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Side Effects of Being Human - Drake x MC, A Royal Romance Fanfic

#ChoicesCreates Carnival Round 13

Prompt: Betrayal

Book: The Royal Romance

Rating: T

Pairing: Drake x MC.

Hosted by @firefly-hwufanficwriter this week.

[A little note:  Sometimes shower thoughts lead me to interesting places. I scribbled things here and there until I could flesh out something that works well with the prompt this week. I have been writing this on and off for days with in mild annoyance and frustration . It is also extremely long and I apologize. I wanted to try writing from both their perspectives instead of one. I think you can guess where this is headed.]

[Summary: Drake can’t keep thinking about MC because he knows those thoughts can lead to dangerous places where she’s concerned. He doesn’t want to hurt his best friend and ultimately refuses to. MC can’t stop thinking about Drake, even though her mind tries to convince her otherwise. Neither of them wants to betray the prince’s trust, and neither of them are willing to until tonight. ]

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It doesn’t happen the way they always say it should. Love at first sight; the overtly cliché idea that someone can fall for another by simply meeting for the first time – silly stories they teach little girls and little boys growing up.  There is no danger of that. There is no danger of falling in love for two people so different.

He’s just bitter, she thinks.

She’s in way over her head, he thinks.

They do not understand they have far more in common than either realizes; not until he opens up to her about his sister and not until she speaks of her own dysfunctional family. Their friendship is slow, and rocky at best. It doesn’t take much for a misstep to occur. For their feet to stumble and touch a begrudgingly sore spot until they search again for common ground. Soon, the frigid disdain they once had for each other begins to thaw. 

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Fanfic - Death Cannot Stop True Love - 1/1

Summary: Princess Iris confronts the Dread Pirate Roberts who killed the man she loved. Westallen!Princess Bride au written for Westallen At The Movies: Romance Edition

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1662

A/N: Happy Valentines Day to my lovely Westallen shippers❤❤❤

“Sit right here your highness.”

With a shove from her kidnapper Iris stumbled onto a nearby large rock.

Iris took a moment to catch her breath. The adrenaline of being kidnapped several different times over the course of one day thrumming through her veins. She glanced up to her new captor but it was not fear she felt. Contempt and hatred instead burned inside her. As her eyes fell upon the pirate who had killed the man she loved.

He was a striking figure Iris had to admit. His tall form dressed entirely in black. She could not make out his features with a black mask covering the upper part of his face. A black bandanna cinched at the base of his skull concealed his hair. To Iris he looked less like a man and more like a demon. The figure that had haunted her dreams for years as the one who killed Barry.

“I know who you are,” Iris glared at him. “Your cruelty reveals everything. You’re the dread Pirate Roberts, admit it.”

“With pride,” He grinned and took a mocking bow. “What can I do for you?”

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Thy People will be my people...

I have already posted this on my ao3 but I wanted to post it here too… Idk why, I just do… Anyways this was written as a gift for three of my most wonderful friends…  @sfjessii, @reivenesque, and @hikaru9… All lovely humans that make my days brighter! <3 

This story has just been sticking with me since I wrote it… 

(There may be slight spoilers but really I have no idea!)

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Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 7

Beginning: Your Past, My Present, Our Future Part 1

Warning: Cussing. 

Your Past, My Present, Our Future Part 7

Chapter 13

“What about this one Ally?” Jr said, as he picked up a crossbow.

“Bow and arrows Jr, not a crossbow. Now put that thing down before you do something..” Ally was cut off when Jr shoot an arrow and got it stuck in the wall. “Stupid.” She close her eyes and sigh in annoyance. 

“Uh..” Jr said, putting the crossbow down. “That arrow was already in the wall when I got here.”

“God, my hair going to turn grey because of you.” Ally said as she went back to looking at the weapons The Kingdom had. “What do we have here?”  Ally picked up a bow that seem almost brand new. “Hello Beautiful. Where have you been all my life?”

“Behind you.” Negan said, making Ally jump and turn around. “Speaking of behind.” He step closer to her, towering over her. “Hope you fucken like doggy style, because we’ll be doing that a fucken lot.”

“As long as you spank me and pull my hair.” Ally said, smiling.

“Hmm, baby girl, fucken baby girl.” Negan said, smiling. “Your getting fucken daddy all worked up over here.” He licked his lips. “I think I might just fucken take you’re fine ass right now before you agree to be my fucken wifey.”

“La, la, la.” Jr said, covering his ears. “I’m not hearing this.”

“Shut up you little shit.” Negan said, smacking the back of Jr’s head. “Get your fucken ass outside, so I can talk to Ally.”

“Your so abusive pops.” Jr said, rubbing his head as he started walking out of the room. “Remember you guys, no glove no love.”

“Jr!” They both yelled and they can hear him running down the hall.

“I swear that fucken kid.” Negan said, letting a sigh a he shook his head. He looked down at Ally as she looked up at him. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Ally said, with a small smile. “What do you want to talk about it?”

“I wanted to see…you know?” Negan said, raising his hand and touching her face gently. “If you haven’t fucken decided, its fine baby girl. I was just  wondering, that’s all.”

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phantoms-lair  asked:

I need an opinion and you're the one to ask. The Nancy Drew games are on Steam and I can pick up one (can't spend money because still unemployed, but I have a steam gift card). Which one should I get?


Ghost of Thorton Hall: This is the highest quality game we’ve got out right now, one that for me hits all the based. Not just in graphics, but in story and dialogue, in puzzles and mystery. I used this game to introduce a college friend to the ND series, as she said she never liked point-and-clicks because open world is better. She watched me play this game and all of a sudden she was hooked. The voice-acting and dialogue is what convinced her, never mind the horrific music following you around the rotted plantation. GTH proves you can be rooted in one spot and still get your pants scared off. In this game, the ghosts are real, and the dead are more welcome than the living. GTH is the scariest game because it isn’t about some lunatic in a mask jumping out at you. It’s about sadness, about mental trauma, and about how humans handle fear. If you want a game that leaves you with a chill up your spine long after the computer is shut down, I’d go with this one.

“I don’t speak ill of the dead, ‘specially not when they’re staring up at my boots.” -Wade Thorton

Shadow at the Water’s Edge: Again, we see supernatural horror used in a more emotional, soul-crushing light. I remember playing SAW when I was younger, and there was a scene so scary I had to shut off the audio until I finished the puzzle. THAT’S how freaked out this game got me. SAW is based in Japan (Kyoto, I think) and is rich in both historical and modern themes. I can still hear the music when you get to play pachinko…it’s a much needed break from the misery-filled, dismal ryokan. Some of the puzzles are a touch tedious. If you do pick this one, I’d suggest junior detective for your first playthrough. (The other two should be okay on junior or senior.) There is insane sudoku in this game. The characters are a little easier to ‘like’ than in GTH, but they still give off a weird ‘are you for real?’ vibe. Hint: Beware the cat and look into the pool at the ryokan’s garden often…sometimes, she’ll be staring back.

“Although there are many Nancys in the world, your name belongs only to you. It has always been yours.” -Takae

The Final Scene:
The FIN is the oldest game I have to recc, so keep that in mind if you’re preferring something ‘shinier.’ (In which case, Thorton Hall is the youngest of these three) but FIN gets to be on this list because of the nostalgia and because of the grip it still has on me. The soundtrack makes this game. Also, because the main plot for Nance is trying to find her lost friend, she takes zero prisoners in this game. Her dialogue/speaking tone is a lot sharper and intense, and tbh a lot of Nancy’s smoky, rich voice is why I love this game so much.This girl detective practically raised me, so for me the older games are more special. FIN takes place inside an old, old theater–and it’s gorgeous. The Royal Palladium might as well be its own character, because you spend so much time getting to know the old building that is becomes a race to save your friend and the theater. FIN ranks against GTH in terms of theme and ‘draws-you-in.’ The puzzles are older and thus, a bit easier to push through. Also, after you win against the magician, play it one more time for a surprise. Exploring every inch of the theater is a must, and when you hear the old time stage music, don’t worry. Maybe the dead men tell no tales–but these old walls can talk, and have they got a story for you…

“I may have to cut this short Hal. Somebody just…climbed out of my wardrobe.”

I hope these help! Posting for anyone else wondering if they might like to play a Nancy Drew game. These game teach you so much cool stuff–not just about how amazing we girls can be when we put our minds to it. I know roman numerals, how to read pictographs, shorthand, how to reprogram an old arcade game, stop a gas leak with a ladle and most importantly...just because a door is locked, doesn’t mean there’s no way in!

The Assassin and The Queen (Daenerys x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Daenerys Targaryen

Persona: Female

Word Count: 1,236

Request: Hi, you guys are really awesome by the way, can I have a request where it is Daenerys Targaryen x reader and the reader is an assassin that was sent from Westeros to kill her. This reader is like super hot and tanned and Deanerys slowly develops a crush on her. Also can you do it when the reader is captured and is like very cocky while being held captive in the great pyramid in front of Deanerys and her guards. Thankyou. Maybe some smut?? this would be awesome. xx 

A/N - Thank you lovely <3

You didn’t even know who wanted her dead but you knew there’d be a big reward for killing her, the note that was slipped under your door said so. 

You would’ve ignored the job, passed it onto one of the others, there was no way you’d travel to Essos and you did ignore it for a short while. You continued to ignore the job even though each day another note would slide under your door, containing promises of an even bigger reward until one day you could simply refuse no more. Which was how you ended up on a boat travelling The Narrow Sea.

On your journey you heard stories about Daenerys Targaryen, supposedly she had white hair so bright you could see it a mile off, her eyes were said to look like sapphires that stood out against her strikingly pale skin; she truly did sound beautiful. You heard other stories too; tales about dragons, slaves and being left unburnt. You prayed to the Gods that they were nothing more than stories otherwise you might be in trouble.

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“Jo Grant is useless!” “Jo Grant is a sexist stereotype!” “She’s just there to tell the Doctor how clever he is!” “All she does is scream and need to be rescued by the Doctor!”

If you know anything at all about Jo you’ve probably heard at least one of the above statements at some point. People will often compare Jo to the two powerful, overtly feminist companions she comes between (Liz Shaw and Sarah Jane Smith) and decide she falls short and must be there simply to look pretty and act dumb

All those people are totally, completely wrong.

Here’s the thing: Jo did replace Liz for really sexist reasons. The writers thought Liz was “too smart” because she was the Doctor’s equal rather than someone who would just follow along asking questions. So Liz was dropped (though Caroline John would’ve probably left anyway due to her pregnancy). The character of Jo was created to replace her, and established as someone who definitely wasn’t on the same scientific level as the Doctor.

However, in spite of the sexism behind this, Jo is still a very strong character and I would argue that while she may not surpass the Doctor in the intellectual fields, she’s consistently shown to surpass him in pretty much everything else. She’s kinder than him, braver than him, more determined than him, and less dependent on him than he is on her.

And while she’s no scientist, she’s not stupid either and we see her gradually grow more knowledgeable in scientific matters (in The Time Monster, for example, when she guesses exactly what the device the Doctor built does).

She’s resourceful (remember that she does happen to be a fully qualified UNIT agent who has studied escapology) and frequently gets the Doctor out of tight jams. She doesn’t hang around waiting for someone to tell her what to do—she uses her own initiative many times, sometimes with good results (such as when she frees the Doctor in The Sea Devils) and sometimes with bad results (when she tracks down the Master on her own in Terror of the Autons—though note that she does succeed in finding him, and by Frontier in Space she’s become immune to his hypnotism).

She has far more agency than she gets credit for. She knows what she wants and isn’t shy about getting it. In her first episode we learn she got her job with UNIT by asking her well-connected uncle for it, but she’s also immediately willing to do all the hard work involved. The first thing she does is try to put out a fire—no screaming involved, she just grabs the fire extinguisher and puts it out. It turns out she’s actually ruined one of the Doctor’s projects, but her eagerness and sweet personality win him over so quickly that he doesn’t have the heart to fire her. In The Mind of Evil, during a prison riot, she grabs the gun from the prisoner holding her hostage and turns the situation around, covering the prisoners with it and then casually handing them over to the governor.

In The Curse of Peladon, King Peladon offers her a life of luxury as his queen, but she turns him down. She also turns down Latep in Planet of the Daleks—who asks her to stay with him on Skaro—because she’s more interested in her own life on Earth. When she accepts Cliff’s offer of marriage in The Green Death, it’s not on a whim but something she genuinely wants. She isn’t willing to settle for just anyone.

When she and the Doctor visit the sexist Draconians in Frontier in Space, one of them tells her to not to speak, and her response is simply to tell him to be quiet so she can carry on talking. Later she remarks, “I think it’s about time women’s lib was brought to Draconia.” And yet people claim she’s less feminist than Sarah Jane.

Jo is passionate above all else, and it shows in everything she does. She throws herself into her work, she enjoys life very much, and she’s incredibly compassionate and driven to do good. In The Mind of Evil she takes care of the Doctor after his ordeal with the Keller Machine and treats the prisoner Barnham very kindly, showing more concern for him than anyone else does. She brings a captured Ogron a banana in Frontier in Space, showing kindness to a species even the Doctor treats with contempt. Her compassion is so strong that she tries to sacrifice her own life in The Daemons to save the Doctor, asking Azal to kill her in his place. This action is what ultimately saves them all, because Azal can’t comprehend her behaviour. And finally, she chooses to leave the Doctor because she wants to save the planet the old-fashioned way—not by going into space and fighting aliens, but through simple ground level activism.

Perhaps the most profound example of her strong spirit and her bravery is The Time Monster, when the Master’s actions threaten to destroy the entire universe. She’s trapped aboard his TARDIS, and the only way to stop him is for the Doctor to time ram the two vessels, which will kill all three of them. The Doctor threatens to do it, but the Master calls his bluff, pointing out that the Doctor doesn’t have it in him to destroy Jo. Jo has no such qualms and time rams the TARDISes herself, even though she knows it’ll kill her and her best friend. She believes it’s worth it to save the rest of the universe. “Think of all those millions of people who’ll die,” she says. “Think of all those millions of people who’ll never be born!” The three of them do survive through the intervention of Kronos, but that doesn’t take anything away from Jo’s decision to destroy the two TARDISes—a decision the Doctor himself wasn’t able to make.

Despite his strong desire to be free of his exile, the Doctor is clearly the most dependent one in their relationship. He worries that she might choose to stay with Peladon, and when he finally gets his freedom in The Three Doctors, Jo is sad but willing to accept that he probably wants to leave, but he instead chooses to remain with UNIT (which shows some great character development for Three, who lied to Liz to get her to give him the TARDIS key in his first serial and tried to abandon them all). In the end, it’s not the Doctor who leaves Jo but Jo who leaves the Doctor. She makes the decision to part ways, and he is clearly the one most affected by it, and can’t even stay for the rest of the party. It’s such a simple companion departure—no tragedy involved, just leaving to get married—and yet it remains one of the most heart-breaking moments in Classic Who. We rarely see the Doctor so upset over a companion’s exit.

I don’t understand how anyone who’s seen Jo’s episodes can say she’s a useless character. This is so obviously false when you examine her actions. She may not be Ace beating a Dalek with a baseball bat or Rose absorbing the time vortex, but she doesn’t have to be. She has a quiet, gentle heroism that’s just as valid. Dismissing her as the epitome of the sexist “screaming girl” stereotype misses everything important about her character.

Wonderland Meets Neverland - Part One


  1. I love your blog!!IT’S AMAZING!!!Anyways I wanted to request a Wonderland crossover.I don’t really know if you need any specific ideas,but I just think a Wonderland crossover would be awesome!! Lots of love!
  2. I’m not the person who requested the crossover but I do have an idea. So like y/n is Jefferson’s sister and she’s the queen of wonderland and maybe the shadow took one of her prisoners so she and Jefferson go after the shadow and find that they’re in Neverland and then you can figure out the rest? Like you know make Jefferson an over-the-top protective brother?
  3. (the-rad-mad) For the Wonderland crossover,maybe Y/N could take on the role of the Cheshire Cat,and that’s why Y/N and Peter get along a bit,but also get on each others nerves.They both mess with people’s minds,speak in riddles,love adventure,and are mysterious and mischievous. But the reason they don’t get along at times are because Y/N is carefree and Peter is pretty serious at times,while Y/N actually is serious in a carefree way??? (idek how to explain that) Sorry these ideas really suck.I don’t have ideas really for a plot at all,just Characters.

Warnings: none

Notes: SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT! I asked for help because I’ve never done a crossover, so thanks to the people who helped with ideas!

Part Two || Part Three

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“Big Brother!” You spooked your brother, Jefferson, by dangling right in front of him from a tree. You smiled wide, a grin stretching from ear-to-ear, eyes wide.

“Gah–Gosh,” Jefferson jumped back a little. He shook his head once he realized it was only you. “Always smiling so wide like a Cheshire Cat.” He noted. 

“I guess that’s why they call me just that, Big Brother,” you giggled, coming down from the tree. Both of you started walking.

You and your older brother, Jefferson, were the best of friends. Always with one another just about. Always wreaking havoc and creating some kind of ruckus in Wonderland. You were the trickster, and he was the thief. You were mischievous and abject. He was sly and a plausible liar.

“Jefferson, have you heard that a Shadow took a boy away?”

Your brother turned to you as you both continued to walk down a path in Wonderland. “A boy taken by a Shadow?” 

You nodded your head. “Yes. I think we should go find him, and bring him back. He is one of my friends, you know.”

“You have friends?” He retorted sassily. You rolled your eyes at him before walking ahead of him and stopping right in front of your brother.

“Okay, not a friend, but I think it’d be cool to bring the kid back.”

Jefferson gave you a look, folding his arms over your chest. “I think little Cheshire wants an excuse to go on an adventure.”

It was true, you did want to just go on an adventure. You and your brother both hated Wonderland for the most part. The thought of going to another realm, another land, sounded intriguing. 

Though Jefferson knew damn well where this missing child had been taken to. The second you said he was taken by a Shadow, he knew. Only one land had a Shadow that took children. A land in which a demon inhabited it and ruled everything on that island. The place was dangerous and deadly. Jefferson never wanted to take you there.

“But it’s not going to happen. That place is not meant for you.”

“So you do know where he is!” You pointed, smiling wide once again. Jefferson nodded. “Then let’s go, please?” You begged.

“No way, Y/N, it’s dangerous there.” You scoffed, waving your hand.

“Please, Dangerous is my middle name. C’mon, Big Brother, please?” You butted out your lower lip, clasped your hands together, and showed him your big eyes. You were giving the puppy eyes look. A look no one could ever resist.

Jefferson rolled his eyes, mumbling a small ‘fine’. You cheered and quickly hugged your brother. He didn’t hug back, too concerned about your safety. But nevertheless, Jefferson took off his infamous hat. The black and light orange hat he always wore and never left his sights. He set it on the ground, explained that you and him needed to jump inside it.

“Jump inside the hat? Now I’m sure that you’re absolutely mad,” you cackled.

“Only the best people are, my dear Cheshire. Now c’mon. Let’s go.” 

When you realized he was being serious, you grabbed his outstretched hand. “On three,” Jefferson had told you. You nodded. He counted to three, and you both jumped inside the hat. You’d no idea his hat could do that. You’d no clue his hat was a portal hat. No wonder he always had it with him.

In this room were multiple doors. All different, too. There was a lime green door, a door with four different doorknobs, a pink door, a door made of only flower, a grey door; so many doors. But one door stood out to you. It was different than all the rest. It was of pure black, white shiny specs on it, but in the right upper corner, there were two brighter and bigger specs. A few vines were on the door, and the doorknob was a flower. A real flower was the doorknob. You couldn’t believe it. It was such a pretty sight.

“Quit gawking, and let’s get going,” Jefferson dragged you over to the pretty door.

“You mean we’re going in there?” You asked excitedly.

“Yes, and whatever you do, you stay by my side at all time, understood? Neverland is not a place to mess around in. Are we clear?” 

“Yes, let’s just go already!”

Jefferson opened the door, and you guys walked through it.


The boy in green and his best henchman walked through the forest in Neverland. They were discussing what to do with their newest hostage. A boy from Wonderland. Nut not just any boy. He was the Queen of Hearts’ son. She had wronged the Bot in Green, Peter. She wronged him and that made him mad. His revenge was taking her son.

“If she doesn’t cooperate, Felix, she’ll never hear from her son again,” he snarled. Felix, his tall friend, snickered.

“She’ll cooperate, Pan. That boy is the only thing that keeps her going.” The two boys laughed some more before coming to a halt.

Off in the near distance stood two intruders. Peter’s sense were going off the wall, and now he knew why. Two people were on his island. And he recognized one of them. Jefferson. The thief with a very special hat. He was from Wonderland.

“Look who we have here. Dear old Jefferson.” He whispered.

“You mean Mad Hatter? Who the girl? Think they’re here for the boy?” Peter shrugged. He’d no clue who you were, but you sure had big eyes and a wide smile. He also wasn’t sure why you and Jefferson were here.

“Not sure. You go back to camp and hide the boy, I’ll deal with them,” Peter ordered. Felix nodded, turning back to camp.

Peter watched you and Jefferson for a bit. Jefferson, in his usual raggedy dull mix-matched clothes, and that hat. But then there was you. Aside from you big eyes and wide smile, your clothes were brighter. You were also energetic and climbing up in the trees like it was nothing. Interesting.

You were having the time of your life. Neverland. It was such a wondrous place. So different. So new. You loved it. You would much rather live here than in Wonderland. The trees were so huge and fun to climb in, and the air felt fresher. Though Jefferson kept telling you to get down from them, worried about what could be in the trees.

“Big Brother, you’re no fun–”

“Big Brother? Oh, Jefferson, you never told me you had a baby sister, I’m hurt.” You were cut off by a deep voice. He sounded so sarcastic and maniacal. 

Jefferson instantly pushed you behind him, but you couldn’t help but peer from behind. This boy was… cute. He was tall and had broad shoulders. Had dirty, dishwater blond hair. It was light brown, but at the same time, it wasn’t. His hair was baffling, but it was nicely swept to the side. He was in dark green and brown clothing, had piercing green eyes, and had an accent. It was a British accent, like yours, but his was different. You liked it.

“Back away, Pan,” Jefferson spat.

“Now why would I do that? You’re the one who’s on my island. My home. What are you doing here?” His tone went from sassy to serious in a split second. You couldn’t help but step a little to the side of your brother. You wanted to see this Pan character more.

“We’re just–”

“We’re trying to find the boy who was taken here,” you cut your brother off. “Why else would we be here, hmm?” You said, tone noxious. You displayed your enraptured smile, making Peter tilt his head.

Your brother was about to scold you, but Peter got to you first.

“And who have we here? What’s your name?” Peter asked you, tone sounding more vicious than anything.

You smirked. Jefferson looked at you, shaking his head. He didn’t want Peter to know your name. Ever. But there you went, telling him. “Y/N, but people call me Cheshire Cat because of my wicked smile.” You smiled wide once again.

“That’s enough chit-chat, we’ll be leaving now. C’mon, Cheshire,” Jefferson grabbed your arm. Peter wasn’t having it though.

“No. You’re not allowed to leave. I forbid it.”

“Pan,” Jefferson snarled. You only snickered like a madman. 

“Oh joy, staying here? What a delight,” your tone was laced in sarcasm. “I’ll be having fun around here.”

“I quite like you,” Peter smirked. Jefferson covered you again, putting you behind him.

“Watch yourself, Pan,” Jefferson warned. “You go anywhere near her, I’ll–”

“You’ll what? Put me inside your hat? Are you trying to threaten me? Because you’re doing an awful job at it.”

You couldn’t help but giggled quietly. This Pan character was quite a show. Very funny to you, and sassy. You liked it. What you didn’t like was your protective big brother killing all this fun. So, you turned around, face-to-face with a tree. You jumped, clinging onto a branch.Both boys were busy bickering, not noticing what you were doing. You climbed around in the big tree, going over to where Peter was. There was a branch right above him. You thought it’d be funny to scare him just like you did to Jefferson earlier today. So you got to the branch, sat on it, and fell backwards. Your legs clung onto the branch as your body fell down closer to the two boys.

“Gotcha, Pan,” you hushed, laughing carelessly. He didn’t jump or make a sound, but you did give him chills. He didn’t sense you at all with his powers. He whipped around, stopping conversation with Jefferson who was looking behind him. He was baffled that he didn’t notice your disappearance.

“How’d you do that?” He asked, poison in his voice.

“Well you see,” you began, still hanging from the tree upside-down. “It’s called I climbed on branches.”

He cocked an eyebrow at you, not taking light of your sassy sarcasm. “Not that, twit. I mean how did you get up there without my knowledge? This is my island. I know every little thing that goes on. I know who’s in the trees right now, and which trees. Why can’t I do that with you?”

You were confused. How could Peter know who was in the trees and which trees they were in? How did he know that? It was puzzling, but you found it interesting that he couldn’t do that with you.

“Maybe it’s because I’m from Wonderland… or maybe it’s because I don’t think about climbing the trees. I just do it.”

It was true. You didn’t need to think about climbing trees, or which specific tree to climb. You just did it. You were a careless person for the most part, never thinking about what to do or say because you didn’t care of the consequence. You’d nothing to lose.

Peter cocked his eyebrow again, thinking about it. Strange. You didn’t need to think about your actions, you just did them? Weird how his magic couldn’t work if the person didn’t think about it hard enough. He never knew that, and now he hated it.

“You know, I’m beginning not to like you,” he seethed a bit.

“Awe, is the poor Green Boy not happy that I beat him at a game? Oh no, whatever will I do now knowing that he doesn’t like me,” you rolled your eyes, finally swinging down from your tree branch, as the blood rushing to your head was making you dizzy.

When your feet hit the ground, Peter still couldn’t sense you on his island. You were right in front of him, and he still couldn’t feel your being. It was irritating. He knew exactly where and what his Lost Boys were doing. He knew exactly where his hostage was, and he knew where Jefferson was, but he couldn’t feel you. He couldn’t for the life of him grasp onto your presence with his magic.

“I want to see more of the island, Jefferson, c’mon,” you grinned innocently. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Y/N,” Jefferson said, rushing to your side. You were too close to Peter, and he didn’t like that.

“Well then you can leave, and I can stay. I want to explore. Maybe find treasure.”

Peter turned towards you. “Treasure? There’s no treasure on this blasted island.” He snapped at you.

“Zip it, Zippy,” you hissed at Peter. Once again you smiled. It looked sinful and frenzied. It was inhuman, this time giving Peter chills. It was the second time within fifteen minutes you gave him chills. 

“I’m not talking about that kind of treasure. You’ve precious cargo on this island and I want it. And I always get what I want.”

“Good luck with that, Cheshire. Because you’ll never find it.” Peter growled, understanding what you were talking about now. 

“Let’s go, Big Brother. I want to see more of the island,” you went right back to sounding innocent. “Bye-Bye, Pan. See you around.” You winked at him, a smirk playing on your lips. 

Jefferson followed you, not daring to let you leave his side. He would never dream of leaving you alone in such a wretched place. As you two walked away, Peter stood there completely taken aback. You were something. You really were something. You showed no fear towards him, he couldn’t sense you on the island, and you gave him chills. You were a mystery, and he wanted to figure you out.

Red // 2

Red — ft. Oh Sehun

// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — mildly smutty

A/N: I lied. There might be 4 parts to this and as always—this is really angst.

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

“Take care of her, would you?” Sehun whispers to me at the end of the gala dinner while placing a gentle hand on my arm. 

He naturally pulls me into him but never publicly intimate enough to spark suspicion of our midnight affairs. His fingers cradle my lower back as it draws a line up and down the stream of my spine. He nicks at every nerve and vein connecting to my forlorn heart but he doesn’t touch me because he cares. He touches me because he knows he can.

I faithfully retreat with a slight bow and lead his date off to a private reading room before the fashion charity auction begins. She sits in front of me with laced gloves covering her arms, clasping them together on her lap. The woman is a natural beauty. Demure, modest, innocently shy with her speech and expressions. She’s the opposite of my cold and bitter self but I can without hesitation say we hold affections for the same man. It doesn’t take her a second to sense my severity but what she doesn’t realize is that it has nothing to do with her. 

It’s the singular fact of how I despise this one task Sehun constantly imposes on me as if it’s part of my job—as if it is my duty to sever his female relationships for him when he’s had enough. Most of all, I loathe how I’m inevitably made unique by it. Whereas these people eventually disappear from him, I remain. He’s warped my any and all perception, making me think I’m ranked above others or special in some twisted way. 

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To, Everyone

I’m going to say this once.

I don’t nag anybody about suicide, because ultimately it’s their decision; I don’t expect to be nagged to.

I have been through shit. Nothing as deep as the shit half the people on the planet have; but still bad enough to get sent to the fucking psych ward for speaking my mind.

I was mentally abused for 8 years of my life by my crackpot drunk father, and his entire side of the family, who always hated me more than anything in the goddamn world. They got pleasure out of screaming at me. Locking me in my room for hours sure was a good idea, wasnt it? While mom was in and out of jail and prison serving sentances for her “friends”; taking the blame for crimes she didn’t commit, all because she thought everything my father was doing was because of her, and she thought she could change.

When she finally got back it was so late in that I’d been so mentally scarred I’d needed counseling for 3 years already and I couldn’t go out in public by myself and always needed someone I was close to near me. I’m still like this now. Now, when I do something wrong, I run away, curl up in a corner, hide myself as much as possible, and cry. When I’m near a lot of people, even if I know them, I feel like I need to hide; like I need to run away and cry again.

A couple months later, turns out I’ve got some sort of weird mental shit where I get trapped in extensive daydreams every time I litsen to music or walk. Wait? Theres more? I also talk and whisper to myself while doing this?

Oop! Looks like I’ve had chronic depression for a couple of years now and nobody said shit!

Oh hey, whats over here? Oh hiya extreme social anxiety!


I just want relief from this shit.

I’ve been broken down to shards by counselors over and over with the same fucking words: “Killing yourself is selfish and useless.”

Even shit from my own goddamn father:
“You’re too chicken shit to do it. Even if you did nobody’d give a damn.”
“You’re a disgrace to this fucking family.”
“You are a walking goddamn sin.”
“You ruin the fucking year and all you have to say is sorry?!”
“You’re already dead to the important people in the family, so you might as well just finish the job.”
“Your problems are nothing.”

Hearing this shit from bullies in any form isn’t as bad as hearing it come from your own goddamn father.

Honestly? Yes. I’ve cut myself. Does it matter? No. Why do people ask me, then?

I hate councelors. They try to convinve you something’s wrong inside your head. Yes. I fucking know I have MD. I realize I’ve got chronic depression. I get it I have extremely severe anxiety. Stop reminding me.

I sat in a blank white room for 5 hours so they could do tests on me to see wether or not I was crazy enough to be admitted to a mental hospital.

I understand that I’m not a good person. I’m not worth jack shit, I know. Yep, I suck at everything I do. I understand my life isn’t worth living.
You don’t have to keep reminding me.

When I say I want to die, the responses are idiotic.

“That’s selfish.”

“Who would benefit from your death?”

“Think about the people around you, how would they feel?”

Well maybe if you used your goddamn head for once, you could think of a better response than that. Like, I dunno, maybe something that doesn’t sound like you’re just trying to change the damn subject.

I swear to god people are stupid.

I’ve considered suicide more than a dozen times. None of this helps.

If you’re ever considering suicide, message someone close to you to talk about it. Somebody you trust.

Remember; everyone is free to message me if you need support, or even just someone to listen to your problems. I’ve been there. I know how it feels.


part i | part ii | part iii

sakura hears nothing but a faint buzz as she buckles down to her knees. her mind whirs through different ideas and different scenarios. and, somewhere, something frantic continues to echo: sarada is missing, sarada is missing, sarada is missing. it takes her a moment to realize she isn’t breathing, and when sakura inhales sharply, it finally occurs to her to cry. not tears, for there’s no time for weeping, but a choked whine, the sound of scared, threatened animal.

she swallows. she counts between breaths and thinks.

sarada is missing.

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I ended up rewatching Frank and Karen’s first prison scene in 2.07 “Semper Fidelis”, so now here I am, completely distracted from my original purpose and about to go step by step through their body language, words, and how important this scene is for establishing their dynamic. Because it really is. (If you read this, I’m so sorry for the length.)

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anonymous asked:

Could you write prompt number 10 for 00q?? 😍

For you, nonny? Anything at all.

The key line in this fic (you’ll know it when you see it) is indeed from a web series: @bpdcecilpalmer‘s Backwards Compatibility. The line appears here in a short that destroys me every time I read it.

When you touch me, my mind is gone. The only words I know are lost inside your body.

Q doesn’t understand romance. It’s not that he doesn’t want it. He’d like a partner, someone to spend lazy mornings with, who would put up with with his constant tinkering and his odd taste in music and his inability to do the laundry correctly and his fixation for keeping a clean kitchen. He wants someone to go out to eat with, someone who will hold his hand in cabs and kiss him sweetly before he goes to sleep.

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Finally! Let me join the chorus and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY BK! *throws a pile of glitter that will take forever to vacuum out of the carper*

I wrote you a little something, Dark!Emma seducing straightlaced navy Captain Killian Jones in the Mirror Universe Enchanted Forest. I hope you like it.

So, for that lovely blueberry muffin, killians-dimples on the day of her birth, the traditional Gift of Smut.

She’s on her knees when he enters the brig, head bowed and arms hanging limp. The chains that bind her (enchanted, as they have to be to hold and contain her power) are coiled on the floor, heavy manacles encircle her slender wrists. There’s a pang low in his belly at the sight, to see a lady clapped in irons like a common thief.

But then, as her heads lifts and she rises from the floor in a sinuous roll of shoulders and breasts and hips, the chains rattling and scraping as they pull through the iron rings set into the floor, he reminds himself that the Black Swan might be a princess, but she is no lady.

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Bad blood, good heart

Universe: Marvel - The Avengers, X-Men & Fantastic Four crossover
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
requested by huntingal5568
Word count: 1924

A/N: Hi everyone! Sorry I was silent for the last few days, this one was quite a challenge to write, but I had losts of fun writing it. Thanks to the person who requested it! And thank you guys for reading my imagines. Mind you, this one is really, really long!!! ^^” Hope you’ll like it anyway!

Whoever knew you could say it was in your genes to be with the bad guys. That’s what you get when your father is at the head of the Brotherhood of mutants, when your godfather is one of the most well-known scientist turned evil on Earth, and when you happen to be a mutant yourself. You were born with wings, a sharp hearing and the ability to manipulate the wind, and ever since your powers were discovered, your father had trained you to control them. Never did he hide the fact he wanted you to join the Brotherhood later. Except you didn’t, nor did you share his opinion on mutants. But you had no one else to turn to, except for Victor, which didn’t change much from your father’s point of view, and nowhere else to go. So for some time you fought by his side, but the moment came where you couldn’t pretend anymore. It was just becoming too much so you simply flew away without any explanation. You had no idea where you’d go, but you thought it was better that way.

* * * *

Fury found you before your father did. His first intent was, as you thought, use you to get informations on the Brotherhood. But you refused. And stood your ground on that. This surprised the leader of SHIELD, who hadn’t expected you to be so stubborn.

“Magneto is your father. He’ll never suspect you.”

“He knew I don’t exactly share his views. He certainly guesses this is the reason why I left without a word, he isn’t stupid.”

“Still, I doubt he would suspect his own daughter.”

“You clearly don’t know him.”

“We could still use her, Fury.” Black Widow interfered. “Someone with her skills… and wings… could be of some help.”

Fury frowned, a thoughtful look on his face.

“I’ll think about it.”

He headed out, but before he left, he whispered to her.

“For now, keep her under surveillance. Close surveillance.”

Agent Romanoff nodded and gestured to you to come with her.

“Where are you taking me?” you asked as you two left the interrogation room.

She didn’t answer. In fact, as soon as Fury had left, she stopped speaking at all. You entered what seemed to be a detention area. The agent led you to a cell that she opened.

“Wait… Am I your prisoner?” you asked, confused.

“Until Fury makes up his mind, I don’t know what your are. You’ll stay here until then.”

You tensed at first, but knew better than to argue. It wouldn’t help convincing them you weren’t on your dad’s side. So you entered the cell without a word, resigned, and sat down on the floor, your back to the wall. It felt odd to end up in a cell when you hadn’t done anything. But at least, neither your father nor Victor would find you here. It reassured you somehow. And you waited. Was it minutes, hours, days, you couldn’t tell. But you waited, sometimes getting up, walking around, stretching your wings as much as the cell allowed you before sitting back down. And suddenly, you heard footsteps coming down the stairs. You rose your head to see a tall man with short light brown hair walking by the cells, his head down as if he was thinking.

“You shouldn’t worry about me. I may have wings but I can’t breach metal bars!”

The man turned his head towards you, surprise in his eyes.

“Excuse me?” he asked.

“They didn’t send you to guard my cell or something?”

“No. Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for the big boss to make up his mind about what should become of me.” you shrugged. “They don’t seem to trust me, he and his little friend.”

“'his little friend’? You mean Natasha? Agent Romanoff?”

You nodded. He had started nearing the cell, and you managed to see his eyes, his piercing ice cold blue irises.

“What’s bringing you down here anyway?” you asked.

“Nothing, I just… needed to take a break from all the fuss from up there. Seems like no one will ever reach an agreement on the matter…”

“Yeah, I know the feeling.”

He smirked at you. He now stood in front of the door, only a metre away from you.

“I’m (Y/N) Lehnsherr, by the way.”

“You… You’re the one everybody’s debating over!”

“Yep, sounds like it. Sorry my presence here caused such a fuss, then.”

He laughed, relieved you didn’t take it bad. That’s how you met Steve.

* * * *

[A few months later]

A few days after he found you, Fury had ended up agreeing with Natasha’s original view that you could be of some help to the Avengers. At first, it had scared you a bit: you thought that you’d never feel included, that what you were would keep them away. But it didn’t. And now, even though you weren’t officially a part of the team, it was pretty much the same to you and to them. You would train together every day, go on the field together when they needed an extra set of arms and special abilities, and you would hang out with them whenever you had the occasion. You became the closest of friends. Sometimes, they would ask you about the time where you fought at your father’s sides. In return, you would ask them about their lives before SHIELD and all this. Especially Thor. You loved hearing him talking about Asgaard, about his adventures with his friends, about his childhood games with his brother Loki. And there was Steve. The one who had looked at you as a person rather than Magneto’s daughter or a set of super abilities. As time passed by, you two grew closer to each other, and you were now dating. Being in love was all new to you, and you were thankful that Steve gave you time to fully comprehend what it was that you were feeling for him.

You hadn’t been so much in contact with your father or godfather. You had just sent them a letter saying that you were alright, that you needed time for yourself and that you’d come back whenever the time felt right. You hoped they would understand. Besides, you felt your father needed to let go. You were no longer a child who needed protection, and you had learned how to hid your powers and your wings. Plus, you were doing better being around the Avengers. You were less snappy, more patient, even calmer. And you liked it that way.

But then came the day you weren’t looking forward for at all. You were waiting for Steve, Clint and Natasha to come back from the field when Agent Hill came to you, saying Fury needed you in his office. You raised an eyebrow, curious. Ever since he had released you from that cell, he had never wanted to see you in private, and you hoped he hadn’t changed his mind about you. You hoped in the lift, went up and knocked at his door.

“Come in. Ah, (Y/N), there you are!”

“You asked to see me.”

“Yes. Please, sit down” he said, gesturing to the chair on the other side of his desk.

So you did, still wondering what on Earth could be going on.

“(Y/N), I have a favour to ask you.”

“What kind of favour?”

“I need you to contact Magneto and Dr Doom.”

You froze for a split second. You couldn’t believe your ears, why was he asking such a thing of you? He knew very well what you thought of their ideas and why you had left. You remained silent for a moment, looking for something sensible to say. Freaking out wouldn’t do any good.

“You’d better have a very good reason, Fury.”

“We need their help on something we’re working on.”

“Excuse me?”

“Von Doom is a scientist, I suppose you know that already.”

“Yes. But so is Dr Banner, and you have Stark the genius. Why do you need Victor?”

“Because what we’re working on has to do with a field Von Doom has worked on for years. Stark learns fast, sure, but it wouldn’t give him your godfather’s experience.”

“I see. What about my father?”

Fury didn’t answer to that question. You rolled your eyes and sighed. Of course, he had to keep some secrets…

“Fine. I’ll do it.”

The director nodded and you left the office to get back down. Without a word to anyone, you grab your suit and left the building, taking off through your room’s window. You flew for a few hours before arriving at your dad’s house. As soon as you landed, you heard the door open.

“Ich wusste, du wurdest bald wiederkommen.”

“Hallo papa.” you smiled.

He went to hug you, but then his eyes fell on your suit and the SHIELD logo on it, making him stop. He frowned.

“I also had that feeling you weren’t coming back to us.”

“Could we talk about that another time? That’s not what I came for.”

“Was machst du hier dann?”

“Lass uns drinnen gehen.”

* * * *

Steve had come back half an hour after you had left. After a short debriefing, he went to look for you, but you were nowhere to be found. As he still hadn’t seen you by the end of the day, he started to get more and more worried. He couldn’t get any sleep, spent two hours hitting the punching bag, trying to clear his head, and ended up searching the whole tower from the basement to the rooftop. Nothing. Sun was rising when he took the lift to get down. It was around 6 am, at which time you arrived at the Avengers tower with your dad and godfather. When he saw you arriving, he ran to you and took you in his arms, holding you tight as if you’d been gone for months.

“Where have you been?! I was so worried!”

“I’m sorry. Fury asked me a favour, and you weren’t back yet when I left.”

“A favour? What kind of…”

Only then did he noticed Dr Doom and Magneto standing behind you.

“Fury needs them for something.”

“Yeah, he mentioned having sent someone. I just didn’t though it could be you.”

“I appreciate your trust in me, captain.”

He laughed and turned to the two men.

“Welcome, Dr Doom. I’ll go get director Fury, I suppose you wish to speak to him first.”

“Indeed, I do.” Victor answered. “I’m rather curious of why he needs me for.”

“Then let’s get to business, shall we?” Fury’s voice said as he stepped inside the hall.

Doom shook hands with SHIELD’s director, something you had never thought you’d see one day.

“Let’s make one thing clear first. I’m not working for you. I’m here because my goddaughter asked me to.”

“Of course.”

Your dad turned to you.

“One thing should be clear for us as well. When this is over, I’m back to the Brotherhood. Follow me or not, it’s up to you.”

You had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming. But no, that was real.

“I thought you didn’t agree…”

“Because I don’t agree doesn’t mean I don’t accept.”

You smiled, relieved. It hadn’t been easy to do it, but you had done it. And for the first time, you really felt like you had really done something useful. Like you were one of the Avengers. It was the best feeling.

Translation: “Ich wusste, du wurdest bald wiederkommen”: I knew you’d come back soon. | “Hallo papa”: Hello dad. | “Was machst du hier dann?”: Then what are you doing here? | “Lass uns drinnen gehen”: Let’s go inside.

love-is-drowning  asked:

One word prompt: wine

The voices of the others chatting and relaxing filled the church along with the warm glow from the candles. Carol couldn’t bring herself to join them. Just days ago, she had ended a child’s life, and now she was sitting in a house of God, surrounded by scripture that reminded her, in no uncertain terms: thou shalt not kill.

She swilled the wine in her cup idly, watching the red drink roll around the glass.

Take and drink…This is blood of my body…shed for you.

She could see two small, blood stained hands, holding a knife and begging for her to wait and let Mika turn.

Carol flinched, looking up at the rafters of the church.

The sound of the single gunshot was still reverberating in her ears on an endless loop, and the unbidden image of those little yellow flowers still haunted her when she did manage to sleep. She wanted to forget…to put it behind her…but God didn’t forget.

Was she damned? What forgiveness was there for killing a sick child? What mercy could she possibly deserve?

A few feet away, Daryl had made his seat on the floor, picking at his own bowl of food. He had respected her wishes and not pressed her to tell him what had happened, merely taking a spot beside her in quiet camaraderie if and when she decided to talk.

Abraham stood to speak, but half of his speech didn’t register in her mind.

She didn’t know what the others had done to survive when the prison fell. What depths they had sunk to or the heights that they had achieved to stay alive. They were affected by it, she could see, but it wasn’t keeping them awake at night. It wasn’t preventing them from enjoying this meal. It wasn’t building a wall between them and their loved ones.

Daryl was right there, an arm’s length away, so willing and able to listen or to just be with her. His embrace and seeing the Grimes reunited had kept her thoughts warm for a day, but now the chill was creeping back in. She still felt isolated from these people, from her family.

How often had she come to her hometown church, so similar to this one? For some peace and quiet, for an escape, for that sense of calm that she couldn’t feel anywhere else. She had brought Sophia to church with her every Sunday and to every church function that she could, just to get her out of the house and away from Ed, who wanted nothing to do with her faith but had allowed her that freedom.

Now here she was, a year since she had last set foot in a holy house, and she felt like a stranger. The angels weren’t protecting her now, they were condemning her. The altar wasn’t welcoming her to worship; it was staring her down. How dare she even think of forgiveness?

Unconditional: that was what she had learned of God’s love. For the repentant soul, there was always the promise of salvation.

She wasn’t even sure if she believed in God anymore.

Carol grimaced and looked down at her wine again. She could feel Daryl watching her, but she couldn’t look back at him and see that concern and care in his eyes. He didn’t know what she’d done. She never wanted him to. It was her burden to bear.