she shouldn't have to try so hard

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I was wondering if you could give a brief explanation of Melody's anatomy -- I'm having a bit of a hard time trying to identify which body part each instrument is supposed to represent. (Note that I've always been terrible at this sort of thing, so you shouldn't take my confusion to mean her design is unclear.) Also, just wanna say that Melody and Julienne are the coolest. We're still on their introductory scene, and they're already high on my list of favorite characters.

Sure thing! She is fairly complex so here’s a colour-coded break down for you

hope that helps! Also just to help a bit the triangle isn’t an ear but a shoulder blade- she moves and is built quite like a buffalo/gorilla so her forelegs are quite stiff and stompy. The tambourine acts as her ‘brow’ so it tilts down when she’s cross, and up when she’s happy or surprised! The face is a strange sort of lyre that I found in a book but I couldn’t find a name for it, sorry :\

EDIT: apparently the lyre thing is a ‘lyre-guitar’ and a whole bunch were made but they were all slightly different, so that’s why I couldn’t find another that matched the one in the book I have!

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the reason slytherin's are Evil™ is because jk hates the traits she gave them. she doesn't like ambition/thinks it's evil. which is a really shitty thing to tell children because she's telling them they shouldn't have goals & go after what they want & work hard to succeed? being ambitious is one of the best things you can be but she makes it seem like it's wrong. & the way she treated a lot of the female characters was bad so it's not surprising that ppl want redemption for pansy

The Slytherins are Evil™ in canon because JKR was trying to show how one person’s (Salazar Slytherin) actions can lead to centuries of hate and conflict

There’s nothing wrong with ambition??? JKR never says there’s anything wrong with working hard or having goals??
What she does say is wrong is being a bigoted bullying asshole
Which is what most of the canon Slytherins were like in the books

Also she made the female characters actually real and not perfect or 2 dimensional props
Sorry that the ones you identify with were the bullying racists but damn those exist irl too so why shouldn’t they exist in fiction

Yall are literally trying to reach so far I already addressed my opinions on the defense of canon Slytherin so go read that and maybe go reread the actual Harry Potter Books (1-7) so you can stop confusing canon and fanon bye

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Seriously, LOVE that it's the bijuu-that-doesn't-know-how-to-human that attracts all the broken children. I can just see it now, Naho clinging onto Kurama and being integrated into his earth (skulk? litter?) of children. "Here you go, kids. You get another sibling. Treat her well, she also seems to have issues about her existence as everyone keeps calling her dirty and shouldn't exist b/c she's illegitimate (and politics)". Then she really does become a princess who's friends w/ monsters.

Kurama being completely what the hell am I doing - wait, whaT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING I cannot human but this is definitely wrong is probably my favorite part of reverse. Because he’s trying so hard, and I think everyone else can sense that, even if they don’t entirely understand it. ^-^

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I see your point with that confession post and that last anon, but I don't think they meant like you can't be upset even though you have stuff, I think they were trying to imply complain but idk.. Obvi Maya could still be upset and stuff but I think what they were trying to say is she doesn't have that hard if a life anymore bc she has so many people who love her and a lot of stuff so she shouldn't be still thinking her life is hard and complaining ya know? (Not saying she does complain but)

For reference:

I feel like a lot of the people who still criticize the Maya character for “complaining about her life” completely missed what happened with Maya in terms of growth in S2/after Shawn entered the picture.

Until Upstate and then I Do, it had been a LONG time since Maya “complained” about her life the way she constantly did throughout a lot of S1 and early S2. Largely because her life changed for the better, especially with regard to appreciating her mom more and having Shawn as a nascent father figure of her very own (as opposed to “sharing” Cory with Riley, I think Shawn is who MAYA is meant to have as her father). Cory and Riley bringing Shawn and Katy/Maya together changed Maya’s life…which changed Maya in big ways. Things started to change big time when Cory got Shawn back and then (with Riley) tossed him in Maya & Katy’s path—although Katy & Shawn took it pretty much on their own from there, Chet aside. (The writer’s tweet re: GM HftH was something along the lines of: “Tonight. Everything begins to change.”)

This is part of why it’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that a very well-meaning but totally off-base Riley decides it was Shawn who “broke” Maya. (And it’s so sad that Shawn agrees, oh my lord. 😭But if you know Shawn, you know why.) Shawn did the exact reverse opposite of “breaking” Maya. Riley may be a huge influence on Maya in terms of hope, but until Shawn (and also Mrs. Kossal & Lucas IMO), Maya RESISTED that influence. Shawn’s the absolute #1 primary reason Maya finally embraced the hope Riley had been encouraging Maya to embrace for years without success!

Like seriously: compare Maya in GM Money to how she was in S1/early S2. I mean okay, she cracks a couple jokes about being broker than the others but that aside she’s all about appreciating and taking care of what she has instead of focusing on what she doesn’t have. The difference is huge and it had nothing to do with “subconsciously turning into Riley to ‘protect’ her from Lucas.” There’s a reason the extra credit portion of Maya’s “final exam” in Legacy was “what us does for them.” (Nevermind how important it is that her primary “final exam” was PEOPLE CHANGE PEOPLE.)

Maya does “complain” again in GM Upstate and in GM I Do after Riley—ironically with Shawn’s inadvertent help—pushes Maya back WAY too far (and it’s dubious that Maya needed to be “pushed back” at all), but ofc Shawn gets her believing in Hope & Life again by the end of GMID…and we haven’t heard Maya “complain” much about her life since—although that’s going to be addressed again in ACM—aside from being upset about the foiled Taco Plan. But Cory and almost everybody else was pretty much right there with her on that one. 😂

And what’s really interesting about all this is what Jacobs said about Maya & Shawn earlier this year:

“I will give you one further piece of advice for the audience: If you look at the pilot’s story not to go back and look for moments, like this is the moment, or that’s the moment track the characters. How are they growing? Then you’ll clearly understand what we’re doing. There are some episodes [in Season 3] that will involve Shawn. If you track the character of Shawn, if you track the character of Maya, and their relationship together, and what Cory means to Shawn and what Riley means to Maya as friends, and the responsibility of friendship, you’ll understand perfectly what’s to come, and you’ll welcome it.” –

Obviously I think the way Maya’s relationship with Lucas developed over S2 was a significant part of why Maya changed as well because he absolutely influenced her for the better in some very key ways (chiefly in Creativity & Belief), but we can leave that aside for now because the Shawn/Maya connection is the bigger deal IMO.

On BMW, Shawn was doomed to “never be happy.” I mean they TORTURED that character. Had GMW never come into being, the Shawn character’s endpoint would forever be following Corpanga to NYC on the heels of a breakup. But GMW happened, and Shawn and Maya met because of Riley and Cory…which changed both Maya & Shawn’s lives and fates (not to mention Katy’s). And it breaks the BMW-Purple-Cat-goggles-assumption of “Shawn (and therefore Maya ‘the New Girl Shawn’) can never be happy.”

And on that note, I’m gonna bring the following thread back from the dead with a beautiful thing @minkusintl said a while back:

“If you guys didn’t watch BMW, you wouldn’t understand WHY Topanga and Cory care so deeply for Maya, WHY Shawn and Maya’s father/daughter relationship is not just important to those two but to the people that care most about them because the two are a catalyst for the other’s healing—they bring each other hope because they lead each other to futures they never thought they had.” –

A/N: I needed to stop looking at my thesis, so I wrote a little 4x07 drabble (well, 2000 word drabble). Not really spoilery? But behind the scenes speculationy. This makes it abundantly clear I have no idea what’s going to happen, but boy am I looking forward to it!


So you, my dear, shouldn’t fear what lies below

Emma was trying with all her might to not cry. She was gripping the steering wheel so forcefully that her fingers were beginning to throb in time with the pounding of her heart, and Emma was trying so hard not to cry. 

Breathe, damn it, breathe.

The first time it had happened she hadn’t really thought much about it. She was more surprised than anything, made a mental note to talk to Regina about it, but hadn’t really thought it was any cause for concern. She had been standing in the middle of the street, the chill on her skin a stark contrast between the heat in her cheeks and the warmth emanating from the pirate on her lips. She had been so mad at him – then again, had she really? – so mad at herself and more anxious than anything else.

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