she sold a lot of records

Homestuck Characters as Let's Players Because I've Jumped the Shark
  • John: Has been at it for years and has a lot of subscribers because of it, everyone posts gifs of him reacting to different games talking about how pure and sweet he is, when he is none of those things
  • Rose: Does reviews and extensive walkthroughs. Very to the point, but will also set time aside to completely wreck a shitty game design or a nonsense plot with snarky commentary.
  • Dave: Nobody really knows why he has five million subs. He doesn't even use face cam or a decent mic, he just records 10 minutes of pure self indulgent monologue over any random video game. What's this guys secret?
  • Jade: "hey guys! welcome my weekly animal jam stream! counterstrike is pushed back a week because i got banned from my favorite server because they thought i was hacking...but that's okay! how are you doing today everyone?"
  • Jane: Gets a lot of hate from people who think she's completely sold out to her main source of sponsorship, when really she just supports the product
  • Jake: One of those European Youtubers that uses a crap ton of slang from his country of origin and has a near incoherent accent. Fails to grasp stealth based games. He also does a lot of live action videos of him taking different YouTube challenges of dubious levels of safety
  • Roxy: "Yeah, this is your average RPGMaker MV based game, the sprites are the basic pack you get in the game and they forgot to sync up the walk cycles on the NPCs so they aren't running into eachother all the time...OH MY GOD A CAT IM GONNA GO PET IT!"
  • Dirk: Professional editor, doesn't have his own channel but he does occasionally show up in videos with Jake and Roxy, to the point where fans know who he is. Doesn't really want to have his own channel because he feels that would involve pandering to the intelligence of the average Youtube user. Has far too many self image issues to put himself out there as anything more than just the dude behind the scenes making everything click.

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That Vivian x Merlin post is interesting. I would be thrilled if they happened! There is a lot to be done with that. However, I am not sold on the mangaka writing a same sex couple. It feels much like wishful thinking, imho.

actually, i don’t think it’s all that impossible?? 

as worded by @ladyjericho (because she’s far more eloquent than i am):

slader is canon gay, openly; deldrey is openly okay with any gender in pokekishi; and nakaba has gone on record saying gowther has an appeal to both men and women. nakaba is super casual about gays; the only gay joke nakaba had written was in mayoe and it was in good taste (the joke was about griamore being assumed as gay by accident, and instead of it being like an ‘ewww gay?’ and griamore being like ‘EW IM NOT GAY’ the joke was that everyone was being supportive and they apologized for not realizing, and were so supportive they wouldnt let griamore explain himself). 

not only that, but guilicho (guila x jericho) is pretty likely canon - there’s a lot of subtext and imagery that implies a mutual attraction at the least, and they’re written pretty similarly to a lot of other nnt couples. though @ladyjericho is a better person to ask about them, as she’s the guilicho expert.

nakaba also consumes a lot of western media; he’s said before that he enjoys watching the walking dead, a show with many openly gay characters (two of them even being main characters), and lots of other shows. nakaba’s definitely pretty open-minded, so i wouldn’t write it off just yet. 

Little Mix on how boy bands have it easier than girls

They’re the hottest girl group in Britain but Word Up from the Little Mix stars is: it’s easier for boys.

When I caught up with them this week, the girls said they reckon all a boyband needs is a line-up of pretty faces to have the edge on a girl group – and that’s from one of the X Factor’s biggest success stories, with 7.5million records sold.

Perrie Edwards, 21, is qualified to comment, seeing as she is engaged to former One Direction star Zayn Malik, 22.

Other Little Mixer Jade Thirlwall, 22, said: “I feel like as long as boybands are all good looking, they’re halfway there.

“For girl groups it isn’t like that. It’s a lot harder to get girls on your side but we have been so lucky we are able to do that. Most of our fans are girls.

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Country Women with Impact: Reba McEntire

She’s [Reba] got this whole aspect of being a storyteller that I don’t think a lot of singers have — and, honestly, a lot of professionalism - Kelly Clarkson

Reba is a country singer, actress, and designer. In music, she has sold more than 85 million records worldwide, and along the way, has had 40 number one hits. As an actress, Reba received a Golden Globe Nomination for her performance in the hit tv show “Reba” which ran for six seasons from 2001 to 2007. She also played Annie in “Annie Get Your Gun” on Broadway. She also has a clothing line, homewares, and other accessories.