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Based off of the (sort of) request: feel free to kill me but how about reader giving parker a lap dance?

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WARNING: This is low-key smutty. Actually, kind of high-key smutty. Yikes. Rated R pls read at your own risk ok bye

PS I am so sorry i havent been posting i’m so busy and a little mentally unstable. Thank u for understanding. I love YOU ALL

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Padfoot, the Big Black Dog [Sirius Black - Marauders]

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☾ ¡Requested! ☾ Y/N L/N adores dogs, and when she mistakes a certain animagus as a cuddly stray, she’s in for a massive treat.
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Hope you enjoy this, darling! This was such a nice idea, and I was so, so excited to start on it. I’m sorry you had to wait so long, but I hope the wait for worth it! If you’d like a sequel, all you have to do is ask for it when requests are opened back up, hehe. Love you! xx
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WHEN Y/N’S MOM ASKED IF SHE WANTED A tabby cat for her eleventh birthday, it took all of her willpower not to flee the bloody state of England. Hogwarts had their restrictions and regulations, and according to her halfblooded mother who attended the damned school as a youth, dogs weren’t allowed. Called them “mutts"— burdens. This was an absolute outrage to Y/N and she absolutely refused to even look in the direction of those yowling daemons when she came upon them in a pet-store.

This specific memory came back to Y/N when she spotted a lounging dog—right beside the Great Lake, during her fifth-year of Hogwarts. It was a gorgeous dog, especially through her peripheral vision at this specific vantage point. Thick black fur, pointed ears relaxed back to the top of its shaggy-haired head, a long tail softly brushing back and forth on the grass.
Y/N couldn’t help but gasp. A bloody dog—in Hogwarts!

"Oh my gosh,” Y/N breathed quietly. When the dog didn’t register her voice or feel the shift of energy in the atmosphere, she supposed it had to have been sleeping. Any other animal would have shot up, stared at her with petrified anxiety, then pranced away in a flurry of fur and footfalls. This particular animal—this dog—was too preoccupied with lazing about to really reflect on anything other than the soothing trickling of the Great Lake’s waters. Even if it was conscious, it probably felt itself too comfortable to actually pay any real attention. What was there to fear, anyway? The Giant Squid?

Y/N ignored the urge to scurry down to the dog and tackle it with kisses and hugs, and in place of her passion, she called herself down enough to just stand there and stare at it. She wondered whether it was a girl or a boy—with the way it lounged, she proposed it was a boy. Yes, a boy. He was most definitely a male dog. And his name; did he even have a name, or was he really a stray, as she originally suspected? Y/N couldn’t honestly tell, and before she could protest the movement or think against her intentions, she was doing just what she originally told herself she wouldn't—shouldn't—do: scurry down the hill and attack the dog.

A great yelp escaped him the moment Y/N plopped to the ground and barreled into him. A strangled gasp came from the dog mere seconds afterward, and he began to bark with great fervor. Y/N quickly began to shush him. “McGonagall hates dogs; keep your bark down!” she whispered hurriedly, loosening her grip on his thick, furry neck. Strangely, the dog froze. To Y/N, it almost seemed as though her voice was familiar to him.

The dog jumped from her arms with a great harrumph and shook himself off. Y/N eyed him in amusement. There was something about the dog that made her just want to giggle and giggle. Was it the way he acted like the animal-version of a Marauder? Y/N supposed so, due to her strange infatuation with the group’s humor and pranks.

“Listening to me, are you?” Y/N quipped smirkingly. The dog tilted his head, amusement clear in his eyes—but Y/N didn’t notice. She thought he was her newly-acquired pet—her new companion—and quickly scooted closer.  "It’s quite alright; I appear to have that effect on all men and all animals. Not cats, though—those little beasts can go kiss a bloody hog’s arse than be anywhere near me.“

The dog let out an obnoxious snort, a cross between a bark and a laugh. Y/N eyed him with curiosity. Ignoring the part of her afraid that he was born into a pack of wolves, and would scramble her body parts into disposal bits before she could even react, she reached out a hand. "You’re so adorable,” she cooed at the dog. His fur was black like midnight, covered in a silvered gleam from the moonlight’s ominous glare. It was very soft—strange for a stray. There wasn’t a single trace of grim on him, excluding any pieces of grass that laid nimbly on his torso.

“Don’t worry,” Y/N said to him, “I’m not like McGonagall. I love dogs!” The dog beamed at her, eyes alight with pleasure as her nails massaged the bases of his ears gently. He was a very nice dog, surprisingly. Y/N expected him to bite and nip at her like any other animal she’d known. They were all rather particular about who they let scratch their bellies, and Y/N’s impatient desire to constantly pet and rub on an animal did not sit well with any of them. This dog, though, seemed to enjoy her presence.

It made her feel a bit open-hearted, and she felt she could confine anything in this dog. Maybe he could help her with her charms homework!

“Are you a magical dog?” she asked stupidly, glancing at the dog with her brow furrowed in curiosity. When the dog merely stared back at her, tongue lapping about its jaw and eyes freckled with a haze of sleepiness, Y/N grunted, “Well?”

His eyes bore into the base of her skull. She took that as a no, and she subconsciously rubbed at the temple of her cranial cavity. Part of her wondered why the dog’s eyes looked familiar, but the other part of her thought it was useless to think of the animal as anything but a dog. Y/N pursed her lips and rolled her eyes, bringing a dainty hand up to the dog’s black coat, smiling as she scratched him behind the ear.

Minutes passed with a comfortable silence filling the void. A shrill buzz lit itself in Y/N’s head and she slowly turned to look at the figure of Hogwarts just a string of yards away. She sighed. “Seems I have to go,” she said sadly. She patted the red and gold pin attached to her robes. “Prefect duties call.”

The dog watched her, and strangely, his eyes were just as alight with disappointment. He whimpered, lifting up a paw and scratching at the air. The sight made Y/N’s lips twist into a pout. Damn Lily Evans for giving me rounds this time of evening.

A sudden thought struck Y/N then, and she grinned wolfishly at her newly-found companion. “I’ll be back tomorrow! You’ll be here, right?”

The dog tilted his head. A subtle nod came from him, and to Y/N, that was answer enough.

Y/N winked. “Try not to get caught by McGonagall or Filch,” she whispered, theatrically glancing behind her with an exaggerated expression of pure terror. “I swear, their robes are made of dog fur!”

With one last grin in the dog’s direction, Y/N was off to perform her rounds. Behind her, the dog slinked off into the shadows and there, he materialized into the form of a human. A grin identical to Y/N’s was on his face, and he just knew that he wouldn’t miss their next meeting for the world.

— — —

The next day, Y/N stomped her way to the Great Lake with a scowl on her face. Her companion awaited her presence, and his chocolate eyes stared at her curiously as she came near. With an unladylike grunt, she plopped on the ground. She immediately reached out to pet on her animal friend’s nape.

Y/N scowled at the ground. “Lucius Malfoy is the absolute worst!” The dog’s gaze intensified and he pawed at her robed thigh. Y/N spared him a glance and released a sigh, knowing that was his way of asking for her to elaborate. “I heard him and his band of Death-Eater goons saying really rude shite about Gryffindors. He was being bloody nasty about the Marauders and Lily Evans. Calling them blood-traitors and mudbloods, and saying he couldn’t wait until school ended so he’d have a chance of seeing them on the battlegrounds.”

Her dog companion tilted his head in confusion. Y/N gave a mirthless chuckle. “I have a habit of sneaking around Hogwarts after curfew. Seems like that bloody git Malfoy does too. I was heading back to the common-room from the kitchens when I heard him talking. I wanted to avoid a duel with him and his idiot friends, so I hid behind that one curtain around the Room of Requirements.”

Y/N rubbed a hand over her face, then dropped it to scratch behind her dog friend’s left ear. “Hopefully Sirius and them will have planned a prank on him by the end of the week. Knowing him, it’ll be grand.”

The dog’s ears perked, and he snapped his head up at Y/N. He barked loudly and boisterously, pawing harshly at her stomach area. Y/N giggled and swatted him away. A blush was forming on her face. “Oh, you know, don’t you?” she said sheepishly. “Damned dogs, always sniffing out my secrets and crushes.”

Again, she was pawed at through her robes, this time a scratch of the dog’s claws itching her left forearm. She glared at him.“Fine, fine! I’ll tell you about it.” With a grunt and bit of effort, she settled herself into a crisscrossed sitting position and looked at the dog expectantly. He sat himself up and stared at her. Very obedient dog, Y/N thought idly before a dreamy smile overtook her face. “Oh, Sirius Black. Handsomest guy in our year. And by far the smartest, funniest, and wittiest. Some would say Remus is the intelligent one or James is the funny one, but he’s always been different for me. He hides behind these jokes and insults, but I know he’s secretly a bashful little boy, blushing when he’s praised and always knowing the right answers.”

Her dog friend scooted closer, and it honestly felt like he was hanging onto her every word. Y/N giggled like a naive schoolgirl, feeling that he was a better friend to confine in than any of her dorm-mates—bloody psychopaths. “Yeah, we’ve never really talked, though. There was this one time in second year where we were both separated from our friends on the train and decided to just sit together instead, but you know. That was a long time ago—Merlin knows if he himself even remembers it. I just—” Y/N cut herself off. She swallowed down the words she was going to say and inhaled a deep, frosted breath. “He was so sweet to me—he never looked at me like all those other girls. Like I was some game to him. Maybe I’m reading the signs wrong, but I honestly feel like he respects me.”

Her friend shuffled even closer. His snout nestled into her side. Y/N smiled. “I absolutely love it when he pulls pranks on that Slytherin lot—especially Severus sodding Snape. He is the worst bloke I have ever met, and believe me, I know a lot of gits. When he called Lily a mudblood last year, I didn’t know what to think. If I was brave like Sirius and James, I might have hexed him myself. However—”

A call that sounded identical to Marlene McKinnon’s shrill voice came from Hogwarts before Y/N could finish talking. “Y/N!”

Y/N sighed dramatically, giving an exaggerated roll of her eyes. “How unfortunate,” she muttered. “Bet she just wants me to help her write her potions essay. Bloody girl can never get Lily’s help, but apparently I have enough cowardice that I can’t deny someone in their hour of need.”


Y/N turned in the direction of Hogwarts. “YES! NOW STOP BLOODY YELLING!” She turned her attention to her friend. He was already looking and her, and his eyes were pleading that she ignore her friend and stay with him. Y/N’s heart broke just a little and she mentally threw out a curse at Filch and McGonagall for being so damned strict on pet regulations. “I’m sorry, boy. I’ll be back tomorrow, alright?”

He softly barked in reply. Y/N’s frown turned into a small smile and she rubbed his head. “Be good, okay? And don’t get caught.” With a cheeky wink, she was gone yet again.

And her dog companion was left to stare at her retreating back, wondering how he could ever reveal the truth.

— — —

Day after day after day passed, and Y/N grew into a routine of meeting the dog every evening after dinner. He was always there, just patiently waiting for her to arrive, and he listened to her rants. He growled at all the right places, and stared at her attentively, like there was a human nestled beneath all the fur and animalistic tendencies. Sometimes Y/N nicked a piece of steak and kidney pie or a roll for him, and she beamed at him when he devoured them contentedly.

One day, Y/N was going out to meet the dog several minutes later than usual. She’d been held up in detention after back-talking Slughorn into holding her back for a bit more dusting, and she was running towards the Great Hall at a faster speed than she’d like to. She was afraid to find her companion gone.

When she arrived, her heart dropped at seeing her dog companion nowhere in sight. She looked around hurriedly, face saturated in anxiety. “Boy? Boy, are you here?” She waited a few seconds, scrutinizing the scene, before her voice took a panicked edge. “Oh dear Merlin, did McGonagall make you into a fur-coat? I’m never going to Wizarding Heaven now!”

Y/N ran towards the Great Lake and she peered in. “Who am I going to gossip about Sirius Black with? Who can I bitch to about Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape? Oh, shite.” Tears were starting to fill Y/N’s eyes.

Suddenly, a throats cleared from behind her. Petrified. That’s how she felt, knowing she was no longer alone and that the one figure was a person. Slowly but surely, Y/N turned around and the person she found herself faced with was not who she was expecting. It was Sirius Black and he had an enormous grin on his face. “You know, Y/N,” he said huskily, his grin widening with each word, “you could always gossip about how gorgeous my hair is and how magnificent a prankster I am to me. Just a thought, though!”

Y/N gaped at him. She was too shocked to even flush, and so she stuck with blatantly staring at him. Finally, after what seemed like minutes of looking at him, she found herself capable of words. Well, partially. “W-What?” she squeaked.

Sirius sighed and stepped closer. “Okay,” he said slowly, “so, there is the honest possibility that the dog you were talking to about all your problems and… crushes… wasn’t actually a dog. I mean, how could a dog even make it through the barrier? You’d have better luck in chitchatting with a bloody centaur.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow. “So, what you’re saying is that you’re an Animagus?” Sirius nodded in confirmation. “Why didn’t you bloody reveal yourself sooner, then?”

Sirius sighed. “In all honesty, I was nervous about it. Hearing you… talk so openly about your feelings for me was just something I enjoyed hearing so I thought, why the hell not? I know, I know—that’s a really big invasion of privacy, and I feel really bad for it, but I like you a whole bloody lot myself, alright? So no harm, no foul—right? Is… is that how that saying goes?”

The girl rubbed a hand over her face. “Bloody hell, Sirius.”

The moment she looked back up, Sirius was directly in front of her. It was like a scene from a Jane Austen book, one she’d always dreamed of since she was a little girl. She stared at him, flinching with surprise when he ran his nimble fingers through her hair. He smiled. “You’re so beautiful, Y/N,” he murmured, then swiftly leaned down to kiss her.

There was no fireworks or explosions or anything like that involved in their kiss. Instead, what Y/N felt with Sirius was something so much more. His lips tasted like electricity, and with his sweet kiss came sparks—ones filled with passion and hurt and comfort. He felt like home—something that Y/N had never felt with anyone ever before.

When Sirius pulled back, they were both breathless and wanting more. Y/N tucked a piece of hair behind Sirius’s ear and stared at him curiously. She still had one more question. “So… you mind explaining why you turn into a big black dog?”

Sirius’s gorgeous smirk dropped into a sheepish frown. Fucking busted. “I’d rather not.”

Come Around More Often

Request:  hey! could you do a smut where you and arzaylea hook up regularly and she’s going down on you and then Luke walks in and catches you and you say that you’ve never really don’t much With a guy so arzaylea suggests that she teaches you and you shows you how to like fuck/suck him off?

A/n: So with enough persuasion from some lovely followers, I deiced to accept this request. I’m sorry if any of this is inaccurate, I don’t really know the mannerisms and vocabulary of  Arzaylea (I just watched some of her sc’s and vines on youtube). Anyways, thanks to the anon who requested this, hopefully you like it. I might end up doing more 5sos in the future…  PS: sorry it’s so long lol

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What was Tony's pregnancy like in regency au? How did everyone handle it?

Contrary to popular belief Tony actually knows a lot about pregnancy because one of his ladies-in-waiting got pregnant (through unsavory means probably) and because she was unwed he and his other ladies-in-waiting had to help her. It was very difficult until Tony had one of his ladies-in-waiting sneak out to get a midwife. The midwife snuck back in with her and told them in explicit detail what will happen as the pregnancy progresses and what to do for morning sickness and cramps and sore feet, and also what all she needs to eat for her and the baby to stay healthy. She even explains in explicit detail how to help deliver the baby. They all take notes and keep them hidden. The midwife is eventually found, and gives Tony’s hands a squeeze and quietly says “Be brave, your highness,” and then marches off to probably be executed, but her back is straight and her head is held high. When the war is lost and Tony orders everyone who can flee to do so, most of his former ladies-in-waiting use their knowledge to become midwives to support themselves (there is a baby boom. Their services are very much required, since so many midwives took up more medicine and marched their asses to the battlefield to tend to wounded soldiers.).

So Tony is chill. It’s everyone else that’s in a tizzy.

Sarah feels her tizzy is allowed because it will be her first grandchild and she paid her dues with Steve, okay, she wants to spoil this child rotten. So she coos over Tony’s round belly and talks to it and tells the baby all the things she’s going to allow him to do to drive their daddies crazy. (“You will, of course, obey your mother,” she adds sternly. “He’s put up with too much to deal with an imp.” “Was Steve an imp?” Tony asks curiously. Sarah scowls at him. “Steve was sent by Satan himself to test me.”)

Steve and Bucky are just so worried about their mate, alright? Tony is so precious, and pregnancy is so hard on the body. So they rub his feet when he says they’re sore and gather all the ingredients for the porridge to settle his stomach when he has morning sickness (“THIS IS A LIE IT IS SEVEN IN THE EVENING.” “Honey, morning sickness just describes pregnancy sickness. It can happen at any time–” “WE HAVE BEEN MISLED.” “Lord in Heaven I pray to You that my boys make it through this pregnancy because Anthony should not have to raise a child alone.”) and make cool compresses during hot days to put on Tony’s forehead and neck to try and keep him comfortable.

Tony lets out a surprised, “Oh!” when the baby first kicks and puts his hands on his rounded belly and Steve and Bucky are nearly frothing at the mouth as they stand, knocking over their chairs. “Are you okay?!” “What’s wrong?!” “Is everything alright?!” “…The baby kicked,” Tony tells them slowly. “Do you want to feel?” Then he squeals in fright when they both lunge for him. Luckily they slow down when they get to him and their touches are careful and light, and they look so awed when they feel the little babe kicking against their palms. Of course now the baby won’t stop and Tony can’t sleep unless Bucky rubs slow, soothing circles on his bump or Steve lays his head on his belly and croons a lullaby in the Old Language that Sarah used to sing to him.

When Tony goes into labor Steve and Bucky actually leap over tables and chairs to get to him. Tony, of course, is unconcerned except for a wince with every contraction. “Ooh–okay, it’s fine, sometimes it takes a couple hours for the baby too–Eek!” he squeals as Steve scoops him up and rushes him to their bedroom as Bucky goes to literally grab a midwife. Tony’s face matches the midwife’s when she is carried in: Very Unimpressed. Sarah bustles in and politely kicks Steve and Bucky back out so Tony has some privacy. “But what if he needs us,” Steve says fretfully. “OH MY GOD GET OUT,” Tony replies.

So Steve and Bucky pace the halls, fretting, and are soon joined by Natasha, Bruce, Pepper, Rhodey, and Clint. “Shouldn’t you be inside?” Bucky asks Bruce. Bruce is unimpressed. “I’m not a midwife. Now if his heart did anything weird, then I could–” Steve opens the door so Bucky can kick him inside. Bruce yelps. (It occurs to both he and the midwife that with Tony’s heart problem that maybe he should have been there the entire time. Whoops.)

It takes several hours for the baby to be born. He’s very stubborn. “He gets it from Steve,” Sarah jokes, but it’s weak. Tony laughs a little and then he cries. Finally, finally, the ones outside (who have finally stopped pacing and are mostly just huddling in a group) hear it: one long, tiny wail. Clint faints. Natasha would make fun of him except she has to sit down so she doesn’t faint as well. Rhodey and Pepper shove Steve and Bucky toward the door because they can’t see the baby until the fathers do.

Bruce opens the door, hair in disarray, glasses nearly hanging off his nose, shirt untucked and rumpled. “Male,” he says, because the baby won’t present until he’s older, and then moves aside so Steve and Bucky can rush in.

Tony looks exhausted but he’s smiling down at the little bundle in his arms. Sarah smiles and pats them both on the shoulder as she leaves with the midwife. Steve and Bucky approach cautiously, but Tony waves them closer. “Come look at your baby.” They do. Steve’s knees go out from under him. Bucky’s hand shakes as he reaches out and cups the baby’s tiny head. “He’s beautiful.” “Like a little chipmunk,” Tony whispers, tracing the baby’s little lips with the tip of his finger. “These chubby cheeks. …I’m tired.” Steve manages to get onto the bed, carefully pulls the babe into his arms to curl it against his chest. “Go to sleep, darling. You’ve earned it.” Bucky kisses the exhausted smile from Tony’s lips until he falls asleep.

Rhodey and Pepper sneak in and coo quietly over the baby, each taking a turn to hold him, before leaving to allow Natasha and Clint to sneak in. “This came out of Tony,” Natasha breathes, looking faint again as Clint presses a delicate kiss to the baby’s head and swears allegiance to him. “I need to go sit down.” Clint helps her out. He’s seen babies born before and he thinks it’s hilarious that Natasha was so unprepared.

Tony heaves himself out of bed despite everyone’s wishes because in his home country it was tradition to show the new baby to the people the day after its birth. Everyone tries to tell him that no one will be there to see him, it’s not their tradition–and everyone is surprised that there is actually a decent amount of the people waiting outside the castle. They were waiting for official word so they could spread it around the country. They are delighted to actually be shown the baby, even if it’s from the distance of the balcony, and they cheer and clap and whistle over their new prince.

Tony is proud. “This is your country,” he tells Peter Parker. “These are your people. They already love you. We must make sure you live up to their expectations. Don’t worry–your fathers will teach you.” Steve and Bucky both stand up straighter; there is nothing better than their omega trusting their child to them.

Chapter 1

This would literally not leave me alone. I had so much fun at the stream by @askdevildarling where the first Alice ever was drawn! I dedicate this drabble to them! This is just my interpretations of course and meant for funsies. I hope you all like it!


It was all darkness around her. Alice couldn’t really feel much of anything except for the sensation of being smothered. It was so dark that even the soft glow of her halo was stifled and she felt as though something..someone was missing.


There was a sudden prickle up her spine, eyes widening in the thick gloom as she felt it; felt him. Her Bendy..her little Devil Darling..he was nearby and he needed her help. He was in danger. She had to save him! With considerable effort against the tar like mire around her, she struggled towards the sensation..wishing with all her heart that she would reach him in time.

°•Bendy..I’m coming darling..please..please hold on!•°

Within the darkened chamber of the room that housed the dreaded Machine, one of the thick puddles surrounding it rippled. It quaked and shuddered, as if something was pushing up from under it. A white gloved hand broke the surface in a rush desperate to find a hold. A second one appeared, gripping tight to the grooves in the floorboards. Alice felt a rush of relief then; solid ground! She could pull herself out of this horrible place!

With a herculean effort, Alive dug her fingers in tight to the wood, hoisting herself out of the thick ink inch by inch. When her face broke the surface, soft lips parted with a gasp for air, eye wide as she scrabbled away from the puddle that had held her hostage. No sooner had she escaped than she was overcome with a coughing spell. Alices’ body shuddered and twitched as her lungs squeezed, forcing out the thick ink and leaving her dizzy.

She swooned lightly, the back of her hand going to her dainty forhead as she recovered from her ordeal. Her body was solidifying now..soaking up excess ink to make her form as it was proper. Feeling the prickle again, she gasped and stood up, looking around in anxiousness before it sank in. The studio. She was back. Alice closed her eyes tight against memories that ached and tugged at her heart and focused on what mattered…getting to Bendy. He was close..she could feel it.

Mustering up her courage, she reached into her hammerspace and pulled her sword, holding up her skirt as she pushed aside her fears and ran into the darkness of the studio with the glow of her halo and holy sword to light the way. Someone was hurting her love and she would NOT allow it. Not again! She had been done away with by Joey for getting in his way by being too protective of the one she was drawn for. She had failed him..and she refused to let it happen a second time. Alice panted as she ran down the winding halls, allowing her heart to lead the way, the sensation growing stronger.

But how was she to know that it was simply Devil and Darling having one of their arguments?

“Aw lighten up Darlin’! They was just curious like ya know?” The little toon said with a snarky grin plastered on his face. “B'sides~ if they like ya enough, maybe ya won’t be such a stick in the mud yeah?” Devil’s gloved hands sank into his pockets as he regarded the looming dripping being before him, a sharp toothed snarl on his obscured features.

“Listen you little -fool-. I have no care for those mortal pests..and I tolerate you because I have no other choice…otherwise…” Darling snarled out, his teeth bared as he pulled himself up tall to loom over Devil. It didnt do much of course..but it made him feel slightly better to threaten his obnoxious counterpart. “Both you and they would meet a swift horrible end.” He hissed.


Alices’ voice cut through the tension like a knife and startled the pair. Darling rounded on Alice but hesitated when he saw the fire in her eyes and the shining sword she brandished. “Back it up buster!” Alice threatened, using a few swings to push Darling away from her love. Darling snarled and hissed, teeth and claws bared as he spoke “What is the meaning of this?!” What in the world was an Angel of all things doing here?! And what could she want with that insufferable toon?

When Darling had backed up enough, Alice gave him a steely glare that said for him to stay right where he was before she turned to a slackjawed Devil behind her. “A-Alice?!” He stammered, staring at her in disbelief and her heart panged. “BENDY!” She let her sword fall with a rather loud CLANG as she gathered up the confused sputtering demon and hugged him tight to her chest. “Oh Bendy! I was so afraid I wouldn’t get here in time! Are you alright? Did he hurt you?” She asked as she leaned back to look him over, worry written on every inch of her face.

Still in shock, Devil managed his trademark grin, albeit a bit shaky and a shake of his head. “I’m just fine Angelcakes~” the name had slipped out of his mouth before he could stop it and he suddenly found himself being peppered in kisses “Oh thank goodness!” Alice said in tearful relief as she placed more adoring smooches on his face, leaving perfect pretty lipstick marks all over. “I was so scared…” she whimpered, her knees giving out and she slid to the floor holding him close.

Devil was a bit stunned by the kisses, giving a twitterpated laugh as she finished her barrage of affection, coming back to his senses when she spoke so tearfully. Shaking his head with a comical noise he gave her a tender look. “Hey’s okay doll…me an’ Darlin’ here were just havin’ a talk is all…real friendly-like ya know?” He soothed, petting her hair and admiring the glow it caught off her halo.

“Oh of course. Chummy as can be.” Darling said with a snarl, shrinking back just a bit when Alice’s soft whimpers and teary voice instantly vanished. She whirled her head to face him and she was giving him a hard look that for some reason shook him to his core. Perhaps he was more of that horrid little toon than he thought. “It. Had. Better. Be. Or so help me God I will smite you where you stand!” She seethed at him through her teeth. He had wanted to make a snarky reply..but her eyes told him it was best to keep it to himself. So he merely held up his hands in a placating way and it seemed to work as Alice huffed and turned back to his counterpart.

“Oh Bendy…I missed you so much~” she cooed, cuddling as close to him as she could get, pulling a blush from Devil as she rubbed his horns just so. He hummed and relaxed into her, regarding Darling over her shoulder with a smug almost drunken face. “Hmm..Missed you too sweetcheeks…” he said, still reeling from how she had brought Darling to heel.

This might be fun after all~

Crush ( Part 1)

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Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Summary: Jensen has a huge crush on you
Warnings: none.
A/N: This is set in the early spn years, way before Danneel and JJ, no hate to his family, this is just fiction.

Jensen smiled as he sat down in the fold out chair, next to Jared, in front of the camera. The interviewer was in the next room getting the rest of her things ready for the interview with them.

“Think this’ll ever get old?” Jared asked, smiling nervously as he wiped his hands on his jeans. Jensen smiled, patting him on the shoulder before sighing happily, “God, I hope not.” In that moment the interviewer walked in with a big smile on her face and a few papers in her hands.

“Alright, Gentlemen, let’s start this shall we?”

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Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: SUPRISE! Hahaha I know I said I was going to post it tomorrow, but I realized that it doesn’t matter because I still won’t like it regardless the day I post. Not my best work, so I’ll leave up to you guys. If y'all want a part 4, I’ll do it gladly. So let me know ;) 

Update: thank you Alyssa, aka @imyourliquor-youremypoison, for rewriting it beautifully. I’m so grateful for having you to help me!

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 4.

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#2 5sos preference : You are drunk


Ashton was trying to keep you steady as you kept stumbling while trying to attempt walking.

“You are pretty” you poked his nose

“ But my boyfriend is the prettiest"you gigled.

“Really? tell me about him” he said as you stumbled through your shared bed room.“He has this smile so adorable with his cute dimples….and he has strong arms .He is sweet person.He is so cute …oh yeah and he has bouncy and fluffy hair” you continued .

“And he is a drummer!” you exclaimed. He chuckled and placed a soft kiss on your forehead.

“You will be jealous,he is so beautiful,my Ashton” you yawned.

“Good night ,cutie” he kissed your cheek drifting into sleep with you in his arms.


Your friend knocked yours and Luke’s apartment door with her arm around your shoulder.Luke opened revealing other three boys.

“she is completely drunk,have fun” with that she left.

“Hey Lukey!” you almost hit your face in the floor but Luke grabbed you.

“Oh my god! y/n” Michael laughed and helped you get up.“Luke,is this your girlfriend? She is really beautiful! ” you giggled making Ash and Cal laugh.

Luke shook his head and carried you bridal style.“do you want to know a secret?” you whispered.“what babe?” he asked.“you are a Giraffe Luke!” you laughed as it was a big joke.

“You are adorable” he kissed your cheek still keeping you in his hands. He put you in bed.

“sleep babe” he kissed you and left the room.


“Cal, can you pick me up? ” you slurred in your phone.

“sure babe. I’ll be there in ten minutes” he hung up. You really enjoyed your friend’s birthday party. By the time Cal saw you, you tried to remove your shirt and started to dance. Cal immediately reached you and pulled your shirt down.

“I want another one! "you yelled. "no y/n” he grabbed you by your waist. “I wanna drink ” you bawled.

“Babe, please”  he sighed. “No! ” you screamed. Everyone turned their heads towards you.

“sorry” Calum apologized. “y/n, come on we are leaving” he said patiently. You shook your head “ I don’t wanna”  you continued. He picked you up and walked towards the door.

When you guys reached home, he picked you up bridal style. “Cal, I’m gonn-” you puked in his shirt. “ Sowwy Cal” you started to cry.

“Don’t cry babe, it’s just a shirt,  its okay y/n” he removed the shirt and changed into another. He helped you change into your Pj’s and washed your face and helped you brush your teeth.

“You are never getting drunk again” he sighed. Man, you were handful. “wuv you Cal” you tried to kiss his lips but managed to kiss his eyelids. He couldn’t help but smile.

“ Love you too, y/n” he kissed your temple.

Michael :

“ Mikey!  Mikey!  Mikey!  Mikey! ” you continued to shout his name.

“y/n , what’s wrong? ” he asked with concern. “Michael, will you be my boyfriend? ” you asked in serious tone. He burst into laughter.

“ I’m your boyfriend ” he kissed you. “ really? "you smiled. ” that was easy” you hugged him.

“ I’m gonna buy her some meds for her headache tomorrow. Guys, take care of her” he said to the other boys. They nodded and he left.

When you realized Michael wasn’t there you began to cry. The boys tried to calm you down but you continued to cry. When Michael entered the door, you stopped crying. “Dude, she didn’t stop her crying the moment you left ” Luke said to Michael.

“y/n, let’s go to sleep, yeah? ” he said to you as if you were a small child. “only if you stay” you pouted.

“ Mikey, she is so cute” Calum cooed earning a glare from Michael. You jumped into bed. Michael went to change. “Mikey stay! ” you shouted. “Let me change. I’ll be back” he kissed your forehead.

When he laid down next to you, you clung to him. You blabbered randomly for a while. Michael nodded and listened patiently. You finally went to deep slumber.

“clingy baby” he kissed your forehead and began to sleep.

Creepypasta #1057: The Girl

Length: Long

She was one of those people that you could swear you’ve met before, but you don’t remember when. She tugged at my memory like a person you had a few high school classes with, but never had more than a few conversations. She had a round face, with soft cheekbones and bright brown eyes. Her lips were perpetually hinting at a smile that never seemed to fully blossom. She had a full, curvy figure, and the way she moved in her short summer dress had a subtle seductiveness that was far more attractive than her appearance alone.

The party we were at was slowly winding down. The host had disappeared with some girl, or had otherwise ditched entirely, and he took the energy of the party with him. As I was looking for the keys to my car, she approached me. “Hey, I have some rum back at my place. Want to come drink with me?” she said.

“Sure,” I replied. “Let me find my keys, I was about to leave anyway. Do you need a ride?”

“No,” she said, as she grabbed my phone and typed in her address. “Just meet me here, I’ll be home in 15 minutes.”

“Perfect,” I said, thinking that I had just enough time to run home and grab some deodorant and mouthwash before heading over.

I drove home and freshened up, then took my dog for a walk to kill a little more time. Didn’t want to beat her home, and I suspected she might want a minute to herself too. After about 15 minutes, I drove over to her house.

It was nothing spectacular, just your standard suburban home. The lawn needed to be mowed, and there was a little trash in the yard, but I chalked that up to college kid’s general apathy. I knocked on the door, and she let me in.

The inside of the house was comfortable, a big couch dominated the living room, and sat opposite a large TV. The kitchen was situated behind the couch and a hallway led from the living room to three bedrooms. As I sat down on the couch, she offered me a shot of rum and drank one herself. I drank my shot and poured each of us another.

“I thought we could Netflix and chill for a while, if that’s alright with you,” she said with a smirk.

“Sounds good to me. Do you like horror movies?” I said, figuring horror movies would be the easiest way to get her close to me.

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Happy Birthday!!

Dedicated to the beautiful and talented @siancore. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

“Hurry up, they’re getting antsy,” Rick urged as Michonne scooped ice cream into three small bowls with warm brownies in them.

“They can wait. They’re fine.”


Rick snorted, nudging her playfully as Judith hurried into the kitchen, waving her little arms wildly.

“Carl won’t let us start without you!” she complained. “Come on!”

“Honey, we’ll be there in a minute, just give us a second,” Rick assured the child as she craned her neck to see what was on the counter.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing, Judes,” Michonne replied over her shoulder just as Carl walked in. “Carl, grab your sister and wait for us in the living room.



Catching the look his father gave him, Carl sighed and took his sister’s arm, pulling her back into the living room and ignoring her indignant protests.

“Told you.”

“Hush,” Michonne smiled, pointing to the little multicolored candles. “You’re the reason we’re using ice cream in the first place.”

He hastily stuck them into the ice cream of one bowl. “I apologized.”

She lit the candles and scooped up the bowls, fixing him with a stern look while giving him quick kiss on the lips. “To no avail, I’m still angry at you,” she reminded him as she motioned to the last bowl.


Andre Anthony ran into the kitchen just as they were about to leave.

“Mom, Carl won’t let us start!” He exclaimed right before he saw what they were holding. “Is that ice cream?!”

“ICE CREAM! THERE’S ICE CREAM?!” Judith instantly squealed from the living room, prompting Michonne to sigh and shoot Rick a look of exasperation at the ruined surprise.

“Yes, Andre, it’s ice cream,” she muttered, handing the excited child a bowl before he bounced out the room. “Because your father forgot the cake.”

“Hurry up, we’re playing Scrabble,” he announced excitedly and his mother warmed at his glee.

“Okay, we’ll be in there in a moment,” she assured him, waiting until he had left before glancing over at Rick, who had a huge smile on his face despite her annoyance with him. “What? What are you smiling about?”

Rick approached her, snaking his free hand around her hip and pulling her up against him as he cocked his head in a way that made her heart flutter.

“I love you,” he whispered. She smiled and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips.

“I love you too.” They rested there, breathing deeply and enjoying the warmth of finally having a moment together in a hectic house with three children.

“MOM!” Andre yelled and they laughed.

“We should go,” she murmured cheekily, inclining her head towards the living room. “He sounds pretty serious this time.”

Rick gave her a crooked grin and her knees weakened. “I can get pretty competitive,” he quipped and her cheeks warmed.

“You better watch out, Grimes,” she cooed, turning so that she was walking backwards. “I’ve been helping Carl with his chemistry homework and I am going to wipe the floor with you with some new words like ‘buckminsterfullerene’.”

Rick laughed. “Can that even fit on the board?” He asked skeptically  and she shrugged.

“Well, since I don’t think you can spell it, I guess we’re just going to have to see,” she responded with a wink before she turned back around and stepped into the living room where Andre and Carl had set up the game. Judith was excitedly holding her hands out for the bowl with the lit candle.

“Happy Birthday!” Rick and Michonne exclaimed while Carl and Andre clapped, watching as the girl quickly blew out her candle without prompting.

“Judith!” Andre protested, but he was hushed by his mother while Rick removed the candle and handed Judith a spoon. Carl gratefully took his bowl and laughed as he watched his parents attempt to corral his younger siblings around the game table.

“What did you wish for, baby?” Michonne asked.

“For you to play on my team,” Judith insisted, waving her over so that she could sit in her lap. “Girls against guys.”

Carl and Andre laughed while Michonne she settled the girl in her lap and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Great, you and I are going to win,” she predicted, inhaling sharply when she felt his fingers brush against her leg as Rick sat back up to examine his letters. Biting her lip, she discretely reached out and rested her hand on his on the carpet, keeping her eyes on Judith and the letters as Andre started playing. Judith happily stuffed ice cream and brownie in her mouth, watching her brothers carefully as they laid out their letters. Rick and Michonne basked in the love of the family moment as he interlaced his fingers with hers, the very touch shooting shockwaves up her spine as she shivered with excitement.

“Your turn,” Carl indicated, having spelt 'lied’ using the 'e’ from Andre’s starting word of 'fallen’.

Chuckling at her own lack of imagination, she quickly set down 'ow’ for her word of 'now’ and then turned to Rick with a raised eyebrow.

“Your turn… let’s see what you can do,” she jested and he smiled back at her. In that moment, with Judith in her arms, Andre and Carl safely having fun, and Rick gazing at her with nothing but love in his bright blue eyes. She could feel Rick squeeze her hand, his thumb drawing gentle circles on her burning skin and she felt just as she did the night they both realized they were in love and without another thought, he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers in a gentle yet searing kiss. The others fell silent as they watched the display while Rick slowly pulled away, satisfied with the smile on her face.

“I want a kiss! It’s my birthday, I want a kiss, Daddy,” Judith insisted, pushing between them to give her father a kiss on the cheek.

Rick laughed and kissed both cheeks lovingly before he pulled her into his embrace, while still holding Michonne’s hand.

“Yeah, you get a kiss. Happy Birthday baby.”

anonymous asked:

can you do a sonamy boom prompt?

PFFT. Can I!? I think you mean, may I. -I get smacked-



“Sonic? You’re not attending the Major’s requested meeting like THAT are you?”

“Amy, why is it I feel judged by practically everything that comes out of your mouth?”

Amy placed her hands on her hips, looking displeased at his snide comment, and narrowed her vision a bit.

Seeing her eyes squinted, he lost his attitude a moment and placed a hand behind his head, looking away, pouting. “You know, I’m not intimidated by you-!”

She suddenly moved her arms over his shoulders, “Oh?”

His teeth started to chatter as he tried to speak, shaking before she smirked and tilted her head, tying his bandanna tighter so that it looked nice.

He suddenly noticed her actions and got his nerve back.

“Oh…” he looked over his shoulder, “Eh…heheh.” he turned back to her with a sheepish smile.


“You’re welcome.” She removed her arms and pulled the bandanna down, “Now, wash up. Even if it’s a silly thing, we need to look proper in front of important people.” she stated, matter of factly.

“…Emm.. You don’t look ‘proper’ in front of me.” he looked away, making another jab before she glared up at him.

“…Like I said.” she didn’t skip a sacrasic beat. “In front of important people”

He was smirking before opening his eyes, and turning back to her, looking insulted.


“Oh, you think you’re so cool~” she cooed, patting his cheek before walking off. “See you there!”

“Urmph! Race you instead, Ames!” he charged forward, ducking to make her push her dress down.

“AH! HEY!” Amy did so, but glared right back up at him, stomping her foot down. “MANNERS!!!”

“Only when ladies are present!” he put a hand up and turned to shout over his shoulder back to her, returning blows for blows.

“AH! Why that little-!!!” she shook her fists down, but when he was out of eyesight, she seemed to lose her anger and smile, shaking her head.

“-most important person in my life.” she seemed to sigh that out regrettably, before letting out a horse’s fast ‘brrrp’ and realize she now didn’t have a ride to the mayor’s place.

She shrugged, “But he’ll never notice how I try…” she almost whined that out, dropping her shoulders down and walking with her arms drooped out in front of her.

Sonic, running ahead, kept muttering insults under his breath, before stopping to pace back and forth, still letting out steam before sighing and looking back up where he had left Amy.

“…It’s not like you need to try and impress me.” he folded his arms, and looked defeated. “But you’ll never notice how much I do…” he shook his head down, before looking up and rolling his eyes.

A lizard blinked at him from the side on a rock.

His head swiped over to it’s location, and then leaned down, glaring threateningly at it.

“What are you lookin’ at? You didn’t hear anything. You’re just a stupid lizard.” He stuck his tongue out at it, as it stuck it’s own back out at him, and he leaned away, a bit freaked out.

Leaving it be, he just got ready to leave. “Whatever.”

He reeled a leg back, lifting his arms up, and then took off once more.

Breaking... Ch.4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: Sorry I’ve been away for a bit everyone! I was in the hospital for a little bit so I couldn’t write ;-; But I’m back now and decided to make an extra long chapter to make up for it! ^-^ I hope you all reall enjoy it, it’s really plot heavy so please give me any feedback that you may have! Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

Word count: 5215

Warnings: A lot of cursing (Like most oit is not needed), allusions of sexual assault, emotions in general, being a bad bitch.

Tags!! @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @renae-writes @deltablue202 @literally-melonkitty

Breaking Bonds

Dear, uh, journal or diary I guess?

I decided that since I can’t talk about my frustrations in real life, I’m writing them down. Alex does it so I suppose I can to? Life has been odd ever since I came here. Honestly what else would you expect when you’re just dropped off in a world you shouldn’t even be in?  It’s been a few months since I arrived at the Hamilton’s. Eliza gave birth to a little boy last week! William is his name but I’ve taken a liking to calling him Willy. The other boys are doing fine; James, John and lil Alex are a trio of tricksters. Just the other day they messed with all of Eliza’s corsets, taking the strings off and using them to play Revolution. They’re charming, just a bit too rambunctious from time to time. Angie and I have grown rather close despite our age gap, I’m about five years older than her so I suppose it isn’t too bad. Philip is, well, he’s different I suppose is the right way to put it. I’m older than him too by about three years but since we’re the closest in age we get along the best. He’s really interesting, we’ve taken up the habit of debating. I’m honestly surprised he doesn’t question my opinions on anything, you’d think that a person in these years would be more close minded about a woman’s stance on the world. He says the first thing we should do after he graduates is go rally for abolishing slavery and promoting women’s rights. I suppose it isn’t too unbelievable, he is Eliza and Alex’s son after all. He’s still the biggest flirt I’ve ever come across in all my life but that’s just his way of being friendly at this point. Ever since I told him off the first time we met he’s learned to act like that only in moderation. Rachel says that she was hoping for Philip and I to start “Courting”, why she’d hope for that I couldn’t tell you. Philip is a flirt yes, but he does not see me that way, nor should he. One day I won’t be here anymore, it would never work out, I really don’t want to bring him down when the inevitable happens. He deserves better than that, he deserves someone who can devote their life to him. That got a bit more depressing than I meant for it to, time to change topics. Alex is doing better; he was able to get a bit of revenge on Adams. I am not at liberty to say if I was not a part of that endeavor. We spent a long time trying to find just the right words to describe him accurately. Those words including fat, arrogant, anti-charismatic and many others. He stays in his study most of the time, I’m not really sure what he’s doing but he barely comes out of there. Now that he is at the house more, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing about the other members of the cabinet. Many tangents have occurred, speaking of going off into an entirely different point. Eliza has called me “Dear” ever since I arrived, it’s become a bit of a nickname and Alex is literally calling me “Titania”. Ever since he made that connection he’s decided that the name suits me, in fact I only hear my real name when he’s trying to get my attention. Eliza is a wonderful mother, she’s kind, strong, intelligent and Alex is a good match for her. They’re treating me as if I were their own child, I’m eternally grateful for their niceties. They tried to get me to change rooms at one point, saying that I might be more comfortable in one of the guest rooms. I declined the offer, they’ve already done enough for me, the least I can do is work for what they’re giving me, so I’m a maid. It actually isn’t that bad, Rachel makes the work really fun! We chat and joke around, she’s really sweet. Although she can be a bit mysterious, sometimes I catch her reading these letters. Whenever I ask her about them she hides them behind her back and pretends to not know what I’m talking about. I wonder what they say, the mystery continues to grow! Now that I’m thinking about it, I should probably go help her clean the floor, until next time journal, diary, paper thing?

P.S. Quills are hard to use.

             You put the quill down and stretched out your arms before getting up and walking out of your room. You’ve gotten used to walking through the embellished halls by yourself. It’s been almost five months since that guy shot me and I still don’t know what’s going on… I can’t be stuck here forever but what exactly am I supposed to do? The possibility of me just being dead keeps growing by the day and I’m running out of other ideas. It’s either that or I somehow got thrown out of time, how does that even happen? People get shot all the time and I don’t hear any stories about traveling back to colonial New York. What the hell is even happening? I’m not getting any answers and that’s just making me frustrated. I should stop thinking about it for a little bit, it isn’t helping me any right now. Let’s just focus on work. You turned the corner into the main room on the ground floor. This room is where you feel the second most comfortable in the whole house, since it has the large front door, which had to receive a thorough cleaning after your blood almost stained it. In the middle of the room you saw Rachel, sitting on her knees with a bucket, a wet rag in hand, scrubbing the floor. You quickly joined her, grabbing the other rag hanging off the side of the bucket. As you began to scrub the floor Rachel spoke up, her voice almost song like.

“Soooooo?” She cooed.

“So, what?” You questioned.

“You said you went to go write something down, was it for anyone special?” The grin on her face grew immensely.

“Why would it be for someone else?” You asked as your face scrunched up. Rachel sighed in frustration.

“You don’t have to hide it from me Y/N! I won’t tell Mrs. Hamilton that you and Philip are writing to each other!” She inched closer to you, almost like she was ready to hear a secret.

“Why would we write to each other? We’re in the same house.” If I want to talk to him I just have to find him, what’s the point in writing him a letter?

“What do you mean, why? It’s obvious why! It’s hard to get any privacy with everyone in the house constantly, you have to write in order to keep your conversations to yourself.” She explained.

“He’s my friend Rachel, we aren’t talking about anything that I wouldn’t mind someone else hearing.” You rolled your eyes. She really needs to stop bringing this up, I feel like I have this discussion every day.

“You can deny it all you like, but I’m not the only one who sees it!” She teased.

“Yeah, yeah.” You continued to clean the floor, an appreciated silence grew between the two of you. You had moved to clean a few feet away from the front door when you suddenly heard the familiar sound of wheels and the trot of a horse. Alex must be back; I didn’t think the trip to town would be that quick. You scooted away from the door slightly to ensure that the door wouldn’t hit you and that Alex would have enough room to walk past but you heard something odd. There were footsteps going up the steps outside, that wouldn’t be strange normally but it sounded like there was more than one person. The door suddenly swung open, revealing three sets of legs, that was all you could really see when looking straight ahead and on the floor. You lifted your gaze upward to get a better look. Three men stood in the doorway. The man in front was carrying some sort of walking stick, his suit a vibrant magenta, the color seemed a bit distracting for you and his hair was made up of tight-knit curls that caused it stick out in several directions. There was a shorter man standing off beside him, he looked calm and collected or in deep thought depending on whom you were asking, his own clothes were much more of a neutral purple and he seemed to be carrying some kind of satchel, he looked pleasant enough. Next to him was an extremely tall gentleman, he towered over both of the others and yet he felt smaller to you somehow, he was holding a handkerchief up to his mouth. You quickly stood up to introduce yourself the way Rachel showed you, swiftly dusting off your skirt before you bowed your head respectfully.

“Hello gentlemen, welcome to the Hamilton residence. Is there anything that I may assist you with?” You asked politely. Why do they all look so familiar to me? The man wearing magenta cleared his throat, after looking you up in down for a moment.

“Yes actually, there is. You could help me with learning your name, I seem to not have had the pleasure of hearing it.” He held out his hand and you gave him yours, trying to ignore his flirty introduction. Did Philip take notes from this guy or something?

“My name is Y/N, and you are?” You questioned as he pressed his lips to your knuckle. Who are there guys? I’ve never seen them visit before…

“Thomas Jefferson, and the other two with me are Aaron Burr and James Madison.” He spoke with a sly grin as he straightened his posture. Wait…Thomas Jefferson? Like THE Thomas Jefferson? Like wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson? And Madison! Like wrote twenty-nine of the Federalist Papers Madison! You tried to blink away the surprise of meeting two of America’s presidents at the same time. You quickly looked back at Rachel and saw her quickly rushing out of the room. What am I supposed to when two major founding fathers come in unexpected? You turned your attention back to the three men.

“I am so sorry; you must forgive my rudeness. I did not realize who you were, is there anything I can do for you?” You asked, a bit nervous as to what their visit was about. The shorter man, now identified as Aaron Burr spoke up.

“We are here to see Mr. Hamilton; we have important business to discuss with him.” Just as you were about to answer him you heard a voice coming from the large staircase at the end of the room.

“Ah, Mr. Jefferson, I have not seen you as of late. I am sorry to inform you that Father is not in right now, he went to town but he should be back fairly soon.” It was Philip, he hopped off the last step and made quick strides toward your group congregated at the front door. He soon stood beside you, but his eyes were focused on the three men ahead of you, a strained smile etched on his face. Philly, fake smiles don’t look good on you. Your natural smile fits you better. Jefferson kept his gaze fixed on you.

“Thank you Philip but I do not mind waiting, Miss Y/N has been lovely company thus far. Miss Y/N, may I ask for a place to sit until Mr. Hamilton returns?” Jefferson asked. Philip’s eye seemed to slant a bit, they were cold.

“Of course, um, please follow-“ You were interrupted by another voice, this one coming from the other side of the room.

“Thomas, Burr, Madison! How delightful for you all to visit! My husband may be out but if you would follow me to the study we may wait in there.” Eliza stepped forward, Rachel by her side. So that’s what Rachel ran out of the room for. The three men stepped past you, each of them going up to Eliza and shaking her hand. Eliza is the coolest!

“Eliza! It’s wonderful to see you as always!” Aaron said as he shook her hand. Eliza soon led them all down the hall, toward Alex’s study. Philip stayed silent for a moment before stepping in front of you, his eyes remained cold, was he angry?

“Y/N, I need you to make me a promise.” He said simply.

“What kind of promise?”

“Promise me you’ll be careful around Jefferson, he’s not exactly a man to be trusted.” He retorted. What? What is he trying to say?

“Philly, I can handle myself. I’m a grown woman, besides, what do I need to be careful of?” Anger was laced in your voice. I don’t know what he’s trying to say but I don’t think I like it. I’m not a child, I don’t need him to babysit me or something!

“Please just, ugh, you don’t know what he’s like Y/N! Just please watch yourself, I don’t want him to try anything funny.” Philip said, running his fingers through his curls with exasperation. Rachel stepped over to us.

“Um, Y/N, Lady Betsy would like some tea, will you join me in the kitchen?” She said while tugging on your arm. Thank you Rachel! I really need an out here!

“Of course, I would be happy to help. Philip, I’ll see you later.” You walked out of the room with Rachel. Does he not trust me or something? I’m not his responsibility! But was I being too harsh? The two of you left Philip behind and walked into the kitchen. Rachel immediately crossed her arms across her chest, looking extremely annoyed.

“I cannot believe you, you were not being very ladylike to Philip! Did you have to be so childish?” She lectured.

“First of all, I don’t care about being ladylike. Second of all, I was not acting childish. If anything, it was him who was treating me like a child.” You puffed out your cheeks, making you feel like the child she was insinuating you to be. She sighed and pointed at one of the tall cabinets.

“Never mind, please just get the tea box from the cupboard. I’ll make the tea myself.” She spoke with annoyance. You groaned softly to yourself but did as she asked, grabbing the small box from the cupboard and handing it off to Rachel. She prepared the tea as you gathered the tray, cups, saucers and spoons for everyone. You set everything up, Rachel poured the tea and picked up the tray. She walked away with the tray and you followed close behind, staying silent most of the time. As the two of you passed through the main room once more, Philip was nowhere to be seen. He must’ve gone to his room… Was Rachel right about how I was acting? You suddenly heard a carriage outside.

“Y/N, can you attend to that, I must take this tea to Mrs. Hamilton.” Rachel said as she continued toward the hall. You nodded and watched as she disappeared down the hall on her way to the study. It was not long before the front door was opened and a familiar long-haired man came strolling in.

“Titania! You seem troubled, is something the matter?” Alex asked with slight concern. I won’t bother him with this petty problem, he’s got other things to worry about…

“Thanks Alex but no, nothing’s wrong. Actually you have some visitors, Eliza is keeping them company in the study.” You informed him. He raised an eyebrow, intrigued.

“Oh? Is that right? Well, I’ll be on my way then, don’t want to keep my wife waiting now!” He said while walking past you, a skip in his step. I haven’t seen him this happy in a while, hopefully this continues. You followed close behind him. Eliza or Rachel may need me after the leave. The two of you approached the study door, you passed Alex so that you could knock on the door. Rachel opened the door before you could knock however, the tray now empty in her arms.

“Oh! Mr. Hamilton! Back so soon? Welcome home, Mrs. Hamilton, would you like to finish your tea in the parlor?” Man, Rachel can really move a conversation huh?

“Oh yes, we should leave the boys to their work.” Eliza exited the room and Rachel walked alongside her. You were going to follow them back, you really were, but something caught your interest. Alex finally noticed who was in the room, he walked in and closed the door behind him. Walls are paper thin though, you never considered yourself nosey but you had a bad feeling. No one else is around…

“Mr. Vice President, Mr. Madison, Senator Burr… What is this?” Alex sounded suspicious.

“We have the check stubs from separate accounts.” Jefferson stated. What are they talking about?

“Almost a thousand dollars paid in different amounts.” Madison continued. Why does this sound familiar?

“To a Mr. James Reynolds all the way back from 1791.” Burr finished. Wait a second…

“You are uniquely situated by virtue of your position.” Madison voiced.

“Though ‘virtue’ is not a word I’d apply to this situation.” Jefferson really knows how to finish thoughts doesn’t he?

“To seek financial gain, you have strayed from our sacred nation.” Madison too I guess?

“And the evidence suggests you engaged in speculation.” Speculation?

“An immigrant embezzling our government funds!” Not you too Burr… Aren’t you supposed to be his friend?

“I can almost hear the headlines; your career is done.” Madison said simply.

“I hope saved some money for your daughter and sons.”

“You best want to run back where you from.” Fuck you too Jefferson! You heard Alex chuckle.

“You don’t even know what you’re asking me to confess. You know nothing, I don’t have to tell you anything at all…unless…”

“Unless?” Jefferson questioned.

“If I can prove that I never broke the law, do you promise not to tell a soul who you saw?” Alex asked. You heard someone mumble something, you couldn’t quite make out what it was.

“Is that a yes?” Alex asked once again.

“Um, yes?” Madison seemed to say but it sounded more like a question. You didn’t realize how close you were pressed up to the door at this point. Alex, please don’t… You heard a drawer opening, the sound of feet shuffling and papers being sift through, then it was Burr’s voice, he sounded like he was reciting something.

“Dear Sir, I hope this letter finds you in good health and in a prosperous enough position to put wealth in the pockets of people like me down on their luck. You see, that was my wife you decided to-“ Shit! What are you doing Alex?! You swung open the door, the sound of the door hitting the wall sounding eerily familiar.

“Excuse me!” You called out, making the four men stop what they were doing and look over at you.

“Titania? What are you-“ Alex began to ask, an incredulous look on his face.

“Mr. Hamilton! Eliz- er, I mean Mrs. Hamilton requests for your immediate presence!” What the hell am I doing? What the hell am I saying?!

“Titania?” Jefferson asked in a confused tone.

“Mr. Hamilton? Titania, since when do-“ Alex this is not the time for questions!

“It is very urgent sir! There is no time!” You jogged into the room and up to Alex, locking your arm around his and pulling him along. As you passed Burr you grabbed the letter out of his hand.

“Forgive me, I cannot let you read Mr. Hamilton’s documents while he isn’t present! Now come along sir, Lady Betsy needs you right now!” You practically ran out of the room, dragging Alex behind you and leaving the three men to soak in their own questions. Eliza and Rachel are in the parlor, Philip and the children are upstairs in their rooms, where do I even go? You ended up leading Alex to his and Eliza’s room. It’s the closest place where I can talk to him! You pushed him to the room, ran in and slammed the door behind you and pressing your back against it to make sure no one would try to open it. Alex looked at you, utterly dumbfounded.

“Y/N, what in God’s name are you doing? First of all, it is rude to pull someone out of important meeting like that! Second of all, you had no business to be listening in on said meeting, do not even pretend as through you weren’t! And third of all, a lady should not be locking a married ma-“

“Alex none of that matters right now! What the hell were you thinking? You were just about to tell some of the most influential men in the country that you were having an affair! Don’t you even pretend like you weren’t!” You tried not to raise your voice. I really fucking wish I could quiet yell like Eliza can! Alex suddenly turned pale in the face.

“How…How do you know about that? I,I never spoke of it to anyone until now…” Alex looked at you as if he were questioning the entire world. How do I get myself out of this?

“Alex, I know you and I’m no fool. It isn’t hard to connect the dots…” That won’t be enough.

“You saw the letters, didn’t you?” Alex asked, shame filling his eyes. You were taken aback for a moment; did he really just give you an out here?

“Alex, listen to me. I am your friend, you treat me like a daughter and Eliza does the same. I care for both of you, and because of that I need to give you some crucial advice…” Ok Y/N, time to use that History degree you’re working for! Alex looked at you sullenly as you continued.

“Do not, under any circumstances, give them anymore access to those letters, it will not end well. And please Alex, you need to talk to Eliza. I know you’ve been keeping this from her but she is your wife! I know you love her; I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone love another person more. She deserves to know the truth.” Alex looked conflicted, half of him was saying that you were right and the other was trying to drag him back into secrecy.

“Titania… I don’t know if I can. You heard what they were saying, they are slandering my name with talks of treason! I cannot allow that. And Betsy… she would never look at me the same…” He trailed off, looking even more defeated than he did before. I don’t know if there’s anything else I can do…

“Alex, I know these decisions are hard but… I’m going to have to trust that you make the right one.” You straightened your posture and stepped up to Alexander, making sure he could see the sincerity in your eyes. You placed your hand on his shoulder reassuringly, he looked like a lost puppy. I’m not used to Alex looking this sad, it wasn’t even this bad when he got fired.

“Thank you…Titania. I’ll try to make this right, but I must ask a favor of you. Do not speak of this to Eliza yet, like you said, it’s best that I tell her myself. Just not yet, I promise I’ll tell her soon, I just need to figure out how to tell her…”

“Of course Alex, just please try not to wait too long. I’m here for you if you need any help ok?” He nodded, looking a little a bit better now. You let your grip on the letter soften and gave it back to Alex. Geez, that paper looks a lot more wrinkled than it did before…oops. You both walked out of the room, trying to be as quiet as possible while making your way back to the study. You could hear people still moving around in the room. Jefferson and the others must still be in there. Alex opened the door and took a step inside.

“Forgive me gentlemen, my wife is a bit unwell as of right now. We just received a child last week so she is still quite frail. I’m going to need to ask you to leave, we can continue this conversation at a later date. Titania, would you show our guests out please?”

“Yes, of course, I’ll see to it right away, sir.” You said softly. It’s weird to call him sir. Alex walked away, going in the direction of the parlor. You looked on at the men in the room.

“If you will please follow me, sirs.” You side stepped to allow the others to exit the room, Jefferson was the last to pass by you. He looked down at you and you could see two things written on his face, questions and resolutions. You picked up the pace so that you were in front of them, leading them toward the front door. You opened it up, Aaron walked out silently. Madison bowed his head to you and thanked you for your services. Jefferson’s voice rang out.

“Give me but a moment friends, I have some questions for Miss Titania here.” You felt the door you were holding open close and your back hitting it. Your eyes were filled with the color magenta; he was very close. Magenta is turning into a really ugly color.

“Alright Y/N or Titania or whatever your real name is. I know what you’re up to.” He whispered into your ear.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You practically spat. If this asshole doesn’t take a step back, we’re going to have some issues.

“You can’t fool me; I know a scandal when I see one. Now listen up, there’s only so many explanations as to what’s going on here.” He stated, you had a very bad feeling about this.

“Oh then please Mr. Jefferson, do enlighten me. What is your explanation?” You were pissed, you were beyond pissed in fact.

“Alexander had an affair, that much is plainly obvious. With Mr. Reynolds wife no less. Eliza was telling me a bit about you, how you showed up out of the blue, how close you and Alexander are…” He trailed off.

“What are you implying?” You gritted your teeth.

“Come on now, a pretty girl like you? Those checks were made out a while ago, no way another affair hasn’t happened in that time frame. You, Miss Y/N, are the second mistress.” Excuse me?! What the fuck?! He kept talking.

“I, myself, have a bit of interest in the working girl as well, so I can’t say that I don’t understand his reasons. Now this can go when one of two ways. Either you say no to my proposition and I ruin Alex’s career with this new found information or you say yes.” He did not just fucking say that to me!

“And what exactly is this ‘proposition’?” You snarled, he heard him give a deep, sinister chuckle. He placed his hand under your chin and pulled your face closer to his.

“As I said, I am quite interested in the working girl, I’m sure it isn’t too hard to figure out. So what do you say?” He asked, a fiendish smile on his face. If this bastard thinks he’s going to manipulate me, he’s got another thing coming!

“No way in he-“ Just as you were pushing his hand away you heard a voice. Why do I keep getting interrupted today?! You heard the voice and footsteps coming from the staircase.

“Mr. Jefferson, I would suggest you step away from Miss Y/N. It would not be good for your reputation to have this get out. Are we clear?” It was Philip, standing in the middle of the room. He looked even angrier than you did. Jefferson gave another chuckle, taking a step back from you.

“Well, it was nice to make your acquaintance, Titania.” He said plainly as he straightened his posture, you stepped out of the way of the door and he was gone in an instant. The door and shut and you were immediately walking up to Philip.

“What the hell was that?” You questioned angrily

“I should be asking you the same thing! Y/N, I told you to be careful around him, that man isn’t someone to be taken lightly!” He was upset, you couldn’t tell if he was upset with you or with something else.

“I was handling it! I could’ve gotten him to leave with-“

“I know you could’ve Y/N! But I’m not sorry! I just don’t want to see you get hurt!” He seemed to shutter at his own words. Philip…

“I, I’m sorry Philly… I didn’t mean to… You were just trying to help and I-“ You were cut off by Philip wrapping his arms around you, gently hugging you.

“Don’t be sorry, just let me say something. We’re friends, you’re my friend and I’m yours. Friends are supposed to rely on each other, so don’t try and handle everything yourself. I know I’d rely on you and I wish you’d do the same for me when it’s helpful. Can you at least promise me that you’ll trust me more?” He asked, pulling away so he could see you. Some friend I’ve been, huh? He just helped you get rid of some annoying asshole and here you are getting mad at him. You heaved a sigh.

“You have a real knack for stopping people in the middle of their sentences… Ok Philly, I promise.” You gave him a small smile and his whole face seemed to light up.

“Thank you! But don’t call me Philly, Angie already does that enough!” You laughed at his comment. He’s always able to calm me down, don’t take Philip’s kindness for granted Y/N…

“Not a chance sunshine boy! I’m going to hold these names over you for the rest of my days!” You laughed, you suddenly felt light headed.

“Whoa, you ok their Y/N? You look pale all of a sudden.” Philip said with concern. What’s going on?

“Yeah, just a lot of commotion happening at once. I think I… I think I need to lay down for a bit…” Your head was throbbing, you’ve felt this pain before, the feeling of being pulled at from different directions. You began to walk off.

“Do you need some help?” Philip asked.

“I’m just going to rest for a bit, can I talk to you later Philip?” He nodded.

“Of course, I’ll be up in my room working if you need me, ok?”

“Thanks Philly…” You made your way down the halls to the living quarters and then into your room. You saw your journal entry still on the small desk and fell down on to your bed. Everything hurt, it was hard to breath, hard to move. I just keep getting more questions to answer don’t I? This was the last thought you had before you drifted off into unconsciousness.

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Since you love Coraline, what if Widowmaker is the "other mother" or in this case, "other lover" and s/o realizes that maybe they need to leave before they get buttons sewn into their face.


There was no question that you loved Amelie with all of your heart. She was a kind and wonderful woman whose beauty and grace outshone almost everyone else’s. But, even though you knew you were one of the luckiest people on Earth for getting to be with her, you wished that she had more time to be with you.

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Tumblr Prompt ( Jung Kook / OC)

AU and Genre : High School ( Drama romance crying and teen angst) 

      ~~~~~~~~Some things we don’t talk about
       Rather do without
                      And just hold the smile
Falling in and out of love
                     Ashamed and proud of
Together all the while ~~~~~

 Honk , Honk. 

“ Jesus Christ!” My mother exclaimed, fingers slipping on her hair straightener thingy and accidentally burning her forehead in the process. 

“Sorry mom.” My sister said apologetically grabbing her bag and glancing out to where her boyfriend’s car sat parked in the driveway, said boyfriend honking impatiently. 

“Could you not find a nice boy like Jung Kook? He always comes and picks your sister up at the door.” My mother gave me a fond glance.

“That’s because , Y/N lets him sleep with other girls.” She whispered so only i could hear  and I glared at her.

“Shut up!” i snarled.

“It’s true isn’t it? you aren’t dating jung Kook. Why don’t you tell mom that?” 

“You think I haven’t told her that?! She just wants to live under the delusion that her plain daughter landed the hottest guy in school. why break her heart?” I grinned. “ Jung Kook is my best friend and i love him.” 

As if on cue, Jung Kook’s classy sedan rolled into the driveway without any unnecessary noise.We both stared silently as he got out, running a hand through his hair. He looked great, the fitted uniform doing wonders for his strapping handsome frame.

He looked gorgeous. 

“Still, you should be given an award. If I was you, I’d climb that like a tree.” My sister said wistfully, staring at him and i laughed, shoving her away. 

“Shut up. That’s just… ew…” I wrinkled my nose. Not because Jung Kook wasn’t sexy but… well, he was my best friend. And any lustful thought i might have had for him had faded three years ago, in freshman year when he’d sat next to me in Math and begged me to help him pass. 

“Good Morning, Mrs. Kim.!” Jung Kook called out cheerfully and i grabbed my bag, moving out into the living room. jung Kook brightened considerably when he saw me. 

“Hey, sweetie! REady?” He smiled, buny teeth flashing bright and i grinned.

“Sure, did you finish the History assignment?” I said eagerly, grabbing lunch money and slipping it into my jacket pocket before kissing my mom on the cheek. My mother patted Jung Kook’s cheek fondly.

“So handsome.” She cooed and jung Kook’s nose wrinkled as he ducked his head shyly. 

“’I couldn’t find that passage about the Japanese invasion though…” He said wistfully and I laughed.

“I knew you wouldn’t! it’s not there in the past chapters. It’s in the last chapter!” I said with a grin and he groaned. “ it’s okay, Kookie, you can write it off mine. Come on, let’s go.” 

“What would i do without you, sweetie.” He ruffled my hair and I yelped, reaching for the silky strands. 

“Don’t mess my hair..!” I warned. 

“Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?!” He challenged, grabbing handfuls of my hair and lifting the strands up over my head. 

I dug my fingers into his side, pushing away thoughts on how ripped he felt through the thin material of the uniform shirt. I tickled him mercilessly and he laughed , letting go of my hair and pulling back with a laugh.

“Little menace!! “ He wrapped his arm around my shoulders, forearm pressing into my neck as he pulled me into a headlock and dragged me to the car. 

Yup, jung Kook was my best friend.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

~~~~~~~~~~You can never say never
     While we don’t know when
                     But time and time again
Younger now than we were before ~~~~~~~


“She’s new….”

“She’s like really really pretty….” 

“And apparently, she sings  and  dances. She’s prettier than most idols.” 

“She studied in the US…. “ 

I rolled my eyes. who was this mysetry girl, by the way? I’d been hearing about her all day. But I had better things to do. Like get to my evening study class on time. To make things worse, I’d been stranded in the grounds after going to the library and gotten caught in a hideous summer shower. My hair was soaked , hanging in wet clumps around my face , so were my clothes and I wanted to peel my jacket off because of the cold.  it was mid september and I cursed myself for forgetting my blanket at home. 

I pushed the rest of my books into the locker and then groaned when someone elbowed into me accidentally, knocking me off balance. 

The whole stack fell back out, landing in a mess on the floor. it was already a little past five and i had my self study classes in five minutes. i stared at the books and the scattered worksheets wondering what I’d done to deserve such bad karma.. 

I was so done with the day, honestly. 

Resisting the urge to just burst into tears, I knelt into the mess and started picking my worksheets again. 

“What’s wrong?” Jung Kook asked, plopping next to me and grabbing a couple of books and I shrugged. 

“I’m tired. Don’t you have practice?” I said curiously. Jung Kook was in the basketball team and one of the star players. 

“I’m on my way… but then i saw you looking like a drowned rat. Did you fall into the pool again?” He teased. I shoved his shoulders but of course he was built like a wall and barely flinched. 

“I got caught in the rain!” I said miserably, pressing the books in and pul;ling my jacket off swiftly, stuffing it into the locker.

“Wh-What are you-you doing?” Jung Kook spluttered and i blinked , watching as he dropped the books he’d picked up and pulled his own jacket off, pushing it up over my chest hard. I lost my balance and toppled over, landing hard on my ass. 

“What was that for?!” I cried out, stunned as my hair fell into my face like a dead racoon. 

Jung Kook looked horrified as he reached for me.

“Oh, shit! Did i hurt you…I’m sorry sweetie…!! It’s just.. your shirt… it’s wet …and white…” He stammered and I glanced down at my blouse which  was  wet. But not scandalously see-through or something!

Rolling my eyes , i tossed his jacket back at him.

“I’m not wearing your jacket.” i said firmly, imagining the kind of flak that would get me from the legions of girls who ‘ loved ‘ him. i struggled up, letting him grab my arm and lift me up. i picked the rest of the book and shoved them into my locker. 

i was already running late. 

Jung Kook stepped up in front of my locker, holding his jacket up. i groaned. 

“Move. I’m late!” i said firmly. 

“Sweetie…” He whined. “ Come on.. that’s just indecent! You can’t go around looking like that…” 

I ignored him, grabbing my worksheets and my math book , before shutting my locker firmly. Jung kook draped his jacket over my shoulder just as i was walking away and I glared at him.

“For me…” He begged.” do this for me?” 

What a pain.

I pulled the jacket closer, momentarily thrown by how amazing the fabric smelt and how warm it was on my chilled flesh. Jung Kook looked very happy as he waved bye. 

I chuckled once i was out of sight. 

The weirdo. 

~~~~~~~Don’t let me go
Don’t let me go
              Don’t let me go ~~~~~~~~


“That’s Rose.” My study partner, Park Jimin nudged my elbow and i glanced curiously as the door to the study session opened. I caught sight of the girl, tall and lithe with a beautiful figue and a truly beautfiul face. She had strawberry blonde hair, falling in lush curls over her chest, nearly hitting her waist and soft , pink lips parted in  a smile as she bowed politely and moved to her seat.

The excessive gushing seemed completely warranted, i thought in genuine admiration. She was really quite beautiful. As i watched , two of the most poluar girls in my class, Irene and Seulgi grabbed her arm, pulling her close to sit with them. i felt a pang of disappointment at that. Rose seemed nice. But Irene and Seulgi hated me because of how close i was to Jung Kook. Likely, they would turn her against me by the end of today.

i griamced. 

Oh, well. Better things to worry about, y/n . I told myself firmly. 

“ She looks nice right?” Jimin sighed and I rolled up a work sheet and whacked him on the head with it. He grinned and yanked on my hair playfully.

“too bad she got together with those bloodsucking witches “ Jimin whispered. 

 i giggled as he feigned tossing his hair over his back, a sassy smirk on his face, 

“Mr.. Park , Ms. Kim!! You’re here to study!” The teacher called out boredly and we sobered up quickly, 

As our study session got over, jimin gave me a quick hug.

“Hey, you wanna meet me for a study session this weekend?” He said brightly and I smiled apologetically.

“I’m sorry Jimin. You know i always do Math with jung kook on thw weekends.” 

Jimin pouted.

“Why does he get to have you all to himself. It’s not like you guys are even dating. What if you had a boyfriend , would he let you out of his sight at least then?” He grimaced. 

I laughed, shaking my head.

“Where would I go find a boyfriend?” i said , amused. i stuck my books into my bag and glanced at the door. Jung Kook wasn’t here yet. But then it was already a little past 11.00 PM. i wasn’t sure if he was still there. 

“Well, you could. It’s not illegal to date.” Jimin pointed out, gaze oddly serious as he watched me, eyes lingering a bit too long on my cheeks. i felt heat rush up my face. 

Jimin wasn’t exactly  subtle  with his hints but I was just so awkward that I usually pretended i didn’t notice. 

I liked jimin.

 i really didn’t want to hurt him but i wasn’t sure if I liked him that way. Sure , he was really handsome, muscular and genuinely one of the sweetest guys I’d ever met. 


 Jung Kook.  

i sighed. My best friend’s face always floated in , whenever I tried to imagine myself with Jimin. Maybe that was because Jimin and jung Kook didn’t get along that well.

 It wasn’t because of me or something. 

They were just different people. Jimin was a singer and a dancer. Jung kook was the typical jock who loved basketball. Jimin excelled in studies. Jung Kook hated anything that required him to sit in a place and put his mind to work . Jung Kook was introverted and shy and jimin was just bright and social and friendly with everyone. 

i was a lot like jung Kook , except I liked jimin . He treated me really well and was one of the very few friends I had in school. 

“Of course it’s not illegal. It’s just not.. possible. What with all these study sessions and tests we need to work for. i would never get time to be with a boyfriend.” i said firmly. 

“Well, if being your boyfriend means spending time with you , i think i already qualify , don’t I? We spend so many hours together a week. ” He said with a rare streak of courage and i startled, too stunned to formulate a response. 

i just gaped at him, trying to get my brain to function. ‘

Jimin sighed and reached out for me.

“Y/n, i want to be your-” 

“Sweetie!! You ready?!!” Jung Kook’s loud voice boomed through the classroom, making both of us jump. i jumped back from jimin like i’d been scalded. 

Guilt flashed through me like a streak of lightning and I told myself it was absolutely ridiculous. i ignored jimin completely, grabbing my bag and not even sparing him a glance before grabbing jung Kook’s jacket and all but rushing out to Jung Kook. 

“You okay? you look a little red..Are you coming down with a fever, sweetie? .” Jung Kook said concernedly, reaching out to press the back of his palm on my forehead and I shook my head glancing over his shoulder to see jimin. 

But it’s not Jimin who catches my eye.

It’s Rose. 

She was standing perfectly still, staring at jung Kook like she hadn’t had a single scrap of food in an entire month and he was a full course meal. 

I frowned at the way her eyes rested right on his strong hips, tongue darting out to lick her lips as she traced the muscles of his back , apparent through the sweat soaked white t shirt , in shameless appreciation.

I felt like a voyeur suddenly, heart pounding as the implication sank in. Did Rose, like jung Kook?

Well, it wasn’t exactly surprising. Every girl  liked Jung Kook at some point. it was like a rite of passage in my school. Have your period ,  have your hair dyed, have a crush on Jeon Jung Kook. 

Every girl went through it. 

This wasn’t serious. 

Besides, it really shouldn’t bother me. 

Jung Kook was my friend. My best friend. If a girl like Rose wants to be with him, i should be happy for him. 


So why did my insides feel like writhing snakes?? 

~~~~~~~~~~~You can never say never
While we don’t know when
                        Time, time, time again
Younger now than we were before ~~~~~~~~


“Hi… Y/n, right?” 

I shut my eyes, taking a deep breath and putting a smile on my face before turning around. 

“Uh.. yeah. hi, Rose.” 

“Hi.” She smiled shyly, looking at her sneakers and up close she looked even more perfect.

“Can I help you?” I said softly.

 Don’t say it… please don’t.  

“About you and jung kook…. you guys… are you?” She said curiously.

“No. Umm.. We’re just friends … We’re not together no.” i said , tasting sawdust in my tongue as the words tumbled out. The relief on her face felt like a nail in my coffin and she smiled wide, really wide.

“Thank you.. i… i just really like him.” She ducked her head shyly , looking incredibly cute  and i remembered how much jung Kook liked cute things. 

Teddy bears. Back hugs. Sharing the same winter jacket. Couple mugs. This thing were he always made me put my hands into his jacket pockets when we stood in lines at the movie thetare or cafeteria. 

Jung kook would love her. 

Misery crept up as I tried and failed to feel happy for him. 


It didn’t really sink in till I saw Jung Kook laughing with Rose at the end of school a few days later. I stopped, a good seven or eight feet away and as I watched, Rose giggled, lightly hitting Jung Kook in the chest. He was wearing his school uniform , jacket off and on one shoulder as he leaed against the locker, hips pressing into the metal frame and long legs crossed as he laughed. 

He looked so incredibly good that I felt mildly light headed. I thought he looked amazing and the urge to hug, to touch and to just  cherish  was overwhelming.

Self disgust welled up quickly after. I hated myself for feeling this way about my best friend. 

I saw Jung Kook everyday.

 it was just unfair to start wanting to be with him more, just because there was a girl interested him. It was so petty, so wrong. 

He was my best friend. 

My best friend, who was smiling at a really beautiful girl who obviously liked him , watching her closely and i felt like an intruder. 

I almost turned on my heel and ran off, but jung Kook caught sight of me and grinned, waving. 

“ Hey, babe!! Over here ! ” He called out. I stuttered out a smile, feet still feeling a bit leaden as I forced myself to go closer. 

“Hi Y/n… Jung Kook was just telling me he would take me to the Ice Cream parlor down the street…. Would you like to join us?” Rose said brightly. 

“Now? I thought we could do that some other -” jung Kook started but Rose pouted. 

“Please, Kookie…” She smiled, batting pretty lashes and I swallowed the dryness in my throat. 

And yeah, i wasn’t an idiot. 

I was hurting and honestly the thought of Jung Kook with Rose felt a bit like i was drowning in the ocean , but …. but I wasn’t an idiot.

“I have classes!” I blurted out. Jung Kook frowned. 

“no you don’t… it’s Friday…”

“Well, I promised jimin I would study with him…” I said hastily and jung Kook’s face went perfectly blank. 

“Jimin? Park Jimin?” He stared at me evenly and I nodded frantically.

“Uh… Yeah. So you guys should go have fun… Get the blueberry flavored one… It’s… it’s really good..” I whispered, my mind unhelpfully conjuring up an image of Jung Kook smearing the blue ice cream on my nose last week, bunny teeth peeking out as he admired his masterpiece. 

I wanted to cry. 

“ Sweetie…” Jung Kook started but I was already turning on my heel and rushing off. 


i spent the weekend in my room. I ignored all calls from Jung Kook, and even told my mom to tell him I was sick and ddin’t want to see him. My mother clearly did not approve of my methods. But she loved me enough to indulge me and although my heart broke as I hugged my bunny plushie, hearing jung Kook’s low polite voice in the doorstep going, “ Just let me see her for a seond, Mrs. kim… i won’t bother her…”  , I still held myself back.

It was partially true. I did end up crying myself to sleep on friday night and woke up on Saturday with a raging fever. To make matters worse, it was pouring cats and dogs, which meant that i couldn’t even go walk around the backyard or play with my neighbour Taehyung’s dog, Soonshim. 

But the wet weather fit well with my miserable mood, especially when I saw all the facebook pics of Rose with Jung Kook.

#New Friend.

#Start of Something New. , she had tagged her photos. 

Against my better judgement, I got down on my knees on the bedroom floor and carefully pulled out the hidden cardboard box, collecting dust because of it’s position. I opened it tentatively, staring thoughtfully at the greeting cards, the thank you notes, the polaroids, chocolate wrappers and silly string. 

It was a catalogue of my friendship with Jung Kook and I stared at some of the older photos, the way we had been so awkward standing next to each other. But then , the pictures changed, the way he got steadily closer, the way his arms went from awkwardly on his sides, to the top of my shoulder, then around my waist and in the latest one, wrapped full around my body like we were one. Like my body was just an extension of his.  

And it wasn’t just him. 

My own face in those photos betrayed my emotions as well : first it was just shy awkwardness, and then a sort of  tentative friendship , and then  a sort of helpless fondness which blossomed into endless affection and now it was just this raging mix of love and attraction and adoration and I was so, so screwed,. 

I stared at the photos, realizing that it wasn’t just our bodies getting closer. My heart had been getting dangerously close too. And I was just the idiot who failed to realize it. 

I wanted to sleep the entire winter away.

On Sunday evening, my mother told me that Jung Kook had come to visit and I finally dragged myself up from the bed. I was over it , in the sense that I thought I could look at him and not actually cry. I could tell him that i was happy for him. i also knew I owed him an explanation. I had shut him out without an explanation and jung Kook deserved an explanation

I could tell him that I was okay with him and rose being together. 

i found him in the living room, dressed in a nice button down, hair styled neatly and i blinked . 

“Hey…” He said cheerfully and i hesitated.

“You.. You look nice.” I said stupidly. 

“You don’t… “ He laughed. “ Why don’t you throw on something nice…i’ll take you out to dinner. You’ve been cooped up all weekend.” He said hesitantly , and I suddenly wanted to kiss him for not bringing up my psychotic behaviour. We would have to talk but he was giving me time to ease into it and I loved him for it. 

“Okay…Okay…I’ll be right down.” 

I rushed back into my room, locking it and going to my closet. There was the usual t shirts and jeans and i hesitated staring at the clothes, feeling completely lost. 

A knock on the door startled me.

“Y/N?” My mother’s voice called out gently. I flushed, moving to open the door.

“Mom, I’m-” i stopped when she pressed one of her own gowns into my hand.

“Wear this. It’s new and it should fit you well.”


“Something tells me tonight’s going to be a very special night for both of you.” She grinned . “ And i want you to feel good about yourself.” 

I stared at the pale blue dress , the exact shade of Jung Kook’s shirt and i smiled bleakly.

“You really think so?” i said hesitantly. 

“Of course i do… Now get dressed and go put that poor boy out of his misery. “ 


~~~~~~~~~Picture, you’re the queen of everything
As far as the eye can see
                   Under your command
I will be your guardian
                   When all is crumbling
I steady your hand ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“You…umm… look nice.” Jung Kook said softly, holding the door open for me and though he’s done it a million times before , it feels different. Everything feels different. 

“ Thanks.” i said, staring out the window. “ I’m sorry about this weekend. I just…I needed some time… i guess.” 

“Hmm…. why?”


“Why did you need time, y/n? What did you need it for? You never needed time off from me before? So what changed?” Jung Kook said softly. 

i bit my lips in consternation. 

“You know what-” I fumbled with the radio, eager to get some music on just to get rid of the awkwardness. 

I jumped a little at the familiar words, flushing and moving fast to change the song but jung Kook’s hand shot out, gripping my wrist with surprising speed.

“Leave it… I like this song….” he whispered. 

And then he was reaching out and looping his fingers with mine. 

“I… Jung Kook…”

“i should have done this a long time ago, right?” 

“I.. what are you-”

“It’s you, Y/N” He said clearly, fingers squeezing around my hand. “ It’s always been you. It will always be you.” He raised my hand up to his lips and pressed a kiss to my skin. 

“Jung Kook…” 

“I love you.” He said, voice steady and even , not an ounce of doubt. “ I love you.” 

And I stared at him, my best friend, my better half , the boy who would always be special. 

And i felt foolish. 

For doubting for even a second that Jung Kook would choose me in the end. If there was one thing I could count on , always, it was jung Kook. 

Of course we were going to fall in love.

Of course.

Because how else would this end, really? 

“And Rose…?” i couldn’t stop myself. 

“Is a stranger. i don’t know her. I don’t particularly want to either. But you… you baby, you’re my everything.” 

“I love you too, Jung Kook. I am in love with you. ” I said softly. The words that i’d never dared to voice, even in my head, felt so natural coming off my lips that i couldn’t help but smile. 

I felt the tears sting and I laughed.

it seemed so surreal, being able to say it out loud.

He laughed.

“I know. I’ve always known.” 

I grinned.

“But it’s good to say it .. out loud sometimes. “ i whispered.

“Oh, i plan to say if out loud. Often. Everyday.” He winked.


We’re falling apart and coming together again and again
We’re growing apart but we pull it together, pull it together, together again



Author’s Note : Me practicing fluff. Is this fluff? its still angsty… lol… i don’t know what to say anymore. leave me a comment and i will love you forever. 

anonymous asked:

Could u do a zayn blurb where he's dating ur best friend but u like him and he finds out and admits he likes u too?

This probably wasn’t what you wanted. But I think this is actually pretty good for me.

When you told your best friend that you liked the guy in your English class, she agreed he was very cute and shrugged it off. While you pined over the boy in class, you finally built up the nerve to ask him to study with you. He agreed easily and gave you his number. The two of you met up at the coffee shop on campus and bought you a cup of your favorite drink. Instantly, the two of you clicked. No longer did your stomach flip nervously around him, you felt as if you had known him your whole life.

Zayn’s smile was gentle and kind. His voice was velvety soft and he practically glowed when he spoke about art or music. He was pursuing a career as a writer and hoped to be in the publishing business. After reading a couple of his essays over the next few months you had no doubt he would do amazing in such a field.

Already, you had a bit of a side career as a photographer. You imagined you would end up as an art teacher as well, but you had been doing fairly well taking photos of weddings and high school students. You even managed to get your name into a couple magazines every now and again.

In addition to studying almost every day (even when the two of you didn’t have homework in English), you texted one another all day. After all but two months, you were inseparable and people began to ask you when you were going to be dating. Blushing, you shrugged and wondered if Zayn’s friends asked him that too.

About six months into you pining over this perfect boy, your friend came up to you and said, “I asked Zayn out.” She said nonchalantly.

Blinking rapidly and shaking your head quickly, you gazed at her in surprise. “What?” You wondered. At that moment, your stomach knotted like nothing you had ever felt before.

She shrugged. Like it didn’t even matter that she was going out with a demigod. “I asked him out on a date. We’re going this Friday.”

At first you wanted to cry. You told her you liked him. Then you wanted to scream. This was not fair. But how could Zayn let it happen too? It was just not fair. “Oh,” you managed to croak after a few moments of several different emotions coursing through your head. “That’s great,” you mustered a fake smile and you wondered how well you really knew this girl.

“Thanks, I’m excited, he’s really hot and we connect a lot.”

You hated her intensely all at once and you didn’t even feel guilty. Jealousy panged in every blood cell. “I’m happy for you, the two of you would be really great together,” you swallowed painfully.


You were working at the clothing store near campus and in walked two boys that you thought looked really familiar. You greeted them with a smile, asking if you could help them find anything. For a moment the pair stared at you a little too intently and you curiously looked away from them. You knew they were looking at your name tag and then they were coming toward you. A little uncomfortable, they both smirked and then the blond one said with an Irish accent, “Do you know a Zayn Malik?” He asked.

You bit your lip. “Yes…I go to school with him. We study pretty regularly.”

“Wow, he wasn’t kidding when he said you were beautiful,” The curly brown-haired boy said.

You blushed. “Oh. That’s kind of him.”

“I’m Niall,” the blond one said.

“Harry,” the curly-haired one said. “We’ve heard a lot about you,” he grinned.

“Really?” You murmured and felt your cheeks deepening in color.

Niall shoved his hands in his pockets. “He’s very smitten,” he said knowingly with a shit-eating grin on his lips.

You shook your head and went back to folding some shirts. “No…no he’s not.”

“Trust me, love,” Harry nodded and smirked knowingly. “We’ve not seen him quite like this in a very long time,” he explained.

You felt tears well in your eyes. If all that was true, he wouldn’t be dating your best friend. Neither of you talked about the date. But you knew it went well from your friend. And then they started seeing each other more regularly. Zayn didn’t hang out with you every day. When you did get to hang out with him, she was always there. It felt like your months and months of friendship meant nothing all of a sudden. Zayn still texted you, but it wasn’t the same anymore and you were sad. You wanted to hate her, kill her. But you were giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she forgot that you liked him…you hadn’t made any moves to—

“Love, what’s wrong?” Niall cooed and you sniffled wiping your eyes.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.”

“Clearly not,” Harry said rubbing your back. “What happened?”

You swallowed. “He’s dating my best friend…so I just don’t believe you guys. And…I really liked him and told her so…” you cried openly.

They both looked at each other and then pouted at you. “That’s despicable,” Niall said. “He only talked about you for the past year practically and he’s dating someone else. How long has this been going on?” He wondered.

You shrugged. “They’ve only been seeing each other about five months.”

“Five months?!” Harry shrieked. “That’s inexcusable. He talks about how sweet you are all the time…we assumed he was dating you…we didn’t know he was talking about two different girls.”

And really, they wouldn’t know—classes were over except for summer courses. They probably hadn’t seen Zayn since winter break. You kept crying.

“What time are you done?” Niall wondered.

“About an hour,” you told them.

“You’re coming home with us,” Harry said. Without a question. You were ordered. “We’re going to get drunk and we’re going to have a nice long night shit talking.”

You giggled despite yourself. “Thanks.”

“No worries, princess,” Niall said pinching your cheek. “You won’t need ol’ Zaynie after this.”


You didn’t get drunk, but you did enjoy your beverages. Niall and Harry also invited Liam and his girlfriend as well as Louis and his girlfriend.

“That asshole!” Sophia gasped. “Oh my goodness, you should hear how he speaks about you! This is so unbelievable,” she cooed. “I’m so sorry, I have no idea what to say.”

“We can kill him for you if you want,” Louis said, a little sloshed. “We won’t like it, but we will.”

You giggled and shyly sipped your drink. Harry was braiding your hair, saying his sister taught him how and it was a real charm with the ladies but it was also good to be pampered. Plus, no one had played with your hair in a while and it felt very good.

Your phone buzzed with a message from your best friend. I haven’t seen you in a while. Did you go home?

No…just out with friends.

Oh…well…hmm. Would you mind not coming back until…haha well, you know.

You burst into tears on the spot and the small gathering seemed still itself. Liam rushed to get you tissues and Eleanor came to sit beside you. Harry soothingly rubbed your back…as he had read the messages over your shoulder. “This is not fair,” you hiccupped. “I’m sorry,” you shook your head. “You must all think I’m insane.”

“No, love, not at all!” Niall cooed.

“Darling, he wouldn’t stop talking about you. You were all we heard about. We kept asking when the wedding was,” Louis said suddenly much more sober than he was but moments ago.

You wiped your eyes and you shook your head. “Can I stay here the night?” You asked Eleanor. She nodded rapidly.

“Whatever you need,” she patted your knee.


You didn’t talk to your best friend much over the summer. You tried to stay away from her and Zayn as much as possible. Eleanor and Sophia were a great help and you felt a lot better being with them rather than hiding from the couple you were starting to despise.

But you couldn’t help running into them sooner or later. The town was only so big.

“Hey bird,” Zayn grinned. He pulled you close for a hug and you wanted to pull away but he smelled really good. “I’ve missed you—you gotta come see the books I’ve been reading. They’re all really good. How are you?” He asked quickly.

You shrugged trying to be as brave as possible and you smiled politely. “Good, busy. You know,” you said casually.

“Well, can we hang out sometime? I miss our study dates.”

You hated the way he said dates. You bit your lip. “Um…maybe…” You wanted to explain further, but you didn’t know how. Anything you said would sound petty and jealous and bitter.

Shaking his head he blinked at you. “Maybe?” He repeated suspiciously. “So…then you are ignoring me,” he stated as a fact. “Interesting, I was hoping I was just being a shitty friend, I didn’t realize I offended you,” he said bitterly.

You shook your head wondering how this turned on you. You were just waiting for Sophia to come to the mall from work. You were going to get mani-pedis together after you finished your summer course and received a grant from your university to continue some research. The rest of the group had promised a celebratory drink later that evening and Sophia insisted on some pampering.


“You know what, forget it. I hope you enjoy your new friends. I mean my friends. But whatever,” he scoffed about to walk away.

Now in your really close months of friendship, Zayn had seen almost every emotion you had. But there was one he had never seen—that was betrayal. You told him it wasn’t good because you were betrayed more than you cared to admit. So for him to blame this on you, well. You were done.

“Hey!” You shouted. You didn’t care who heard. You grabbed Zayn by the arm yanking him to face you. “I loved you. I pined after you. And then she asked you on a date and you said yes. Like you had no clue how gone I was for you. All I wanted was to be around you and my best friend asks you on a date and you leave me high and dry. I didn’t believe it because it was so obvious to everyone I wanted to be with you. No. I didn’t take your friends, Zayn. They comforted me when I found out you two were getting along so swimmingly and you had fucking sex in my apartment!” You were shrieking smacking your hands against his chest and you were crying now. “I hate you!” You shouted. “I hate you and I wish I never met you and I hope you’re fucking happy,” you screamed stomped away.

Zayn gaped openly and saw as Sophia made eye contact with him. She turned slowly after you. Amazed.


You relayed the story to everyone and Sophia explained her point of view to after you said how stupid you looked and felt like an idiot. “You had every right, love,” Harry said rubbing your shoulder.

You shrugged. “Come on, now,” Niall said. “This is supposed to be celebrating, not moping. Forget Zayn for right now, and just enjoy the music and alcohol.”

So you did just that. You never got drunk—wasn’t in your repertoire. You were here for friends and food…and maybe later you would have enough to drink to get you dancing a little. You were all listening to Liam tell his story about his worst night ever, laughing periodically when Louis kept glancing toward the other side of the room.

Finally, Liam stopped talking and you were answering a few texts from your family about congratulations. When you looked up you realized why everyone was silent.

“Can I talk to you?” Zayn wondered gazing right at you. You asked for Louis to get up so you could get out of the booth. Zayn walked toward the door and you followed after him.

Once you were outside, you hoped it would be quick. You were dressed up all fancy, and that made the coming fall air cold on your bare skin. “We broke up,” he said and he reached into his pocket for a cigarette and lighter.

You bit your lip. “I’m sorry to hear that,” you said softly. And you were. “I know you were really happy with her.”

It was a complete switch from this afternoon. But in the afternoon, you were angry and betrayed. Right now, you were his friend again.

“She told me she knew you liked me.”

You blushed. “Well fat lot of good that did telling her,” you muttered.

“I can’t be with someone that lies to me like that. Especially when they don’t have my best interests at heart. No matter how much it hurts,” he said puffing out a long drag of his smoke.

You crossed your arms over your chest and looked at the ground. “What do you want, Zayn? It’s cold.”

He took his jacket off and handed it to you. “I’m sorry. It doesn’t make up for anything, but I am. And I want you to know that. I love you too…I just didn’t think you could love me.”

“That’s such garbage,” you rolled your eyes. But your heart was fluttering and your face was burning.

“Bird, you are this cute little thing that wears pink and polka dots. I wear leather, have a million tattoos, and ride a motorcycle,” he reminded you.

“Yeah, but you love poetry and you were great to study with and spend time with and share secrets with and I don’t know how many more clues I could have given you,” you said begrudgingly as you put on the jacket.

“You could have told me.”

“Yeah right.”

“Yeah, right. You could have. And then, instead of freezing your butt off out there, we could be inside, warm and drinking with friends,” he said dropping the butt on the ground and stamping it out with his toe. “I thought that if I couldn’t have you I would just be with someone I knew you would always be around…and when you stopped hanging out with her, I got worried and I missed you like crazy.”

You swallowed. “Well I missed you too,” you muttered.

He sighed. “I’m sorry. I screwed up. I shouldn’t have said yes…but I don’t know what I thought. I’m just really sorry I hurt you and I hope you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me,” he said and he peered at you with his beautiful hazel eyes peeking out from his devastatingly long lashes.

“I’ll find it in my heart,” you sighed. “I’ve already stolen all your friends. It’s the least I can do,” you joked.

He chuckled. “Yeah, you’ll have to tell me how that happened because I was keeping you away from Harry. He does this thing where he braids girls’ hair because—oh I see he’s already gotten to you. Well, I suppose I deserve that,” he smiled. You giggled and nodded toward the door.

“Come on, we’re celebrating me, you look like you could use a drink to get over your break up,” you said.

He draped an arm around your shoulder and sighed. “I have a feeling the heartache won’t last long,” he smirked sweetly.

Sighing you rolled your eyes but the smile on your lips was definitely pleased.