she so ruined his life you can tell

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Sometimes Dex feels the breath leave his chest when he looks at Nursey. He’s not sure what it is, not sure how Nursey manages to consistently leave him feeling off-balance and winded. It’s annoying, though, he knows that much. He doesn’t like feeling uncomfortable, and the way Nursey makes him feel is anything but comfortable. It has him constantly on edge, ready to snap at the slightest provocation.

The worst part is that Dex is one hundred percent sure Nursey knows. He knows that there’s just something about him that gets under Dex’s skin. Something about his affected chill, maybe, or the way he flirts with anything that moves, or how clumsy he is, or possibly it’s how utterly careless he is with his own well-being. Whatever it is, it drives Dex crazy. Two months into knowing the guy, and Nursey is practically all Dex thinks about. And Nursey’s doing nothing to deter it, teasing Dex and winking at him and falling all over himself right in front of Dex, like Dex has any other choice than to catch him with a hand on his wrist or an arm around his shoulder. It’s infuriating. He doesn’t know what to do about it.

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EXO Reaction to meeting a pretty fan when they're on vacation/disguising themselves?

This was requested by @pasteldreamergirl I hope you like it hun! Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Can’t help it and takes a lot of selfies with you* “I can’t tell you my name… but you’ll find your picture on instagram one of these days… call me when you do” *Such a flirt*


*Better opportunity for him to show how perfect he is* “Call me Galaxy… they say I’m from outer space. Just see… give me a chance and you’ll understand”


“Please Soo.. she’s really pretty.. let me ask her her number! What if I don’t see her again? I promise I won’t tell you are all here… I’ll ask her to keep the secret… please!” *He really really liked you*


*Someone tries to impress you but… everything goes the other way around* “Where’s my exo feeling when I need it!”


*Following you around* “Funny isn’t it… I’m the fan now, following the girl of my dreams*


*He’s just simply himself* “You know, you are really different.. I like you a lot, these could be the best vacations of my life”


*Trying to find  away to get close to her* “Ahh.. why am I hiding.. maybe I should take another’s name… I’ll tell her my name is Park Chanyeol! Oh yes she’s going to love it, kinda gives me the happy virus thing”


*Can’t hive that manliness in him* “It’s not like I wasn’t trying to disguise myself.. it’s just I’m so manly that anyone would recognize me” *Well at least he can impress you freely* 


“Hello! I’m ChenChen-not-from-exo-but-yes and I like you! It’s nice to meet you!”


*Doing everything he can to get your attention* “Ahhh this whole thing of keeping a low profile is going to ruin me!”


“If I can’t tell her who I am… at least I’ll be everywhere she goes… so she notices me and falls in love with me somehow…” *Great logic there Lay*


“Who came with the great idea of keeping a low profile? Oh… yes… it was me…” *destroying his own love life*

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i asked for this, didn’t i? | the baby’s not robert’s and he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel

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He’s not yours.

It’s echoing on repeat around his head, words losing all meaning.

He’s not yours.

Months. Months of hurting and fighting pain, to get here. Dragging Aaron through hell, Liv pushed to breaking point and for what. Nothing.

He’s not yours.

Vic’s mouth had been trembling as she’d said it. Like, she couldn’t believe it either, like she was the one having something taken away.

He should be pleased, probably. This was what he wanted. He doesn’t get to feel sad about it.

Aaron finds him first, of course he does.

“We’ve been looking all over for you,” he says, eyes flickering across the graveyard. Robert watches him clock Jackson, the way he always does when they come here.

Aaron knows grief. This is nothing.

Robert doesn’t say anything. Going running to his mum doesn’t make a lot of sense when she’s just stone in the ground but he hadn’t had anywhere else to go.

Aaron fists his hands in the pockets of his coat, stands with him.

“I’m sorry,” Aaron offers, always so generous.

Robert shakes his head. “Don’t.”

“I am. I was in this too you know.”

Robert does know. That’s his fault too. Something else to add to the list of fuck ups.

“I wanted this,” he tells Aaron. “I’d lie awake at night, wishing this would happen. That I’d wake up and I wouldn’t have done this to us. That it’d all go away.”

Aaron nods. “Me too.”

Robert looks over at him, at where Aaron’s eyes are glassy, where he’s blinking too fast. “But we pulled it together didn’t we? We could have done this.”

Aaron wipes his nose on his sleeve, nods again. “Course.”

“And now we don’t have to.”

He looks down at his mum’s grave, wonders if she was ever glad he wasn’t really hers. Feels awful, just for thinking it. She was better than that.

“Come here,” Aaron reaches out, pulls Robert into a hug, arms locked tight around him.

Robert hides his face in Aaron’s neck, takes comfort he hasn’t earned.

“It’ll be alright,” Aaron’s saying.

Robert keeps his eyes closed.

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The Truth

“He did what?!” Jack snaps over at Caspar.

“You didn’t know?” The blonde blinks in surprise, “I thought you two told each other everything.”

“No, clearly you still hold that title.”


“It’s fine.” Jack shakes his head quickly, “He doesn’t have to tell me everything. Just thought, you know, he’d tell me something like this!”

“Talk to Joe, I’m sure he has an explanation.”

“For sleeping with her? Probably just she’s hot and he had the opportunity.” Jack scoffs, “But thanks for telling me Caspar.”

“I’m sorry,” Caspar frowns, “I thought you knew. Especially with the relationship you two have…”

“We don’t have a relationship. We’re just friends.”

“But you two act like more! You’re both constantly flirting!”

“That’s all it is.” Jack says firmly, suddenly just wanting to leave, “Just flirting. Look, I gotta go. I’m not hungry any more. Sorry.”

“Oh, yeah,” Caspar nods slowly, “I get it. I’ll let the others know something came up.”

“Thanks. See ya.”


Jack decided to walk home from the restaurant he was supposed to be having dinner at with the others, needing to take some time to wrap his head around the piece of information that had been revealed to him.

Caspar and him had showed up to the restaurant first, and had started talking casually. Somehow, the fact that Joe had slept with one of the female managers at Gleam came up, and that hurt Jack. Because he thought he and Joe were on their way to shifting their relationship from just mates to more. They had been flirting constantly for a couple months, and Jack had already come to the realization that he cared for Joe as more than a friend. But then to find out that the older man had gone and slept with someone, possibly more than once, during that time? Jack wasn’t so sure that Joe had the same feelings he did.

Apparently it was all just a game to him.

Unsure of what else to do, Jack distanced himself from Joe for the next week or so, worried that he’d either start screaming at the other man or break down crying. He had really thought there was something between them.

Looks like he had been imagining it.

Caspar tried to get Jack to talk to Joe, to get an explanation, because the South African was sure there had to be an explanation, he had seen how Joe looked at Jack.

But Jack was adamant in leaving it be. It shouldn’t matter anyways, it wasn’t like the two were actually together, Joe could sleep with whomever he wanted.

Really, it was ridiculous for Jack to get as upset as he was, because Joe didn’t belong to him.

He just happened to want Joe all to himself.

“You aren’t going to stop knocking are you.” Jack states as he swings open the front door, revealing an upset Joe.

“Not until you let me in, no.”

“I’m busy, Joe.”

“Bullshit. Let me in.”


“So I can tell you the truth!”

For a second, Jack is tempted to shut the door and go back to watching the movie he hadn’t really been paying attention too, but the curiosity takes over, and he was never really able to resist Joe. And so, he steps to the side and allows the older man to step in, the door clicking closed behind him as the two head into the flat.

“What truth do you need to tell me?” Jack asks, falling onto the couch while Joe remains standing, looking equal parts nervous and terrified.

“I didn’t sleep with her.” He blurts out.

“Didn’t you, though?” A raised eyebrow causes Joe to blush lightly, his gaze falling to the floor.

“Okay, yeah, we slept together, but I didn’t want too.”

“I’m sure you didn’t,” Jack drawls, “Because who wouldn’t want to sleep with an attractive woman.”

“Will you let me talk?!” Joe snaps, his blue eyes flashing as they meet Jack’s once again. The tone surprises the younger man, and so after sitting up in his seat, he nods, remaining quiet.

“I honestly didn’t want to sleep with her, Jack. Because I knew it would mess things up with you, just when we were actually getting somewhere. And gods, I was so happy when I realized we were getting somewhere. Because I like you, Jack. A lot.”

“If you like me so much why did you go and sleep with her?!” He can’t help the burst of anger, not after being told that Joe does indeed return his feelings.

“Because she forced me to!”

The words hang in the air between them, and Jack forgets how to breathe for a moment as he stairs over at Joe, who looks like he’s about to break down.

“She..she told me if I didn’t,” Joe pauses, running a shaky hand through his hair, “If I didn’t sleep with her she’d ruin you. And I couldn’t…” He chokes on the words, the tears falling down his cheeks, “I couldn’t let her fuck with your life Jack. So I slept with her. But I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

The words can’t seem to spill from Joe’s lips fast enough, and all Jack can do is sit there in shock. “I wanted to say no, I wanted to tell her off, but then I thought of you, and I couldn’t risk it. And then I wanted to tell you, so many bloody times did I want to tell you, but then i thought you’d hate me or find me disgusting, and so I didn’t tell you. But then, then you started to hate me anyways—“

“I don’t hate you.”

“You….you don’t?”

“No,” Jack shakes his head, slowly rising to his feet, “Even after finding out that you slept with her, I didn’t hate you, Joe.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing!” The younger man snaps, his face softening immediately at Joe’s flinch, “You don’t have to apologize. You did nothing wrong. But you should have come and talked to me, Joe.” Jack reaches out for the other man’s hands, their fingers slipping together, “We could have dealt with this together.”

“I know that…now.”

“We should tell someone.”

“I never said no,” Joe says quietly, “There’s nothing that can be done.”

“She blackmailed you, Joe.”

“Technically, you.”

“Who the fuck cares who it was?! The fact is that she forced you into it!”

“Can we…can we just pretend it didn’t happen?” Joe asks, leaning into Jack’s body, “At least for tonight. I just…I just want to be with you tonight.”

“Yeah,” Jack sighs, “Tonight we can pretend it’s just us two.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” He smiles down at Joe, “And by the way, I like you too. A lot.”

“Oh,” Joe returns the smile, “That’s good. Because that makes kissing you a whole lot less weird.”

“Hmm, suppose it does,” Jack responds, their lips brushing together in a simple kiss.

Tonight, it would be just the two of them.

Silver Spoon Pt.6

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Seokjin

Genre: Angst/ Romance

A/N: This part is a little shorter than the previous ones, but still enjoy! :)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5

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The Other Girl II Kim Taehyung

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Part 1 I Part 2 (updating)

“Don’t tell me… Did she forget about your date…again?” You spoke quietly, not really surprised that Taehyung’s girlfriend had bailed on him for the nth time. It was surprising why he still stayed with her for all these years. She treated Taehyung like shit but time and time again, he would just brainwash himself into thinking that she was just a really busy person instead of the fact that she was fucking another man which turned out to be Namjoon, his older brother.

What was even more painful was that you had a crush on the boy for so many years but of course, he was too caught up in his girlfriend, Minah. Every time she hurt him, you were the one to bring his spirits up. It made him feel better but it was like stabbing yourself in the heart. He thought of you as his younger sister but you thought of him as your knight in shining armor.

You let the weeping boy inside your abode and he instantly went to your couch like it was a routine. To be honest, it pretty much was. You would let him in, he would go to your couch while you made some hot chocolate. Hearing the little whimpers come out of his mouth was just torture to you. He didn’t deserve any of this. 

With two cups in your hands, you sit next to Taehyung and handed him his warm beverage with a small ‘thanks’. You both sat in comfortable silence, drinking your hot chocolate and watching your fireplace and it’s embers dance around. By the time you had finished your drinks, Taehyung had calmed down enough that the tears had stopped escaping. 

“So, what did you plan to do with Minah this time?” You ask, coming back from the kitchen. “I wanted to bring her to the beach and have fun in the waters for our 4 year anniversary. We were going to go eat at a seafood restaurant afterwards too,” Taehyung smiled before looking away from the fireplace and into your eyes. “I was going to propose to her.” Your smile faltered at the seven words but you fought the tears from appearing on your face. “That sounds wonderful Tae, maybe next time when Minah isn’t busy, hm?” ‘screwing your brother’ You wanted to add on but decided against it. Taehyung nods and gives you a hug. 

“Thank you. For all the times you’ve lifted me up from the cold, hard ground.” He lets go and smiles. “It’s…my pleasure, Tae.” With one of your fake smiles. “It’s late now and I think Minah should be home now. Off you go, be with her, now.” You shoo him off, wanting him to leave so he couldn’t see your tears that were ready to fall. You expected him to nod and say his farewells to you and go home to his cheating girlfriend but no. Not this time. Instead, he shook his head.

 “No. I don’t want to go home now. I want to stay with you tonight.”

Were you hearing things right? Did he just say that? Is something wrong with him?

You sat there, confused out of your mind. “W-what?” You reply, wanting to confirm or deny what you had just heard was all in your head or not. “I want to stay with you tonight.” Taehyung repeated. 

“But why? Wouldn’t Minah-”

“I don’t give a fuck what Minah thinks. I’m spending my night with you.” Taehyung interrupts, not wanting you to ask any more questions regarding that matter. No more Minah for the night. “Stay here, I’ll get you some sweats.” You half lie. You were going to go get some clothes that Taehyung had left a few days back but you needed to let your tears out and get your heart to stop beating so loudly. You grab his clothes and leave it on your drawer before dashing to your bathroom where the waterworks kick in with your soft whimpers. Unbeknownst to you, Taehyung was right outside listening to your little cries and wondering why on earth you were crying in the first place. 

Why was life so cruel to you? Why couldn’t the boy you love so dearly just return the favor? What had you done to have life be such a dick to you. Kim Taehyung was the only one who stuck with you through thick and thin. He was the one that you fell for but life had to introduce Minah into your lives, practically ruining your small chance with Taehyung once she had gave a flirtatious wink at him those few years ago that started everything. Life, just this once, let me be happy. 

He couldn’t take it anymore when he heard your whimpers get louder and knocked the door down, stopping your cries out of pure shock. “Y/n? What’s wrong?” He instantly asks, rushing towards you so that he can pull you into a warm, safe, hug. You couldn’t tell him. Not in this condition anyways. You shake your head and bury it into his chest. Taehyung wrapped his arms around you and gently hummed in your ear, knowing it was one of the only ways that calmed you down. Even then, you didn’t let go, not wanting this small, precious moment to end which thankfully Taehyung didn’t mind. 

As your grip on Taehyung loosened, he took the chance to pet your hair soothingly to ensure that he was there for you even if he was apart of the reason. He didn’t know why he did these actions but dismissed it as something an older brother would do for his little sister, even if he knew that this wasn’t the reason. You were in a small land of bliss, imagining if Taehyung could be yours instead. The days would be filled with cuddles, late night maccas runs with the occasional kiss on the lips and laughter. The thought brought a gentle smile on your face, wishing it was true but alas, the boy had fallen for another. 

Taehyung felt your smile and broke away from the embrace, getting a hold of your hand and leading you onto the bed. You stayed silent, taking in the past actions that made your heart beat so fast. You couldn’t fathom why Taehyung was doing these actions but you happily let them take place.

Tucking you in, Taehyung grabbed the clothes that you left on your drawer and changed in the bathroom. He himself didn’t know why he was doing these sort of actions when he obviously had a girlfriend, even if that girlfriend was the nastiest witch in all of existence but still, was he any better? Of course, he was. The poor boy was just caught up between two girls whom he both loved and cared for, one more than the other. 

This other girl, was naturally you since he had gotten so much closer to you every time Minah were to bail on him for Namjoon. He started noticing all of the times you would flinch at the name of his girlfriend and every time your smile would grow bigger when he stared at you. He wanted to be with you but he also wanted to stay with Minah. The fear of breaking such a long relationship with you over a simple confession was killing him and the fear that Minah was going to hurt him was driving him insane. What was he supposed to do? 

By the time Taehyung was done changing and his mind had stopped racing, you were fast asleep, seeing as it was so late and High School life was tiring and bothersome. He smiled at your little snores and went to the other side of the bed and joined you in the warmth of the bed. He looked at your small back and noticed how you were shaking from the cold. Feeling bad for you and for his own need, he pulled you close to his chest, his arm over your small waist. 

You nuzzled into his chest and happily wrapped your arms around his chest. He admired your face. Your swollen eyes matching his own, Your pink lips which he wanted to kiss and your cute little button nose that he wanted to give Eskimo kisses to. Taehyung knew who he wanted to love. It was you. You treated him right. You always supported his dream and you were a kind soul.

He knew there was something he had to do before he even thought about asking you out: Breaking up with Minah. 

hunger - chapter 14

Hunger master post.

When Stiles is pulled out of the truck nobody bothers catch him, and he stumbles to his knees on a gravel driveway. He looks around quickly. It’s dark, but he can make out trees. They might be on the other side of a chain-link fence, but Stiles can’t be sure. There are no streetlights here. The headlights of the truck illuminate a squat, ugly building. One of the men hauls Stiles to his feet and pulls him toward the building. Stiles struggles to keep pace with the man.

What was it his dad always said? You co-operate to make it easier on you, not on them. Don’t ever be an accomplice in your own murder. Stiles is a cop’s kid. His and his dad’s conversations over dinner would have raised a lot of questions in any other household, but mostly his dad was trying to set him straight after Stiles watched too many shoot-em-up action movies and thought that all it took to escape an entire cabal of armed terrorists was a single handgun and a couple of wisecracks. Which was not, his dad said, the way to survive a hostage situation at all.

Stiles doesn’t think either of them ever would have thought he’d actually need to know this stuff.

The first step is to open a dialog, right? To show them that he’s a person too, with thoughts and feelings and a life as valuable as any other.

“What is this place?” Stiles asks, forcing the words out against his panic.

“Shut your mouth,” the guy says.

So much for building a rapport. Stiles jerks his head in a nod to shows he understands, and concentrates on not stumbling again.

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Tour of Prythian PART 4


Elain read Azriel’s note again. She didn’t mind Cassian & Nesta joining them. It just showed how big Azriel’s heart was and Nesta needed to get out.

7:25 arrived and Elain stared at herself. Nuala & Cerridwen were beaming with pride. She had on a one shoulder navy & royal blue dress that was made to look like flowers were flowing down the bodice and filling out the entire ball gown’s skirt. There were small flecks of white throughout the dress and Cerridwen had pulled her hair up on the side and fashioned the bun to look like a rose in full bloom while Nuala had sewn diamonds into it. Elain’s lips were tinged pink as were her nails. She looked beautiful. The three of them were jumping up and down and exclaiming their good work when a knock at the door stopped them mid squeal.

Nesta was at the door and ready to go. She wore a boat neck plum dress with long sleeves but it was completely backless, nearly scandalous, at least to Elain. Her face was made up of deep shades of purple. She was a beauty to behold.

They headed to the stairs, Nesta went down first. The males, Rhys, and Feyre were there. The latter to spend a quit night in, Elain snorted at that. She heard the silence as Nesta descended the stairs and Cassian telling her she was beautiful. Elain smiled to herself, good for Nesta. Then she began her walk down the stairs, the gasp and gaping of their mouths were all she heard but all she saw was Azriel’ hazel eyes. He stepped forward and offered her an arm then whispered in her ear

A: You are the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen, you’ll put all those flowers to shame tonight.
E: Thank you. I wanted to look nice for you and Nuala and Cerridwen helped me find the dress to match your siphons, I just wanted to look nice for you, Azriel.
A: Nice? You look beautiful. I…

There was a knock at the door.


Feyre looked around
F: Amren & Mor aren’t due until tomorrow night right?

Rhys’ face went tight as he said to Azriel’s mind
R: Lucien

Feyre opened the door and Azriel kept the smile on his face. He was not going to let that fox ruin their night. The male stepped in saying hello to Feyre and then his eyes fell upon Elain, and then to Elain’s hand on his arm. To his surprise Elain did not let go of him the way most mates would have, if anything Elain held on tighter.

L: Elain, you look, you look beautiful.
The male said this but his voicing was seeping with venom as he looked towards Azriel.

E: We were not expecting you.
A: Elain and I were just headed out we have an event to get too.

He felt Cassian and Rhys watching and assessing the situation. He knew violence was not what Elain would want, so he would have to talk Lucien into unblocking the doorway and letting Elain leave with him.

L: I am here now. If you give me a few moments I will freshen up and I will take Elain to the gala then you can go about your business.

Lucien was trying to take control of the situation also without violence, but he’d been raised in the Autumn Court and lived in Spring. It was obvious to Azriel that Lucien was fighting against his natural instinct to just take Elain.

E: No Lucien. Azriel has invited me to this event and I’ve very much been looking forward to our evening out together. Now if you’ll excuse us, Cassian, Nesta are coming?


Azriel had let her handle Lucien. He’d stepped out of the way and let them pass into the night. She felt so joyous walking under the canopy of flowers to table 1. Azriel pulled out her chair for her as Cassian did the same for Nesta. Elain leaned in to Azriel to say in a low voice

E: Thank you for having Cassian & Nesta along. I think they needed a night out together, it’s been so long.
A: Nearly 3 months
E: I’m also sorry about Lucien. I don’t him ruining this night. Seeing all this, with you, it’s supposed to be the best night of my life.

Azriel was struck dumb. The best night of her life, he’d have to step his game up.

A: He can’t ruin my night, I’m with you.
E: and I’m with you, but… Feyre said he wouldn’t be here yet. I…
A: Can I tell you something? Ask you something?
E: of course

Elain felt so nervous. What if he backed out on her and didn’t want her, even with all he just said, or could end like Graysen. She knew Lucien wanted her but they didn’t even know each other. He was not what she would have chosen for herself. Elain braced herself for the rejection but kept her smile on her face.

A: I was infatuated with the same female for forever and she never wanted me, not once. Now I’ve met you and I know what it is to want again, but of course I want someone who is bound to another male, that has a mate. Even if you haven’t accepted the bond Lucien considers himself yours and you as his; but this time I am not so ready to give up so easily or wait patiently in the corner. I’m laying my heart out on the line Elain. I want you, Elain, I want to Court you. I want you to pick me. I know he’s your mate and I might not stand a chance but I want that chance if you’ll give me one. I also know that you need to get to know Lucien to make the right decision. Elain I can handle the competition. I can handle both of us courting you just please give me a chance.

Elain sat silently.
E: I thought you were going to reject me because of him.
A: No, never. I choose you but I want you to get to know him to make sure you unequivocally have chosen the right male to love you.
E: Couldn’t I just choose you right now?
A: You should make sure he’s not the one for you.
E: That cauldron made a mistake.
A: I think so too.

There food arrived and the music began to play. The Tour of Prythian kicked off with a nod to the NC for hosting them.

Elain was particularly excited to see the Winter Court. It had enchanted snow that was not wet and did not melt. She dragged Azriel into Winter and danced.

//death of a bachelor

Unconsciousness was a tricky frame of mind. Ciel couldn’t tell if he dreamed it, or if he really had passed out somewhere, at some point. All he’s aware of now is that he feels like he may have died. If he did, it wouldn’t be anything to be upset about. He wouldn’t have to walk into that damned office another day. But the more he thinks about it, the more he experiences it as he sluggishly pulls through, is that he would rather wish death than to feel how he feels at that very moment. This is as close to being a corpse as he’s ever been, and he couldn’t pinpoint how to react, because he hadn’t the strength to.

His skin was cold as he felt goosebumps spread like a sheet of hail against his skin, eyes far too heavy to keep open for only a moment. A small breath inched past his lips that seemed to just return back into him. He sensed he was on oxygen, with the way his nose felt incredibly dry. Piece by piece, Ciel put together the clues, and when they created a picture, he was struck with devastation. He couldn’t tell at the moment if he was upset at himself for it, or upset at who decided to finally turn him in.

An older male’s voice spoke to him, a tone that was meant to be comforting and reassuring, yet he translated it as ‘you idiot, you damn near did yourself in, again’. In attempts to gather up the strength needed to open his eyes, he made progress when the bright lights of the emergency room pierced through the slits, blurs ever so slowly creating shapes that molded into faces. This older man, a doctor of sorts, probably would have rather wanted to shut his oxygen off. He knows he’s thinking what a screw up he is. Truth be told, he didn’t mean it this time. He was stressed, pressured…

And there she was. That bloody blonde at his other side. She was the entity that wouldn’t let the living rest. He expressed a sound close to a whimper, a way of saying he’s a victim of her witchcraft. “S-Sh-…She…m-made me…She made…me…” This was stupid, so stupid, he couldn’t even make himself clear. His words were sluggish, the effort to even speak one word pained his lungs as if he were breathing hot needles. But it was all true. She led him to a stress so great he had to double dose. She’s around every corner and he couldn’t stand her nose in his business. 

Oh god, what is she going to say for him? Is she going to rat him out? Did she call his father? The anxiety of knowing she can further ruin his life beyond what he’s never expected is more than enough to put him into hysterics. This wasn’t over. He won’t let her win.

Surrealism Pt. 6// Spencer Reid

Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 7/Part 8

Spencer was sound asleep underneath his blankets after what had been a long day. The night was a cold one, the fall’s crisp breeze swaying the curtains by the open window. He slept peacefully, without dreams and without nightmares.

It was soon after when she rolled in through his window, as soundless as she was trained to be, and gently laid next to him. She stayed silent for a moment as she took in his features; his strong jawline, the slight upturn of his nose, the long eyelashes that fluttered just above the dark circles beneath his eyes that were a permanent feature on his face no mat how much sleep he got. He was beautiful, and he was hers, if only for a moment.

“Hey,” she whispered softly as she carefully stroked his face. His eyes opened slowly, instantly recognizing her scent, a mix of Vanilla and flowers. His arm wrapped around her, his body unconsciously begging to touch her skin.

“Hey. What are you doing here so late?” He mumbled half asleep.

“I just needed to see you,” she replied quietly. He nodded, pulling her in closer and absentmindedly wrapping the blanket around her. Lexi clung onto his body, a desperate need to be beside him filling every inch of her.

“Kinda tight there Lex,” Spencer teased although he squeezed her just as hard. She laughed lightly and placed her soft lips against his neck.

“Let’s just sleep ok?” She hummed as she hid her face in the crook of her neck, placing butterfly kisses against his skin. A content sigh rumbled against the back of his throat as he felt himself float back to sleep with her in his arms.

“What’s going on?” Spencer asked as he made his way into the office to find it crowded with federal agents from other divisions. Emily pulled him aside, leading him to their conference room. The rest of the team was already seated, waiting for Hotch’s arrival. Their superior was currently caught in what seemed to be an important conversation with men who’s posts were even higher than his.

“Daniel Rozwin was found dead in his apartment this morning,” JJ informed as she stood and grabbed the remote for the monitor. With a click of the button various pictures appeared on the screen. All were of Daniel Rozwin with his mouth foaming, his death caused by poison.

“Someone actually managed to kill a FBI section chief?” Emily asked in disbelief.

“Daniel Rozwin was always surrounded by security. Who would be capable of getting that close ?” Morgan asked in confusion. It was a disturbing thought to think that someone who was so well protected had met his end at the hands of an enemy.

“Lexi Kingston,” Hotch answered as he strode inside the room mid conversation with a grave look on his face.

Spencer froze at the mention of her name. No. Lexi wouldn’t do that. Not FBI agents. She knew the risks. And besides, she had climbed into his bed the night before. She wouldn’t have had the time.

“Are you sure?” Morgan asked as he noticed Reid had gone completely rigid and speechless.

“There’s video surveillance footage of her leaving his house around 10 pm last night,” Hotch replied as he motioned for Garcia to bring up the video. “She managed to knock out all the cameras but the one he had hidden in the tree of his front yard.”

And that’s when Spencer saw it. The beautiful woman he loved walking out of the home with a confidence that came with knowing you had done something successfully. She held no remorse on her face, only a fierce look of concentration as she stealthily made her exit.

He stared blankly at the monitor, careful to not let his face betray his emotions. It was like feeling everything and nothing all at once. One second he felt as if a roaring hurricane was hurling around his insides, and the next he felt numb. 10 pm. That was before she had climbed into his bed.

That’s why she had acted so strange. Spencer’s sleepy haze had obscured his thinking level at the time but he had still managed to notice the way she had clung tightly to him, her body slightly shaking against his in what he had assumed was due to the cold. Now he realized it wasn’t the freezing weather that had shaken her, it was what she had done.

He stayed silent as the team began to throw out facts about her last known locations, speculating of where they would find her. His immediate concern for the woman shot through him.

He stood from his seat and left without a word, causing his team to look at him with a mixture of worry and confusion. Spencer was never this quiet when it came to cases unless something was bothering him on an emotional level. Morgan was the one who followed him out, stopping him just outside on the steps of the building.

“Reid!” He called out as the young man came to a halt. He looked back at him with a blank look.

“I didn’t know,” he replied simply. He had made a point of avoiding any conversation about Lexi’s “career” with her, deciding that living in ignorance was what suited him best. It was what suited them best.

“I know,” Morgan replied. He had seen the way Spencer had instantly tensed at the mention of her name, and the raging emotions behind his eyes was enough to let him know that he had no part in the killing.

“Look, if you know where she is, you need to tell us.” Morgan stared at Spencer as he scowled at the ground.

“I don’t. We always meet at my place,” he replied bluntly. “Are you going to tell Hotch?”

“Kid, I don’t have a choice. An FBI section chief was just murdered in his own home and the only person who might be able to find his killer is you.”

“Her name is Lexi,” Spencer replied coldly. “She’s a person so don’t try and make her seem like an animal.”

“Are you kidding me? She just killed someone!” Morgan exclaimed incredulously.

“How many people have we killed Morgan?! Because I know I’ve shot my fair share of people and not all of them survived,” he spat harshly. “Tell Hotch. I’m gonna go find her.”

Spencer knew Lexi was in his home the minute he walked in. She sat on his couch, staring at the television that showed her face for everyone to see. She was in trouble and she wasn’t so sure she would be able to get out of it this time around.

“I didn’t have a choice,” she spoke softly as she felt him approach. He stared down at her, still dressed in last night’s outfit with her hair pulled back to show the exhaustion on her face.


“He threatened me,” she replied with a frown as she finally looked up to see him. She winced at the look he gave her, a look of betrayal and hurt.

“Who threatened you?” He asked, desperately trying to make sense of her reckless actions.

"I can’t say.”

“Lexi! The entire FBI is out looking for you right now!” he yelled. She grimaced at his volume and tone of voice.

“I know that!” she snapped back in frustration.

“You’ve been threatened before,” Spencer replied simply. “What makes this one so different?”

Lexi stayed silent as she stared at her palms. She couldn’t say more. Involving him with that side of her life was something she had never wanted to do. Spencer noticed her sudden retreat into herself and sat down next to her.

“Lexi, you can tell me,” he said softly as he wrapped his hand around hers.

“He threatened you. He knows about us,” she replied with a small quiver of her lips. “I don’t want to be the reason your life gets ruined.”

“He was going to kill me if you didn’t do the job?” Spencer asked as he attempted to tie the pieces together.

“No, you’re too important to him,” she replied bitterly. “But he would make your life difficult.”

“Wait, what do you mean I’m too important?” He questioned.

“I should go,” she replied, avoiding his question altogether. “I think I’ll head to California. I own a place by the beach where I can just lay low for a while.”

“You’re just leaving?” Spencer asked incredulously as he watched her tie her shoes back on.

“Spencer. If anyone sees us together they’ll come after you. I’ll come back once things have calmed down.”

“So that’s your plan? Ditch me to live by the ocean until they stop looking for you?”

Lexi sighed deeply, wrapping her arms tightly around Spencer. He was hurt and had every right to be, but she still loved him. He hesitantly returned the gesture before throwing aside his pride and embracing her tightly.

“I’m doing this to protect you. Please understand.” Her gaze met his in a silent plea. He nodded softly, understanding her need to escape.

“I love you,” he said as his voice cracked at the thought of her leaving. The way of the world was cruel, tearing lovers apart.

“I love you too,” she replied wholeheartedly. The two held on to each other a little longer, reluctant to let the other disappear.

Spencer felt completely overwhelmed with emotions as he crashed his lips against hers in a desperate need to convey just how much he adored her. She kissed back just as eagerly as she jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist, Spencer leading them to the bedroom where he would take the last opportunity he had to make love to her.

For the Best

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader, General Hux x Reader (platonic)

Warnings: Implied depression and starvation.

“Why do you keep pushing me away?!”

“Because you are nothing to me! You were only to keep my bed warm! Nothing else! Now get that into your worthless little brain and let me be!”

That broke you. You always believed that Kylo wouldn’t hurt you. Oh how wrong you were.

Kylo watched Hux as he held your hand whispering to your sleeping form, praying to whatever deity out there that you get better soon.
It hurt Kylo to see you this way. Your cheeks sunken, your skin pale, your bones protruding your body. This was because of him and all he wanted to do was keep you safe. But, obviously, he only hurt you in the process.

“She is a distraction for you Ren. When I advised you to find yourself a companion I did not mean for you to get too attached.”

“Supreme Leader, she helps me channel the Force. She-”

“She’s making you forget your mission! If you want to see the Resistance and the New Republic fall then I suggest you get rid of her. Or I will.”

Hux felt a presence behind him. He turned to see Kylo standing there still fashioning his helmet like the coward he is. Can’t even show his own face. Hux immediately stood and strode to Kylo, “What are you doing here?”

“How is she?”

Hux scowled, “Don’t you dare start caring now. You have no right!” Hux whispered loudly, “Y/N is my colleague and closest friend. And because of you, I almost lost the only person who truly cares for me! And she is the only person who I hold dear to my heart! Of course, you wouldn’t know of anything of the sorts because you don’t have a heart! So don’t you dare think you can just come in here and ask how she is! If I didn’t find her in time, she would’ve been dead! Now go ruin someone else’s life for once, Ren. You’ve done enough to her as it is.”

Kylo clenched his fists. So desperately did he want to prove Hux wrong. So desperately did he want to scream at the general telling him that it was for her own good. But no, he couldn’t. He wouldn’t. He made a promise to you to learn self-control. And even though he broke your heart, he still meant to keep that promise. It was for the best. He’s only a monster. That’s all he’ll ever be. Everything he touches gets tainted and destroyed. He thought out of all things, you were to remain the only pure and solid thing in his life. But you weren’t. He ruined you and he can never forgive himself for it.

i really wish that josh’s recovery from being shot wasn’t glossed over so much. all i’m asking for is a scene where charlie comes to visit josh in the hospital and he’s feeling really guilty and josh comforts him even though he’s really weak. and cj coming to give josh his pyjamas and he’s really touched and he tells her he loves them and she’s stayed so strong through the whole thing but for some reason it just gets to her and as she turns to go you can see she’s welling up with tears

DID I MENTION? | Shawn Mendes Imagine | Mrs. Mendes

I looked to the invitation for the third time. It was saying: “Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello would like to receive you for their wedding party on November 9th.” I started to cry. How it was possible? They’ve known each other for four months. I know Shawn for five years. I’m in love with him for five years. I’m his best friend for five years. When Shawn told me he met Fifth Harmony I didn’t believe him. It was my favorite musical group. We went to a concert once, and he said something about Camila and Austin Mahone tour. After a month they were on tour together. Shawn is exploding on his career and after that tour, he became super famous. I wasn’t bothered about the idea of not having him around, I just couldn’t stand that he was spending his days with her, and before everything, he usually spend them with me. I stared again the invitation. Today is November 2nd, so I have seven days before the wedding. Seven days of torture, knowing that every second was closer for the moment that would destroy everything. “Hey princess.” “Hi. What are you doing?” “I was going to try my suit on. And I think you read my thoughts, I was going to call you. I want you to come with me. Meet me outside your apartment.” “You live across the hall…” “Exactly. I’m late. Come on. Quickly. Love you.” We went to the store and he proved eleven suits. I decided the dress I was going to wear. After two hours trying the clothes on, we went for an ice cream. “So… A week. Are you nervous?” “No. I’m not. Actually I’m concerned about Camila.” “Why?” “I think she is cheating on me.” “With who?” “I don’t know. She received some strange messages yesterday.” “Fans, maybe?” “Yes, maybe. And you? What about your romantic life?” “Fine.” “Y/N, I know you for a long time. You can’t hide. What’s bothering you?” “Nothing.” “Y/N… You can tell me.” “There’s nothing I want to tell you.” “Ok. Are you going to the party on the day before our wedding?” “Sure. And your flight?” “It’s in forty minutes. I have to go. Love you princess.” “Love you too.” He kissed my forehead and left. The two old ladies that were there started to smile. “You look cute together. He loves you, girl.” I started to cry and ran to my apartment. I would be under my blanket till the party day, where I’ll probably tell him what I’m feeling, or at least, try. The days passed slowly and when the party day finally arrived Shawn knocked on my door. “Hi love.” “Hey, I was getting ready. Something happened?” “No, I just thought you would like a ride.” “Sure, just five minutes.” He took me to Camila’s house, where were a lot of guests. “I will look for her.” “Ok. I’ll be right here.” “Hey, Y/N, have fun.” I smiled and started to walk around the place. It was lovely. I found a bench, where I sat and started to look the party. Shawn passed twice, so I knew it was time to tell him everything. When I was on my way, I saw Camila Cabello kissing Austin Mahone. Everything made sense. I needed to tell Shawn about it, but Camila saw me first. “Y/N!?” “Hi. I can see that I’m interrupting. I think I’ll tell Shawn that he’s ruining your relationship.” “Don’t you dare.” “You don’t know me.” “Yes, I don’t. But tomorrow, when I say yes, I’ll make sure that you disappeared from Shawn’s life.” She stayed with him the whole night, so I couldn’t tell him. He was going to ruin his life and I couldn’t warn him about it. When I got to the church I saw Shawn with the suit I chose. He was freaking out. “Hi.” “Hey princess. How do I look?” “Gorgeous, as always.” “Thank you.” “Can I talk to you?” “Sure.” He pulled me to the parking “What?” “Ok. I need to tell you that… Hum… I need to tell that I saw Camila with Austin yesterday. I couldn’t tell you before.” “You’re inventing things, Y/N.” “Does it look like I’m kidding!?” “I know what you’re feeling. You’re jealous. I will have time for you, as always. I’m just getting married princess, I’m not leaving.” “No, it’s not that. It’s… Ok the truth is that I’m in love with you. Since the moment we met. Yes. Yes, I’m jealous, but it’s not because you’re not going to have time for me, it’s because I wish I could be entering in the church. Shawn, I love you. I know isn’t the best moment to tell you but it’s the truth.” “Y/N… I…” “SHAWN?! You’re late. The ceremony!” “Camila?” “What are you doing with her?” “We can’t get married. Sorry.” “I don’t know what she told you, but she’s lying.” “You don’t know her.” “I do. She’s a envious girl who wanted so bad to have my life. She doesn’t have her own ideas and try to destroy the others happiness.” I don’t know what happened, but I ran to the lake near the church’s parking. I heard I scream, but really wanted to be far away from that place. I sat on the grass and looked at my reflection on the lake. My make up was ruined. I was trying to clean my eye mask when a saw Shawn’s foot. “Hey princess.” “Hi.” “I think we were interrupted.” “Yeah, but know what was your sentence: I don’t love you, sorry.” “Nop. You got it wrong.” I looked at him and saw his smile “I think I forgot to mention that I’m love with you too.” “Really?” “Yes. For five years. I felt for you when you looked at my face and said: sorry, but the music class was canceled.” “What are you planning to do? Like, you canceled your wedding.” “Well, the priest is available and I have a ring right here, so I was wondering if you know a gorgeous girl that would like to marry me?” “I think this would be me.” “Yeah, I think so.”

Slow Burn

Summary: Marinette learns that she is a Miraculous, a vessel for the ancient Egyptian Goddess of luck, and with her new powers also comes a new Gaurdian charged with protecting her: Adrien Agreste. AU.

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Slow Burn

It’s been three weeks, and Adrien Agreste is still here.

Sitting in class while her teacher drones on and on about world history, there’s nothing to occupy her eyes from repeatedly glancing at the blond boy seated in front of her. His head is arched over his notes, shoulders relaxed, and legs crossed at the ankle beneath the desk. As ever, his body language reveals absolutely nothing. He’s so good at that—keeping his true emotions veiled behind all those well-bred manners he was raised with. But Marinette has made a mission of getting to really know him. She can sense the tension beneath his polished posture. She knows he’s unhappy.

And most likely that unhappiness has to do with her.

Adrien’s life has been completely upturned in a matter of weeks, and its all her fault. She wouldn’t blame him for hating her. She’s not so sure that he doesn’t hate her. But he’s still here, sitting in public school, pretending to care about this boring history lecture. He hasn’t given up and left her alone to fend for herself, so that must mean something.

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Morning Routines

Here’s some clumsy Chanyeol and a whole lot of trash. :P Uh…you’ll get it when you read the scenario.

(Look at this smug little shit. I have never screamed so much in my life as I did watching Dating Alone.)

- Admin I

Y/N walked in through the front door. The place was quiet and her boyfriend was no where to be seen, just as she’d expected.

That boy’s memory may be bad, but his survival instincts sure aren’t, she thought.

She dropped her coat onto the couch and perched her bag on the armrest.

“Park Chanyeol, get your butt out here, now!”

He peeked up from behind the couch.

“Hey there, beautiful,” he said, smiling.

“Don’t ‘hey there beautiful’ me,” Y/N fumed.

“I-I can explain, Y/N. I –”

“Do you know what I had to go through this morning because of you?

“Yes, I know, I’m –”

“First, I had to chase down the garbage truck, and when I finally did, the workers laughed at me!”

“I’m so –”

“Not only that, but one of them told the other that I do this every week.

“I –”

“And I broke the heel on my shoe while trying to flag down the damn thing. You’ve ruined my reputation in this neighbourhood, Chanyeol!”

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I promise next week I’ll –” he started, but Y/N’s glare stopped him from making his weekly promise, one that he never kept.

“I-I’ll buy you new shoes?”

He looked up at her with puppy dog eyes, waiting for her to accept his apology. He even batted his eyelashes.

“You better,” she replied, trying not to smile.

He grinned, leaning in for a kiss, but Y/N pulled back.

“Did you think it would be that easy?”

“Yes?” he drew out the word.

“Well, it’s not,” Y/N said, crossing her arms and feigning anger. “I want you to make me dinner.”

“But you know I can’t cook,” Chanyeol pouted.

Y/N held back a laugh.

“Okay, fine. Heat up yesterday’s leftovers, and I might think about forgiving you. I’m going to go change.”

Chanyeol quickly set up the food on the dining table. He was going to surprise Y/N by lighting candles, but he couldn’t find a lighter.

“Y/N! I need a lighter.”

“I think there’s one in my purse,” she shouted from upstairs, “in the small pocket on the front.”

“Don’t hurt yourself,” she added as an afterthought.

Her bag was still sitting on the couch’s armrest.

Chanyeol went to open the front pocket, like she said, but the button stuck, and in his struggle to open it, he knocked the purse onto the ground. Everything fell out.

“Shit,” he whispered, picking it all up and dropping it back inside. “Why does she carry so much stuff?”

As he was cleaning up the mess, a pink rectangle caught his attention.

He picked it up and stared at it, wide eyed.

Y/N came skipping down the stairs, now in her pyjamas. When she saw the box in Chanyeol’s hands, she stopped dead in her tracks.

“Y/N, why do you…” Chanyeol trailed off, his throat constricting with emotion.

Y/N just looked at him for a moment.

Then she burst out laughing.

She walked over to him and took the box out of his hands, putting it back in her purse.

“Calm down, would you. I picked this up for a friend.”

“Oh,” Chanyeol said, not knowing how to feel.

She pulled him toward the dining table, “Come on, let’s eat. I’m starving.”

He nodded, sitting down and picking up his chopsticks, his face unreadable.

“Y/N! Did you do it? What does it say?”

“Yeah. I-I did it. It…”

Y/N stared at the pregnancy test in her hand, the tenth one she’d taken.

“Y/N!? What does it say?”


“Oh my god! Y/N!!”

Y/N had to move the phone away from her ears while her best friend, Hyo-rin, finished her squealing fit.

“What am I going do,” Y/N mumbled.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Y/N, this is great! I’m going to be the godmother right? Oh, I hope it’s a girl! Wait, when are you going to tell Chanyeol? I want to be there when you do!”

“I can’t tell him,” Y/N sighed.

“Y/N, don’t be stupid.”

“What am I supposed to say to him, huh? Oh, hey babe, I’ve successfully screwed up our lives and ended your career in the process. Congratulations!”

Hyo-rin laughed, “I know you’re being sarcastic, but that’s not a bad start.”

“It’s not funny!” Y/N cried. “You should’ve seen his face when he found the test in my bag. And now… god, he’s going to hate me.”

“Chanyeol loves you, Y/N. He loves you a lot. He would give up everything for you.”

“And that’s exactly why I can’t tell him! I can’t ruin his life like this. His music career is just getting started, and…”

Y/N blinked back tears.

“So, what are you going to do? This isn’t exactly something you can hide from him.”

“I know, I know.”



Tell him. After that whatever happens, happens. But let him make his own decision, okay?”


Y/N walked out of the bathroom with unbalanced steps, her grumpy morning mood worsened by the nausea she was feeling.

She sat down at the table, across from Chanyeol and began eating her breakfast silently, having no appetite at all.

“Hey, babe?”


“Have you gained weight?”

Y/N choked on the bite she had been eating, She coughed for a moment, clearing her throat, and looked up at Chanyeol, incredulous.


“No, wait! I meant…”

Y/N stared daggers at him.

“No, no. I- see when you came to the studio to bring me lunch yesterday, manager noona made a comment about how you were looking healthy, so I just –”

He stopped and muttered something about his 'big mouth getting him killed one day.’

Y/N chewed on her lip in thought.

“Would that upset you, if I gained weight?” she asked, raising a brow.

“You know I don’t care either way.”

Y/N pushed around the uneaten food on her plate, knowing that this was the perfect opportunity to tell him.

“Mm, actually,” he said, a finger on his chin. “That’d be great, more of you to love and all that.”

He winked at her, and YN rolled her eyes, too worried to appreciate his cheesy attempts at flirting.

“Oh, by the way, I’m going to be home late tonight,” Chanyeol said. “I need to work on my vocals.”

Y/N gave a languid nod, feeling a headache settling in.

Chanyeol finished his breakfast, and got up from the table, his hand accidentally knocking over a porcelain mug. It smashed to the floor and shattered into pieces.


Y/N rubbed her temples and sighed.

“Sorry, babe,” Chanyeol said, sheepishly.

“It’s nothing new,” she replied, with more bitterness than she’d intended.

She stood up, “I got it. You go, you’re going to be late.”

“No, it’s okay. Let me help,” he said.

“Chanyeol, it’s fine. I’ll clean it up.”

Chanyeol bent down and started picking up the larger pieces.

“I said I’ll do it!” Y/N slammed her palms against the table.

Chanyeol looked up at her in shock. He stood up slowly, furrowing his brows.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Hm, I don’t know Chanyeol. How about the fact that I have a five year old for a boyfriend?” Y/N tried to stop herself, but the words kept coming. “A selfish, irresponsible, oblivious, little kid who can’t see what’s right in front of him!”

Chanyeol didn’t know what to say. He had never seen her this angry before, and over something so small, too.

“So, just go! Go to your stupid studio and work on your stupid vocals, and as always, don’t worry about me. I’m fine!”

Y/N bent down and started picking up the broken pieces.

Chanyeol kneeled next to her and did the same.

“I said go!” she snapped.


Chanyeol looked sad and confused, and Y/N had the urge to apologize, but she just couldn’t shake off this itch, this irrational anger she felt toward him.

“Let me help,” he said, nearly pleading.

“I don’t need your help!” she shouted, standing up from the floor. “I don’t need you!”

Hurt flashed across Chanyeol’s face before he squared his jaw and stood up as well.

“Fine,” he said, scowling. “I don’t need you, either.”

Y/N smirked. Chanyeol had just given her exactly what she wanted. A fight.

“Ha!” she scoffed. “That’s funny, coming from the guy who can’t even remember to take out the trash once a week.”

Chanyeol opened his mouth in anger, but no words came out.

“Face it, Chanyeol, you’re absolutely useless without me.”

He stepped forward, looming over her menacingly, his fist clenched and his eyes narrowed.

Then he took a deep breath, and before Y/N knew it, he had grabbed his things and was out the door.

Good, Y/N thought, her eyes tearing up. Now I don’t have to tell him anything.

She packed some clothes into a suitcase and left a note for Chanyeol.

Someone will be by to pick up my things.

Chanyeol didn’t think she’d leave.

Sure, maybe they’d crossed some lines, and maybe Chanyeol should’ve stayed and made up with her instead of leaving for work, but…

Who just walks away from their life like this?

And over a fucking mug!?

Chanyeol wasn’t going to be the one to apologize, not this time.

So what that he missed her like a child misses –

No! No, I’m not a child. I’m a self-sufficient adult.

He was angry, at Y/N and himself. But bigger than his anger, was his pride, and he was determined to prove he didn’t need her.

He lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, the morning sun invading his bedroom, it’s warmth withering at the edges of his bad mood.

Some time later, he heard the familiar sound of a diesel engine, pulling up to the curb a few houses down.

“Shit!” Chanyeol shot up from the bed and ran downstairs.

“Shit, shit, shit,” he muttered, as he emptied the kitchen’s trash can into a garbage bag.

He raced to the bathroom to get the trash from there, and in his hurry, he knocked over the bin.

He felt like screaming.

Fuck, she was right.

He looked down at the mess he’d made, and instead of the empty toilet rolls he was expecting, the floor was littered with home pregnancy tests.

The ones that were turned up all had two lines on them.

He nudged a couple over with his foot.

Two lines.

“Positive,” he whispered, the realization finally dawning on him.

“Y/N, please, I can’t take this anymore. You’ve been crying ever since you got here. Stop this right now, you’re going to make yourself sick.”

“I can’t help it,” Y/N sobbed. “He-he’s marrying someone else!”

Hyo-rin gave her a blank stare, unimpressed.

“Jun-pyo’s marrying someone else!” Y/N cried, shocked by her friend’s callousness. “What’s wrong with you, Hyo-rin ? He loves Jan Di and he’s marrying someone else!”

Hyo-rin sighed and grabbed the remote from Y/N’s hands, turning off the tv.

“You heartless, heartless monster,” Y/N whispered, hugging a pillow close to her chest.

Just then, the doorbell rang, followed by three sharp knocks.

Hyo-rin put the remote down on the coffee table, and started to speak, but the knocking came again, louder this time.

She gave Y/N a look that said “this isn’t over,” and headed toward the door to see who the hell it was that was trying to break through it.

“Don’t even think about it,” she called out, as Y/N tried reaching for the remote again.

Y/N wiped her, now mostly dry, eyes and buried her face in the pillow, sulking.

“Where is she?” a deep voice asked.

Chanyeol pushed past the door and barrelled into the living room.


Before Y/N could make sense of what was happening, Chanyeol was on top of her, her face cupped in his hands as he kissed her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, mumbling in between, “I’m sorry,” and “I love you,” and “I’m such an idiot.”

When Chanyeol finally pulled away, Y/N was too dazed to say anything, which was just as well, since he didn’t leave much room for anyone else to speak.

“Please come back. I need you, Y/N. You were right, about everything. I-I forgot to take out the trash again, and you were right, I’m an idiot. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry for breaking that mug, I’ll buy you a new one, just please come home. I’ll stop acting like a five year old, I promise, and I’ll take good care of you and the baby. Please –”

Y/N cut him off, “Wait, you know about the…”

Chanyeol nodded, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Y/N’s eyes filled with tears again, “I’m sorry.”

She buried her face in his shoulder, and he held her close as she sobbed into his shirt.

When she still hadn’t stopped crying five minutes later, he looked up at Hyo-rin, his expression concerned.

“Hormones,” Hyo-rin stated matter-of-factly.

“Ah,” Chanyeol replied. “So that’s why she tasted like tears and Ben & Jerry’s.”

Y/N pulled away, sniffling, wiping at her cheeks with the back of her hands.

“Done?” Chanyeol asked.

She nodded, smiling a little at last.

“Good. Let’s go home.”

After getting Y/N’s things together, they left Hyo-rin’s apartment, taking the elevator down. It was while they stood in the elevator that Y/N recalled everything Chanyeol had said.

Suddenly, she turned her head sharply and looked up at Chanyeol, her eyes wide and her mouth open in shock.

“Chanyeol, you forgot to take out the trash again!?”

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The Other One: Part 7

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Halloween Special Part 5 Part 6 Part 8 Part 9

Part 10

You hear singing, it sounded like Jinyoung. What was he doing here? You sneak a peek through the door, he straightens up the pillows on the couch and wiped the dust off of the TV. So you figured that he was the one who cleaned your apartment.

Jinyoung walks around, making sure the apartment was ready for your return, if you would return. He walks up to the kitchen counter and notices a half-eaten sandwich on the side. There was a red lipstick stain around the bite mark. He stands still, and he could hear movement from the bedroom. There must be someone there. A woman, maybe a friend of yours. But he was too smart to have a head on confrontation. He slowly walks over to the door, opens it and closes it.

You breathe a sigh of relief when you hear the door slam, you walk out of the room. You expected to see an empty room, but you were met with Jinyoung.

“You’re back.”

You stand still, not moving a muscle.

“I can see you.” He says.

“Yes, I got back an hour ago. What are you doing here?” You asking, crossing your arms.

“I’ve been coming here every chance I could. Checking on you, if you were back. I’ve been worried sick. You should’ve called me.” He walks swiftly over to you, pulling you into an embrace.

You hug him back, you missed him. He was one of your close friends. You missed his warmth and loving embrace. You pull away.

“I don’t want you here. I didn’t call you because I don’t want to see to you. “

“But-“He starts.

“I’m fine. I feel better, it’s sweet that you wanted to check on me. That you’ve been checking up on me. But I can’t forget the past. I think it’s better if we avoid each other from now on.”

“I meant what I said before you left. I want to give us ago. I want to start over. I will fight for you like I should’ve before. This isn’t the last time you’ll see me.”

“I’m definitely going to be changing my pin.” You say.

He makes his way towards the door

“Oh, tell Jaebum that I’m back. And tell him what I just told you. I mean it. You both need to keep away.”

It hurt him to think that you still cared for Jaebum, after what he did to you. It hurt that you didn’t want to see him. Tears well in his eyes as he stares at you intently. To see him like that, tugged at your heart strings. In the many years of knowing Jinyoung, you never saw him cry. And to see he felt so passionately about you warmed your soul.

“I love you.” He says, turning and leaving.

Jinyoung walks back into the hotel, wiping his eyes, making sure his makeup wasn’t running. He takes his seat at the pannel, next to Mark. Mark immediatley notices the mood dampen as Jinyoung sits down.

“Whats wrong?” He asks.

“She’s back. And she… she didn’t want to see me.” He whispers.

“When did she get back?” Mark asks, signing a CD.

“About an hour ago. She told me to tell Jaebum. I guess she wants  him to go see her. I could tell him that she told us to stay away. But obviously she knew that he isn’t going to listen.”

The manager calls a break for the members to go and get lunch. Mark and Jinyoung split, going to a café down the street.

“I told her I loved her. That I would fight for her. And she hugged me. I hugged her and she hugged me back. I felt her squeeze back, I knew she missed me.”

Mark observes his member, he could clearly see that he was in distress. He hadn’t been the same since you left. He could tell he felt really bad about lying to you. And if there was anyway he could explain that to you, he would. He would expect that you would feel betrayed by the rest of the members as well, as they knew of Jaebum’s sorded affair.

“If you truly love her and you don’t think you can live with her, go and get her.” Mark says, sipping his coffee.

“What about Jaebum?” Even though they weren’t speaking at the moment, he was still cautious, he knew that Jaebum would always love you, and that he could ruin any chance of them rekindling their friendship.

“Sure, that is a massive hurdle, but he would be blind if he couldn’t see how much you love her. He should want better for her. For her to be treated well. Who better than you?”

“You’re right. I just can’t eat or sleep. I feel so guilty for lying to her. I was another person, I was scheming, I was manipulative. I just want to be a better person for her. The best version of me. I want her to see all I can be.” He sighs.

At this same moment, Jaebum and Jackson were sitting outside a convience store, Jaebum watched as Jackson slurped up his noodles. Usually Jaebum would be enjoying some ramyun as well, but he had lost his appetite. He could picture you with your family, you were happy. You always used to tell him stories about the fun times you had with your family and friends back home. You often told him how much you missed it. He wouldn’t blame you if you decided to stay, to get away from him.

“She will come back. She has a life here.” Jackson says, wiping his mouth.

“She had a life here. A life that I and J-. A life that I ruined. She’s not coming back. Now just eat your food so we can go.” Jaebum crosses his arms.

Jaebum’s phone vibrates with one single text message.

‘She’s back.”

Jinyoung didn’t want to have face-to-face conversation, so he thought that a text would be better.

Jaebum couldn’t belive his eyes. What if Jinyoung was playing some sort of trick. But he had to see for himself.

“Tell the manager that I’m sorry, I will be back soon. I will make my own way back to the dorm.” He gets up and rushes out the door, all the way to your apartment.

You were sat in front of the door, ready to binge on all the snacks Jinyoung had stocked for you. You had washed your makeup off and were curled up on the couch, in your pj’s, watching some cheesy variety show.

Jaebum finds himself outside your door, he takes a deep breath before entering your pin, he knew that if he knocked you wouldn’t answer. The door beeped as the pin was incorrect, he tried 2 more times, it was still wrong.

You had been ignoring it because you thought it was Jinyoung. But it could be your landlord, maybe there was something wrong with the payment?

“Wait a minute, let me open the door before you double lock me in here.”

He hears your voice, making his heart skip a beat.

You open the door and there he was, in his leather jacket, his hair styled up. The light hitting his face perfectly.

“You’re back.”

“I told Jinyoung to tell you to stay away.”

“You spoke to Jinyoung?” He questions.

“He came here. I didn’t let him in, apparently you two have just been visiting here. Coming and going as you pleased.”

“Please just leave me alone.” You say walking away from him, shutting the door behind you.

He stops it with his foot and jogs after you.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I went to your apartment but there was no answer. I went to the café every day and you never came in. Where were you?”  He pulls your arm forcing you to stop.

“I had to disappear for a while. I just wanted to be alone.” You say.

“You should’ve told me. I was so worried, especially after the way we left things.”

“That would’ve defeated the whole purpose of disappearing. I needed time to repair.”

And you did repair, you came to terms with what happened and how you were going to deal with it. You went home for a couple months and it felt good to be with your family. To not feel so alone.

“You look good.” He says.

And you did, you looked healthy. You cut your hair and dyed it a lighter colour. It reflected how you felt, you cut off all the baggage and you felt brighter.

“Thank you. And you don’t look too great. No offence.” You say, observing his face. His cheeks had sunken and he had big dark circles under his eyes.

“I’m just tired that’s all.”

“You haven’t been eating.” You say, you couldn’t help but care.

“You haven’t been around. There was no reason to.”

You look down at your feet, playing with the end of your shirt. You wished it was easy to just kick him out of your life. He wasn’t going without a fight.

“Jaebum. I need you to listen to me. I can’t do this, be around you and be reminded of everything I went through. I’ve grown and I’ve too much progress to go back now. I need to make changes in my life, starting with you. I don’t want to see you anymore. I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t want to fix this, it is beyond repair. I do care for you, I always will, so that is why I am telling you to move on. Forget about me. Find someone else.” You look up.

“There isn’t anyone else, only you.” Those infamous words rang in your ears.

He moves in closer, cupping your face. He moves his face closer to yours. His lips threatening to meet yours. You melt into his touch. You really missed this, you disliked him right now, but the constant was that you would always long for his touch. He had a hold on you that you could not explain. But you snap back into reality. You back away.

“Get out.”

“Please ju-“

“Please.” You beg, he could see the desperation in your eyes. You were really begging. He wanted you to be happy.

“I’ll love you no matter what.” He says, placing a kiss on your forehead before leaving.

As he walks down the hall, anger takes over his body and he punches the wall. His knuckles bleed as he repeatedly hits the wall. He storms all the way back to the dorms.

“Hyung, where have you been?” Youngjae asks, looking up from the couch.

Jaebum does not reply, he angrily paces to Jinyoung’s room. This was the first time he had been in his room in months. He bursts in.

He pulls him up by his collar.

“Why the fuck are you going to see her for?” He asks.

“I didn’t go there to see her, I was looking after her apartment for her. Wait, I don’t have to explain myself to you.” Jinyoung says.

“What did you say to her to make her hate me? To make her shut me out?” He shouts.

“I didn’t do anything. You made her hate you all on your own.”

“I dare you to say another word.”

“She told you leave right? She hugged me, I will get her-“Jaebum’s bloody fist meets Jinyoung’s face.

Jinyoung falls to the floor, the thud causes Yugyeom and BamBam to rush into the room. They look at Jaebum in horror, picking Jinyoung off of the floor. Jinyoung wipes the blood from his mouth. He smirks at Jaebum as he leaves.

Jaebum didn’t care if it was the last thing he would ever do, he would get you back. He didn’t care if he lost his career, he needed you back.

sweet feelings about @a-simple-note‘s fake ah crew trans michael and jack. really hope i did right by these characters, let me know what you think!

It had only been a few months. Michael had only just earned himself a spot at the table, his “trial period” over and Geoff and Jack were finally starting to treat him like something other than a “temp.”

It was stupid. He was stupid.

He was a wanted criminal, for God’s sake, locking doors should come as naturally to him as breathing. Granted, as a criminal, he knew locks meant little when someone was really trying to get somewhere, but he knew as well as anyone that when someone might be looking for you, when you have something to hide, locking a door should be second nature.

Michael, at this point in time, definitely had something to hide, which is why he felt like maybe he was dreaming when the doorknob suddenly turned while he was halfway through taking his shirt off and Jack strolled in without so much as a knock.

His heart immediately thundered in his chest, arms too tangled up in the shirt he was removing from himself to even think about covering himself, and it was too late anyways. Jack had stopped mid-sentence, right in the middle of asking about something stupid, dinner maybe, and stared at him, eyes wide.

Michael was paralyzed, unable to move as everything came crashing down around him.

He’d been so careful. Sneaking into the police station in his town in Jersey and destroying any records from his past. Keeping himself distanced from anyone he worked with for more than a few hours. Requesting his own room in the penthouse and making sure they knew never to come in when he had the door closed. Locking those fucking doors.

And for nothing.

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Caller Number 9

Summary: Because let’s face it, your girlfriends won’t tell you when the boy of your dreams isn’t interested. So what’s left? Calling the late night radio show host known as Min Suga is a good option right? He’ll tell you how it is and ruin you while fixing your love life. Counterproductive? Definitely.

Original Scans: ©

Chapters 1-12

Chapter 13: Voicemail Pt. 1

There are a million things he can say to her, there are a million excuses for this, but not  a single one is processing in his mind and when she looks at him with wide eyes that reflect everything, he can only open and close his mouth. He’s just as confused as she is and his mind is at a screeching halt. The picture on display drags a burning shame over his body and face that he can’t control because the longer he looks at her the hotter his face gets.

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Don't Let Me Fall in Love Part (1/?)

Pairing: Stefan and Caroline

Summary: They sit in silence for a minute as he waits for her to say something…anything. She needs time. He’ll wait. But before he even has a chance to breath her lips are on his and his heart is racing.

AN: So this ended up being over 11,000 words so I decided I’ll just split it all up. I hope you like it. (Inspired by this this post.)
He’s never been one for parties. Sure he’s been to hundreds of them over the years but that doesn’t necessarily mean he likes them. Something about too many people and too much noise.

So he’s surprised himself just by being here. At a freaking bonfire, of all things, in the middle of nowhere. “I need to have some fun.” He tells Damon.

That’s a lie. He knows why. Knew it from the second he caught a glimpse of her across the hallway. But he’s not ready to admit that just yet.

He could say it’s because he’s just looking to escape his problems — he has so many of them. He could say it’s because the human girl he’d been in love with for months drowned in the river because he was too late to save her. He could be here to forget that he was ever with said ex-girlfriend.

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