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Random Thought:

So, I came across these pictures again and it made me realize that the thing that I love the most about them is that they’re actually canon. That thought makes me so happy because it makes me think of all the cute and dorky pictures Laura has (most likely) persuaded Carm into taking with her lol.

Like I can just imagine Carm sitting on a chaise lounge, reading her book, and Laura comes in to sit next to her and says how they should “document their adventures” or that she wants to update her account for her viewers. And Carm (after some mild complaining on how pointless it is) reluctantly agrees to be in them. And Laura is all excited in the pictures while Carm just casually looks at the camera and broods.

However, I also like to think that when they’re alone and Carm drops her walls with Laura, that when she decides to take pictures (just for them) that Carm is more open and authentic in them. Like she’ll genuinely smile and be warm towards her in pictures. Like with this one:

Anyway, just a random thought…

Dina’s Fun Aunt Holiday Bonus Part 3 – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary – There’s nothing like a day out when you’re on holiday, whether it’s to the Dinosaur museum or the local market, things are learned, jokes are made and the subject marriage is brought up a little more than Katya may have initially appreciated.

A/N: So this is back. Sorry it’s been a long time but since the last update I’ve fallen in and out of an unrequited love, electric shuffled in and out of the closet, become a bio queen and designed one of the most complicated final major projects my tutors have ever seen so… Hi again. Woop woop.

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The Ring of Fire Chapter 1

Originally posted by jackjacky5

Words in italics are inner thinking. I don’t own BTS and I’m not that familiar with this topic, so if I get anything wrong, please forgive me!

There were girls lined up against the wall. Each man scanned them up and down, tainting their innocence with a mere glance. Some have been there for years, others more recent. It’s a difficult life, pleasing someone, anyone, but yourself. Every person who passed by made her feel disgusted.

She was pathetic. She sold herself. She sold her body, she sold her soul, she sold her smile. As they pass by, she looks down, wishing  that someone, anyone, would save her.

“This one.” a strange man said, pointed towards her.

“You’re sure? This one’s a troublemaker, been sent back.” the owner of the ring said, eyeing her up and down, his eyes lingering.

“I’m sure. Now, give me what I want.” the man said, authority laced in his voice.

She swallowed thickly. I’m not an object. I’m a human, just trying to get by.  What am I? A toy? I should have thought of that before I did this….

As she was being led out of the compound, the man guided her to his car. Rich. Those are always the worst.

“So, what’s your name, sweetheart?” the man asked.

She stayed silent. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything. What  have I become? I’ve sold everything. For nothing. Tears pricked at her eyes. She quickly wiped them away, refusing to meet the man’s stare.

“Babe, c’mon. Tell me.” he probed, trying to get her to talk.

She closed her eyes. No. I will not.

The man became frustrated, she could tell. His fists clenched and she could see that he was trying hard to keep his composure.

“I don’t know…” she muttered, almost inaudible.

“You don’t know?” he said, echoing her words.

After that, she stayed silent the entire ride. The leather felt cold on her exposed skin.  She felt naked, for all the world to see. She felt like everyone’s eyes were on her and she couldn’t escape their lingering, judgemental gaze.  She shifted her gaze over to the man. He looked disappointed, sadness clearly etched on his face. She reached out for him, but her hand went limp. She couldn’t do it.

She took a sharp breath and tried again. Her hand reached out and touched him.  Are you happy now? She wanted this to stop. She wanted out. She wanted to leave this hellhole and go somewhere new. She just wanted a clean slate.

He took her hand and placed it back in her lap. No, please, don’t send me back!

“I can’t go back…” she cried.

“I won’t send you back, sweetheart.” the man said.

“Who are you?” she mumbled, tears blurring her vision.

“That’s not important. All you need to do is keep me happy and you’ll get what you what.” he said.

What do you know? What I want is to get out of here.

“I said, who are you?” she asked, her voice trembling, her hands shaking.

“I’m Kim Namjoon. That is all you’ll need to know.” Namjoon said gruffly.

Kim Namjoon?  Do I know him?

“Lay down. It’s a long drive. You’ll need your rest.” Namjoon said, patting his shoulder.

As she lay her head on his shoulder, she could feel herself nodding off. I can’t trust him.  I can’t trust anybody…

Scary stories

@inukag-week  2017 Day 2 - Fear.

I’m soo laaateee again!!! Sorry!!

The story about Kagome trying to tell scary stories to her children and things don’t go as expected. She finds another way her and Inuyasha’s kids are not normal kids.

Kagome stared outside from her threshold. She smiled. The weather was chilly, not too much but enough for certain people she loved to want something warm.

She was so ready for this, it was finally fall, with it’s soft wind, the warm colors and the sometimes creepy shadows. She couldn’t stay still from the excitement.

Kagome waved her hand as the figures she was waiting for appeared on the road. A few years back she would have jumped in her place, but she had learned to avoid such displays of emotions around her easily excited children.

By the time they washed their hands with the water she had left them outside, and cleaned their feet, Kagome was sitting in her usual place in front of the fire pit, serving dinner.

She was so ready for it.

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elara is doing much better today! she’s been quietly munching out on oranges for an hour now just watchin tv n chillin! i’m so happy she’s finally beginning to feel better! once she starts eating regularly they’ll be taking the iv out of her foot n she’ll finally be able to walk around again! thank you everyone for keeping us in your thoughts, it’s helped her heal faster 💛

aaaaaaaa omg today was so great, honestly. idk why but i just woke up happier AND i found my headphones!!!! and in school, my friend went to do idk what so i stayed alone and i was like oh fuck but then i saw my crush and she like smiled so i went to her and we talked a bit and she finally sent me a message, so now i have her number!!!!! (she said she kept forgetting bc she doesnt use the app a lot but anyway it doesnt matter) also later when she was leaving she hugged me!!!!!!! i mean, yeah she hugged her other friend too but i’m not happy about it bc of hope or smth, i’m just !!!!!!!!!! she hugged me!!!!! and her hug is so great!!!!!!!!! oh god shes so pretty omg aND HER SMILE!!!!!! okay just kill me now

He touched the scars on her wrist. A mixture of short and long slashes that seemed to have been there for so long.

He sighed and asked incredulously. “Why did you do this?”

She smiled at him, but there’s a hint of sadness in her eyes. Unconsciously she rubs her wrist.

“You know…when you’re too caught up with words but it’s the only thing that’s keeping you sane, you write. You write even if you can’t write no more” she said.

“But why write on your wrist? I don’t get you.” He asked again.

“It’s easier to carve everything in the skin, because if I write it on a piece of paper eventually it’ll get lost, or be taken away from me just like everything I’ve ever known that has now slipped into oblivion. So I write it here because even if it hurts, even if it will leave me scarred forever at least it’s real, it’s permanent unlike my happiness.”

—  When a writer runs out of paper
[ shy ] ✧ jeon wonwoo

pairing: wonwoo x reader

genre: fluff fluff fluff

word count: 1,505

about: college!au, friends to lovers

note: i… what is this / unedited

“You’re so beautiful” he whispers, admiring the way her eyes twinkled under the moonlight, her soft lips curling into a smile.

She wrinkles her nose in protest, whispering back a soft

“you are.”

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Hey, it doesn’t fit at all that Sakura blushes only because he sent a letter to the couple, but it does fit she blushed and Sasuke smiled because he sent this letter in order to cheer and congratulate Sakura due to her birthday. (Just see the environment at the weeding, it’s full of cherry blossoms, the start of spring in Japan is in March 28th, so…)



“Thank you for coming last minute, Fleur. I got a call from the office this morning and I really have to go!”

“It’s no problem, aunt Astrid. It’s not like I had anything better to do.” She shrugged, smiling at her aunt that laughed.

“Call me if anything happens, alright? Julian should be back in a few hours anyway.”

“Copy that.” Fleur said. “Oh, I was wondering if Dominic could come over and help me out?”

Astrid smiled and nodded. “Sure! And we both now little Quinnie here really likes him. Am I right, buttercup?”

“Nic! Nic!”

All My Idols Ch 12: Drunken Princess

“I don’t know about this,” I mumble awkwardly as I nibble on my lip. My coworker that I hardly ever talk to has been insisting my whole entire shift that I should go out with her and a few of our other coworkers to a club; something I never did even back in America. No, I don’t have plans and the boys are busy until really late so I was just planning on waiting there until they got home.

“Please Charlie!” Bailey begs me cutely. She stares down at me, being a few inches taller, with her large blue eyes and puffs out a pink lip. Like most of the staff here she is a foreigner from America, though I’m the only one that is mixed race.

“What time?” I sigh giving in, tired of her constant begging.

She gives me a massive smile as she claps, jumping up and down. “I’ll swing by at 10, make sure to wear a dress or at least something other than your work uniform.” Her eyes scan me up and down, obviously not appreciating my basic black jeans and tank top.

“Ugh, fine.”

She wanders away to finish whatever she had been doing before as I squat down behind the bar to rest for a minute. This is the number one reason I hate working the day shift at the normally loud packed bar. The normally blaring loud music is switched to a different, calmer genre and the customers are less constant and less demanding. Giving Bailey plenty of opportunities to beg me about going out.

I’m able to leave a little after nine, not giving me much time to shower and get ready to go out. Even though going out isn’t my thing I can’t help but be a little excited about it. Since I’ve been in Korea I haven’t been able to go out in public and do things with my close friends because of their status so I figure might as well enjoy it even though I don’t know these people that well. I apply more make than usual, wanting to be more sexy compared to my normal cute self. With bold winged eyeliner, fake lashes, and bright red lipstick I look more my age. Finding an outfit is easy enough, considering my going out clothes consisted of only the last few hangers in my closet. I grab a tight black dress, a cute leather jacket and a nice pair of bright red high heels.

When I’m ready to go I stop in front of my full length mirror and gasp at the sight of myself. Not to sound cocky but I look really good, with some help from contorting I was able to make my normally round baby face sharper with high cheek bones. With my usual wardrobe of sweat pants and over sized shirts my curves are hidden but in my tight dress seeing my full chest and hard earned butt is not a problem. My long curls rest against my lower back naturally, I feel pretty.

I nearly die laughing when I think about how any of my oppas or dongseangs would react to seeing me like this. Wide eyes and mouths hanging open. The thought is too amazing and I can’t help but take a picture of myself in the mirror and text GD, who had texted me earlier about my plans. With a mischievous grin on my face I text:

Going out with some people from work, I’ll come over later!

Adding the picture on after I turn off my phone and head down to the now full bar. Bailey is sitting there on one of the stools already sipping a drink. I scoff at her as I drop my purse on the counter.

“This is where we are going out to?” I swipe her drink away and take a swig.

She glares at me before snatching it back, “I was waiting for you.”

“Than where are we going?”

“A hot club a little ways away. Lets go, everyone else is waiting outside.” She hops off the stool before leading me outside where, the few coworkers we have that aren’t working, are waiting. It’s three guys and one other girl. One of the guys that I work with regularly beams at me with a handsome smile, while the others just give me polite smiles. As the other four pair up I realize what is going on but choose to ignore it, hopping this isn’t some kind of date.

Leo is the guy’s name, he’s decently tall, 178 or something, and actually not bad looking at all. With sandy brown hair and green eyes he is the perfect all American boy that you see in movies. We begin walking to the club, the others already deep in conversation.

He stares down at me, “Have you picked up another job or something?”

“Huh?” I’m taken by surprise by his question.

“You’ve looked a bit tired lately and the boss has been saying that you are hardly ever home anymore so I’m just curious,” He is suddenly awkward with his explaining, much different from his normally confident and cocky personality.

I shake my head, “No new job.”

“So a boyfriend?”

Again I shake my head, “No boyfriend, just friends who have the opposite schedule as me so I have to go out a lot to see them.”

He grins and nods, satisfied with my answer, but I only feel unnerved. Leo is someone I normally feel comfortable with since I know his personality well. He’s a playboy, and that has never bothered me because his sights are usually set on someone else but I can feel his eyes scanning me.

When we reach the club , that is more than a little ways away, I already want to kick off my heels and go back home at the sight of the line. People are lined up around the corner, all beautiful girls and handsome guys, some foreign but mostly natives. I look to my group hoping they are as discouraged as me but they look just the opposite.

The other girl, Lacey, grins at Bailey, “You can get us in right?”

Bailey, looking as cocky as ever smirks back, “Of course, I’m close with the owner.” She confidently passes the long line to the big bouncer who does not look at all amused by the tall blonde. “Bailey Kalls,” She sings. The bouncer huffs as he looks down at the clipboard in his hands, scanning it and easily finding her name. He waves us through without another word but doesn’t mind giving us an annoyed glare. Inside the club it’s really dark with only flashes of bright lights in different colors to help. Bailey confidently leads the way to a surprisingly unoccupied semicircle booth. We scoot in, Leo sitting way too close for comfort, and order our drinks. I scan the club, taking in the massive dance floor and large DJ booth on the far side of the club.

There is a balcony that I’m guessing is for VIP or special parties. The large group up there right now seems to be going pretty hard with lots of beautiful girls in outfits skimpier than my own. I watch them dance with the mostly attractive, younger Korean men. A familiar face catches my eye, Jooyoung, an attractive artist from the same company as Monsta X. I met him one of the other times Bobby and B.I took me to see Jay, Zico and Loco. He, like all of my knights, is absolutely amazing and normally sweet, at least when he talks to me. But as I watch him up there going hard I laugh, enjoying the sight of the real Jooyoung.

“Do you want to dance?” Leo whisper yells in my ear. I was to distracted watching Joo to notice the others had left to dance. Taking off my jacket, I down my drink and half of Bailey’s before nodding and allowing him to pull me out of the booth to the packed dance floor. The alcohol doesn’t take long to start working with my stomach empty. I start not minding Leo’s closeness as we dance, moving deeper into the massive sweaty crowd. We dance for an hour or two, I’m not really sure, before I feel the need for another drink. Slipping away from him, ignoring his protests, I push my way threw the crowd to the bar. I order five shots on Bailey’s tab and grin happily when the bartender sets them down in front of me. Catching sight of the cute bartenders watch I see that it’s midnight. Good the night is just beginning.

As I down my last shot I happen to look up at the balcony to notice Jay along with Zico and Loco staring down in my direction, their eyes narrowed at me. I grimace before quickly slipping my way back into the massive crowd. Leo is nowhere to be seen but I manage to find Bailey and Lacey dancing with two guys I have never seen before. Regardless I join their group and start dancing, hoping my oppas won’t be able to recognize me. I forget about them as time passes and the alcohol takes over. I always forget how much of a lightweight I am as my mind becomes a bit cloudier.

As my heels become less steady I excuse myself, not that they really cared, back to our booth. Slipping in I feel much better already, that is until a waitress walks by and offers me a few more shots. Against my better judgment I accept them and she sets the three on the table. I take one but am interrupted by a still pretty sober Leo.

“How about a lover shot?” He smirks his signature smirk at me. I roll my eyes and down another shot. His smirk falters. “Why did you disappear earlier?”

“I didn’t disappear I got some more to drink,” I explain as I grab my last shot.

“Don’t you even care that I was looking for you?” He snaps annoyed and I’m much to drunk to even register what he is mad about.

I try my best to apologize, though I’m not 100% sure what for, “Sorry Leo, I couldn’t find you so I just danced with Bailey and Lacey, I figured we would find each other at some point but I didn’t think it was necessary.”

That apparently isn’t a good enough answer, “You didn’t think finding your date was necessary?”

I’m sober enough to understand that, “What date? Bailey asked me to go out, I didn’t even know you guys were coming. I’m sorry if that’s what you thought this was but I don’t want to date right now.”

He huffs and tries to grab me, “You think you can dump me that easily?!” He yells at me. I’m surprised when he lunges at me and is suddenly on top of me

I easily kick off my shoes and kick him out of the booth before just as easily slipping them back on. I glare at him slamming my glass on the table spilling the liquid. “I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but I’m not some helpless little girl you can fuck with. Don’t you ever put your nasty ass hands on me ever again.”

“You bitch,” He gets up off the floor and tries to get back in the booth but I push him down again, this time not bothering to take off my heel. Hopping to leave a nice bruise on his chest.

“If you ever try anything like this again I will kick your fucking ass, got asshole?” I growl.  

“Wow,” A familiar voice says with a laugh. A chorus of laughs echo around my booth as four of my knights surround Leo, their eyes not as friendly as their laughs. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” Jay growls down at him.

Leo glances around scared and confused.

“Fucking scram,” Zico kicks the boy away, not taking his eyes off him until Leo is out the door. They look down at me, amusement and concern on all of their faces. I blink up at them not sure if what I’m experiencing is real or a drunk hallucination. I reach out and grab Loco, who is the closest and pull him down in to the booth.

“Oppa,” I mumble out as I pinch his chubby cheeks, an action he usually doesn’t appreciate but since it’s me and I’m drunk he just laughs.

“Hello there Princess, it’s nice to see you too,” Loco says though his laughs.

“Oppa!” I giggle gleefully as I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him tight.

“Someone is happy,” Zico laughs as he slides into the booth on the other side to be next to me, Jay and Joo follow suit. I nod excitedly releasing Loco and settling back in

“I could barely recognize you,” Jay says as he scans me.

“How did you find me then?”

“I don’t know, I was scanning the crowd then you and something just felt familiar, it was Zico who figured out it was you.”

“I didn’t even know you three were here,” I gesture to the three closest to me.

Joo raises his brow, “You saw me?”

I smirk and nod, “Yep, I saw you going hard up there. Way to go Oppa!” I lean over the table to him, ignoring the fact that I’m basically on it to squeeze one of now pink cheeks. As I sit back down I notice all the boys watching me with their hands up in case I fall making smile.

We sit there for a long time, the boys order us a round of drinks and I don’t have the judgmental part of my brain on anymore so I happily accept. Time flies and our conversations seem endless. They are extremely amazed with my sudden toughness and new vocabulary that very much conflicts with my normal cute appearance. The guys are finally buzzed while I was gone before they even showed up when they decide to call it a night. Glancing at the clock I see that it’s already four in the morning. Loco helps me out of the booth before leading me toward the door. We don’t get very far before I start wobbling in my heels. Without any question he swoops me up and carries me out of the half full club to the parking lot with the rest of the guys behind us.

They share a look before looking down at me happily humming in Loco’s arms. I start playing with the ties on his sweatshirt as if I have never seen something more amazing earning me a laugh from my on lookers.

“Princess, is your neighborhood deserted enough for us to take you home?” Joo asks as he affectionately strokes my head.

I shake my head still focused on the ties, “I live above a bar.”

Again, they look to each other, a silent debate going on between them. “Where should we take her?” Jay asks as he watches me. They all eye each other, not will to trust drunk me to any of the others.

“My big bang oppas are staying at a hotel near by!” I shout a little too loud.

“Hush Princess, don’t be too loud.” Loco whispers in my ear, I rest my head on his chest.

“Where are they staying?” Zico asks.

I tell them the hotel and they all nod with it being their safest option. An SUV pulls up and we get in, Loco still holding me. I fall asleep on the short ride, next thing I know I’m in a familiar lobby at the desk, with Jay and Zico arguing with the attendant behind the desk. I look up at Loco who has no problem holding my weight for however long we have been waiting here. Looking back at the familiar attendant I have Loco set me down before I try, as gracefully as possible to get to the desk.

“We know they are here so can you please just let us up?” Jay says completely irritated, I’m guessing this isn’t the first time he has said those words.

“Hi, my name is Charlotte Quinn, my name is on the list.” I try to sound as sober as possible but from Zico’s laugh I have a feeling it didn’t work. Thankfully the girl recognizes me and hands over the room key that I let at home. “Thank you,” I accept the card before handing it over to Jay not trusting myself with it. Joo scoops me up before I can get back to Loco, wanting some of my attention.

“Charlotte Quinn,” Joo repeats with a smile on his face.

“Oh shut it,” I grumble as I rest my head against his chest too tired and too drunk to put up much of a fight.

“You seem a lot more feisty than normal,” He teases.

“I thought you would be an affectionate drunk,” Loco chimes in as we make our way to the elevator.

“I am as long as no one starts something.”

Jay laughs, “So you’re one of those I don’t start the fight but I can finish it kind of drunk?”

I lazily nod, “I’m a very affectionate person usually.”

In the elevator we’re all silent, actually I’m trying to sleep and the boys are just staring at each other or me. When we reach the penthouse the boys debate on knocking. Jay hesitantly knock and it only takes a second for the door to me ripped open by GD.

I grin big, “Oppa!” I yell as I slip out of Joo’s grip to give GD a big hug. He hold me tight before glaring at the men behind me, but they aren’t afraid to glare back like my other friends. Leaning back I notice GD glaring and swat at him. “Ya! Stop that!”

He sighs and looks down at me, “We have been worried sick.”

“I know I’m sorry. We were talking and I lost track of time.”

“I thought you were going with people from work,” He eyes the others up.

“I did but they turned out to be assholes so these guys saved me.” My cussing surprises GD and his brow scrunches, while the others just bust out laughing, still not use to me using such bad language.

“Are you drunk?”

I smile like an idiot and nod, “Yep.” Again, GD glares at my knights.

“Don’t look at us, she was already pretty drunk when we found her,” Joo clarified.

“I did this to myself, I’m a big girl who can make her own decisions. But I am going to need help getting to bed.” I yawn as I turn around to say goodbye. “Thank you guys so much for saving me from what could have been a very bad night,” In a sad attempt at a bow I fall forward right into Jay who easily catches me.

“Wow there princess, we don’t know each enough for that,” He teases with a sexy smirk making me giggle.

“Yep it I’s time for you to go to bed,” GD tires to grab me away but stops when Jay wraps his arms around me.

“I would like my goodbye hug,” He says sweetly with his eyes on me. I happily oblige and wrap my arms around his waist, giving him a nice hug before I’m passed around to the other three. When goodbyes are done GD closes the door with a firm click from the lock.

“Oppas!” I yell gleefully as I drunkenly rush into the living room. Top and Dae are sitting there on their phones while Seungri and Youngbae are in the kitchen eating something. “The princess is here!” I laugh at myself as I collapse on the couch Dae is sitting on. Shimming my way up I manage to make it to Daesung, resting my head in his lap.

“What is going on?” Dae asks as he brushes my hair out of my face. The others collect around us staring down at me with concern and confusion.

GD sighs as he wanders away to the kitchen for something, “Our little princess is drunk.” Their eyes go wide as the study me as if they have never seen me, making me giggle.

“Who was outside?” Top asks.

“Jay Park, Zico, Jooyoung, and Loco,” GD’s tone is full of distaste.

“How did that happen?” Riri asks as he sits down, moving my feet on to his lap.

“They were at the same club,” I explain shortly as I start playing with Dae’s low hanging necklace.

“And how about that outfit?” Youngbae sounds like a disapproving father.

“I wanted to look nice. Do I look nice?” I glance down at my outfit, not really remembering what I’m wearing. The boys give me a once over before looking away.

“You look very pretty,” Dae pats my head sweetly.

“But my feet hurt,” I grumble as I look down at my heels as I try to kick them off with no luck. Thankfully Riri pities me and pulls them off before setting them on the floor. “Thank you Riri oppa!” I coo.

GD returns with a tall glass of water in one hand and instant noodles in the other. I cheer as I snap up in my seat happy for food. He can’t help but smile as he sets the noodles and water on the coffee table and I slip off the couch to the floor. He disappears once again but not for long, this time he shows up with a blanket. I happily accept it too, using it to cover my bare legs.

“Be careful, it’s hot,” He reminds me as he sits down next to me on the floor. They watch with small smiles as I drink my water and slowly eat my noodles. When I finish both the boys are ready for bed and the debate begins on where I should sleep. Top wins at first but hands the winning away to GD when it is decided that the same person must help me get ready for bed.

Sitting on the counter in a pair of GD’s sweatpants and his t-shirt I wait patiently as he puts a headband on me to wash my face. Youngbae and Riri are standing in the doorway while Dae is sitting on the toilet lid watching with amusement as GD starts scrubbing my face. I was sober enough to change myself only falling once and earning a bump on my head prompting the need for someone to wash my face for me. When we’re done in the bathroom the others wish a good night as GD tucks me into bed. He climbs in next to me and pulls me into a tight hug.

“Good night our drunken little princess,” He coos with a chuckle as I fall asleep.

Character Bio: Rhea

Rhea is a fiery girl with tons of energy. She’s a bit of goofball and rather sarcastic. She’s got a good heart and just wants to see everyone smiling. She loves to dance and gets bored a little quicker than most people when not doing anything. She’s been friends with Carlyle for a long time and often gets on his nerves, but they stay friends regardless. All in all, she just wants to have a good time! 

  • Age: 24
  • Traits: Cheerful, Dance Machine, Outgoing
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Likes: Loud Music, Dancing, Exploring
  • Dislikes: Being Lazy, Waiting in Lines, People who Snore

My therapist saw my awkward character sketches in my journal today and she smiled at them and it’s fine but I’m like OH GOD because let’s just say that drawing is not and never will be my forte ahahahaha

anonymous asked:

could i get zarya introducing/showing off her small girlfriend to her friends at overwatch

You nervously stood next to your girlfriend, tiny hand wrapped by hers. She smiles at you before walking through the door, you scrambling to keep up. She gives a wave at the group as she quickly introduces you, you barely reaching her chest. 

You awkwardly wave at them as they say hello, instinctively shuffling behind the Russian. She just nudges you forward with her hand on your back, smiling down at you as you answer their questions. 

You quickly warm up however, at their kindness and enthusiastically chat with them. Zarya smiling as you tell them about how you met Zarya.

You are my gorgeous woman

Aaron hotchner x reader where they are crushing on each other and the reader has cerebral palsy? Is that possible!

Y/n looked up from her book, spotting Aaron from across the cafe.
She smiled gently and waved to him, earning a warming humble smile in return.

“Hey. How have you been?”
Aaron asked as came closer, leaning in to peck y/n on the cheek before he sat down opposite her.

“I..I have been good. How was the case?” Y/n asked leaning a little closer.

“It was a rough one, but I am so glad to be here with you.” Aaron gave a small laugh and placed his hands on top of hers.

“How was your physical theraphy yesterday?”
He asked as he ran his thumb over her palm.

“It went well…” y/n bit her lip and pushed up her glasses slightly.

“What is it? Something is wrong.” Aaron asked concerned.

“It..It’s nothing. Just some stupid kids.” Y/n lowered her head, alowing hair to fall infront of her face and her hearing aid becoming visable.

“What happened?” Aaron urged her to continue.

Y/n sighed. “Some kids had a bit of a laugh when I told them I had Cerebral Palsy. They just made me feel…feel bad.”

Aaron began massaging her hand.
“They’re young kids being stupid and not seeing you for who you truly are. You are an amazing, wonderful, gorgeous woman”

Y/n chuckled “stop it Aaron. I am not gorgeous.” She shook her head.

Aaron rose an eyebrow “yes you are, and you are my gorgeous woman.”

Y/n couldn’t help but smile at his boyfriend. He had never cared about her disability from day one. He was always very caring and supportive.

“Can we go for a walk? I feel like some fresh air.” Y/n asked as she stood slowly.

“Of course.” Aaron answered and clasped his hand with hers.

Aaron walked closely beside y/n.
He always liked to be close to her just in case she needed him for support. He worried about her when they went for long walks. Y/n usual got tired and needed to take a break.

Y/n exhaled the cold air and leant in closer to him.

“Do you need a rest?” Aaron placed a hand on her lower back.

Y/n nodded and sat on the nearest seat, and allowing him to sit beside her.

“So are you staying over this weekend? Jack wants to see you again.” Aaron asked and began massaging her knee.

“If you want me there.” Y/n gave a cheeky wink and laughed.

“Oh I definatly want you around.” Aaron moved closer to her, their thighs touching.

Y/n leant her head against Aaron’s shoulder.
“Does Jack find it weird? ” y/n asked.

Aaron was a little confused by the question “What weird?”

“That I have cerebral palsy? Jack must find it a little weird.”

Aaron shook his head.
“What? No. He loves you. I have told him everything about it actually. He is very understanding. He actually told me your like a superhero who can conquor through anything. Plus I think he finds it awesome whenever you do actually wear your hearing aid.”

Y/n let out a laugh and hugged him.
“How do you have such an adorable kid?”

Aaron chuckled. “He is not always adorable. He can have his cheeky side at times too. He once ate my slice of pizza and thought I wouldn’t notice.”

Y/n burst out laughing.
“Well maybe we can buy some pizza for dinner and make sure Jack doesn’t steal all of it.”

“Sounds like a plan to me” Aaron said as he stood and helped y/n stand up.

“And when Jack goes to bed…we can cuddle on the couch.” Y/n winked and kissed him on the cheek.

“I like that idea the most.”

“Y/n!” Jack came running over as soon as he saw you.
He embraced you in a hug and squeezed tightly.

“Can you hear me?”
Jack asked pointing at her ear.

Letting out a chuckle y/n nodded.
“I can still hear you without my hearing aid Jack.” Y/n scruffed his hair up.

“Awwwww I wanted to see you wear it.” Jack whined causing Aaron to laugh.

“If you wanna see me wear it that bad I can put it on if you want.” Y/n smiled at him.

Jack’s eyes widened “really!?”

Y/n dug into her bag and pulled out her hearing aid, adjusting it onto her ear and then presenting it to Jack.

Jack laughed and smiled.
“You look so awesome! Dad can I get one?”

Aaron laughed and rubbed his face. “They’re not toys Jack” He laughed as Jack’s face sunk.

“Aww man.” Jack frowned.

“Hey you might not be able to have a hearing aid, but you can have pizza!” Y/n announced in excitement.

“Yay! Pizza!” Jack’s face lit up again and ran towrds the kitchen. Preparing plates for the three of you.

“That kid gets excited about anything.”
Aaron laughed as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Two slices or three?” Aaron asked y/n as Jack ran off to the lounge room to watch tv.

“Two please.”

Aaron massaged y/n’s legs as she lay across him.
He leant down ans kissed her on the lips.

“I have garlic breath.” Y/n laughed.

“I don’t mind.” Aaron said as he finished massaging and lay next to her.

Y/n turned to face her boyfriend.
She rested her hand on his cheek and kissed his nose, earning that warm smile again.
“I love it when you smile. You tend to frown alot when you work.”

Aaron smiled and stroked her hair behind her ear.
Aaron kissed her ear and then her cheek and slowly made his way down to her neck.

“You make me want to smile.” He whispered to her.
Aaron moved to her mouth and kissed her passionatly.

Y/n placed a hand behind his neck, deepening the kiss and then slowly leant away.

“Are you okay?” Aaron asked.

Y/n just smiled at him and ran her hand across his cheek.

“I think I love you Aaron.”

Aaron smiled widely and kissed her again.
“I think I love you too.”