she so beautiful & i luvs her

“When you are a part of a story as an actor, you react to the other person according to the demand of the character. She has a beauty and that is mesmerising. She has an individuality and you admire that. She is a talented actress and I had a great time working with her. I admire how she was doing two jobs together. It was beautiful to see that. It was a wonderful experience to see a mother giving shots, being into her character and then taking care of the baby.Irrfan Khan

  • me, having seen the steven universe pilot and then the official designs: why is pearl so pointy. i'm not here for a triangle??? pearls are ROUNDED not SHARP
  • me now: triangle mom is the best mom. luv this bird mom. look at how pointy she is. she's beautiful. everyone look at her.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT SELENA FOR A SECOND THO BECAUSE HER HAIR???? HER MAKEUP???? THAT NUDE LIP????? THAT DRESS???? she is so beautiful… ethereal… a tru goddess walking among us mere mortals, i luv her