she so beautiful & i luvs her

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what i want to know is why sahuna wants my health records and the story of my childhood 😂 is it a cultural thing? or is it just a sahuna thing lol

Well, here’s what I gather, especially regarding her later emails.

Jaal has told her about you. We know this, she says it right to your face. He probably told her, after your discussion about ‘family’, because he DOES ask you about your family, that you had no parents as they were both dead, and your brother’s in a coma. He told her about you, how amazing you are, and she sees you, this stranger in their galaxy, so dedicated to helping her people, so strong, so goodhearted, and beyond that she sees all of this, and she sees you alone. She sees a child, because to her that’s probably closer to what you are, as Ryder is no older than Jaal at this point, cast out 600 years away from their home with no hope of ever going back, whose parents are dead, whose only living relative is comatose in a hospital.

And whether you like it or not, she’s adopted you. You’re hers now. But she knows nothing about you. The angara know nothing about humans. Sure they know about the INITIATIVE, but not really about HUMANS. They don’t know about their foods, their homes, their hobbies, their sports, the things that make humans HUMAN. She knows you’re not an angara, she knows you are nothing like anything she has ever encountered, and she wants to rectify that. She wants her home to be YOUR home. She wants to be able to cook you food from your home planet and make sure you’re not allergic to any of the angaran food she tries to make for you. She wants to hear about how much you loved the zoo in your childhood and take you out to observe the wildlife on Havarl. She wants to hear about your favorite kinds of movies and, if she can’t procure the actual ones you watched, procure an angaran movie that she thinks is just like it. She wants to make sure she doesn’t accidentally poison you with the food she makes you, and she wants to make sure that her home can ease your homesickness. She knows that Jaal cares for you, she knows that Jaal trusts you, and seeing someone her son thinks so highly of be so seemingly alone in the world in terms of family breaks her heart.

Sure, I think it’s also that Sahuna is forward, she admits she ‘never feels embarrassment’, but I think it’s mainly than Sahuna, like her son, is a very kind hearted person who wants to make you feel at home in this new galaxy. She wants to be the family that you lack, and I think that’s one of the most beautiful dynamics in the game.

Things John has said about my crushes:
  • Daveed Diggs: Doesn't he has like muscles in the muscles?
  • Anthony Ramos: wait, you like him? Isn't he like... seven years old?
  • Jasmine-Cephas Jones: NO WAY! She's beautiful! How do you spell her name? Can you send me that pic later?
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: He's MY crush, okay? So, bye, he's mine you can go with Diggs.

okay… y'all… i’m crying. gabi followed me. i’m so obsessed w her channel/insta/etc and have been following her / supporting her for years!!! so in love w her style and she’s helped me become a more confident person in both my style and my personality/looks!!! ps if you see this gab, i love you with my whole heart.

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i dont know if ur still taking these or if u want to know, but my crush is this really cute girl who sits next to me in my art class and she's 7 inches shorter than me and when we went to a museum she sat in a quiet room with me and let me listen to her music and doodle with her and she's so sweet and kind and smells like peach and raspberry tea and i rlly like her a lot :( (i hope u have a good day <3<3)

this is why i luv girls 💛 soo pure honestly n precious for this world. pls promise me to protect this beautiful angel! 💟

friendly reminder that @thewillfulones is so fantastically amazing and talented and beautiful and wonderful and she my ho and i luv her…. she is my angel… my boo… and im so thankful to have her in my life and my tumblr life and.. i just luv her so much ok… she is wonderful and if u don’t follow her u ARE MISSING OUT ON EVERYTHING!! SHE IS CREATIVE AND BETTER THAN SHAKESPEARE….. BYE

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Love that Emma's dress was inspired by a real life princess one from humble beginnings, I think she looks beautiful and I am sure there is a story behind why Jen chose this for Emma which I hope we learn on screen or in an interview. Little Emma set to return in the ep its a possibility we see why there. Is this what I imagined for Emma, no was hoping for an Emma Swan original but still luv it. Plus her bouquet is Lily of the Valley in the language of flowers it symbolizes marital happiness:)

I just love everything about it so much!!  She looks like real life royalty!  And I do love the Grace Kelly inspiration behind it all.  It just fits Emma’s character so much! 

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i luv shea so so much but does anyone else think her faux fur runway was soooo close to her entrance look? like same shoes, same socks, same hair, same vibes? idc tho cos shes amazing, im just glad no one else clocked her for that

it was pretty similar but still different enough that i didn’t notice at first so !!!! lskjfskdlf let my wife wear the same thing she looks like a beautiful colorful angel with cool jackets

Taming the Rage

Title: Taming The Rage

Chapter #4

Author: lokislover9 (previously lokislut9)

Imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and that it’s you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he chuckles knowing the duties you will have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t fond of you either but he can’t help looking forward to the challenge.

Notes/Warnings: none

Every midsummer in Asgard sporting events and weaponry competitions take place on the palace grounds. Prior to leaving for college, Erika had always competed and was once again looking forward to the challenge. For those who desired practice runs they were to begin in 2 weeks. She decided to do some reading up on her favourites at the palace library. Oddly enough Loki had been curious of her whereabouts and went to see Heimdall. “And how are you on this fine day Sir?” Heimdal is immediately suspicious of him. “What can I do for you Prince Loki?” “Can you please find the lovely Erika?” He lowers his brows to him. “Why?” Loki puts his hands behind his back. “I beg your pardon but since when do you have a place to question me?” “I don’t. You will be kind to her?” Loki smiled. “Of course.” “Very well. She’s in the library.”

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Suddenly (Dean Version)

Summary: Dean gets off a hunt late and finds his daughter fast asleep at the bottom of the bunker stairs. Seeing her sleeping form, Dean is filled with a strange array of emotions only a father can feel towards their precious child. 

Inspired by Suddenly from Les Miserables

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Their Daughter

Content: Fluff and Fatherly feels

Word Count: 643

Originally posted by kylorenstolemyheart

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camren (quotes) bios

they call her mila i call her camz
mine is lauren
Miss you Camzzi
is ignoring me so maybe if I tweet her she’ll notice me and luv me..HI CAMZ!
wow :) ur :) so :)  funny :) i :) could :) annihilate :) you :)
we are so dumb wow
you are such a beautiful mountain goat
it’s Camren yo
My pink princess
no but really she wants Camila Bah Felicia lol
gooo camren lol (((ps: dinah que tweetou

fiz esse post com quotes do meu otpzinho como se fosse bios, sabe??!!?1 entoa apenas deem like e só,,, beijos sz

favorite astrology blogs

so for 16k i said i would compile a list of all my favs (im still 300 away but i rly wanted to do it so) + im distracting myself from doing my homework so let’s go!!

@trueastrology - babe! blog is goals

@fuckstrology - super chill and nice as heck

@astrofairies - i loveeee they are my favs, so sweet and i just enjoy their blog a lot!! i am in luv

@astrology-addict - lara is an angel and she’s so good @ astrology

@zodiacale - i just love??? what else can i say

@astrologymermaids - it seems like ive been following them forever!! and i have no regrets this blog is beautiful

@naturallyastrology - so chill + the coolest person on this site

@astroadvice - gosh what can i even say?? i adore her blog!! such great content

@fh-horoscopes - heck!! yes!!!! one of my fav mutuals ily

@trillastrology - fellow pisces who is so kind and sweet and i love everything she reblogs astrology/non astrology related!! wish she was more active cause i love her sm

@oceanstrology - quality blog yo!!

@punkasszodiac - i just really luv char

@piscescope - once again one of my fav mutuals!!

i luv all my mutuals and blogs i follow but like thats all i can think of rn for my favorites but i will add more to this list when i remember some more lol but SMASH their mf follow button🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿😎😎😈😈😈👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿😫😫😫👐🏿😋💖💖💯💯💯💯