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Santa Baby - Luke Hemmings

Luke’s leg was bouncing as he sat on the plane, parked at the terminal waiting for the pilot to take the fasten seatbelt sign off. He wanted nothing more than to get off the plane and into the arms of his girlfriend that he hadn’t seen in four months except over Facetime and skype, which clearly isn’t the same thing because you can’t kiss through a camera. It had been the longest ride of his life, both physically and emotionally, but the end result would be worth it, especially when he saw her beautiful right in front of him, eyes bright, kissable lips…

The light flicked off, Luke quickly standing, bags already ready as he made his way down the aisle standing in front of the stewardess bouncing on the balls of his feet trying to calm himself down.

“Anxious to get home?” she questioned smiling at him, eyes running over the length of the boy’s body, Luke oblivious as he smiled nodded quickly.

“Haven’t seen my girlfriend in four months. I’m really excited,” he responded, the girl’s face dropping slightly as she tried to keep a smile on her face. Luke wasn’t ugly, and he knew it, but he also had the girl of his dreams waiting for him at the end of that tunnel and right through customs.

“Well, she must be really great if you’re this excited to see her,” she said, Luke nodding quickly as the door opened. He quickly sped off, walking as fast as his long legs would carry him down and out through customs. It wasn’t a quick process, getting his passport checked and let back into his home country, but it was quicker than when he was trying to get into London. He stepped through the double doors instantly being attacked by his two older brothers, Luke dropping his bags hugging them back tightly hoping they let go just as quick as they hugged him.

“Lewi’s home,” Jack teased being the first to pull back, Ben pulling back next as Luke’s eyes scanned the crowd, a frown coming to his face. “She’s not here, Luke.”

“Why not? She said she’d be here,” he said confused looking to her brother, the older of the Hemmings brothers looking at each other before looking back to their youngest brother, a devilish hint to Jack’s eye.

“She was hit by a car…”

“What?!” Luke yelled, Jack starting to laugh as Luke threw his water bottle at him. “That wasn’t fucking funny.”

“She said she’s fixing up your surprise so she’ll see you later,” Jack said still laughing at his younger brother’s expression, Ben not amused by the two of them at all. Luke sighed grabbing his bags before making his way slowly to greet his parents hugging them both quickly. It was a quick process, Luke wanting to go home more so now to take a nap than anything really, being the most quiet one on the ride home.

“Here you are,” his mom said pulling up in front of the house, no one else getting out of the car as Luke collected his things.

“Is no one coming in with me?” He questioned confused as the four sat in the car looking back and forth between one another shaking their heads.

“Well…we all made plans because we assumed you’d hang out with Y/n after we picked you up,” his mom explained with a disappointed tone. “Your father and I are finishing Christmas shopping then going to visit my sister To help her wrap.”

“Celeste and I are still unpacking from our move, and Lenny gets anxious when he’s left home for awhile alone” Jack explained.

“And I have dinner with my girlfriend’s parents tonight.” Ben added as Luke nodded getting out of the car with his bags not bothering to say another word as he walked up and opened the door with his spare key, dropping the bags as soon as he walked through the door and headed up to his room to sleep for hours. It wasn’t at all what he had planned for his return from school, but it would have to do.

He walked into the small familiar room, clean of clutter for the most part. He pulled his shirt off climbing on top of the mattress falling asleep instantly. He woke up to the sound of Santa baby playing in the room, eyes fluttering opened to see a girl standing in front of him, in a red lace set, a sheer white curtain falling from the bottom of her cups to just above her panties. “hello gorgeous.”

“Hi baby,” she said winking. Her thighs were covered in sheer white thigh highs as she climbed onto the bed over him. “I’m sorry I couldn’t pick you up. Got tied up.”

“I hope you mean figuratively,” he said back laughing as she rolled her eyes.

“Yes,” she straddled his waist giggling. “Had to finish my surprise for you.”

“What surprise?” He questioned hands on her hips as she smiled at him. “Clearly the set is a part of it.”

“And I made your favorite meal, and got some movies I knew you’d like, some-,” she said being cut off by Luke flipping them over smiling at her with a wink.

“I wanna open my first surprise, and I’ve wanted you for months baby girl, so be ready,” she nodded eagerly as the song looped playing one more time. “You have a sick obsession with this song.”

“Just take my clothes off,” she giggled pulling him in for a sweet lingering kiss, Luke nibbling softly on her bottom lip.

“My parents are gone for the night,” he hummed against her lips.

“I know. I asked if we could have the house.” He looked shocked blushing a bit.

“You asked my parents if you could have the house so we could fuck?” She nodded quickly smirking as his blush grew deeper. “I can’t believe you”

“I don’t know why you’re even surprised anymore,” she giggled, Luke leaning in kissing her again. He ran his hand up under the sheer part covering her stomach, pushing it open like a curtain, bending down to kiss her stomach as a sigh escaped her lips. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” he whispered, lips tickling her skin as he made his way down to his favorite part of her, hands running down her legs slowly leaving goosebumps behind. “Baby girl, you look so good.”

She bit her lip watching him tug down her panties slowly as he hummed along to Santa Baby in the background. Panties tossed to the other side of the room as he spread her legs taking in the sight of her aroused cunt, sopping wet as he ran a finger between her slit collecting the arousal on the tip of his finger. He brought the digit to his mouth sucking on it as she watched with hooded eyes. “Wanna taste?” She nodded watching him repeat what he had done bringing the digit to her mouth as she wrapped her lips around it. He sighed watching she sucked and nibbled on it before letting it fall from her lips.

“Luke…as wonderful and sweet as this is…we haven’t had sex in for months, and I kind of just want you to fuck me until I’m seeing stars,” she explained causing him to laugh.

“You’re always so damn impatient. What if I wanted to go slow?” He questioned helping her get her bra off.

“We can go slow when i wake you up with a blow job in the morning. Kay?” He laughed pulling off his jeans being stopped when she pulled him in for another kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he whispered pulling his boxers off, bringing his head back down, kissing the inside of her thighs. She moaned closing her legs hating being teased, Luke laughing as he pried them open holding them tightly. “Be a good girl for me baby..just want a little taste.” He poked his tongue out swiping it over her pussy slowly, her eyes closing as she let out a small sigh. Luke took his time tasting every bit of her, sucking on her clit every once and awhile as her breathing increased, hands finding their way to his hair.

“You said little,” she barely got out, a laugh escaping him as he kept himself pressed to her.

“It’s also been four months,” he muttered back forcing his tongue into her hole, a much louder moan leaving her lips as she tugged hard on his baby curls.

“Oh fuck, baby..” she moaned, Luke rolling her clit between his lips, sucking as he pulled back from her, her clit leaving his mouth with a pop. He kissed up her body situating himself between her legs as he kissed her again, her legs wrapping around his waist as his cock prodded at her hole teasing her, Luke’s hips rolling into hers. “Luke”

“Shh,” he got out kissing over to her jaw, hand running down to hold himself steady as he entered her slowly, both of them letting out strangled moans and gasps at how tight and snug she was, Luke’s cock stretching her out to the best of its ability without causing her pain. She put her hands on the side of his face gasping for breath as she watched his face contort in pleasure, hips slowly rocking in and out of her as they got used to each other. “You fit me so good.”

“I know baby,” she sighed kissing him, legs tightly around his hips as he started thrusting faster and harder, moans leaving both their lips as he took a leg bringing it over his shoulder to get a better angle. Cock rubbing against her g-spot her hands fisting his hair as well as the sheets of the bed body responding to the pleasure too quickly as she shook, orgasm already approaching. “Shit..Luke, gonna cum.”

“Already?” He questioned groaning, pace picking up as he tried to ring her over the edge, thumb rubbing at her clit as she moaned loud, cunt tightening as she came hard, cum starting to drip from her as Luke kept going trying to catch his own high. He took her leg from his shoulder crossing it over her body tightening her up even more, Luke’s eyes shutting as he let out a broken moan. “I didn’t think it was possible for you to get tighter.”

“Feel good baby?” She whimpered, still trying to come down from that high as Luke’s hips pounded into hers over and over, balls slapping against her ass giving him that much more pleasure.

“I missed you so much,”he groaned, hips starting to stutter as his high approached, cock twitching inside of her as she felt it coming.

“Come on baby. Come for your good girl. Fill me up,” she moaned edging him on, Luke’s eyes screwed shut as he dumped his load into her full pussy, cum leaking from her with each extra thrust he gave making sure he spilled it all into her. He pulled out slowly, cum falling to the mattress as they both caught their breath. “That was the quickest sex we’ve ever had..”

“Best orgasms, though.” She laughed nodding, Luke going to grab a towel to clean her up, as well as clean sheets so they didn’t sleep in their cum. “See, aren’t you glad I didn’t pick you up?”

“No. your face was the first I wanted to see,” he pouted running the cloth up her body wiping away the sticky substance as best he could. “You’re always the first face I want to see. When I go to sleep. When i wake up. When I come home…you’re my everything and I couldn’t live without you baby..”

“You sound like you’re proposing,” she giggled as Luke smiled shaking his head.

“Not yet princess. Maybe next Christmas.”

@lovely-wagner requested:

18. With bucky 😊

18. “You’re cute, can I keep you?”

Waking up next to the woman he loves is the best feeling in the world. Bucky would hold on to (Y/n) the night before, and he would wake up in the exact same position. Thank god she’s a sound sleeper.

The only problem is that they can’t do this every night. Bucky has his own apartment, (Y/n) has her own place as well.

Today, (Y/n) was sleeping in Bucky’s place. When Bucky woke up, in the morning, (Y/n) was already awake, and she was staring into his eyes.

“Morning, Doll,” he greeted, yawning.

The girl giggled, caressing his cheeks. “Hey,” she replied, smiling s he ran her hands through his hair.

Without any particular reason, Bucky kissed her nose. One of the things she  loves about him. He doesn’t need a reason to show affection, he did it because he wants to.

“You’re cute, can I keep you?” said Bucky sweetly, earning a subtle laugh from (Y/n). “I’m all yours,” the girl winks at him.

“I’m serious,” said Bucky, ”I want to keep you here, so I can wake up like this every single day.”

(Y/n) stared at him blankly.

Bucky kissed her forehead. “I want you to move in with me, doll,” he explained.

A smile formed on (Y/n)’s face.

“I’d love that.”



“That’s… female clothes, isn’t it?” said one of the dwarfs.
Cheri swallowed. Why now? She’d sort of assumed Angua would be around. People always calmed down when she smiled at them – it was really amazing.
“Well?” she quavered. “So what? I can if I want to.”
“And… on your ear…”
“That’s… my mother never even… urgh… that’s disgusting! In public, too! What happens if kids come in?”
“I can see your ankles!” said another dwarf.
“I’m going to speak to Captain Carrot about this!” said the third. “I never thought I’d live to see the day!”
Two of the dwarfs stormed off towards the locker room. Another one hurried after them, but hesitated as he drew level with the desk. He gave Cheri a frantic look.
“Er… er… nice ankles, though,” he said, and then ran.
The fourth dwarf waited until the others had gone and then sidled up.
Cheri was shaking with nervousness. “Don’t you say a thing about my legs!” she said, waving a finger.
“Er…” the dwarf looked around hurriedly, and leaned forward. “Er… is that… lipstick?”
“Yes! what about it?”
“Er…” The dwarf leaned forward even more, looked around again, this time conspiratorially, and lowered her voice. “Er… could I try it?”

– Cheri and dwarfish gender politics | Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

in other news, i saw an actual human sunshine today.

some girl at a bakery, she asked me if i’m waiting in the line and she smiled. so cute, tho nothing special. but then i saw how she talked to the people who worked there and honestly she wasn’t just being nice, she was being genuinely kind and she had the brightest smile and it sounds dumb like “she just saw a cute girl” but no, i never felt anyone radiate so much positive energy and i’ll never see her again obvs but it makes me happy knowing that there are people like that out there. i need someone like that in my life @god pls

Anyway while I’m on a Pokemon kick and too tired to feel shame:

Professor Oak: Probably hot when he was younger, has currently fully embraced Soft Grandpa aesthetic to the point where it’s impossible to think of him as a sexual being 3/10

Professor Elm: A nice shy man with cute glasses who keeps to himself mostly 5/10

Professor Birch: A supportive Big Dad who cares a lot and hands out the best starter Pokemon in the franchise 5/10

Professor Rowan: Age has done nothing to slow him down, his intimidating presence masks a strict but loyal nature, and his facial hair stands as some of the best seen in the games 6/10

Professor Juniper: Juniper is friendly and has a nice smile, but she suffers from bad hair 7/10

Professor Sycamore: Motherfucker pasty ass, bad fuckin shit beard, mother fucker doesn’t comb his hair but still thinks it looks cool, his skinny jeans do nothing but show off his chicken legs, motherfucker looks like what a reddit user thinks they look like, French, dude looks like he sells shitty vodka on tv, only redeeming factor is his cool coat 2/10

Professor Kukui:


Omelia Secret Santa !

Now it’s my turn! I am the proud Secret Santa to @only-freakin-sunflowers

Belle, you were one of the first people I met in this fandom and I’ve always found you amazing :)  The fact you are a die hard Teddy/Henry shipper like me couldn’t go unnoticed so as a Christmas Gift, I wrote a Omelia/Tenry little drabble for you.

 I hope you enjoy it and have a very, very, merry, snowy, white Christmas!

Omelia Secret Santa - Home This Christmas 

Amelia abruptly closed her notebook when she heard the front door opening and took a quick sideways glance to see her husband arriving home. She smiled at him when Owen took large strides in her direction, giving her a kiss on the head after he hung his coat.

“What do you have there?” The trauma surgeon asked with a corner smile. “What are you hiding?” He inquired, having noticed Amelia hadn’t wanted him to see the computer screen.

“Nothing,” Amelia replied trying to sound impartial but it was obvious on her expression she was up to something. Truth was she had been looking for days for a gift to give Owen on Christmas but she hadn’t liked anything yet. Not until she found the amazing guitar on a collection website. It was the exact model and color of the first guitar Owen had ever had. She knew it because not long before, she’d seen a picture of her husband as a teenager holding the instrument in her mother in law’s house. After inquiring him about it, Amelia had found out the model’s date and name, learning it was a limited edition, so it couldn’t be found in stores anymore. But digging around the internet, she had found the exact piece, imagining how happy her husband would be with the thoughtful gift.

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@no-words-can-explain07 is one of the best things to magically walk in my life. She gave me reasons to give relationships another chance and see the world maybe a different way that I might have seen that way before. She amazes me with many things and I am so proud of her for everything she does. She makes me the happiest gal ever and brings out the best in me, and some parts of me that I forgot existed. She doesn’t realize how amazing she really is and what she seriously has done for me and how much I really appreciate her but it’s unexplainable. I love you megi💗💕

The Marauders and Lily’s reaction to the HP movies: Part 6

Imagine that after the Battle of Hogwarts a famous film director made a film adaptation about Harry Potter’s life. Imagine there are TVs in the afterlife and the marauders plus Lily could watch the movies. Here are their reactions…

Requested by anon

After watching the 6th movie…


-          He’d have felt horrified when Harry used Sectumsempra on Draco.

-          When Harry gets a kiss from Ginny: “You go, son!”

-          At least Snivellus’s book makes Harry improve at Potions.

-          He’d have insulted Snape to no end when he used the unforgivable curse against Dumbledore.

-          He would have smiled proudly when his son vowed to hunt horcruxes: “My brave son…”



-          She would have been scared when Snape made the unbreakable vow.

-          She would have smiled when Harry met Slughorn.

-          She’d have instantly recognized Snape’s handwriting in the old potions book.

-         She would have felt uncomfortable during Snape’s worst memory and looked away when she heard the word mudblood. James would be there to hold her hand during this though.

-          She’d have screamed when Draco was bleeding on the floor and would have thanked the stars Snape was there to heal him.

-          She’d have cried when Dumbledore died by Snape’s hands.


-          He would have freaked out when Ron nearly died.

-          He would have smiled slyly when Harry used Felix Felicis.

-         He would have suffered when Dumbledore was in pain to get the fake horcrux.

-          He wouldn’t have stopped thinking about Regulus and Kreacher.

-          When Dumbledore fights the inferi: “You go, Albus! Show ‘em what you’ve got!”

-           He’d have shut his eyes in Dumbledore’s death scene, and then proceeded to insult Snape alongside James.



-          He’d have believed Draco was innocent until he saw the Dark Mark on his arm.

-          He’d have felt sad when the Burrow was burned down.

-         How long will it take for Hermione and Ron to confess their feelings? Lavender and Ron are getting to my nerves…

-         He’d have looked away from the screen when Dumbledore died.

-          He’d have smiled hopefully when Hermione, Ron and Harry vowed to spend next year hunting horcruxes.


-          He would have smiled when Death Eaters got into Hogwarts.

-          He would have felt slightly bad when Dumbledore died, but the feeling only lasted one second. After all, this was what his master had yearned all along.