she so ruined his life you can tell

for @tinseltowncloud who is awesome and nice and deserves nice things

Sometimes Dex feels the breath leave his chest when he looks at Nursey. He’s not sure what it is, not sure how Nursey manages to consistently leave him feeling off-balance and winded. It’s annoying, though, he knows that much. He doesn’t like feeling uncomfortable, and the way Nursey makes him feel is anything but comfortable. It has him constantly on edge, ready to snap at the slightest provocation.

The worst part is that Dex is one hundred percent sure Nursey knows. He knows that there’s just something about him that gets under Dex’s skin. Something about his affected chill, maybe, or the way he flirts with anything that moves, or how clumsy he is, or possibly it’s how utterly careless he is with his own well-being. Whatever it is, it drives Dex crazy. Two months into knowing the guy, and Nursey is practically all Dex thinks about. And Nursey’s doing nothing to deter it, teasing Dex and winking at him and falling all over himself right in front of Dex, like Dex has any other choice than to catch him with a hand on his wrist or an arm around his shoulder. It’s infuriating. He doesn’t know what to do about it.

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Its Always Been You - Steve Rogers x Reader - Drabble-ish

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Summary: In which (Y/N) is jealous of Steve’s girlfriend, Shanon.

REQUEST BY: @Bellastellaluna (Tumblr never lets me tag you, sorry ): I’ll message!)

PROMPT NUMBERS: 1: We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.
19: I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me.
22: Choose me.
36: Is that my shirt?

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader


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A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:
Also Sharon is a bitch in this story, I love her BUT NOT IN THIS STORY

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Fic: Dear Hopeless

This fic is for my wonderful, amazing friend @hope-for-olicity, who needs some fluff this week. Of course, my mind comes up with weird story ideas, so this happened. LOL Read it on Ao3 or below. I hope you enjoy! 

Originally posted by lyricalarrow

Dear Hopeless

He doesn’t know why he did it. Maybe it was the years of loneliness. Maybe it was because he was so close to home, but not allowed to reach out to his family.

Oliver didn’t have much time before he had to get out of Starling City and continue their mission with ARGUS, but he used some of it to look through the file the girl in the glasses had left on the executive’s desk. The girl who had called him cute, even if he was “dead.”

He saw a Post-It note stuck to the file, signed by one “Felicity Smoak.” Fe-li-ci-ty Smoak. It suited her somehow. Oliver stole the note and stuck it into his pocket.

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EXO Reaction to meeting a pretty fan when they're on vacation/disguising themselves?

This was requested by @pasteldreamergirl I hope you like it hun! Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Can’t help it and takes a lot of selfies with you* “I can’t tell you my name… but you’ll find your picture on instagram one of these days… call me when you do” *Such a flirt*


*Better opportunity for him to show how perfect he is* “Call me Galaxy… they say I’m from outer space. Just see… give me a chance and you’ll understand”


“Please Soo.. she’s really pretty.. let me ask her her number! What if I don’t see her again? I promise I won’t tell you are all here… I’ll ask her to keep the secret… please!” *He really really liked you*


*Someone tries to impress you but… everything goes the other way around* “Where’s my exo feeling when I need it!”


*Following you around* “Funny isn’t it… I’m the fan now, following the girl of my dreams*


*He’s just simply himself* “You know, you are really different.. I like you a lot, these could be the best vacations of my life”


*Trying to find  away to get close to her* “Ahh.. why am I hiding.. maybe I should take another’s name… I’ll tell her my name is Park Chanyeol! Oh yes she’s going to love it, kinda gives me the happy virus thing”


*Can’t hive that manliness in him* “It’s not like I wasn’t trying to disguise myself.. it’s just I’m so manly that anyone would recognize me” *Well at least he can impress you freely* 


“Hello! I’m ChenChen-not-from-exo-but-yes and I like you! It’s nice to meet you!”


*Doing everything he can to get your attention* “Ahhh this whole thing of keeping a low profile is going to ruin me!”


“If I can’t tell her who I am… at least I’ll be everywhere she goes… so she notices me and falls in love with me somehow…” *Great logic there Lay*


“Who came with the great idea of keeping a low profile? Oh… yes… it was me…” *destroying his own love life*

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Silver Spoon Pt.6

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Seokjin

Genre: Angst/ Romance

A/N: This part is a little shorter than the previous ones, but still enjoy! :)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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it's okay to rb friend <3 gimmie 18 and 31 with chanyeol -yxi

➸ 18. “You’re cute, can I keep you?” & 31.”Lets cuddle so I can steal your body heat”

➸ word count: 391

➸ a/n: you my friend, are the real one, hope you enjoy this, ,,sorry if ain’t that great lmao.

She had underestimated the weather, she hadn’t thought it would be that cold. However, it was extremely chilly, and her thin jacket wasn’t doing a great job at keeping her warm. Not to mention, underneath it she wore a thin camisole, accompanied by some black and white polka dotted pajama bottoms. 

Thankfully though, she quickly made it back to warm safety of the apartment. 

“Where were you?” Chanyeol calls out groggily once she toes off her shoes and tiptoes back to his room. 

“I was trying to be nice and cute, so I went out to get coffee and some pastries” she tells him pulling up the covers. “I regret all my life choices, it’s so cold out there, let’s cuddle so I can steal your body heat” she sighs slipping under said sheets and making grabby hands at Chanyeol. 

“You’re cute, can I keep you?” Chanyeol yawns in the middle of smiling down at her. He pulls her body flush against his and kisses her forehead. 

“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” she sings jokingly as she snuggles impossibly closer to him. 

“Why do you always ruin the moment?” Chanyeol groans in an exaggerated manner. 

“Excuse me, but Wannabe is a classic and iconic bop” she looks up from where her face is smooshed against his neck and makes a face at him. 

“You’re a weirdo” Chanyeol sighs. 

“A cute weirdo you wanna keep” she retorts waggling her brows at him. 


“Speaking of "getting with my friends”, remember how you once did” ________ giggles. Chanyeol chokes on air and scrambles to cover her mouth with his very huge one. 

“We agreed we would never speak of that!” he whines, “plus, I didn’t even know you then, and I also didn’t know we’d be here…like this. Also, does it even count, she thought I was Sehun” he reminds her. 

Slowly, he removes his hand from her face. 

“You still got with my friend” ________ laughs poking his stomach. 

“I’m no longer sharing my body heat with you” Chanyeol announces untangling their limbs. He throws the covers off of him and gets out of bed while ________ whines in displeasure. 

“Wait, that means you can be my lover and keep me!” she laughs. 

Chanyeol throws a random article of clothing at her before making his way out. 

The Truth

“He did what?!” Jack snaps over at Caspar.

“You didn’t know?” The blonde blinks in surprise, “I thought you two told each other everything.”

“No, clearly you still hold that title.”


“It’s fine.” Jack shakes his head quickly, “He doesn’t have to tell me everything. Just thought, you know, he’d tell me something like this!”

“Talk to Joe, I’m sure he has an explanation.”

“For sleeping with her? Probably just she’s hot and he had the opportunity.” Jack scoffs, “But thanks for telling me Caspar.”

“I’m sorry,” Caspar frowns, “I thought you knew. Especially with the relationship you two have…”

“We don’t have a relationship. We’re just friends.”

“But you two act like more! You’re both constantly flirting!”

“That’s all it is.” Jack says firmly, suddenly just wanting to leave, “Just flirting. Look, I gotta go. I’m not hungry any more. Sorry.”

“Oh, yeah,” Caspar nods slowly, “I get it. I’ll let the others know something came up.”

“Thanks. See ya.”


Jack decided to walk home from the restaurant he was supposed to be having dinner at with the others, needing to take some time to wrap his head around the piece of information that had been revealed to him.

Caspar and him had showed up to the restaurant first, and had started talking casually. Somehow, the fact that Joe had slept with one of the female managers at Gleam came up, and that hurt Jack. Because he thought he and Joe were on their way to shifting their relationship from just mates to more. They had been flirting constantly for a couple months, and Jack had already come to the realization that he cared for Joe as more than a friend. But then to find out that the older man had gone and slept with someone, possibly more than once, during that time? Jack wasn’t so sure that Joe had the same feelings he did.

Apparently it was all just a game to him.

Unsure of what else to do, Jack distanced himself from Joe for the next week or so, worried that he’d either start screaming at the other man or break down crying. He had really thought there was something between them.

Looks like he had been imagining it.

Caspar tried to get Jack to talk to Joe, to get an explanation, because the South African was sure there had to be an explanation, he had seen how Joe looked at Jack.

But Jack was adamant in leaving it be. It shouldn’t matter anyways, it wasn’t like the two were actually together, Joe could sleep with whomever he wanted.

Really, it was ridiculous for Jack to get as upset as he was, because Joe didn’t belong to him.

He just happened to want Joe all to himself.

“You aren’t going to stop knocking are you.” Jack states as he swings open the front door, revealing an upset Joe.

“Not until you let me in, no.”

“I’m busy, Joe.”

“Bullshit. Let me in.”


“So I can tell you the truth!”

For a second, Jack is tempted to shut the door and go back to watching the movie he hadn’t really been paying attention too, but the curiosity takes over, and he was never really able to resist Joe. And so, he steps to the side and allows the older man to step in, the door clicking closed behind him as the two head into the flat.

“What truth do you need to tell me?” Jack asks, falling onto the couch while Joe remains standing, looking equal parts nervous and terrified.

“I didn’t sleep with her.” He blurts out.

“Didn’t you, though?” A raised eyebrow causes Joe to blush lightly, his gaze falling to the floor.

“Okay, yeah, we slept together, but I didn’t want too.”

“I’m sure you didn’t,” Jack drawls, “Because who wouldn’t want to sleep with an attractive woman.”

“Will you let me talk?!” Joe snaps, his blue eyes flashing as they meet Jack’s once again. The tone surprises the younger man, and so after sitting up in his seat, he nods, remaining quiet.

“I honestly didn’t want to sleep with her, Jack. Because I knew it would mess things up with you, just when we were actually getting somewhere. And gods, I was so happy when I realized we were getting somewhere. Because I like you, Jack. A lot.”

“If you like me so much why did you go and sleep with her?!” He can’t help the burst of anger, not after being told that Joe does indeed return his feelings.

“Because she forced me to!”

The words hang in the air between them, and Jack forgets how to breathe for a moment as he stairs over at Joe, who looks like he’s about to break down.

“She..she told me if I didn’t,” Joe pauses, running a shaky hand through his hair, “If I didn’t sleep with her she’d ruin you. And I couldn’t…” He chokes on the words, the tears falling down his cheeks, “I couldn’t let her fuck with your life Jack. So I slept with her. But I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

The words can’t seem to spill from Joe’s lips fast enough, and all Jack can do is sit there in shock. “I wanted to say no, I wanted to tell her off, but then I thought of you, and I couldn’t risk it. And then I wanted to tell you, so many bloody times did I want to tell you, but then i thought you’d hate me or find me disgusting, and so I didn’t tell you. But then, then you started to hate me anyways—“

“I don’t hate you.”

“You….you don’t?”

“No,” Jack shakes his head, slowly rising to his feet, “Even after finding out that you slept with her, I didn’t hate you, Joe.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing!” The younger man snaps, his face softening immediately at Joe’s flinch, “You don’t have to apologize. You did nothing wrong. But you should have come and talked to me, Joe.” Jack reaches out for the other man’s hands, their fingers slipping together, “We could have dealt with this together.”

“I know that…now.”

“We should tell someone.”

“I never said no,” Joe says quietly, “There’s nothing that can be done.”

“She blackmailed you, Joe.”

“Technically, you.”

“Who the fuck cares who it was?! The fact is that she forced you into it!”

“Can we…can we just pretend it didn’t happen?” Joe asks, leaning into Jack’s body, “At least for tonight. I just…I just want to be with you tonight.”

“Yeah,” Jack sighs, “Tonight we can pretend it’s just us two.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” He smiles down at Joe, “And by the way, I like you too. A lot.”

“Oh,” Joe returns the smile, “That’s good. Because that makes kissing you a whole lot less weird.”

“Hmm, suppose it does,” Jack responds, their lips brushing together in a simple kiss.

Tonight, it would be just the two of them.

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Hi! 😄 Can I request #48 for Kenna x Dom? 😊

Hello, @mermaidwarriorqueen! Thank you for the prompt! I hope you enjoy this! I loved writing it! This is set the morning after their Dom and Kenna’s engagement in the latest chapter. 

48 - “You make me want things I can’t have.”


Originally posted by aleja-vodkapure

Dawn slowly rises outside the window of Kenna’s room waking Dom from a deep, dreamless sleep. The sun’s early morning rays warm the sheets that cover them. On the cool breeze blowing in through the window, Dom can still smell the acrid scent of burned grass and earth. Between Azura’s bolts of white-blue lightening cutting through the air and grass and the the flames he and Sei had thrown back in retaliation, scorch marks mar the grounds around Stormholt. But then, over the smoke and burning, he can smell rain in the air and the scent of wet soil. He knows that the rain will bring healing to their land, bring life back to Stormholt.

He rolls over to look at Kenna. He’d nearly lost her to Azura. It still lingers, that gut-wrenching fear and anger he felt when Azura threw her across the throne room. He wants to let her rest, but he longs to reach out and touch her just to be sure she’s really here with him, that this isn’t some sort of fever dream.

In the early morning light, bedsheets clinging to the supple curves of her body, Kenna sleeps peacefully. Dom studies her profile. She looks younger in this moment. She looks like the girl she was when he first fell in love with her.

He still can’t believe she asked him to marry her. Being with Kenna is what he’s wanted since he was 17 years old, when he’d first realized what was between them wasn’t just friendship and that he was in love with her. He still remembers the night they’d first admitted their feelings. After their first “friendly” kiss at the Beltane Festival and long before Stormholt had fallen to the Nevrakis and their lives had been consumed with war. Back when he was just a boy in love with a girl he couldn’t have.

*beginning of flashback*

In the inky blackness of the night, a cloaked figure slips into his room. Dom tenses on his bed and waits for them to get closer. As they approach his bed, Dom’s arm shoots up and he bolts out of the bed, He outmaneuvers the intruder and tackles them to the bed.

“Dom! What are you doing?” Kenna struggles against him. In his surprise, he lets her get the upper hand and she pushes him off the bed and he falls to the floor with a thump.

“Kenna? What am I doing? What are you doing in the servants quarters?”

“I came to find you,” Kenna huffs as she sits up. “I have something to show you.”

“In the middle of the night?” Dom chokes out, trying to push away the images his mind conjures at the idea of Kenna coming to his room in the middle of the night.

“Yeah, come on,” Kenna says, taking his hand and pulling him to his feet.

“Can I least put a shirt on first?” Dom asks, gesturing to his bare chest.

“Oh, uh, yes, of course,” Kenna stammers. In the dim moonlight, he thinks he sees her blushing.

After finding a mostly clean tunic on the floor, Dom dresses and together they sneak out of the castle. Kenna leads him through the darkened castle grounds and down to the lake.  She sits on the edge of the water and Dom settles beside her.

“So you brought me out here to sit in the wet grass and…”

“Just watch,” Kenna instructs him pointing to the sky. The two of them sit quietly in the dark staring up at…nothing.

“Wow, Kenna. The dark sky is really…dark and sky like.”

“Dom!” she shoves him and Dom laughs.

“What! I don’t see anything!”

“There!” Kenna says pointing once again at the sky.

First one, then two stars streak above them. And then suddenly, the sky is filled with them, bright and glowing as they fly past. They seem so close Dom feels he could reach out and catch them.

“Wow,” he whispers.

“I know,” Kenna says, her voice just as breathless as his own. “One of my tutors told me this would happen tonight and I knew I wanted to watch it with you.”

Dom turns to look at Kenna. She’s positively glowing in the starlight and her words make him ache to draw her into his arms and hold her while they watch the stars fly past, to tell how much he loves her and wants her.

Instead of doing any of that, he simply says, “Thanks, Kenna.” He swallows the ache in his chest and turns back to the sky.  

“My tutor told me that there are cultures that believe if you make a wish up on the falling star, it will come true.”


“So…what are you going to wish for, Dominic Hunter? What’s the deepest desire of your heart?” Kenna asks him. Her voice is teasing but tentative. Kenna is never tentative. Bold and brave, that’s Kenna Rys.

His heart stops. Does she know? Has she figured out how he feels about her?

“I don’t need to make a wish,” he says quietly, ducking his head. “I don’t need anything more than this.”

“Dom,” Kenna whispers. She cups his chin and lifts his head. She leans over and kisses him and Dom’s eyes slide close. He stills for a long moment before returning her kiss. It’s soft and unhurried. Her lips part and drift over his and Dom hears her sigh dreamily and he slowly lifts his hand to her lower back, holding her close. His other hand comes up to cup her neck as Kenna’s arms wrap around his shoulders.

“Dom,” she murmurs against his lips before kissing him again more intensely. She leans back and pulls him on top of her in the soft green grass. Dom fuses his mouth to hers, pouring every once of love he has for her into this kiss.

It’s only when Kenna moves to kiss down his neck, when her hands grope at the ties on his tunic that he comes to his senses.

“Kenna, stop,” he says, pulling her hands away and rolling off her.

Kenna looks over at him, surprise and hurt in her eyes.  

“You don’t want this,” she states flatly.

“Kenna,” he says softly, struggling not to reach for her again, “I want nothing in the world more than this, than you….but it cannot happen.”

“Dom,” she says sitting up and taking his hand, “I think I lo…”

“Don’t say it,” he cuts her off.

“Why not?” she asks angrily, “Why shouldn’t I tell you?”

“Because you make me want things I can’t have.”

“Dom…” She leans into him and pushes him back into the grass. “There’s nothing you can’t have,” she whispers and Dom groans as she begins kissing his neck again.

“You’re wrong,” he says, voice strained, “You’re a princess. This can’t happen.”

Kenna rolls off of him, frustrated and angry.

“Since when are you so prudish?” she asks, moving to stand above him, hands on her hips.

“Since it’s you and I can’t let you ruin your life with the likes of me,” Dom sighs as he gets to his feet.

“It’s my life, Dom” she says vehemently, “and my heart. My love is mine to give to whomever I want.”

As she speaks, Dom feels his heart soar. She does love him. He wants to kiss her senseless and tell her his heart is already hers. But he knows despite what she says, they can never be.

“Your heart? Yeah, maybe you can give that away to whoever you want, but your hand?” Dom shakes his head sadly. “Kenna you’ve said it yourself that you’ll be married to a political ally, some prince or count or something like that. Not a poor orphan boy.”


“Kenna, I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I wish we could be together, but you know we can’t.” Dom looks over at Kenna, wondering if she’s crying, if she’s as heartbroken as he feels. Instead, she’s got a fierce, determined look on her face.

“We will be together, Dom. You’ll see. I’m going to choose you.”

*end flashback*

It feels an eternity ago, but she’d kept her word. After all this time, after everything that’s happened, she’s chosen him. Dom feels happy, feels content for possibly the first time in his entire life.

Leaning down, he places a kiss on Kenna’s bare shoulder and she sighs sleepily. Dom lets the fire roll through his body and Kenna stretches cat-like against him. He smiles as she arches her back into his embrace. Dom warps his arms around her, turning her press a lingering kiss on her lips.

“Thank you,” he whispers.

“For what?” Kenna murmurs, eyes still closed.

“Fo choosing me.”

Her eyes slowly open and Dom gazes down at the women he loves.

“I told you I would, didn’t I?” she smiles up at him. Her radiant beauty takes his breath away. 

“You did.”

“You’re the only one I want beside me, Dom, as I rule, as I move through whatever this life may bring. It’s always been you.”

As Dom tightens his hold on her and kisses he once again, he knows that this is just the start of their story.

Reasons [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Oneshot

Reasons: In which Bucky tries to rationalize with himself that there are so many reasons to protect you from him.

Words: 1933

Warnings: Idk, self-criticism, language, brief mentions of panic attacks, and fluff(?) that hopefully makes up for it.

A/N: I need to learn how to write summaries. This is my first piece that I’m posting so please give me feedback!! I hope this doesn’t disappoint :) Also, if you’d like to give me the honor of writing from one of your ideas, please do not hesitate to leave a request. Xx, Kaitlyn.

P.S.: This oneshot is based on this beautiful post! X.

Bucky couldn’t help but admire you as you stood on your front steps, looking as beautiful as ever. The sun was starting to go down, painting the sky with streaks of gold and orange and crimson, but he wasn’t paying attention to the sunset because he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. It was the middle of fall, but it was hot as hell, and there was a voice in the back of his mind asking him why in the name of God he had chosen to wear a long-sleeved shirt and a leather jacket today.

You, on the other hand, had opted for something much more appropriate; the yellow sundress you wore was the same color as the bouquet of sunflowers Bucky had bought you earlier that day, and it made Bucky realize why so many people said yellow was a happy color. It might just be the fact that you wore it that made him love it so much, though.

To an onlooker, you two couldn’t look more different. You with your sundress and your hair that blew in the breeze like you were hiding a fan somewhere to make you look picture perfect, and him with his jeans and his leather jacket and hair that desperately looked like it needed a haircut. You two looked like a cliché “you would never think they’d be together” couple.

Bucky was pulled out of his thoughts when you stepped closer to him, your hand resting on his arm as your lips curled up into the most gorgeous smile he’d ever seen.

“I had a really great time today.”

The sound of your voice made his stomach fill with butterflies, and he wondered when he turned into a schoolboy again. But, wait, he’d never gotten this flustered around girls as a schoolboy… It was only with you. He was just about to agree with your statement when you started to lean closer to him, your eyelashes fluttering against your cheeks when your eyes fell shut. His heart almost stopped and he began to panic, his mind starting to reel with a frenzy of thoughts.

He hadn’t kissed you yet, despite the fact that you two had been dating for months. He needed to go slow, and you understood that. He didn’t want to get himself too attached to you for fear that he would get his heart broken, but more than that, he didn’t want to break your heart. He didn’t deserve you. He just wanted to make things easiest for when you, inevitably, he presumed, decided that you couldn’t handle it anymore.

But you had no intention of ever doing that.

So now, looking at you leaning close to him with your eyes closed and waiting for him to finally let his lips find yours, all he could do was think about the small leather-bound notebook that was hidden away in the back of the drawer of his bedside table, filled with writing about numerous things. The most recent pages, however, he’d written with you in mind, and he could almost see the chicken-scratched words in front of him like headlines on a newspaper.

Reasons not to kiss her:

1. This sort of love is not allowed. You are both too soft, and the world around you is all knives and chipped teeth.

Bucky was hardly soft, but when he was with you, he definitely let his walls down. He couldn’t help this. You made him feel safer than he ever had in his entire life. You were safer than any walls he had ever built, and thank god because when you came into his life it was like you were stones hurled full force at the glass surrounding his heart. He let you in in ways that he had never expected to do with anybody. But he couldn’t bear the thought of one day having his guard down and having something awful happen to you. He knew how cruel the world was, and all he wanted to do was protect you from it.

2. No one ever taught you how to love. Your war paint and scarred hands could never hold her like she deserves.

You know the few moments just after you wake up and it feels like you’re floating? When you’re in this state that’s between dreams and reality, and you can just be without having to worry about anything that’s happening? Bucky hardly had any of those moments anymore, what with all of his nightmares that burdened him, reminding him constantly of what he had done. You always reminded him that he didn’t do it. But he knew that wasn’t true. It was him. His body. His hands. Maybe not his mind, but it was him. You did not deserve the kind of person that everyone was afraid of. You deserved someone who could hold you in soft arms. Even when he did have those ‘in between’ moments in the mornings, they didn’t last long, because he would pull himself out of bed and you would be the first thing that came to his mind when he saw himself in the mirror; he was a monster who didn’t deserve to hold the sweet girl that loved him so fully that he couldn’t help but feel guilty. That’s how he ended up punching his mirror, and how Steve had to tend to his wounded hand at four thirty on a Tuesday morning while simultaneously trying to prevent Bucky from having a panic attack.

3. No one has ever loved you this full surely you would drown in it all.

Bucky thought of this reason as he tried not to wince while Steve used an alcohol-soaked cotton ball to clean the cuts on his flesh hand. You loved him so fucking much, so much more than he had ever had the privilege to feel, and it overwhelmed him sometimes. And he felt guilty, so fucking guilty, because why was he feeling negatively about the fact that you loved him? He couldn’t help it. He wasn’t very good with emotions, so being with someone who was so full of them and expressed them in their purest and fullest forms sometimes made him unable to breathe. He didn’t know how to handle it, and that made him feel even more guilty. You shouldn’t have to calm him down while you express your love for him.

4. She belongs in a museum, and you are merely here to gaze. Look around you, all the signs scream ‘do not touch.’

This one came to Bucky after you dragged him to a museum. He didn’t want to go, because he joked that he didn’t want to see things from the 40s that made him feel old and like he had a place in the stupid museum where children and parents alike could gawk all they wanted. The thought was wiped from his mind when he saw you standing among the paintings and sculptures looking more beautiful than anything that was on display. It wasn’t him that should be in the museum–it was you. You were gorgeous and pure and delicate and surely he could break you just as easily as the stupid blue ceramic vase that had one of those ‘do not touch the art’ signs in front of it. His place was only to gaze upon you and your beauty. You were a masterpiece that needed to be guarded from harsh wandering hands.

5. She touches you like you’re fragile, and if you break you won’t be able to put yourself together again.

Despite how fragile you were, you treated him delicately, too. You knew that in contrast to Bucky’s hard exterior, he was fragile and needed your help sometimes. Bucky had a lot he had to deal with, to put it lightly, and you tried to do your best to support him through it. Bucky appreciated it, of course, because he knew more than anyone else that it was a day-to-day struggle with the fact that he was only one thread away from breaking at any point, and the threat of that thread snapping was terrifying for him. He feared that he’d be gone for good if he were to break like that, and that he’d be an unstable mess of a man that couldn’t fix himself.

6. She is all bubble gum skies and ChapStick kisses, and you cannot watch the love run out of another person’s eyes.

Every time you touched him or whispered soothing words into his ear, he felt a mix of adoration and love and guilt. You were one of the purest people on this earth, he was sure of it, and he could not be the person to ruin you. He would never be able to live with himself if he knew that he was the reason that the light faded from your eyes. Bucky loved that light so much, it made his heart swell with joy, and when you smiled he swore to himself he would never let anything hurt you. Especially himself.

7. If you jump, she might catch you, and then you’d have to watch as she tumbled through the dark.

You constantly swore that you would stand by his side no matter what, and he couldn’t decide how to feel about that. Of course it thrilled him to have someone who loved and cared for him so deeply, but it also scared him to his core. What if one day you followed him too far into the dark and he was the reason you were falling into the bottomless hole that was his life? What if he couldn’t pull you back out because he was already in so much deeper than you were, and all he could do was watch helplessly as you fell, too?

8. Her gaze is too gentle. You will not be the one to tell her that not everything can be fixed with a smile.

You two were like opposing forces. You were honey and warm breezes and you would never hurt a fly. Bucky was barbed wire and smoke and he had a death count that was more than he’d care to think about. He would protect you with his life, because he never wanted anything to taint the pureness and beauty you possessed.

9. She is so good. She is so good, and you cannot ruin one more good thing.

He would protect you with his life, but could he protect you from himself? He constantly ruined good things without meaning to, so how was he supposed to protect you when he could hardly protect anything else? He had had enough of being the reason good things went bad. He couldn’t be that reason anymore, and especially not with you.

10. You will not watch her crumble under the weight of your sins. She is too light, too breathless to be caught up in the dizziness of your heart.

His life was a whirlwind of disasters. He would not let you get swept up in the twister and thrown out of it broken and unrecognizable. Your love made his heart ache with wants and desires, but he swore to himself that he would not let you break because of who he used to be and who he had to face that he was now.

Bucky reached the end of his list, and it dropped him back into reality so hard that he almost fell on his ass. He looked at you in front of him, and his heart went from not beating at all to beating a mile a minute. He made a mental note to add another reason to his list.

Reasons to kiss her:

1. She loves you, and her eyes are closed, and didn’t your mother ever tell you not to leave a good thing waiting?

In that moment, Bucky decided that one reason to kiss you was better than a million notebooks filled with reasons not to.

So he did.

- Fin. X.

A/N: Okay so please please please let me know what you thought of this because I’ve been wanting to write for such a long time I just haven’t because I’ve been nervous. I’ve literally got a notebook with ideas in it so please leave me requests if you’d like to so I have more to write!! Xx.

Varzy: She materializes and falls to the floor.
Me: I wrestle my necklace out from under my shirt and press it into her hands.
Varzy: She says “oh, thank you… thank you so much. I know it was useful to you, but…”
Me: I tell her it’s cool. She saved our life, it’s the least I can do, and I know she wanted it.
Varzy: She pulls down her hood and the ashes start to collect together, and in a moment you can see her face forming into something solid… it’s her… It’s Dawn! She looks just like she did in the mirror.
Varzy: She–
BeeDee, bellowing into the mic: IS SHE HOT
Varzy: [sighs]
Me: Roll a d10!!! Roll a d10!!!
Varzy: She’s a phoenix, she’s hot
Aaron: You’re ruining his headcanon you guys

Me: Nice

Oli wants to meet up with a girl, and the girl has a cousin, and she looks pretty enough in the picture Oli shows him, and Louis wasn’t doing anything tonight anyway, and Oli’s been a good mate lately unlike some people, and Louis always has his back unlike some people. So sure, Louis will entertain the cousin so Oli can get off with the girl. Oli flashes him a grateful smile, texts Louis is in! to someone named Ashley, and that’s it then, the two of them are going out tonight with blonde American cousins because this is what Louis’ life looks like now.

Louis smokes a cigarette on the way to the club, car window cracked so Alberto doesn’t yell. One doesn’t really scratch his itch, never seems to these days, but they arrive before he can light another, and then it’s the hasty group shuffle from the car door to the club entrance. No flashes this time around, no one yelling his name. He gets away with it, sometimes, especially when it’s just him and Oli looking to have a messy night out. Louis doesn’t have a lot of practice, but he’s learning how to pull a bird without anyone really noticing. They might get away with this tonight.

He really wants that fucking cigarette, feels the itch curling down his spine and out to his fingers, but you can’t smoke hardly anywhere in LA, so he buys a shot off the tray of a girl with big tits in a small shirt, tosses it back while he waits at the bar to order two Jack and Cokes, both for him. It’s not so busy yet, but it might be later. Good to be prepared. A drink in each hand, he heads to their usual corner to see if Oli found the girls yet.

“One of those better be for me, Tommo,” Oli says, nodding at the drinks in Louis’ hands. He’s got each of his arms around a different blonde girl, and they look alike enough that Louis can’t figure out which is supposed to be his. Louis shrugs, takes a swig from each of his two drinks.

“These are mine, mate, but one of those better be for me,” Louis says, gesturing at the girls. One of them laughs, loud and brazen, head thrown back. Louis likes her. The other one giggles, letting her hair fall in front of her face as she looks down. Louis likes her, too.

“This is Ashley,” Oli says, tilting his head towards the loud one, letting his hand slip lower so it’s resting right on her tit. She smacks him with the back of her hand but she’s laughing, and he leaves his hand there, and she lets him.

“Hiya,” Louis says. That means the quiet one is his. She’s still looking down at the ground.

“And this is Briana,” Oli says, and she finally looks up when she hears her name, and her eyes are so blue and quick. Piercing. She’s…really fucking pretty. She shrugs off Oli’s arm gracefully and takes a few steps closer to Louis, pushing her hair behind her ears with both of her hands.

“Hi,” she says softly. “I’m Briana. You must be Lewis.”

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The Other Girl II Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Part 1 I Part 2 (updating)

“Don’t tell me… Did she forget about your date…again?” You spoke quietly, not really surprised that Taehyung’s girlfriend had bailed on him for the nth time. It was surprising why he still stayed with her for all these years. She treated Taehyung like shit but time and time again, he would just brainwash himself into thinking that she was just a really busy person instead of the fact that she was fucking another man which turned out to be Namjoon, his older brother.

What was even more painful was that you had a crush on the boy for so many years but of course, he was too caught up in his girlfriend, Minah. Every time she hurt him, you were the one to bring his spirits up. It made him feel better but it was like stabbing yourself in the heart. He thought of you as his younger sister but you thought of him as your knight in shining armor.

You let the weeping boy inside your abode and he instantly went to your couch like it was a routine. To be honest, it pretty much was. You would let him in, he would go to your couch while you made some hot chocolate. Hearing the little whimpers come out of his mouth was just torture to you. He didn’t deserve any of this. 

With two cups in your hands, you sit next to Taehyung and handed him his warm beverage with a small ‘thanks’. You both sat in comfortable silence, drinking your hot chocolate and watching your fireplace and it’s embers dance around. By the time you had finished your drinks, Taehyung had calmed down enough that the tears had stopped escaping. 

“So, what did you plan to do with Minah this time?” You ask, coming back from the kitchen. “I wanted to bring her to the beach and have fun in the waters for our 4 year anniversary. We were going to go eat at a seafood restaurant afterwards too,” Taehyung smiled before looking away from the fireplace and into your eyes. “I was going to propose to her.” Your smile faltered at the seven words but you fought the tears from appearing on your face. “That sounds wonderful Tae, maybe next time when Minah isn’t busy, hm?” ‘screwing your brother’ You wanted to add on but decided against it. Taehyung nods and gives you a hug. 

“Thank you. For all the times you’ve lifted me up from the cold, hard ground.” He lets go and smiles. “It’s…my pleasure, Tae.” With one of your fake smiles. “It’s late now and I think Minah should be home now. Off you go, be with her, now.” You shoo him off, wanting him to leave so he couldn’t see your tears that were ready to fall. You expected him to nod and say his farewells to you and go home to his cheating girlfriend but no. Not this time. Instead, he shook his head.

 “No. I don’t want to go home now. I want to stay with you tonight.”

Were you hearing things right? Did he just say that? Is something wrong with him?

You sat there, confused out of your mind. “W-what?” You reply, wanting to confirm or deny what you had just heard was all in your head or not. “I want to stay with you tonight.” Taehyung repeated. 

“But why? Wouldn’t Minah-”

“I don’t give a fuck what Minah thinks. I’m spending my night with you.” Taehyung interrupts, not wanting you to ask any more questions regarding that matter. No more Minah for the night. “Stay here, I’ll get you some sweats.” You half lie. You were going to go get some clothes that Taehyung had left a few days back but you needed to let your tears out and get your heart to stop beating so loudly. You grab his clothes and leave it on your drawer before dashing to your bathroom where the waterworks kick in with your soft whimpers. Unbeknownst to you, Taehyung was right outside listening to your little cries and wondering why on earth you were crying in the first place. 

Why was life so cruel to you? Why couldn’t the boy you love so dearly just return the favor? What had you done to have life be such a dick to you. Kim Taehyung was the only one who stuck with you through thick and thin. He was the one that you fell for but life had to introduce Minah into your lives, practically ruining your small chance with Taehyung once she had gave a flirtatious wink at him those few years ago that started everything. Life, just this once, let me be happy. 

He couldn’t take it anymore when he heard your whimpers get louder and knocked the door down, stopping your cries out of pure shock. “Y/n? What’s wrong?” He instantly asks, rushing towards you so that he can pull you into a warm, safe, hug. You couldn’t tell him. Not in this condition anyways. You shake your head and bury it into his chest. Taehyung wrapped his arms around you and gently hummed in your ear, knowing it was one of the only ways that calmed you down. Even then, you didn’t let go, not wanting this small, precious moment to end which thankfully Taehyung didn’t mind. 

As your grip on Taehyung loosened, he took the chance to pet your hair soothingly to ensure that he was there for you even if he was apart of the reason. He didn’t know why he did these actions but dismissed it as something an older brother would do for his little sister, even if he knew that this wasn’t the reason. You were in a small land of bliss, imagining if Taehyung could be yours instead. The days would be filled with cuddles, late night maccas runs with the occasional kiss on the lips and laughter. The thought brought a gentle smile on your face, wishing it was true but alas, the boy had fallen for another. 

Taehyung felt your smile and broke away from the embrace, getting a hold of your hand and leading you onto the bed. You stayed silent, taking in the past actions that made your heart beat so fast. You couldn’t fathom why Taehyung was doing these actions but you happily let them take place.

Tucking you in, Taehyung grabbed the clothes that you left on your drawer and changed in the bathroom. He himself didn’t know why he was doing these sort of actions when he obviously had a girlfriend, even if that girlfriend was the nastiest witch in all of existence but still, was he any better? Of course, he was. The poor boy was just caught up between two girls whom he both loved and cared for, one more than the other. 

This other girl, was naturally you since he had gotten so much closer to you every time Minah were to bail on him for Namjoon. He started noticing all of the times you would flinch at the name of his girlfriend and every time your smile would grow bigger when he stared at you. He wanted to be with you but he also wanted to stay with Minah. The fear of breaking such a long relationship with you over a simple confession was killing him and the fear that Minah was going to hurt him was driving him insane. What was he supposed to do? 

By the time Taehyung was done changing and his mind had stopped racing, you were fast asleep, seeing as it was so late and High School life was tiring and bothersome. He smiled at your little snores and went to the other side of the bed and joined you in the warmth of the bed. He looked at your small back and noticed how you were shaking from the cold. Feeling bad for you and for his own need, he pulled you close to his chest, his arm over your small waist. 

You nuzzled into his chest and happily wrapped your arms around his chest. He admired your face. Your swollen eyes matching his own, Your pink lips which he wanted to kiss and your cute little button nose that he wanted to give Eskimo kisses to. Taehyung knew who he wanted to love. It was you. You treated him right. You always supported his dream and you were a kind soul.

He knew there was something he had to do before he even thought about asking you out: Breaking up with Minah. 

this thing upon me, howls like a beast [2/3] ;

a/n: here’s part 2! Click here for part 1 if you haven’t read it yet! this one’s like twice as long but alas, I could not help it. I took a month to write it for a reason lolz. enjoy!

Klaus arrives at their home at exactly 6:45am.

Hayley grinds her teeth together, lets the sound cause her nausea before she breathes in deeply through her nose, and out her mouth. She squints her eyes and tries very hard not to throw him across the room.

“What are you doing here?” she hisses, only slightly opening the door and she’s full on bedhead, unbuttoned pyjama top, that tousled look―

God, Klaus thinks, she’s so beautiful.

“I’m taking Hope to school,” he says, with confidence.

“Who in the world told you to do that?” she asks, while rolling her eyes.

He sighs and looks around the room. It’s quiet, peaceful even. He recognizes Elijah’s ridiculously tall bookshelves that are almost touching the ceiling, Hope’s toys lying on the floor, the smell of cinnamon radiating off of Hayley’s hair.

It all felt like…home.

“I want to help out,” Klaus announces. “I overheard you and Elijah the other day, discussing on getting a babysitter since you both work and you two need someone at home to look after Hope, perhaps I could be of assistance, I―” He stops, looks at again, and notices how she’s getting annoyed with him already. He chuckles humorlessly. Hayley Marshall never was a morning person.

“Okay,” her tone is harsh and intimidating. “Enough yammering,” she orders.

“Does that mean I can help?” he immediately assumes.

She slowly raises her head to meet his gaze. Hayley takes in a sharp breath and blows her hair out of her face when she releases it. She can’t believe she has to explain this to him. Again.

“Why do you want to do this?” his eyes grow a little wide at her question. “Because you feel bad? Look I told you, you have no reason to feel guilty. I chose not to involve you, it’s not like you knew about her,” she whispers, making sure that no one hears.

Still, he is as stubborn as ever. Klaus decides he’ll use the softest tone he’s ever mastered. Because, surely, he had grown kinder over these passed few years.

“I just want to be there for her,” he admits, without hesitation. “That’s all,” he shrugs.

She studied his features and attempts to detect any sense of malice or dishonesty. But, she sees nothing. She wants to hate him for it. She can’t even remember the last time she saw him looking so pathetic.

(Oh wait she does, he looked at her in the very same way on her wedding night).

“Fine,” she finally gives in. “You can drop her off at school, but that’s it. I still want to find a real babysitter,” Hayley voices, in a rather serious tone.

He nods before he leaves with a satisfied look on his face.

Hope Marshall is truly the smartest little girl Klaus has ever had the pleasure of meeting.

He adjusts the car mirror and spies her looking out the window and waving goodbye to her mother. She’s always in these boyish clothes, blue jean overalls and a loose tee and never forgets her favorite sneakers that light up. Klaus knows that Hope prefers her monster trucks over her Barbie dolls. Knows that she’s afraid of the blow up things in front of gas stations, knows that she doesn’t like the smell of coffee. But loves the scent of a nice cup of licorice tea.

He knows because that’s his favorite tea. He chuckles, figuring that at least she got something from him.

“You know,” Hope says while he drives. “All these random visits you’re making are starting to get pretty suspicious,” she slowly comes to that conclusion, sitting on the edge of her seat, wondering what he’s going to say.

“What random visits?” Klaus quips.

“Well first,” she speaks softly, with a finger on her chin. “There was that time you came by during dinner, then when you claimed you ‘forgot’ your coat, and now you’re dropping me off at school!” Hope exclaims.

He laughs again, unable to meet her wit.

“I assure you, sweetheart,” he sings. “That those are all just coincidences,” Klaus attempts to convince her by sounding casual. But the slight smile tugging at the corner of his lips and glimmer in his eyes gives him away.

“You expect me to believe that?” Hope questions.

He leans back in his chair, smirking. “What’s your theory?” Klaus wonders.

“You like my mom,” she tells him, with a large grin. “It’s pretty obvious,” Hope mindlessly mumbles, catching him off-guard.

He gazes onto the on-coming traffic, exhales loudly when he realizes that this was going to be a long ride. Although, he does look forward to spending quality time with Hope. And that thought alone allows a smile to creep back on to his face.

“You’re strangely well-adjusted to that idea, aren’t you?” he smugly tells her, reminding her that her mother is married, to his brother no less.

“What can I say?” Hope shrugs instead. “I’m an adaptable child,” she whispers.

He throws his head back in laughter.

“That you are, little one,” Klaus agrees.

He turns on the radio while he reverts his focus back on her, and how she just simply goes back to staring out the window. He wonders what’s going on in that little head of hers.

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She’d let him drag her off somewhere cold and dark and wet. Caroline had argued that what he needed was some warm sunshine, but he needed to stew so she went along with it, being the best friend that she was.

And so they spent a month as far north as his car would take them. A remote cabin. Hours of solitary ice fishing for him. Curling up in front of a warm fire with a variety of romance novels for her. She complained when he came in and cooked the smelly fish he caught. He made it up to her with expensive wine and freshly baked cinnamon desserts.

They ate and drank and talked all night in their warm sweaters in their overstuffed chairs by the roaring fire, as they did. About Elena. About Tyler. About his long life and her brief one. They laughed and it felt so good he almost forgot to be sad. He carried her to bed when she fell asleep. She smelled like fire and sweet spices. He brushed her blonde curls away from her pink cheeks, warmed from drink and fire. His bed was cold and empty but his soul was warming.

The next month she suggested they go somewhere a little warmer, a little more populated. He reluctantly agreed. They got as far as Portland. Caroline gleefully decorated their rented apartment with elegant antiques, bought farm fresh organic produce from which Stefan was to cook them dinner. Stefan happily cooked whatever she wanted, and read quietly with Caroline in whatever cozy corner cafe she found for them. Watched whatever indie film in whatever tiny, dark theater she pulled him into. They shared their popcorn and soda. He laughed at her dark framed glasses because she didn’t need them, but his heart skipped a beat at how cute she looked in them. They fell asleep watching TV. “Like an old married couple.” She had been joking but the thought burrowed its way strangely into the back of Stefan’s mind, poking at him when he least expected it.

He realized he’d stopped mentioning Elena. And that his stomach clenched strangely when she mentioned Tyler. “Play with my hair.” Her new request. He didn’t hesitate at first. Not until he realized how silky the stands were between his fingers, how fragrant, how beautifully tempting she sounded as she sighed in utterly relaxed bliss. He resisted the urge to pull away, even though it felt like playing with fire.

“Some warm sunshine.” To repay her for his summer of dark and cold, he’d agreed to warm sunshine for the final leg of their trip. So she drove his car and she drove south until she stopped. And she bloomed immediately. From the tips of her coral reef orange painted toes to the top of her wind blown golden waves, she’d bloomed into a sea goddess. He sort of wished he’d have let her bring him here to begin with.

Long days on the beach, hot and bright. Not his environment of choice. The sun exhausted him. Caroline packed him plenty of books and beer to keep him happy. But she was enough. He tried not to steal glances at her while she sunbathed in nothing more than a few scraps of fabric. But since when had that become a problem for him? She laughed from behind huge black sunglasses, under a huge black hat. She sipped Mexican beer and fresh sangria. He became familiar with the way her skin looked glistening in the sun after a dip in the ocean. Stefan ignored the way her thighs felt around his hips as she playfully jumped on him in the choppy waves.

He became familiar with the way her freckles shined on her bare, sunkissed face but ignored the way she danced against him when she drank too much. He memorized her tipsy giggles but refused to notice how she naturally snuggled into the crook of his neck when she got sleepy after a late night of dancing.

If they were tipsy during their days on the hot sand and in the cool waves, with too much skin exposed, too much skin touching… then in the cool darkness of the night, they were completely trashed. And it seemed like she couldn’t get close enough to him. And he hated how good it felt. Some combination of fear and guilt and self loathing haunting him, but not enough to untangle her soft elegant fingers from his own when she sought them out.

Her smell burned itself into his memory. The coconut, warmed skin, tequila and lime that she breathed into his ear when she leaned over onto him, laughing happily. He tried to remember what Elena smelled like and came up blank. He tried to remember Elena, expecting pain but coming up empty. Caroline wrapped him up in her arms, in her happiness, in her positivity until he was dazed and confused and wondering who it was he was trying not to be in love with.

It was the same day that he realized she hadn’t mentioned Tyler in weeks that she kissed him. Too much sun, too much tequila, too much dancing. He buried his fingers greedily in her wind dried curls as they danced lazily to tropical music on a sparsely populated dance floor during the last few songs of the night. The warm salty breeze caressed them almost as much as they caressed each other. Her fingertips were soft and torturously heavenly as they dragged themselves up and down his back.

She was humming absently to the tune as they swayed lightly just to excuse the fact that they were holding each other as dancing. Their hearts beat in unison beneath their chests, pressed together so close. When she lifted her head from his shoulder, he knew he was in trouble. Her heavy lidded eyes were sparkling blue from the lights strung onto the bar. Her cheeks pink like they were by the fire in their cabin but not from the heat. She tugged her lip between her teeth and Stefan found himself returning her shy smile.

The air was alive with danger and warning. But in that moment, nothing could have made him stop the gentle brush of her lips against his. Nothing had ever felt more right than her silky little tongue pushing against his. Her fingers gripping the back of his shirt, his tangling impossibly in her hair as if holding on desperately to their sanity. Him, monster that he was could easily have drowned in her. The sugary yellow perfection. The strangely comforting fire of her kiss. This was good for him. But for her…

He wasn’t monster enough to do this to her, his best friend. Who had a life. A love. A chance. So he fought, hard, against the tempting current of her lustful kisses, that were made even more dangerous by the sheer volume of how much he cared about her. Layered, weighty, meaningful kisses that were now being peppered down his neck. He shuddered and squeezed his eyes shut, pushing her gently back.

She looked at him, hurt and confused. Her lips rosy and swollen from their kisses, enticing him to taste them again, taste them forever.

“It’s time,” he said, watching as the lights on the bar flicked off.

She watched the bar begin to close, but he knew that she knew what he meant. She dragged her hands across her face, gingerly touching her lips, either in an attempt to remember or forget.

“I know, ” she agreed, somewhat sadly, nodding.

Time for home. Time for reality. Time for this to end. Time that he’d stolen anyway. It was never his but she’d graciously shared it. She was always doing that. Sharing with him. He wondered why he’d risk something so good. But the flutter in his chest when he caught her eye answered that. What wouldn’t he do to be with her? Only one thing… ruin her life.

Stefan watched as Caroline tore her eyes away, turned her body away, began the long walk back to their room, away from him, to pack up their new life and, in doing so, end it. He wouldn’t stop her. It was time.

He dropped his head, the entire dance floor darkening around him. Not surprised that she took the light with her. Where was he supposed to go now? Somewhere cold and dark, he thought.

hunger - chapter 14

Hunger master post.

When Stiles is pulled out of the truck nobody bothers catch him, and he stumbles to his knees on a gravel driveway. He looks around quickly. It’s dark, but he can make out trees. They might be on the other side of a chain-link fence, but Stiles can’t be sure. There are no streetlights here. The headlights of the truck illuminate a squat, ugly building. One of the men hauls Stiles to his feet and pulls him toward the building. Stiles struggles to keep pace with the man.

What was it his dad always said? You co-operate to make it easier on you, not on them. Don’t ever be an accomplice in your own murder. Stiles is a cop’s kid. His and his dad’s conversations over dinner would have raised a lot of questions in any other household, but mostly his dad was trying to set him straight after Stiles watched too many shoot-em-up action movies and thought that all it took to escape an entire cabal of armed terrorists was a single handgun and a couple of wisecracks. Which was not, his dad said, the way to survive a hostage situation at all.

Stiles doesn’t think either of them ever would have thought he’d actually need to know this stuff.

The first step is to open a dialog, right? To show them that he’s a person too, with thoughts and feelings and a life as valuable as any other.

“What is this place?” Stiles asks, forcing the words out against his panic.

“Shut your mouth,” the guy says.

So much for building a rapport. Stiles jerks his head in a nod to shows he understands, and concentrates on not stumbling again.

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a short drabble I wrote based on @rosethearcanist ‘s headcanons on the subject! it’s a bit different from the headcanons but I want to have at least a LITTLE bit of hope left for Julian (those headcanons left me with none whatsoever but it was so good)

When he heard the news he was horrified, angry, enraged even. He stormed out of the Rowdy Raven straight to the palace. a foolish move, in retrospect. 

He intended to confront Nadia, or somehow prove that ‘no he really did kill the count’ but whatever argument Aveana had told the countess was far more convincing. Nadia pardoned him, to his surprise. which was more heartfelt than he expected but he didn’t have time to think on it. He demanded he see her, and to his relief she allowed it.

He ignored the shocked stares of all the servants and even some of the guards as he rushed down to the cells, his escort of guards fast behind him.

The cells were dark and smelled of rot and death, it was no place for her to be. Several guards posted around one cell made it clear that is where she was being held. He saw her, but just barely, cloaked in shadows.

She looked up when the doors opened, what little light the barred window allowed in illuminated her eyes, gold and blue clouded with tears. Her voice is a whisper as she speaks, hand coming to her mouth in shock.

“Julian…oh, Julian no..” She meets him at the bars, reaching for him before one of the guards snaps at her.

”No touching.”

Aveana snarls at him, eyes narrowing dangerously. “Screw you.”

Julian sighs, shaking his head. “Could you give us a minute please?”

The guards exchange a look, glancing down at Aveana before nodding reluctantly. “You get two minutes.”

The guards file out of the room and once they are alone Julian falls to his knees, reaching through the bars to hold her tightly, her own grip just as desperate. “Julian why did you come here? Nadia–”

“Has pardoned me but that- that isn’t– this wasn’t right you shouldn’t have–” Julian can’t speak, his throat closes and his voice breaks, drowning whatever words he may have formed. 

Aveana holds him close, pressing a kiss to his forehead. “Better me than you, my love. Portia needs you.”

Julian lets out a sob, shaking his head. “I need you! My life– my life isn’t worth living if you aren’t in it! Don’t you see that?”

Aveana is silent for a few seconds and that’s when he sees it, stark and insulting, the murderers brand. Julian takes her hand in his and she flinches, muscles tightening in her arm. He notes the tremble in her hands as he looks it over, still red and irritated and fresh. anger radiates from him and he want’s to hit something. “They just slap this thing on anyone… not knowing how much it can ruin a life…” Julian says, looking back up at her. 

Aveana isn’t looking at him, a faraway look in her eyes. She knows something that he doesn’t.

“Why did you do it? Julian croaks, lifting his hand to her face, making her look at him. Aveana shakes her head. “You didn’t do it. You didn’t deserve to die for something you didn’t do.” she murmurs.

“I’m not dying until the masquerade, which is in a week. so find Asra and make him tell you the truth. He knows what happened…I know he does.” she finishes as the door opens, surging forward and capturing his lips, and he kisses her. gods does he kiss her. his hands tangle in her hair, tears burning down his cheeks when he has to pull away. “ I will get you out of here, I promise.”

“I hope so.” she whispers, tears spilling down her cheeks as the door to the dungeons open and the guards return. she turns from the door, retreating back to the dark corner of her cell.

“I have nothing else to say.”

Julian shakes off the guard that tries to take him from the cell, barking that he could walk, as he makes his way out of the palace. He was going to find Asra and together they were going to figure this out… they had to, for Aveana’s sake

Tour of Prythian PART 4


Elain read Azriel’s note again. She didn’t mind Cassian & Nesta joining them. It just showed how big Azriel’s heart was and Nesta needed to get out.

7:25 arrived and Elain stared at herself. Nuala & Cerridwen were beaming with pride. She had on a one shoulder navy & royal blue dress that was made to look like flowers were flowing down the bodice and filling out the entire ball gown’s skirt. There were small flecks of white throughout the dress and Cerridwen had pulled her hair up on the side and fashioned the bun to look like a rose in full bloom while Nuala had sewn diamonds into it. Elain’s lips were tinged pink as were her nails. She looked beautiful. The three of them were jumping up and down and exclaiming their good work when a knock at the door stopped them mid squeal.

Nesta was at the door and ready to go. She wore a boat neck plum dress with long sleeves but it was completely backless, nearly scandalous, at least to Elain. Her face was made up of deep shades of purple. She was a beauty to behold.

They headed to the stairs, Nesta went down first. The males, Rhys, and Feyre were there. The latter to spend a quit night in, Elain snorted at that. She heard the silence as Nesta descended the stairs and Cassian telling her she was beautiful. Elain smiled to herself, good for Nesta. Then she began her walk down the stairs, the gasp and gaping of their mouths were all she heard but all she saw was Azriel’ hazel eyes. He stepped forward and offered her an arm then whispered in her ear

A: You are the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen, you’ll put all those flowers to shame tonight.
E: Thank you. I wanted to look nice for you and Nuala and Cerridwen helped me find the dress to match your siphons, I just wanted to look nice for you, Azriel.
A: Nice? You look beautiful. I…

There was a knock at the door.


Feyre looked around
F: Amren & Mor aren’t due until tomorrow night right?

Rhys’ face went tight as he said to Azriel’s mind
R: Lucien

Feyre opened the door and Azriel kept the smile on his face. He was not going to let that fox ruin their night. The male stepped in saying hello to Feyre and then his eyes fell upon Elain, and then to Elain’s hand on his arm. To his surprise Elain did not let go of him the way most mates would have, if anything Elain held on tighter.

L: Elain, you look, you look beautiful.
The male said this but his voicing was seeping with venom as he looked towards Azriel.

E: We were not expecting you.
A: Elain and I were just headed out we have an event to get too.

He felt Cassian and Rhys watching and assessing the situation. He knew violence was not what Elain would want, so he would have to talk Lucien into unblocking the doorway and letting Elain leave with him.

L: I am here now. If you give me a few moments I will freshen up and I will take Elain to the gala then you can go about your business.

Lucien was trying to take control of the situation also without violence, but he’d been raised in the Autumn Court and lived in Spring. It was obvious to Azriel that Lucien was fighting against his natural instinct to just take Elain.

E: No Lucien. Azriel has invited me to this event and I’ve very much been looking forward to our evening out together. Now if you’ll excuse us, Cassian, Nesta are coming?


Azriel had let her handle Lucien. He’d stepped out of the way and let them pass into the night. She felt so joyous walking under the canopy of flowers to table 1. Azriel pulled out her chair for her as Cassian did the same for Nesta. Elain leaned in to Azriel to say in a low voice

E: Thank you for having Cassian & Nesta along. I think they needed a night out together, it’s been so long.
A: Nearly 3 months
E: I’m also sorry about Lucien. I don’t him ruining this night. Seeing all this, with you, it’s supposed to be the best night of my life.

Azriel was struck dumb. The best night of her life, he’d have to step his game up.

A: He can’t ruin my night, I’m with you.
E: and I’m with you, but… Feyre said he wouldn’t be here yet. I…
A: Can I tell you something? Ask you something?
E: of course

Elain felt so nervous. What if he backed out on her and didn’t want her, even with all he just said, or could end like Graysen. She knew Lucien wanted her but they didn’t even know each other. He was not what she would have chosen for herself. Elain braced herself for the rejection but kept her smile on her face.

A: I was infatuated with the same female for forever and she never wanted me, not once. Now I’ve met you and I know what it is to want again, but of course I want someone who is bound to another male, that has a mate. Even if you haven’t accepted the bond Lucien considers himself yours and you as his; but this time I am not so ready to give up so easily or wait patiently in the corner. I’m laying my heart out on the line Elain. I want you, Elain, I want to Court you. I want you to pick me. I know he’s your mate and I might not stand a chance but I want that chance if you’ll give me one. I also know that you need to get to know Lucien to make the right decision. Elain I can handle the competition. I can handle both of us courting you just please give me a chance.

Elain sat silently.
E: I thought you were going to reject me because of him.
A: No, never. I choose you but I want you to get to know him to make sure you unequivocally have chosen the right male to love you.
E: Couldn’t I just choose you right now?
A: You should make sure he’s not the one for you.
E: That cauldron made a mistake.
A: I think so too.

There food arrived and the music began to play. The Tour of Prythian kicked off with a nod to the NC for hosting them.

Elain was particularly excited to see the Winter Court. It had enchanted snow that was not wet and did not melt. She dragged Azriel into Winter and danced.

Surrealism Pt. 6// Spencer Reid

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 7/Part 8

Spencer was sound asleep underneath his blankets after what had been a long day. The night was a cold one, the fall’s crisp breeze swaying the curtains by the open window. He slept peacefully, without dreams and without nightmares.

It was soon after when she rolled in through his window, as soundless as she was trained to be, and gently laid next to him. She stayed silent for a moment as she took in his features; his strong jawline, the slight upturn of his nose, the long eyelashes that fluttered just above the dark circles beneath his eyes that were a permanent feature on his face no mat how much sleep he got. He was beautiful, and he was hers, if only for a moment.

“Hey,” she whispered softly as she carefully stroked his face. His eyes opened slowly, instantly recognizing her scent, a mix of Vanilla and flowers. His arm wrapped around her, his body unconsciously begging to touch her skin.

“Hey. What are you doing here so late?” He mumbled half asleep.

“I just needed to see you,” she replied quietly. He nodded, pulling her in closer and absentmindedly wrapping the blanket around her. Lexi clung onto his body, a desperate need to be beside him filling every inch of her.

“Kinda tight there Lex,” Spencer teased although he squeezed her just as hard. She laughed lightly and placed her soft lips against his neck.

“Let’s just sleep ok?” She hummed as she hid her face in the crook of her neck, placing butterfly kisses against his skin. A content sigh rumbled against the back of his throat as he felt himself float back to sleep with her in his arms.

“What’s going on?” Spencer asked as he made his way into the office to find it crowded with federal agents from other divisions. Emily pulled him aside, leading him to their conference room. The rest of the team was already seated, waiting for Hotch’s arrival. Their superior was currently caught in what seemed to be an important conversation with men who’s posts were even higher than his.

“Daniel Rozwin was found dead in his apartment this morning,” JJ informed as she stood and grabbed the remote for the monitor. With a click of the button various pictures appeared on the screen. All were of Daniel Rozwin with his mouth foaming, his death caused by poison.

“Someone actually managed to kill a FBI section chief?” Emily asked in disbelief.

“Daniel Rozwin was always surrounded by security. Who would be capable of getting that close ?” Morgan asked in confusion. It was a disturbing thought to think that someone who was so well protected had met his end at the hands of an enemy.

“Lexi Kingston,” Hotch answered as he strode inside the room mid conversation with a grave look on his face.

Spencer froze at the mention of her name. No. Lexi wouldn’t do that. Not FBI agents. She knew the risks. And besides, she had climbed into his bed the night before. She wouldn’t have had the time.

“Are you sure?” Morgan asked as he noticed Reid had gone completely rigid and speechless.

“There’s video surveillance footage of her leaving his house around 10 pm last night,” Hotch replied as he motioned for Garcia to bring up the video. “She managed to knock out all the cameras but the one he had hidden in the tree of his front yard.”

And that’s when Spencer saw it. The beautiful woman he loved walking out of the home with a confidence that came with knowing you had done something successfully. She held no remorse on her face, only a fierce look of concentration as she stealthily made her exit.

He stared blankly at the monitor, careful to not let his face betray his emotions. It was like feeling everything and nothing all at once. One second he felt as if a roaring hurricane was hurling around his insides, and the next he felt numb. 10 pm. That was before she had climbed into his bed.

That’s why she had acted so strange. Spencer’s sleepy haze had obscured his thinking level at the time but he had still managed to notice the way she had clung tightly to him, her body slightly shaking against his in what he had assumed was due to the cold. Now he realized it wasn’t the freezing weather that had shaken her, it was what she had done.

He stayed silent as the team began to throw out facts about her last known locations, speculating of where they would find her. His immediate concern for the woman shot through him.

He stood from his seat and left without a word, causing his team to look at him with a mixture of worry and confusion. Spencer was never this quiet when it came to cases unless something was bothering him on an emotional level. Morgan was the one who followed him out, stopping him just outside on the steps of the building.

“Reid!” He called out as the young man came to a halt. He looked back at him with a blank look.

“I didn’t know,” he replied simply. He had made a point of avoiding any conversation about Lexi’s “career” with her, deciding that living in ignorance was what suited him best. It was what suited them best.

“I know,” Morgan replied. He had seen the way Spencer had instantly tensed at the mention of her name, and the raging emotions behind his eyes was enough to let him know that he had no part in the killing.

“Look, if you know where she is, you need to tell us.” Morgan stared at Spencer as he scowled at the ground.

“I don’t. We always meet at my place,” he replied bluntly. “Are you going to tell Hotch?”

“Kid, I don’t have a choice. An FBI section chief was just murdered in his own home and the only person who might be able to find his killer is you.”

“Her name is Lexi,” Spencer replied coldly. “She’s a person so don’t try and make her seem like an animal.”

“Are you kidding me? She just killed someone!” Morgan exclaimed incredulously.

“How many people have we killed Morgan?! Because I know I’ve shot my fair share of people and not all of them survived,” he spat harshly. “Tell Hotch. I’m gonna go find her.”

Spencer knew Lexi was in his home the minute he walked in. She sat on his couch, staring at the television that showed her face for everyone to see. She was in trouble and she wasn’t so sure she would be able to get out of it this time around.

“I didn’t have a choice,” she spoke softly as she felt him approach. He stared down at her, still dressed in last night’s outfit with her hair pulled back to show the exhaustion on her face.


“He threatened me,” she replied with a frown as she finally looked up to see him. She winced at the look he gave her, a look of betrayal and hurt.

“Who threatened you?” He asked, desperately trying to make sense of her reckless actions.

"I can’t say.”

“Lexi! The entire FBI is out looking for you right now!” he yelled. She grimaced at his volume and tone of voice.

“I know that!” she snapped back in frustration.

“You’ve been threatened before,” Spencer replied simply. “What makes this one so different?”

Lexi stayed silent as she stared at her palms. She couldn’t say more. Involving him with that side of her life was something she had never wanted to do. Spencer noticed her sudden retreat into herself and sat down next to her.

“Lexi, you can tell me,” he said softly as he wrapped his hand around hers.

“He threatened you. He knows about us,” she replied with a small quiver of her lips. “I don’t want to be the reason your life gets ruined.”

“He was going to kill me if you didn’t do the job?” Spencer asked as he attempted to tie the pieces together.

“No, you’re too important to him,” she replied bitterly. “But he would make your life difficult.”

“Wait, what do you mean I’m too important?” He questioned.

“I should go,” she replied, avoiding his question altogether. “I think I’ll head to California. I own a place by the beach where I can just lay low for a while.”

“You’re just leaving?” Spencer asked incredulously as he watched her tie her shoes back on.

“Spencer. If anyone sees us together they’ll come after you. I’ll come back once things have calmed down.”

“So that’s your plan? Ditch me to live by the ocean until they stop looking for you?”

Lexi sighed deeply, wrapping her arms tightly around Spencer. He was hurt and had every right to be, but she still loved him. He hesitantly returned the gesture before throwing aside his pride and embracing her tightly.

“I’m doing this to protect you. Please understand.” Her gaze met his in a silent plea. He nodded softly, understanding her need to escape.

“I love you,” he said as his voice cracked at the thought of her leaving. The way of the world was cruel, tearing lovers apart.

“I love you too,” she replied wholeheartedly. The two held on to each other a little longer, reluctant to let the other disappear.

Spencer felt completely overwhelmed with emotions as he crashed his lips against hers in a desperate need to convey just how much he adored her. She kissed back just as eagerly as she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist, Spencer leading them to the bedroom where he would take the last opportunity he had to make love to her.