested the block, which Katherine had used the night before to practice how to position herself on it gracefully.  The headsman had arrived, with his axe; there would be no expert Calais swordsmen for the two condemned women as there had been for Queen Anne.  The Tower guards were prepared; all that needed to be done was for the King’s councilors and the small group of Londoners who were to watch the administering of the King’s justice, to arrive, since the executions could not take place without an audience.
The councilors had spent the night before the executions at Westminster, and when it began to get light out, they boarded the barges that were to take them along the Thames to the Tower, which was about 2 ½ miles downriver.  The Duke of Suffolk was not present, since, according to Chapuys, he was ill.  The Duke of Norfolk was also not present, although the reason why is not known.  Perhaps he was ill too, or pretending to be, so that he did not have to watch yet another niece be executed, perhaps watching Katherine’s execution would have been too difficult, even for him, or perhaps he just wanted to distance himself from the whole sordid affair.  But both Norfolk and Suffolk were well enough to attend a council session the next day.  As for the other councilors, they had no choice but to attend; although for some, like Sir Richard Rich, overseeing the administration of the King’s justice was simply a job to be done, with little feeling.  For others, like Sir John Russell, with whom Jane had stayed for a brief time while she was recovering her sanity, the next few hours would be extremely difficult to witness.  Henry Howard, the Earl of Surrey, was also present, and it is possible that the executions were difficult for him as well, since Katherine was his cousin.
Once the Council and “various lords and gentlemen” arrived at the Tower, the executions could proceed.  And while the remaining official’s identities are unknown, they would have all been at least acquainted with Queen Katherine and Lady Rochford.  And they all no doubt hoped that what they were about to witness would be over quickly.  Gage led the men from their barges, through a security cordon, and to the stands that had been erected next to the scaffold, likely the same wooden stands that had been used for Queen Anne’s execution.  Around the same time the officials arrived by barge, a group of select Londoners walked to the Tower, where they arrived at the western gate, which, while normally guarded, was open so that witnesses could enter the Tower precincts via the Bulwark Gate, which crossed the wide, deep moat.  But the group still had to pass through three more security gates and pass the Bloody Tower before they entered the Inner Ward.  From there, they saw the huge, square walls of the White Tower to their right, and the Beauchamp Tower on their left.  They walked along the west side of the White Tower, turned the corner, and saw it: their destination, the scaffold that would soon be soaked with the blood of a young Queen and one of her ladies.  Allegedly, even more people had come to witness Katherine and Jane’s executions than had for Anne Boleyn’s, probably about 7 to 8,000 people, but that is likely not true.  Probably less than 1,000 people were to witness these executions.  
Now it was time for Gage to fetch the first of the prisoners, Katherine, who would die first due to her higher rank.  Gage headed to the Queen’s lodgings, which were located to the southeast of the White Tower and a few hundred yards away from the scaffold.  He entered the palace area through Cole Harbor gate and climbed the stairs to Katherine’s rooms, where he respectfully knocked on the door before entering.  Katherine was ready and waiting for him, wrapped in her mantle against the cold.  She quietly followed him out the door and down the stairs, followed by her ladies, walked through the gate and around the White Tower, to where the scaffold waited for her.  That short walk to the scaffold must have seemed to take a lifetime, and yet, at the same time, no time at all.  Katherine looked at the assembled group of witnesses, and steadily climbed the stairs, although it should be noted that some sources  say that Katherine was so weak with fear that she needed assistance climbing the stairs and could hardly speak because of her terror.  I am inclined to be skeptical of Weir’s claim, since Ottwell Johnson’s eyewitness account says nothing of the sort and he mentions Katherine’s bravery.  Before Katherine made her final speech, her executioner knelt before her and asked her forgiveness for what he was about to do, which she gave him with her payment, and then she knelt in prayer.  Once she had prayed, she stood and, in a clear voice, addressed the crowd that had gathered to watch the executions.  
An eyewitness named Ottwell Johnson, who was a merchant, recorded the following in a letter he wrote on the 15th to his brother about the executions:
And for the news from hence; know ye, that, even according to my writing on Sunday last, I see the Queen and the lady Retcheford [Rochford] suffer within the Tower, the day following; whose souls (I doubt not) be with God, for they made the most godly and Christians’ end that ever was heard tell of (I think) since the world’s creation, uttering their lively faith in the blood of Christ only, with wonderful patience and constancy to the death, and, with goodly words and steadfast countenance, they desired all Christian people to take regard unto their worthy and just punishment with death, for their offences against God heinously from their youth upward, in breaking of all his commandments, and also against the King’s royal Majesty very dangerously; wherefore they, being justly condemned (as they said) by the Laws of the realm and Parliament, to die, required the people (I say) to take example at them for amendment of their ungodly lives, and gladly obey the King in all things, for whose preservation they did heartily pray, and willed all people to do so, commending their souls to God and earnestly calling for mercy upon Him, whom I beseech to give us grace with such faith, hope, and charity, at out departing out of this miserable world, to come to the fruition of his Godhead in joy everlasting.  Amen.”
Marillac, the French Ambassador, gives a much different account of Katherine’s actions at her execution, and he states that the execution took place closer to 9a.m., but since he was not actually present, it is very unlikely that there is any truth in his words.  He said that “The Queen was so weak that she could hardly speak, but confessed in few words that she had merited a hundred deaths for so offending the King who had so graciously treated her.”
The Spanish Chronicle also gives yet another contradictory report on the events of the execution, but since that was the Tudor equivalent of the tabloid, it is highly unlikely that it is true.  Although it is rather romantic what they have Katherine’s final words being: “I die a Queen, but I would rather die the wife of Culpeper.
Once a pale, but composed Katherine had finished speaking, her ladies stepped forward to remove her mantle and place a linen cap on her head.  Then a blindfold was placed over her eyes and she gracefully knelt down at the block, a movement that she had carefully rehearsed the previous night, laid her head on the block, and waited for the executioner to strike.  He did so swiftly, and her head was removed with a single blow.  One witness report says that the young, teenage girl, who must have been terrified beyond belief, “died well”.  The executioner then picked up Katherine’s head and displayed it to the crowd, to show what befell traitors to the King.
Now it was time for Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford’s, turn to be executed for committing high treason by helping Katherine allegedly commit adultery.  Before she was brought out, the scaffold was washed down with some water and covered with fresh straw, so that Jane would not slip on the blood.  Gage then walked back to the royal apartments to fetch Jane, who was most likely lodged in the King’s or Queen’s apartments, due to the shortage of suitable accommodations for the sudden influx of illustrious prisoners, mostly ones who had been caught up in the Katherine/Culpeper affair.  Jane had not been able to see the execution from her chambers, but she must have heard the spectator’s cries and gasps when Katherine’s head was cut off and held up.  Undoubtedly, the wait for Gage to come fetch her, while in reality only took a few moments, must have seemed like forever.  Gage knocked on Jane’s door, brought her out, led her down the stairs, and past the White Tower to where her fate waited.  Gage treated her with civility and compassion while he escorted her, and by the time they reached the scaffold, there was very little evidence of what had just occurred.  Katherine’s head had been carefully wrapped in a white cloth, and her body had been lain in a black cloak, before her bloody remains where carried to the chapel.  Jane then calmly climbed up onto the scaffold, forgave the executioner, and turned to face the crowd, which would have contained several faces that she knew.  According to Chapuys:
Then Lady Rochford was brought, who had shown symptoms of madness till they told her she must die.  Neither she nor the Queen spoke much on the scaffold; they only confessed their guilt and prayed for the King’s welfare.”  
But Marillac reported that, “The lady of Rochefort said as much in a long discourse of several faults which she had committed in her life.
Ottwell Johnson wrote of how Jane faced her death with composure, bravery, and dignity. Julia Fox , writes of how there is no transcript of Jane Boleyn’s speech, but says that Johnson record’s give us enough information to reconstruct it. According to Fox, Jane said the following:
“She began by declaring her complete faith and trust in God. ‘I have,’ she said, ‘committed many sins against God from my youth upwards and have offended the king’s royal Majesty very dangerously, so my punishment is just and deserved. I am justly condemned by the laws of this realm and by Parliament. All of you who watch me die should learn from my example and change your own lives. You must gladly obey the king in all things, for he us a just and godly prince. I pray for his preservation and beseech you all to do the same. I now entrust my soul to God and pray for his mercy.’”
But Jane, Lady Rochford, never once confessed to giving false testimony against her sister-in-law, Queen Anne Boleyn, or her husband, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, nor did she speak of the offenses for which she was being executed.  The eyewitness accounts of Chapuys and Ottwell Johnson do not mention any such confession, and you can be sure that that would not be something they would have left out.  The source behind the myth that Jane made these confessions is most likely Gregorio Leti, a man who was famous for making up stories and inventing false sources to support his stories.
Once Jane had made her short, final speech, she removed her cloak, had her hair bound up out of the way, prayed, was blindfolded, and then she knelt and placed her head on the blood-soaked block that had held Katherine’s head moments before, and her head was taken off with one swift blow of the axe.  Both women made good and dignified ends.  
After the Executions
Once both women had been executed, the spectators dispersed; they had acted as witnesses and seen the King’s justice performed.  Gage and Walsingham were left to supervise the cleaning up. They had the scaffold washed down again, and then dismantled.  They made sure that the executioner was given his fee and the victim’s outer clothes as payment, then sent him on his way.  The guards were dismissed to their quarters.
After Katherine and Jane’s executions, their bodies were stripped and wrapped in cere-cloth, then their bodies and heads were buried in the chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, which was located within the Tower.  Katherine was laid to rest next to her cousin, Anne Boleyn, as was Jane, who was finally reunited with her husband, George Boleyn.  And ordinary life resumed for everyone but the dead: a young Queen who, while guilty of making mistakes and loving the wrong person, did not deserve death, and her older, more experienced lady-in-waiting, whose legacy would be one of jealousy, foolishness, shrewish behavior, complicity in the murder of her husband and sister-in-law, and as “that bawd, the Lady Rochford.”  Neither deserved to die, and Jane’s legacy is one that is completely undeserved, at least according to Julia Fox , whose book, Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford, is one that I highly recommend reading.
*Kirtle – A long gown or dress worn by women.
*Mantle –A loose, sleeveless garment worn over other clothes; a cloak or cape.
*Constable of the Tower – Gage’s offices of constable were more of an honorary position rather than one of carrying out every day responsibilities.  Those were the job of the lieutenant, Sir Edmund Walsingham.  At Queen Anne’s execution, however, Kingston, the then constable, was very much involved, so it is likely that Gage was with Katherine and Jane’s executions.

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Bechloe 28

28. “Stop distracting me!”

Beca’s hands remain idle over her laptop keyboard, as she gets lost in thought over the current track playing in her ears. Her face is focused, one eyebrow arched higher than the other, as she tries to pick out each individual beat she’s mixed together. She’s liking the sound. She’s liking how easily each rhythm flows through each other in perfecting timing. She closes her eyes, fully engaging herself into a deep trance over her new - almost - masterpiece.

It needs to be better, though. It needs to be great. It needs to be up and past Beca’s highest expectations. This is all Beca has been focused on the past week, and she needs to get it perfect.

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Romeo and Juliet - Cole Fluff

Request: Can u do one where Cole is so shy boy and he’s in love with also shy girl. One day he comes to her to tell her about it but her mom says she’s not home so he goes under her window and throws a stone in it. When she open the window he start recite Shakspeare. U know.. “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.” etc. Ily and I’m so sorry for my English and repetition.. Greetings from Poland ♥

Warnings: None :)

Notes: None :)

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I nervously knock on Y/n’s door, hands shaking and heart pounding in my chest. I took a few deep breaths before the door opened. 

“And who must you be?”, a woman asked. 

“I’m Y/n’s friend, Cole”, I smile warmly at her. She raises an eyebrow, crossing her arms as she eyes me. 

“And what are you doing here?”

“I came to see Y/n, if that’s alright”, my heart pounding even harder and my voice was shaky. 

“She’s not home”, the woman says bluntly before slamming the door in my face. I stared at the door in astonishment, before shaking my head and sneaking into the backyard. I noticed a stone and picked it up, throwing it at Y/n’s window, sighing in relief that it didn’t break it. A few seconds later, Y/n opens the window, sticking her head out. 

“Pst!”. She looks down at me and smiles warmly. 

“What are you doing here?”, she nervously laughs, with a confused expression plastered on her face. 

But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief,
That thou her maid art far more fair than she:
Be not her maid, since she is envious;
Her vestal livery is but sick and green
And none but fools do wear it; cast it off.
It is my lady, O, it is my love!
O, that she knew she were!
She speaks yet she says nothing: what of that?
Her eye discourses; I will answer it.
I am too bold, ‘tis not to me she speaks:
Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven,
Having some business, do entreat her eyes
To twinkle in their spheres till they return.
 What if her eyes were there, they in her head?
The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars,
As daylight doth a lamp; her eyes in heaven
Would through the airy region stream so bright
That birds would sing and think it were not night.
See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand!
O, that I were a glove upon that hand,
That I might touch that cheek!
”, I recited from Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. 

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name; Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.”, she laughs as she recites back. 

“Is that what you came here to do? recite Romeo and Juliet”, she laughs again. I nervously laugh back again;

“No, I ugh – I came here to ask if you wanted to go out with me?”

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“Oh, Cole. I would be honoured”, she says as she smiles down at me. 

Do You Love Me Like You Used To?

Rating: T

Pairing: Riley Matthews/Farkle Minkus

Prompt: Smarkle is broken up, and Riley realizes how popular Farkle is when she watches him be pursued left and right. - anon

Word Count: 2437

A/N: Ahh!! This one was so fun to write. Sorry it took so long. I had to go back and rewrite it almost entirely, as I felt there was a different direction I could take with this one, and I’m grateful that I did! 

I listened to this song over and over again while writing it.

It started with Brenda from the back of the classroom.

Riley and Farkle were in the middle of a chemistry lab, when a note landed in Riley’s lap, addressed to Farkle. At first, all she could do was stare at it. Farkle had never gotten a note before – from anyone. 

“Hey Riley, could you start working on the math? I’ll wrap up this up,” he said, holding up a test tube. He saw the note in her hands and scrunched his eyebrows, “What’s that? Is it from that Trevor guy you’ve been talking to?” She shook her head.

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future | v college au smut

word count: 7.2k

warnings: smut [paragraphs are in bold italic incase anyone doesnt want to read it, also its not just v smut theres another member - separate though], swearing

genre: fluff, angst, smut, everything

a/n: this took about 4 days to write so feedback would mean a lot! it’s a college!au imagine and idk it’s my first one so it’s terrible and im sorry

masterlist | request

You sat with your head in the palm of your hand as you gently tapped your pencil against the cup of coffee that had long gone cold. An exasperated sigh passes your lips as you slam your head on the table, finally admitting defeat that the essay due in 3 hours from now was not going to be done.

“Do you want another coffee?” a voice booms from the entrance of the kitchen.

“No,” you mumble not lifting your head off the table.

“Do you want me to write your essay for you?”


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A little too late.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: death, sadness, loss, grief & swearing.

Summary: It’s late season 10 and the Mark of Cain is making Dean into something he isn’t. He hurts the reader and before he can make it right, things go horribly wrong.

A/N: This is my submission for @nichelle-my-belle​‘s 4K Angst Challenge. My prompt was, “I know it all ends the same, but I was just interested in seeing how you’d break my heart.” Let me know what you think, feedback is my motivation! Thank you for reading. I hope everyone has a good day!

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The Wallflower - One Shot

TITLE OF STORY: The Wallflower
Author: MistressofMischief
GENRE: Romance, Smut, Intrigue
FIC SUMMARY: Evelyn encounters a mysterious man while attending a Halloween masquerade. Will she be tempted by his alluring words and smooth moves? Or will she remain as she was, a wallflower, observing the night away?
RATING: Mature (Sexual content)

Women dressed in ball gowns spun around the room, dancing with their partners in the style of an old-fashioned waltz. It was an amass of colors and styles, for no two were alike. Some women wore Venetian while others wore Victorian. Some wore Colonial ball gowns while other women looked as though their gowns came right out of a Disney fairytale. There were also women that wore modern gowns, though those were few and far between. It was a Halloween Masquerade after all, and why shouldn’t everyone partake in the lure of anonymity and the fantasy of belonging to another time?

Evelyn was one of those few. It wasn’t that she wouldn’t dress in such a fashion. She couldn’t. It was well out of her price range to afford such finery. Plus, there was the added fact that her invitation had been rather last minute. A client of hers, ever grateful for her services after once again crashing his computer with some kind of virus, had invited her to use his invitation to this annual masquerade.

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anonymous asked:

Jon x Sansa prompt #44 ? (Preferably this recent forehead kiss and tension that ensued :3)

44) things you said before you kissed me

“Do you want me to?”

His eyes search her face while his hand holds it. His fingertips are on her temple, his thumb at the corner of her lips. His gaze flicks from hers down to her mouth and back again. There’s a swirling storm in his dark irises, which darken still further when his pupils dilate with the earnest desire that tugs at his gut when her lips part and her breath plays upon his skin.

She smells of the sharp spiciness of his favorite mulled wine, and every inch of him aches as he wonders if she’ll taste of it, too.

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Don’t Leave [Jason Todd x OC]

@royslittleharper @katclawtodd @ifthisislove-loveiseasy @coffee-randomness @schninner @tall-yet-smol @princesskananjarrus @kori-the-cutie

A/N: So I wrote a little something to cheer myself up. I’ll try to get back into doing the requests later, but guys please tell me if you want to see more of Lily or not this is kind of a ‘test the waters’ story.

Pairing: Jason Todd x OC

Word Count: 1482

Jason landed swiftly onto the balcony, being cautious not to draw any attention or make a sound. The darkness of the night cloaked his presence, even when his helmet contrasted the dark colors. He approached the glass door and raised a hand to knock, but hesitated.

Should he even be doing this? He could easily ask someone else, someone involved in this superhero business, to help him, but instead he came to a regular civilian who shouldn’t got tangled in this mess. It was funny, he told himself the exact same words every single time he arrived on the balcony of her apartment and he always ended up knocking anyway.

Jason hated to admit it, but he was attracted to her. That’s what drew him back to her every night.

He knocked on the glass lightly and waited patiently. It was only for a few seconds, but that was enough to make him doubt himself. Perhaps he shouldn’t have knocked. She might’ve been asleep, and even if she wasn’t she would be incredibly tired.

The door opened, revealing a familiar face that always made Jason’s heart swell.

“Hello Red.” Lily said softly, her eyes weary.

Jason felt a surge of guilt rush through him. “Sorry, did I wake you?”

“No, not at all. Come in.” She stepped aside and allowed him into her bedroom.

“So, how was your patrol tonight?” Lily questioned as she began to clean the blood off his skin. By now the blood and injuries didn’t faze her. Jason came to her for patching up so often she expected it.

“Fine, nothing too bad.” Jason answered.

“It seems that way. You’re not as beat up as usual.” she agreed lightly, patching him up as well as she could manage. After she was done, she helped him put his costume back on and said, “there, all done.” She gave him a heartwarming smile that instantly melted his heart.

Jason wondered how on earth did he manage to stumble on someone like Lily. It didn’t matter how late it was, her door was always open. Despite not knowing who he was or really, anything about him, she helped him without question. Sometimes when he was frustrated he would just rant about it to her. She didn’t understand anything, but she didn’t complain and instead allowed him to let it all out. Then she would offer him a warm, loving embrace.

Yet by being with her, he was putting her in danger. He had so many enemies, and if not enemies then when the others–his ‘family’ to be precise–discover her they’d definitely never leave her alone, bringing her deeper into this.

He had to leave her. As much as it pained the both of them, it was for the best.

“Hey… what’s wrong?” Lily asked gently, crouching in front of him and placing a hand on his helmet. He wished he could feel her fingers on his cheek instead, but what he wished for more was for him to not want it so badly.

Jason shook his head. “Nothing. I should go…”

“It’s not nothing.” Lily said firmly. “You can tell me anything, you know that right?”

He turned away and stood up. “You don’t know anything about me. You don’t even know my name.” he seethed, suddenly feeling angry, because she was making it so damn hard to leave. “What makes you think I will tell you anything?!” He didn’t mean to raise his voice, but he did.

Lily flinched back slightly but held her ground. Instead of getting upset, she instead whispered in a small voice, “you always talked to me, told me about Nightwing and Red Robin and Robin… even Batman. This is no different.”

“Everything about this is different.” Jason exclaimed.


“Because this is not about them.” he said. “It’s not about some hero or villain, it’s about you.” The words came out in a single, defeated breath.

Lily stood still, but there was an expression of shock on her face. After a moment of silence, she spoke. “I understand that you’re afraid of getting me involved, but leaving won’t undo what is already done, what is already here.”

Jason didn’t know whether to laugh or throw something in anger. Of course she would know why he was upset, she always knew. It was part of her unique ability.

“I’m a dangerous man Lils.” Jason bit his tongue, cursing internally for using her nickname. He was trying to intimidate her and the nickname was definitely not helping.

“I know that, but Gotham is a dangerous city yet here I am.” she stated in a strong voice. “I’m not afraid.”

“Well you might not be, but I am.” Jason admitted, speaking nothing but truth. He walked up to Lily and gripped her arms, gazing into her eyes. He knew that even if she couldn’t see his face she would be able to sense his worry, his fear and maybe even his love for her. “I am afraid for you.”

It was safe to say what he said left her speechless, or maybe it was the emotions she felt along with those words.

He felt her arms wrap around his much bigger body. He didn’t hesitate to return the hug. She felt so small in his arms, so fragile and vulnerable and he wished he could always keep her in his arms like this to not only protect her, but to love her as well.

“You know the thing about fear?” Lily inquired, looking up at him. “It’s always there. No matter where you are, or what you do, there’s always that nagging feeling in your heart telling you that something can go wrong any moment. But that doesn’t mean you should quit and give up. If it’s worth it, fight that fear and let yourself do all the things you always wanted to do. Let yourself live.”

Jason stared down at her, taking in her words. She was smiling at him again, her eyes reassuring him that everything was going to be okay. And he believed it. He believed her.

His eyes involuntarily drifted down to her lips and before he could stop himself, he blurted out the words that may as well doomed their relationship.

“Can I kiss you?”

Lily’s cheeks heated up instantly and she averted her gaze to the side. Meanwhile, Jason wanted to kill himself then and there. How could he say something so stupid?!

“Y-You can but… that helmet is in the way.” she said with a hint of nervousness.

Jason couldn’t help but laugh at her statement, but he was also blushing madly because she was actually thinking of kissing him. That meant she returned his feelings… right?

He closed his eyes and felt it, love, her love. It was strong and raw and very real. There was not a speck of doubt. As Jason opened his eyes once again, he stared at the woman in his arms and made a decision.

“Then I guess it has to go.” Jason said, pulling away as his hands went up to his helmet. However, Lily grabbed his arm as a frown made its way to her face.

“Wait–are you sure? You don’t have to–”

“I want to.” he stated. Slowly, he took off his helmet and he saw Lily’s eyes widen as her breath hitch.

Her hands went up to his face, but before she touched it she asked, “may I?”

Jason took her hands and brought it to his cheeks, smiling. She wordlessly felt his face, from his jaws, to his lips, to his hair. She stroked the white streak of hair with a confused expression on her face.

“A trauma streak.” Jason whispered.

Lily’s jaw dropped. “Oh Red…”



“It’s Jason.” he corrected. “Jason Todd.”

“Jason.” she repeated, the name sounding beautiful in her voice. “You’re incredible.” Her voice was breathless but full of awe as she continued studying his face.

Jason held her hands in place, staring at her intently. She seemed to realize this and her cheeks grew red.

He lowered his head and captured her lips in a kiss. It was soft and gentle, and definitely sensual. He knew she didn’t have any experience and he didn’t want to push her.

“I love you.” Jason whispered once they pulled away. Lily glanced down to hide her blushing face.

“As do I.” she confessed, finally looking back up. “I love you, Jason Todd.”

Jason wrapped his arms around her again, as if trying to say thank you. Never did he think Lily would love someone like him. He didn’t even think he’d stay long enough but she was worth it. He couldn’t walk away, even if he wanted to.

“Does this mean you’re not going to leave me?” Lily asked quietly. Jason chuckled and nodded his head.

“No, never, I promise.”

He felt Lily smile against his chest. “Good.”

Bellarke Week Day 6 - Fluff

Talk Nerdy To Me

Bellamy + Clarke⎜OS⎜Fluff

“I was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting Romeo and Juliet at me”

The music thumps loudly in her ears as she weaves her way through the crowd, slightly unsteady on her feet. She’s buzzing with energy, still swaying to the beat, wide grin plastered on her face. It’s almost summer, exams are almost over, she is surrounded by her friends, and the air is thick with possibility.  

Jasper pulls her in to a tight hug, incoherently gushing into her ear, thanking her for the introduction. His eyes gleam when he pulls back, staring at Maya with no inhibition, no filter. Somewhere in a quiet corner Monty is in deep conversation with Harper, his head shaking a little with intensity, utterly oblivious to the throng of sweating bodies dancing away just inches away.   

She pulls the hair away from her sweaty neck and into a messy bun on the top of her head, stumbling slightly onto the balcony where the cool breeze settles the buzz into a low hum. Luna and Raven are already there, welcoming her with sloppy hugs and warm beers and lopsided smiles. She loves her roommates, loves her life, loves this party. It’s been years since she felt this happy.   

She leans over the balcony railing, closing her eyes as she lets the air cool her body and sharpen her mind, smile permanently fixed on her face. The air smells like lilacs and smoke and grass, like freedom and hope. Below, the street is humming with activity, excited chatter from other party goers filtering up through the backdrop of the deep bass from inside. The whole world is high it seems, thrumming with the heady promise of summer.   

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?”

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