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The Serpent and The Swan - Ch.1

After expecting a marriage to Prince Archibald, Princess Elizabeth is shocked to hear of her new match to Prince Forsythe - a Serpent. What begins as a less than ideal match soon turns into something quite different, but nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to royalty.

Back at it again with a new multi chapter! I don’t know how frequent updates will be for this one, so bear with me, and I hope you enjoy! Sorry mobile readers, I had to put it under a cut <3

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“Elizabeth, where are you?”

Those four words haunted her – day in, day out. If not those it was something similar. Elizabeth, you have to come here. Elizabeth, you can’t wear that for dinner. Elizabeth, please stop doing that. Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth. She was so tired of the sound the name made as it rang out through the castle. She had enjoyed, however, the tone her sister, Polly, used as she said it in mocking, causing her to hide her giggle behind her hand before their mother caught them.

Polly. Thoughts of her sister clouded her mind as she walked past the tightly locked door that led to her sister’s quarters. Or, more accurately, what used to be her sister’s quarters. Defiled and disgraced, Polly had been banished from the castle, disowned by the Cooper faction as an example of where ill morals would lead you if you let them.

Betty scoffed. She didn’t see Polly’s dismissal from court as a punishment. No, Polly had succeeded in getting what Betty knew that she herself would never manage to obtain – freedom. When she could Polly wrote to her sister, telling Betty tales of her life as the wife of a farmer on the outskirts of the Andrews’ faction, happily set on bedrest, making garments for her future babe while her doting husband worked tirelessly to provide for them all. Betty was aware that fairy tales usually involved princes and princesses, but to her Polly’s current affair sounded like the stuff of romance, like those that filled the pages of the books that littered her well-loved library. There had been a few close calls when she was certain that Alice, their mother, had intercepted their letters, but she still prayed that Polly never stopped sending them; they were her only link to the outside world, to a life of normalcy.

Elizabeth!” The shout had taken on a firmer edge now, echoing off the stone walls that closed in on her. Betty quickened her pace, hurrying towards the Throne Room to avoid further scolding.

“Yes, Mother?” she asked, not until after curtseying before the throne her father, King Henry, sat upon, gazing down at her from the raised platform with careful, guarded eyes. The blue in his eyes always held more warmth than that of Queen Alice’s, she’d thought; where his were the still, shallow waters of a warm harbour, her mother’s eyes were the icy glaciers that shrouded the freezing islands of the South, relentless and unforgiving.

“I’ve been calling you,” Alice replied, ignoring Betty’s question. She did her best not to sigh.

“I’m sorry, Mother. I was in the library with Mistress Geraldine,” she offered by way of explanation, hoping the mention of her tutor would satisfy her mother’s complaints. The queen pursed her lips tightly, the lines of aging that surrounded them becoming more pronounced with the action.

“Elizabeth, we have news for you. Regarding your impending marriage,” Alice continued on in a sterile tone, clearly moving past her accusations of tardiness. Betty straightened at that, curious as to what she could mean.

“But I thought Archie– Prince Archibald,” she stammered, “was engaged to be married to Princess Veronica?” Betty questioned with a furrowed brow, the words tasting bitter on her tongue.

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A Letter From You PT2

AN: HERE IT IS! I’m sorry it’s not super long… Thanks to @teen-mendes for.. well I think you know why and @saysweartogod bc I needed to be threatened Shit also thank you for the insanely overwhelming response for the first pt. It was incredible and hopefully this lives up to it 

Part 1

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I almost knock on the door, considering how I’ll feel if I see her face again. If she sees me, again. Will she yell? Beg me to leave? Ask me to say? Give me a look of pain, wondering what came over me to suddenly show up? Will my craving of her finally turn back to my reality?

Instead I leave the letter on the ground, covering it so it won’t blow away. Just that simple task gives me hope she’ll read it. Of course she will. No matter how many voices in her head tell her no she’ll have to know what words I wrote.

“So it’s done?” I nod, slipping out of me shoes and the jean jacket she gave me. Aaliyah is leaning again the wall, but I can’t figure out the blank expression on her face. I know it’s been hard on her. To keep herself together when I’m the one who’s affected in a different way, but I won’t pretend like Aaliyah isn’t hurt. That’d be stupid.

“Do you want to do something today? We could drive into Toronto? Go to the mall?”

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do you need to have read the grisha trilogy before six of crows???

No, you can read each series on their own. They’re set in the same world and a few characters from the Grisha trilogy make cameos in Six of Crows/ Crooked Kingdom, but otherwise the plotlines are kept pretty separate. I went into Six of Crows after having read the Grisha trilogy so i did feel like I had a more thorough understanding of the political climate surrounding the Grisha from the get-go in SoC, but the book itself did a really nice job laying out what information you’d need to know on its own anyway. I’d say you can always pick up the Grisha trilogy later if you want to know more about the world and the Grisha army but it’s not necessary.
Also, tbh, I just enjoy Six of Crows a lot more than the Grisha trilogy anyway. This is just my opinion at this point but I feel like it’s just a stronger series all around. L Bardugo’s writing improves drastically book to book, and that felt really painfully obvious in the Grisha series. All the characters and subplots she introduced in the later books were sooo much more interesting than the bland protagonist the series was just kind of stuck with. In contrast, I think the cast and premise of Six of Crows were really a testament to how much L Bardugo had grown as an author. I would recommend it first, with Grisha trilogy as optional supplementary material. But some people liked the Grisha series more than I did, so take that with a grain of salt haha.

Say You Love Me // a.i.

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Summary: She feels like they’re on two completely different planets and after a while, she gets tired of Ashton shrugging off any concerns she has about their relationship. They love each other, but the message gets lost in the days. 

Boy: Ashton Irwin

Warnings: swearing, fighting??

A/N: this is an angsty one my friends. please let me know what you think!! I’m getting back into writing with the help of my friend Jenn who motivates me. PLEASE SEND REQUESTS Its always more fun when people ask for them!! I’ll gladly write anything (although i havent written smut yet) and I enjoy it! 

Tears traced translucent black lines down her face. Her eyes were red-rimmed and bright, staring directly into his own while they stood. She was speaking low and firm; her words were deliberate. Ashton wanted to look away from her but he couldn’t. Her gaze commanded him to look at her. He desperately wished he wasn’t in this situation and started to reflect on how he even got there in the first place.

It was a few weeks prior, a Monday night, and they had just finished dinner when she stepped away to take a call.

“You’re engaged? That’s so exciting.” He could hear her voice from the kitchen. Despite her words, she didn’t sound very excited at all. In fact, she sounded tired.

“I really am happy for you Jen. That’s so great. He’s a great guy.” Her words were hollow sounding and when he glanced her way he could see her expression was tired and a little despondent.

“Yeah I’ll talk to you soon. Congrats again!” She called once more into the phone before hanging up and sighing.

She collapsed next to him on the couch and leaned her head on her shoulder. “What’s up darling?” He asked.

“I’m just,” she paused, “I guess I’m just feeling a little troubled.” She chose her words carefully.

“About what?” He prodded with caution.

He turned to face her as she sat up. She turned her body so she could look at him directly. “I guess—“ Her face was scrunched up as she decided how to phrase what she was about to say. “Where—uh, where do you see us going?”

He started to grow nervous. “What do you mean?”

She started picking at her nails, suddenly feeling shy under his gaze. “I mean, where do you think we’ll be in the next six months or year?”

He thought for a moment before shrugging. “I’m not sure. I mean I haven’t really thought about it.”

Her face fell and she nodded, turned away from him and returned to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

In hindsight, he realized how bad that answer was.  

He could hear her bounding around in their shared bedroom. She was crying just loud enough for him to hear as she tossed anything she thought she’d need into some bag. He couldn’t believe how stupid he’d been. How had he been so absent minded?

She approached him about a week ago. Ashton was typing away on his laptop while she sat down next to him.

“Hey baby.” She greeted with a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey love. How’s it going?” He answered, setting aside his computer to give her his attention.

“I’m good. I just wanted to see my lovely boyfriend.” She beamed at him.

He chuckled. “What do you want?”

She bit her lip before grinning. “A dog?”

He shook his head before answering. “Very funny.”

“No really. What would you think about adopting a dog together?” She was giddy with excitement.

He sighed slightly. “I don’t know, love, they’re kind of a big responsibility.”

Her smile dropped a little bit it returned as soon as it left. “I know but I think we could do it. We’re responsible adults and we can make it work.”

He shook his head again. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Dogs are kind of a big step. I mean, I don’t think we’re ready.”

She felt her stomach plummet. “Really?”

“Yeah, it’s just people adopt dogs when they’re ready to settle down and stuff and I just don’t think that’s where we’re at.”

“You don’t?” She mumbled.

“You do?”

“We’ve been dating for nearly a year. Excuse me for thinking that we might be ready to settle down.” She shook her head while standing up, exiting the room without another word.

She was walking away. Her figure was moving towards the door of their apartment with a large bag throw over her shoulder that was overflowing with necessities. Ashton was panicking now. He didn’t want her to leave, but he wasn’t doing anything to stop it. Inside he was screaming. ‘Say something!’ He thought. ‘Do something!’ Soon she would be gone and if he didn’t stop her, he knew he’d lose her forever.

Things had been tense since last week. He was reading a book in their bedroom when she wandered in and leaned on the doorframe. He set down the novel when she cleared her throat. There was a long silence where they just stared at each other.

“Are we just wasting time?” She finally asked.

She’d caught him off guard. “What?” He responded a little confused.

“This. Us. Our relationship. Is it actually going somewhere or are we just filling the time? Because I really love you and I like the idea of marrying you someday but if this is just temporary for you then tell me, Ash.”

He was so shocked by her candidness that he couldn’t even think. “I, uh, I mean I just, uh—“

“Do you love me?” She cut him off.

“Why would you ask me that?” He answered immediately.

“Answer the question Ashton. Do you love me?” She repeated.

“Yeah,” He responded.

“Say it.”


“Say it. Out loud. Say you love me.”

He approached with open arms. “You know I do.”

She pushed him away. “No, I want to hear you say that you love me.”


“Because,” her voice was louder now, “I can hardly tell anymore! You don’t think about our future, you don’t want to settle down, I can’t even remember the last time you actually told me.” By the end, her voice was shaking.

“Where is all of this coming from?” He was raising his voice now.

“I don’t want to waste my time with someone who doesn’t love me back. I don’t want to keep falling in love with someone who doesn’t want to put effort into their relationship.” She was crying now. Her tears were big and heavy. Her voice started to turn hoarse and she was soaking her sleeves with the excess water dripping from her chin and cheeks.

“But even though you just keep showing that you really don’t want this, I can’t help but think that maybe you do. I want to feel burning flames and passion flow into my bones when you say my name. I want a life with you. Just tell me you love me and you actually want this and I will wait until forever for you.”

He didn’t move. He didn’t speak. He didn’t do anything. He just stood there and watched her fall apart in front of him. He wanted all of that too. He really did. He didn’t have an excuse for not answering. He knew exactly what to say to make this better. But for whatever reason, he couldn’t speak.

“Do you have anything to say?”

His thoughts screamed at him. ‘Yes! Yes!’ they shouted.

She sighed, defeated and marched past him to their bedroom.

Now they’re here. This could very well be the last time he sees her if he doesn’t act now. She gripped the doorknob in her hand. She turned around, about to say one last thing to him but he spoke up first.

“I love you.”

The room was dead silent for a moment.

“I love you so much.” He starts again. “I love the way you dance in the kitchen to really bad music and I love how motivated you are and I love how you love me.” He took a few large strides towards her and grasped her hand.

“I want to get married and I want to get a dog and have a couple kids and buy a house and give you all of the things you deserve but I can’t because you deserve the world. I honestly can’t believe you even put up with me for so long. You are far too good for me and if you walk out that door right now I will understand but I plan to love you until the end of time because you are so perfect that I could never find anyone quite like you ever again.” He was in tears now.

She was crying too. The bag dropped to the ground and she threw her arms around his neck in a tight hug. He nestled his face into her neck, smelling her hair and relishing in the feeling of her arms. He was home with her. He was home when she was around. Wherever she was, he wanted to be.

She pulled away just enough to look at him. “I love you too.”

Ashton smiled and kissed her gently.

When they pulled away, she looked at him again with a grin. “Can we get a dog now?”

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Heyy! I really liked your first HC, can I request a scenario when the RFA and Saeran meet MC working as a bartender on a club or at a bar before she joined the RFA? And like, they’re a little tipsy from the drinking and open up to her, but they don’t recognize her at first when she appears in the chatroom? I don’t know if I made myself clear, but something like this? Tnx

Hi! Thank you so much! I think I got it hahah. Such an honor to take my first request A_A So… that got very looooong, I hope you have patience to read till the end lolololol 

RFA + Saeran meeting bartender MC


  • His college buddies finally managed to make him forget LOLOL and go out that week
  •  They went to one of those sports bars, they really wanted to make him get drunk just to see how he would look like
  • You watched as they tried to make him choose some really heavy drinks, he looked like a light weight, and the scene make you feel… uncomfortable
  •  You made your way close to them in the balcony . “What can I get you, boys?
  • “Something really strong to make this boy here get turnt!”, one of them said shaking Yoosung’s shoulders
  • Yoosung looked really embarassed, he glanced quickly at you and looked to the floor again, you felt really bad because he obviously didn’t want to drink.
  • “You got it! Why don’t you guys go sit over there right next to our new cool TV and I’ll see what I can do for him?” they nodded as they went to the sits a little far from the balcony.
  • You looked at him and gave your sweetest smile: “What can I do for you, cutie?”
  • He blushed a little, looked at the menu and pointed some random drink quietly
  • “This is pretty strong, are you sure?”, “Yes, I am…” “Well, I’m sorry if I’m being nosy, but you don’t look like you really want it, can I get you something lighter or maybe a virgin version of this one?“
  • Yoosung looked at you, you were very pretty and looked really nice, but he didn’t like how you were felling pitty for him, he was a man, he could take this drink! So he refused.
  • “Okay… coming right up…” you answered reluctantly and went to prepare the drink. It was an expensive one, why did you care if he really didn’t want to drink? You handed over his drink and proceeded to service another customers
  •  A few minutes later, you looked at him, the boy looked very dizzy, you could tell he was going to pass out any minute.
  • “Hey… can I get you anything? Some water?”
  • “Could you tell me why I’m so pathetic?” Oh boy… you dealt with drunks all the time, just put them on a cab! Why were you so interested on what he had to say? He didn’t look pathetic to you, he just looked lonely and vulnerable…
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “I’m such a lame boy, am I not? I’m always worried about what other people think of me! I just came here because I didn’t want being called a loser, I took this because I wanted to impress you… I’m just… ugh…” well, he definitelly was making an impression
  • What could you say to this poor drunk guy? “Hey, listen to me: there’s nothing wrong about wanting to fit in with your friends and… impressing girls, but you have to speak up your mind so people can like you for who you really are, you can’t be a people pleaser all the time, or else you’re gonna lose your mind.”
  • “But it’s so f… so damn hard.” He whined, you tried to hold back a chuckle when he refused to swear. “How can I do that?”
  • “Well, there’s no set answer, but… just so you know, I really like how you’re not afraid to look vulnerable in front of me right now. It takes guts to show your insecurities, you know what I mean?” he nodded, you’re not sure if he is actually listening as he’s laying down his head on the balcony, oh shit! He’s gonna throw up!
  • You called his friends back and went with them outside until they got a cab, you couldn’t help but worry about this cute blonde guy.
  • “Bye, pretty ladyyyyy! I would kiss you if I hadn’t thrown up , so I hope you enjoy your tip”
  • It wasn’t a big tip, and yeah, a kiss wasn’t the best he could give you right now, but you appreciated his words.
  • The next day, he reminded talking to a nice girl, actually, he reminded making a fool of himself to a nice girl, so although he really would like to see her again, he felt really embarassed and never took courage to go to the sports bar again. Little did he know you would meet up again in the chat room a few weeks later.


  • It was a model’s agency event. Although he was really trying to stablish his carrer as a serious actor and take some distance from modeling jobs, his manager insisted that he had to attend
  • So there he was, listening over and over how handsome he looked. Not that he didn’t like being complemented on his looks, but… haven’t anybody in this lounge ever watched him on stage?
  • He went to the bar, he needed some drink to make this event bareble. He ordered whisky, since beer was not being served. It was a really fancy party.
  • You couldn’t take your eyes off of him, he looked strangely familiar, but… why?
  • He noticed you staring at him, and of course he thought you looked really pretty. “Hey… what’s up, lady?”
  • “Oh… sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I…”
  • “You couldn’t help to think how good looking I am? Well, it happens…” he grinned.
  • “Yeah, so good looking and so modest too…” he gagged a little on his whisky “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I was… just kidding. Shit, my boss told me I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut, I’m really sorry, sir…” he laughed at your despair and said it was fine, actually, your spontaneity was very refreshing in such a shallow environment
  • “But tell me… a gorgeous lady like you working as a bartender? You could easilly be one of those models right there, maybe even an actress!”
  • “I think you have to be tallented to be an actress, no? It’s not only about looks…”
  • “Yes, sure, but looks can help a little. I know it helps me, at least.” and now you were staring him again. “I KNEW IT! YOU ARE AN ACTOR|! I’VE SEEN YOU BEFORE!” he was surprised at first, but you looked so fascinated that he couldn’t help but smile “What are you even doing here? This is a model’s event”
  •  “Yeah… well, as I said, looks help a lot. I’m not that famous as an actor…” “Yet” you interrupted him and he blushed a little “Oh… yeah, yet, so… sometimes I just take these modelling gigs, but if I could, I would only work as an actor, even with all the struggling and the sacrifices on my personal life… did you know I don’t go out on a date for five years?.” Why was he suddenly talking about this? Maybe the whisky was stronger then he thought.
  • “Oh… don’t worry, I know one day you’re gonna find someone  who will help you with your struggle.”  “Maybe I just found her?” he thought, admiring her
  • He would stay the whole night talking to her, but his manager dragged him to meet new acquaintances. When he returned to the bar, you weren’t there anymore, maybe you got replaced because you couldn’t keep ypur mouth shut, he thought and chuckled a little. But he were really frustrated he didn’t even get your name.
  • So when you visit him during his route, you recognized each other immediately, and he knew this was fate and you two were meant to be.


  • It was a saturday and she decided to go to a quiet and small bar one of her colleagues talked about, they even served alcoholic drinks made of coffee, so that caught her attention
  • She ordered one of them, and you noticed when she pulled some papers out of her briefcase and started to work, very focused. You were impressed that she was working on a saturday,but felt bad since this was supposed a place to relax.
  • She picked her phone. “Yes, Mr. Han, I’m already on it… I’ll send to you tomorrow morning tops… what do you mean ‘a new cat project’? Right now? Ok, I’ll do a research and report to you asap. Goodbye.” Gosh… her voice was beautiful… even when she sounded so tired…
  • “Stop staring at the clients and focus! Why are you distracted?” your boss nagged at you  “S-Sorry,sir, I’ll…” “I let you at the balcony because the male clients come to you, but if you don’t focus, I’ll move you to reception. Actually, you’ll work on the balcony today and reception tomorrow, double shift, understood?” Great, now you working sunday night too… “Yes, of course”, what can you do? You really need the job…
  • The lady already finished her drink, so you went to take her glass, she ordered another one, and she observed you, your eyes locked when you were finishing her drink. “Tough day, huh?” you asked, “Tell me about it…” she replied and you both chuckle, sharing this subtle and bothering bond.
  • “Sorry you had to see this, I’m… I’m still new at this job and… well, who cares? I’m just here because I’m cute,apparently… oh, sorry, I… pretend I didn’t say that, I’ll…” you stop talking, pull yourself together!Why are you talking like this to a customer? To her?
  • “Hey, don’t… don’t feel bad about what your boss said about you attracting male customers. You’re very competent to your job, it’s not about your looks… I know that because this is really good” she pointed at the drink you made, you blushed and smiled, she seemed so cold at first sight, who knew that in addition to being beautiful, she was really nice and sympahetic?
  • “And don’t let your boss get to you, ok? He’s giving you this much job because he probably trust you’re gonna do a good work. Well… at lest that’s what I tell myself about my boss, that’s the only way I can endure him…”
  • “Oh right… you’re working right now, right?” and then she procceded to tell you this was one of the weird cat projects, which you couldn’t believe it was actually a thing, you two were laughing and telling stories about the bizarre things you had to do in your jobs because of your bosses. She was having fun with this smart, witty and sweet bartender, but… she had to go back to work.
  • Without thinking much, you took two shot glasses, poured some vodka and handed one to her. “To our bosses” you made an ironic toast and chugged, she did the same and laughed.
  • You talked a lot and you were living when she flirted a little to you, but when she started to tripping in her words, you realized she was too drunk  and called her a cab, wondering if she would remember you.
  • She had a vague memory of a really nice and beautiful lady, but wasn’t sure if it was real or a trick of her drunk mind, but decides to never go back to that place because the drinks were really heavy and she got too distracted from her job.
  • So when you two meet, she thinks you’re familiar somehow, but it took a long time for her to realize you were that bartender (and you were real!), which made her even happier about opening a cafe with you, because not only she got rid of her stressful job, she saved you from yours too.


  • It was an engagement party for his father. Maybe the second or third in less than two years? He didn’t know…
  • Always the same thing, the same compliments, the same futile people, the same women…
  • Trying to avoid these people, he sat on a corner of the bar, he noticed that the bartender were taking too long, then he saw you, looking through a little gap on the kitchen door, were you spying on something? Someone? Oh… what difference does it make? You should be working!
  •  He coughed to get your attention, and you promptly went to him, a little flustered
  • “Sorry, sir. What can I get you?” “Wine. And maybe a more focused bartender.” You were scared, oh shit! He looked like someone powerful enough to get you fired with a simple nod… “Yes, of course, I deeply apologize… It won’t happen again and…”
  • “MC! You’re missing! He’s gonna tell her the truth! He’s gonna tell her the truth!” one of your colleagues said, putting his head out of the kitchen, then he realized you were actually working. “Oh… nevermind, sorry.”
  • You poured his wine, but you looked aprehensive, which oddly surprised him, what was going on?
  • “What’s happening?” he asked casually. You thought you shoudn’t really talk about it. “Oh… nothing. Don’t worry, sir. Can I get you anything else?
  • “The truth. What’s happening?” you trembled a little, his tone was monotone and cold, but you were scared as if he was yelling. “Oh… it’s just… this soap opera… we were watching on the kitchen.”
  • “Which soap opera?” he asked looking at his glass of wine, you said the name and he finally looked at you, his eyes widened a little “He’s going to tell her he’s not really rich today?”
  • You were surprised and confused… “Y-Yes…she found the documents that prove his bankrupticy… and now she’s confronting him because she loves him, but he was lying this whole time!” you were surprised at yourself about how much you got carried by the plot, and apparently so was he.
  •  “Yes… it must be a shock, right? Thinking your partner is finnancially stable and then… find out he’s not.”
  • “Well, yeah… but I don’t think it’s about the money, it’s just… she loves him and really trusts him, if he lied about such a trivial thing, what else could he be hiding?”
  • “Trivial” he couldn’t hold back a little scoff “You think money is trivial?”
  • “No, of course not… I need money to live, but… it’s not the most important thing when it comes to relationships… specially the romantic ones, otherwise it’s just…”
  • “Business” he was following your thread of thoughts and chuckled “My dad’s fianceé could learn something with you.” What was he saying? He didn’t even drink this much wine…
  •  You didn’t know how to respond, but something in his eyes said he was really… sad, such beautiful dark eyes… He noticed you staring at him, you blushed furiously and looked away, which he thought it was very… amusing. “So… I’ve been very busy and missed a great amount of episodes, can you catch me up on the soap opera?”
  • “S-Sure.” You obliged, still afraid of being fired, but you really enjoyed talking about it for some reason. Whenever someone would approach you waiting for a drink, he would just glare and that person would walk away, scared of Chief Han’s son. And you went on to tell him everything. He was mesmerized, you talked so passionately and your eyes were so bright… he could listen you talk about whatever through all the night.
  • But he had to work the next day, so he called his driver and let you a generous tip, even though this wasn’t a regular bar and you both knew you did a poor job that night.
  • He though of you from time to time, but he never saw you again working on any of these events. Probably you got fired because you kept watching TV during work hours.
  • So when you go to this house during his route, he couldn’t be happier, this was just… perfect! He would hear you talk about everything, and there was no bartending job on the way this time.


  • He had this mission on a bar, apparently some business men were meeting there once in a week to seal some shady deals.
  • You noticed this redhead guy coming there every wednesday, he never ordered any drink or talked to anyone, he just ordered Dr. Pepper and stared at his phone.
  • You handed some random drink in front of him, he looked at you. “You’re gonna look very suspicious if you don’t order something with alcohol.” You whispered as you took a quick glance at the business men’s table, he looked too and noticed he was being observed. “Oh… thank you…” he genuinely thanked, how did he not notice he was being watched? And how did she notice?
  • “You’re welcome, officer” oh… she thought he was a cop! Probably she saw a lot of cops around here and noticed some pattern in their behavior, wow… she was smart! And really cute too.
  • “Oh no… I’m not… what you thinking, I’m…” whoa, what was he going to say? “I’m just…”
  • “Don’t worry, I don’t need to know” Right you were! “But I’m glad someone’s putting a stop to this. These guys are really rude! I’ve seem a bunch of thugs here, but these are the worst! I can’t believe the police didn’t shut down this place yet! Oh… I should stop talking, I know what happens to snitches” and you walked away from him, he knew you were doing the right thing, but… he didn’t really want to stop talking to you?
  • “Hey, can I ask you something?” he said while you washed some glasses, you looked at him a little concerned “Don’t worry, it’s not about them, it’s just…” he took a sip of the drink you gave him. “You… why does a girl like you work at a place like this?
  • “A girl like me?” “Yes, you look… so nice and… good, what are you doing here among these… guys?”
  •  “Oh well, I… didn’t know I don’t have the right look for this place”, he looked flustered, “Relax, I’m joking!” and you laughed, God, your laugh was really something…
  •  “I mean… there isn’t a look for a good person, right? A good person can look like me, you, that guy over there… oh, nevermind, he looks really evil”, he laughed, and you enjoyed making this cute guy laugh.
  •  “I don’t think I’m even close to looking like a good person, let alone actually being a good person…” he looked down, “Why do you say that?” you asked.
  • “Well, I… did awful things in my past…” “Well, haven’t we all? We all did something we’re not proud of. Doing bad things don’t turn you  in to a bad person right away, and… if you really regret it, then you’re really not bad, you’re just human.”
  • “Even when you hurt another human?” what was he doing? What was in this drink?
  • “ Well, I don’t know what happened to you, but… it looks like you really got hurt too, so… maybe you’re not that bad? Maybe you’re just… lost?”
  • He received a notification on his phone, indicating that he got all he needed, which made him relieved or soon enough he would be the one talking too much. What was with this girl and why he wanted to keep listening to her? Although she sounded a little naive, she was pretty smart, he would really like to know her thoughts about a lot of things in life.
  • He didn’t say anything else, just paid her and let a good tip. You felt confused, and a little sad, but you knew you crossed a line there.
  • He wanted to see you again, he didn’t even need to talk to you, just… see how you were doing. And he got a little concerned about your safety working on a filthy place like that, but the place shut down a couple of days later as you predicted and he never saw you again.
  • Until you ended up on the Messenger and he immediately recognized you, his heart skipped a beat and he knew he had to protect you, because yes, you were smart, but yet very reckless.
  •  And you tried your best not to cross that line with him again, but… we know you failed.


  • He was looking for the perfect target to proceed with the plan to destroy the RFA, it was a long hunt that night, but nobody met his expectations.
  • So he ended up at this pub, really frustrated, he sat at the balcony and you promptly went to him.
  • You poured his order and let a glass of water aside, explaining it was a very strong drink, so he better be careful and drink that water right after.
  • “Why do you even care?” He thought.
  • You went to attend another customer, and he saw the guy was drunk and trying to touch you, he even cat called you. You were very uncomfortable, but didn’t react.
  • When the guy tried to touch your boobs, Unknown lost it! He got up and went to the guy, he had a very threatening look, which shocked you, because he looked so calm and quiet.
  • He grabbed on the guy’s shirt and was about to punch him, but you stopped him.
  • “Please, it was nothing… I’m fine.”
  •  “No, you’re not! He was trying to touch you, why would you let him treat you like that?”
  • “I don’t want any trouble, please, let him go!” He looked at you, the pleading in your eyes hipnotized him for a little time, time enough for the guy to react and punch him instead, he felt confused and now even angrier.
  • “Okay, that’s it! I’m calling the police on both of you!” the guy ran away, scared. He was about to run too, but you grabbed his arm. “You’re bleeding”
  • “It’s nothing. I’m fine.” He wiped the blood of his mouth, but it kept on bleeding.
  • “No, you’re not! Here… sit here, I’m gonna get the first-aid kit, but you have to promise me you’ll go to a hospital later, ok? I’d go with you, but I can’t leave the work”
  • “Why would you go with me? You don’t even know me!”
  • “You don’t know me either, but yet you stepped up for me, right? It’s the least I could do. But… since I can’t, let me at least clean this for you” You took a gauze and wiped the wound on his upper lip. He was shivering with your touch and with the little distance between you two.
  •  “Why didn’t you let me hit him?”
  • “You two are customers, I can’t let two people getting hurt because of me.”
  • “Why do you even care about drunk assholes?”
  • “Well, it doesn’t really matter if he’s a drunk asshole. Nobody should get hurt if we can solve this in a different way, right? Would you let me fight for you over a silly thing like that?”
  • “You would probably lose, anyways. Ouch!” You pressed his mouth a little too hard. “Oops, sorry… my bad.” You said with a smirk, and he noticed you did on purpose, what an interesting girl…
  •  “Ok, you’re good to go, at least till you get to a hospital. Thank you for your help! Oh… and your drink is on me, sorry for the trouble.”
  • “Don’t be ridiculous!” he paid much more than the real price of the drink and what would be considered  a reasonable tip. What a weirdo…
  •  He never went to a hospital. Instead, he followed you to your house and managed to hack into your phone.
  •  You were the perfect bait!  Cute, caring, naive and took responsabilities easily,it will be great to have you in Paradise by his side when that time comes!

Today, a friend who sat next to me on the first day of medical school called me to tell me that she wasn’t coming back from the weekend. She was dropping out of medical school to be with her children and husband. She was putting her house on the market within the next two weeks, and would be gone from the city in three. She had had seven weeks left in 3rd year. She sounded so happy.

I envy her. I’m tired, and I’m genuinely scared that medicine isn’t worth the sacrifices it requires. I get to the hospital at 330am each morning (I get up at 250am) and leave around 5pm. The Viking doesn’t get home til past six, so functionally, we see each other for an hour before bedtime unless I have to study/ cook/ pack /shower to get ready for the next day.

My friends outside of medicine never even consider that a job may require them to work weekends on a regular basis. Or that a job would insist they work more than 40 hours without overtime or complaint. They have hobbies after work. They work out, and cook, and relax. They have 401ks, and salaries, and overtime, and the chance to travel while they’re young. And I don’t.

I honestly think that if I had felt this horrible about my future happiness in medicine at the start of 3rd year, I would have dropped out of medical school. At this point, I feel like the only thing keeping me going is my discipline- I’m too used to trying to stop trying especially, when I’m less than two months away from finishing this year.  

I’m going to miss my friend dearly, but I’m proud that she had the courage to make a decision she knew was best for her. Maybe I’ll feel differently once I’ve slept, or once surgery is over and I can see my fiance again. But I wouldn’t choose medicine again. 

Maggie saying that the gun she was using was her girlfriends was deadass one of the best parts of the episode, especially because her voice was hoarse and she sounded so cute! I will also never get tired of hearing Maggie and Alex refer to the other as their girlfriend!! I don’t know whether they share the gun or Maggie grabbed it from Alex’s apartment before going to the prison but I’m so glad that they haven’t forgotten that that gun is Alex’s prized possession!! Also, they seemed to forget that Jeremiah was missing for half the season, but the fact that they never forgot about the gun is the best thing ever.

anonymous asked:

Angeal/Cloud for 2 or Clack for 12 for the meme thing

12. Family gatherings (Sorry, I’ve already got another #2 request)

Cloud knew there would be consequences for getting married fast. At the time though…it seemed like the best option. He and Zack had been living together for almost five years at that point. They practically felt married. 

There were benefits to being officially married…as Cloud found out when Zack was not allowed to visit him when he was seriously injured during a mission. Family members only. And Zack, officially, wasn’t family. 

A good set of crutches, two pairs of suits, and a quick ceremony in front of a judge and their friends changed that very quickly. The only bad news: they didn’t leave enough time for their families to see it. They taped it sure…but it wasn’t the same. 

Zack insisted they travel for a “reception” as soon as their “honeymoon” leave was granted. Cloud was good with that idea. Cloud’s Ma, however…

“Not here,” she said. Cloud was worried in an instant. 

“I just…” she sighed, “this is supposed to be a special time for you two. I don’t want people here to ruin it for you. It’s not just that it’s you. It’s that it’s you and another SOLDIER. Ever since the reactor got shut down…people here hate ShinRa. They burned down the manor last month Cloud. Found a guy in the basement who survived somehow and…used that to justify it. I don’t want something bad to happen to you.” 

Zack’s parents were quick to issue her an invitation though. 

“We can pick you up,” Cloud started to offer. 

“I’ve got a ride, “she assured him. 

Cloud had been to Gongaga a few times, not always on missions either. Zack’s parents were no strangers to him. But this… 

“It might be a bit much,” Zack’s mother admitted, “but I’ve been waiting so long for you two to tie the knot…I couldn’t help myself.” Cloud straightened the flower crown he was supposed to wear. Zack had one too. Technically the bride was supposed to wear it, but since they were both men they fudged it a little bit. 

Plus Zack looked nice in it. 

Cloud was nervous though. It had been a while since he saw his Ma…and she sounded so tired last time they spoke…

He didn’t expect her to show up in a military truck. 

“They’ve been coming in and out of town to pick up reactor debris and protect the guys working on the windmills,” she said, “and I might have dropped your name…” 

Four more people in ShinRa uniform were invited to the wedding party. The more the merrier down here. Plus the wine was very good. 

Cloud still worried about her though. He knew he got his quiet side from her…that she’d spend the whole night quiet and by herself if he let her. And there were so many people to greet and hug and toast to for this thing. He hardly got to see Zack…except when they were told to kiss. 

When he finally did get a free moment, he had to stop. Zack’s parents were talking her ear off…and she was smiling. Zack’s mom was holding her hands, eyes teary again and Zack’s dad was patting her back in the same gesture he used to welcome Cloud. He caught the tail end of their conversation as he approached. 

“…and the hydroelectric dam has been a godsend after the reactor was taken out,” Mr. Fair finished, “still got the mako-crazed animals around though.”

“Same up in the mountains,” Claudia confirmed, “might be the only reason I get to keep my house is because I’m a good shot.” 

“…We definitely need more of them, specially since military is hard to keep round here. Cloud, my boy! Still standing?” 

“I’m fine,” Cloud said with a tired smile, “just wanted to check in.”

“We wanted to make sure Claudia felt welcome,” Mrs. Fair said, “she is family now after all.” Cloud didn’t miss the way his Ma smiled. 

“It’s a nice thing to be,” Cloud agreed. 

On Sleepless Roads (2/3)

Summary: A S6 Canon divergence.  There’s an irony, she supposes, that something created to pull one into eternal sleep, is now a barrier to any sleep. Her body fights against the maddening exhaustion. She’s just so tired, so fucking tired and she can’t keep going like this.

Ao3  FF Part 1  Part 3

The ice chills his hand as he presses it against where she says the pain is sharpest. But her body is warm as it curves into his, her head resting on his shoulder and arm slung across his middle.

“Thrown against the clock tower,” she answers without the question being presented. Earlier she had tried to reassure him that it just felt like a throbbing muscle soreness, no glass to show for the nonexistent incident. It didn’t work, even if her pain was not quite as dire as the night before.

He kisses the crown of her head and pulls her tighter, wishing that it were easier for her to fulfil her promise that she would sleep for weeks. She’s given so much of herself, he isn’t sure what there is left to give, but the title of Savior continues to demand more, to take and take. Its cost her a childhood surrounded by love and robbed her of sleep for months. And now…

“Hey, I’m okay-”

“Swan, you’re in pain. You can’t sleep, you-”

“You.” she thumbs the outline of his jaw. “I have you. The pain is already going away and now it’s just you and me, alive. That’s all that matters. And in a few hours, I’m gonna go to the station and do my job. I’ve functioned on a lot less.”

“Emma, you need sleep.”

“I love you.” It isn’t the first time she’s said it without looking at him, yet his heart flutters just the same. She sounds so tired, but he thinks it adds to the sincerity, her voice cracking with the truth of her words. His lips capture hers in response, turning her body to where it rests atop his as her arms find their way around his neck. Their languid pace is slowed with her smile, so big he has to pull away with a chuckle. “I take it that means you love me, too?”

“Aye, Swan. I love you, too.”


She goes to work later, despite his protesting. It’s a great distraction from the exhaustion that’s taken hold, giving her something to focus on other than what she wants and dreads the most. Her parents are taking this new curse - that’s what she’s labeled the dilemma that has seemed to rob her of sanity and redden the whites of her eyes - in strides. They beg her to sleep, but it’s not a plea she’s willing to give into, not without Killian beside her and even then…

It’s better like this. She’s more productive awake than asleep.

She spends her break on the Jolly Roger, listening to the banter of her father and Killian. (Waiting for rain is not the proper way to clean a ship, Dave. There are procedures that must be taken to make sure she is in top shape.

It’s not a she -

Did you captain her for centuries? She shall be whatever the bloody hell I wish.

Still doesn’t give an inanimate object a gender.)

Usually Emma would interject, but there’s a smile on Killian’s face the moment he looks to her, bright, happy eyes speaking to the deepest parts of her soul. It’s happened several times since returning to Storybrooke- an overwhelming calm rushing in at the sight of one another alive, putting a pause to the conversation and world around them as if they’re the only people in it. For now it’s enough. It’s enough to push her through the rest of the day - these stolen quiet moments in the midst of chaos. And later, after the sun has set behind the clouds, blanketing them in darkness, she crawls under the covers. “I don’t want to sleep,” she whispers to the man lying next to her. He’s massaging the knots from her shoulders in a comfortable silence. But already she can feel her awareness fading, his reply lost to a world of green fields and wind blurred trees.


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Imagine consulting on one of Rafael Barba’s cases but you two don’t really get along together

Requested by anon

Warning: mentions of crime, slight smut


Rafael Barba was working on a case where a the victim had died at the hospital and you were the doctor that had determined what had happened to her.

“Tell me about the night of May 5th” Barba asked from his seat.

“I was working the late shift at the hospital and I thought I heard-” You were cut off.

“You thought you heard it or you heard it?”

“I heard it. What’s the difference?” You asked.

“The defense will use it to trip you up. Continue” He motioned for you to continue.

“I heard tires screeching so I went out to check if everything was okay”

“What did you find?” He stood up.

“I found a woman lying on the ground. She wasn’t wearing any pants and she was in and out of consciousness”

“Upon examining the woman what did you find?”

“I found semen that we later found out belonged to the defendant” You said.

“So they had sex?”

“There is no possible way it could of been just sex” You sighed. You had been prepping for over an hour and have gone through this so many times.

“How so?”

“There was so much bruising and tearing that there was no real way she felt any pleasure”

“Try not to sound so rushed”

“I’m tired and I want to go home” You said.

“I understand that but you’re the only person that can actually prove she was raped” Barba said.

“I know but we have been here for 3 hours. Going over the same thing”

“You need to prep”

“I’m doing fine” you roll your eyes.

“You’re rushing through the details” Rafael glared.

You and Rafael weren’t on good terms and this case wasn’t helping. The last time you testified in one of his cases, he lost. It wasn’t your fault (the case lacked evidence) but Rafael had hinted the he thought you screwed the case up; while you guys were having a drink at the bar. So you guys weren’t all buddy, buddy.

“Because I’m tired. I promise I won’t rush the details tomorrow” You groaned.

“Fine” He sighed.

You stood up and walked over to grab your purse.

“I’ll see you tomorrow”

“See you-” You stopped short when you turned to face him and realized how close you guys were.

You stared at each other for a few minutes before you glanced down at his lips.

In an instant Rafael cleared his throat.

“I’m not losing this case because you can’t control your urges. I’ll see you tomorrow” He said and left you standing alone in the courtroom.

“He acts like he didn’t kiss back last time” you muttered to yourself. The last case you guys did together, you ended up kissing him before trial. Maybe that’s why he believed he lost.

You shrugged it off and went home.


Like you suspected Rafael had won the case and the suspect was found guilty of rape-murder.

Now you were sitting in the bar with Rafael and the detectives who worked the case.

“You did good” Rafael said.

“Thank you” You smiled.

Rafael smiled at you and took a sip of his whiskey.


Rafael pushed you up against the wall and kissed you hard.

You moaned and started pulling off his shirt.

Rafael started kissing down your neck and you bit your lip.

You wrapped your leg around his waist and pushed yourself against his crotch.

He started whispering something into your shoulder. You think it was in Spanish but you didn’t really care. You were too busy trying to undress him.

“We need to do more cases together” Rafael whispered into your ear.


aniseandspearmint  asked:

Reincarnation AU, where Tsuna and his guardians (plus the girls?) were all members of a party of adventurers in some fantasy world (your choice where, d&d, warcraft, shadowrun, any you know works) and they all died taking down some big bad, now they're in this strange world with weird magic? And they have to grow up again? As HUMANS (bc some of the party were not human, lol)?? Wait, what's a mafia? Criminals? Oh hells no. Reborn may be over his head with this bunch.

Not gonna lie, I don’t know any of the ones you mentioned, buuuut I don’t really want to tell you to send me something else, so I’m just going to google-fu this one and hope for the best.


“Flames?” Tsuna asks, genuinely confused. “Wait, like fire? I can use fire magic?!” 

He’s so excited Reborn almost feels like an asshole for crushing his hopes and dreams. Almost. “No.”

Tsuna visibly wilts. Reborn’s pretty sure there’s tears in his eyes. “Oh,” he says, “okay.”

Kyoko pats his back. “It’s okay Tsuna! None of us get to be fire mages either!”

If anything, that just seems to make him more depressed. “…I really wanted to be a fire mage,” he mutters, and sniffles. “I don’t want to be the thief again.”

Reborn is thoroughly confused. Especially when Ryohei nods. “Yes, I’m extremely tired of being the cleric.”

“Being a mage isn’t easy,” Kyoko says, but she sounds just as tired as they do. “So I’m kind of glad that’s out. But I am sorry you guys don’t get to try different roles.”

Roles? “What are you all talking about?”

“We were a party before,” Tsuna mumbles. “I was the thief, Ryohei was the cleric,  Kyoko was the mage–”

“Kyouya was the bard, and then we had a couple others with us. Haven’t seen them around though.” 

“…in a video game?” Reborn asks, even more confused than when he started.

“What’s a video game?” Kyoko asks.

It only goes down hill from there.

Desire Pt.6 (p.jimin)

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5

Word Count:2088

Author’s Notes: Thank you all for reading the series so far! We really appreciate it! Please again follow @bamboree  :) she’s the best!

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

As we got to our cars we exchanged goodbyes. Caroline walked up to me, I didn’t really know what she expected from me. She smiled at me, throwing her arms around me. I stood motionless, patting her back. Eliza and Jimin were talking, a few seconds later she hugged him and got in the passenger’s side of my car.

“Bye Elizaaaa!!” Caroline yelled.

Eliza waved unenthusiastically, shutting the door of the car. I couldn’t help but smile at what she did, Caroline shrugged it off and began walking to Jimin’s car.

I glanced over at Jimin who was smiling too, I stood in front of him and gave him a hug. He gladly returned it, squeezing me tightly.

“Thank you for coming, Jimin.” I said into his neck. He pulled me closer, as if it were possible.

“Happy Birthday, I’ll see you soon.” He whispered in my ear. His voice sent shivers down my spine.

I slumped in the passenger seat. My eyes followed his car, as it pulled out of the parking lot. My vision was starting to blur and I began sobbing. Eliza turned to me while turning the radio lower. We still hadn’t pulled out of the parking lot,“Amber! Holy shit. What happened?”

I rubbed the back of my neck,“Caroline-” I managed to breath out between pants.

“What about Caroline?” Eliza asked, sounding concerned.

“Sh-She’s cheating on Jimin, and there is nothing I can do about it.” I finally mustered. I brought my legs up, clutching them to my chest. A part of me regretted telling Eliza, but the other part was thankful that I let it out and told someone before I burst.

“She what?!” Eliza’s voice rose,“Oh Hell no!”

Tears were streaming down my face,“What am I going to do Eliza?”

“First thing’s first, you have to tell Jimin.” Eliza told me. I felt a giant weight on my chest as the realization dawned on me. “Maybe you could tell him at the beach?”

“And ruin his good time?” I shot back.

“It’s better if he knows Amber,” she told me, as she started the car and pulled out of the lot. “This trick ain’t seen nothing- wait a minute… Is that why she invited us in the first place?” Eliza began going off.

“To get on our good side? Well she just burned her last damn friend in this circle, I mean she did that a long time ago by interfering with you and Jimin. But with this happening it’s perfect- I mean not for Jimin, but for you.” She focused on the road.

My heart constrained.

“I like Jimin a lot Eliza. I want him, but if it involves him being upset because of it then I don’t know if I should pursue it. If he’s happy and it’s not with me, then I will accept that, because you know what? He will always be in my life, and I will see him smile everyday. That’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. If that involves putting his happiness before mine than so be it.” I guess the alcohol in my system was letting my true feelings come into the light.

“Okay I didn’t know Nicholas Sparks wrote your life, damn.” She laughed,“I know you don’t want to go to the beach.” I looked at her pained expression. She saw right through me, and she was completely right.

“But think of it this way, you won’t really be third wheeling if I’m there, we get a separate hotel room from them, and free food! What more do you need?” She gave me a smirk.

As we rode through downtown I laid my head on window. Flashbacks clouded my mind entirely. “Are you okay?” Eliza’s voice broke my thoughts.

“Not really.” I said, without even thinking about it.

“Something else happened Eliza.” I said breaking the silence.

“Is this some kind of life time movie or what?” Eliza said laughing. “Tell me though, wassup?” She told me.

“Well Jimin and I-” She interrupted. “Y'all what?” She said mischievously.

“We were sitting in the booth when you and Caroline went to dance. He was saying how we didn’t take a picture. So we began taking some, and I felt his hand around my waist. I brushed it off at first, thinking it was nothing. Like a friendly gesture-”

“Girl. You know damn well that wasn’t friendly.” Eliza sassed me.

“Anyways, shortly after we were done taking photos, he kissed my shoulder.” I felt that familiar sensation of my skin burning once again, hearing myself say it aloud.

“Did I hear that right?” Eliza sort of rose her voice again, parking outside of my apartment.

“Yeah you did.” I said smiling.

“Amber. You’re in. You’re fucking in.” She told me getting all excited.

“As if, it was probably nothing.” I replied, taking off my seatbelt.

“It was something Amber, quit being so hard on yourself.” She started her car once again, after I got off.

Eliza rolled down the window,“Text me when you’re inside. Bye!”

“Okay, bye mom.” I stuck my tongue out playfully and waved to her, watching her drive off.

I got my keys out and started walking up the stairs. I wiped my shoes on my welcome mat, and opened the door to get inside.

I placed my purse on the counter, and took my phone out. 3:24 a.m. My time read, damn already?

To: Eliza 💛
- Hey mom. Just got inside, be careful getting home. Thank you for tonight. 👍🏽

I was about to put away my phone, and I got a notification.

Jimin iMessage: (2)

I anxiously opened the message.

I’m sorry it’s really late. But can I come over?

Is that okay?

I calmly set my phone down and screamed.


I wrote back quickly. But not to quickly. 

Yeah! Of course.

I began running around the apartment, cleaning up anything that was out of place.

I called Eliza, getting all antsy.

“Hey I was just about to text you back!” She said into the receiver.

“Jimin is coming over.” I said my words coming out like vomit.

“This just keeps getting better and better. Holy shit Amber.”

“SHUT UP I’M SERIOUS!” I grabbed my clothes that were on my couch and threw them in my closet.

“Maybe he’s going complain about Caroline because maybe he found out.” I said, looking out the window.

“Damn it Amber, shut up. Can you record it?” She laughed.

I scoffed, laughing a bit. “N-no Eliza!”

Jimin’s POV

I kept pacing around my living room trying to process what just happened.

20 minutes ago…

We pulled out of the parking lot and all I could think about was Amber. Although I didn’t have her in my passenger seat.

I glanced over at Caroline who was leaning against the car door.

“Here, you can change the song.” She told me, while handing me her phone.

I scrolled through her music, while occasionally looking at the road.

I was about to pick a song, and then I felt the vibration of her phone in my hand. A notification from Facebook messenger. It was a set of heart eyes, and my curiosity got the best of me and I opened the message.

I saw that Caroline sent a photo of herself from inside the bathroom of what I’m assuming was the club we went to.

I glanced up at the road again, turning into her neighborhood.

“What’s taking so long?” She asked me, sounding tired.

“I’m just trying to find a song.” I selected a random song, and went back to the messenger app.

She wrote,“All for you baby.”


I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I felt sick to my stomach. All these emotions were coursing through me at once.

I checked the road again coming to a stop sign. I exited the app, and chose a random song. I gripped the steering wheel tightly.

“Are we here?” Caroline said with her eyes closed.

“No babe, there was a dog and I didn’t want to hit him. I let him walk by.” I reassured her, and kept driving.

I could see her house, I was so relieved to get the fuck out of here. I parked her car in the driveway, quickly turned it off and hopped out.

I went to start my car, the fog from the night coated my windows. I heard her heels approaching, “You’re not going to say bye?” She said in a sad tone.

I looked up at the girl that wasn’t mine anymore. The pain I was supposed to feel was a slight pinch. I wondered why it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would.

“Sorry, I’m just feeling a little sick.” I gave her a side hug, she went in for a kiss which I dodged. I felt her lips skim the bottom of my jaw.

“Okay dude what the hell? You didn’t want to kiss me at the bar and you don’t want to kiss me now. What’s wrong?” She spat.

“Caroline I just told you I don’t feel well. I just want to go home.” I got in my car and rolled the window down. “Okay whatever bye.” The annoyed tone  pissed me off so I took off.

I could feel tears streaming down my face. I didn’t know if I was sad or angry. Or if I was mad at myself for not feeling anything at all. I know Caroline and I had been fighting but I felt hardly anything in my heart for her.

I could really only think of one person. I had been thinking of them for awhile.

I pulled up to my place, and got off the car.

3:04 a.m.

I needed to see Amber, she of all people won’t laugh and tell me they told me so. I saw the signs in Caroline, she pulled away and I really didn’t stop it.

Before I knew it I was staring at my home screen on my phone. I clicked on the first contact, “A”.

I debated on texting her, what the hell do I say? I wrote and erased for what felt like twenty minutes. I sent what I thought would suffice.

I went to my drawers and took out a white t-shirt and some basketball shorts. I changed my clothes and heard a ding from my phone.

I’m sorry it’s really late. But can I come over?

Is that okay?

Yeah! Of course.

“Shit.” I was thinking she’d say, not right now or maybe we can see each other later on tomorrow. I realized I was pacing and grabbed the cold keys from the counter.

Amber’s POV

I heard a gentle knock at my door. I knew who exactly who it was.

I opened the door to see Jimin in some basketball shorts and a white t-shirt. He looked up at me and gave me a half smile.

I gestured for him to come in and he made his way to the couch, practically throwing himself  onto it. I sat down next to him, nervously drumming my fingers on the arm rest. I turned to tv on to ease the tension.

The theme song to Family Guy played and I let out a relieved sigh. Just when I thought I could relax I felt his head rest on my shoulder. I looked down at him just as he rose his head up.

We were now face to face. He looked at every inch of my face as if he could see right through me, then he looked into my eyes. I felt as if my heart was going to come out of my throat.

I could see his smile lines, and his little freckles. I could see my future in his eyes.

He leaned forward, I could smell his cologne. He placed his hand on my knee, inching closer and closer. I felt his breath on my lips and closed my eyes.

“Oh shit.” I thought to myself. Just before anything could happen the moment was over in an instant when he rose up abruptly and began grabbing his car keys.

“Amber I’m sorry. I- I have to go.”

He stumbled off the couch, he looked at me and ran out. Just like that he was gone. I could hear the tires screech off.

I didn’t even notice the tv was still on. I clicked the power button, and I was standing alone in the dark. Nothing but the light of the parking lot illuminating the room once more.


A/N: Super angsty stuff ahead. Fic deals with illness and death, be warned. I got the idea to this fic from ask sent by @manju-butt

TW: character death


Saizo knew she had not been well, but he had left on a mission anyway, promising to be back soon. But when he returned he did not find her at her room. Nor in his room. Nor the kitchen.

Next stop he made was to see Yukimura, who was training in the yard. Saizo showed up next to him, startling him.

“Saizo! Don’t scare me like that!”

“Where is she?” Saizo asked, looking at Yukimura seriously. Yukimura averted his eyes and fidgeted for a while, before he mumbled,

“Follow me.”

He led Saizo to the edge of the castle grounds, to a small building separated from others. On its veranda was a tray that was still filled with food. Saizo didn’t say anything, he just stared at the building with dark expression.

“I… The doctor thought she should stay here… until he finds out what’s wrong with her…”

“What happened?”

“She collapsed few days after you left. She had a slight fever, but the cough she has had was what made the doctor isolate her. There have been several cases of the lung decease in the town and people are scared. The doctor will come to see her tomorrow.” Yukimura said quietly.

Saizo walked towards the building, ignoring Yukimura, who shout behind him,

“Didn’t I just tell you she is in isolation?! I have to warn you, she’s…!”

Saizo slid the door open and stepped inside. No isolation was going to keep him away from her. He was going to stay by her side until one of you died. He smiled bitterly to himself, he had always thought the one to go first would be him.

Her bedding and a small desk were the only things in the room and Saizo sat silently next to her, waiting for her to wake up. 

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So @galpalaven and I had a very pleasant and heartbreaking conversation about the one and only turian bad-boy Garrus Vakarian, and through this I was finally able to muster enough courage to write this thing. I hope you enjoy!! 


“Is there something wrong with Garrus?” Liara approached Leona in the mess hall and interrupted her afternoon coffee break. Leona sighed and put the mug down. She was the third person to ask that today. First it was James, then it was Tali, and now her. Truth be told she hadn’t seen him at all that day, and while it was unusual, she simply chalked it up to him being busy with calibrations or keeping Palaven safe.

God. Palaven. She could never erase his face when he looked up at the burning planet. Fear, anger, sadness. Of course, she had been the same when Earth was attacked, but she didn’t have family there.

“I haven’t seen him all day.”

“I saw him a while ago. He was sitting at the table and he looked…I’m not sure what to call it, Leona, but he was distant and while I am no psychologist I fear he might have been disassociating.”

That worried her. She loves Garrus more than she ever thought she could. She tells him every night just before they settle for bed that she wants him to know that if he ever needed to talk, if he ever needed company, anything, she was there for him and each time he would at her and smile and say that he knows. She knows that Garrus has a hard time with accepting the fact that he isn’t a burden, and that he can afford to be selfish with his emotions. He always tells her the same thing, she only wished he could believe it himself.

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The Bad Trip, Part 2 - Dally Winston Imagine

A/N: Thanks, @zeusspirits for requesting this part two! To all my lovely followers, PLEASE stop sending in requests! They’re closed for right now

Word Count: 420

Warnings: Drug mention

Pairing: Dally Winston x Reader

It’s been two hours since we checked Y/N into the hospital. I rub my left temple with one hand and hold Y/N’s hand with the other. She’s mumbled and whimpered on and off, occasionally staring at random objects and reaching for them. “Dally?” She sounds so tired. It’s been about ten minutes since she last spoke.

“Yes, baby?”

“I’m sorry.” Her voice is so sad and I just wish that I could make this better for her.

“Why?” I press a chaste kiss into her cheek. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Tiny slick tears leave trails on her flushed cheeks as she shakes her head. “I’m a liar. Now you don’t want me. Nobody does.”

Shaking my head, I brush her tears away as gently as I can. “I won’t leave you. Really.” She flinches when I wipe her tears.

“So many colors,” She winces.

I check the clock again after a while. Almost three hours. We could still have five more hours of this. At least Y/N looks like she’s finally falling asleep. She lays there peacefully sleeping for the next thirty minutes or so before bolting upright and bursting into sobs that shake her whole body. “Babygirl?” I grab her hand and she moves away so quickly that she nearly falls off of the bed. It takes about ten minutes to try and coax her back to sleep.

The next four hours are a repeat of that. When the tenth hour of her trip finally rolls around, it’s four am. I’m exhausted and my eyes are starting to close. Resting my hand on my palm, I’m so tired that I barely hear her whisper faintly, “It’s over.”

Aaron, who fell asleep around two hours ago, suddenly snores loudly and relief overwhelms me when Y/N doesn’t flinch. “Do you need anything?”

Ignoring my question, Y/N turns to me. She’s got dark circles under her eyes and she looks miserable. “I am so, so sorry, Dally.” Her voice is hoarse from all of her screamings and cryings. “I won’t do the acid again. I promise. Please don’t leave me.”

I want to explain that I can’t leave her. That, at this point, I don’t just care about her, I love her. Yawning instead, I shake my head and pull her into a hug. “I won’t leave you. I’m just glad you’re okay.”

chloejanerememberthename  asked:

Shallura hug/kiss prompt: Number 26 please >:3

“far too long since we’ve seen each other” hug YOU GOT IT FRIENDO

“Why,” Allura snaps, storming off the bridge a few steps ahead of a startled Coran, “Am I the last to know everything that happens on my own ship—“

“I’m sorry, Princess, it all happened so fast!”

“Then I should have been told that fast, did you not think I would want to know?”

The door to the infirmary was almost not fast enough for her, but all motion had stopped as soon as she walked in.  The paladins were all clustered around, a man who looked like Pidge – she supposed this must be Matt, she remembered his picture from the Galra data they’d downloaded – had frozen halfway out of some kind of tunic, and—

“Princess,” he said, and Shiro sounded so tired she almost wanted to turn around and let him get in the pod, let him sleep. But he was… right there, and…

She kept her composure as she walked over, but her eyes stung and spilled over as soon as she wrapped her arms around him, holding him so tightly he’d be anchored to her and there would be no way he’d be ripped from her again.  Allura sighed and closed her eyes, grinning against the white healing suit when he returned the embrace, his chin resting on top of her head.

Brave New World

written by: @dropshipking | Brianna

prompt: ‘After Clarke is out of the COL, the delinquents are on their way to Arkadia. Clarke is exhausted and as she walks suddenly she collapses, but before she hits the ground Bellamy catches her and carries her back to their home.’ for anonymous

word count: 1101

It was just their luck that after everything, the Rover would be dead. Bellamy offered to lead a group to Arkadia to bring back a battery but Abby refused, wanting to get their people safely behind the walls as soon as possible. The Grounders weren’t actively seeking war against them, but there was enough tension that it was better if everyone went their separate ways as soon as possible. So they were walking, looking even worse than the group of people who came back from Mount Weather a month ago.

Bellamy walked in the middle of the group, unwilling to stray from Clarke’s side. It wasn’t that he thought she would leave, though the situation did stir up old feelings of loss and hurt from the last time they made a trip like this, and she left him standing at the gates. It was her pale complexion and the slight hitch in her step that betrayed her exhaustion. Octavia was at the front of the group, her sword held tightly in her hand, still stained with Pike’s blood. She frightened him. Bellamy never expected to even think those words, much less believe them.

“Clarke you should drink something,” Abby tried to encourage Clarke from the other side, holding out a canteen of water.

“I’m fine,” she said, pushing it away from her. “Other people need it more than me.”

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Coming Home Chapter 11 (Shalaska) - Jem

An: I’m back! I’m sorry for keeping you waiting. Thank you all for the kind messages. I’m getting some help right now and it’s been (and still is) a bit of a messy time but I’m working through it. I can’t promise how active I’ll be but I’m as back as I can be right now.

Summary: this story lives up to its title

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