she speaks so well for her age

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> She probably didn’t care too much about the soulmate matter too much in the first place, but she’d probably be really shook by the matter.

> I imagine that she’s 100% the type of person that really holds things in until they can’t take it any more

> Good luck to her omnic soulmate cuz they’re going to have a lot of reconciliation to do

> I imagine once the other members of the Overwatch team found out they’d try to speak to her regarding the matter (Zenyatta go go go)


> Behold, the deepest well of denial ever achieved by a human being

> So much denial

> He probably wouldn’t come out of his workshop for ages

> His soulmate would have a hard time to even speak to him at first

> Torb would eventually open up because he feels bad probably - guilt drives a lot of his actions, so it seems.

> Admin GK

So I guess no one ever drew Alianna aka Bhaalmom before (at least I have never seen a picture of her)? Well, here you go! The clothes are based on the Bhaal priest from AD&D Forgotten Realms: Faiths & Avatars.

Her looks are basically identical to how my Bhaalspawn Clarissa would look at that age. In my personal headcanon she is already close to 50 in this one and she is the daughter of the protagonist from the first Icewind Dale (in this case Lady Fildret, meaning she is Alianna Fildret). Generally speaking I have this headcanon that Bhaalspawn only get their mom’s DNA (the male ones are simply genderflipped), so they are effectively their clones.

wanted plot: parent x babysitter. [ open to m/f/nb! ]

the only reason she still kept babysitting for this family wasn’t because of the kids. sure, the kids liked her well enough not to get her fired, but she had always been attracted to their parent. kitty couldn’t help it; teens her age were so temperamental and she figured she needed a little more… adventure in her life. clad in a tight little outfit, she shoots up from the sofa once she hears the door open, an ever-present smirk on her lips as she goes to greet them. she’s hoping today is the day they finally recognize the want in her eyes, or just how much her body wants theirs. “hey there, i just got the kids to go to sleep, so everything should be alright. can i help ya with anything else tonight?”

One of the things I really like about Soul and Maka’s dynamic is their conflicting backgrounds.

Maka had lived in death city her whole life, and her father is high up in the DWMA hierarchy. She lives, sleeps, breathes the DWMA code. She’s like a child who grew up with a parent in the police or military and she shows that early on her obedience is unflinching.

And Soul, we can assume he is well traveled. You can make the argument that he’s speaking Italian in Italy, and it’s heavily implied that Soul has seen more of the world than Maka, and starting at a young age.

So (as the show arguably is from maka’s point of view) the way that soul comes across as jaded and untrusting and almost defiant to the DWMA is how Maka would perceive that behavior, and she takes shit like that hard. And I think soul has a huge part in teaching her to question what her superiors want from her and for what end they’re trying to receive.

Maka hasn’t known any different, she would defend that system and not see how problematic it is, until Soul shows her, her missions show her, to the point where goody two shoes Maka Albarn defects, goes against orders /learns to think for herself/ and Soul helps her grow.

And on the flip side, Maka’s blind trust in innocence and faith is good for Soul. It leads him to forgive Crona, and forgive a lot, and I don’t think he would have if it weren’t for Maka.

Basically these two are so good for each other and they help each other grow and call each other out constantly just bless my nerd children.


Lady Lambert had been a friend of Vivien’s since they both entered school together, with Vivien being the youngest in the entire convent at age seven. Remembering the day Vivien had left after seven years, quite vividly, she recalls, She had left school at fourteen or fifteen and went abroad to France and Germany and I think Italy to learn languages. I remember unhappy letters from her first very strict convent in France. It was unusual at this time for girls to leave school so young, and I think she learned to speak French and German very well. But it must have been a lonely and rather frightening experience for so young a girl.”

lavellanlove  asked:

2, 19, 39! :)

2) Do you have a personal favorite among your OC’s?

well, probably my Lavellan, Min.  She is adventurous, extroverted, snarky and strong, all qualities i admire greatly. 

19 ) Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why).

Hm.  Kyana Hawke means so much to me.  Her story is all about drawing on and developing personal stregnths, and hoping and working towards a simple future free from pain and persecution  She was a reluctant champion.

39) Introduce any character you want.

Wellllll…  I’ll hop back to Min.  Min Lavellan is not a reluctant Inquisitor.  Adventurious to a fault, she saw a chance to make things better and took it.  Or, rather, saw a chance to gain influence and took that.  She is slow to trust, strong, tall, and wiry.  and she will fight all the bears she wants, thank you very much Cassandra.

thank you so much for asking!!!!! it made my day even better!

#adar jokes 5775

A young man and woman wanted to get married, so the young man went to meet the woman’s father. 

“So,” said the father, “what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a Torah scholar,” the young man answered.

“And how do you plan to support my daughter?” asked the father.

“G-d will provide,” replied the young man.

“How will you pay for the children’s schooling?” inquired the father.

“G-d will provide,” said the young man certainly.

“What will you live off of in your old age?” the father persisted.

“G-d will provide,” the young man intoned again.

The two continued speaking for a time and then the father showed the young man to the door. The young woman’s mother hurried over, anxious to hear about the conversation. “So, what did you think of the boy?” she asked.

“Well,” her husband answered, “he’s very nice, but he still thinks I’m G-d.”

Patreon Holiday Countdown #22 
Love Bite. Dragon Age. Fenris x F!Hawke. 

Fenris ran his thumb down the soft slope of Hawke’s neck. She hummed beneath the touch, eyes closing, head titling further back as though she wanted to expose as much of herself as possible. He watched her pulse quicken beneath his touch.


“Hmm?” He traced along one of her veins.

Her breath caught in her throat and she took an extra moment before speaking again. “Are you going to do that all night?”

“You seem to be enjoying it well enough.”

“I am,” she said, “but…”


Her cheeks darkened a shade despite her smirk. “I wouldn’t hate it if you were a bit more… amorous.”

“Amorous?” His fingers skimmed along her collarbone.

“Ardent? Passionate?” She paused. “Rough?”

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Preference: Your kid's first words

Matt: He’s all the way across the apartment while you’re in the kitchen with your daughter when he runs in all of a sudden bumping into things and swearing.
You would have been concerned, but this was the third time this week he’d run in like this.
“I thought I heard her- must’ve been one of the neighbors..” Matt trailed off and furrowed his brows.

You grinned. She was around the age when she should start speaking but so far all your daughter’d say was made up words.
“Well maybe if you weren’t-” You started, but Matt shushed you.

You turned to look at your daughter who was sitting in her highchair who was looking back at you. “Hungry.” She said curtly, and slammed her bowl of cheerios all over her tray.

You stared at her, then to Matt, who walked over to your daughter and picked her up gently. He kissed her forehead and turned to look at you. “You heard her, get the girl some food.”

Wesley: You’re at home, watching tv.  Your son was three years old, and he still hadn’t said his first word. You’d taken him to a bunch of doctors, and they told you he was just a late bloomer, and though Wesley had made sure they were the best doctors, as a mother you were still worried.

“Do you like this show?” You asked James as he sat down next to you and wrapped an arm around you.

He glanced at the tv, then you and your son. “What do you think, little man?”

Your son looked up at him with bright blue eyes and opened his mouth which made your heart stop. “I like the teletubbies better.”

You just stared at him. “You..can talk?” You looked to Wesley, who looked just as surprised as you did.

Your son nodded and chewed on his sleeve.

Wesley stared at him and then broke out into a slow smile. “I knew he was smart.”

Vladimir: It was horrible. Everytime Vladimir was around, he made it a point to swear around your son in hopes he’d pick it up-Anatoly told you that he’d started a bet with him for a hundred bucks that his first word was “fuck”. You were not so pleased with this.

The day that it actually happened you weren’t even there; you’d gone shopping and Vladimir was taking care of your son by himself.

When you came home, Vladimir was lying listlessly on the couch while your son was lying on his chest, asleep.

“Are you..okay?” You asked him quietly, leaning over the couch.

He glared up at you. “He spoke. Right after you left.”

You groaned; you weren’t sure if you were more upset you hadn’t been there or if he’d said a curse word. “What did he say?”

“Mama.” Vladimir was silent after that. Your heart skipped a beat and you smiled.

“He said that?” You laughed, almost on the edge of tears. “Aww, I’m sorry, babe.”

Vladimir mumbled something in Russian and you leaned over to kiss him on the forehead. “Better luck next time.”

“Kiss my ass.” He rolled his eyes and pushed you away.

awkwardlyaverageautumn asked: Hello! I love your blog and I was wondering if there are any books, that you know of, that are alike to Ellen Hopkins. She is my absolute favorite author and her books are rather addicting. But I’m afraid I’ve read them all twice now and I want something else to engorge on while I try to erase the memory of big events in her books.

I can definitely understand why her books are so addicting! She has a great voice for that- I love how well she’s able to capture the feeling of that age. I heard her talk at YallFest a few years ago, and she spoke well in person as well! Check out these books and see if you like them!

1. Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks (as Anonymous)

2. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

3. Cut by Patricia McCormick

4. Because I am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas

5. I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder

6. What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones

Thanks for the question! Happy reading! 

#Protect Row Boat

When I saw Rowan come out as queer I was very proud of her and I knew she would receive a lot of shit for saying who she is. Until I actually read some of the comments/letters parents wrote to Disney expressing their outrage, it really made me realize how stupid that generation can be. I can tell this is going to be long so I’m sorryyyyy but it must be said.

I saw parents writing to Disney saying Rowan’s too young for her to make that kind of decision for herself. Well you know what shittheads? Teenagers of today know more than parents give them credit for and 14 yo of today are NOT the same 14yo of say 2006. These kids are forming opinions at this age and speaking out on things that they see wrong with this world and I applaud and admire Rowan for being one of those 14yo that is doing so. Back to the point where people say she’s too young, I think Rowan’s point is she knows who she is TODAY. That could change tomorrow, next week, two years from now, or never. She may decide she may like girls more than boys, boys more than girls, or both or whatever but as of NOW she identifies as queer. That could change but I think the big question is WHY DO YOU IGNORANT PARENTS FUCKING CARE? She’s 14! Do you shittheads realize your BULLING a 14yo???? If someone did that to your kid I’m sure you’d be fucking pissed. However, maybe not I know parents don’t like to acknowledge who their children really are. For you to say she doesn’t know what she is saying is unfair, ignorant, wrong, stupid…..shall I go on? If you actually read some essays Rowan has written you can tell she is very educated, her parents encourage her to find out the answers and her parents are doing something very applaudable which is they are letting Rowan FIND HERSELF AND SUPPORT HER AS SHE DOES. Rowan acknowledges she doesn’t know everything. She acknowledges she still has a lot to learn but from what she knows now, she is queer. She is proud of that and it is horrible adults are bulling this poor girl that they don’t even know. Have you ever had a conversation with Rowan? I think not, so shut the fuck up. I saw some parent was saying her kids are 14 and learning how to cook and riding their bikes to get candy and aren’t even thinking about sexuality. May I first start by saying, Lady I’m sure you don’t know what your kids are doing when they biking to get “candy” and 14yo of today are a lot smarter and hide a lot of shit from their parents so you don’t even know what your kids know smartass and if they don’t know anything about sexuality at that age, I can only say you are hurting them because that is the EXACT age to start  talking about sex and sexuality. You are only making your kids lives harder if they don’t know anything about sexuality by now. 14yo and up should know about sexuality and learn about it and have the right to chose/figure out who they love. After all we all want to love and be loved right? Now back to these bitches that are saying they won’t allow their kids to watch GMW if they start talking about sex, sexuality, drugs, self harm, depression and so on. Look parents, if you don’t want to talk about those things then I feel sorry for your kids because they sure as hell are going to learn that in school, social media or elsewhere, if they haven’t already. Look “perfect parents,” I would bet you a million your kids know more than you are giving them credit for and they are playing your ignorance and in denial as their ticket to freedom. Back to GMW handling real issues, as a 17yo, I can honestly say GMW has taught me so much about being a better person, friend and so on. I personally hate sugar coating things and making the real world some stupid fantasy and I APPRECIATE how GMW doesn’t do that and how they sometimes don’t have happy endings at the end of their episodes because that’s real. Life isn’t a happy ending at the end of 20 minutes. I would LOVE to see them tackle self harm, depression, sexuality, drugs all that. I want to see these amazing characters played by AMAZING actors find the world. I want to see that and I don’t think we should be deprived from that just because some in denial - ignorant mothers feel we shouldn’t learn how to survive and be happy in this world. I think RIlaya is a good example of situations that are true and happen and should be told and Sabrina and Rowan would protray those stories and feelings so well. Enough of my shipping tho:) Look Disney, if you care about GMW( because sometimes I wonder) I hope you don’t listen to those parents because you will gain a new amount of viewers. The RIGHT kind. The kind that will love this show and promote it on social media and fondly think about how this will be a staple show that their kids will watch someday. Disney you have the power to make this the greatest- groundbreaking television show with more than 4 seasons ever on your network. You shouldn’t fuck this up just because some parents who have nothing better to do than bully a 14 yo girl says so. Might I add bulliers, Rowan has said she gets depressed. Do you really want to be responsible for her death? I know Rowan is strong but why the hell would you push her. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you all to spread the word reblogg this, like this do what you must. I want to see GMW become a groundbreaking television show for Disney with more than 4 seasons so LETS REPLACE THOSE STUPID PEOPLE WHO STOPPED WATCHING BECAUSE GMW IS EXPLAINING THE REAL WORLD. I admire and applaud Rowan and we must do everything to support her. So WATCH GMW and help them help us. Give them the views and ratings necessary so they can help us meet the world:)


Okay, I’m done. byeeeeeee

P.S. GM MONEY comes on FRIDAY at 8:30. Watch it LIVE. Even if it’s on mute just have it on so we can actually see representation in all areas (sexuality, race etc.)

My niece loves elephants, too. So I always showed her the video of the Elephant-Parade of The Jungle Book. When she starts speaking she always said “Rade” and i couldnt figure out what she wanted. Then she startet pointing at a picture of an Elephant and again she said “Rade”. I said: “No, it is an elephant.” She said: “Yes, Rade!” It took really long to figure out that this comes from saying “Elephant-paRADE”. Now she is 2 and can speak pretty well for her age, but Elephants are still and hopefully will always be just “Rade”. Children and the beginnings of learning how to speak are amazing! :) - True Story!

Felicity Smoak, MIT Class of '09

So today we figured out Felicity’s age! Isn’t that nifty? I thought so.

I’ve been wondering how old she’s been since Dr. Wells told us her degrees in Episode 4 of the Flash. Lets review though. Dr. Wells says that Felicity graduated from MIT with a Master’s in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences.

I don’t know if you guys realize this but that is an INTENSE Bachelor’s degree to get, not to mention a Master’s degree. That is two majors, both of which are extreeemmeelly difficult… Speaking from someone who is majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in Petroleum Engineering, I can tell you that Technical Science degrees are not a walk in the park. I’m looking at 5 years of Undergraduate college years. That doesn’t even cover if I want to pursue a Master’s degree. I’m down 1 ½ years, and I will be roughly 23 when I graduate with my undergraduate degree. I will be 25 if I want a Master’s as well (which I probably won’t do). 

Okay, but now back to Felicity Smoak. What do we know? We know that Felicity graduated from MIT in 2009.

And we know Felicity is 25 right now.

Lets do some math.

2015-2009=6 years

Felicity is 25 in the year 2015. 25-6=19

Felicity was 19 years old when she graduated from MIT….

Guys, that’s as old as I am. And I’m a sophomore.

Now granted, we don’t know for sure if that was her Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. So lets assume that it is Bachelor’s so I can feel better about myself. That means she was probably 21 or so when she graduated with her Master’s. Still. Wow.

Ok, so now to the other end of the spectrum… If she was 19 when she graduated, she was probably around 15 or so when she started college. 15… That’s how old my little sister is and she’s a freshmen in high school

So basically Felicity is a freaking prodigy… She’s a bonafide genius…

I’m so proud of my little Smoaky…. She is so under acknowledged sometimes…. The rarity of someone like Felicity Smoak is astronomically high… GO FELICITY SMOAK!!!!!

fun fact: 

when i was like 10 i had a shitty friend who was “blossoming” kind of rapidly for our age, and she constantly made fun of me for “being behind” so to speak. well, i took her school picture and straight burned it in a candle while wishing for her boobs to be uneven (like what a weird request but i knew that was a thing girls were self-conscious about) and her nickname for YEARS has been “biggie smalls” if you can gather what that means. 

EP26 thoughts and theories *EDITED*

(After reading this over again I saw some things that needed to be edited because originally they were pretty jumbled due to a frazzled brain and excitement over Dean!Perry)

…yeah so shit’s hit the fan.

The giraffe shirt is nigh.

1. Mattie what the fuck are you doing. The things that could be done with Deep One blood that she listed include mass hypnosis, blood plague, spontaneous universal aging, contagious madness, and setting the planet’s atmosphere on fire, so out of those, i have no idea what she’d use. generally speaking though, I think she’d be going for overall strength. Hopefully. 

2. Laura, stop tipping your hand. Please. We need you alive.

3. Little Hollstein interaction there that induced a surprising amount of feels. Carmilla is still very much torn between Mattie and Laura, but here it seems that maybe Carm chose herself as well, not just Laura, which could be her working through some development, but I’m not completely sure. (I’m pretty fuzzy on whether Carm chose to not go with Mattie for herself, or if it was still for Laura in some way, so we’ll see what happens. I think it could go either way.)

–Laura was very upset that Carmilla was even thinking about going and possibly sacrificing herself again. I can’t imagine that that brought up good memories of when she thought Carmilla was dead.

–Laura grabbed her wrist and not her hand. These dorks are so in love but they’re so tentative to show it. Ugh. Suck face already you two. (but please work out your problems first.)

–After reading an answer by carmilla-feels-hq where she and an anon discussed the theory that Carmilla goes and drinks Lophii’s blood anyways, or instead of Mattie, something clicked in my head. Carmilla’s Bloody face in that BTS picture. In that picture, she’s wearing the same outfit that she’s wearing while Laura is in the giraffe shirt. Maybe Carmilla goes and drinks the blood of the Deep One, and comes back not herself. Maybe that’s why Laura’s crying, because she thinks that she’s lost Carmilla again, just not to death. I don’t think that Carmilla would lose herself completely for a lot of reasons, but maybe she goes off the wall until the effects of the blood wear off. They don’t really know what the blood would do to them, and if the effects are permanent or not, or if they are even bad effects in the long run, so Laura thinking that Carm’s lost her mind due to the blood, if this is the way it goes, is a pretty understandable reason for her to bawl her eyes out.

4. Laura’s rant was gold, and I think that will be the platform for quite a bit of character development in the episodes to come. Although I was really hoping that she’d say “I’ll save myself” when Mattie asked her what she was going to do when Carmilla decides to stop saving her, but I don’t think we’re there yet. Not quite. (It’s pretty clear here that Laura still doesn’t think of herself as any kinf of hero despite the fact that she’s still here after everyone told her to give up.) Her world view does seem to be shifting a little here though because ‘her world’ in this moment, has seemed to narrow to basic morals. She doesn’t want to kill Vordie. She doesn’t want anyone to kill Vordie because killing is not the answer. (Slso that photoset that she posted with the little girl and the monster just SCREAMS development. She’s starting to see in shades of grey, slowly but surely.)

5. Danny’s comment about Laura is so spot on. “Laura’s just being Laura. Trying to do her best for everyone.” Laura is so selfless. So. Selfless. And I think that might be her downfall in some form. It certainly is when it comes to her own mental health and stress level through this, but I think it might be her downfall possibly in a bigger way in the coming episodes.

6. PERRY IS SOOOOOO THE DEAN. SO THE DEAN. If you weren’t convinced before, you gotta be now. Perry is so fucking off while she’s talking to Danny. Her body language is different. She’s not fidgeting, she’s not full of nervous energy, she’s sort of languid in a way (much like Possessed!Laura) and her posture suggests superiority. Her chin is up, her arms crossed. Her voice and word choice suggests superiority as well. (I don’t believe that the Dean has completely taken her over in this episode because despite some very Dean-esque behavior, there’s still a thin veil of Perry over it.) And her saying “it’s only a matter of time until she takes the wrong risk. And I’m just hoping that someone…is there to help her when she does.” and looking at Danny expectantly while she says this…

She’s so setting Danny up. Danny is fucking toast. Her tone is exactly like Possessed!Laura in season one. The cadence of her speech is the same as well and it just soooo screams Maman. It’s not even the Dean here, that tone is just such a ‘Maman’ tone, it’s such a motherly, pseudo-condescending tone of voice. That is the kind of tone that gets in someone’s head and spurs action. Danny already still worries for Laura, and I’m sure Dean!Perry’s little talk there is going to make her do something really stupid.

fucking hell.

I’m so excited for what the plot has in store for us, but I’m also terrified for what it has in store for the characters.

*burrows in bed and doesn’t emerge until next Tuesgay*

The Farmer's Daughter


It had been five years that the village had last seen the Birch Family, the ones that lived on the farm near the end of the village, the ones that would always hand out free apples or leftover vegetables. They had just vanished, it seemed.

It was December in the year 1512 when the first of them went missing; their daughter, young Scarlet, only at the age of twenty. Many blamed it on her curiosity of the forest that led to her, assumed, demise. Then… The girl returned with an odd appearance indeed. Snowy white hair, crystal blue eyes, and pale skin with her faint freckles peeking through. It was absolute madness! Yet… The family was together again.

An uproar arose in the village that night, people speaking of the girl they had all once known. Had she been possessed? Was it really her? This new look was nothing like her blonde hair and green eyes they all knew so well. What had happened to her? They were all to eager to keep guessing, when one statement arose…

“What if she’s a witch?!” Someone cried out.

The thought was easy to accept. And so they went to the farmer’s house in hopes of saving the family that had been cursed with a witch for a daughter.

The first to die had been Elias, a blacksmith apprentice… He had also been Scarlet’s fiancé of only four months.

The second to die was Alissa, one of the few schoolteachers… She had been Scarlet’s friend.

The third and fourth to die were to be listed as the farmer and his wife, but there was no sign of them or their witch daughter.

And they never returned.

The farm stayed put at the edge of the village, crops and weeds piling out over the fence, thick and tall grass towering over some of the smaller trees, long bushes and vines near the fence. The windows of the farmhouse were broken and the door had been completely ripped off. Yet inside held clues of the missing family…

The backdoor was still wide open, shoe marks coated in dirt pointing in the direction of the door. Everything pointed to the one door; how the three had escaped their almost fatal doom.

Yet, in the distance, behind the farm, was a forest thicker than belief. The trees towered high above the ground, almost touching the clouds. And from the tips of the trees, if anyone would care enough to look, they could see a light smoke, one that was most likely caused by a fireplace, or a small fire.

It was where Scarlet resided.

She had relocated herself to, what she thought was, deep in the woods to try and cope with everything that was going on. It was still mighty difficult to get by, but she managed… Barely.

She had discovered what she truly was just the year prior. The woman her father had always joked about was now her. She was Mother Nature.

There was one downside, however…

Scarlet now had powers; abilities that one would only dream of having!

But… She had no idea how to use them.

The blonde haired female sat in front of a pond by the little cabin her father had built her.

“Come on… Come on…” She bit her lip as emerald green eyes focused sternly onto the glistening water, praying for something to happen, but nothing moved.

Just the day before, she had been able to create a glorious display of water… And now, nothing.

She huffed out a defeated sigh before looking away from the water.

“What good am I to be such a powerful being, when I can barely do it right?” Scarlet mumbled, glancing up to the sky as if on cue. She watched as light clouds filled the air, starting to allow a fair amount of rain fall upon her.

“Of course…”


She always hears them. They are a constant whisper in the back of her head. But sometimes, in the middle of the night, they’ll grow louder, demanding her attention. She’ll awaken and slip out of bed. She’ll go to the balcony and she’ll stand there, listening. So many voices overlapping each other, speaking a language she just, just barely understands.

And when they cease, she’ll beg to hear more.

I’m crying i’ve been working on this all day and I’m!! So happy with it!!

it’s just a look into gaiana post-well of sorrows. The voices are something that haunt and enchant her at the same time. I really hope they do something with this decision in a future dlc.