she speaks so well for her age

Weasley ((George x Reader))

summary: molly introduces y/n and george and fluff ensues

requested: Hey can you do a 24 & 3 with George Weasley??

warings: none (possibly some swearing)

pairing: george x reader


3. “I was thinking about asking you out, but then I realized how stupid that’d be.” 

24. “Stop it.” “Stop what?” “Smirking at me like that!” “Like what?“ “… Stop it!”


You don’t go to Hogwarts- or at least you didn’t. Your parents were transferring you over the summer, because the success rates after graduating were higher there, or something like that. All you knew was that you were being forced to leave the school you’d grown up in for a majority of your life for a different one, where you knew all of no one, which was very intimidating.

Not that that was what you wanted to think of while you were book shopping for this new school. You were in the middle of picking up one of the books you needed, when your name is called across the store. You nearly drop the book in surprise, glancing in the direction of the voice, taking in Molly Weasley coming towards you. 

“Oh, hi Mrs. Weasley.” you greet when she’s in earshot. She’s friends with your mom, so you’d seen her around a bit.

“Y/N, hi! Your mom said you’re transferring to Hogwarts?”

“I am, yeah.”

“That’s great! All of my children go there, so you won’t have to worry about making friends- speaking of which, have you met my son George?”

“I have not met your son George,” you laugh, meeting eyes with a somewhat embarrassed looking guy your age. 

“Well, I’ll just leave you two to it then.” she responds, shooting a not so subtle wink at George, which doesn’t make him look any less embarrassed. She walks over to a different redheaded boy, which you assume is one of her other sons, and pretends not to watch the interaction. 

There’s a pause of silence, and after a minute the tall boy fills it. “I’d be her son George.” he chuckles, a little flushed.

“I assumed,” you arch an eyebrow, smiling to show that you were teasing. 

“What a rude thing to do.” he pretends to look offended. “I could’ve been any of her sons- she has six of them, you know.”

“Can’t say that I knew that, actually. But I’ll be more careful next time.” You can’t help but giggle at him. 

“As you should be,” he grins, the tension between you successfully melted. “Now have you found the fourth book on the list? Because I haven’t, and I’d ask one of my brothers, but I’m the smartest you see, so if I can’t find it then there’s no hope for any of us.”

“I’m sure that’s true,” you play along. “But that book is on the first table you see when you come in.”

“Pfft, of course it is. I was just testing your knowledge.” he informs you. “You passed.”

You end up doing the rest of your shopping with the Weasleys, mainly George as he splits the two of you away from the group for a majority of the shopping. “What’s your biggest pet peeve?”

“My biggest pet peeve?” his brow wrinkles in confusion. 

“Yeah.” you laugh at his expression. “Like, what really annoys you?”

“Oh, I dunno. I don’t like it when people call each other by their last names.”

“That’s weird.” you inform him, which he only rolls his eyes in response of. 

“Okay, then what’s yours?”

“I don’t know. I don’t like wet socks.”


“Y’know, like when you step in a wet patch while you’re in socks- that’s like one of the worst feelings ever.”

He just scoffs. “And that’s not weird?”

“No- who likes wearing wet socks? Literally no one. It’s weird if that’s not one of your pet peeves.”

“I think you’re a little biased.”

“I am not.”

“Whatever you say.” he hums, opening the door to the tea shop that you’d agreed to meet the rest of his family at. 

You about to wit something back when Mrs. Weasley spots you, and ushers you over to the table she was sitting at. “I’m not sure where the others are,” she informs the two of you. “I think they said something about Borgin and Burkes- George, would you go get us some waters?”

“Sure.” he gestures for you to take the seat across from his mother, smiling at you before heading towards the front. 

“Good looking boy, isn’t he?” she tuts, smiling expectantly at you. 

“Huh?” is all you can let out, a flush taking over your face as you process her words. 

“Georgie! He’s quite the looker.”

“Oh, um, yeah. I guess.” you stutter out, hoping your blush isn’t as visible as you know it is. 

“Girls always have liked him- can’t say he’s always liked them though. But he’s seemed quite interested in you today. Don’t reckon he’ll ever hear the end of it from Fred.” 

“Oh,” you let out, wondering what could possibly be taking George this long. 

“You do seem quite interested in him as well- and you’d just make the most beautiful children-”

“Mind if I join you?” George cuts in, seemingly unaware of the conversation he’d just interrupted as he sets your water in front of you, placing the others on the table. 

“Sure, Georgie, you can take my spot.” Mrs. Weasley gets up, her wink directed at you now as she takes her water from the table. “Y/N and I were just talking about how handsome you are.” she informs him, you nearly choking on the sip of water you’d just taken. Mrs. Weasley looks highly amused as she wanders towards the exit, clearly quite proud of herself. 

“Really?” George slides into the spot next to you, turning to you and bouncing his eyebrows. 

“I’m not sure I used those exact words.” you glance over at him, taking in the smirk on his face. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” he teases, the smirk still resting on his face. 

You scoff at him, tempted to stick your tongue out. “Smirking at me like that, Weasley.”

“Like what, Y/N?” he challenges, ignoring your attempt at annoying him. 

You hold eye contact for a moment,daring each other to speak first. “…Stop it!” you burst finally, nearly pushing him off the bench with a shove that was meant to be playful. You burst out laughing at the expression on his face, which makes him laugh, and then you’re causing a lot more noise than you probably should be saying as you were in a shop. 

He looks at you then, with a tenderness that makes your cheeks flush. “What?”

“Nothing,” he tucks a piece of hair behind your ear, cautiously. “I mean, I was going to ask you out, but then I realized how stupid that’d be.”

“That wouldn’t be stupid!” you clear your throat at the eagerness in your voice. “Um, I mean why would that be stupid?”

He tries to keep a straight face, but laughs at your response, shaking his head. “I don’t know. Maybe it wouldn’t be. I just didn’t think you were interested is all.”

You stare at him expectantly, rolling your eyes when he doesn’t continue. “Is there something you’d like to ask me?” you hint, making him grin again. 

“Would you like to go out with me, Y/N?”

“No.” you watch his mouth drop open and giggle. “I’m just kidding, George. Of course I would- but that’ll show you for being over confident you wang.”

He rolls his eyes at you. “What’s a wang?”

“You. You’re a wang.”

“Really? So if I look up wang in the dictionary there will be a picture of me?”


“No I don’t think so- in fact I happen to have bought a new dictionary today- thanks for that, by the way- so I think I’ll just test that theory, if that’s okay with you.”

“You’re just full of tests aren’t you?”

“Says the one who thought rejecting me was just the funniest thing in the world.”

“It was! You should’ve seen your face.”

“No, I don’t think I should have- mostly because that’s impossible. Which I know because I’m the smartest Weasley.”

“Yes, I think I’ve heard that before.”

(just like endless banter until it’s time for you to go, and George kisses you goodbye, which leaves you very excited to see him again when school starts)

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Ranma ½ - one page per manga volume, 8/38

(Art runs right to left this time around)

From the Romeo & Juliet schoolplay arc, which also features gems like Akane challenging Kuno with a sword (and seemed to do decently for the short time they fought), Juliet!Ranma using drunk-fu, and the spectacle of “Romeo” and “Juliet” being told to kiss because “your parents want you to!!”. But in the end I went with this earlier page instead, both because of the adorable child-flashback panels and for what this says about Akane.

A couple years ago I was working in a foreign marketplace, so a lot of the customers couldn’t speak English very well. For the most part I could manage, but there was one lady we had to call the police on several times. We called her the crazy bag lady. She’d come in a few hours before closing and spend ages shopping, weighing every bit of produce she grabbed, doing the math on how much it should cost, and if what we rang up didn’t match her math exactly (even if the price was lower!) she’d throw a fit until we deleted the purchase, unbagged everything (she always had a cart full to the brim), and started over. And she always ended up checking out 30 minutes before close, but would be so difficult that we’d be stuck there sometimes an hour and a half after we were supposed to leave. One time we had different bags for the holidays and she didn’t like the bags so she threw a fit until the managers managed to find a box of the old bags to use for her. And the worst part was that whenever us cashiers called a manager to deal with her, she would literally plug her ears and start going “LALALALA” like a child so she wouldn’t listen to them. One time she was there so late we had to tell her to come back the next day, but she refused and kept trying to walk back in the aisle because we put her cart away. I had to physically block her because she kept plugging her ears when I told her we were closed. After calling the police on her 3 separate times because she refused to leave the store after close, we finally banned her from the store. Worst customer ever.

spydersdomybidding  asked:

Not sure if this falls exactly within your realm of expertise, but thank you in advance. I have a character who was forced to learn a new language when she was 10 (world jumping) and finally returns home at age 19. Given that she would not have been speaking her first language with anyone else for 9 years, what would her transition to speaking her native language look like? I assume she'd only have the vocab of a 10-year-old, but can still learn more over time.

This falls kind of under psycholinguistics I think which I’m not super well versed in, but here’s what I’d think.

By the age of ten our native language (especially if we’re monolingual) is pretty firmly cemented in our minds. So for those nine years, despite speaking in another language, she’d probably be thinking in her native one. I mean she might occasionally use words from her second language that she doesn’t have a word for in her native tongue because, as you pointed out, she’d only have the vocab of a 10 year old.

Still, while it might feel a little weird and she might occasionally use bits of her second language to fill in any blanks, switching back to her native language would be pretty easy.

Language is… kind of like riding a bike, once you’ve got it, well I won’t say you never forget, but it’s pretty easy to get back on it and figure it out in one go.

Female Vietnamese-Chinese-Australian

My dad is Vietnamese, but his parents come from China. My mum is from China, but she moved with her family to Hong Kong from an early age. They speak Cantonese (or as you otherwise might know it, traditional Chinese) as a main language, although they can speak (simplified) Chinese too. I was born and raised in Australia so I identify as Australian as well as Chinese and Vietnamese.

My area has some Asians, but you can get other PoC showing up too and as a writer, I like to embrace that (that’s why this profile exists). However, most people here are non-PoC, Australia being a former British colony and whatnot.

  • Clothing

Hand me downs. When your dad has 10 sibings and 2 of them are about an hour’s drive from your house, you can’t deny that’ll happen. However, I do get new clothes every now and again.

  • Food

My family does have a habit of eating rice and/or different Chinese styles of noodles a lot for dinner, but we eat pasta and other cultural foods every now and then. A typical lunch is normally a sandwich or fast food, while breakfast can be anything from dim sims to toast to apple pie (I think the apple pie is just a scrounge-for-money excuse on my mum’s part though).

We do eat Vietnamese food for dinner (a cold vermicelli dish with mint/lettuce, fish sauce and soft shell crab/spring rolls/cha lua/surimi scallops - or a combo of those - known verbally as something along the lines of “moong” to me, although I don’t know its proper name or spelling) or lunch (banh mi or pho), although the likelihood of having Vietnamese food for any given meal is significantly rarer than Western-style food/rice and normally it’s my dad who’ll eat pho.

We used to go out for yum cha for lunch (despite it being breakfast in most cases in Hong Kong) every now and again. When we’re in Hong Kong though, my maternal grandma makes us go to yum cha for breakfast and then to the same restaurant for dinner. There’s one dish I love from yum cha specifically (prawns in cheong fun with soya sauce) which is often on the menu and why I don’t mind yum cha in most cases.

My mum loves Japanese food, but my dad doesn’t like most raw things (I had a childhood friend whose mother used to work at a sushi shop, so we got lots of discounted food - it didn’t help my dad one bit) so me and my sisters have grown up eating sushi/okonomiyaki/sashimi and we’ll eat this stuff on birthdays or special occasions. That’s how we get into anime and learning Japanese at school. 

  • Holidays

My family is atheist, with a mild exception on my smallest sister’s part (she believed in the optional religious education classes a little too much, and so is a bit more insistent on Christianity). We normally go out to Chinese New Year celebrations in our vicinity (we normally buy the spiral potatoes on skewers and/or batter-coated octopus tentacles and eat them if not collecting freebies). We’ll eat mooncake, tang yuan or the like as a celebratory food around the relevant holidays, although we do sometimes eat them out of season if the food is around and cheap. We don’t take days off around Chinese New Year like Chinese are supposed to, but we do take breaks around Easter, Christmas etc. because schools, supermarkets etc. close on those days.

Red pockets (actually red envelopes, they have money in them) are a custom for birthdays, Christmas, New Year, weddings and Chinese New Year. If your birthday is close to one of the other listed holidays, you get one instead of two (see this profile for explanation). There is no set amount for the others, but normally for a 20-something-year old the cap is about AU $50 (we send the equivalent in American money to American relatives, but that’s less often than the ones we see in person and remember the birthdays for), and for weddings you should give more than that. 

We take basically any excuse to get together with extended family and Asian family parties are never dull. The adults, especially, gossip long into the night and if they bust out the alcohol, they go home at midnight or 2 am because…obvious reasons.

  • Identity issues

I thought, when I was younger, my surname was Chinese, but it turned out to be Vietnamese put through American pronunciation. I told my friends…and they didn’t give any reaction. Either they took it in their stride or just continued to think I was Chinese/Chinese-Australian like them.

I’ve been to Vietnam and Hong Kong on family trips before and for some reason, even though Australia is “home” to me, when all the people look closer to what you do and experience life similar to what you do, you feel like you’re “at home” in a weird sense. Can’t speak a speck of Vietnamese and my Cantonese and Chinese have fallen out of good use though, so I’m just berated by older relatives (in Cantonese and most times to my parents’ faces) when I visit them and speak in English.

I’m a bit more tan than my sisters due to neglecting sunscreen on sunny days, but my dad used to joke to me and my sisters that I was Filipino/Indian and looking back on it, that was pretty toxic. (It was also kinda hypocritical because he’s tanner than me, but he never pointed that out.) Some other people may get offended at being called “banana” or “ABC” (Australian-born Chinese), but me and my sisters can take it as a joke.

Talking about the Vietnam War is kinda awkward for me, as my dad escaped from it in his youth. I learnt about the war while doing an international studies course and being to Vietnam - there was this aura of coldness around it all the while and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it.

  • Language

I was taught Cantonese from birth, but Australia being as it is means English is my default. I had to learn Chinese and Japanese from language schools and school courses.

Hong Kong was British up until 1997, so there’s lots of English (the language, the people aren’t that common there) around and it’s easier to get by there (for me) than Vietnam. Vietnam was French in the 1800s so my dad knows limited French, but I’ve never learnt French. 

  • Study

I used to try and keep up with my parents’ standards of “play piano!”, “get good grades!” etc. etc. but as time wore on, I found I didn’t want to. In the end, I found they’re not too worried, so long as I do well in what I want to do and pass in what I need to do. 

…I’m also a proud procrastinator, as bad as that is.

  • Micro-aggressions

Notice how I’ve used “Cantonese” as a term for traditional Chinese, and “Chinese” for simplified? Cantonese and Chinese are completely different beasts. (I can get kinda picky about it, even though “Canton” is a somewhat whitewashed term and doesn’t refer to Hong Kong per se…I use the terms because I have no better way of distinguishing between the two.)

  • Tropes I’m tired of seeing

Kung fu Asians. Not all Asians are willing to whip your butt into shape with martial arts - most Asians wouldn’t know martial arts. For that matter, tai chi/taekwondo/karate/gong fu do not equal each other (yeah, Karate Kid with Jaden Smith is a misnomer).

  • Things I’d like to see more of

There’s one show I thought was fairly accurate in depicting a life like mine, and that’s The Family Law. Showing more family dynamics like that would be great.

I’d also like to see close siblings, regardless of genre, gender or race. (Not twins or OreImo, either - that’s a little too close.) I’m very close to my older sister, to the point where if we weren’t blood related, we’d be best friends.

It’s a weird demand, but regardless of where your story’s set or who it’s aimed at, I get kinda disappointed when people have an eating scene and they could check up some weird and wonderful food for it - for a workplace or school scene, a sandwich can make sense and it’s fine, but for one example, in fantasy feasts people eat “boar meat” and sometimes I wish they’d eat char siu instead of being so generic. Just do your research properly, spell the words properly and it’ll fit right in if it’s appropriate and/or relevant.

Read more POC Profiles here or submit your own.

sophomore blues ☾ liam dunbar

summary : the reality that all of his pack members, and the girl he loves the most in the world, are leaving for college in august finally sets in for liam and sadness ensues, but everyone thinks he’s just stressed about school and being a sophomore. 

   He’s in the locker room when he realizes it, but not on his own. Liam is shoving his lax uniform in his extra school bag, placing the stick in front of his locker and preparing to leave for his next class when someone taps his shoulder. He turns around, Mason beside him, and gives a side smile to the boy who tapped him. It’s another boy from the lacrosse team, just a year older than Liam is, and his name is Alex. 

    “Oh, hey Alex, what’s up?” Liam tries to make his smile more genuine, but he doesn’t like the other boy all that much. He’s never been fond of the boys that hit on his girl despite knowing that her and Liam were very much together. He’s friendly nevertheless, considering Alex plays with lacrosse with him and Coach has a very strict policy that all the teammates must get along- enacted after e every incident involving Jackson Whittemore and the dynamic duo of Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. 

    “You’re dating Y/N Y/L/N, right?” 

     Liam looks at Mason for a split second, refraining from rolling his eyes before turning back toward Alex, nodding. “Yeah. I am. Why?” Alex shrugs, slinging an arm around Liam’s shoulders and parading him out of the locker room. Liam reaches behind him for Mason, grabbing the front of his best friend’s shirt and dragging him out, too. 

    “Sucks that she’s leaving for college in, like, a month and a half, right? Must be rough for you. Good luck, dude,” Alex drops Liam off in front of English class with a loud pat on the shoulder and a condescending, fake smile. Liam, stunned into silence, doesn’t move or speak or think or even breathe for a good two minutes. Mason nudges him. Still nothing. 

    Because by now, he’s realizing it. He gets it. Y/N is a senior, and she graduates in two weeks without Liam by her side, the little sophomore with the anger issues and the werewolf problem. Sometimes, he forgets that there’s an age difference between them. She doesn’t make him feel like the youngest in the group the way the others do, she doesn’t team him in the same way that Scott and Stiles do, he doesn’t feel like a baby when he’s around her, she’s different and he’s pretty sure that she’s the love of his life. Now, he remembers that she’s going to college out of state. He remembers how excited she is to meet new people and grow up and leave Beacon Hills and leave him, just like majority of his friends are doing, too, and that’s when the sadness sets in. 

    Everyone in the pack thinks it’s the “sophomore blues.” It’s known by now that sophomore year is the most stressful year of high school, and by the end of the year, you’ve had at least three breakdowns in an effort to perfect your grades and social standing and extracurricular list for the colleges. Freshmen year is hard, but it’s the adjustment period, so bad times can be overlooked. It’s sophomore year that gets you, so that’s what people assume is wrong with him. Y/N knows a bit better, she thinks that something else is up, but he won’t admit to it. Not yet. 

   “Liam, are you sure that you’re okay?” Y/N worries over him one day, exactly a week from graduation. The thought of such a thing makes Liam want to cry, just a little bit. She drags him behind the bleachers of the lacrosse field, the spot where they went together to get away from the rest of the pack when they desired to be alone for a few minutes. She took his face in her hands, checking for flushed cheeks or glassy eyes. 

    “I’m fine,” he snapped, turning his head away from her. Y/N’s hands dropped to her sides as ducked underneath the bleachers and headed back toward the field. She went after him, confused, as Liam jogs up the bleachers and sits all the way at the top. She joins him after a moment’s hesitance, not sure if he wants her company. The problem is that he always wants her company, and she’d be leaving before summer vacation even ended. “I’m just stressed, is all. Okay? Get off my back,” he added gruffly when she slid into the seat beside him. He watched the frown settle on her lips. 

    “So, what is this? Are you just being moody because it’s a stressful time of the year? I know you’ve got finals and stuff coming up but you don’t have to be mean to me just ‘cause you’re stressed out,” Y/N fired back, folding her arms and staring straight ahead instead of at him the way she usually did. Liam, feeling guilty, moved closer to her on the bleachers, prying her hand off her arm. He slid his hand into hers. “And you know I could always help you out. I took all these classes already, it wouldn’t be a hassle. Straight A’s remember?” 

     Liam shrugged. “Tell me again why you’re not valedictorian, or at least salutatorian?” 

     “Lydia would’ve been valedictorian, not me,” she corrected quickly, “but we both missed too many school days to qualify and I fell behind in psych last year, anyway.” She paused, then glanced at her boyfriend and asked, “Are you coming next week? To the graduation ceremony?” 

    He waited for a second before answering, an action which may have been misconstrued as hesitance. Even so, of course he was going. He wouldn’t miss it for the world, but it didn’t mean he was going to be happy about watching you eventually move on from Beacon Hills and eventually, from him. “Yeah, yeah, I’m going, babe.” He squeezed her hand reassuringly. “I just wish…” he stopped himself, telling himself that it was because he didn’t want to make Y/N upset, but it was really because he wanted to start crying and preferred to do so in the comfort of his own home instead of in front of her. 

     “Wish what, Lee?” Y/N turned in her seat to face him completely, taking both of his hands in hers and lacing their fingers together with a small smile on her face. She waited, looking down at their hands until she heard Liam sniff. Her gaze snapped back to him in alarm, and she practically shoved his hands away so she could grab his face and pull her to him when she caught the tears in his eyes that he had tried to hide from her. “Liam, oh my god, what’s wrong, baby? What’s wrong?” 

    He’d never cried in front of her in the ten months that they’d been together, so this was very surprising. She barely knew how to react, all she could do was wrap her arms around him and try to rub his back comfortingly. He didn’t even make a sound, he was utterly silent and the silence worried her more than anything else. Liam was rarely ever upset. She felt him shake his head even though it was pressed against her shoulder. His hair tickled her cheek. “Liam, you’ve gotta talk to me,” Y/N whispered, stroking his hair. “You can tell me anything, I’m always here for you. Please, tell me what’s wrong.” 

     He felt like such a baby in that moment, looking up from her shoulder with his cheeks terribly red and his nose running and the stain of tears reflecting back at her. He rubbed furiously at his face, trying to get rid of the evidence. He sniffed again. He let his love gently take his hands away from his face and use her own gentle ones to wipe away the tears. “I-I’m sorry, ugh, I’m s-so sor- sorry,” he mumbled, shaking his head. “That was such a baby move, I’m sorry.” 

     She shushed him, “Don’t apologize. You’re allowed to cry, Liam. It’s fine. You know me, you know I cry all the time, and I’m eighteen years old. It’s no big deal, honey,” she searched his face, noting how his expression fell even further when she spoke her age. “Tell me what’s bothering you. And don’t say it’s the sophomore blues. I know you too well.” 

    Liam sighed, pushing out his bottom lip and biting it for a minute before speaking again, his voice very quiet, “Okay. I-I- um,” he took a deep breath. “I’m sixteen. Not even seventeen yet. And you’re eighteen.” 

    Y/N furrowed her brow. “Oh… I thought the age difference didn’t bother you? I thought you said it wasn’t weird? Is it weird now?” 

    “No, no, it’s just, uh, you’re graduating next week.” He took another deep breath, trying to calm himself down. “And then you’re gonna leave. And be in college. And you’re not gonna be here, with me. And everyones talking about their futures and how college is gonna be great and you’re all so excited so I couldn’t ruin your happiness with my stupid sadness over you leaving but I’m so sad about it, Y/N.” Liam laid his head against your shoulder, closing his eyes. “I can’t tell you to stay, obviously, because I want you to go out there and show everyone how amazing you are and I’m so happy you’re graduating and I’m happy that you’re happy but…” 

    “I’ve been trying not to think about it,” she said after a little while. “I don’t wanna leave, either. But the school-” 

    “It’s your dream, I know,” he said. “I just- I just don’t want you to fall in love with anyone else, or forget about me. You’re everything to me,” his voice broke, “I wouldn’t know who to be without you anymore. Maybe I’m overreacting, I don’t care. I know I’m just a sophomore in high school and that you’re gonna attract every guy within a five mile radius, and that you might forget about it, and of course if you’re happy then I want you to be happy even if it’s not with me but also I don’t. I’m just scared, all right? I’m scared.”  

    She hugged him again, as tight as she could manage, and she kissed the top of his head. She felt his arms slide up her back, his face breathing in the comforting scent of her hair. “I love you, Liam. And that’s not going to change. Ever. I know that it’s not, okay? I just know it. You’re it. I don’t care that you’re a little bit younger or that I’m going away for a little while, because we’ll make it work. We always do. We always will.” 

    Her words washed over him reassuringly, his doubts cleared from his mind as her lips found their way to his, tilting his chin up toward her and staying pressed against his own until they had to breathe again. His smile, she decided when they pulled away, could most likely light up this entire lacrosse field. 

    When they walked back to class, he asked her to drop him off in front of his science classroom. Y/N had given up trying to be on time to her classes and lost the ability to care, anyway. Liam wanted her to walk him to class for a specific reason. The minute they reached the door, he stalled for a minute. Then, Alex passed, and Liam pulled him back from entering the room. “Alex, you know my girlfriend, correct?” 

    Y/N was a particularly popular senior, so of course Alex knew who she was. He nodded eagerly, hoping to get a better introduction. Liam smirked at him. He pulled Y/N closer, arms around her waist as he kissed her deeply and unapologetically in the middle of the hallway. As Alex awkwardly turned and shuffled into class, Y/N rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. 

    “Ugh,” she teased, “you’re such a sophomore.”

    “Hey! Not funny, babe!”

Okay, so, my school generally sucks at everything, especially hiring teachers, and, oh boy, the French teacher! She is known for being intolerable by EVERYONE.

My school is fairly diverse for being in the middle of nowhere (we have racial diversity, lgbt+ kids, multiple religions, etc). Also worth noting, I live in the US.

The French teacher–I’ll call her Prof. B., okay?–was from Portugal and claimed to be fluent in seven different languages. She also claimed to have lived in the US on and off since the age of 16, but spoke so broken that you couldn’t tell what she was saying and didn’t know how to say most English words, as well as speaking like a textbook.

Prof. B. is also sexist, saying that a woman can’t be an authority figure unless we want the world to fall, homophobic, saying that same-sex marriage is equal to marrying cattle, transphobic, saying that a chair (or whatever) can’t be masculine no matter how hard it tried whilst staring directly at me (a nonbinary individual), and once said, “my notes are so easy that even the re***** downstairs could learn it!” Below her classroom is the Special Education classroom.

Prof. B. also neglected teaching us, turning on French baby songs and sitcoms and being mad if we claimed not to understand. She never gave rubrics for projects, didn’t give due dates, but did not accept late work.

And when I complained to the office (with exact quotes and dates, with witnesses) they said, “well, she has a right to her opinions. she’s been teaching here for 20 years, so she can’t be that bad…”

ramblingredrose  asked:

You should definitely meta about Tony and Wanda and how Tony's given way more leeway for what he's done as opposed to Wanda

Okay so. There is a huge disparity in the treatment of Wanda and Tony. Tony stans are virulent* in their defence of him, while Wanda stans, fans or her defence squad are pushed to defend her or point out the holes in other’s arguments - they’re pushed on the defensive from the start because Stark Stans love to focus on the fact that, as we are shown in the films “Wanda wrongs Tony first”.

*Yes, virulent. Like a virus. They’re awful and as far as I care, should be eradicated.

Yeah, right. Long before Wanda ever touched Tony Stark’s mind, Tony did something to her. Unintentionally. Unknowingly. Indeed, he may not have even been directly involved, it may have been Obadiah Stane’s fault, but, for narrative and thematic reasons, I think it would resonate more with Tony’s sense of guilt, blame and responsibility if it was in some way his fault. If Tony Stark had willingly sold weapons to NATO, who were involved in the Balkans unrest, or to the US government who later interfered in the unrest in the Balkans* - unknowingly making a situation worse with his weapons as Yinsen tells him. If it’s simply Obie’s fault, selling them behind his back, I think it removes a lot of the narrative impact from Tony’s shouldering the blame for his weapons - which he designed, which his company and people he trusted sold, which were then used in ways that hurt civilians, intentionally or not.

*You can read more about the Balkans conflicts after the dissolution of Yugoslavia over Here and Here. Many thanks to @tobermoriansass for helping me with this. Further reading [x] [x].

The fact of the matter is Tony Stark’s company - his company then, before he gave over power of it to Pepper - sold weapons that orphaned the twins. The twins, as ten-year-old children, hated the man who, as far as they knew, had orphaned them. Who had sold the weapons. Who had power and money and means and was praised - who, if he had sold weapons to NATO, for use in the Balkans conflict, may well have been praised for his part in such a so-called “peacekeeping” initiative - … and whose weapon had taunted them for two days in the rubble, as they waited above the bodies of their dead parents. To quote This truly fantastic meta by @eatingcroutons:

With all this going on, Maximoffs would have grown up knowing nothing but war, and with a deep-seated hatred of the foreign powers that had occupied and violated their homeland and people. Orphaned, desperate and powerless, it makes complete sense for them to jump at von Strucker’s offer to become something more. Like many of their compatriots, they volunteered for his experiments when he showed up with Loki’s staff in 2012.

The thing is, in explaining this, I’m not trying to justify Wanda’s actions to you. I’m sure there are many fans of Tony who’re going to insist that that’s exactly what I’m doing, but I’m not. This is simply an explanation of the upbringing and background - and ultimately trauma - that led to her decision. Just as Tony’s trauma has affected much of his behaviour to ultimately toxic ends.

[Source: Where’s The Alcohol?: Revisiting Tony Stark’s Glossed Over Alcoholism. The meta largely covers comics!Tony’s alcoholism, but I think the degree to which Tony drinks in the films, and his attitude towards alcohol, as well as his generally reckless behaviour, all speak to someone with some very unhealthy coping mechanisms]

So there’s that. Both of these characters have severe trauma and that affects not just how they see the world, but how they access and interact with the world. In simple terms, both characters have what amounts to excellent fic fodder! They’re both deeply fucked up with deep-seated issues, a desire to make amends for the wrongs they’ve done:

[Source: Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Battle of Novi Grad. Clint to Wanda, offering her a chance to make amends - which she takes]

TONY: I saw that I had become part of a system that is comfortable with zero accountability.

REPORTER: What happened over there?

TONY: I had my eyes opened. I came to realise that I have more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacture at Stark Industries … until such a time I can decide what the future of this company should be, what direction it should take, one that I am comfortable with and that is consistent with the highest good for this country as well.

[Source: Iron Man 1, Tony’s press conference on his return, shutting down Stark Industries’ weapons manufacture after seeing what it’s doing to people first hand]

So, if we’re getting into an argument of who hit who first, it was Tony. This is a farcial debate, because both characters seem able to move forwards from this, and grow up rather than clinging to it - Wanda sacrifices her vengeance to defeat Ultron and proceeds to do everything in her power to make amends afterwards, staying on as an Avenger while Tony has been actively making amends since, like Wanda, he was made aware of what his actions were actually doing. If we’re getting into an argument over who has learned, both of these characters have remarkably similar arcs and have both learned a lot from their starting points. Both of these characters lost their parents at a young age due to factors beyond their control, both sought to do something in response to this (the twins fought the injustice of their country and it’s unrest too try to make a safe place for it’s citizens, so no other children would be orphans like they were, Tony spent his entire life trying to live up to his father’s demands and expectations.), and both, when they realised their ways of going about this (for the twins, trying to destroy Stark, who they blamed for much, for Tony, the creation, manufacture and sale of weapons) were doing considerable harm… both stopped, and both proceeded to try to not just make amends for what they’d done, but actively undo it - Wanda fights back Ultron’s drones, tries to save lives on the train and pre-emptively in Novi Grad and fights alongside the Avengers, while Tony halts the manufacture and sale of his weapons, tries to track down his Stark tech and works as an Avenger, trying to prevent disaster.

There’s other similarities too. They both lose people who are either important to them, or who are integral to their character arcs. Tony loses his parents, yes, but also Obie, who turns out to have betrayed him and Yinsen, who taught him what his weapons did, and the loss of Coulson impacts him incredibly - “We are not soldiers!”. Wanda loses her parents, her city and her brother, as well as sacrificing the vengeance that supported her for so long.

They both learn that those they’re working with may not be the right ones - Obie in IM1, but also learning of his father’s work with Anton Vanko in IM2 and the likely accidental or invisible ties between Howard’s presence in SHIELD even as SHIELD was early on riddled with HYDRA and, of course, Ross and the Raft. The twins sign on to work with what they think is SHIELD, only to later learn it’s HYDRA - this isn’t fan speculation, believe it or not, but canon.

[Source: This Scepter’d Isle prelude comic for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Note List saying “our Iron Man, … our Avengers”. They’re claiming to be SHIELD as this was before CATWS and the reveal of HYDRA. Many thanks to @emmasdiamondheart for reminding me this panel exists]

And of course, after this, they work with Ultron, only for Wanda to learn his intention to destroy the world, which they of course cannot condone (when Ultron asks them not to get involved on the train Wanda responds “What choice do we have?”). Both Wanda and Tony repeatedly place trust in the wrong people and feel deep responsibility for this. And even Wanda’s continued anger at Stark when she knows he is the better choice than Ultron (“Ultron cannot see a difference between saving the world and destroying it. Where do you think he gets that from?”) makes sense - while Tony stopped making and selling weapons for and to others… he’s continued to make the best and worst weapon of them all - his own Iron Man suits, which he has kept wholly for himself - even Rhodey had to steal his suit, because Tony trusts so very few people. Indeed, like Steve, in some ways he does believe that sometimes the best hands are his own, even if he is very willing - and may even in a way find it comforting - to be held accountable for things.

There’s also a big one left. A really big one. A huge big one. And while every Stark Stan may try to justify it, it only goes to show the huge disparity between how Tony’s anger is treated vs. Wanda’s.

[Source: Captain America: Civil War. Tony stating his intent to kill Bucky Barnes for the death of his mother - a death Bucky was not in control of, as the brainwashed Winter Soldier, but is being blamed for anyway, and a death long ago.]

[Source: Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda putting fear into Tony Stark’s mind in order to bring about his downfall - an action done under the belief that blame was to be placed at Tony’s feet, regardless of if it was or not, and for deaths long ago.]

This is where the disparity comes in - a huge disparity, a disparity that I am pretty damn sure has it’s roots in classism, racism and sexism.

Tony is allowed to attack Bucky. He’s defended for it. He’s given justifications. And after it all, his fans still write fics where he apologises to Bucky and everything is fine and dandy. Wanda, on the other hand, is vilified. Is insulted from here to hell and back, is blamed for everything Tony does wrong from AOU onwards, is used to justify Tony’s every action - even Tony’s insults towards her:

“It’s a 100 acres with a lap pool. It’s got a screening room. There’s worse way to protect people. She’s not a U.S. Citizen and they don’t grant visas to Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

[Source: CACW, Tony to Steve, justifying Wanda’s illegal house arrest that happened against her knowledge… which kind of invalidates a house arrest when the person could break it simply by popping out to the shops.]

People buy into the in-universe media’s narrative that Wanda caused the explosion (she didn’t. We literally see Crossbones setting off the bomb he’s wearing). There are people who call her a murderer because she couldn’t contain an explosion - even though she contained it long enough to get it out of range of the people in the market, undoubtedly saving all of their lives. Indeed, the onus there if anything should have been on Steve, the one who was directly confronting Crossbones - but he got distracted, and Wanda, an Avenger still being trained up, still without a full grasp of her powers, had to step in when the bomb was set off.

[Source: Captain America: Civil War. Wanda self-flagellating over her perceived failure to save the lives of the Wakandans.]

Wanda displays much the same hallmarks as Tony Stark, has a very similar arc and very similar responses to trauma and mistakes (drive for vengeance and desire to make amends most notably).

And yet, Wanda is blamed, insulted, vilified. Tony Stark is praised, defended and others are trodden down so he may be raised up. Why is this?

It’s really very very simple:

Tony is a cis male (ostensibly) straight guy, born and raised in America to immense wealth, with a genius level intellect, constant snark and Daddy issues to make even Tyrion Lannister or goddamnit Jon Snow cry. He’s America’s 1%, he’s got guilt issues up the wazoo and his sarcasm and snark makes him many people’s favourite archetypes in one - and so they defend him to the death.

What’s Wanda got?

Wanda is a woman from Eastern Europe who grew up first in a block of flats which were later destroyed due to the war-torn nature of her home country and from then, is said to have lived on the streets according to Marvel. She and her brother were deeply codependent as a result of their trauma, and, in order to have the power needed to take the vengeance they had sought since they were ten (reminder! they were children when they imprinted on this idea) they let themselves be experimented on by people they later learned were Nazis.

Oh, and she actually managed to in-part take that vengeance on Stark.

That’s the reason she’s hated. She’s a woman. She’s Other with her Eastern European accent. She’s Different with her powers no one can explain. She was poor. She’s foreign and lesser and a she. And then she attacked a fandom fave due to misconceptions that she believed in her whole life - that her upbringing and country only continued to emphasise:

[Source: Avengers: Age of Ultron. Sokovian graffiti of Tony Stark as Iron Man, his face plastered over with dollar signs.]

It’s xenophobia. If you count in the Roma and Jewish background of the twins in comics, then it’s also racism. It’s certainly sexism, likely classism. These things mean that few will consider her… for her. For her character arc, for her trauma. Few will sit down and notice the similarities between her and Tony, few care. Instead, they hate her for her act of vengeance. They don’t try to understand why.

[Source: Captain America: Civil War. Vision explains the science behind the fear response to Wanda due to her powers in-universe. And yet - so few both in the MCU and out of it - where it doesn’t actually matter - care to delve into the whys and werefores and Wanda’s treatment.]

They just hate.

And it fucking sucks.

End Note: If you should want a truly excellent fic written to battle these issues with how Wanda is perceived and treated in and out of universe, may I recommend to you all Soldier, Weapon, Stranger, Monster by the wonderful @tobermoriansass, who has been such a help in writing this meta.

Heart Eyes - Peter Parker x Female! Reader

Originally posted by tomhollanderr

@cherylbombshellsworld Can u do one where the reader just moved to queens and ends up living across peter and then gets a crush on him and so on?

Word count: 1,248

Warnings: a shit lot of DC and probably some swearing

A/N : Thank you all for 400 followers! ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

And i can also make a Part 2 if anyone wants lmao

You woke up.

The window next to your bed was open and you felt the cold breeze that crept in. Today was moving day! Your feet swung across the bed an attempt to leave the comfortable mattress.

After you took a few steps down the corridor you saw one of your roommates – Artemis.

She was trying so hard to fix her hair and leave for a mission. After she spotted you on the doorframe, she smiled.

“I can’t believe you are leaving us!” she cried out. She got up from her seat and proceeded to hug you. “Do you really have to? You are only sixteen!”

“I have to be on a mission. You know, Justice League stuff. Besides, Dick will be there most of the time. Because I’m technically not an adult yet.”  You simply replied. Artemis hugged you for a few more minutes before realizing she is going to be late. “Not that he is much of an adult himself, but whatever.”

“Wally is still in the kitchen if you need anything. “ She called out after she left through the door. You stared at it for a few minutes.

After a few seconds, you made a sharp turn to the right which led you to the kitchen. You saw your other roommate before slipping some cereal in a bowl.

“Are you ready to move, (Y/N)?” Wally said with a smile.

“I will be if you fly me over to Queens!  And by me, I mean me and my suitcases.” You chuckled. Wally’s playful frown made you chuckle again.

“And please thank Bruce once again. I can’t believe he actually paid for my apartment!”

“(Y/N). You thanked him at least twenty-five times.” Wally said while taking a bite of his sandwich. “And I can’t fly you up but I can call Bruce-“

“Stop right there, West. Bruce already paid for my apartment, and as much as I love to travel in the Batwing, I can’t even dare to ask this big hearted man for that much.”

“Big Hearted?” Wally laughed, “Anyway, I can call Hal if you want”

You snapped your fingers and point at Wally playfully.

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The rose and the direwolf in bed together

I’ve been thinking about how Sansa and Cersei were both betrothed to Willas. This is important because I believe it’s supposed to show the reader that Sansa and Cersei are similar in that they both get forced into marriages. However the subtext to this betrothal is: who would they rather marry, if given the choice? Sansa replaces Willas with Loras in her head and Cersei wants Jaime. Jaime thinks that Loras is a younger version of himself, while Cersei thinks he should have never taken the white because he’s too loyal to his family. Ned replaces Loras with Beric who is Ned’s “chosen” knight for justice (Beric is a foreshadowing for Jon). This scene reads like Ned has rejected a proposal for Sansa. Sansa thinks Ned should have chosen Loras, but Loras is like another Joffrey for her. She crushes on a knight (Loras) and a prince (Joffrey) separately but she could find both in the same person. Cersei also wanted a knight (Jaime) and a prince (Jon’s father) but got neither. I’m not the first to point this out - the theories about similarities to Cersei and Sansa have been around for years in the fandom. 

Here’s the book evidence for Cercei and Sansa similarities:

Tywin took Willas away from Sansa and gave him to Cersei:

I will not have the rose and the direwolf in bed together,” declared Lord Tywin. “We must forestall him.”
“How?” asked Cersei.
“By marriage. Yours, to begin with.”
It came so suddenly that Cersei could only stare for a moment. Then her cheeks reddened as if she had been slapped. “No. Not again. I will not.”

Tywin: “I will not have the rose and the direwolf in bed together.”

Isn’t that a curious phrase?

The rose…

The rose…

The rose…

The rose…

The rose…

The rose…

The rose…

As it happened the winter roses had only then come into bloom, and no flower is so rare nor precious. So the Stark sent to his glass gardens and commanded that the most beautiful o’ the winter roses be plucked for the singer’s payment. And so it was done. But when morning come, the singer had vanished … and so had Lord Brandon’s maiden daughter. Her bed they found empty, but for the pale blue rose that Bael had left on the pillow where her head had lain.”

The rose…

“Do you require guarding?” Marillion said lightly. “I am composing a new song, you should know. A song so sweet and sad it will melt even your frozen heart. ‘The Roadside Rose,’ I mean to call it. About a baseborn girl so beautiful she bewitched every man who laid eyes upon her.”
I am a Stark of Winterfell, she longed to tell him

The rose…

“Were you at the tourney? I saw your sister there. Ser Loras Tyrell gave her a rose.
“She told me.” It all seemed so long ago. “Her friend Jeyne Poole fell in love with your Lord Beric.”
“He’s promised to my aunt.” Ned looked uncomfortable. “That was before, though. Before he … ”
died? she thought, as Ned’s voice trailed off into an awkward silence. Their horses’ hooves made sucking sounds as they pulled free of the mud.
“My lady?” Ned said at last. “You have a baseborn brother … Jon Snow?”

The rose…

His hair was a mass of lazy brown curls, his eyes like liquid gold. She inhaled the sweet fragrance of the rose and sat clutching it long after Ser Loras had ridden off…

The rose…

Sansa clutched at his arm. “Father, don’t let Ser Gregor hurt him,” she said. Ned saw she was wearing the rose that Ser Loras had given her yesterday.

The rose…

A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness

The direwolf…

Originally posted by bitcisnerosworld

Other interesting parallels:

Weymar Royce, Loras Tyrell, and Jon Snow are all described as “slender” and “graceful.”

Jon wants to give Ygritte a flower from Winterfell’s glass gardens.

Willas is a dog breeder:

“He has a passion for breeding animals as well, and owns the finest hounds, hawks, and horses in the Seven Kingdoms.” A perfect match, mused Tyrion. Cersei also has a passion for breeding.

Cersei doesn’t want to marry Willas and is in love with her brother:

Tyrion: The unfortunate Willas Tyrell was like to contract a sudden fatal case of sword-through-bowels, which could rather sour the alliance between Highgarden and Casterly Rock. I should say something, but what? Pardon me, Father, but it’s our brother she wants to marry?

Cersei is involved in two incestuous relationships: first her brother and then her cousin. 

One reason why Tywin is arranging this marriage is to dispel the rumor that the lion and the lion are in bed together.

“…the rose and the direwolf in bed together…“

Sansa doesn’t really want to marry Willas either. She wishes she could marry Loras:

She could never hold a picture of Willas long in her head, though; her imaginings kept turning him back into Ser Loras, young and graceful and beautiful. You must not think of him like that, she told herself. Or else he may see the disappointment in your eyes when you meet, and how could he marry you then, knowing it was his brother you loved? Willas Tyrell was twice her age, she reminded herself constantly, and lame as well, and perhaps even plump and red-faced like his father. But comely or no, he might be the only champion she would ever have.

Loras has taken the white. Jon has taken the black. 

Loras is Jaime, Cersei’s lover. Jaime’s thoughts on Loras:

He’s me. I am speaking to myself, as I was, all cocksure arrogance and empty chivalry. This is what it does to you, to be too good too young.

Cersei’s thoughts on Loras, Sansa’s crush:

Ser Loras is so Tyrell he pisses rosewater. He should never have been given a white cloak.

We know Jon isn’t “empty chivalry” and “cocksure arrogance.” However, we also know that Jon is the Starkiest Stark who ever Starked. And he probably should have never been given a black cloak.

Cersei’s thoughts on Rhaegar:

When she had been presented to him, Cersei had almost drowned in the depths of his sad purple eyes. “He has been wounded,” she recalled thinking, “but I will mend his hurt when we are wed.” Next to Rhaegar, even her beautiful Jaime had seemed no more than a callow boy.

Sansa’s suitors include Loras, the Hound, Willas, Tyrion: all disfigured “knights”  + Joffrey: dead prince = Jon: dead prince, disfigured hand, and soon-to-be disfigured face. 

Sansa thought Joff was handsome at first but then she saw him as ugly. She has been going through important experiences that teach her how to find men “comely” despite superficial appearances for a reason.

So these are all of the parallels between Jaime/Loras/Willas/Jon x Sansa/Cersei. There could be more - others have pointed out a lot of interesting dynamics between Cersei and Sansa.

Isn’t this a little uncanny??? Could this possibly be…FORESHADOWING?!? 

The way the author has set this up, Jon can now easily replace Loras in Sansa’s mind (just as she replaced Willas  with Loras), and she can contrast/compare Loras and Joffrey to Jon. She would also have an interesting similarity to Cersei while contrasting with her in every other way. So there you go. I believe these pairings are setting up Sansa and Jon…in bed together!

Breathe Disaster

ao3 |

Summary: Dick’s been shot, Wally feels guilty, and Cassandra sheds some insight on why Dick fights.

Based on @haunt-the-stars‘s birdflash post. It did not turn out the way I thought it was going to at all, but I hope you enjoy! Title comes from Marianas Trench’s song Ever After.

“Come on, Dick,” Wally murmurs, head lowered as he sits in the chair next to Dick’s bed side (or should he say cot side, since they’re in the Batcave’s medbay. Maybe he would have, but even his mind, the joke falls flat). He has his hands clasped in front of him, and he hates this feeling of waiting. It’s too slow. It helps him feel better to talk to Dick, though. To mutter, “Come on, Dick. Wake up soon, or else Batman’s gonna fillet me.”

He won’t. Batman’s always been through here more times in the past three hours than Wally can count, and Wally doesn’t doubt that Batman’s too worried about Dick to do much more than grunt in Wally’s general direction.

Unfortunately, Wally hasn’t known Batman—Bruce Wayne—long enough to translate Bat-speak, so he’s at a loss for what that particular grunt means. He hopes it means that he’s not going to kill Wally. But without Dick there to translate, and with Tim being uncooperative and not speaking to either Bruce or Wally, it means that Wally is out of luck.

“You know,” someone says, and Wally looks up to see a girl about Tim’s age—Cassandra, Wally remembers—next to him, looking down at him. He doesn’t know her very well, but she’s always shied away from his exuberance.

“Don’t take it personally,” Dick had told him after one too many times she’d disappeared on them in the manor. “She doesn’t know you well, and you’re probably just too loud and obnoxious.”

“So are you!” Wally had claimed.

Dick had just shrugged with an easygoing grin. “Yeah, well, I’m her brother. She has to like me.”

That conversation had dissolved into wrestling pretty quickly, and Wally thinks that they’d broken one of Alfred’s weird vases. They’d scrambled to clean up the shards, both reminiscing about the times they’d done this before when they were kids. Wally is pretty sure he’d seen a shadow watching them that day, and he wonders now if it was Cassandra.

“You’re not going to wake him up by staring at him,” Cassandra says, eyes flickering over to where Dick is lying unconscious on the cot. She looks sad. “But he’s not in any danger, so it should be okay to rest and eat something.”

“I’m not hungry,” Wally says at once, even though it’s a lie.

He’s starving. Not to mention exhausted. But all he can see when he closes his eyes is turning around to see the bullet piercing through Dick’s suit. Dick falling. Wally had barely been fast enough to catch Dick and flash him away somewhere safe. The stricken looks of his family when Wally had brought him to the Batcave.

Cassandra hums, but it doesn’t seem like she believes him. “I know how your abilities work.”

“I don’t think I can leave him.”

“Alfred can make you something,” Cassandra offers, her eyes soft and her voice gentle, but there’s something powerful about her that Wally can’t quite place. But then she looks back over at Dick, and she hunches in on herself, and all that power turns to fragile hurt. She’s sad. This is her big brother, Wally realizes, and she probably hurts just as much as Wally does to see Dick like this, but she’s torn herself away from him to take care of herself. Probably because that’s what Dick would want.

But Dick is Wally’s best friend. And he was there when Dick was shot. He’d had to watch as Dick fell like a puppet with its strings cut. And he sits here and he doesn’t think he can tear himself away until he knows for sure that Dick’s eyes will open again.

Cassandra seems to understand, because she sits down on the empty chair and pulls her knees up. “It sounds bad,” she says quietly, “but we’re all used to this. It’s the price of being…human, I guess.”

“I’m human,” Wally croaks. “I’m human, and this doesn’t happen to me. I can dodge bullets at super speed and I have accelerated healing, and sometimes—sometimes I forget that Dick isn’t me. He can’t take the hits I do and keep on going.”

“Maybe,” and Cassandra sighs. “But Dick’s one of the best when it comes to this, and there’s a reason.”

“Yeah?” Wally snorts. “And what’s that?”

Cassandra smiles. “Friends. Family. The people he loves, and the ones who love him.”

Wally runs a hand down his face. “That’s not going to help him dodge a bullet when it’s aimed straight at him.”

“Maybe not. But it gives him something to fight for.” Cassandra hesitates, and then she stares at Dick again. She seems almost—reluctant. “Dick…is different. Bruce fights for the city, but Dick fights for love. Family. Friendship.”

“Shhh,” Dick moans, his eyes still closed and his face pale, but his hands twitches towards where Cassandra is sitting. “‘M tryna sleep over here, Cassie. You, too, Walls. Love ya, but shuttup.”

Wally blinks, a little startled as he looks over at his best friend, but from the corner of his eye he sees Cassandra bite back a small smile.

“Dick?” Wally asks, almost in disbelief, that guilt threatening to overwhelm him again. He hadn’t realized that Cassandra had been distracting him from it until Dick’s blue, blue eyes open and catch his green, and they just look at each other. Until Wally feels something hitch in his chest and has to wrap his fingers around Dick’s weak hand. “Thank God.”

Dick huffs an amused breath, his eyes hazy with pain killers, but he squeezes back as much as he can. “Come here often?”

“Shut the hell up, Dick,” Wally says, but something loosens and Wally is crying tears of relief. “God, you scared me half to death.”

“Jason’s the one who does the death jokes around here,” Dick half slurs, a loopy grin across his face. “He’s not gonna be happy you’re taking ‘em over.”

Wally laughs wetly, and he has to take a couple of deep breaths before he can speak again. But before he can, he looks around in bewilderment, because—

“Where did your sister go?”

“T’get Bruce,” Dick says.

“I didn’t even see her leave.”

“She’s sneakier than a ninja.”

“Why is she getting your dad?”

“He’s a worrywart.”

“You got shot.”

“So’re you.”

“It nicked a lung.”

Dick huffs another laugh, but he grimaces this time and shifts. “I think the pain meds are starting to wear off.”

It’s less guilt this time around and more worry that makes Wally lean forward and squeeze Dick’s hand just a bit tighter. “Are you alright?”

Dick hums and closes his eyes. “Ask me again in a couple hours.”

“Dick,” Wally says, and Dick opens his eyes up again. He looks exhausted, but he meets Wally’s eyes, and looks slightly more coherent than before. He waits patiently, giving Wally a I’mlistening look, and Wally swallows. “I’m sorry I wasn’t fast enough.”

“And if I say I’m the one who’s sorry?” Dick says, his tone sharp all of the sudden. “Are you gonna let me take the blame for this one? Or are you gonna pull a Bruce and take all of the guilt?”

“Why would you be—”

“Because I jumped in front of it, Wally,” Dick says, his voice solemn, and Wally feels something sink his in stomach at the serious look in Dick’s eyes. At Dick’s words. “It was heading straight towards you, and I knew you wouldn’t have been able to get out of the way in time, eve with your speed. So, I jumped.”

Wally lets go of Dick’s hand and stands up, staring at his best friend. Dick looks—resigned. Like he’s expecting Wally to leave and not come back. But—that’s not—

“I can heal faster,” Wally says. “You shouldn’t have—”

“You can still die, Wally,” Dick says, and his voice is hoarse and there’s pain in his face that Wally thinks is from something other than the bullet wound in his chest. “Not even you can outrun a shot through the heart.”

Wally knows that his expression is showing all of the disbelief and pain and fear at the fact that his best friend jumped in front of a bullet that had been meant for Wally. “Dick—”

“I saw him pull the trigger and my body just moved,” Dick tells him. “And honestly? I’d do it again. I’ll be fine in a few weeks, but I don’t know if you’d be. There’s no way to know that if I hadn’t taken that bullet you wouldn’t be six feet under the ground.”

Wally sits back down and runs both hands through his hair, taking that in. He’s not—happy about it. But he’s not angry. He knows Dick. He knows that Dick is the kind of person to put someone above himself.

Dick fights for love, Cassandra had said, and yeah. Wally can’t believe how true that is. That Dick had taken a bullet for a speedster. For someone, if they’d just been facing the right direction and making a rookie mistake, that could just run away from it without a scratch.

But Dick had jumped in front. Had watched his back.

“Thank you,” Wally says, wrapping his hand around Dick’s again. “For saving my life.”

Dick shoots him a tired smile. “Anytime, Wally.”

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Hey I adore your writting style can i please get one with Kakashi being in a lowkey relationship with a fellow jounin, Fetus Team 7 not knowing that think their "interactions" are signs of unconfessed mutual attraction. Whenever they ask Kakashi about her he brushes it off. Team 7 comes up with some stupid convoluted mess of a plan to set them together, not knowing both already are in a relationship. Just some fun and fluff.

Aye, I finally got this one done! We’ve got a few more Kakashi requests in the works so if you’re a fan of his character get excited because you’ll be getting a lot of content in the next few days :D 

(Including a continuation of one of my personal favorite works)

Hope you enjoy anon!

~Mod Whipski

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Anon: can u do snsd as vampires please :)

Anon: Snsd as Vampires pweaseee

a/n: when I tried to do snsd as vampires I accidentally did werewolf instead hah so sorry anons!! but I finally did this right, I hope you enjoy ~


  • She’s the Queen of the Undead.
  • As one of the longest living vampires, she’s seen and knows a lot. Despite her innocent looks and sometimes childish personality, she’s wise and cunning. Any innocence she expresses is purely an act, to deceive enemies into letting their guard down.
  • Due to her age, controlling her blood lust is very easy. She’s had centuries to perfect her resistance.
  • But when she gets a whiff of you one day, it’s as if those centuries were for nothing and she was a newborn again. After tracking the mouth watering scent, she finds you swimming in a lake with your friends. With eyewitnesses around, she decides not to attack and instead watches.
  • She stalks you home and watches you, over the following days, not really sure why she’s doing it. If not for your friends, she would have attacked you in a heartbeat. But as she watches you alone, fixing your hair or folding your clothes, she never attacks.
  • “It’s fate, stupid,” Tiffany tells her. “Her scent drew you in, like destiny. You should introduce yourself and if you still don’t want to hunt, then it’s definitely fate.”
  • Taeyeon does just that, introducing herself as you stack shelves in the library you work at.
  • “Hello, I’m Taeyeon. I was hoping I could take you out on a date?”

Originally posted by taengs


  • After leaving her coven, she roams the world alone. Travelling country to country, experiencing different cultures and learning multiple languages. She speaks so many dead languages and has met so many historic people.
  • One of whom, was you.
  • You were an explorer, adventuring through forests of far off lands in search of mythical creatures and artifacts. You both meet when you encountered a friendly tribe, who introduced you both to their way of life.
  • After you move on to explore the forest more, Jessica joins you and during your travels, you two grow very close.
  • Eventually, you find out her secret and instead of running, it makes your bond even stronger.
  • Together, you don’t discover dragons and the like but you do discover new insects and plant life. It’s enough to earn your name a place in the history books. None of which speak of your companion in exploration and in life, but Jessica doesn’t care.
  • Your life eventually ended, like all humans, but her love never did. As long as your legacy is remembered in books and not only by her, she can continue to stay strong, even without you by her side.

Originally posted by dancinginthegalaxy


  • With her never ending youth and bubbly personality, she can pass for a lot, lot, lot younger than she really is. Which is why Taeyeon often tasks her with going undercover. She can make herself fit into every community or any age group. Which is why she does so well undercover.
  • It just so happens that for this specific task, Sunkyu was tasked with working at a hospital, where you too worked.
  • As she begins settling in, making connections and gathering information, she finds her mind occupied by something not related to her task .. You.
  • You were easy to talk to and she found herself almost feeling like her heart was beating once more. Which it couldn’t, of course, but you made her feel so human and alive that she expected it to beat at any moment.
  • As Taeyeon makes a routine phone call, checking on the tasks progress, Sunkyu finds herself asking; “Hey, can I get more time here? I’ll get the task done before the deadline but I’d like to still work here a little longer .. I met someone great, someone named Y/N. And I’d like to get to know them better.”

Originally posted by soonkyulee


  • All around her, humans die. Disease, murder, old age .. Humans are so frail and weak. While most vampires feel superior to humans, she feels pity. So many humans have so much to offer but their lives are so short .. It’s tragic, really.
  • So she helps humans however she can. If she stumbles on a mugging, she’ll intervene, or someone about to take their life, she tries to talk them down and remind them that life is precious.
  • ‘Humans should make the most of what little life they have,’ she thinks.
  • While helping out at a homeless shelter, she meets you. You were young and had no where to go, the world weighing on your shoulders. She sensed a light from you, that was dimmed by your hard life. So she helps you shine.
  • Tiffany helps you find a job, find housing and get your feet on the ground. You’re eternally grateful and when you have enough income to support yourself and a little spare cash, you take her out to eat.
  • “I know it’s not much but .. I want to repay you. I owe you so much. I’m going to spend every day, until we’re old and grey, repaying your kind heart. I’ve never met anyone more beautiful, inside and out, than you.”
  • Although she can’t cry, Tiffany feels close to tears, at that restaurant table.
  • “Don’t .. Don’t say things like that. Don’t make me fall for you .. We’re different, in a way you don’t know. You shouldn’t worry about me. Go find someone that’s like you, who can grow old with you.”
  • During the months spent with you, watching you grow and shine, she can’t deny that she has feelings. But this love will only end in pain, as your life slowly slips away and she’s left all alone, in a world without you.

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  • After you join the coven as a newborn, Hyoyeon is tasked with training you and teaching you to control the bloodlust. She hunts with you and finds herself growing protective of you.
  • At first, she assumed it’s because you were so young and vulnerable when you joined. So it brought out her protective side.
  • But as time passes, the seasons change and the humans wither and die; she starts to understand what her feelings really mean.
  • It’s not purely a need to protect you that she feels, but love. Having watched you grow, having spent so much time talking and hanging out with you, is how she fell in love.
  • “Hey,” she says suddenly. You’re both drinking in the moonlight, as you walk through a sleepy village. “So are you gonna ask me out sometime soon or do I have to wait another century?”
  • “I was waiting on you. You better take me somewhere nice.”
  • She gawks, “You little - !”

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  • As you clean tables and mop the floor, time passes slowly. It often did during your lonesome shifts. Since the restaurant didn’t get much business during the week, the boss often had you work alone.
  • The seconds dragged until the bell jingled and you turned towards the door, “Hello, how can I help ..” The words were stolen from your lips.
  • A woman of ungodly beauty stood in the doorway. “Hello, can I have a word with your manager?”
  • You go to his office, at the back of the restaurant and knock. “Sir, a customer would like to speak with you.” “I’m busy.” “It seemed pretty important, sir.”
  • There’s a sigh before the door opens. But when the manager walks into the main area and sees the mystery woman, he screams and tries to run.
  • You watch in shock as she catches him in the blink of an eye. “The leader would like a word with you. It seems you haven’t been paying your dues.”
  • “Take my employee instead,” he pleads immediately. “You can do whatever you want with them, just don’t take me. Please. I have a family.”
  • “Oh, I’ll be coming back for your employee, don’t worry.” Instead of fear, you feel your heart flutter as she winks before departing.
  • Although you’re not quite sure what just took place, you do think that it means you get to go home early .. Plus, a beautiful woman will be paying you a visit.
  • Today has been a good day :)

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  • When Taeyeon joins up with a nearby coven, she can’t help but feel apprehensive. Of course, she trusts Taeyeon’s judgement but she can’t help but be protective of her people. So she keeps an eye on you, and your coven, making sure you don’t make any wrong moves.
  • As she spies on you reading in the library, she’s shocked to the core when you speak. “Are you going to hide there all day or join me, Choi Sooyoung?”
  • She’s never been caught spying before, which alone tells her you’re a powerful vampire. She sits with you, pulling out a random book and pretending to read.
  • “So what’s your story?” you ask. “How did you get turned?”
  • Sooyoung merely sneers at first. She doesn’t trust you, why would she tell you such a story? But as she follows you around more, as you spend more time together, she finds herself letting her guard down more and more.
  • Until one day she realizes that she trusts you, that she’s no longer wary of your coven joining up with hers.
  • Suddenly, she enters your chambers and sits on your bed. “So you wanted to know my story. I’ll tell you but .. you first.”

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  • The era is one of danger. She knows that she must conceal her identity, she must always be aware to keep herself safe. To top things off, she’s a woman. With society against allowing women to even read, she holds classes in secret and teaches little girls how to read and write.
  • The joy of a child writing their own name is something that makes these secret classes worth it.
  • After one of these classes, she catches the scent of an unfamiliar vampire. Afraid that the people of her village are under attack, she speeds through the forest and stumbles upon one sinking their teeth into your neck.
  • She was too late to stop them biting you but at least she could spare your life. Yoona knew you would turn soon and felt pity for the loss of your normal life, but at least now she had a friend who would understand her.
  • She teaches you all she knows, how to blend in with humans and control your hunger.
  • And as the eras change and you both live in a world where woman can be educated and wear trousers (!!!!), Yoona changes too. She’s stronger, more confident in herself. And unashamed to admit her feelings for you.
  • “Hey, you!” she says. “Let’s go on a date.”
  • When you readily agree, she can’t help but smile victoriously.

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  • Being the best is something she does naturally. Even as a human child and as a newborn vampire, she excelled at whatever task she was given. So when a new vampire joins the coven and excels her excellence, she can’t help but call you a rival.
  • You both compete to be the best, to outshine each other. Well, you only do so because she started to challenge you. And you hate loosing.
  • For decades, you two are enemies.
  • And behind the scenes, the other vampires take bets; on whether you’ll kill or kiss each other. “That is pure sexual tension between them” “Nah, looks more like blood lust to me.”
  • This continues on until during an argument, you do the only thing to shut her up that you can think of .. You kiss her.
  • “W - what!?”
  • “Stop talking. Your voice irritates me.”

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Request ⇾ Can you do a Mike Hanlon imagine? Where he feels down & like an outsider until the reader comes into the losers club and they both get along well and end up liking each other; just some fluff please✨

Warnings ⇾ nothing, this is pure fluff!

A/N ⇾ listen y'all, writing for mike is so fun. He is literally so pure, y'all need to request more stuff w/ him! Also currently binging stranger things, on episode four atm! Ps I didn’t proof read this yikes!


Y/N was meeting the rest of the losers at the quarry and was slightly nervous. She was the latest member of their little friendship group and, despite getting along with them all well, she was worried she would disappoint them. Or that she wouldn’t fit it, she never really felt like she fit in anywhere, but she tried.

Bill had approached her in their physics class a few weeks prior and asked if she could help him with some poetry, he was planning on writing a poem for Beverly. Y/N, of course, said yes and the two became very good friends. Shortly after, he introduced her to the rest of the gang, and although she got a strange welcoming from Richie in particular, they were all very pleasant to her. She mostly spoke to Bill, Bev and Stan because she wasn’t as outspoken as Eddie or as Richie and she wasn’t as lovesick as Ben. She had tried talking to Ben, but all he ever really talked about was NKOTB and how much he liked Beverly which, as pleasing as it may have sounded, got boring after a little while. When she tried speaking to Richie and Eddie, she felt like she was just a third wheel and couldn’t really think of anything funny to say, so just came across as quiet and awkward. And Mike, she hadn’t really spoken to him as she had only met him once. Since he didn’t go to the same school as them, she met him when they all went to the town’s fair. He introduced himself and offered to shake her hand, which she gladly returned. The two smiled at one another and then parted ways. Still, he seemed nice enough. It wasn’t as if she didn’t want to speak to him, she just never really had much of an opportunity.


“Come on, Y/N! Jump in! Don’t be a pussy!” Richie shouted his not-so-encouraging words as she stood at the edge of the cliff.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s just as scared as you are.” Mike whispered in her ear, which she gave a giggle in return to.

“Alright, love birds. I might as well go since you’re both taking ages!” He said putting too much emphasis on the last word.

Richie jumped, then Mike and lastly Y/N.


“Hey, Y/N, can you go change the tape in the boom box for me?” Ben asked as she was heading over to the rocks where it stood.

“Sure!” She called back, climbing out of the water and getting her towel to dry off her hands.


She nearly jumped at the sound of her, unknown, guest sitting beside her. It was Mike.

“You scared me!” She said as they both began giggling, “but hey.”

“This might sound like I’m being too forward but, do you worry that you don’t fit in? With all of them, I mean?” He asked glancing at Y/N and at his hands which were currently tapping his knees as a distraction.

“Yeah… sometimes.” Finally! Someone who actually understood what she was feeling over the past couple of weeks! “I just feel like I’m not one of them and I worry I never will.”

Mike nodded in agreement, “Hey, if the exile you, you’ve always got me.” He joked.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She smiled back at him.

From the water, Bill and Bev were currently stopping Richie from shouting something crude over at the two of you. They could really see you both hitting it off and it was really quite sweet.


“I can’t believe you’ve never read one flew over the cuckoo’s nest! It’s a classic, and so good!” Mike said in surprise, “I’ve got a spare copy, on the farm, if you want to borrow it? We could go get it afterwards or I could bring it next time we see eachother?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure! Eithers fine, thank you though!”

The two sat smiling into their laps as both of their hands were slowly crawling over the rocks to hold one another. They met in the middle and intertwined fingers, sitting in harmony and a comfortable silence, knowing they’d finally found an outsider, like themselves.

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favourite leonardo da vinci quotes?

  • what is fair in men, passes away, but not so in art
  • helen, when she looked in her mirror, seeing the withered wrinkles made in her face by old age, wept and wondered why she had twice been carried away
  • it is as great an error to speak well of a worthless man as to speak ill of a good man
  • every whole is greater than the part
  • no counsel is more trustworthy than that which is given upon ships that are in peril
  • he who is fixed to a star does not change his mind
  • why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake
  • while i thought i have been learning how to live, i have been learning how to die
For Better or Worse (Five)

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

*tags:  @everyjourneylove @somewhereinimagination @this-kitty-has-claws@veganeddie@life-is-righteous @sdavid09 @aidanturnersass@decadentenemyturtle @leah-halliwell92 @k-youre-a-fantasy @lotte142 @fountainsofsilver @jotink78 @raindancer2004@annice21 @the-butterfly21 @supermoonpanda @emrfangirl @imaneternalflamebb @maniczebra83 @why-pace-why @-waythe- @lidda @ara-toa-min @meanlilbean@sherala007 @jvail2011 @shelby160297 *

Dwalin sat stunned in the threadbare armchair. He watched Y/N as she stomped away from him, her bare feet as thunderous as boots. The door slammed behind her and she disappeared into the corridor while he tried to sort through his sudden flood of thoughts. He could not fathom why she would have put on such a display and all for him…

He had been certain that she hated him. When they had stood at the altar and he had seen the look in her eyes; dread, resignation, disgust. He had not truly thought out the marriage but instead recklessly listened to that voice in his head which he so often ignored. It had been more to him than a last chance, for at his age he was well past eligibility, but a dream come true.

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Start of a New Family (Part 1)

Originally posted by ravengirl94

Hi everyone! This is a part of a mini series I plan on writing, which is a sister reader series. Let me know how you guys like it! Sorry if it’s kinda short!  Hope you all like it!   

She wasn’t sure when it all started, or why for that matter. It all happened so suddenly that she couldn’t wrap her head around it, not that she really wanted to. No, (Y/N) would prefer not to wrap her head around it. One moment she was a normal teenage girl, struggling with normal high school drama with relatively good grades. She played sports, participated in the music program, and was even looking into college. Then it all changed. Bam. No warning, nothing. She just went home one day after school only to find her mother’s bloody corpse on the floor. After that moment, her life was completely different, and most would say the change was for the worst, although (Y/N) disagrees.

Although the change seemed rather abrupt and random, the choice had been made sixteen years prior. Not by her, no, she had yet to exist. It was by her mother. Her mother, (Y/M/N), who was so desperate to have a child that she made a deal. A deal that would allow her to conceive and raise a single child until the age of sixteen, even after every doctor in the book told her it wasn’t possible.. After the child turned sixteen, well, then (Y/M/N)’s soul would be headed south so to speak. So after that deal was made, she stumbled into some bar, got herself drunk, and slept with a man that seemed almost as troubled as she was. His name; John Winchester.

A few days after, (Y/M/N) began to feel sick, getting up early in the mornings just to vomit. A week later, she takes a pregnancy test. It was positive. She never tried to track down John, deciding that she would rather deal with the child on her own, especially with the deal she had made. No, the deal was her business, and her business only. No reason to get anyone else involved. (Y/M/N) decided to keep her child, having a healthy baby girl on (Y/B/D). She raised that baby for sixteen years, her deal floating in the back of her mind. Two weeks after her baby’s birthday, her deal came full circle and left her in ribbons on her kitchen floor.

Not that (Y/N) knew any of that. Her mother decided not to tell her anything about how she came to be, other than her father’s name. The only thing that (Y/N) knew was that if anything should ever happen to her mother, call John Winchester, and he could help her. He was her father.He had to, didn’t he? So when she found her mother dead on the floor, that is exactly what she did. She called the number her mother had given she her, only to reach the voicemail. She called again; nothing. Three times. Four. Finally, on the fifth ring, some picked up.

“Hello?” A gruff voice growled, the speaker on the old land line crackling. (Y/N) bit her lip and swallowed, this was certainly not what she wanted, not any of it. The man on the other end of the call repeated himself before she had the courage to speak.

“Is this John Winchester?” she asked, her voice shaking. The line went silent for a second before picking up again.

“No. Who the hell is this? Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t hang up on you right now.”

“I’m his daughter and I need help. Something killed my mom and I need help. Please, please, I really need help,” A whimper escaped her as she bit her lip. (Y/N) was terrified. Whatever had hurt her mother was strong, stronger than anything she had ever encountered. The thing could kill her too.

“John didn’t have a daughter,” the voice barked. “Now why don’t you tell me who the hell you are and why you’re calling my dad’s old phone,”

“Listen buddy, I don’t know who you are or what’s going on but I’ll tell you what I do know. My name is (Y/N) and my mom was (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N). I just came home from school to find my mother torn to shreds on my kitchen floor. All through my life my mother told me if anything ever happened to her I need to call this number and tell a Mr. John Winchester that I’m his daughter and that something happened to her. That’s all I know. If you can’t help me fine. I can just call the police. But if you can help me, I’d really frikin appreciate it because nothing I know of could break through a door and tear someone up this badly,” she snapped. The voice on the other end of the phone sighed.

“Okay kid, calm down. My name is Dean, and my brother and I can help you okay? You just need to tell me where you are,” Relieved, you quickly raddled off your address to the man. They said their goodbyes, and looked down at her mother again. Little did she know, this was the beginning of something crazier, something darker than she could’ve imagined. Little did you know that this was the start of your story, because you are her. This is the story of how you became the youngest Winchester, of how you were officially the Winchester’s little sister. But, looking back now on the normal compared to your new life, you wouldn’t go back. Even with the horrible start, this is what led you to your new family.

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placements that give off powerful creative/artistic energy?

well it depends what you mean by powerful, i think art can be made that reflects the qualities of any planetary energy bc we carry that energy inside us and that’s what’s expressed when we create art. 

the 5th house is the first place to look when it comes to creative self-expression i think. any planets here become able to be expressed through the self in a conscious way… an almost pure way? a stellium here indicates tremendous creative potential and an emphasis on expression of these planets, and therefore of the self, through whatever means, and art is usually the most direct mean to achieve this. Venus and Neptune in the 5th especially, as these two rule the Arts and the often transcendental meaning that art can carry. 

Taurus, Libra, and Pisces are the three signs who resonate extremely to art and artistic principles. the Venus-ruled signs and the sign that Venus exalts in, as well as the ruling sign of Neptune, anyone with planets in these signs is drawn to things such as aesthetics, beauty, harmony, symbolism, etc. 

Actually… this is more of a personal theory of mine, but i think that each sign really responds more to certain types of Art more than others. they all respond to any of the artistic disciplines, and i think anything can be gleaned from any piece of art! art is such a broad category of things! but i can’t help but think (from personal experiences, things i’ve read about, and my knowledge of astrology) it’d be fair to say that each of these signs are drawn to different artistic mediums. 

Taurus, as a Venusian sign that is rather more Lunar (the Moon exalts in Taurus!!!) really resonates with pottery and sculpture, the act of bringing an abstract form of imagination into the tangible, material world, in a beautiful and harmonious way. or even the act of making an object of use, an object used in daily ritual such as an engraved comb, or an intricately carved hunting bow, or animal motifs in food containers, that’s VERY Taurus to me. pottery, sculpture, and believe it or not, I think the art of the written word (AKA poetry) falls under taurus. some of the most poetic writing (my subjective definition of it, at least) is associated with a sense of vividness, a sense of materiality and sensation within the writing itself. poetry is frequently evocative of sensation, of the physical senses such as sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch, and the written word is capable of evoking memories associated with these as well. this sign is most concerned with material security and emotional security, and the blending of these with comfort and a sense of harmony are so important. Engraved bowls made to hold food, intricately patterned knives to cut, even the weapons used to catch the food or the pottery made to store it for later. and then, the design motifs that arise from that, the animals we use for food and the plants that surround us that we nourish ourselves with… the representations through sculpture, the writing that recalls physical sensation and emotion, it all comes together under Taurus. 

Libra, as a Venusian and Saturnian sign (remember: Saturn exalts in Libra!) injects a very Saturnian edge to Art. Art is experienced in a more abstract, and slightly more distant way. the Art in Libra becomes noticeably more abstract, and it becomes associated with principles and rules, structures, and laws… laws of harmony, laws of design, laws of lighting and perspective… music, and the musical scales, how someone singing off key or an instrument not on tune is immediately noticeable to someone with a trained ear. music itself is simply sound carried through air, and Libra is an air sign! (but that’s just me playing with correspondences lol.) anyways! paintings become subject to the golden ratio, too, and become subject to analysis. things such as rules of composition, lighting, perspective. techniques are frequently brought into these mediums now, and although not all paintings or songs (or whatever) follow aforementioned “rules” nor do they have to, these rules still exist and for the most part, artists that know these techniques and use them (or don’t use them) intentionally are for this reason seen as masters of their craft. certain types of sculptures fall under Libra, although i don’t think that the act of sculpting falls under this sign. I think any art that we think of as old-fashioned or “classical” in any way becomes associated with this sign. Hellenic and Hellenistic art is the most glaring example of this last point that I can think of. Drama, and the theatrical/performing arts also fall under Libra. using masks, or simply assuming the roles of other people, and viewing or participating in these performances, using stories to figure out where we fall and how we differ from others, using Others to know more about ourselves, that’s Libran. 

Pisces is interesting to me! Venus exalts in Pisces, and in this sign we can see perhaps the closest thing to unconditional,  almost divine love. and Neptune rules this sign. Jupiter also rules this sign, but Neptune, as the higher octave of Venus, is the planet that’s most pertinent right now i think. Neptune is fascinating to me, because it was discovered in more modern times, and it’s association with glamor and illusion, of deception, these all point towards specifically modern forms of art. Photography, and the somewhat illusory nature of angles and filters and such which can obscure the truth or … present it differently… lol. this also strongly reminds me of the glamour and ill-placed admiration of Hollywood, specifically the Golden Age of hollywood, so to speak. this sign and the planetary energies at work are so loaded with meaning, and truth, and symbolism. a specific example that keeps popping up in my head is Marilyn Monroe, how she was glamourized and taken advantage of, how she became the sex symbol of a generation… She was a Taurus midheaven, which immediately conjures up the association with sensuality and sexuality, as well as beauty, and love. but what intrigues me more is that her Mars was in Pisces, this is a very sexual placement. with Mars in Pisces, she was never the one in charge of her sexuality, others simply projected their fantasies onto her and she merely existed as a vehicle for those visions of glamorous femininity, it brings to mind how Pisces very rarely intentionally deceive people, they simply don’t care to dispel each and every image projected onto them by others. Silent films, old style film reels, religious art, art that lets us peer into our true divine natures or whatever you believe us humans to be, indeed, the art that puts us into contact with our higher, truer, whatever-adjective-er selves, this greatly falls under Pisces! Acting also falls under Pisces, too, because Pisces is known for having a weak ego boundary, so Piscean energy is frequently known to easily slip in and out of different personas, actors able to embody different characters and roles, etc…

sorry this was super long lol i just got into it! thank u for this question!!

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3 or 85 or both!!!! Dianetti ! I've read your stories and loved it, sorry I took so long to send a prompt!

3. “I’m going to kill you!” and 85. “Wow thanks a lot.”

Gina!” Rosa’s voice ricochets forcefully like a hail of bullets flying throughout the precinct. With her entrance, heads are turned and fear is abound as she stomps angrily towards her target. “I am going to kill you.”

The sheer lunacy and steadfastness of her words sets everyone off. Suddenly the hustle and bustle of the Nine-Nine settles down, small talk and crime solving all grinding to a halt as every person present watches with bated breath at whatever enraged and violent showdown is about to occur. Everyone thanks their lucky stars they aren’t the target of Rosa’s fury.

The only problem is- the very target of Rosa Diaz’s anger doesn’t even so much as flinch.

As her name had been screamed seconds earlier, the subject of Rosa’s frustration was none other than Gina Linetti.

“Say what?” Gina doesn’t even look up from her phone, and this blatant disregard is why everyone is watching.

You see, while Rosa strikes fear into the hearts of all whom she meets- Gina is afraid of no one.

(Of course, there are some exceptions. Gina can usually tell when she crosses a line with Rosa, and when Rosa’s in a delirious state Gina knows like any other human with the capacity to think that stepping on Rosa’s toes in any way is a big no-no. Sadly, this does not seem to be one of those times.)

Frustrated, Rosa grabs Gina’s phone from her hands and places it flat down on Gina’s desk. But there’s a certain caution with which Rosa does this- in addition, Gina doesn’t resist and lets Rosa take her phone away. There’s also a certain gentleness to how Rosa places Gina’s phone on her desk, as if at the back of her mind she knows no matter how mad she is at Gina, bringing harm to Gina’s phone would be on par with punching her in the face.

“Stop acting like you don’t know what you did, Linetti.” Rosa’s hand slams on Gina’s desk as she says this to emphasize her point, but she doesn’t receive more than a suggestive eyebrow raise from Gina.

“And what did I do?” Gina leans back in her chair, crossing her arms comfortably. “Tell me, Diaz. Since we’re doing this last name thing now.”

Rosa had no idea how Gina had become like this- so immune to her anger, not at all phased by her threats. Had she gone soft on Gina? Despite Gina’s general lack of fear regarding Rosa, she’s never been this blasé when Rosa had confronted her in the past. Like she’s confident she’ll come out of this unscathed.

“You broke up with Pimento over text, using my phone!” Rosa swiftly pulls her own phone out as evidence. The text sent to Pimento sits at the bottom of the screen, clear as day. There isn’t even a reply. Gina only grins in response, proud of her crime.

Yuh huh, you’re welcome for that.” Gina picks her phone back up from the desk and goes back to- is she watching a video about a monkey?

“Wow.” Rosa’s breath rasps indignantly- how in the hell does someone like Gina Linetti exist? Who does something invasive like that with no remorse whatsoever? “Thanks a lot,” she snarls sarcastically.

“Anytime, boo. So we done here?”

Rosa’s voice is this close to a growl when she speaks. Why is it this hard to confront Gina? She’s clearly in the wrong but somehow thinks Rosa was thanking her?

“No- we are not done here. You know I was being sarcastic. How could you dump Pimento over text for me? I never asked you to do that.”

Gina resolutely places her phone flat down on her desk, voluntarily this time. “Yeah… I don’t buy that. You’ve wanted to be done with him for ages by now. He’s a loser who doesn’t deserve you.”

Rosa scoffs so harshly it hurts the back of her throat. “Well, maybe let me decide that for myself, instead of thinking you know everything.”

Gina bolts up from her desk, and Rosa has trouble deciding if she’s happier to have invoked such a reaction or angrier about the Pimento thing.

“Okay- first off? I do know everything. Always have, always will. That’s just a fact of life- which I can confirm since I know. Everything.” She carefully enunciates those last words and presses a pointed finger into Rosa’s shoulder to emphasize her point.

Which Rosa ignores, because if she doesn’t stick to what this argument was about, Gina will derail and set off track their entire conversation.

“Gina,” she calmly starts. “I never asked you to help me dump Pimento. If I wanted to, I would’ve done it myself. And I would’ve done it on my own time and my own terms. Got it?”

“So why haven’t you?”


“Because you’re a coward, yeah, I get it now.” Gina interrupts in a huff. “You were never going to leave him, even though you so clearly can’t stand him anymore.”

“What makes you so sure I even want to break up with him in the first place?”

“Um, everything? You never mention or talk about him, you’re never with him- should I carry on listing things or is this an open and shut case?”

Rosa unclenches a fist and tries to find words. It doesn’t help that Gina’s got her arms crossed as she looks triumphantly upon Rosa, glad to have proven her point.

“Still- you overstepped your boundaries, Gina.” Gina only groans and rolls her eyes at this but Rosa continues. “You know how unstable he is, how could you just-”

“Wait, he didn’t hurt you, did he?” There’s this edge coupled with guilt in Gina’s voice, and she looks just about ready to apologize as well as hunt Pimento down. To kill him.

“No,” Rosa clarifies, and Gina lets out a tense breath as her face composes itself. “But Gina- he could have hurt you.”

“What?” Gina’s face contorts in disbelief. “You’re worried about me? I’m not the one tied down to a psycho boyfriend here.”

“You didn’t just text him from my phone, Gina, you left him a voicemail.”

Gina brandishes a nervous grin. “Oops, my B. Shouldn’t have done that while I was drunk. So… he knows it was me and he’s coming here to murder me now? Cool…”

“No. He didn’t see the text. Or the voicemail.”

“How? Did you delete them?” Gina’s face falters. “Were you with him?”

“Broke into his house. He uses his work phone when he’s working on cases, so he left his personal phone at home.”

“Nice,” Gina praises, but it’s half-hearted and she’s clearly still bothered by something. “So he doesn’t know anything. Nothing wrong with your relationship. Yay…”

“Alright stop,” Rosa cuts Gina off after the ‘yay’ goes on for far too long. “I didn’t delete anything yet, just stole his phone. I… don’t know how to use his phone.”

Gina sighs. “So you want my help.”

“You’re always on your phone, so. Maybe you’ll know how to delete the text and voicemail that you sent.”

“Yeah, yeah, point taken. Hand it over.”

Rosa fishes the phone out of her pocket and passes it to Gina, whose eyebrows furrow when she sees the extremely outdated model.

“What the hell is this?”

“He buys burner phones.”

Right.” Gina makes a face that reads yikes but flips open the phone anyway. “Okay…”

“Did you delete them?”

“Whoopsie. I think I just accidentally clicked play and I don’t know how to pause it. Eh, let’s just listen to my beautiful voice first.”

Rosa rolls her eyes but stays silent as Gina lays Pimento’s phone down on her desk.

“Hey Pineapple! Haha, that’s Jake’s nickname, but it works for you too, right? Anyhoozle, you’re probably sad because Rosa finally got the guts to dump you. My advice? Crawl into a hole a stay there. Forever.” Drunk Gina drags out that last word which makes Gina laugh.

Rosa gives her a look. “Really?”

“What? I stand by it.”

In the voicemail, Drunk Gina laughs at her own… burn before she carries on talking.

“But yeah dude. You should’ve seen this coming a million miles away. Rosa’s too hot for you-”

Rosa can’t help but grin, a burn spreading to her cheeks all the way to the tips of her ears.


Gina rolls her eyes. “Shut up.”

“-and she’s too cool. Why does she keep dating guys like you anyway?! She’s supposed to be with me. You ever love someone who you can’t have P-man? Never mind, I don’t care-”

The voicemail cuts off before Gina can even motion to try and stop the message from playing. Instead, she sits in her chair, frozen and glaring at the phone like she’s having a staring contest.

Rosa, on the other hand, feels like time has just stopped. She can’t believe this- why had she not seen it before? Rosa feels like a boulder just fell on her chest.

She’s an idiot.

“You…” she chokes out feebly. “You love me?”

Gina averts her eyes, and suddenly Rosa’s never seen Gina quite so scared of her- never seen Gina quite so scared ever, in fact.

“Yeah, but who cares.” She quickly fumbles for the phone and frantically clicks on the buttons, successfully deleting the text and voicemail from Pimento’s phone, before handing it to Rosa. “Go back to your boyfriend.”

Gina gets up and leaves her desk, and Rosa’s left to stare at Pimento’s phone. Her… boyfriend’s phone.

But now, saying that feels wrong- it feels dirty and forced and not at all what she wants anymore.

What she wants has been in front of her the whole time- and now she’s walking away.

“Gina, wait!” Rosa turns around and calls desperately, and to her relief Gina stops walking away and turns around.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Because if Gina had said something before, things could have been different. Things could have been better.

“There was nothing to say,” Gina remarks weakly, the life in her voice dying out. Hearing this hurts Rosa to no end.

“I have something to say.” A flicker of hope and intrigue flashes in Gina’s eyes which flattens into confusion when Rosa digs out her own phone.

“What are you doing?”

“Dumping Pimento on his work phone.”

Gina’s so pleasantly surprised she starts laughing- and oh, the sound of her laughter had always been soothing to Rosa’s ears. Her smile could melt any ice-cold heart. Her laugh was like a breath of fresh air to a drowning man.

Pimento doesn’t even pick up his phone, so Rosa leaves a voicemail.

“We’re done.”

She then shoves her phone back into her pocket and makes quick and large strides to get to Gina.

“Babylon, now,” she whispers quickly to Gina who chuckles in response and follows her without question.

No one sees Gina and Rosa for three hours straight.

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