she so ruined his life you can tell

Moon Lover Ep 19

Y'all are flippin’ shit just because Wook had the chance to hug Haesoo in the end of ep 19 when I feel that this hug conpletely symbolizes the end of their connection with one another, especially after Wook said “Forget the past” I felt that he was telling her to forget him…

While here I am completely flippin my shit because of Jimong who told Haesoo that she can’t marry the king in ep 18 and now in ep 19 he was damn subtly telling So to marry Soo because that would be for the better

I broke down with Woohee’s death but I completely sobbed at Baekah’s memories of her (his grief)…

This damn show ruined my life…

Reasons you need to stop bad mouthing Greg Serrano

This was originally going to be a rant about the delusional people that somehow believe that Greg is an “angry alcoholic” just because a completely emotionally biased and unstable character on the show said so. But I thought: Why be angry when you can be happy? So here I am, just gonna gush about my favorite bartending Disney prince.

  1. He’s selfless - He put his entire life and his happiness on hold for his father. He does it over and over again even if his current circumstance makes him miserable. Sure, you can whine about how grumpy he is, but he’s only angry because he feels trapped and the only alternative is him abandoning his sick father just like their mother did. 
  2. He keeps it real - No one calls out bullshit like Greg does. He does it to Josh and how Valencia is going to ruin his life. He constantly tells Rebecca when she’s behaved badly. All this “he’s so mean to Rebecca” crap is the TRUTH. Rebecca needs to hear someone speak to her like an adult and stop handling her with kid gloves because a lot of the things she does are NOT ok and someone needs to stop coddling her and telling her its ok to sabotage someone else’s relationship. 
  3. He’s kind - To Rebecca. No really. The nicest thing anyone could do for Rebecca is bring her down to earth and be honest with her. Not only that but after Rebecca breaks his heart a million times and regardless of what your resident Tumblr feminist might tell you, he has every right to at the very least cut her out of his life, he continues to be nice to her and try to encourage healthier behavior from her. 
  4. He’s a fucking human being - He’s prone to being sullen and cynical and he rushes to judge people (like his mother) and he lies to himself and he’s got commitment issues (not entirely unjustified) and he underachieves so he doesn’t set himself up for disappointment but I notice a lot of the issues people have with Greg are about how he treats himself rather than others. He’s a loyal friend, he’s kind and compassionate and honest and forgives and forgives and forgives. He’s a completely multidimensional character and THAT’s what makes him lovable and a good match for Rebecca. Because he’s not just some caricature of a teenage fixation Rebecca has. He’s a layered person with a history and fears and goals and thoughts of his own. You’re never going to find a person who’s all good and wonderful and rainbows. At the end of the day the show wants to remind us all that people are messy and complicated and not clear cut, black and white, good and bad people- it’s all a lot more nuanced than that.
  5. (HE’S NOT A FUCKING ALCOHOLIC - HONESTLY WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME FROM? BECAUSE HE WORKS IN A BAR??? So in all of history, every single bar tender ever is an alcoholic? The only times we’ve ever seen Greg drunk were at Rebecca’s party (where even Paula was drunk) and presumably when he was studying. Which is up for debate because having one drink =/= drunk.)
  6. Also because Greg looks like this:

And I don’t know what kind of person you have to be to hate on that. 


Say No To This

(A Laurens prequel to the real Say No To This.)

Laurens: I just got another letter,
G-d I thought that he’d get better now he’s married to Eliza,
She will make for him the best wife,
He’s so lucky to have her in his life,
I love him too well to bring them strife —
I gotta write him and tell him ‘no’
Tell him that we’ve gotta let go
Tear his heart from mine, we both gotta say ‘no’
I’ll be fine. He was never mine -

Alexander: You’re lyin’.

Laurens: It’ll ruin your reputation
Sodomy so high in the nation?
He ignores me, tells my frustration —

Alexander: It’s love, how can it sinful?

Laurens: The preachers all swear that it’s dreadful.
(speaking) Thou shalt not lie with a man the lyings of a woman —

Alexander: I never said we’d take it Eliza’s bed,
C’mon let’s head to yours instead.

Laurens: So he lead me to my bed,
let his legs spread, and said —

Alexander: Staaaaay.

Laurens: Hey ~
Lord, show me how to say ‘no’ to this,
I know I oughta say ‘no’ to this,
But, my G-d, he makes me helpless,
And my body keeps tellin’ me “Hell, yes.”
Do you know what my father will say if he learns what we’ve done?
He’ll say “I take comfort in the thought that I once had a son.”

Alexander: Give me the power to show that I love you by actions rather than words.

Laurens: Lord, show me how to say ‘no’ to this,
I know I oughta say ‘no’ to this,
In my mind I’m tryin’ to go,

Ensemble: Go, go, go

Laurens: But his mouth is on mine,
I do not say -

Ensemble: No!

Laurens: Yes!

Ensemble: No!

Laurens: Yes!

Nobody has to know.

Alexander: Yes.

Episode VIII wishlist
  1. Force Bond confirmed
  2. Luke refusing to train Rey, leaving Rey vulnerable and eventually with no choice but to accept the unsolicited teachings of Kylo Ren via the Force Bond
  3. Reylo communicating via the Force Bond
  4. Revelation that Han’s death was not in vain
  5. Astral projections via Force Bond so Kylo Ren and Rey spend a lot of scenes together in Ach-To
  6. Kylo Ren reacting to Rey’s ‘wilder’, more ‘provocative’ look
  7. Rey, telling Kylo Ren to take off his mask, and she reacts to his scar
  8. Kylo Ren revealing that Ben Solo was the one who left Rey in Jakku
  9. Kylo Ren going against Snoke’s wishes, one after the other because of Rey, forcing his master to keep further tabs on him
  10. Kylo Ren giving Rey an angsty confession of love, heavily veiled behind a curtain of accusations (i.e. You ruined me, it’s your fault, if you hadn’t come into my life, why can’t I stop thinking about you, you bewitched me, you made me weak, etc)
  11. An almost kiss between Reylo, aggressively initiated by Kylo Ren which Rey promptly breaks off just as aggressively
  12. Reylo being torn apart by feelings for each other
  13. Kylo Ren leaving the First Order for Rey
  14. At the end of the movie, Rey being forced to join the dark side to save Kylo Ren
  15. More StormPilot scenes please! Perhaps a subtle or not so subtle jealous Poe Dameron about the rumored new love interest for Finn in Kelly Marie Tran