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Barry Returns

When Barry returns from the future he so happy to see Iris but his heart is also heavy from what he’s witnessed there…

The whole team is there when Barry returns from the future, but his focus is only on one person in particular. The group slowly drifts apart as he walks through them with his eyes, now red and watery, locked on the love of his life. He stops in front of her, looks down at her hands and lifts them to his lips. He holds them there for what seems like forever then he wraps them around his neck and pulls her in to the tightest hug she’s ever experienced from him. She literally almost couldn’t tell where he ended and she began and it made her feel safe and scared all at the same time. He pulled away and cradled her cheeks in his hands.

Hey beautiful he said softly as he looked at her with a look that was coupled with pure love and horror because he had witnessed what it was like to live without her.

I’m so happy to see you, he managed to croak out before pulling her back into another strong but gentle hug.

It’s okay, she whispered, I’m here, I’m right here.

I missed you so much. I never want to live in a world without Iris West. He kisses the top of her head and breaths in her scent.

I’m gonna stop Savitar. I promise you. I swear on my life, I. Will. Stop him. She nods as her eyes start to fill.

Let’s go home Barry, you’ve had a long day. _________________ They arrive at home and Iris runs a hot bath for them. He gets in, she steps in behind him and he lays his head back into the crook of her neck as he smiles thinking that he never wants this night to end. Tell me about it she says softly. What? Tell me about it. She presses her lips to his cheek. What did you see? His eyes open and it feels as if his heart sinks at the thought of what he remembers from the trip that he so readily wants to forget. Irr… Tell me Barry. I..I found myyy. future self he says, a lump building in his throat as he tries desperately to hold back his tears to no avail. Iris… NO Barry! Don’t treat me like I’m some porcelain doll that’s gonna break if you tell me the truth! He jumps out of the tub and she stands instantly. Iris… BARRY!! WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HEAR IRIS? THAT I FALL APART! THAT MY LIFE GOES TO HELL HUNH, THAT I’M SECONDS FROM LOSING MY MIND ON A DAILY BASIS? CAUSE THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS TO ME WHEN YOU’RE GONE! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANNA HEAR!! NO! NO! I WANNA HEAR THAT YOU MAKE IT THROUGH WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN! I…I wanna know that you’re going to be alright… He looks at her solemnly. You…you said what’s gonna happen. She looks down at her hands. Bar… Iris are.. are you giving up on me? No Barry I just… Iris don’t do this to me. He cups her face. You have to know I’m gonna save you. LOOK AT ME IRIS! Barry I know you’re gonna do your best but you have to promise me that if for any reason it doesn’t work out that way that you will live Barry! Not just exist, but live! Don’t say that to me Iris. He grips the sides of his head. Don’t talk like that, he says through gritted teeth, and it’s her turn to cup his face as he cries internally screaming. He slumps down to the floor. Barry, Barry breathe, look at me okay, I don’t want to leave you Barry. I love you with all my heart and I am going to fight with everything I have in me to stay here with you but you have to promise me, promise me that if this doesn’t turn out the way we want, if things don’t go according to plan, you have to accept it and live do you hear me! PROMISE ME BARRY!!! I…III promise he says through his silent tears. Good, good. Shhh It’s gonna be alright it’s okay shhh. She cradles his head to her chest and rests her chin on the top of his head. She’s just as scared as he is but she can’t think of him slowly torturing himself to death with what ifs and shoulda, coulda, wouldas after she’s gone. She meant what she said, she’s gonna fight to the finish. Good thing she’s been told she’s pretty badass, cause she doesn’t plan on leaving him anytime soon.

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(1) Okay! So I was just talking to my friend that got to go to the signing with her sister! First, her little sister (she's 6) called Louis "sunshine boy" and that she likes his dagger tattoo and asked if it hurt. Louis was smiling really big at the nickname and said "Thank you! It hurt a little" with a little pout and she giggled a lot because louis is her favorite and she said "you shoulda had someone hold your hand!" And he just smiled really big and nodded.

(2) Sadly she had been there a little too long with Louis because they started moving her along and she started getting teary eyes since she didn’t know it’s be so fast so she said “Bye Sunshine Boy” all sadly and waved and Louis smiled and said “Bye Sunshine girl” and reached past Liam to give her a high five. Also Liam called called her Sunshine girl when she went to him! :) and Louis changed Where We Are to Where Wee Are in my friends book haha


This is adorable!


I am writing allllll the possible endings to this season right now, because I just can’t shake the dreadful feeling that it’s going to be awful and horrible and completely gut Caitlin’s character or at least sideline her from her own arc.

So anyway, this story really is about a possible end of the season, but more about the aftermath of this possibility.


“Honey, all I’m saying is that it may be time to look for a place of our own.”

Barry furrowed his brow at her over his sunglasses. He’d adapted to the Atlantis island style unexpectedly quickly, although true to his clotheshorse ways, his brightly patterned shirts were perfectly matched with his beach shorts and those were coordinated beautifully with his flip-flops. “My parents are happy to have us for as long as we like, you know.”

“Of course they are, but their house here isn’t the biggest, and it’s just getting kind of cramped. And while we’re on the subject, I think we should find jobs. What about applying to the Atlantis PD?”

He looked away.

“You don’t think we should,” she said.

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Arrow Fic: Archaeology (Core Curriculum series)

Author: dettiot
Rating: E
Summary:  After meeting at a frat party, having incredibly hot sex, Felicity walked out on Oliver.  Now he can’t get her out of his head.  So he does some digging to find her.    
Disclaimer: I don’t own Arrow.  No copyright infringement intended.
Author’s Note
:  When I say that everyone seemed to want a sequel to Women’s Studies, I mean EVERYONE.  Which was hugely flattering!  And also hard, because there were so many different directions I could go in.  So my choice was to not choose.  This is the first of four follow-ups to Women’s Studies, exploring different ways that Oliver and Felicity’s next meeting could happen.  I hope you enjoy this concept, and this particular story!  Thanks to mersayseh, machawicket and youguysimserious for the cheerleading and first reading.


When he woke up alone, Oliver knew he shouldn’t be surprised.  Felicity had made it clear that she was leaving–that he couldn’t keep her in his room with her.  She had controlled the situation, set all the boundaries, made her own decisions.  

She was different from any other woman he had ever met.  And he wanted her more than any other woman.  Even after last night and this morning, it wasn’t enough.  In no fucking way was one night enough with her.  

It was crazy, but desire like that … you didn’t walk away so easily.  

So he just had to find her.  How hard could it be to find a Goth girl named Felicity in Boston?  Especially when you were Oliver Queen and had a nice, big trust fund at your disposal?

Apparently, it was harder than shit.  Because after two days of searching on his own, he had to blow off his planned return to Starling City and find a hotel, because he hadn’t found her yet.   

When he called Tommy, his best friend had thought he was crazy, on multiple levels.

“Dude, just hire a private investigator and let them handle it.”

“And have my dad see the bill and ask what the fuck I need a detective for?  Kinda don’t want to find out if that’s what will make him cut me off, Tommy,” Oliver had retorted.

“Like he would do that, as long as your mom is around,” Tommy snorted.  “C’mon, man, just move on.  Do you know how much fun you’re missing out on, staying in ye olde Beantown?  I got the best idea: let’s rent out Rockets Stadium and hire models to play strip kickball with.”  

A few days ago, Ollie would have thought this was the best plan ever.  He would have thoroughly enjoyed the casting call, let alone the actual strip kickball.  But now … Oliver didn’t think the idea had that much appeal.  

“I know, Tommy, but … I just wanna see if I can find her,” Oliver said slowly.  There was a silence from the other end of the phone–a very heavy one–and Oliver did his best impersonation of himself from before Felicity.  “She was a super-hot lay.  You shoulda heard the things she said, Tommy.  I’ve never had a chick talk that filthy to me.”

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So. I caught a tweet of this nigga tweeting, “If I get caught cheating to show I care about you, we can both jump that bitch and teach her a lesson.” I called him out, naturally. But instead of realizing his 1,000 retweeted tweet was disgusting, he tried to say I read it wrong and that he never said he wasn’t the one to blame. Then accused me of lurking and said since I had bad edges, I couldn’t judge his or his shitty girlfriend’s twisted life. Never mind he’s the second person I happened on by chance from that “cyber-misogynoir” brigade based off an old tweet or search engine. “You responded to more than one tweet.” Because they were threaded, asshole. Then was like, “Nice cover up.” Like bitch, it’s a fairly popular tweet. I’ve came across it a couple of times before I actually interacted with you. I mean, you could say he wasn’t “serious,” but there are actually people that twisted and perverse in this community. I take even the widest scenarios and comments seriously. As we’ve all seen, nothing is off limits to people. Then he got so frusted when I told him, “No, you’re just a perverted dick who wants to get his dick wet by cheating with a girl then having his girlfriend beat her up.” He was like, “She shoulda known better.” I said, “You took it upon yourself to cheat.” He was actually really frustrated this time, and I could tell I got to him. He started coming for the fact I was wearing a Logic snapback in my new avi to “hide my edges” (he is so pressed), called me Reptar which made no sense, called me a c*nt (wow, if I’m one, then so are his #PickmeTwitter Satan Maidens) got an annoying girl to @ me and then curse me out after I asked her a simple question. Was like, “F is for FOH U is for U Hurt and H is for Ho you could never.” So I said, “f is for Fucks U’d Never make me give.” She didn’t respond that time. Then a bunch of Twitta Nigga’s cronies were like, “Read before you lurk.” It’s like they want to promote violent, blame the woman misogyny and not be reprimanded or caught for it. What would you take from those tweets he initially made?

Demons and mortals (Closed starter for friskcharaandtalon)

A blue haired demoness groaned as she sat on the roof of a house. “I’m stuck here… Why do I have to make someone’s life hell in order to be a demon?” She complained. “I shoulda ran… They said me being nice would be my downfall.. Now I’m sentenced to death unless I can make someone’s life hell in a month…” She sighed. The demoness looked down at the ground as she saw Frisk walk out of her hair. “Who is that..?”