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A little random comic with Mae’s voice canon… [x]

Mae just wants to stick to writing random song lyrics in her journal and playing the bass for the band… That’s it.

To Sing

Hi hi there!!! Just wanted to write something fluffy and different to take a break from angst!! To the wonderful Nonny who sent this in, forgive me- I changed a couple of them to not all be in the shower… I started writing them in one sitting and this is what I saw, my apologies… 

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I know sketchyy-pencil makes fan art for the ship and well... I'm an angst whore D: can you please make an angst one shot where she cheats on you or something... To tie it with mysme lets pretend she is Jaehee and you are MC lmao

Fuck MC and Jaehee this story is about me and @sketchyy-pencil ( also if you want to send HCS for the ship I guess you can since this was really easy for me to write lmao) 

I never knew life would treat me this way. My life was actually looking great; I had an angel as a S/O, my job was amazing and I was finally happy. Hah. Life’s a bitch. I never knew taking my love to dinner would actually turn into the worst night of my life. During our dinner conversation I noticed she seemed distant. Hell she’s been distant for months. I thought it was her job stressing her out so I made sure everything was in place: having the apartment cleaned, making sure we have everything ready, and having a hot meal waiting for her. Yeah it was hard working and taking care of our home but she was worth it. She was worth my blood sweat and tears. She use to enjoy my cooking till gradually, she stopped eating my food. I already ate don’t worry or I’m not hungry  was the constant excuses she gave me. One night I even decided to run her a bubble bath but she yelled at me saying I was too nice to her. Her words did hurt me but I didn’t pay attention to it because I knew she was stressed. I didn’t pay much attention to her because at the time, I didn’t want our arguments to escalate.

During dinner, I remembered I asked her how was work and she simply took a sip of wine and told me “ I’m in love with someone else”. My heart stopped beating because I looked into her eyes and I knew she was telling the truth. I continue eating my food and told her to answer my question and she did. We didn’t talk much after. We finally made it to our driveway and I went to her side of the door and opened it for her like I always had. Now we are sitting on the couch acting as strangers. I was speechless because I was still trying to comprehend those six words that caused agony within me. I took a deep breath and looked at the floor “ How long was this going on? I won’t get mad at you I promise” I whispered. She ran her fingers through her hair like she always does when she’s nervous “ For 5 months now” she sighed. I cleared my throat and laid down at the couch “ I hope the person makes you really happy. You deserve all the happiness in the world my angel. I love you so much that I prefer your happiness over mine. So I understand why you cheated on me. I was no longer your happiness. I’m sorry for not being enough” my voice hitched.

I felt her eyes pierce through my skin and she started to cry while punching my shoulder “Why aren’t you crying ! Why are you not ha-hating me! Please hate m-me! You were enough you were more than enough! Fucking hate me! Tell me off!! Say you never want to see me again!! ” she screeched. I just laughed while she was hitting me. I finally looked into those beautiful eyes again “There is no point in hitting me angel. Your words already hurt me enough to where a bullet won’t even do shit to me. I might as well add that I can never hate you. I respect and love you so much that my ass will support you in every decision you made. I told you from the beginning, I will stand by your side even if you make the wrong choice. Even if it means you loving someone else.” I uttered. I stood up from the couch and kneeled between her. I grabbed her hands and gently kissed it for the last time. I closed my eyes for a quick second and I felt hot tears rolling down my face. I gazed into her eyes “ I need to know one thing. Just one thing. When did you stop loving me?” I managed to say. It’s easy to see her emotions through her eyes. Tears were rolling down her cheeks and it took all the strength that I had to not wipe her tears away. That was no longer my job no more. She decided to pick someone else for the job and that caused pain to ache into my bones. I felt her fingers try to wipe my tears but I slapped her hand away from my face. Her breath hitched “I ne-never stopped loving you” she whispered ever so gently. Her eyes were telling me the truth but I knew her heart was lying to her mind “Bullshit. You don’t hurt the people you love” I hissed. Tears were caressing her face ever so lightly. She grabbed my hand and forced her fingers to interlock with mine. She brought my hand to her lips and kissed it every so gently. I took my hand away from her and held her hand to my heart, “Remember way back then when we first started talking, you were so hard yet so easy to figure out. Your eyes showed me your soul and it captured my heart. You were my heaven and hell. I’m curious though, do you remember that long message I sent you because you teased me that I couldn’t be sweet?” I mentioned. She laughed and it sounded like angels singing to my ears. She nodded while cleaning her eyes. I fixed her hair because it was covering her face “I still mean every word from it” I stuttered while I got up and kissed her forehead.

She gave me a puzzled look while I went and grabbed a suitcase to pack all my clothes and belongings. It was a half hour later till I had my suitcases at the front door. She told to that she wanted to leave and I told her that I didn’t want to stay because I didn’t want to be surrounded by memories of her. She sat down at the couch and I went to her and outlined a cross to her forehead “I hope God gives you many more blessings and I hope you are happy with your new life and love” I said. She looked at me with fresh tears in her eyes and there was a lump in my throat. I was ready to leave but I stopped and looked back “I will never know where we went wrong but there is one thing that I know” I whimpered. I walked closer to her and I put my hand inside my right pocket taking out a blue velvet small box. I opened it revealing the engagement ring and placed it on the table in front of her. I examined the living room once last time and my eyes finally laid on hers “ I was suppose to give it to you after dinner. It doesn’t belong to me. It was meant for you so you can do whatever you want with it. Thank you. It was an honor having my heart broken by you” I said while tears were running down my eyes. I gave her one last look and walked away.

Goodbye my love.

Extra Angsty Bonus:

I ran down the stairs with the little belongings I had. I heard my name being yelled by her but I kept going down the stairs faster. I finally reached the lobby but she took the elevator and she tried to stop me from leaving. She went on her knees begging me to stay but I pushed her off me and told her to never put her pride down for anyone. I ran through the double doors and made my way through the streets. The cold air was burning my throat and I decided to look back at her for one last time but suddenly everything turned black…..

Best of Women [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request/Inspiration: @living-in-lala-land-forever “Can I make a request, if so I would like a Lin x reader in which the reader is playing Eliza and has a long time crush on Lin, during Say No to This she breaks down and can’t hold in her emotions any longer. (In the end he’s in love with her too and pretends she’s Maria during that scene.”

Summary: He couldn’t say no to you.

A/N: Hey everyone! I apologize in advance to everyone who had a request a long time ago. I promise I’ll get them done! I’m either stuck or have a plan on it. I’m sorry! I hope you enjoy this one!

Reader Pronouns: she/her I’m sorry! I’ll make more gender neutral fics!

Word Count: 1,584


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Supergirl Musical

Imagine Lena hearing Kara sing for the first time and being completely stunned because she sounds like an angel. Then hearing Supergirl sing and realizing that she has the same Angelic singing voice as Kara. And that’s how she finds out Kara’s secret. And everything becomes so clear and Kara’s just like-

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Like She’s Mine (part seven) - Stiles Stilinski

this is like.. part 6b lmao
warnings - swearing + mentions of sex + sorta shortish

“So tell me something y/n” Stiles mused.  I think that we’d successfully sat on the floor silently for twenty minutes.

“Okay” I said, picking up the baby monitor next to me and playing with it.  “Like what?”

“I don’t know I just want to talk” 

“Alright then um… tell me more about GWU I feel like I don’t know enough.  Got a special girl waiting around back there?” I asked with a short laugh.  He almost laughed, but I heard it die in his chest.

“No, no I don’t really have anyone there.  I pretty much just float around classes”

“No friends?” I asked, turning my head so my chin set on the edge of his shoulder.  He didn’t say anything, I just watched him as he looked down to the fingers he played with in his lap.

“Nah I prefer to just um… I just like the way I have things going now” 

“Yeah? And how’s that?” He turned to me, causing me to lift my chin off of him so his nose didn’t bump into mine.

“Get up, I have my own dorm you know, I usually check for notifications but if there aren’t any I get ready for the day and head to school.  I have morning classes but my mid afternoons are usually free.  Maybe another class around threeish..” He shrugged his shoulders.  “Then later I’d call or text with you before bed” I smiled at that, and he looked back at his fingers.

“How do you not talk to anyone throughout the day? You went there for a whole year-”

“No not anyone, I text you did I not just say that?” I linked my fingers around the monitor, shrugging weakly.

“I guess I mean I figured you’d talk to somebody” 


“Well… in a selfish way that’s good” I said.

“Oh?” Stiles raised a brow at me, and I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Yeah I mean… now maybe you won’t find better attachments there and leave the rest of us behind” He turned to me again, staring intently at me.

“y/n- that- that’s ridiculous” His brows furrowed and I looked away again to avoid eye contact.  “Nothing’s… I’m not gonna- Nothing would ever make me want to leave you behind” I smiled for a moment, but then quickly changed my expression back to a neutral one.  “What?”


“That look, what’s that look for?” 

“I don’t know what you mean” I said shrugging it off and staring at the monitor some more.  I saw him lick his lips out of the corner of my eyes.


He was cut off by the baby monitor going haywire, screams and cries I heard through the radio and from just down the hall.  I sprung up, yanking away from Stiles and rushing towards Madison’s room.

“Do you need-”

“Thank you but no, I need to do this on my own she’s very- just stay there” I said, putting my hand up to Stiles as he’d begun to stand.  I entered Madi’s room, finding the girl crying on her back.  “No, no shh” I cooed as I walked over to her, lifting her in my arms.  “Come on, come on let’s look at the stars” I said in the happiest voice i could muster.  I carried her towards the window, showing her the view.  But her cries continued.  I winced as fat tears rolled down her red cheeks.  “Sh sh sh” I pointed out the window, and she turned to it.

The loudness of her crying, which I was grateful for.  But here and there she’d whimper of take shaky breaths.

“I’ll drop and speak a charm, take the weather from your heart” 

Now, I don’t know when I’d realized singing calmed her down, and god knows how I was good enough to make her relax but it it.  So it was something I stuck with when she’d throw her fits.

And the weight from your toes..” 

The melody was soft, and I sang it in a mere whisper as I bounced her just barely. 

Burn the bed and the dreams I’ve never met…”

Her eyes began to close and I smiled softly.  Slowly, I began making my way to her crib.

Those wishes were never for granted”

I laid her back down, breathing a soft sigh in relief as she stayed sound asleep, body calm again.  She did look like a little angel.  After assuring she was comfortable, I kissed her forehead one last time.

When I went back out to the living room, Stiles had his back to me, laying out a blanket on the sofa.  I just stood there, wrapping my arms around myself.

“Sorry we used to have another bed” I told him, and he turned to see me.  “If you want you could always just sleep in mine and I’ll stay out h-”

“No no, it’s fine” Stiles said, shaking it off.  “I don’t mind the couch.  You know it’s my prime napping place” I chuckled and nodded.  I was going to tell him an old story about how I’d always walk in on his naps.  But my eye caught something glittery on the table.

“Hey, we never opened your present” I said, walking over and reaching for it.

“That’s okay we can do it some other-”

“Oh no biggie” I didn’t even look at him as I pulled out the tissue paper.  I grinned as I pulled out a pink elephant, slightly bigger than Madi even is.

“Aww!” I held it and pet it, liking the softness of the stuffed animal.

“Yeah that just.. I don’t even know” He chuckled and I set it on the table, reaching in again.  I pulled out a couple of fuzzy blankets, which was greatly appreciated around here, you could never have enough really.  There was another box at the bottom that was wrapped up.  There was a neat pink ribbon tied in a bow.  I gave him a look as I pulled it out, and his features shifted to something I haven’t seen before.  “Th-that’s not- that’s not for Madi that’s actually for you” He said awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.  “It’s actually your Christmas present… since we were apart this year so..”

“Oh Stiles you shouldn’t have gotten me anything, I didn’t-”

“I know, and I don’t want anything so don’t worry about it” I furrowed my brows but he waved his hand for me to open it.  I untied the ribbon and then pulled off the lid.  My eyes watered at the small collection of items inside.

A red blue and black strings of yarn, tied together to make a friendship bracelet I made him in the fourth grade.

A little plastic case holding a CD that had sharpie all over it.  It said STILES’ FIRE COLLEGE MIXTAPE and there was doodles and funny little drawings.  It made me chuckle.

A photo strip from an ice rink we went to a long time ago.  I teared up a little as I thought back to that day.  Hanging out with Scott and Allison and all of us taking the pictures together.  The first were just us smiling, the second was funny faces, the third we had our warms wrapped around each other, and the last one I’d surprised him and kissed his cheek.  His mouth was wide open in a surprised grin, and his eyes were big round caramel eyes staring at the camera while mine were fluttered shut as my lips were planted on his cheek.  This was sophomore year.  I didn’t know I loved him then, but now I know I did.

“y/n?” I looked up, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand.  Then looked back into the last thing in the box.  A small gold bracelet.  There were links into a more rectangular looking piece, with cursive engraved in it.  y/n m/n l/n with an arrow it.  My fingers traced over it delicately as my eyes widened.

“Stiles…” I set it carefully on the table top as he smiled slightly.  It was just a lip twitch but it made me tear up all over again.  “It’s beautiful” I whispered, and he walked over to me.

“Well I’m glad you think so” He said softly.  I hugged him before he could see me cry.  His arms wrapped around my back.  “I have another gift too but uh.. I don’t want you to be mad” I cocked my head to the side, stepping back just slightly.

“Why would I be-”

“I’ve transferred to Beacon Hills community college for the next year” 

I froze.

“Don’t be mad, really I’m doing it for you- for Madi- I want to help-”

“Stiles..” I didn’t even know what the hell to say.

“It’s already done and in place.  I did it this afternoon” 

My chest heaved.

“y/n this year… it just… it sucked without you- without any of you” He caught himself.

My sharp breaths became audible.  But Stiles stepped forward and put his hands on my arms.

“But GWU it was your dream school..”

Was.  It was my dream school”

“So now basic community college is your dream school? Stiles stop just- you’re being ridiculous” I put my hands on my forehead, looking down and trying to collect my thoughts.

“If that means I can stay with you- guys- then yes” He stumbled again.

“Stiles do you hear yourself?” I hissed slightly, not wanting to raise my voice and wake up Madi again.  “You’ve been back for barely a day and suddenly-”

“Things have changed, y/n… but the things that have stayed the same I don’t want them to go away”

“Our friendship? Did our friendship go away when you were gone for the year?”

“No but now we can be closer again, don’t you want that?”

“Stiles…” My arms fell from my head and I grasped his hands in mine for a moment.  “Of course I do but, this just seems… it seems foolish”

“But y/n it’s more than that-”

“Then what is it?” I asked.  His mouth hung open for a moment, before he looked down and closed it.  After a long moment of silence, I realized I wasn’t getting the answer I was hoping for and I sighed softly.  “I just don’t want you throwing your life away the way I did, okay?” He didn’t say anything, so I released his hands and raised my palm to rest on his cheek, making him look at me.

“You didn’t, and I’m not” He said, voice weak and tired.  I gave him half a smile but I’m sure my eyes looked sad, seeing that my vision was still misty.

“Well… the decision was already made” I whispered and my hand moved slightly to fall, but his went over top of mine, keeping it set on his jaw.

“I’m not going to apologize to you y/n… this was solely my choice” I gave him a sad smile.

“I know” I said softly.  “I hope it won’t be a bad one”

“It won’t be” He responded, his lips upturned softly.  “Come here” He pulled me close again and hugged me.

“This is great, but if you hug me one more time today I might fall asleep on you” Stiles chuckled, and the vibrations in his chest reverberated against mine, giving me a nice sense of safety.

“That would be okay” He responded, and I patted his back slightly before stepping away for the last time.  I collected the gifts back into the bag as he made his way back to the couch.

“Goodnight Stiles” I practically whispered out, holding back on leaving the room completely.

“Goodnight y/n” He responded just as hushed.  I smiled slightly before I turned around and walked to my room.

I was up for another three hours trying to get to sleep.  I was scrolling through my social media, reading  a boring article on the gas prices when I realized I wasn’t paying attention to my phone screen whatsoever.

No, my mind was too plagued with thoughts of Stiles.

ha i actually posted part 7 like i said i would but oops but here it is ok im too tired to write an authors note sooooo give me feedback? or not, maybe you’d rather eat nutella straight out of the jar and cry bc you can never marry stiles stilinski like i am rn.  whatever makes your goat float in a boat while he boasts about his friend ghost.

yikes im exhausted…

tagged: @morganschiebel @bunnyboo10154 @imissyoualittlemoreeveryday and @johnsonxstilinski and @celestial-writing even tho shes being mean to me rn but i still love her ;)

todays lesson for u kidz is: don’t drop out of college! (even tho stiles didn’t really ‘drop out’ but still a good message)

xoxo~ jordie

That Wasn’t A Kiss (Nessian NSFW Fic)

Hello! Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile :/ Lots of work to finish and little time to write. But, because of that, here’s a 2K Nessian Fic based on this prompt:

I hope you guys like it! I might open drabble requests soon.

Characters used are not mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.


Nesta hated, hated, studying for tests.

Especially now that she’s in her junior year of university. It’s been almost five hours since she started this morning at exactly ten A.M. She had woken up groggy and disoriented with Cassian’s alarm blaring out a nasty tune she had grown to despise.

She thought the worst part of it all wasn’t that she was exhausted, it was the fact that Cassian had to leave their dorm so early in the morning with only a simple kiss and quick ‘I love you. He had chosen to participate in early morning classes on purpose for a reason that Nesta could never understand. Thankfully, Nesta’s classes were cancelled today - the professor falling ill or something of the sort. She didn’t bother reading the whole email, after all the subject was explanation enough: No Class on Wednesday. Yet, she didn’t have time to spare for herself. She had an upcoming calculus test this Friday on seven units that were taught so far this semester. So that means Nesta needed to delve into all seven units, practicing questions over and over again until she finally memorised the concept.

I’m alright with math but this is a little too much for me sometimes.

Nesta shook her head, willing herself to concentrate. She had to pass this. Her grades had been border lining between a B and an A all year long and she hated the sight of it.

Concentrate, Nesta. Concentrate.

The pages of the textbook glared at her, the equations on her notebook set beside it burning my eyes. Within a span of a week, she had managed to review five units already, now on her sixth and most dreadful one. All the units taught to her in calculus was reasonably understandable. But this one unit, this particular unit, was just so boring and complicated compared to the rest. Nesta didn’t know what about it made it so bad to study, she just knew.

“If the integration of-“

“Oh, Mother.” Nesta groaned, slamming her head down against her wooden desk softly. She hated this with a burning passion. All she wanted was to bury herself back in the sheets of her bed. Preferably with Cassian for a week or so.


“Where is he?” whispering to herself, Nesta rubbed her face with the palms of her hands.

Concentrate. No more procrastinating.

Nesta faced the next question once more, working on it step by step. She knew that if she just took it one question at a time she could make it through this and, maybe, even finish early.

Her mind quickly diverted to only math. After an hour, question by question passed by quicker and-


A loud bang resonated the room when Cassian’s backpack hit the wooden floor of their dorm. Unfazed, Nesta continued to study - her eyes darting from one side of the textbook to the other as she read her question and wrote the equation.

“Bad day?” She referred to her boyfriend slamming the door.

Vaguely from her mathematical stupor, she heard Cassian’s shoes hit the floor as he pulled them off his feet. The sound of his soles padding across the wooden flooring of their dorm resonated as it came closer and-

“I didn’t get to kiss you all day!” Cassian’s voice was a few steps behind her now, his voice sounding like he was a little boy not given his candy.

Nesta paused her line of through for the equation she was working on, looking up at Cassian with a raised brow.

“You kissed me before you left.”

Cassian sighed exasperatedly, as if Nesta didn’t understand what he was saying. Nesta watched as he walked closer to her, step by step, before he brushed her books away from the desktop as if they were dust and picking her up. She let out a small gasp as Cassian settled her onto the desk, himself between her legs as he leaned close to her ear.

“That was a peck, sweetheart. I didn’t get to do this.”

Before she could let out another breathe, Cassian’s lips were against hers. His hands that were curved around her hips slid upwards to rest around her waist, underneath her shirt. His thumbs rubbed the skin right underneath her bra softly in slow circles that made Nesta burn with need. Their bodies were pressed against one another, Nesta’s hands quickly finding purchase of Cassian’s hair as she tugged him closer.

“Why couldn’t you kiss me like this in the morning?” Nesta breathed out, their lips tingling and touching.

“I’ll do that from now on.” He replied quickly before pressing his lips to her’s once more. He broke apart for a short while only to pull her shirt, well, more like his shirt that she now took the liberty to own, over her head and tossing it behind him to some corner of the room. His lips found purchase of her neck, tilting her head slightly sideways so he could suck the soft skin there.

Nesta’s moans were like the sounds of angels to him as she wrapped her arms once more around his neck and pressed her semi-bare body against his clothed one. She was only in a pair of her black boy shorts and sports bra but Cassian found her delectable anyways. She could show up in a trash bag and he would still think she’s beautiful.

Fuck. I’m so in love.

You wouldn’t want it any other way, though - his mind seemed to reply.

“I want this off.” Nesta breathed out, tugging at the waist band of Cassian’s sweatpants. Her voice brought him out of his thoughts as he obeyed her commands. He pulled off his shirt sloppily off his body before tugging his grey sweatpants down his legs. They went along in a pile with Nesta’s shirt somewhere in the room.

Nesta couldn’t help but stare at Cassian’s body. To say it simply, he looked good. She could never get over how fit he was, considering he took kickboxing classes with his brothers (or best friends, whichever a person prefers to call their friendship).

“Sweetheart,” Cassian breathed out, pressing himself against her body once more in only his boxers, “Stop staring. Or else this’ll end faster than we want it.”

Nesta pouted for once, pouted, before deciding to leave small kisses against her boyfriend’s neck instead as an alternative.

“Nesta.” Cassian groaned out, tilting his head as her kisses moved down to his chest. His hands slither around her delicate waist instead, squeezing the soft skin there as his lips parted from hers against his skin.

“Don’t do that.” Nesta replied, albeit weakly as she actually enjoyed it. She faintly heard Cassian chuckle before he pushed her away slightly so he could attach his lips to hers once more.

“We can play later,” Cassian mumbled between kisses, “I’ve just missed you so much. Play later. Please.”

“You say me this morning, Cass.”

“Still.” In one swift movement, Cassian tugged off Nesta’s sports bra. His lips moved immediately to suck one of her nipples softly, his hand teasing her other breast.

“Cassian. Cassian,” Nesta kept repeating, “I-,” she had to pause from good his lips felt, from how long it has been since they had the time to do this, “I thought you said play later.”

Cassian groaned, taking his lips of her breast and leaning his forehead against her collarbone. His eyes were closed and his face strained, as if he was holding himself back.

“You look so good, Nesta. So good, baby.”

Nesta couldn’t help the smile that slithered onto her face. Tugging Cassian by his long hair, she pulled his head up until he faced her.

“Stop teasing me and just get on with it. It’s been too long since I’ve had you for myself.”

It didn’t take long for Cassian’s shit eating grin to appear on his face before he pressed his lips to hers once more. Their lips moved together as one, Cassian’s tongue slipping into Nesta’s mouth without her knowing.

With quick hands, Nesta tugged off Cassian’s boxers. His length was already hard and heavy with need.

“You see what you do to me, Nesta.” He whispered against her lips as he rubbed himself against her covered heat.

Nesta could only moan as she leaned back against the wall. Only then did she realize she was still on her desk. Frankly, she didn’t care at the moment.

It didn’t take long for Cassian to tug off, or more like rip off, her boy shorts. She didn’t bother looking at the direction it was thrown at as Cassian’s fingers started rubbing her soaking heat.

“Cassian,” Nesta breathed out, her eyes falling shut from his fingers playing with her, “Cass. Please.”

“Anything you want,” he groaned out. She watched as Cassian quickly opened a drawer and pulling out a condom, putting it onto his length quickly and surely. Without wasting a moment, Nesta felt Cassian push himself inside her as her moans grew louder from the pleasure.

“We need to do this more often, Cass.”

She heard him chuckle as he buried himself inside her entirely, “I’m not denying anything.”

Before she could reply, Cassian had pulled out from her before pushing back inside. Nesta gasped quietly, spreading her legs wider for him. He moved back and forth, their moans filling the room as Nesta gripped onto the edge of the desk tightly. The sound of wood hitting against the wall, skin slapping against each other and moans resonated everywhere. They were sure their dorm neighbours could here - but they didn’t care.

“Faster. Faster.” Nesta gasped out as Cassian shifted her legs so it rested atop his shoulders. The moment he moved her legs, Nesta could feel him move deeper inside her as he hit all the right spots.

“Cassian,” Nesta moaned out, her grip on the edge of the desk tighter than ever as he moved faster, harder-

“Sweetheart. If you keep doing that I’m going to come right now.”

“What’s stopping you?”

Nesta felt his lips press itself against her ankle before kissing down her leg as he continued to move in and out of her. She clenched her sex around him as she tried to hold herself back, only because she wanted the pleasure to last longer.

“Don’t hold back, baby.” Cassian mumbled against her skin, leaning down to suck on her nipple now, “I’m going to come too.”

With his lips on her skin, she hit her high as the pleasure of his tongue against her nipple was unbearable.

“Cassian. Cassian. Cassian.” His name was the only thing leaving her lips as she came, her sex clenching his length and her her head tossed back. Her fingers were gripping the edge of the desk so tightly, she was sure there would be marks.

Cassian followed right after, his groan vibrating her body as his lips were still pressed against her skin.

They both collapsed onto the desk, their bodies slicked with sweat and their breathes coming out in pants. Silently, Cassian discarded the used condom before picking Nesta up and settling her onto her side of the bed before he settled into his. With Nesta on her back, Cassian leaned over and buried his face against her left breast and leaving a soft kiss. He slung his left leg over her torso before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer. Nesta smiled, bringing one of her hands up and stroking his hair while the other rested on his arm that was resting across her stomach.

“If you didn’t take morning classes, we could do this so much more often.”

Cassian laughed quietly, the sound vibrating through her whole body.

“You’re just saying that cause you don’t like waking up alone.”

“That’s true.” she whispered with a smile, kissing his forehead softly.

“I changed my classes, by the way.”

Nesta’s stroking hand paused as she looked down to see him with a smile on his face and his eyes closed.


“Frankly, I don’t like waking up early and leaving you with only a small kiss. I want to give you a long kiss in the morning,” he paused, “and maybe more.”

Nesta laughed, her hand going back to brush through his hair.

“It was about time.”

Cassian laughed once more, opening his eyes and leaning up to give his girlfriend a sweet kiss.

“Love you, baby.”

Nesta grinned, waiting for him to settle back to his previous position on her. She kissed his forehead once more before burying her face in his hair.

“Love you too.”

This is so cute!! Here you go nonnie~!

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☆ Urbosa

~ Urbosa was having trouble sleeping that night so she decided to roam around town for a bit. Just when she was about to reach the palace entrance she heard a voice. It was her s/o, and they were singing.

~ She leaned against one of the walls, listening to their song. After a few moments, she cleared her throat to get their attention. Her s/o practically jumped ten feet when they heard her. “Urbosa! How long have you been there?!” they said nervously. “Not too long.” she chuckled “You know… you have a beautiful voice.”

~ Her s/o’s face flushed bright red “Ah- um.. thank you… I didn’t know anyone could hear me…"  “Well, I’d love to hear you again sometime.” she said with a wink.

Originally posted by sirgloria

☆ Daruk ☆

~ When Daruk heard his s/o was staying at the Foothill Stable for the night he just had to go visit them, it had been a while since they had seen each other and he had so much he wanted to tell them! On his way there he thought about what all he would talk about, with all this Divine Beast stuff going on lately he definitely had a lot to tell them!

~ Once he made it to the stable he saw them brushing out their horse’s mane, just when he was about to call out their name he heard them singing.

~ He’d never heard such a beautiful voice! He was used to hearing singing, the other Gorons tended to hum or sing while they work, but it was nothing like that! “Wow y/n! I didn’t know you could sing like that! Heck, I didn’t know anyone could sing like that!” he exclaimed.

~ His s/o would be so flustered, they thought no one could hear them! “I-I uh– oh, thank you, but–” they were quickly cut off by him “What other songs do you know? Hah! I’d love to hear you sing again!”

Originally posted by triforce-princess

☆ Mipha ☆

~ She had been looking high and low around Zora’s Domain for her s/o when she saw them standing on one of the bridges. Mipha was trying to alert them that the other champions would be visiting with Zelda and Link for dinner tonight and that they wanted to meet them!

~ She was making her way over to them when she heard their voice. They were singing! A chill ran up her spine as she listened to them. Their voice… it sounded like an angel! She was quite taken aback by how wonderfully they could sing!

~ She waited until they finished their song to say anything to them. “That was beautiful y/n!” Her s/o was startled by her the sudden sound of her voice “Wait– you could hear me?! I mean– I- um– thank you..”  “You’re very welcome y/n , I would love to hear you sing again sometime…”

Originally posted by warriorzelda

☆ Revali ☆

~ He had spotted his s/o from off of one of the platforms in the Rito Village, so of course he had to go see them!

~ He wanted to sneak up on them and scare them with an updraft (because he’s just so sweet…) so he landed far behind them. Once he started to make his way towards them, he heard them. He stopped for a moment, was that singing coming from them? He never knew his s/o had such a beautiful voice! Why hadn’t he heard them before? Surely someone with a voice like that would want to be heard!  

~ “Well y/n~,” his s/o turned around quickly to see him, standing there with a big smirk on his face. “I didn’t know you had such a talent for singing! I must admit, I’m impressed!” It was rare for Revali to brag on anyone besides himself, but when he did, he truly meant it!

~ They were so shy about their voice so they didn’t sing in front of other people so when they knew he heard them, they were so embarrassed. “Oh.. Thank you Revali, but I’m not that good..” “Nonsense! You have a beautiful voice! Maybe you could sing for me again sometime~.” he chimed.

just press play :)
kate mckinnon vocal mashup

this is kind of random but I wanted to edit together my favorite kate singing parts - where she sounds like an actual angelbecause even though she always sounds amazing, there are certain lines that I love and prove that she could be a legit artist if she wanted to. 

when I listen to the full songs I keep repeating certain bits so I thought, why not just put it all in one track and save myself the trouble of rewinding xD 

anyway, I thought I might as well share it with you guys!

(ps the real reason I made this was to listen to it before I sleep because her voice calms me tbh)

The New Boy - Wonwoo Fluff (High school!AU)

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Request: Can I request a wonwoo high school au? Thanks in advance ^^

Word Count:1390

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Wonwoo of SEVENTEEN

Summary: You couldn’t help but be intrigued by the mysterious boy that joined your class. Is there more to him than smirks and headphones?

A/N: Thank you for the requests! I have a few scenarios coming soon, so look forward to those.

 Earbuds dangling from your ears, you swung your arms back and forth as you continued the usual commute to your school. Groups of teenagers ran past, laughing loudly as their uniforms ruffled in the wind. Your gaze strayed from the lively students to look down at the road. You tended to be quiet, so nobody bothered looking your way as you muddled forward.

 Suddenly, you bumped into a solid figure. The pure shock of it caused you to drop your phone, which in turn caused you to hurriedly scramble to check that the screen was not broken. As you looked up to apologize to the person you ran into, your gazes connected and he gave you a shy smile.

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I am her aunt, this is my gift to her. As God gifted me with my voice. Basically, I’m giving her a gift from God.

About a month ago (probably more I have no concept of time) @strawberryparade tagged me in this tag and I couldn’t do it because I do not have a phone so after a month of self loathing I remembered that I can draw and stole someone’s phone (borrowed is a better word but I’m sticking to stole) so here is a drawing of me knowing my poor choices so I refer to an awkward peace sign as the sugar donut that is Nicole looks at me with disbelief and regret of ever tagging me (in my defense I was so in awe of her beauty that I was in shock and couldn’t draw this sooner) 

who cares | 03 (m)

 pairing:  kim taehyung x oc 
 genre/warnings: smut, angst, drama, adultery
 words: 4,778
sumamary: what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?
note.  inspired by Dean’s album 130 mood:trbl

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11

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theheartichoke  asked:

You have some pretty cute personal stories! I was wondering if you remember who your first crush was and what they were like?

her name was laura i was sixteen & awkward she was a tall gorgeous danish girl in the grade above me & i was constantly WRECKED abt her. we were in choir together i was an alto she was a soprano THE soprano she took a solo in one of our pieces i heard her sing in Germany she was standing in a different section to most of the choir bc of the solo so i couldn’t see her but she sounded like a literal angel & any time she touched my hand, she had cold fingers & I shivered forever



Ghost pt. 6

Bucky Barnes x reader

Notes: fluff, swearing, angst

Tags: @ff-exotic12 @jjlevin@starstar1012@stephvera@styleswift1989@spottedclouds @heismyhunter@amf71010@buckyismybbz@smxkingimages @stace1394 @strange-polish-lass@happelu970 @almondbuttercup @emilykathrynb@thedevilreadsbooks@confidentrose @httpstainme @minaphobia@shifutheshihtzu a-small-independent-princess @thechampmylove@unevenpages@bryannareblogsstuff @incadinkadoo @shortycraft13@hip5t3r-m3rmaaidd-biitchhh @skeletoresinthebasement @dersilbernefuchskrieger

Bucky’s POV

I’ve never seen something more beautiful than the sight I wake up to early this morning. The sun is barely beaming down from the high windows behind the bed. A soft yellow glow illuminates Y/N’s features, her hair sprawled over my chest, her lips grazing my skin as I breathe in and out slowly, trying not to wake her up. I could watch her for hours, as cheesy as it sounds; she looks like an angel, wrapped around my body, her warm breath fanning over my skin. No matter how long this lasts, it’ll be too short lived; of that I’m certain.

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Dallas x reader~Fight

Originally posted by theoutsiders-imagine

A/N: This is so sucky. But enjoy my dudes

Warnings: The usual

Dallas’ POV

(Y/N)’s going to be pissed. I can tell that already. I told her that I’d be there around 10 tonight–it’s 2 am now. I was out with Tim, helping him track some asshat and bash his head in for popping his tires. Afterward, Tim brought me to a bar. I eventually lost track of time, and now my girlfriend’s gonna be shitting bricks.

I walk into Buck’s. This place is dead for 2 am on a Saturday night. I try to be as silent as possible going up the stairs. The door to our room creaks excessively loud when I open it. I look upon (Y/N), sitting reading a book on the bed–something she loves doing but doesn’t get to do as often. She’s captivating.

She looks up at me. Before she says anything, I start to say, “(Y/N), baby, I’m–”

“I hope so.” She knew I was going to apologize; she always does. “You told me you were going to be back at 10–”

“But–” I shout.

She scolds, “Don’t interrupt me, Dallas Tucker Winston.” Ooohh she used my full name, she must really be fired up. Don’t yell back, don’t yell back…

“No, listen baby. I’m real sor–” My voice raises involuntarily

“I swear to God, Dallas, you interrupt me again…” her voice raises a bit louder to match mine. I sigh loudly. “You said you’d be home by 10. I was expecting 10 or maybe even 11 at the latest–but 2?!”

“Me and Tim found the guy. We clobbered his sorry ass.”

She scoffs. “You really think I care about that?” she asks. I don’t answer at first because I thought it was rhetorical. But she raises her eyebrows, illuminating her alluring eyes.

“Oh–well I mean you could at least act happier.” I state.

She raises her arm and puts a hand to her head. “Why should I be happy when I’m not?”

“Because you’re supposed to be the happy one! I’m supposed to be the mean one.”

“Oh so now I’m being the mean one for having expectations that are always let down?” I-I didn’t know she felt that way.

“Maybe you shouldn’t hold me to such high expectations. I mean, I am Dallas Winston.”

“Dallas Winston is a piece of shit who only has his reputation to uphold. He doesn’t stop getting into trouble. He’s in and out of jail. He’s good with the cops. And he can’t settle for just one girl.”

Before I can stop myself I say, “Are you saying I’m cheating on you?” I sound child-like in my own ears. I need to toughen up or she won’t think I’m as much of a man anymore.

“How do I know that you’re not? You could have just lied to me for all I know. You could have been with some other bitch while I was sitting here all by myself, waiting for you to come back home.”

I can’t help it anymore. “How do I know you’re not fucking some other guy who’s way better for you than me?”

She takes a step closer to me, not intimidated by my height. “Are you calling me a whore?” she spits in my face. Before I say something else I’ll regret, I grab my leather jacket and run down the stairs. I feel really fucking angry at her for accusing me of cheating on her; I could never do that to her.

(Y/N)’s POV

You run after Dallas. You didn’t really mean to accuse him of something like that; it just came out of you. You chase him for as long as you can, but he’s faster. Hopefully, he won’t get into to much trouble.

You go back inside Buck’s and immediately pick up the phone to call Darry even though it’s very late. On the third ring, he picks up.

“This is the Curtis residence. Darry Curtis speaking…” You hear him say sleepily.

“Hey, uh, Darry. I’m real sorry to wake you up,  but me and Dally got into a disagreement and lets just say he’s probably looking for trouble.”

He stalls a second before asking, “You okay, (Y/N)?”

“Yeah, I guess. We both said some pretty horrible things. I didn’t mean half of what I said.”

“What did you say to him?” Darry asks.

You recite the whole story from memory, trying to recall every detail. It takes you all of 10 minutes to say everything you remembered. “Oh.” is all Darry says in response.

“Anything you think I should do?” you ask nervously. Every passing minute makes you more nervous for your boyfriend.

“If you don’t know where he is, then stay by the phone. No doubt ol’ Dally’s out causing trouble.”

“Thank you, Darry. I’ll let you try and get some sleep.”

“No problem. You try and get some rest too, doll. Goodnight.”

“Night.” you say into the phone. You slam the phone back onto it’s holder. You love Dallas but you hate that he’s so stubborn sometimes. You’re kind of stubborn yourself though.

Suddenly, the phone rings again. Thinking it’s Darry, you pick it up on the second ring. “Baby?” a voice comes through.

“Dallas?” you ask that voice eagerly.

“Yeah,” he sighs. “Look, babe. I know you probably still hate me with all your guts right now, but I’m in the cooler…” he trails off.

“What’d you do this time?”

“If you come bail me out, I’ll tell you.” You stand up.

“Mkay, I’ll be there in 15 minutes. I love you.” He hangs up.

You grab your coat and Buck’s car keys. You climb into his Thunderbird and head off for the police station.

Dallas’ POV

It’s been over an hour since I’ve been here. I can’t believe I got caught again. At least (Y/N) is coming.

I hear the Thunderbird’s engine roar from outside. A second or two later, (Y/N) waltzes in.

“Hello ma’am. You here for him?”

She laughs and nods. God, that laugh. It sounds like an angel. The officer comes to my cell and unlocks the door. “You’re free to go, son.” Before he lets me go, he grabs my arm and whispers, “That one’s a keeper, right there.” He motions over to (Y/N).

“Yeah.” I say smiling. I walk over to her and give her a peck on the cheek. I wrap my arm over her shoulders. We laugh and talk with the officers for a bit until she lays her head on my chest. “Come on, baby. I’m tired.” she says quietly. I kiss her forehead and tell the officers goodnight.

I drive home and (Y/N) almost falls asleep in the passenger seat. When we get to Buck’s, I grab her hand gently. “Let’s go in, doll. It’s cold out here.” She groans but complies. I open the car door for her.

“What a gentleman.” she comments. I laugh loudly. She takes my hand once we get to the doorstep. I practically drag her up the stairs and into our bedroom. We each put on pajamas and hop into the cold, welcoming sheets.

“Baby, I’m sorry for what I said. I just–” she says.

“I’m sorry too. I know you didn’t mean it. Now, get some sleep.” She rolls over, and climbs on top of me. It does take long before her breathing is even. Never takes her long to fall asleep.

When I know she’s definitely asleep, I kiss her on the head and whisper softly that I love her with every fiber in my being.