she smiles

Do you wanna be a Serpent?

She was beautiful. The kind of beautiful you have to look twice at just to make sure it’s real, the kind of beautiful you see plastered in teen magazines. But she was also the kind of beautiful that was kept hidden away, locked up behind ponytails and pastels.

She had absolutely no idea how beautiful she was and it was clear in the way she looked down while she walked, the way her shoulders would slump every time she was around another girl, the way her nose would scrunch up when her raven haired best friend would tell her she looked pretty.

But she was beautiful, there was no denying it. Everyone could see it, especially heir to the Serpent throne, Jughead Jones.

It had been three weeks since Southside High had merged with Riverdale High and the divide was still as clear as ever, the scantily clad Southsiders had taken over half of the cafeteria while the townies kept ground outside by the picnic benches. Some NorthSiders however, chose to stay in the middle, constantly floating between acceptance and the uncomfortable twist of the unknown. Betty Cooper and her group of friends were definitely part of that floating section.

He had been taken with her right away, from her perfectly tightened ponytail to the sunshine yellow cardigan she had been wearing when she welcomed them to Riverdale High, a smile so big he was afraid her cheeks might split. Everything about her screamed fake, she was too put together, too perfect, but.. she wasn’t, she wasn’t fake at all, she genuinely accepted the Southside, she wanted to help, make it better. After only a few minutes he could tell that there was so much more to the cheerleader in front of him then Prom committee and ribbons in her hair.

He thought about her, her tiny shoulders wrapped in his leather jacket, her arms wrapped around his waist as she rode onthe back of his motorcycle. She could be the serpent queen, no one would disrespect her, not if they knew what was good for them. He had imagined it so clearly, it was in his head now, always there and burned into his thoughts.

He shared nearly every class with her and she was by far the brightest student he had ever seen, determined, ambitious, dedicated. And she was handy, he had seen the way she worked in shop class, hands buried deep in the engine of some beat up camaro as her partner Reggie handed her parts and peered over her shoulder. She was an anomaly, a challenge in the sense that he never knew what to expect, and he loved it, thrived on it. Maybe it was creepy, strange that he was constantly watching her, observing, but that wasn’t going to make him stop. He wasn’t bothering her, he never planned on saying a word to her, blissful ignorance, but that didn’t last very long at all.

He had been minding his own business, trying to figure out how to open the high tech locker that wasn’t busted and didn’t have a collection of safety pins as it’s lock when he saw it. Saw her… saw him.

Malachi, Leader of the ghoulies, leaning up against the locker next to none other than Betty Cooper, the longer haired boy leering at the beautiful blonde in her tiny cheerleading uniform. She was looking up at him under her eyelashes as the leopard wearing boy grinned. Jughead was there in seconds flat standing just a few lockers away.

“I figure you’d like a taste of the wild side, I could give you a ride. You like taking rides?” His eyes trailed up and down her body as she took a step back.

“No, no I don’t. Thank you for the offer though.” She went to walk away but was stopped by his hand on her arm, a collection of expensive rings digging into the soft skin of her forearm.

Jughead slammed his hand on the locker behind him causing both the students to snap their attention towards the beanie wearing boy making his way towards them.

“She said no.” He growled, gently pushing Betty behind him as he stood between the two, his eyes locked on his rivals, an intense stare down taking place.

“She ain’t your bitch to speak for.” Malachi smirked, his fists clenched.

Jughead opened his mouth to speak but was quickly cut off when the tiny blonde shoved him aside

“excuse me? Did you just call me a bitch? Have you lost your mind?! In what planet does that work? Have you ever gotten a respectable partner by calling them a bitch? You’re a disgrace, a disappointment to the entire male race. I don’t know what school you think you’re in but this is Riverdale High, this is my school and if you call me a bitch again I will send a swarm of angry football players and hormonal cheerleaders right in your direction. Learn how to speak to humans before trying to strike up a conversation.” Betty flipped her ponytail, grabbing a shocked and grinning Jughead by the hand and tugging him down the hallway, she turned around one final time “and by the way? I would much rather be a Serpents girl than a Ghoulies girl, what kind of a gang name is that?”

Jughead held it in as long as possible finally releasing the laugh he had been holding in when Betty locked the door to some small office with old computers and books strewn everywhere. He gripped the corner of a desk as tears gathered in the corner of his eyes

“A disgrace to the male population” he choked out over a laugh, his eyes finding Betty as she smiled proudly from her space perched against her work desk.

“Well it’s true! He’s a pompous ass and we already have enough of those in Riverdale.” She defended, waiting for his laughter to die down. After a few seconds Jughead straightened himself out, the smile still a ghost on his lips

“I’m Jughead Jones and that was impressive, I’ve never seen a girl talk to Malachi like that, I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl turn down Malachi.” The leather clad teen stuck his hand out, jumping back a bit when her soft palm connecting with his rough calloused one sent jolts down his spine.

“I’m Betty Cooper and I’m not afraid of him. Besides he’s not quite my type.” By the way she was staring down at their joined Jughead could tell she must have felt the electricity too.

“Good. You don’t have to be.” He continued “I’m not letting him near you again, that guys a creep.”

Betty giggled

“Is this some Serpent versus Ghoulie thing? Are you trying to see how many north side girls you can get on your side?” The cheerleader teased, a hint of sincerity in her tone.

It was quiet for a few seconds before Jughead spoke

“Nah, not Northside girls. Just one girl.” His eyes found hers and for a moment blue met green and the clash of colors seemed to blend so perfectly.

A knock on the door broke them out of their moment, it was a redheaded boy who was waving his hand at Betty.

“That’s Archie.” She giggled “I’m fixing his car for the third time this week and he has a hot date with Veronica tonight, I shouldn’t keep him waiting, he’s insufferable when he’s impatient.” She rolled her eyes playfully, her hand was on the door handle when Jughead spoke

“You meant what you said about rather being a Serpents girl?” He questioned boldly, his eyes locking on hers, it wasn’t a question it seemed to be a…….


Betty grinned, dimples poking through her cheeks

“Anytime, anywhere.”

“Will I Be the Lead?” (P3) || Finn Wolfhard

“Will I Be the Lead?” : Part 1 || Part 2

Requested: yessss

Tense: 3rd person

Summary: Josh and Finn hang out whilst (Y/N) is away with her boyfriend, of whom both disapprove. Josh notices something and Finn comes to a realisation.

A/N: okay so this sucks but the next one will be golden // I wrote this whilst listening to Spendtime Palace & (Joe Keery’s band) Post Animal who im proper obsessed with

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Jungkook Scenario: If It’s You.

Request: hello! Can I request a scenario for either jungkook, namjoon, or hoseok where he’s basically a bad boy trouble maker who everyone is scared of but secretly has a crush on a shy artist girl in his class? Like he fell for her cause she helped him a long time ago with something when no one else would and he’s just so so in love with her but super scared of scaring her off hehe. Thanks ^^

Genre: Fluff.

Jungkook stared at you throughout the class, the professor was talking about the impossibility of energy to work a certain way, some physic rule he had heard hundreds times before but still wasn’t capable of remembering quite right.  His eyes focused on you, a few rows ahead of him just by the window, you were doodling on the corners of your notebook, something Jungkook had noticed you did when you were bored. Doodles, he thought with a sigh, it was most likely an intricate design of spiral flowers that would call the eye of whoever saw it. You were really good at drawing, Jungkook knew it very well, he thought he was quite good but not nearly as you and thus he admired that, he liked the movement of your hands applying just enough pressure, the delicate shape of your wrists, he liked the way you seemed to be in your own world, and the little smile you made at end of a completed corner.

Class ended with the professor not finishing the lecture, but no one cared and people started standing up fast, Jungkook was still focused on you and how you were getting your things together to leave, until he felt someone smash an elbow on his cheek.
He groaned and didn’t care to listen the guy blabbering about it being an accident, his reaction was instantaneous as Jungkook jumped to his feet knocking the chair out of the way to grab the guy by the collar.

-What the fuck was that?- he was burning with rage, his cheek didn’t even hurt but the fact that he had been hit got him seeing lights. -You want me to beat your ass right here?-

-Jungkook man- he recognized the voice of his best friend, more like his only friend. Jimin was approaching with hands up trying to get between him and the other guy. -He said it was an accident, while standing up-

Jungkook looked at Jimin just for a second before throwing the guy to floor with another groan. -Get the fuck out-

He was breathing harshly, if it wasn’t for Jimin he would have beaten that guy up in spot, it was crazy how he reacted, even to himself, it was hard to understand how his rage worked. Jungkook saw the fallen chair and then getting back to reality his eyes went to your spot by the window once again to discover you were still there watching everything, watching him, and in your eyes Jungkook only saw disapproval, fear.

 How could he ever approach you when you surely thought he was a psycho?

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🍷you know the picture where mitch and harry are just chilling on the sofa with their gowns on?! i could just imagine them sitting there with a nice glass of wine, a romcom playing on the tv, so when the missus comes home she's just standing there hands on her hips because the evening was meant to be her and harry's pamper night but harry ditched her and asked mitch instead because she took so long to get home 🙈😂❤️ xx.

“You know, I didn’t expect your side piece to be here when I arrived home, Harry. At least have the decency to kick them out before I walk through the front door so I don’t catch you in the act,” she teases from the living room doorway, eyes diverting between the two heads of brown hair peeking from over the back of the sofa as she kicked off her shoes and let them fall, haphazardly, next to his boots. “Is that the good bottle of wine we kept in the cupboard?”

She steps into the room and it becomes clear that the both of them are clad in thick and fluffy and white dressing gowns, feet kicked up and resting as they nursed wine glasses in their hands. The screw-on lid sitting on the coffee table beside the green bottle holding the red substance that had stained their lips a darker shade of pink and turned their teeth a deep purple.

“What happened to our pamper night, mister?”

“Told me you were gon’a be late when you left this morning. Haven’t exactly had a proper pamper night. Can’t do tha’ without you because you know how to do it, just right. Just drank the wine from the cupboard and gossiped with Mitch about stuff. Watched a bit of a rom-com but, surprisingly, that got too boring,” Harry cranes his neck to look over his shoulder, sending his wife a smile as she stands there, arms bent with her hands propped on her hips as she looks before the scene in front of her, “feel free to grab a glass and join us, my darling. We could use a lady present.”

Mitch shakes his head and sets his empty wine glass down on the coffee table, upon the coaster already decorated with ring marks from previous glasses that had rested upon that same piece of patterned wood. Standing to his feet and slipping them back into the shoes he’d worn there. Shrugging off the white dressing gown and draping it over the arm of the sofa.

“Feel free to take my place here. I’ve got to get goin’ anyway. Sarah wanted me to take her out for dinner, so, I can’t get too mullered,” he smiles, leaning down to press a kiss to her cheek, “he’s been chattin’ my ear off so you’ll be doin’ me some good in getting me away. Not sure how long I can spend listening to his monotonous voice.”

“Hey,” Harry whines, a look of fake hurt written over his features as his lips still sport a smile, “v’only been tellin’ him about what we had planned before you told me you’d be late home. There was minimal chat since Mitch barely speaks.”

“And I’m pretty sure he was going to start a pedicure on me if you hadn’t have shown up when you did,” Mitch smirks as he flipped Harry the middle finger, squeezing her shoulder as he passed by, disappearing into the hallway and grabbing the jacket he’d hung up, upon his arrival earlier that afternoon, “let’s just say, there is no one in the world who would go near his feet during a pedicure. Except you, of course, babe. Because you married him and that means his feet come with him. Unfortunately.”

“Hey, mister, leave my husband’s abnormally gigantic feet alone or else you can’t come around and drink our wine anymore.” xx

Unfaithful: Linger On (Bill Skarsgård)


The whole apartment was dark except for the master bathroom she stood in, washing a cleanser off her tired skin. After a busy day at work, all she wanted was to get to sleep earlier than usual. So, once she made a dinner for herself and Bill, then watched an hour of television, she began her nighttime routine.

She wrung out the navy facecloth before slinging it over the small rod in the wall beside her. She wore a scarlet robe of wonderfully smooth satin over her naked body, the strings loosely tied together in a simple knot. After one gaze at her reflection, all freshly cleaned and ready for bed, she knew it was finally time.

She shut off the light in the washroom and their entire home was overcome by darkness. Only the pale light of the streetlamps below faintly lit the bedroom she entered. Distantly, she could hear Bill moving around a few rooms away, more than likely fixing up the living room.

It’s time. I’m ready.

She began down the hall, her feet light on the rich hardwood floors, and headed towards the living room where Bill would be.

It was nearly two weeks since she had confessed about the baby and allowed him to move back in with her, but their relationship was far from the way it used to be. There was not the same level of trust and loyalty that there was before, and that was something only time could heal. Nonetheless, she had allowed him back into their shared apartment in an attempt to reconcile and push past this awkward rekindling stage. However, she had made him sleep on the couch, as they had not bought a bed for their spare room and she was certainly not at the place to let him sleep with her again. For almost two weeks, he had slept on their leather sofa with no complaints, knowing fully well that his future could have looked far worse than this, and waited for her to allow him back in. Tonight, was to be that night.

When she reached the living room, she saw Bill fussing about with a large duvet, unfolding it to its length so it could cover his tall figure. She had to admit she felt slightly bad about the whole predicament; it was winter and Sweden was not known for a generous temperature. There were some nights when she greatly appreciated the bundles of blankets she slept under, shielding her from the nippy air, and wondered how cold her lover was. He hadn’t said a word about it, but she knew he was only being polite; he wanted to be back in the warm bed.

He laid the thick duvet over the cool, black leather of the couch.


He looked over his shoulder at the sound of his name and saw her leaning against the doorframe of the living room, dressed in her slinky, red robe. While he knew she wore that robe almost every single night when she readied herself for bed, it almost seemed as though she was taunting him; they had not been intimate since she had taken him back in. Although he respected her decision, he couldn’t help but feel a deep stir in his stomach at seeing her wearing the sexy dressing robe he had bought her on a trip to Paris with Alexander. Seeing her near him, looking so beautifully divine, only motivated him to continue proving himself worthy of her.

“Yeah?” he replied, letting go of the fabric.

“I was wondering if you - uh - wanted to sleep with me tonight?” she asked quietly, looking down at her bare feet.

He couldn’t believe the words that fell from her lips.

Hesitantly, she glanced up, only to be met with a smile stretched on Bill’s perfectly full lips.

“Of course. I’d like that,” he thanked her, stopping himself from letting an endearment slip out at the end, not wanting to frighten her.

She gave him a small, nervous smile in return before turning and walking back down the hallway, heading towards the master bedroom. Once she reached her side of their bed, her hands automatically went to the ties of her robe, pulling them until the loose knot fell open. Her actions ceased as she felt the cool air against her bare skin. Quickly, she re-knotted the satin ties of the robe, sealing her exposed skin back underneath the luxurious fabric. Although she usually slept naked, or wearing a small slip, there was no way she would do so tonight, not when Bill was sleeping with her.

Bill followed her shortly after, slowly walking down the hall he had not been in for weeks. He watched as she slipped underneath the duvet and sheets from his spot at the entrance of the door. It seemed unreal to him, like he had somehow been transported back into the past. Never did he think he would see their bedroom and sleep by her side again. He knew he was the luckiest man alive to have gained her forgiveness.

He padded across the bedroom towards the king-sized bed and lifted the sheets before getting in. He almost sighed at how nice the mattress felt and how many sheets there were. There was no doubt he would have the greatest sleep in weeks that night.

She was laying on her side with her back facing him, the scarlet fabric covering her back still loud despite the darkness. This was not how she usually slept, but he knew it was a huge step forward nonetheless. She had given him so many small rewards in the past two weeks and he made sure to savour them all.

For the first time in weeks, the lovers slept at each other’s side. Slowly and surely, their love would continue to grow.

She sat around a rectangular, wooden table in Roasted Bean, a quaint café in Old Town, with Victoria, Maddie and Tyler for the second time in two weeks. The first time, nearly two weeks ago, she told them that Bill moved back in. Victoria had scoffed, Tyler frowned and Maddie seemed neutral. However, at the end of the day, all of her friends supported her decision to let him back into her life. Each of them liked Bill, Tyler would even go out to the bar with him and Alexander sometimes, before he had hurt her. If she was to accept Bill again, they knew they had to as well.

However, this time, she didn’t know how well they would handle the news she had been putting off telling them for as long as she could. Regardless, here they all sat, coffees and lattes on the aged wood in front of them as they held a light conversation. All of her friends were eager for her to break the newest information to them, whatever that may be.

Victoria hadn’t touched her latte. Instead, she crossed her arms across her stomach and tapped her foot on the ground restlessly, her dark eyes staring in her best friend’s direction. She was doing everything she could to keep her words bottled up, knowing her friend would speak when she was ready.

“Things are going well in our division. Chrissy’s - you know Chrissy, right? Her department is going down the drain, six people were fired in this week alone. It’s insanity!” Tyler exclaimed.

“That’s awful. I always feel so bad when people let go, especially the ones with children,” Maddie added, taking a small sip of her black coffee.

“It is,” Tyler agreed, “But anyways…”

She noticed how all eyes seemed to fall on her and that Tyler had obvious stopped his casual conversation to move on to what they all came to Roasted Bean for. She set down her mug of coffee and thought about how to tell them. The three pairs of eyes watching her did not ease her nerves.

“Uh - so… Bill’s moved back in with me,” she began.

“Yes, we heard that last week,” Victoria interjected impatiently, “Now, what’s happening?”

She peered at Victoria, only to find her best friend looking at her expectantly, brown eyes full of interest. She knew that she had to tell them now or risk her best friend exploding with questions.

Okay,” she chided, smiling to herself, “Things with Bill are very complicated right now. I mean… I’m still angry, confused and upset, but… I’ve told myself that I need to move on. It will make everything much easier, especially since we’re living together again.”

If I may,” Tyler protested politely, “Why does Bill have to live with you? You can still have the space that you need, you know? Just because you’re back together doesn’t mean that you have to live together just yet. If he’s truly not an asshole, he’ll give you some space to feel better about things.”

She nodded, knowing that Tyler had a point. Tyler was a great friend, and she felt very lucky to have had him apart her life for many years. “I know. Everything you’re saying makes perfect sense, Tyler. It’s just… things are a bit more complicated now, maybe it’s best that we try to get over this as quickly as possible,” she said.

Victoria finally took a sip of her latte, adorned with a now faded leaf design, as she listened to her friend speak. “Why rush? You have plenty of time to take things slowly if you need to, Bill will always be there. Having some alone time may help you figure things out,” she suggested.

The woman shook her head, “I would love that, I really would, but… I need really Bill right now.”

Tyler gave her a stern look, one that told her she didn’t need a man to be alright. Though she never knew this, Tyler always had an inkling of love for her, a feeling stronger than friendship. The past few weeks had been rough for him as well, he hated to watch her be so downtrodden and distraught. After Bill’s seemingly fatal night, he had begun to feel differently about his friend, more angry than envious. Tyler could not even fathom how Bill had cheated on her, how he had been drawn towards any other man or woman on Earth after seeing her. Tyler would never think Bill was deserving of her.

“Why?” Maddie asked, “You have us.”

She had to smile, so thankful that her friends would always be there for her.

She took a deep breath. “I appreciate you all so much,” she promised her friends, “It’s just that I’m - well… I’m pregnant.”

Everyone went silent.

Victoria didn’t blink, Maddie’s mouth hung open and Tyler nearly fainted.



Tyler said nothing, only stared at his half-finished drink. He knew there was absolutely no chance she could be his, not now that she was pregnant with Bill’s child. He felt sick.

She smiled nervously at her friends, glad that Maddie seemed excited and Victoria at least spoke. When she looked across the table to Tyler, he hesitantly looked up and met her eyes. He bit his lip and reached for this mug, swiftly bringing it up to his lips before taking a long swing of the recently cooled coffee.

“Congrats,” he muttered, giving her a nod before setting his coffee back down on the wood.

She smiled, seemingly pleased with Tyler’s response. Little did she know, he wished for something much stronger to drink; multiple shots of vodka would suffice.

“You’re pregnant!” Maddie cheered, taking both of her friend’s hands into her own and giving them a crushing squeeze, “When did you find out!?”

“Almost two weeks ago.”

Maddie grinned so wide that she had to smile herself as well, it was infectious.

“And Bill’s okay with this?” Victoria inquired, averting her best friend’s attention to her.

She nodded. “You know Bill, he’s always been pushing for children. He was delighted,” she gushed.

Tyler was repulsed by the joyous atmosphere. ‘Of course Bill’s excited. He only knocked her up so he could get away with sleeping with someone else. He fucking planned this,” he thought angrily, every ounce of respect for his friend having long gone.

Victoria opened her mouth to speak, but Tyler beat her to it. “Are you okay with this?” he wondered, his firm eyes meeting hers.

She bit her lip before nodding. “I think so. But… how could I ever be truly ready for this? I’ve always wanted children and so does Bill. The timing isn’t great but… we’ll manage,” she assured the group.

Victoria opened her arms, “C’mere. I’m so happy for you.”

She allowed her best friend to wrap her arms around her shoulders and take her into a giant hug.

“You’re going to be a wonderful mom,” Victoria whispered into her hair, causing her friend to laugh.

“You think so?” she asked, her voice thick with emotion.

“I know so. Everything will be okay, I promise.”

Tears of joy, not sorrow, began to dampened Victoria’s jacket; a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

One and a half months later.

She had just reached the two month mark in her pregnancy. Finally, she was beginning to show. It was not much though, only a small bump that rounded at the bottom of her stomach, stretching her skin slightly.

She stood in front of the tall mirror that was mounted on the dark wooden walls of their huge walk-in-closet, admiring her bump. It seemed almost unreal, today was the first day she had noticed a difference, and it excited her. Thankfully, things were getting much better with Bill as well.

Just as she pulled her white slip down her body, Bill strolled into the large room, lazily undoing the buttons on his black dress shirt.

“Bill?” she called softly.

He looked up, his actions ceasing, “Mhm?”

“I’m showing.”

His lips stretched into a wide smile and he immediately strode over to her. “Can I see?” he asked, pale eyes gleaming with excitement.

She laughed lightly, “Sure.”

Slowly, he pulled the thin fabric up the length of her body, until it revealed her stomach. She watched his movements from the mirror and released a deep breath when she saw his smile grow impossibly wider at the sight of her.

“You’re so beautiful,” he spoke, completely in awe of her.

She waved him off. “Oh, come on. I’d hardly call it that,” she teased, tilting her head back to smile up at him.

He placed a soft kiss to her lips, then knelt down before her, his hands still holding a fistfull of the white fabric.

“What are you-”

His eyes closed and he pressed a long kiss to her stomach, right over the bump. She placed her hands on his shoulders, bracing herself on him. His full lips pressed another kiss to her skin and she sighed, her eyes fluttering shut.

The pair were lost in the beautiful moment.

“I love you,” he said, reopening his eyes to gaze up at his lover. Her eyes dazed open too and she could tell just by his eyes that he meant every word he uttered. “And I love you too,” he murmured, planting yet another kiss on her stomach.

She carded her fingers through his light brown locks, slowly, as to savour the feeling of him. His hands held her hips, fingers brushing against her warm skin, as he looked back up at her.

Her breaths quickened at the sight of him, down before her in her mercy.

“I love you, Bill. I’m glad that everything worked out,” she confessed.

He rose to his full height and took her into his arms. Her cheek pressed against his shirt and she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I am too,” he whispered, reflecting on their past, “I will keep proving that you made the right choice.”

She nodded, her head skimming the fabric of his fancy shirt.

Things would only continue to get better.

All I Want For Christmas|P.Parker Imagine

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Countdown to Christmas:Day 5
Song(s):All I Want For Christmas by Michael Buble
Summary:Where all Peter wants for Christmas is for her to feel the same way.

The soft Christmas music made its way through their small apartment as May was waltzing around making sure everything was prepared. Peter stood besides the Christmas tree hanging up the last minute ornaments May had picked up earlier that week for this special night. He couldn’t really understand why she was so frantic on making everything perfect but he had to admit, she had outdone herself this year. The apartment was decorated to the nines in Christmas decoration. He was humming softly along to a random song not even notice that people had already started to arrive.

“Hey Peter.”

Turning around his face flushed as he took sight of the girl before him. She was wearing a tightly fitted red skater dress, with v neckline. She liked wonderful and he felt himself shut down as she smile brightly at him. Her newly braces free smile was sparkling bringing out the deep red lipstick she had picked for the night. Peter still till this day doesn’t understand how someone as pretty as her would ever talk to someone as dorky as him. Yet everyday he’s surprised more and more.

“Hey Y/N..” He breathed out as she giggled softly. He watched with wide eyes as she leaned forward stepping on het toes and placing a soft kiss onto his cheek. Puling back she couldn’t help the smirk that brought its way onto her lips as she took sight of his slightly red cheeks. “You-um you love lovely..” He breathed

“Thank you Peter, you look very handsome.”

He watched as she gave him a soft wink before bending down carefully and resting the neatly wrapped presents underneath the tree. It wasn’t long before Michelle had shown up whisking her away. He let out a deep sigh as he watched the two girls chat in the corner of the living room. Ned had been watching the interaction and couldn’t help but give his best friend a little advice.

“Hey man..”

“Hey Ned, when did you get here?”

“Around the same time you were giving Y/N heart eyes..” He teased as Peter’s cheeks flushed the same color red of Y/N’s dress.

“Um..” He stated as he chocked up a little causing Ned to laugh and wave it off. He knew how much Peter liked her and all he wanted was for his best friend to be happy. He wanted Peter to find someone who would be caring to him and treat him right, Ned had no doubts that Y/N would do anything short of what May and himself expected he just hope the holiday spirit would bring the two together quickly.

It was two hours into the holiday party, the four teens found themselves sitting in the living room. Y/N was seated besides Peter with her head on his shoulders as a movie played softly, the mixer of the chattering, music and the movie made a beautiful atmosphere around them. Y/N looked up towards Peter to see him already looking back down at her. She smiled softly before looking back down and playing with playing with her hands.
“Everything alright?”

“Yeah, just thinking..”

It was silent between them for a while as they both turned their attention back to the movie on the screen. It wasn’t long before Y/N stood up pulling Peter along with her. He gave her a confused look as she led him to his bedroom. It was silent between them as they made their way through the door. Peter was feeling slightly anxious as millions of thoughts rounded through his head and each one making him more and more nervous.


Turning to look at her he smiled softly as he watched her shoulders drop before she started to speak again.

“I love you.”

He stared at her with wide eyes and a racing heart as she fiddled with her fingers. She knew she shouldn’t have said anything but she needed him to know the truth. She had so many conversations with Ned and Michelle and she knew she was ready to let him know how she felt, even if he didn’t return the feelings.

“I love you too.” He mumbled softly as he took her into his arms with a soft smile. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear those words..”

“Think I might have an idea..” She giggled softly before pressing her lips lightly to his.  

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rainbow bandaids

elmax | 1,263 words | ao3 | based on this from @rosywheeler

warnings for (not super graphic) violence & injuries and mentions of abuse, 99% fluff & love

A few months pass after the events of season two, and despite everything, Max’s shithead brother is still kicking. After a particularly bad time, Max runs as far as she can, letting her legs take her wherever they want to go, and she ends up on the doorstep of a familiar shack in the woods.

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