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Hi! I love your stories. So much. And I was just thinking, if you find the inspiration and when you have time, maybe you could write more Drunk!Kara? Because is so precious and adorable and hilarious and also sweet. Maybe it could be that some alien's defense mechanism works like a sort of drug on her and the effects are a lot like she's drunk? Extra points if it Supercorp but feat. Alex, Maggie, and whomever you'd like :) oh, Cat! Cat too. Pretty please

i send you the sun ~3500 AO3

“And what did you say was wrong with her?”

Kara frowns. Leans forward and tries to wiggle her shoulders between the two seats. The seats groan and then there’s a hand pushing her back, “ease up Kara. She’s older.”

Well, that’s stupid. “It’s a car.”

Alex chances a quick look back at her, warm brown eyes worried. “The alien released chemicals that are-”

“They make her drunk?” Maggie interrupts bluntly.

“Toxic,” Alex finishes, eyeing Maggie before dipping her head and, “but yeah. That works.”

Which is ridiculous. She’s not- she scratches at her arm, looks out the window and the nice sky and bright stars and lights and- what was she? She’s not drunk.

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Hello JHH! Could you please write a rpf with Gillian being high on painkillers and David being her nurse? 😘

Okay but this is going to be a total nonsense! (And thank you so much to @sembell for the beta and to @becksndot5 for reading this nonsense first)

“You smell funny,” she says, sniffing around his face interrogatively as he starts to fix the bandage around her swollen foot.

“Nice.” he deadpans with a grin on his face. “How about you stop moving, so I can do that correctly?”

He has never been good with his hands, and he isn’t fond of seeing blood, open wounds or swollen joints, but as soon as he heard her cracky voice over the phone, he couldn’t resist and bought a plane ticket for London. She could use some help with the boys and everyday tasks. And he could take care of her just like she took care of him a few years ago, when he ended up in the hospital almost blind after a basketball game.

“You sound funny too.” she says, squinting her eyes as if to have a better look at him.

When he arrived, he hadn’t expected the painkillers she had to take to make her high enough to think that he was Mulder in person, nor to call him Mulder for the entire first day.

“Okay, honey. Just lay down, and…”

“As if you were far far away but also very close.” she continues. “Why are you so far away, David?” she furrows her brows in concern and all of a sudden, tears start to fall down her cheeks, her mouth distorted with pain and sorrow.

“Hey, hey! Babe! I’m right here, okay? I’m here!” He waves at her, making her smile. “See? It’s me. I’m not far away. I’m with you. So now, lay down, and…”

“Did you cut your hair?” she interrupts him again, her sweet smile fading.

“Yes. Yes, I cut my hair. Let me guess: I look funny, right?” he chuckles, and finally manages to continue wrapping up her ankle.  

“No! I loved your hair! Why did you cut your hair?” she begins to cry again. “Can you put it back? Please, David!”

“Gillian,” he sighs. He starts to wonder if adding up a sleeping pill to her painkiller would be okay. Probably not, but he’s not getting any younger, and he feels like having a whining baby on drugs around him. It’s ten times worse than the day they took mushrooms together and she insisted to get out of his trailer and wander in the forest at night. Naked, of course. He’s certainly not going to survive fifteen days with a high and incoherent Gillian. He needs to come up with a plan. “No, Gillian, I can’t put it back. But it’ll grow again soon, don’t worry.”

“When? Tomorrow?”

“Yes. What? No! Not tomorrow!” Her mouth distorts again, and she’s about to burst into tears. “Yes! Yes! Tomorrow! My hair will be back tomorrow. In one beddy-bye.”

Did he just say “beddy-bye” to the woman he loves? he wonders. Oh god! Okay, she needs to stop talking, and he needs to finish her bandage and let her sleep. She’ll probably feel better after a beddy… after a nap.

“Here.” he says as he holds his phone to her. “West showed me this app. It’s funny, you’re gonna like it. You take a picture of me, and you can change my haircut. Do you want to try it?”

She nods with a smile and finally falls silent for a few minutes, allowing him to finish her bandage properly. All he needed was to occupy her mind with something else. Now he’s going to make dinner while she sleeps a little bit, and after a few hours, she’ll be back to her old self and they’ll enjoy a calm and snuggly evening watching a silly British TV show. He wonders if they have Dancing With the Stars here too.

“I’m finished, clumsy beauty.” he says, proudly. “Did you find me a good haircut?”

“Yes, I like you in red, but people say you look better with blond hair.”

“People? What people?”

“People on Twitter.”

My Word is My Bond

Part Three

Originally posted by bipolar-faerie

Pairings: Jughead x reader, Sabrina x reader (platonic)

Summary: After her confrontation with Jughead, the reader is left heartbroken and confused. Will Jughead ever speak to her again?

Warnings: slight angst

Part One

This is hell. I can’t sleep. I’ve been staring at the ceiling in the dark for hours, hoping I’ll get a call from Jughead. At this point, I’d be grateful if he just sent a text telling me our friendship was over and he didn’t want to see me anymore. At least then I’d know what he’s thinking. My mind keeps replaying the look on his face when I told him, trying to make sense of it. Was it betrayal? Or disgust? It might have been panic. Or a mixture of the three.

Whatever it was, it wasn’t good.

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Girl Time

A little alone time with Artemis and Vetra for @bloomingcnidarians because she’s a lovely person who deserves good things and it’s been a long week and it’s only Wednesday. <3


Ryder’s hands were steady, despite the tangle of sheets that ensnared both her and Vetra. Her concentration was unbreakable, and each stroke brought her closer to the completion of her task. On the field, Vetra admired Ryder’s single-minded focus, how she seemed to tune out distractions to get the job done—whether that job was activating a monolith to fix a planet or finding just the right case of beer to bring back to the Nexus for Kesh. In their moments alone, when that focus was turned on Vetra, it was like the rest of the world ceased to exist.

“You’re sure about this?” Vetra asked again, still a little nervous.

Ryder’s concentration remained unfazed. “Of course I am. I’ve done it a million times. Just sit back and relax.”

Vetra relaxed her shoulders and the hand that Ryder currently held. She glanced curiously at Ryder while she worked. “It smells funny.”

Ryder grinned. “You get used to it. It only smells like this when it’s wet, anyway.”

Vetra couldn’t help wondering how long it would be wet and what if it got on the sheets? Would she be able to wash it out? Maybe they should’ve tried this on the table first, where the cleanup would be easier.

“I can feel you worrying, you know,” Ryder said without looking up.

Vetra felt her neck warm and she ducked her head. “I’m sorry. It’s just, I’ve never done this before, and I don’t even know if it’s something turians can do without getting an allergic reaction and—”

Ryder laughed and finally looked up, catching Vetra in a quick kiss. “It’s just nail polish, silly. If you don’t like it, we can remove it.” She leaned down and blew warm breath across Vetra’s talons. “Hand me the green one?”

With her free hand, Vetra found the small bottle of light green paint and handed it to Ryder, who quickly unscrewed the cap and in one fluid motion, added a diagonal stripe across the now-lavender middle talon of each hand. It was … rather pretty, actually. It felt strange to see it, but a good kind of strange. She felt lighter somehow.

Ryder held up her own many-fingered hand and smiled broadly. Her nails were painted in the light green color, with a diagonal lavender stripe crossing the nail next to the middle finger. “We match, see?”

Vetra’s mandibles quirked into a grin. “My talons are purple with a green stripe, and your nails are green with a purple stripe. Isn’t that the opposite of matching?”

Ryder cocked her head and leaned in close, her lips almost touching Vetra’s mouth. She closed her eyes and breathed in the smell of Ryder: sweat and gun oil, yes, but also something else, something minty and floral. Something uniquely Artemis.

“We fit, then,” Ryder said, her voice low enough to be suggestive, even with only one larynx.

Vetra felt Ryder’s hands sliding against the bare plates of her chest, across her shoulders, and down her arms until they reached her hands and twined their fingers together. She opened her eyes to see Ryder looking intently at her with a wicked smile that said she had a plan.

“That nail polish needs time to dry,” she said, the tone of suggestion still bright and vibrant in her voice. “If you do anything with your hands, it’ll ruin all my hard work. You wouldn’t want to do that, now, would you?”

Vetra’s heart beat hard against her chest. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“Good,” Ryder said and pulled the sheets away, pushing lightly on Vetra’s chest until she leaned back. “Then don’t move.”

A breathy laugh escaped Vetra as she complied, but it was cut short in a sharp gasp as Ryder turned her focus to her next task.


To @norbertsmom for all of the funny hijinks our pets do so does Katniss and Peeta’s beloved Buttercup.  Based off this picture a little Fluffy ‘G’

PS: un beta’d all mistakes are mine…enjoy…

Nothing in the house seemed right. Katniss pushed the chair to the side in the baby’s room. She stood back and looked at the nook. Her hands settled on her hips. Her nose wrinkled, she wanted a sitting area in the room, but no matter where she put the chair it didn’t sit well with her.  

Katniss put her back against the chair and moved across the room near the window, and then moved away carefully considering it, she took a small table and pushed it across the floor next to the chair. She pushed her hair away from her face, “Mother of pearl!”

It still wasn’t right. She rubbed her back, her belly was huge. She was in her ninth month and the urge to clean and move furniture had finally kicked the paralyzing fear she carried with her when she felt her baby move.

“UGHH,” Katniss muttered, her ire building, she’d changed the entire house.

Her fingernails tapped on the pant leg of her overalls. These days nothing fit except and absolutely nothing was comfortable except for dresses or Peeta’s painting overalls.

The clock in the house rang. It was five in the evening, Peeta was due at any minute and she had to get this right if she didn’t she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. She cocked her head to the side, she wanted the chair and table to face the window before Peeta got home but she couldn’t get it right.

It drove Peeta crazy to move the furniture around, but he didn’t complain because he knew she’d do it herself.  If he found her moving furniture again, she was sure her patient husband was going to blow a gasket.

The problem was Katniss couldn’t help it. She couldn’t stop cleaning their home, Katniss tried to explain it to Peeta but he was firm on her resting.  All because of one doctor who said she needed to make sure she stayed healthy due to not having a spleen. He didn’t want her to use the heavier cleaning products for fear the overexposure would cause her harm. But she’d found a way.

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Things That You Said When You Were Drunk

11) Things you said when you were drunk

Word Count: 985

A/N: So cute omg. I just really like the idea of Warren being a happy drunk, I know it’s not really canon and he’s probably the angstiest, saddest, angriest drunk ever but I think it’s cute okay? Okay.

Warnings: Fluff. Mentions of sex.

Request a “Things that you said…” Here.

You pushed through the sea of swarming people, grabbing a chair from under the kitchen table and yanking it past bodies, towards you. Stepping up onto the chair, you scanned the room searching for the oh-so-familiar curly blond hair and fluffy white wings. He had to be around here somewhere. You had kept tabs on him all night, that was until you stopped for a minute to coax Kurt down from where he had been dancing on the bar. You had turned your back for a minute. Just one minute. And in that minute you had lost him. You sighed, hopping down from the chair and ducking under limbs and squeezing past bodies. You hated these parties, you were always the “designated driver”, even though the parties were all held at the mansion, it was always you who had to be the one to wrangle your friends and make sure they didn’t do anything that they would regret in the morning. You sighed as you made your way towards the DJ at the front of the room. It wasn’t like you had a choice. Your mutation came with an unfortunate side effect. You couldn’t get drunk. So it wasn’t like you could just go off and let loose, but still you wished that one day someone else would take over and you could just enjoy yourself for once.

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i think i might hav pcos lmao but I’m not sure bc i can’t remember if i had irregular periods i just know they were very heavy. anyone know if dark body hair (arms and legs) and excess sweating are also symptoms bc the websites I’ve checked havent mentioned them?

WestAllen Ficlet:

Title: Seeking Home
Rating: R
Wordcount: 908

Summary: Barry comes home early one morning. Iris is pleased to see him. Established relationship fic.


Barry arrives home at a little before 6AM, that Saturday. Iris’s stuff is scattered around the kitchen – her laptop’s still open on the table amongst a sea of notes and coffee mugs. She must have been up late working.

He takes off his shoes and tip-toes upstairs to their bedroom – where she’s asleep, of course, a tight huddle on his side of the bed, face mostly obscured between the pillows and the comforter and her hair falling everywhere. He can hear her breathing, slow and even. One hand is just visible, thrown out loosely toward him, little fingers curled.

Barry lets his heart swell, for a moment – thinks about whether to climb in there with her, safe and snug, or go back downstairs and wake her up with breakfast in a couple of hours.

Either way he really needs a shower. It’s been two days of exhausting work in Star City and there was hardly time to eat (he’s had ten pizzas in the last two hours he’s been so hungry), let alone rid himself of the sweat and grime that tends to accumulate whilst taking heroic, city-saving measures.

He’s shrugged off his jacket and cardigan and is tugging at his shirt buttons when he hears Iris stir.


Her eyes are cracked open, her face raw from sleep, voice small – she twists, clumsily, pushing back the covers. And oh god, he can’t resist her, so warm and soft in the early morning light.

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  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *making tea* ...I was just getting stuck into the case when the idiot went and confessed everything. I didn't even get to tell anyone *shaking his head* What is the point of me when people go and do that?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *glances over his shoulder* Are you even listening to me?
  • Baby Holmes: *watching TV in her baby seat*
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I'll make your mother some dinner. What do you think she'll fancy.
  • Baby Holmes: *squeals happily* Dick.
  • Sherlock: *pauses*
  • Sherlock: *blinks, looks at her* Excuse me?
  • Baby Holmes: *waving her hands enthusiastically* Mummy wan' dick...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *approaches her, chuckles nervously* Yeeeees, I know. Better than anyone, darling.
  • Baby Holmes: *pointing at the tv* Dick, dick!
  • Sherlock: *looks at the TV*
  • -tv shows singing and dancing baby chickens-
  • Baby Holmes: Cute dickies!
  • Sherlock: *relieved* Chicks. Yes. Mummy does like them. Erm...c-can't keep them though. Not with Toby around.
  • Baby Holmes: *staring at him*
  • Sherlock: *embarrassed* Don't tell your mum.

Pairing: RivaMika
Slice of Life
AU (Living Together)
Rating: G

A/N: HUWAH! I pushed myself to write,edit, post this in one day. This is written from the Revi’s point of view. For those who don’t know, Revi is Mikasa and Levi’s cat, in the AU, ‘Living Together’. He’s a mostly black cat, with white toes and underbelly. It was pretty fun writing this, I hope you understand his cat-lingo. Ahaha.


Revi sat on the windowsill of the living room, slowly turning his head, idly gazing out the window. Petra was on her phone sitting in the sofa. All was quiet but of the ticking of a clock hanging on the wall…

Levi and Mikasa were gone. It has been a fair amount of days since their sudden departure. A week perhaps? A cat really doesn’t measure time the way humans do. I’ve been feeling uneasy, like a stranger in my own home. With fair enough reason; things had been strange lately. Well, it has been for a while actually… 

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Batgirl and Azrael Gift Exchange from Azrael 61 2000-02

Cassandra Cain and Jean-Paul Valley team up during No Man’s Land and have some of their best panels ever IMO.

Jean-Paul is sweet and innocent and kind of awkward while Cassandra is quiet (she never says a word), enigmatic and somber.

Their interaction is great and other writers of Cass should have noticed that less is more regarding Cass talking. She communicates really well if she’s drawn right with body language, facial expressions and hand gestures. Of course a few words every now and then would be needed for her own title but lots of dialog isn’t needed in most cases. She has a powerful presence with few or no words.

And Azrael was spot on and played off Cass nicely. His line about talking too much was great as was his line “she smells good already!” So funny but his lines are believable and heartfelt.

What a great combo and so alike: both with terrible, horrible upbringings who are super deadly with almost super human abilities. Yet Jean-Paul is unsure and naive without his mask and Cassandra has varying degrees of language and reading abilities.

I’m sure New52 will never bring back Jean-Paul since he has ascended into Heaven (or something).

But please, please bring back Cass and do her right! :)

Locked Room- Part 01

(Part 02 =>)

Valerie had no doubts when the assignment had been sent to her Open Case file, it was a deliberate insult. Give the pointless, dead-end case to the dead-end Ranger. A series of random, high-profile burglaries completed unrelated save that there was exactly zero evidence to support the victim’s claim that someone had broken in. Everyone before her had browsed the cases and decided to kick it down the line until it finally fell to someone who couldn’t.

After all, faking a robbery for the insurance money was a lot more plausible than an invisible thief.

She bore through without a single complaint, refused to give them the satisfaction. Six months, hundreds of hours, sleepless nights, and hard-toothed stubbornness, Valerie didn’t have a lead. She didn’t have a suspect.

She had a fraking arrest.

Every day the old-guard from her dad’s days would pass by her desk. Hey kid, how’re those ‘burglary’ cases going? Any luck with catch your little ghost, Rookie?

Yeah actually, she’s in interrogation cube forty-two, thank you very much.

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Blood in the Water (You x EXO Kai) ]Star Wars!au] Part 4

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

“What happened in here?” 

The floor was littered with broken glass and furniture, and parts of the wall had been pushed in to the brick. You drop your backpack in the doorway, stunned, but Kai is the first to move. “Stay here.” He says quickly. He pulls his saber from his backpack, the jacket of his school uniform flapping in the breeze. You’d only been away for a few hours, but your aunt’s house was completely trashed. She was likely still in the city, working back-to-back shifts as a bartender in jedi-only bar. 

Footprints littered the dusty ground, and you pick up a cracked frame lying in the debris, swiping off the dust. It was the only photo you had left of your parents. You’d always felt a little uneasy; sometimes it felt like your parents were total strangers. None of your habits were the same, and often you felt alienated from them. 

But seeing their photo on the ground, discarded by whoever came here…it hurt. You tap the frame against a broken table, pulling out the glass and slicing your finger in the process. You stuff the photo in your pocket and stick your finger your mouth. 

“Seems like they took anything worth any money.” Kai gingerly hops over the back of the sofa, putting away his saber. “They’re probably selling it on the black market.” He gazes around the room, meeting your eyes. “If you want, we can head down there. I know some people who could help us get it back.”

“No.” You shake your head. None of it mattered to you, anyway. “Let’s just report it. We should call some troopers here-”

“No.” Kai says quickly. You frown at him. “Why not?”

“What…will they do?” He hesitates. “If you don’t want to get everything back, there’s nothing they can do anyway.”

“What do you mean? They can catch whoever did this?”

“In this neighborhood?” Kai shakes his head. He did have a point. Your aunt’s salary bought a tiny flat on the bad side of the city. “I’m sure your aunt will understand.”


“Let’s be reasonable here, okay?”

Sehun carefully lifts both hands, staring into your eyes. One hand was wrapped tightly around the lapel of his leather jacket, the other holding your saber just inches from his neck. Oh Sehun may have saved your life, but now his hung in the balance.

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Imagine Scott finding out you’re a witch

Originally posted by myteenwolfobsession88

“This is Lydia.” The secretary gestures to the strawberry blonde who’s standing next to the desk. “And here’s your schedule. If you have any questions or need help finding a class, Lydia can help you.”

You nod as if you understood, but in truth you were overwhelmed by the new school. “Thank you,” you say as Lydia smiles at you. She leads the way out of the office and then walks next to you once you’re in the hall.

“What’s your first class?” Lydia asks, dodging a hadsy couple.

“AP Bio,” you say, glancing at your schedule.

“Here it is.” Lydia open the door, the pre-class  chatter spilling into the hall way. “You can come sit over here, my lab partner moved a few days ago.”

You nod, greatful. The teacher spares a glance up from his papers before looking back down and slashing a red mark across an unfortunate students paper. Looking around, you see a boy with dark brown hair, smelling the air, a confused look on his face.

He looks at the clock quickly before turning and beckoning to Lydia. “Excuse me,” she says politely before smoothing her dress and making her way to the boy. He whispers something in her ear, and as hard as you try, you can’t stop listening.

“Who is she?” the boy asks.

“Y/N. She’s new.”

“She smells funny.”

Hearing this, you discreetly turn your head and sniff. Mangoes.

“Scott! Be nice,” Lydia chastises.

The boy, Scott, grimaces. “She smells funny, like she’s one of us.”

You freeze. One of them?

Lydia rolls her eyes. “Ask Derek,” she says already heading towards the lab table. She smiles at you as she sits down, and you mimic her smile.

Looking back at Scott, you watch as he pulls out his phone and starts dialing. You super-hearing picks up the words.

“Derek, this is Scott.”

“Too early for this, Scott. Call me later.”

“No wait! There’s someone new at school. She-”

A loud sigh. “Go talk to her and never call me again.” Now Scott sighs.

“She smells funny.”

“Goddamnit Scott, this isn’t funny!” Derek growls from the other end. “If she smells funny, its her problem, not yours.”

“She smells like us, except not really.” Scott barges on, not letting Derek comment. “It’s bitter for a minute, then sour, then super sweet. Do you what she is?”

There’s a pause. “So her scent changes?”

Scott confirms this.

“Sounds like she’s a witch, and because of the sweet smell, she’s not dangerous. You’ll be fine.”

“Thanks Derek.”

Derek growls. “Never call me again.”

requested by @i-dontfollow-instructions :) (i feel like this turned out differently than what you had wanted lol. hope you still like it!)

Why I never met my aunt Sheila

My mom told me this just once, when I was a teenager. We were home, there was a huge storm outside and the lights had gone out. She whispered the whole time.

After this, whenever I asked about “that horrible story about aunt Sheila” she would reply she didn’t know what I was talking about, that she had never told me anything about Sheila.

I can’t explain, but I’ve always had the impression she was lying.


“Many years ago, my sister Sheila was in a very bad place in her life. She was deeply unhappy, stressed, sick and with no perspectives of what to do to get better.

Maybe because of her terrible situation, she started to have a recurrent, heinous dream, that always started with her walking through a heavy mist, alone. Then, slowly, something would come out from the fog: a deformed, very tall woman. The woman had tumors hanging from her stomach and neck, and in Sheila’s own words, it was as if she had fallen from a ten story building, got up and kept walking, her limbs broken and twisted in wrong ways. There was complete silence throughout the whole dream, except for one single moment - just once - when the woman would let out a mangled, piercing cry.

The woman was our mother.

Sheila was very scared. After weeks of having to go through the same dream over and over again, she started to freak out, convinced it had some terrible hidden meaning. I remember her spending whole nights awake, reading books on voodoo and black magic. One day, she eventually arrived to the conclusion that somebody had put a spell on her.

She decided to visit a close friend of hers, that was considered to be some kind of medium - I remember that she dressed funny, smelled of incense and liked to read the Tarot for her friends.

So Sheila went to visit this woman and begged her to read her luck; she was sure something about her terrible situation would come out on the cards. Her friend agreed, read the cards and said a lot of vague and inespecific stuff (“you’re going through a time of change”, “dedicate yourself to your inner growth”). Not finding an answer to her questions, Sheila started to cry.

Her friend asked why she was crying, and my sister told her about the dream.

“Oh. Yes”, she answered, shuffling the cards, “now I remember. Yes, I did that”.

Sheila later told me she just stayed there, immobile, looking at her friend. Finally she mustered the strength to ask: why?

“Your mother asked me to”, she said, lightly. “She wants a sacrifice. You’re the offering”.


Last week we had dinner with my grandmother. My mom cooked her traditional beef stew and put on her best clothes. My father was in a great mood, so he told lots of stories about his childhood with his brother Benny.

My grandmother listened silently, then turned to me and said:

“Did you know I had another child? Yes, but you never met her. She was your aunt Sheila. She died in birth. That’s nice, eh, dying while giving life to another”.

Through my grandmother’s open mouth, I could see the bolus of bloody meat going up and down her tongue and gum.

“Thank God. I never liked that one”.

Let the Right One In


25 of 31

I don’t often give horror movies an A+.  There are lots of B’s - because I like horror movies, even the dumb ones, some C’s, a couple A’s.  But this 2008 Swedish film really is an A+ vampire masterpiece.  The film makes you feel cold.  I think vampires would like the cold.

There is a kid who is bullied at school and ignored at home.  His name is Oskar and he is a great actor.  The vampire is good but Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant) is great.  He even has frozen snot on his upper lip for most of the picture.  His situation is ripe for him to meet up with a strange girl who can take his troubles away.

They meet outside their apartment building and he tells her she smells funny and asks her if she’s cold. She reaches her hand over her stomach to drown out the sound of hunger.  He doesn’t know she’s a vampire and she doesn’t tell him.

There are many great bits in this film that I haven’t seen used in other vampire films.  For example, Eli (Lina Leandersson) gets caught in the middle of a feed and accidentally makes a vampire.  The woman doesn’t know what happened to her and her husband takes her home to patch her up and rest.  Soon she starts having strange symptoms and gets attacked by a bunch of house cats.  Man they do NOT like vampires.  

Also - the way Oskar learns that his close friend Eli is a vampire is intriguing and sad.  He cares about her and doesn’t see her as a monster.  Everyone else around him is a monster.

The final scene in the Swedish swimming pool is the best.  I guess they have school swimming at night time in Sweden, that seemed a little strange but that’s fine because the action is memorable, original, shocking, and bloody.   Also satisfying.

I know there is an American version of this film with the girl from Kick Ass.  I haven’t seen that version and don’t know that I will since I liked the original so much.  Even if you don’t usually watch subtitled movies but you like horror and particularly vampires, Let the Right One In is perfect.