she smells funny

Honestly, I’m 100% here for Lena already knowing that Kara is Supergirl (let’s be real, she does) ever since Kara slipped saying that she “flew” to Lcorp, (or because she simply stares way to much at Kara’s face), but I’m also here for oblivious Lena who is just super confused as too why she has such a strong crush on both Kara and Supergirl.


*i just made myself get up and i feel hungry enough to eat someone tbh.

*and before anyone makes the joke, yes, both meanings work.

*depends on whether i find a burger or a galfriend first.

So I blame @captainbisexualcherry for my need to share this snippet with you all. I’ve been writing a superparents!Stucky fic (they take their kids to the Grand Canyon with Nat and Clint and their kids) for awhile and thought I’d share a little snippet of it. 

“Are we there?” Winnie asked as Bucky held her in his arms. She peered over Bucky’s shoulder with sleepy, big eyes. Her ringlets were frizzy from travel. “The plane smelled funny.” She wrapped her arms tighter around Bucky’s neck.

“We’ve got a layover, princess,” Steve answered.

“Whatsa laveover?” Jimmy asked as he clung to Steve’s back, kicking his heels back into Steve’s hip bones.

“A layover is when you gotta wait for another plane to come and get you at another airport,” Steve detailed. They’d wandered out from the gate and were now starting to see restaurants and gift shops. O’Hare was an international airport. It was much more crowded than JFK was, considering it was further in the day now. Steve felt his heart stutter a bit as he winced, thinking about people coming up to his kids and asking them what it was like to have Captain America as a father. It wasn’t uncommon for people to come up to Jimmy and Winnie and ask questions they had no right asking, especially paparazzi. It drove Steve crazy. As long as they didn’t separate, everything would be fine.

“I hafta pee!” Winnie cried out. “Dad, I hafta pee!”

“Okay, okay,” Bucky responded, running his metal hand over her head softly. “Steve, you wanna find a restaurant to get some breakfast? I’ll take them to the bathroom.”

“I don’t have to pee!” Jimmy protested, digging his heels into Steve’s hips again.

“I’m not gonna go back twice, Jimmy,” Bucky stated, his tone gentle but authoritative. “Now or never, solider.”

“Okay,” Jimmy sulked. Steve let him slide off his back.

“Hold my hand, Jimmy,” Bucky instructed, reaching down for his son’s hand with his metal one.

The three of them wandered off in the direction of the bathroom, leaving Steve to look at all the various restaurants that lined the airport.

“Steve! Steve!” a man called from behind.

Steve turned to see Clint, carrying both his kids: Callum and Nicole. Steve offered out his arms, taking Callum so Clint could focus on holding Nicole.

“Thanks man,” Clint breathed out. “Kid’s gettin’ heavy.”

“Am not!” Callum defended, sticking his tongue out. He had bright eyes, just like his father.

“What did I say about rude faces?” Clint asked, his brows shooting up into his hairline.

“They make people wanna seek revenge…” Callum sulked.

“What?” Steve asked, flabbergasted. “The heck kinda parenting is this?”

“Hawkeye and Black Widow parenting,” Clint responded.

“You two should write a book. Where’s Nat?” Steve asked as they walked toward a café.

“Bathroom,” Clint responded. “She hates using the plane’s restroom.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “Why? Think someone’s gonna drug her or something?”

“It’s happened before,” Clint sang out. “You headed for breakfast?”

“Yeah. Kids haven’t eaten yet.”

“Cool. Us too.”

They waited in line together, idly talking about being tall and having to deal with the cramped seats in coach. They both missed the quinjet and its luxury. Plus, according to Clint, layovers were “the devil.” Steve ordered two white milks for his kids with egg and cheese on English muffins, and for him and Bucky, he ordered four egg, cheese and sausage sandwiches on the English muffins both with fruit cups and snagged a few power bars down at check out as well. He sometimes hated having a disgustingly high metabolism.

“That’lll be thirty- Oh my God!” the girl at the register cried out. “Oh my God! You’re Captain America!”

Steve opened his mouth, feeling his heart leap into his throat. “Uh, y-yeah. Steve.”

“Oh my God. Can I please get a picture with you? I know that’s like, super rude, but my boyfriend’s a huge fan of yours and he’ll just die!”

“Uh, sure, but, please, don’t let ‘em die. I’d feel bad.” Steve winced at his pathetic excuse for humor. It wasn’t funny, but he’d realized that after speaking. When people recognized him, he couldn’t help but get a bit nervous. Sometimes it wasn’t bad, other times it was almost painful. He’d been stressed from traveling already. The worker wasn’t doing anything wrong, just sometimes Steve wasn’t in the mood to be fawned over, even if he knew they meant well.

The girl laughed, pulling out her phone and running around the counter. She came up to right under Steve’s chest so he had to bend down but she was able to snap a few pictures. “Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“No problem,” Steve answered, feeling his cheeks heat up.

Clint stood there with a raised brow, leaning against the glass counter that showcased the pastries, both his kids at his feet. Steve just shrugged at him.

Steve paid the girl the astronomical fee for the food, gathered it all up on a tray and walked over to a table where Nat, Bucky and their children were waiting.

“Hey Hollywood!” Bucky teased. “When’s the movie coming out?”

Steve scoffed, setting the food down. “When I get my first Oscar, I’m not thanking my husband for all his support.”

“Ouch, baby!” Bucky responded, grabbing his heart and pretending as if he was actually wounded. “I wonder if they’d ever actually make a movie after you. Ya’know, cause you’re the first openly bisexual superhero.”

Steve shrugged, passing out the food to his respective family members. “Don’t really care.”

“I think it’d be good,” Natasha added. “The world needs to see bisexuality. It’s completely erased in modern media. You’re either overtly gay or overtly straight. No middle ground.”

“I’d rather not have a movie about my love life,” Steve quipped. “It’s bad enough as it is.”

“Oh that Hawkeye!” Clint mocked dramatically as he came over and set his tray down. He passed over a yogurt parfait to Natasha. “Oh he’s such a cool Avenger! I should totally get my picture with him! Yeah! That Hawkeye! I just need a picture with him cause my boyfriend is such a fan!”

“Someone’s bitter,” Natasha answered as she sprinkled the granola atop her yogurt.

“I mean, I’m an Avenger. I’m just as important as the rest of you!”

Bucky leaned into the table, batting his lashes pointedly at Clint. “Welcome. To. My. Life.”

Clint scoffed. “Yeah but, you’re like, not actually an official member! I’m an official member, man! I drive the quinjet!”

“And you wield such a cool bow,” Bucky said sarcastically. “Wow, totally my favorite Avenger.”

“Please,” Clint groaned as he helped Callum open his juice box. “We all know your favorite is Steve.”

“Mmm,” Bucky hummed, resting his chin atop his metal hand as he drank in Steve’s image. “He sure looks good in that suit.”

Steve blushed, dipping his chin as he ran his fingers through Jimmy’s brown hair, smoothing it out from the plane ride. “Oh please, we’re sitting with our children.”

“You’re such an old man,” Natasha teased, flicking her brow up once, a smug smile at her lips.

“Can I wear your suit daddy?” Winnie asked softly as she nibbled on her sandwich. “I wanna be Capim ‘Merica.”

Bucky laughed. “When you’re older, baby. Drink your milk.”

Winnie seemed content with that answer and chugged down at her milk carton.

“Woah, hey!” Steve protested, reaching out to grab at the milk carton. “Don’t drink it so fast! You’ll get sick!”

“She’s so tiny,” Natasha commented. “Maybe she needs more milk. You two hoggin’ it over at the Rogers-Barnes house?”

“She’s just small,” Steve grumbled. “Nothin’ wrong with that.”

Bucky smiled adoringly. “Damn right, Rogers. There’s nothing wrong with being small.”

Steve smiled, feeling his cheeks and shoulders heat up. He stroked at his daughter’s hair, proud of her.

“So this Pumpkin Spiced Latte is earth’s preferred drink in the Autumn seasons? Smells….funny.” She took a sniff of the cup in her hand, clearly confused at this earthly custom. “And its consumed mostly by “basics”?”