she shows it

i dont really understand why people called sadie “unfair” and “manipulative” for pranking lars in joking victim considering she never knew what affect the donut would have on him + rushing out to fix her mistake

im a baby

3 more nights left… besides today. i’m alone in my new apartment. trying to adjust. all is fine besides nights!!! 😫

i’m making myself tired so i just drop dead in bed. also my pink bear is with me. she’s big and always with me while i sleep. im literally 8 yrs old right now. but she’s giving me comfort 😣

A conversation between me and my mother just now
  • Me: *playing Prison Architect* Why are you walking around naked? Put some clothes on!
  • Mum: Who?
  • Me: This prisoner here.
  • Mum: So not Jacob then?
  • Me: Wrong game mother. And if it were Jacob I wouldn't be telling him to put clothes on.

Imagine Ginny Weasley walking through the halls and getting catcalled by a few boys. “Looking hot, Weasley!” One of them yells. Behind her, Fred and George start doing ridiculous poses, blowing kisses to the unsuspecting boys.

“I know,” they say in unison.