she sounds so different


I’m really liking the latest update!


Why don’t you look in that magical future book. It should tell you.

dude im so stoked how taylor’s experimenting with new sounds and ways of singing and stuff i mean there is probably some technical term for this but i just think it’s really cool i am loving how she sounds so different but still herself in this song. it’s SICK

Spotlight: Tara Strong

This is a new segment we are going to introduce in which we name someone who is influential in our scope and talk about them briefly. For the first one, we introduce Tara Strong. Ms. Strong is a voice actor with a lengthy resume. Odds are you have heard at least one of her characters if not more. Known mainly for her cartoons, she has notably voiced characters on shows such as Teen Titans, Bravest Warriors, Ben 10, Afro Samurai, Danny Phantom and Fairly OddParents. She voices movies (like Batman: The Killing Joke, Scoodby-Doo), video games (such as Injustice, Batman: Arkham series, Mortal Combat) and has even been in live action settings. 

She has been active for more than 30 years and shows no sign of stopping. Her ability to voice so many characters is definitely impressive to say the least. Not only does she voice so many characters, she does all of them incredibly well. Most of her voices sound so different, it is almost impossible to tell that it is her! She is a gift to the world of animation and we cannot imagine the industry without her. Next time you play a game or watch a cartoon, listen closely and see if you can recognize her voice. She is truly an incredible woman and we look forward to what the future holds for her.  


Just at the dentist, crying, cause I hate it until I met this smol little girl in the waiting room with bright brown eyes and curly brown hair. She sat next to me and began talking about herself and being friendly until she said her name is JORDAN MAROON I CANT! (Spelt different but sounds exactly the same)

She was so adorable and talks about her little stuffy, which is a little teal kitten, named Jer. Coincidence? I think not!? But it gets better… ;)

Minutes pass and an identical girl walks back into the room. After a little introduction I learnt she was Jordan’s twin sister named Nita, which is a smol little girl with the biggest smile and literally gave her toothbrush away to a boy who wanted a blue one even when she wanted it.. Precious! But like Nita-Ianite meh meh sounds close but it get even better!

They have an older brother, like 18-19, who looks like the exact opposite of the two. His hair is died like a light blue, almost green with stud earnings and jeans and a black shirt. Now already reminded me of Tom but when he comes around and introduces himself as Thomas Maroon I died. As they left, I watched (while practically dying) as little Nita ran ahead and little Jordan took Tom’s hand and sang songs on the way down the stairs.

Thank you lord for gracing me with this moment of pure insanity.

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people even think that she use autotune, but this is weird for me when people listen her live and comment 'she sound so different than on the album' i think that she sould just like in abum, sometimes maybe bad days but she sound phenomenally live.

Lana’s vocals during her live performances are fantastic in my opinion. They’re so much more emotional and passionate. In the beginning, she sounded a bit shaky, but she’s definitely overcame it and even in her early performances she sounded great

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Clairesail here again :) I don't recall of it's been mentioned before or not, but what kind of accent does Anna have? I'd assume an English one, as she goes to an English school, but I always read her voice in an American accent like her father's. And she's been raised around so many people with all different kinds of accents... so does she sound more British like her mom or more American like her dad?

Hi Claire! Daaaamn that’s a tricky one. Good question. Honestly it’s not something I usually think of because, you know, I write originally in Spanish and then I translate to English. But it’s true it’s a trait I should consider and have in mind, so, here we go!

You’re right when guessing Anna has been raised among different people with different accents - American accent with Zip, Kurtis and Marie, and add to that combo the Diné dizaad, the Navajo language, British accent with Lara and Lady Angeline, more Irish accent with father Dunstan and Winston (o maybe Winston just lost his Irish accent - if that’s a thing - after living so many years in Britain?), French accent with Jean Yves, Turkish accent with Selma, even Hindi accent with Radha and Sita Delhi.

Now this is insane, isn’t it? :D We can say at this point the girl should be utterly confused at which kind of accent to pick up, but as she spent more time with her parents and grandmas than with the rest of the crowd, I guess American/British accent are the dominant; despite she might adopt some of the other accents while she’s with that other people. (It has happened to me when spending time, for example, with my Mexican friends, I adopted the Mexican accent without even noticing I was doing it, then when back to my Spanish envinroment I lose it again and recover my Spanish accent).

Now, between American and British accent, I think she’ll be more inclined to sound American, like it’s - and this is just MY personal appreciation - a more comfortable, cool pronunciation of English, easy to learn, easy to remember, easy to adopt, while I find British accent more difficult to master.

We know that Anna sounds more like Kurtis than like Lara, she lacks Lara’s manners and educated vocabulary, she easily swears and curses and uses her father’s poor soldier slang, just because you know, children are more attracted to bad uses than to good uses. She finds it cool and comfortable and prefers it over the delicate, refinated British accent. 

So in the end, I guess she’s more sounding American, rather than British, which doesn’t mean her British relatives won’t kinda struggle to make her adopt the British accent - if only to clean a little that filthy mouth. She will try to contain herself, anyway. And as she lives part of her life in England, it’s logical some of the British accent will stick to her anyway, if only for Lara.

Maybe she just lives jumping from one accent to other, from one slang to other, depending of the person she’s with, just as I do with my Mexican friends… but it will be easier for her as she’s still a kid and kids are like sponges, they absorb easily whatever floats around them…

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Taylors switch was risky for her but the music she made as a country and pop star has always been generic (not the right word, i mean its music a lot of people will enjoy)

I guess that makes sense.. BUT I think Red was truly an album that stretched boundaries because it crossed genres and she tried so many different sounds. Plus I give her a lot of credit because she writes her own songs, helps produce and her songwriting is top notch. So yes people can say “oh it’s basic” or whatever but she’s Taylor fucking Swift. You can’t deny she’s a lyrical genius.

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Next Page really is such a great song. I feel bad that Sana didn't get much parts but she still slayed vocal reinforcement. And although Jungyeon only got one part, I found myself doing the Momo hand gesture with her sustained note in the end of the bridge. RIP Replay button. D:

Seriously I’m so glad Jeongyeon got the bridge part in Next Page instead of Jihyo because I think that Jihyo and Jeongyeon have similar vocal capabilities, Jihyo just has better range and more training that has made her voice more refined. Seriously Jeong kills her part and it’s amazing that she got the opportunity to showcase her ability. But I’m fairly certain that Sana had the second verse in the song, her voice just sounds so different because she’s singing lower than usual, I think people mistake that part for Dahyun but Dahyun has the verse after the first chorus. Overall I found the distribution for Next Page to be really good, Chaeyoung, Sana, Dahyun and Momo had a verse each, Mina and Tzuyu did the pre-chorus together, Nayeon and Jihyo did the chorus, and even though she had a single part at the end of the bridge, Jeongyeon made it last by holding her note. It was nice to see Mina get the most lines for a change, but it makes sense because Next Page matches the best with her voice. Honestly I could listen to this song on repeat until the day I die and I would never get sick of hearing it.

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lol i was the fan she confirmed A4 to... but when did she say the thing about "none of my albums sound the same" or whatever it was ?

I dunno, I’m not on twitter so I don’t see all of those interactions. 

But I would guess that it was right, so far, she’s produced different sounds for each album

I’m honestly so proud of Amber. She’s established herself as a composer and songwriter, shown a massive improvement in her rapping, showed off her stunning voice, and produced an album that’s solid and full of fun. There’s even rumors that western artists are taking notice of her now. She really showed what she has to offer, and has pulled it off gracefully and uniquely.

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This would have to be my favorite cover that she’s done. You’ll notice her voice sounds so different, a side we haven’t heard before.It genuinely gave me chills. Omg too good