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[RvB fic] in which York cannot stop talking ever never ever

[So I said I would write something for dickie-b’s headcanon about Carolina assigning laps as punishment – particularly the part about York having to run around the ship all night – and I did. I kinda feel sick right now so i did a bad job of setting and it doesn’t really match the original post perfectly and there might be tons of mistakes but I TRIED.]

            "How long has he been running?“ asked Wash, furrowing his brow as York jogged by for what felt like – and might have been – the hundredth time.

            "I’d say about three hours,” North said, watching York closely. He was going a whole lot slower now, and North didn’t think he’d heard a single stupid comment from the guy’s mouth in a whole twenty minutes. Bad sign.

            Wash raised his eyebrows, then frowned. “How long till he collapses?”

            North folded his arms, watching as York waved weakly at some of the pilots on their way to the mess hall. Normally he’d have jogged in place, asking everybody how their day had been and how many meteors did they have to dodge and how’s everybody’s families, and, and, and. Now he just kept on jogging by, head lowered a little, his feet starting to drag downward.

            “I’d say about five minutes,” North said.

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Belong To You

Prompt: The boys and the Reader go on a case and the Reader keeps getting hit on. Dean gets frustrated and makes sure she knows that she’s his.

Relationship: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (Friendship)

Word Count 3,287 (it got away from me)

A/N: I am actually really pleased with how this one turned out, but if there is anything I can do better please let me know!

Warnings: Smut, oral sex (male recieving), semi-public sex, jealous!Dean, cursing, a little dirty talk. 

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