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Do you think Edward every really chilled down about the whole "I've ripped you from a human life" even with Renesme and everything how the books ended? Like I can see if one day they were out and Bella smelled like some food shop or something she used to love like "aw man I miss that, it was good" because obvs vamp her wouldn't care but Edward would get guilty again even tho it was her choice, he just seems to love to wallow in his misery even at times when he should just be happy

Oh, yeah, I’m sure once the newness wears off there are going to be moments like that and Bella’s going to roll her golden eyes to high heaven. 

“All the things you missed out because of meeeeeee.”

“But look at all I gained!”

“Look at all you lossssst! D:” 

Bella probably asks Esme for some advice about this, because I imagine it happened with her and Carlisle too and she’s just like “Honestly I don’t know what to tell you, he bought me a tropical island because I offhandedly once said ‘I miss the sun,’ so, good luck.” 

This is my new strategy for white people who ask "Do you work here?"

I can’t tell you how many nice (and not-so-nice) white women have walked up to me in a store to ask me where something is, how much something costs, or to otherwise find out information she should be getting from an employee who MUST BE ME because I am a brown person nearby on the salesfloor.  Nevermind whether I have on an overcoat, I’m wearing headphones, or I have a complete lack of nametag, apron, or company t-shirt, I still get asked all the time “Do you work here?”

Before, my standard response was to pause for just enough beats to make her uncomfortable and then say, “No I don’t.  What about me made you think I work here?  And please be specific.”  Face crack.  Every single time.

Thanks to a friend’s comment thread on the Internet, I have a new tactic.

Pretend you do work there!!  It’s brilliant.  Observe.

White Woman:  How much is this shirt?
Me:  The sign is right there.  Can you not read it?
White Woman:  I was just making sure to see if it was on sale.  No need to be rude.
Me: No need to be stupid.  The sign has the price.  The tag has the same price.  Therefore, that’s the price.  Why are you bothering me with this?
White Woman:  Well I never!  I need to speak to the manager!
Me:  Fine, so do I.  I don’t even like this store.
[we march to customer service]
White Woman:  I’d like you to fire this employee immediately.  He was SO RUDE and I’m going to take my business elsewhere unless he is fired right now!
Manager:  I don’t think –
White Woman:  [”I was told by Applecare” voice] YOU DON’T THINK!?  I’M CALLING CORPORATE!
Me:  And say what?  That a perfect stranger with no nametag, apron, company ID, or any other sign of being an employee was mean to you in a store?  Susan I don’t even work here.  I just felt like making you look like the ass you clearly are.  Have a nice day.

Like…I’m finna go shopping RIGHT NOW just to test it out.  I’ma put on my big obnoxious hipster headphones just so there’s no reason whatsoever someone would think I’d be on the clock, and I’ma casually walk through a store and just wait.  And I happen to be wearing black jeans and a black jacket, which is the unofficial NYC uniform of fast-fashion retail.  And H&M is like three blocks away too…

something borrowed // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles lets Y/N borrow something of his & unexpectedly gains something in return

Requested: no, collab with @rememberstilinski

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: no


Clutching the plastic lunch tray she navigated her way through the crowded cafeteria and back to the lunch table. The stress from the first four periods of her day slowly melted away as she spotted her group of friends across the cafeteria, sitting at the same table they had since the start of their freshman year.

A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips as Lydia waved over to her. Picking up her pace, Y/N maneuvered her way through the crowds of people who were too engaged with their conversations with one another to pay any sort of attention to the small girl.

Then, a familiar boy caught her attention.

The sheriff’s son, Stiles Stilinski.

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(i) aphrodite’s all bubblegum pink. long haired doe eyed. lovesick. cheerleader. she believes in love more then she believes in anything else in the whole world. her room is littered with romance novels. she knows the words to every love song ever written. she’s never known love though. the real kind. the heartbreaking soul crushing kind. but there’s a boy who shares the locker next to her. whose always angry his fists balled up in rage but when he looks at her his eyes turn gentle. 

(ii) artemis is the definition of a feminist killjoy. she wears that badge with honour. she is the proud leader of a girl gang. leather jackets and combat boots. she’s all bruised knuckles and sharp words. she’s a child of the night. goddamn you should be afraid of her. 

(iii) persephone’s spends all her free time in her garden. there are flowers on her windowsill. she always smells like roses. she doesn’t have a lot free time. her mother demeter’s a little overbearing. too demanding of perfection. she’s always talking about college applications. always worrying about the future. sometimes persephone feels suffocated by it all. but there’s a boy whose kind and good. a boy who her mother would never approve of.


I made a ref sheet for the main character in the class film named ‘Rockin’ it’ I’m going to do! Her name is Katie~

The film is going to be about this girl Katie who LOVES Rock music, but doesn’t have anybody who shares that interest. So she tries to stay a bit of a wallflower at school because she thinks that others might find her ‘weird’ if they find out she likes such hard music. HOWEVER, new students arrive that look like they share a similar interest in Rock!…But Katie has NO idea how to go about becoming friends with them after being a loner for so long. They don’t even know if they SHOULD be friends with them for surely other people at school would make fun of them??

Eventually, Katie gets tired of feeling this anxiety of trying to please people by not enjoying something she loves and she takes it upon herself to spread the word around school…via flyers when everyone is in class and can’t see her of course. But the bell rings before Katie is done and she is stampeded through the halls and lands at the new rock kids feet. They notice her band t-shirt (her hoodie that was hiding it opened up during the stampede lol) and invite her to hang out with them at their concert. Katie decides to take her own advice and takes the Rock kids offer of friendship and they go and have a great time and all become friends!!

Katie returns to school wearing more band garb that she enjoys and she gets complements from the people in school saying she’s ‘Rockin’ it.’

I wanted to express that feeling of being a bit outcasted because of an interest you had didn’t fit into highschool terms of being ‘normal’. and that sometimes finding people with similar interests is hard, but when you do, you should take that plunge and become friends with them! When you’re around people with similar interests to you, it makes you much happier then you would be without. And that sometimes you can be overthinking peoples reactions and that everything will be fine! 

The poor receptionists

So my players are in a port city after finding out they got some business there. The party consists of a half elf bard, half elf rogue, a monk taxabi(catfolk), a monk kenku, and a human wizard\warlock.

The offices they go to are right next to each other. At the first office, in the main lobby the kenku and monk harass the gnome receptionist by pretending to shoot the kenku and the kenku making annoying noises. When they go to the second office, the receptionist there (the first ones twin sister) did her best to ignore them to deny a audiance with a academic counsol (they insulted the wizard’s sanity).

Receptionist: (ignores)

Taxabi: i jump on the desk and nuzzle her face. (Proceeds to act this out by nuzzling my face).

Kenku: While she does that i’m going to make random noises that annoy people. (Acts out some sounds)

Bard: i sit on her desk and play every catchy song i can think of on my harp. (Sings some fricking song)

Wizlock: i start shouting all the reasons why i should be allowed an audiance. (Proceeds to act THIS out.)

Rogue (sitting next to me, acting this all out): *leans in* i can make them stop, just give us entry and an audience… (Repeats similar phrases).

This goes on for a bit, the gnome somehow ignoring them all. They do not pause in their acting in character the entire time. Then the taxabi remembers that she is wearing eyes of charming.

TM: i lean in front of her and cast charm person with my glasses. “Click”

Gnome passes the wisdom save.

TM: i lean in closer… And try again. “Click.”

Gnome passes again, barely this time.

TM: “Click.”

The Poor receptionist gets a nat 1, which they all see since they are all literally watching me roll.

They cheer as i shout in frustration but laugh at the same time. I am thinking of how to do this as they contiune on, then i smirk as i then shout out as loud as I can…


I never seen them so happy to until then. I love my group so much.

~just renee walker things~

  • her hair’s too short to really tie back
    • if she uses a band she has to use a lot of clips to keep it even remotely where it should be. and she uses clips of all different shapes and colours
    • if she uses a bandana she is immediately the cutest pirate girl, ever
  • she likes conservative clothing which just means she wears as many layers as she can at all times
    • (cold lesbian grunge)
  • and she really likes jumpers that are too big and fold over her hands
  • she has reading glasses
  • and freckles
  • she’s an unrepentant morning person. she loves mornings and has no problem getting up early in the morning
    • she’ll wake up early just to watch the sunset, no matter how late she goes to bed
    • she schedules all her classes for the morning so “the rest of my day is free!”
    • somehow she can still stay up late with no problem. it’s probably magic tbh
  • she spends her summer breaks volunteering at local schools, shops and charities as well as spending time with her chosen family (the walkers, but her friends, too)
  • once she took a class on astronomy and she researches things in her free time
    • when the foxes are out at night she’ll point at constellations and tell them about them
  • she loves hand-written letters
    • she’ll write them over summer break, but she writes more once the foxes start graduating
    • when she leaves with the peace corps it’s almost like nothing changed
  • she doesn’t believe in boring colours, so she doesn’t use black or blue pens unless she’s forced to for exams
    • the most serious she gets in her later years at palmetto is whenever she talks about having to use black pens. she actually says “fuck the system.” matt goes into cardiac arrest
  • she’s an unrepentant feminist. please. of course she is
  • allison swears up and down that the scariest thing about renee is that she has the most ridiculous tolerance for spicy foods. she doesn’t flinch. ever
  • her hair is naturally dark so when she first bleached it, it went orange. stephanie has photos and takes pleasure in showing every one of the foxes. “it was fate,” she says. dan says she should go ginger again to show fox spirit

this is all i can think of tonight pls talk to me about renee walker the actual light of my life


After being caught by the dangerous mafia, your stripping past might help you out (request)


genre: smut

word count: 3.4k

song: Jeremih - I did

Dance for us: one l two

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Concept: Mickey and Emil have been friends basically since they both began skating. They’re really close, and when I say close I mean HELLA. Sleepovers, friendship bracelet exchange when they were 12 (Emil still wears his outside of skating, and while Mickey will never admit it he still keeps his in his wallet of all places), the whole deal. Sara is also part of their friend group, but she’s definitely not as close to Emil as Mickey is.

And then puberty hits and Mickey suddenly becomes very aware of Emil and his closeness to Sara. In reality, nothing’s really changed, but he’s begun to get a weird tight feeling in his chest whenever he sees Emil smiling and laughing with Sara. He begins to be a lot more protective over Sara because that’s what it’s gotta be, right? Sara is getting prettier each year, and as her big brother he has a responsibility to keep men from taking advantage of her. Even if it’s Emil, who he’s known for years. Anyways, there’s nothing else this feeling can be, right? Right. Nothing more than protectiveness.

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Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M) pt.03


Jungkook x reader

Genre: Smut plot!

Word Count: 7,380

~ I know I am an awful human, sorry I took so long to update this. Hope you all enjoy anyway! ♡ 

not edited

    “Was he big?”

I brushed through my tangled hair, my comb getting caught in the knots. I watched Bitsy through the mirror of my vanity. She was sitting crossed legged on my bed, eyes wide with curiosity.

  “Let the poor girl breathe Bitsy,” Coco said stepping out of the bathroom. She had a towel over her head, drying off her wet hair.

   “I can’t! I knew they were fucking but no one believed me.” I tried to hold in my laugh but I couldn’t once Coco started laughing. I couldn’t keep the secret from them forever; especially, not after I came home with melted ice cream and visible hickeys. Bitsy shouted in victory after my confession and would not stop asking me questions about it all. “Did he last long?”

Coco threw one of my bed pillows at her face, shutting her up. We were all getting ready to go next door. Like Jungkook had said, Jimin and Hobi had come by the house, shortly after me, to invite us over. Convincing us mainly because they swore Jin was the best cook and we simply could not live life without tasting his food.

   “Okay, I have this one? What do you think?” Mina walked in, holding up a blouse she brought from her room. We all turned to look at it, it was a mixture of light blues and rosy pinks. 

   “Isn’t it too thin? Your nips are gonna show through.” I asked looking over at Bitsy. We were trying to find her something to wear because she wanted to look good since it was obvious to everyone that the invitation was for her and Jimin.

    “You say it like it’s a bad thing (Y/n).” Bitsy joked, extending her hands out for Mina to toss her the shirt.

We all started getting ready once we had our clothes sorted out. We took turns and fought over hair products. It wasn’t anything big to which he had to get all dressed up but they had caught us off guard yesterday; looking tired from the road and dressed like street walkers. I took the chance to do some light makeup, not wanting to make it too obvious that I was wearing any. Only wearing some basic black denim jeans, a white v neck, and my thin green bomber jacket. There was music blasting throughout the whole house as we finished up getting ready.  Almost two hours later, everyone was done and ready to go.

   “Should we go in through the front or back door?” Emi asked and she slipped on her shoes. We all stood in the hall giving glances at each other.

   “Well, their living room is in the front of the house. I guess we should go through there.” I said adjusting my thin jacket and checked myself in the mirror one more time.

   “Oh? So you’ve been in the house already (Y/n)?” Emi gasped playfully. I chose to ignore the comment, cursing myself for letting that slip. They had told us to come by around 7 and we showed up just twenty minutes after.


    “Hey, girls! Come on in.” Hobi smiled brightly as he stood back, letting us through the front door. As I walked in, the first thing I smelled was food. My stomach growled instantly, making me remember, that I hadn’t eaten since the morning. Hoseok heard the obnoxious noise and laughed, patting my shoulder as he passed me. “The food should be ready soon.”

Jimin, Taehyung, Hobi and Yoongi were in the living room; keeping us company. While Jin and Namjoon were in the kitchen setting everything up for dinner. I seamlessly tried to spot Jungkook from my spot on the couch. I could not see him or hear him in the kitchen with the others. 

    “He’s still getting dressed.” I turned my head to Yoongi, who was sitting closest to me. He was scrolling through his phone like he had been doing the whole ten minutes. I stared at him, wondering if I should respond. My cheeks were heating up, slightly embarrassed that I made it obvious. Before I could think to play it cool, the door beside the couch opened and out walk Jungkook. He stepped out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. His entire upper half exposed and dripping in warm water from his shower. We all turned to look at him as he acted surprised to see us here ‘so soon’. 

    “My bad. I just took a quick shower.” He said deciding to not look in my direction. The rest of the girls were very obviously starstruck by his body form but that wasn’t his intention. He was very proudly showing off the bites and scratches I had left on his chest to both of our friends. My face deeply flushed from embarrassment and anger. He was such a little twat. Everyone turn to look at me, with mouths slightly hung open. I bit my lip and looked down at my phone, praying for the food to be ready soon. “Food smells good,” Jungkook said, strolling off happily into his room.

Before anyone could think to question me about anything; Jin came into the room to invite us all to the table. Everyone took their seats, leaving the seat across from me empty, where Jungkook would sit once he was dressed. We began to eat quietly without him, making small talk amongst ourselves. Jin, being the cook, sat that the head of the table and watched all of us serve the food he had prepared. He seemed very excited and confident for us to taste his food for the first time, he made sure that we tried a little bit of everything. It was delicious obviously, I expected nothing but the best from Jin since walking in through the front door and smelling the food. Jin began telling us about his culinary classes and how he had begun cooking from his mother. In the middle of his story, Jungkook walked out of his room dressed in a plain white t-shirt and black jeans basically, looking fine as hell. Everyone, including me, had stopped listening to Jin for a second just to watch his casually sit down in front of me.

    “So there I was, waiting for the man to give me my order of chicken wings,” Namjoon said with his mouth full. He was trying to speak and chew at the same time without making a mess. “The guy finally comes out with my order and hands it to me. Do you know what he said to me?”

     “My god, Namjoon it was three years ago!” Yoongi groaned shaking his head. Namjoon shushed him and continued dramatically with his story.

    “Both of our hands on the bucket of chicken, eyes locked and he said; ‘Arigatō’ !?” He yelled, tossing his hands in the air before pouting his lips. Jin rolled his eyes and Yoongi shook his head once more.

    “It’s true! I was there and saw the whole thing!” Hobi yelled from across the table, backing up Namjoon’s story.

    “I mean, we don't’ even look Japanese!” I could hear Bitsy giggling next to me and I quickly elbowed her. I know she was only laughing because Namjoon was such a passionate speaker with a lot of hand movements but still.

     “Well, that was ignorant,” Mina said patting Namjoon’s back since he had gotten himself all worked up with the story telling.

    “Some people just think they know it all.” I shrugged after swallowing my food. A quiet chuckle was heard throughout the table. It was uncalled for and everyone glanced at Jungkook; who had not said a word the entire time. “What?” I asked him directly.

I was legitimately confused on why he was laughing as we all seemed to be. He looked up me, making eye contact for the first time throughout the night. Immediately I recognized the look in his eyes, that cocky, arrogant look he wore when he used his smart mouth.

    “Nothing,” He smirked looking down at his food. He paused as if he was debating on if he should say what was on his mind. “It’s just funny hearing that from you.”

Everyone stopped moving, stopped chewing, probably stopped breathing, and I was pissed. Joking or not he should know that saying in front of everyone else would not be a smart move. We weren’t in a bedroom behind closed doors, this wasn’t cute and I wasn’t having it.

    “What is that supposed to mean?” I said putting my fork down on the plate. I didn’t take my eyes off of him but he ate normally.

    “Exactly what it sounds like (Y/n).” He shrugged looking down at his phone.
I decided for the sake of Jin and his hard work that went into making this dinner, I would bite my tongue and let Jungkook’s comment slide. After the awkwardness had passed, Coco had started talking about some random thing. Though I could not get over Jungkook’s unusually behavior. While eating I felt my phone vibrated in my pocket, I would have ignored it but for some reason, I didn’t. I pulled it out of my pocket, keeping it low on my lap so no one would notice. A message from an unsaved number that I didn’t recognize.

Play along with the argument so we can get out of here.

I looked up to his Jungkook’s eyes on me. He nodded his head gently, confirming that this was him texting me. How he got my number out of nowhere, I have no idea but his plan was clear.

You storm out and go home alone. I’ll go lock myself in my room after you leave.

    “So I then realized that I had left my bag on the bus,” Jimin said making everyone laugh. I left my phone on my lap just in case Jungkook needed to tell me anything else.

     “He was running around saying, ‘Lost my bag! Lost my bag!’.” Yoongi laughed; clapping his hands hysterically.

    “We kept losing things on that trip, now that I think about it,” Namjoon said taking a sip of his water.

    “I know. We even lost Taehyung!” Hobi yelled, standing up at the table dramatically.

    “Hey! I chose to be lost.” Taehyung explained. “It’s a beautiful thing being lost in a foreign country.”

Then they began to argue with Taehyung about his crazy sense of adventure. How many times he had gone off on his own without telling anyone anything. Most of us were finished eating by this time and some of us were even going for a second plate. I decided to grab just a bit more for the sake of staying at the table longer. Jungkook was eating rather slow, he still had a plate full and Yoongi next to him seemed to notice. Yoongi leaned in whispering something under his breath but Jungkook only nodded in response.

“The point of the story is: When someone tells you to ‘get lost’; you might actually want to try it because it’s wonderful.” Taehyung finally said, stopping everyone from arguing. The boys agreed to disagree and called it a day for that conversation. But I had something else in mind.

    “It’s surprising that Jungkook didn’t lose anything.” Everyone turned to look at me. “I mean, being the youngest, I could imagine you guys had to baby him the entire trip.” Taehyung and Jimin both began to laugh, looking over to Jungkook for a response.

     “I’m not a baby (Y/n). You of all people should know that.” He challenged, placing his hands down from the plate. I took my elbows off the table and shrugged.

    “I don’t know. From what I’ve seen there some parts of you that still need growing.” I heard Hobi choke on his drink at my words. That could have been a low blow from my side but it was the only response I could think of. Jungkook laughed looking away from me, obviously stung by my comment. He caught sight of everyone staring at him and he ran his tongue over his teeth.

     “I sure didn’t hear this complaining last night.” I wanted to laugh at everyone’s reaction, it was priceless, but I needed to maintain the image of us actually fighting.

     “Well, you probably couldn’t hear me from all the noise you were making.” Even Yoongi, who wasn’t easily entertained had to bite his lip to keep him from laughing.

    “Okay, okay,” Namjoon said before Jungkook could respond. “That’s enough you two.” While Namjoon was giving his reasons for not going back and forth, my phone lit up from a text.

Chill, will ya? You’re roasting me.

“We should all keep personal matters off the table. We all just came to have a good time, right?” Jungkook completely ignored Namjoo’s words of wisdom and continued with the plan.

    “It would be easier to do that if (Y/n) wasn’t such a drama queen about everything.” Jungkook really just wanted to get off the topic of sex. That was such a random insult but I had to go along with it.

    “Oh! I’m the drama queen?” I said sitting up in my chair. “Jungkook you are literally a 6-year-old in a 19-year-old’s body.”

    “Well, I rather be that, than be a priss who thinks she better than everyone around her.” Ouch. Okay, I had that one coming, I guess.

    “Don’t call me a priss because I know my worth and it’s not anything you can afford!” We might have been fake fighting but my voice was driven by actually rage and adrenaline rush.

    “Trust me (Y/n), it’s not a price difficult to get for free.” Even I was taken back by the comment.  His own tone was very believable if I hadn’t known any different. I heard a few gasps around the table but I didn’t see who because my eyes were locked on him.

    “Are you implying that I’m easy?” I was actually shaking from anger. The heat of arguing was taking over my body and there was no way anyone would think this was fake.
“You know what!?” I finally said, tossing the napkin I just used to whip my mouth with. “I’m going home.”

    “No, come on (Y/n). He didn’t mean it like that.” Namjoon said looking over to Jungkook for him to apologize. He continued to stuff his mouth with food as I scooted my chair and stood up looking at him.  He looked up at me, meeting my eyes and chewed his food waiting for me to leave. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my jacket from the back of the chair.

   “We should go too…” Emi said looking at the other girls. They all nodded and Bitsy gave Jimin an apologetic look.

    “No,” I said placing my hand on her shoulder. “ I want to be alone.”
I thanked Jin for having me and for the food before I made my way out the door. I stepped outside, the temperature had gotten cooler and the jacket felt just right around me. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I unlocked it to look at the text.

Keep your window unlocked, and I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

A stupid smirk tugged at my lips, and I bit my thumb to hide it before I ran back home. I opened the front door and quickly kicked my shoes off and pushed them aside. I walked to my room and into the bathroom, where I grabbed the flower-scented lotion, Coco left in there and applied it to the exposed parts of my skin. I cleaned up some of my runny makeup and added lip balm to my tinted lips. I brushed my teeth once again like I had before leaving. Finished up by ruffling my hair in the mirror for some volume and pushed up my breasts in my bra, also for some volume. Once I thought I looked okay, I walked out to realize my room was a fucking mess from all of us getting ready in here. I threw some makeup products into random drawers and the scattered clothes on my bed into the bin in the corner. I made sure the window was unlocked and cracked it open just a bit for some fresh air. I could see Jungkook’s room with its light on but I could not see any sign of him. I took that as a chance to keep fixing things up before he came at my window.
I light one of my scented candles to freshen up the room a bit before I turned to my drawer. I peeked under my shirt and took a look at the bra I had on, wondering if I should change out of it. I dug through the drawer and came across one of my favorite pair of panties. They were a light color of gray with a darker shade laced around it, that would match perfectly with the dark bra I had on already.

     “Are those for me baby?” Startled I snapped my head towards the window, where Jungkook stood outside of and looked in. I placed my underwear back in the drawer and shut it while he pushed the window up wide. I watched as he pushed himself up and climbed through it effortlessly. I sucked in some air as his biceps flexed with strength and felt myself grow eager already to have those arms around me. Jungkook pushed his hair aside and stood tall with a smirk on his face. He walked closer, giving me no time to react to his hold. His hands grabbed my waist and he pulled me close. I could smell his hair from its wash earlier in the night. “Getting ready for me, huh?” He smiled and bit his lip at me. He brushed his nose against my cheek, surely smelling the lotion I applied.

   “Just wanted to make a good impression, is all,” I whispered before pressing my lips against his. I hooked my arm around his neck as he pressed me into his body. His hand moved down to cup my ass from my core.

    “Fuck… you’re so hot when you’re angry.” He groaned pulling away for a moment. His eyes were black and lips blushed red, he looked so fuckable.
I pulled him back down by his collar, tasting his lips on my tongue. I led him backward to the bed, stumbling on his own feet he fell back onto it. I took the moment to peel my top off and unbutton my jeans. Jungkook’s eyes locked on my chest as he dragged me onto his thighs. With my legs on either side of him; he pulled my waist close to his, and ran his hands tenderly over my skin. He gripped my waist tightly, pushing me down beside him flat on my back. I yelped a small breath at the fall and he was quick to began to remove my jeans. They were tight and he had to slowly pull them off. Taking them off my foot he let his hands caress back up my leg; along with his eyes eating up my figure.  
I sat up and met him with my mouth, pulling him to hover over me. He kissed down my lips to the hot spots of my neck. My hands were tightly holding and pulling on the thin material of his shirt. The skin underneath was shaped by muscle but also soft and tempting. I had him remove his shirt, showing to me his body that shivered under my hands.

   “Fuck me Jungkook.” I groaned softly taking him by surprise. I didn’t admit that the fake arguing we did had me wet the whole dinner. Watching how his lips talked back to me when he had been eating me out with that same mouth only hours before. It was frustrating in an insanely hot annoying kind of way.
He was sucking on the skin of my covered breasts, while his hand cupped my heat through my soaked panties. My belly was tensed but he mouth eased me into his hand; soon my hips following their urge for him. My body seemed much more lust driven than usual. I wanted him already and couldn’t find it in me to wait. He reached back up to my lips; his lips were wet by saliva while I ran my tongue over his mouth. My hand fell down to his torso, hooking my fingers under the waistband of his jeans and boxers. I pulled his hips closer to mine, the rough material of his jeans brushed against my laced underwear. He groaned a chuckle,  glancing my way under his dark lashes. 

    “All right then…” Jungkook leaned up and began to unbuckle his belt. He started me straight in the eyes, the look making the blood in my body rush. I squirmed in his gaze and he noticed, his eyes trailed down to my thighs that were shut tightly and trembled on the bed. “Come here, kitten.”

The name made violent goosebumps form all around my body. He hooked his arm around my waist and pulled me off the bed slightly; with the other hand he yanked off my panties. I had my hands on his shoulders with nowhere else to hold him from. He rolled his hard crotch onto my folds teasingly. My bra pressed against his chest, our hips grinding into the mattress. I struggled to keep my eyes shut at the pressure he was rubbing into my naked clit. I was feeling him under his boxers, feeling how my drenched pussy slid on his cock.

    “You want it, right?” Jungkook asked while he nibbled on my neck. I whimpered and gave a weak nod, letting my head hang back, with my eyes shut. He suddenly bit down on my neck hard and dropped me back onto the bed. I looked up at him as I had lost contact with his crotch. “Answer me.”

    “Y-yes.” I gulped a dry lump in my throat, thirsting for more. His voice was controlling and relentless when he spoke. Jungkook seemed pleased with my answer and moved to pushed down the remainder of his clothes. His erection slapped against his lower abdomen; my clit throbbed at the sight of it. He didn’t hesitate to grab his length in his fist, tugged at it as he spoke.

    “Get on all fours.” I let go of him all at once to do as he said. “And take that bra off too.”

Tossing the bra to the floor, I positioned myself as he told me. On my hands and knees facing away from Jungkook and my body on display for him. His hands gently touched the side of my thigh, moving up and following the curves of my ass to the dip of my back. It was a simple touch that drove me insane, it was hungry but still without rush. He added a bit of pressure to my lower back, making me arch it down to raise my bottom to where he wanted it. I could feel my folds spread open, soaked and hot, the more I leaned down. Jungkook groaned to himself as he kept running his hands over my ass.

    “What was it you said at dinner?” He teased. He moved onto his knees and was right behind me now. I could feel him there as he fondled my ass cheeks. “Remind me, will you (Y/n)?”

    “Jungkook please-” I shut my mouth by his hand coming down on one of my cheeks; not hard but enough to cut me off and listen to him.

    “No.” He rubbed my skin under his palm as if to apologize. “That pretty mouth should watch what comes out of it.” His other hand ran down my inner thigh, so closer to my core he could surely feel the heat radiating from it. The taunting action made me throw my ass back, hoping to get him to touch me. All I earned was another smack to the same cheek. “You listening, (Y/n)?”

    “Yes! Yes, I’m sorry.” He couldn’t even keep his serious voice on, he chuckled at my anguished body. His cold hands suddenly touched my burning core, causing me to squeal at the feeling. He had two fingers from the dripping point of my entrance to my swollen clit, adding hard pressure the entire way down.

    “All that fighting must have turned you on, huh?” I bit on my lip after taking in a shaky breath, he slipped two of his fingers inside of me. “You’re practically dripping already.”

Just as quick as they went in, he pulled them out and replaced them with something much better and bigger. He was leaned over my back, holding my hips steady, as I struggled to keep myself up. Jungkook eased in, taking time in stretching me out with each thrust, before picking up a pace. There was always a bit quick pause when he was all the way in, feeling my walls wrapped around him perfectly. He was lighting my insides on fire, with the way his cock pulsed already so hard in me. Small moans were trapped in my mouth and I grabbed onto to anything near me.

Covered in my arousal, Jungkook’s hunger took over and he slammed his hips into me. A yelp left my mouth while his hands gripped my waist tightly. He pulled me back onto his cock with each thrust making it that much harder. My heart began to pound like his hips into me. My eyes shut, imagining how good he must look fucking me from behind  Mouth shut tight and eyes blown into darkness in a lust driven state, and every muscle in his body working and sweating. His fingers were digging into my skin while my nails were on the brink of tearing the pillow. I wanted to turn, to look at his face plastered with pleasure but I could barely support it myself.

     “Oh fuck! Jungkook…” He was hitting spots so deep within me that I couldn’t even see right. I could feel myself drip onto my thigh every time he pulled out. Jungkook grunted and slowed his pace when I moved down from my hands to my forearms. My walls throbbed around him and I leaned my head against my supporting pillow. Jungkook shoved himself inside me roughly, leaning in close to me. His hand cupped my jaw and brought my face upwards,

    “Head up, baby girl.” He held onto my jaw and left sloppy kisses along my cheek. I whined as he continued to deeply thrust, my legs were weak and shaking to give out any moment. Jungkook held my waist once again and leaned his arm against the headboard.

    “There! Fuck, right there.” He was pushing himself from a higher angle, hitting my g spot repeatedly. The bed was making a loud thumping sound against the wall, and his skin was slapping on my mine. His hips pounding into me without rest, his cock was fucking my walls raw. My abdomen was contracting from the please that tingled through my blood rushing veins. My soft moans turned into harsh cries and I gripped his arm around my waist. I just wanted to keep his hands on me as he drove me into pleasure and beyond bliss. My climax was starting to build in the deepest parts of me while he started to slow back down. His breath was at its extreme, slowly guiding his cock in and out of me, trying to maintain himself from coming anytime soon.

    “Fuck…” He both groaned and cursed as he pulled himself completely out of me. I sighed and whined for the loss of connection. I was going to recover enough for me to ask if he was alright but he didn’t give me a chance.
He grabbed my arm and hip to push over onto my back; finally letting my body resting in the comfort of the mattress. I could look at him now, he was hot and bothered as I imagined. His hair was sticking to his forehead from the sweat and parts of his skin were flushed pink. Jungkook was regaining his strength, leaning down to kiss me on the lips. Even out of breath I managed to kiss him back, his hand cupped my breast and tugged lightly at my harden nipple. He moved his head down, taking it into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it. I ran my hand through his locks of hair, pushing them away from his forehead but still holding him close. I hummed at the sensation of his teeth softly grazing at the sensitive skin. My body squirming under his weight and at the empty feeling in my insides. He ran his hand down my side and looked up at me from underneath his lashes. A look like that could kill.

Jungkook removed himself from my chest, the air hitting my wet skin made my nipple ache from its harden form. He bit his lip down at me as I raised my knee to his waist, hoping to bring his attention back to my needy core. He grabbed the back of my knee in each hand, dragging me down closer to him, my ass his thighs and he began to scoot off the bed. I tried not to giggle as he brought me to the edge of the bed and kneeled down onto the floor. I leaned up on my elbows to get a better view of him, he watched me but his eyes were glued to my folds as soon as he spread my legs.

    “So pink and tight…” He used his thumb to spread my lips wide, scraping past my clit and making me jump. His eyes flickered up to me and a smirk appeared on his lips as he dampened them with his tongue. He leaned in closer, blowing cool air at the heated area and watched me squirm under him. Jungkook chuckled lowly under his breath, thumbing my clit and watching the effect it had on me. There was barely any pressure but the light touch was sending small shocks through my lower half. My hips pushed into the mattress and locked still to keep from moving. It was a small heating sensation when he quickened his pace, I leaned my head back and shut my eyes to take in the sensitivity.

My mouth shot open when he let go of my folds and ran his tongue over them, so close but not closer enough to where I wanted to feel him the most. My thighs shook as he dug his tongue at my clit harshly; he was flicking at it with the tip of his tongue before wrapping his mouth around it. My hips bucked into his pretty face and the slurping sounds he was ringing in my ears. He was holding onto my ankle, that hung off the bed; while my other foot was digging into his shoulder.

    “Ah! Fuck…”  I watched how it tongue stuck out of his pink lips, how he moved his jaw to create an amazing speed. He ran his mouth lower and began to lap at the juices that flowed from my entrance. I shut my mouth and whimpered, he placed his hand on my thigh moved closer.

    “So good…” Jungkook hummed. Bring his hands up to my tight entrance, he pushed one in and continued to suck at my skin. I had to sit up; I had to take in such a perfect view. I pushed his hair out of the way, gripping it tightly at the top of his head. He rubbed his mouth into my heat while that single finger gave me something to clenched around. He groaned at my grasping walls, knowing very well that I could take much more. Without warning, Jungkook pushed in two other fingers, stretching me out far more so suddenly. I pulled at his hair as he ruthlessly pumped them in; giving no time to adjust to the change. My chest was rising excessively while my stomach tensed and twitched every time his fingers disappeared in me. He sucked and pulled at my clit, completely determined to push me over the edge. His longest finger kept brushing against my sweet stop and the next time going in, I rolled my hips and he hit it dead on.
I pushed his face into my pussy when he tried to lift his head up to look at me. I could feel him smirk on me but I felt too good to care. I couldn’t keep my body still from all of the hot blood running through my body. My hips were bucking at the perfect pace to feel him the best, we created this rhythm that was driving me to my climax. The heat was building up in my core, making my breath shorten, and muscles tense.

    “That’s it, baby.” My nails dug into his scalp and I trembled over him. A loud, breathless scream left my mouth as the pleasure convulsed through my body. Falling back onto the mattress, my leg locked over his head while he kept pumping his fingers through my orgasm.

    “Jungkook…” My legs quivered as I moved them away from him, but he was running his tongue over me. I barely had any strength to move away from him. I tried to push his head away as the over-stimulation was starting to hurt. Cries left my mouth and my body was twitching as I yanked at his hair.

He came up with a big smile plastered on his face. He crawled up to kiss me before I had the chance to scold him on his overplay. Is lips tasted like a sweet combination of the both of us, that I couldn't’ help but enjoy his mouth on mine.

    “I could eat you out all night.” All was forgiven since his words had made me blushed; he smiled wide and child-like at my embarrassment. I shied away from his face as he kissed my cheek and stroked my back. He grabbed a hold of me and pushed me up the bed once more. “Lay on your side.”

Jungkook laid right behind me as if we were going to spoon for the night. I turned my head to meet his and he leaned in to lock his lips with mine. His cock was resting behind my thighs and he ran his hand up to lift my leg up. I kept it up, bent at the knee as he took a hold of his cock and ran it between my soaked folds. His hot breath tickled my neck as he groaned, I reached down and ran my hand over his drenched cock, guiding him to my wet cunt.
My head rested over his shoulder, his mouth was brushing against my cheek. The head of his dick pushed through my entrance, slowly feeling the stretched all the way into my stomach. He wrapped his arm around my waist, shoving his chest into my back and ass against his crotch. His grip was strong as he began to push in and out of me; I held onto his arm and leaned my head back. The position was amazing it made my back arch like a cat, and I couldn’t stop, my spot he was hitting it. He was thrusting hard and slow, deep thrusts that scratched at my next orgasm. His cock was painfully hard, I could feel it twitch every time my walls pulsed around it.

    “Fuck baby…” Jungkook choked on his grunt. His hand ran over my skin, making it way up to my breasts that were bouncing to his hips. “You’re so goddamn tight.”

My breathing was heavy and so was his against my ear. I reached up to grab his face wanting to look at him. I sometimes forgot just how handsome he was, with his bottom lip between his teeth, revealing the tiny mole he had there. His perfect brows and eyes were creased in concentration and pure bliss. I cupped his cheek and his eyes opened at my touch. It was a strange moment where we stared into each others eyes, something we hadn’t really done before. There were lust and desire but I was afraid to see anything else but that. I was afraid to feel anything else.

    “Make me come, please.” He leaned in and kissed my lips. His lips felt hot and soft, it was barely a kiss with all the tongue and groaning involved. “Are you close?”

    “Too close.” He laughed breathlessly. He jerked his hips into me faster; a constant scream fell from my mouth and caused me to scratched at his arm. His hot cock created a burning feeling in my center that was spreading through my veins. I felt my head grow lighter with every thrust he gave. I felt the need to stay close to him and hold on or I would fade away. His balls were slapping against his own skin and the sound echoed in my head. His hand left my breast and ran down to my throbbing clit. The second his cold fingers made contact with it I began to cry, with the added pleasure was just overwhelmingly painful. His name was leaving my mouth like broken ballad and my name never sounded so good in anyone’s mouth.

His hips were hitting hard against my ass and words began to choke in my mouth. I was no longer able to produce words but merely sounds of satisfaction. He rubbed my clit back and forth as fast as his wrist would let him, making my legs squirm and shut around his hand. He grunted as it made my pussy tighter on his dick and he begged me to keep my legs like that. His fingers rubbed my skin to the bone as he desperately fucked me. His mouth was struggling to kiss my neck but still managed to leave love bites on it.
I felt myself coming with a pathetic scream of his name. My mind was blank like a white room and I could only hear the irregular rhythmic beating of my heart. Feeling my chest jerk and legs shake to my curled toes while he took me through it. My legs were clamped shut and I felt my entire cunt pulse as he quickly pulled out. He groaned loudly, I could only hear him pumping his wet cock behind me. I had just enough strength to turn and watch his beautiful face contour when he came all over my ass. The sight of his abs tensing up and his dick dripping from in his come and mine made me moan loudly. He pumped himself slowly, milking every last drop he had to offer while his other hand was still between my legs.

   “Holy fuck…” Jungkook sighed, not daring to move an inch until he recollected himself. A smile spread across my lips at how good he looked after coming. I turned away from him so that he wouldn’t see and pulled the nearest pillow for me to cuddle with.

After a moment or two, I saw Jungkook arm reach up to grab a towel that was hanging over the headboard. He asked if he could his use it and I just hummed to grant him permission since I was too comfortable to care. Seconds later I felt the fluffy towel wipe over my butt, taking off any residue of him.

   “Have I told you how great of an ass you have (Y/n)?” I turned over to look at him and found him kneeling over my ass with a smile on his face. I tried not to smile back but it came out as a smug either way.

   “Shut up.” I giggled playfully. He tossed the dirty towel into the corner for me to pick up later and he moved over me to the edge of the bed. I watched grab his boxers and sliding them on.

    “I’m sorry.” My eyes switched to him as he just sat facing away from. He sounded a bit upset and embarrassed from what I could tell.

    “For what?” I asked confused. I turned up to get a better look at him since he turned to look my way.

   “What I said to you at dinner; I didn’t mean any of that.” His apology was sincere. It made my heart ache and made it hard to believe this was the same guy who just fucked me into the mattress.

    “Jungkook I know that.” I smiled and shrugged. It was obvious, though cocky, Jungkook wasn’t the type of guy to disrespect and contempt women. He knew I hadn’t taken any of it to offense but his conscious couldn’t drop it without my reassurance.

    “Mind If I use your bathroom?” He asked after nodding and standing up. He signaled to the door by my bed, while he adjusted his junk in his underwear. I simply nodded and sat up to walk over to my drawer to find new underwear for myself.

    “Oh wait.” I suddenly said, making Jungkook turn back from the door to look at me. “I forgot that bathroom doesn’t work. You can use the one across the hall.”

I said leaning across the dresser, reaching down to slip on my girl boxers. He shook his head and walked out of the room to the other bathroom. I quickly moved to grab his clothes off the floor and loosely fold them into a pile outside of the door. I shut the door to my room quietly and clicked the lock; before putting on a gray tank top and walking over to my bathroom.
I turned on the lights and stepped in front of the mirror; moving my hair to the side to look at the marks bruising my skin. I grabbed a scrunchy and threw my hair into a messy bun to keep it from sticking to my sweaty neck. The past events played through my head over and over again, not knowing what I got from dreaming about them. What I won from questioning myself on what this was leading to. I liked Jungkook; I liked him too much for my own good. For the moment the attraction was all physical and that’s how I wanted it to stay. I just hoped he wanted the same. I heard my door knob jiggle as he tried to get into the room.

I know he could hear me step to the door because he let go of the knob once I stood in front of it. I leaned my shoulder against the white door and laid my head against it.

    “Oh come on, (Y/n).” Jungkook chuckled. I heard a thud against the door, which could have been his hand resting against the other side.“ I mean, I know you like it rough but isn’t this a little mean?”

I smiled at hearing his laugh, knowing he didn’t mind my rejection all that much. I didn’t want to make him feel bad since it wasn’t anything personal; just a matter of safe precaution from my part. He waited for a moment seeing if I would say anything in response. “I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t like to spooning after sex…”

  “I prefer just the forking.” He laughed again, sweetly, but I could hear a bit of disappointment in his voice. There was a small sigh leaving his lips before a much louder thump hit the door, which could only be his back. “Hey…”

   “Yeah?” He mumbled faintly, a bit of hope lingered in his voice.

   “How did you get my phone number?” I asked with full interest for the mystery.

   “I’ll tell you if you let me in.” He promised. I could hear the smile in his words, just imagining his bunny teeth showing through his rosy lips. I chose not to respond when he already knew the answer. There was a bit of guilt that I tried to chew off my lip during the silence between the door. “Have a good night, (Y/n).”

    “Night, Jungkook.”

Chastity, you asked for it.

My own fault, sent the key to an ex-girlfriend, who am still good friends with. She called me up, thanked me for the card and asked what the key was for as I had asked her to call me when it arrived and to hold onto it for a few weeks. I said I didn’t want to tell her over the phone but could I come down an show her. She said I have to tell her first, so I said a chastity device. She asked if it was on, I said no I was waiting to confirm she had the key. She said I should have asked first and she was going to throw both keys away. I was glad that I hadn’t put it on but sad with her response. About a month later she called me up, said she still had the keys safe and asked if I still had the device and could she see it. I drove the 3 hours to her place and showed her the device. It’s a metal belt device with a anal ring and a solid cock sheath sticking out and down at the front and a cross at the end. She picked it up and turned it over a few times in her hands. She then said you are willing to wear this if I say I will be your, your keyholder as you described it? Yes I said. Let me get this straight, I don’t have to do anything apart from not giving you the keys back and that means you can’t get hard, cum or even touch yourself unless I say so? Yes I said again. Fine do you have the padlock with you? I showed it to her and she said lock it and hand it to me. I did and told me to wait. She then went to her room and 2 minutes later came back with the open padlock. Now you can see I have the keys so now I want to see this chastity device on you. I started to strip and she kept asking if I was sure about this and did she need to do anything. I kept assuring her it was fine and no she did not have to do a thing. Once naked she turned to me and said do I want to do anything before it goes away. My heart was racing and my mind went blank, I just said I need to get it on quick before I get to hard or change my mind. I put the belt around my waist and she passed the underside between my legs to me. Within a few seconds my cock was in the tube and my balls were through the hole just below. I could feel my cock start to harden as I put the left side over the tab for the padlock. I then pulled the right side over and slid it over the tab. While holding it she slipped the padlock through the hole, sat back and said are you sure you want this. Let me look this over. She then pulled, turned me around and bent me over and said so this is where you poop and you have to sit to pee, right? Yes. Ok I will ask you one last time if this is what you want? Yes this what I want, I said. Right, she said, stand in front of me, hands behind your back, last chance… before I could open my mouth she snapped the lock shut. Got you, she smiled, and I get to say when you get out as you forgot to ask. You see I have been reading up online about this and the best way is to get them locked before a time limit can be set, then it becomes the keyholder’s decision, you might regret this before long. She then grabbed my balls and said these are mine also and I expect then to get real full, and she gave them a firm squeeze. I let out a sharp breath. She let go and said get dressed we can go for a meal and a movie, your treat to me. Everything was fine until it was time for me to leave. Work the next day and a 3 hour drive home. As we kissed goodbye she placed her hand on the device, all mine she said, I like that idea. She then placed a sealed envelope in my pocket. Be sure to call me when you get back, but I know you will. The drive home was fine but I needed to go to the toilet as soon as I walked in. Then it sunk in, sitting to pee, every time. I cleaned myself up and called her to say I was home. She then showed how into this she was by saying stay on the phone as I bring myself off. An hour later she had finished and had told me to call her tomorrow. There I was in chastity, with a woman over 3 hours away with the only keys, but then I remembered there was a third key I had held back in an emergency. It was in ice in my freezer, so would defrost in about 2 hours and the I could masturbate myself to sleep. The time seemed to take for ever but I got the key. Time for release, I put the key in but it would not turn. I tried over and over again still it would not turn. I then remembered the envelope she had given me. I opened it and 2 keys were inside with a card saying, I am returning your keys and as you should have found out they don’t fit your padlock. I checked online and I found out that type is issued with 3 keys, so I purchased my own so I have all 3 to the one you are wearing. Let this be your first lesson, do not try me. I want to do this for you and you will follow my rules. The first rule is from now on no male underwear ever. You might have to buy pads to help with the leaks. Now call me and say thank you for being such a great keyholder.
My face dropped, this is it, for real. All I can say is be careful what you wish for.

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sorry this took so long!! enjoy :’)

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

listen okay kara doesn’t mean to okay it’s just that sometimes she walks really fast and she doesn’t notice that the door says push and not pull but it’s not her fault that the door came off of it’s hinges okay like they should really just make sturdier doors!!

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them

lena!! luthor!! she does it all the time when she’s reading over reports and editing speeches and pitches and it got to the point where jess noticed and bought her a notebook specifically for doodling all things related to kara!! (”um, miss luthor?” “yes, jess?” “are you sure you want to send these blueprints to the investors for the alien detection device?” “why wouldn’t i, jess?” “well-it’s just that-you kind of wrote ‘ll+kd’ in hearts all over the margins..” “you know i’d really like to check the scale on that blueprint before i send it out. can i have it back?”)

Who starts the tickle fights

is this a real question?? kara totally attacks lena at all hours of the day. lena pouts once? kara tickles her. lena tries to steal the remote? kara tickles her. lena exists?? kara tickles her.

Who starts the pillow fights

they try to avoid pillow fights tbh. it once ended with kara’s tv going through a window..the landlord wasn’t very happy and it took a very big donation from l-corp to get him to let kara stay

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

it switches. if kara was just out saving the day she falls asleep before lena can even get under the covers. if that happens then lena will stroke her hair until she knows that kara’s out and just revel in the thought of knowing that kara’s safe for at least the night. 

when lena has a busy day at work or a product launch it’s usually her who falls asleep first so kara will stay up and watch the worry lines from the day disappear from lena’s face :’)

Who mistakes salt for sugar

neither. lena’s pretty good in the kitchen and kara’s senses are Too Good to mistake anything like that.

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning

lena. she’ll come stumbling in at one in the morning because “kara i literally just thought of the best invention, i’m going to build an entire prototype tonight!” and she’ll just throw something in the microwave real quick but fall asleep on the couch waiting for it. kara wakes up instantly whenever she hears the beeping and she’ll storm out of the bedroom ready to fry lena’s entire meal with her eyes until she sees lena slumped on the couch fast asleep and at that point her anger just dissipates and she’ll carry lena to bed and then wake up early and make a big breakfast since she missed dinner the night before PLEASE

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines

i want to say kara but the memes are too good so for meme continuity’s sake i’ll say lena. 

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order

hello, you’ve reached anal fucking retentive lena luthor. please leave a message after you’ve stated the time, date, your name, reason for calling, and exact number and time she should call back!

Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

this is tricky. lena always gets the spoon when they’re done, but only becuase kara steals spoonfuls of batter while backing them. (”kara why should you get the spoon?” “because it was my idea to make brownies?” “but you literally ate more than half the batter!” “your point?” “i should get the spoon!” “fine. but only if i get more brownie squares once they’re baked.”)

Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion

lena. she doesn’t like all of the traits she picked up from having to wear a dress at the dinner table since the age of four, but she can appreciate a nice dining set up from time to time.

Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen

kara. they’ll be sitting on the couch watching tv while kara scribbles note for any interviews she has the next day and when her brain is finally fried she’ll just grab lena’s hand and start doodling instead of using the paper in front of her. (”kara, what is that?” “it’s a meme, you know, the one with the-” “nevermind, i really don’t want to know.”

Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation

kara. jeremiah used to help her pick out cool stuff when they took her all over after she landed and if anyone loves to keep tradition alive it’s kara danvers. the magnets are the only colorful thing that lena willingly lets kara put up in the apartment so she loves to pick the craziest looking ones.

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines

kara. she’s always been obsessed with them and to her bewilderment, lena never really did them when she was a teenager so kara loves to make sure that she gets to experience the greatness of finding out which one direction member is lena’s soulmate. (”i think harry is the most respectable member. he seems to have a knack for the whole ‘brand’ thing.” “lena you’re a total niall horan match up.” “he seems more for you, dear.” “i am a sucker for an irish accent”

send me a ship!

Once in a while there’s this old trump supporter woman who walks into our store ( she always wears her MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hat) and the whole staff dreads it when she comes. Every time she asks us to check every item in the store to see if it’s made in the US. We tell her every time that she can check herself but all of our wrapping papers are made in Chicago. Whenever she finds something she likes, she wants us to read to her where it’s from and if it isn’t made in the US she goes on a rant. She would always complain to us that we should tell the company to have more US made products and that trump is going to make more jobs. Lady this has been the 16th time and I’m sorry your favorite planner is made in Korea but please don’t do this every fucking time you come. And it’s rude to interrupt us when we’re helping other customers just so you can complain about the lack of American made items in store and we can’t do shit with where our products are being made !!! You’re wasting our time and every visit you never buy a thing!

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Hello :) I was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction where s/o is just sitting or doing something innocent, but s/o is wearing a tank top and she didn't know her boob/bra was hanging out. This happens to me all the time lol :'D Love your blog btw.


He sat there pondering on if he should tell you that he could see the perfect curve of your breast or how your shirt was falling down, until he saw the other members come in causing him to straighten himself up a bit. “Uhm, jagi.. You’re shirt is down.”


He got really flustered quickly his face turning a deep shade of red as he pointed at your body trying to call your attention scolding you. “What are you doing?! I can see your breast Y/N.”


He walks up to you pulling up your shirt covering your breast that were seeming to spill out from your top as you concentrated on the game that was playing on your phone, he scolded you slightly with a pout looking in your eyes. “Be careful, I don’t want anyone else seeing you like that. 


He stared at you with a heated gaze, not taking his eyes off you or even blinking that many times. When you looked at him and questioned it he shrugged smirking. “You were putting on a show for me with those breast so I thought I would look.” 


His thoughts went south really quickly, seeing you bend over your breast falling forward pressing against your bra in your tight tank. He continued to lick his lips, and when you looked up at him he squirmed trying to play it off. “W-why are you looking at me?!”


He squirmed in his seat, moving over to you he wrapped his arm around your shoulders smiling down at you. “I don’t think you realized this.. But your breast were out and I didn’t want the other members to see you.” He said softly burying his face in your neck. 


He looked up and down at your body, feeling a bit defensive as he saw your plump mounds become on display for everyone. Not wanting to call attention to it because he knew they were seeing it, he grabbed at your hand taking you for a walk until you were both out of the room. Stopping you in the hallway he kissed your forehead pulling your shirt up. “Be careful more time. We could see your breast noona and I don’t want them looking at you like that.”

@becorvillo14 asked for: A romione headcanon or fic where hermione wears ron’s maroon sweater. 

i hope this fits the bill! pre-relationship romione set approximately during 5th or 6th year, starring our two favourite stubborn idiots :’’’)

“Hermione?” The voice is quiet where it interrupts the peace of the Gryffindor common room, barely more than a whisper. “Are you wearing my jumper?”

Hermione startles, turning around and knocking the books over from where they’re piled up next to her. “Ron! You scared me.”

Ron is looking at her with a bewildered expression. His eyebrows are creased together as he sits down in the space next to her, folding his long legs up beneath him and moving books out of the way in order to sit more comfortably. “That’s my jumper.” He says after a while of awkward silence. 

Hermione very deliberately does not look up from her work .“Is it? I didn’t realise.” 

Ron gapes her for a while. “It’s maroon. And it’s definitely too big for you.” 

“So?” Hermione lets her hair fall in front of her face, hopefully hiding the dark blush beneath her cheeks.

“So how did you put it on without realising that it was mine?” 

“I don’t know, I just did!”



Hermione huffs and wills her mind to focus back on the task at hand; namely, her Arithmancy homework- a task which proves far more difficult with Ron’s distracting presence. He’s not even doing anything, just sitting and picking at the carpet threads. For reasons she can’t name, Hermione finds it infuriating. 

There’s also the small fact that she is, indeed, wearing his jumper. She’d known from the moment she’d pulled it over her head that it wasn’t a good idea, but the jumper had been so warm and soft and distinctly Ron, she hadn’t been able to resist. Besides, it was late and the Gryffindor common room isn’t exactly known for being full of people at this time of night- how was she to know Ron, out of them all, would be the one to find her here, in his jumper no less? 

Hermione has just decided to end the awkward silence between them and run off upstairs so she can be mortified in peace when Ron speaks again. “It suits you, you know.”

Hermione blinks, confused. “I’m sorry- what?”

Ron looks up, his blue eyes meeting her brown. “The jumper. You should wear it more often… I mean, you can, if you like. I don’t mind.”

Speechless, Hermione nods a handful of times in quick succession, hurriedly gathering up the rest of her books before scampering up towards the girls’ dormitory. 

It’s not until she’s lying on her bead, heart pounding in her ears and Ron’s words circling in her brain that she realises she’s still wearing his jumper.

Yoongi Scenario: Say Yes To The Dress.

Request: Yay, your requests are open❤️ I’ve been binge-watching a show called Say Yes To The Dress and I was wondering if I may request a Yoongi senario where he comes with you to pick your wedding dress along with the members? Yoongi is my favorite member, he’s so pretty TT^TT

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Your appointment was set for early in the afternoon, so after lunch you had been fuzzing around with your outfit, hair and make up. Going to buy your dress at Bridals had been your dream for as long as you could remember, so after you found out Bridals had opened a branch in Seoul you decided you had to go.

-Y/N, anyone would believe the wedding is today-

Your fiancé, the funny guy who at the moment wasn’t funny, was staring at you from your bed. 

You huffed, trying to rearrange your hair differently since the up-do you were attempting made you look old. -I just want to get this right- you said more to yourself than him.

Yoongi sat watching you from the mirror to then stand up, going to you to hug you from the back. His face was semi buried on a side of your neck and his arms wrapped around your waist.

-It’s going to be ok, you look beautiful-

You pouted staring at your reflection, placing your hands over his. You were nervous as you were excited, this was an important occasion for you, but Yoongi’s presence made it all better, he held you when you needed it, and not just physically, Yoongi was always willing to take care of you even if sometimes it was in his own slightly shy ways. 

A little smile bloomed thinking about it, you loved your boyfriend too much and you couldn’t wait to be his wife.

For the appointment you knew you could take people with you, usually girls went with their mom, mother in law, the bridesmaids, sisters, etc. But for you it was a bit different than that.
The host looked at you and back at your companions with wide eyes, surely she didn’t expect to receive a bride with seven men trailing after her.

-This is a first- she said with a nervous giggle, registering you while the team that would be assisting you arrived. You smiled at Yoongi who nodded in reassurance, then you saw the other six companions for the day, since your family couldn’t be here, you had decided that who better for the occasion than the six boys that had become over the time important and indispensable people in your life, so much you could call them family, these days required a support system and honest opinions and you knew that was what you were going to get from them.

The consultant that would be assisting you arrived, she was the Lori of Seoul, in her fifties, short hair and a classy outfit but with an expression that was gentle but yet awake. 

-Welcome to Bridals, my name is Nara-

You bowed and so did the boys, but it was you doing the talking since this was after all your day. -Hello, I’m Y/N, thank you for having us today-

You noticed behind Nara there were two younger women, surely the assistants for fitting and for searching the dress. -It’s our pleasure, so who is coming with you today?- she asked looking at the boys sharply. -I heard they are singers-

You nodded. -Yes, that was why I requested the privacy…- Nara made a hand gesture for you to not worry about that at all, so you smiled a little. -These are Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung- you went saying their names as they greeted and bowed politely. -And this in my fiancé, Min Yoongi-

The two assistant gasped and Nara took a hand to her chest. -We have a fox in the henhouse!-

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I want more fics where Stiles is unaffected by Derek’s hotness. Like, real people interact with attractive ppl every day without making a fool of themselves or drooling or doing stupid things. Instead of Stiles being dumb, unable to talk, or immediately falling in love with Derek, I want him to look at Derek, think “wow that guy’s hot,” and then immediately go “that dude is out of my league so moving on.” So, Stiles just treats Derek like he does everyone else.

Derek is really really into Stiles. So, he does everything he can to impress Stiles. He wears tight jeans, tank tops, works out with Scott and Danny in front of him, and takes off his shirt and walks around him front of him. Except…nothing works. Derek never has trouble getting people he wants. He knows he’s hot, and so he works that. Except it’s not working on Stiles.

And Derek is really really confused. Whenever he takes off his shirt or wears his best ass-hugging jeans, Stiles notices, sure. But so does Allison, who’s basically married to Scott, and Lydia, who Derek has overheard screwing Jackson too many times to count for the past couple years. Kira blushes, and Erica - well, Erica may be engaged to Boyd, but she never misses an opportunity to put her hands all over Derek’s sweaty abs and pecs. Danny always fucks him with his eyes, and Parrish stares a little too long, his cheeks a little too pink, and Derek thinks maybe he should hook up with Parrish again just to appease his bruised ego. Because Stiles looks, but then he stops looking because apparently it doesn’t impress him.

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anonymous asked:

this is an invitation for you to expand on cassian andor's and mon mothma's relationship if you want

‘Relationship’ isn’t the right word. ‘Relationship’ implies something between them, the existence of ties beyond spy and senator, general and soldier, and that just isn’t true. (A pyromaniac has no relationship with the matches she tosses into the pool of accelerant. There’s no special love between between a weapon and the hand cradling the blaster.) Whatever they have lives in the negative space of what they are. ‘Relationship’ isn’t the word.

But then again, Cassian suspects matches don’t feel anything about the pyromaniac. Or about the fire, either.


Technically, Cassian has a supervisor, the way that technically, the rebellion is a coalition of militarized terrorist cells undermining a democratically elected authority. (Namely, these things might be true, but they’re not exactly relevant. They’ve waded too far out into the storm to be discussing whether the water is cold.)

Still, Mothma likes to bring it up sometimes. Mostly when he sidles into her meetings, her office, her caf breaks, her—

“I’m fairly certain you are meant to report to General Draven, Captain Andor,” she says coolly after her rank and file have filed out, and he ducks his head, smiles. His smile is like a blaster-shot, brutal and unerring, carving bloody lines into where it lands. Mon Mothma is draped in stainless funerary white, she is a woman already wearing her shroud, but she let out an awful hiss of breath the first time Cassian Andor smiled at her. (It still aches.)

“And you, Senator Mothma?” he asks, his dark eyes fixed on her, already flaying her open, bloody. “Who do you report to?”

“All free peoples,” Mon answers with the practiced ease.

“I don’t think I know them,” Cassian says mildly, because Mon is good at nothing so much as finding these men, full of so much unrealized and violent strength; their sharp teeth, their bright determination, all masked beneath mildness. “You should introduce me, next time.”

“I shall,” Mon Mothma says, and then Cassian Andor is very close to her, smelling of the particular bitter chemical discharge of a blaster. “Do you doubt me?” she asks archly. (When she turns her head, her jugular is bared. Is this deliberate, or weakness?)

“Of course not,” Cassian Andor says. “To doubt you is to doubt the Rebellion.”

“That is not an answer,” Mon Mothma says sharply, but he is already gone, vanished from the space she commands. And then she is alone.


There’s a very beautiful lie he tells sometimes, about how they met. That he was a boy with a flower in his hand, and she was a junior senator, very young and yet already grave, draped in purple. That he had made her smile.

The truth is that he burned her in Separatist effigy before he ever met her. Knew her name, and cursed it. When they did meet, she was still young but he was younger, rawboned and furious, just over the edge of youth into manhood. (It was strange to see her in the flesh at last; how small she was, standing there before him. 

They’d gotten her eyes wrong on the effigy, he thought.)

“War makes strange bedfellows,” are Senator Mon Mothma’s first words to Cassian Andor.

His first words to her are crude and unrepeatable. "Senator,” he tacks on after a long minute of silence.

“You do not have to like me,” Mon Mothma says, though the corner of her mouth quirks, and he knows then that she likes him. “You do not even have to speak to me, after this. What—will be asked of you, you do for the Rebellion. I do not enter into its calculus.”

Cassian Andor looks at her. Remembers flames.



She kills him.

She kills him over and over, on a dozen, two dozen planets. Not herself, of course—he doesn’t think she’s ever actually held a blaster, regards them with thinly-veiled contempt whenever they enter into her line of sight, which means her mouth is always pinched in a thin, unpleasant line, as though to keep her lip from curling. But she authorizes Draven’s orders regarding his missions and that’s much the same. 

Cassian is a good soldier. (Has been, since—) He doesn’t take it personally.

“Your microexpressions indicate anger,” the Imperial droid they’ve saddled him with for this mission says, in the neutral, pleasant voice that drives Cassian mad. Gods spare him from kriffing droids.

“Do they,” he answers dryly, watching as Mon Mothma disappears into one of Yavin’s makeshift conference rooms. She does not look in his direction, though she only just signed the order to make him a killer.

Well. More of a killer.

“In fact, there is a ninety-four percent correlation between Senator Mothma entering your line of vision and—”

Cassian whips around to glare at the droid. (Kaytoo, to his credit, does not bring up this subject for discussion again.)


She is still there, posture very straight and draped in white, whenever he returns. She is always there, standing or sitting at the head of the war-table, watching someone else speak her orders for her. (She doesn’t talk much. It’s an odd realization, when she looms so large in Cassian’s mind, when her voice, her commands, seem thick in the air on Yavin. But she lets others give orders, and Cassian isn’t certain how to feel about that.)

Once—exactly once—he comes across her falling asleep, her head tilted back against the cushion of the chair. It is just between shift-change, and so they are alone in the command center. Her face is older, asleep; she has lines at the corners of her pursed mouth, her shuttered eyes. Her copper hair is falling in her eyes.

He gets close enough to his breath stirs her hair, and he very gently touches her forehead, just with two fingertips.

Cassian doesn’t feel the knife until it is already between his ribs and twisting home. He drops to his knees, finding himself laughing despite himself. (He can feel the warmth of blood gathering thickly at the back of his throat.) He has the unique pleasure of watching Senator Mothma blanch, shoot to her feet and shout for a meddroid—

“Knife?” he rasps, as she drags in a ragged breath.

“Vibroblade,” she says dazedly, sounding more shellshocked than Cassian feels. She can’t stop staring at the hilt, sticking out of his chest. “We’re at war. No—traitor to the Empire would go unarmed. Even among friends.”

“And here I thought you were incapable of violence, Senator,” he says, grinning, and the grin is helpless too.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she breathes. Her eyes are wide and very pale, colorless fish-eyes, reflecting light when they flick to the door. The med staff rushes in, their noise almost eating up the next words: “I send sentients to their death every day.”

(When Cassian returns to the command center, still smelling of bacta and metal hands, Viceroy Organa stands at the head of the war table. “Chancellor Mothma has recused herself from duty, citing lack of sleep,” Organa says. “She’s—she regrets the harm her lack of judgment caused,” he adds, glancing at Cassian’s chest and then away.

Cassian is disappointed, for reasons he can’t quite name.)


The first time—

She is thirty-four, and is sure she will die sooner rather than later. But then, she has known that since she stood up in the Senate chambers and called for a vote to remove the usurper snake from his Imperial throne.

(She had been alone, more alone than she had been before or since, and looked into Sheev Palpatine’s eyes. She had thought, I am not afraid. You can hurt me, but you cannot use me, because I am not afraid.

Palpatine had smiled.)

Cassian Andor is twenty-five, and dead. He shows her the holonet notice with a grin, all his teeth bared the way Mon’s noina cat had once left mice on her doorstep. ANDOR, CASSIAN (CONFIRMED DEAD) watches her face as she reads the official Imperial record, which says he was blasted apart by a trooper on Morand.

His skin is smooth and brown, for someone who was supposed to have died with a hole burned through his skull.

“A dangerous rebel has been eliminated,” Mon says dryly, handing the datapad back to him. “Hurrah.”

“Aren’t you proud of me, Senator?”

She’s not, really. She’s somehow annoyed he made it to the grave before she did. (MOTHMA, MON is only LOCATION UNKNOWN.)  “Of course, Captain Andor. It was a successful mission, losses were minimal and we have every hope the intelligence you gathered will lead us to Imperial weapons caches. You have a good deal to be proud of.”

“Not the same thing.”

She glances at his face. He is better than he used to be at keeping it blank. “No.”

“No,” Cassian echoes, a little more softly. 

Something about the way the shadow falls on his face is—

He bridles when she reaches out, though he forces himself back into stillness so quickly she almost misses it. (He is better at that too.) Still, he does not resist when she presses her fingertips just below his jaw, where the stubble softens into throat. Underneath her hand, his pulse beats, fast and strong. “You seem very alive to me, Captain.”

He swallows, her hand moves. She can feel the rumble of his voicebox when he says, “Yes, Senator.”

She withdraws her hand, but he catches her by the wrist, tightly as binders. She wonders if he can feel her pulse, how hard it’s beating against her skin. But he doesn’t say anything, a faintly quizzical look on his face, as though he’s not sure how to proceed. 

She kisses him out of clumsy uncertainty, more than anything. (She skipped the mother, went directly from virginal maiden to sexless crone without stopping. She has practice in defying demagogues, ordering men to die, not to—)

It is a fumbling, cold affair. But afterwards, he rests his cheek against hers, and she rests her palm over the place where her blade went in between his ribs. It is the closest to human contact either of them has come in some time, she thinks.


“What will you do, after?” Mothma asks once. Cassian is gathering up his things, pushing an errant lock of hair behind his ear, and she is studying the way the light slants onto the dust. Neither of them is thinking about the other, but then, they are not supposed to be. (It is easier, if they are looking separate ways.)

“After what?” he asks.

“After the war. What will you do?”

He twitches, and then goes very still. “You seem sure there will be an ‘after’ for me, Senator,” he says lightly, the corner of his mouth curling.

Mon has no answer for that.


She keeps killing him; there’s a war on.

He keeps killing; ditto.

(Who cares what the dead do, in those snatched moments between dying?)


Senator Mon Mothma is forty-one, and sure she will die—sooner, rather than later. But she has known that for nineteen years now; its sting no longer can pierce her. She is a dead woman, she wears her white shroud. Everything else is…

Captain Cassian Andor is thirty-seven, and dead. Truly dead, this time, nothing to reach for and assure herself with, no proof of life.

(She does not think of his pulse, hot and steady under her hand. She does not think of his mouth curling, the way he had said after. She does not think of anything. No true pyromaniac would pity a match burnt up to ash. No soldier cries, firing a blaster.

She hates blasters.)

She personally changes his Alliance file to read ANDOR, CASSIAN (CONFIRMED DEAD).

“You have sent the fanbase into a frenzy! And why’re you wearing like three layers of clothing? It’s barely cold out.”

Harry looks at his surroundings when he receives the text whilst simultaneously unlocking his car door.

“What do ye’ mean? I’ve not done anything! But how do you know what I’m wearing? I’ve not even started the drive to yours.”

“I think you underestimate my fifth sense when it comes to you, babe! Haha no, woke up to tweets about your long-expected-finally-showing curls. But seriously Haz, aren’t you burning up under all that?”

“Oh, I knew I wasn’t walking alone! You’d think I’d be used to it by now. But not really. Feeling a bit under the weather actually.”

“Harry, meeting my parents can’t be that bad that you’re faking being sick. They’re gonna love you, trust me.”

“I’m not trying to get out of going to your parents, kitten. M'really not feeling well. Been taking medicine so hopefully I’ll be better before we make our trip out.”

“Uh huh, let’s hope you’re not lying to me! It’s probably just anxiety, you’ll get over it.”

“M'not! Promise. Heading over now though. I’ll see you in a bit, pet. Love you xx”

“‘Kay! Love you, too! xo”


“Should have really at least taken the hoodie off, babe. Your hair’s damp and I don’t think it’s from rain!”

Y/N opens the door as soon as she hears his car alarm beep, Harry making his way up the steps to her place. He’s wearing his beanie, hair curling out from under it, and she can see why his fans went crazy.

She opens the door further to allow him to step inside, receiving him with a peck to the lips before shutting the door and helping him with his bag.

“Yeah, feeling a bit hot now, actually.”

She watches as he toes off his shoes. And she really shouldn’t gawk at how broad he looks as he raises his arms up and reaches to grasp the hoodie from behind, ridding his body of the thick garment in one swift move as he pulls it over his head. And then again to remove yet another sweater, leaving him in a white tee.

She walks over to the sitting area and sets his bag on the sofa when Harry throws his shorts over her head, chuckling loudly before walking over and engulfing her in a hug, pecking her head in adoration.

“Harry!” She whines, grabbing the shorts and aimlessly throwing them on top of his bag.

But her whines are drowned with the sudden press of Harry’s lips on hers, pecking lightly at first. One peck. And then he pulls away to look down at her, her lips pulled up into a smile now. Another peck. And he pulls away again, this time earning a light giggle. On the third kiss, he keeps his lips on hers a bit longer, his hands now on the small of her back, pressing her flush against him.

And for a minute Y/N had forgotten Harry is wearing a pair of white tights, but she’s suddenly reminded when she feels his bulge pressing against her, not in a sexual way or anything, but it makes it all the more…innocent? Having Harry so close. Being able to reach out and wrap her arms around his neck, playfully tugging at his beanie until she finally takes it off and puts it on her own head.

And it’s then that he breaks the kiss, with a light whisper of “m'gonna get ye’ sick, too, poppet.”

But she disregards the comment, instead she looks him over. The crinkles by his eyes from how he smiles down at her, puffy for some reason, his lips plump and pink from having just kissed her, his hair just a tad disheveled from having just taken the beanie off.

“If you’re as sick as you say, on you go for a shower!” She pecks his lips one last time before bringing a hand down to his bum and giving him a playful pat.

“M'not fakin’ t'get out of meetin’ ye’ parents, kit'en.”

Harry knuckles at his eyes, his other hand running down her arm to take her hand in his, his rings cold on her skin. He brings it up to his lips and kisses the back of her hand lightly before taking a few steps backwards. And he smirks when he sees Y/N’s eyes linger down south. But she doesn’t even try to hide it, eyes dancing on the verge of lust at the view of Harry’s outlined cock. Tights much too tight that it leaves little to the imagination, and they surely outline it perfectly. It’s when Harry clears his throat that she finally comes back out of her own thoughts.

“Can take a shower with me if ye’ wan’, poppet. Wouldn’t mind it at all.” And he brings his fingers down to the top of his tights, thumb sneaking past the waist band to adjust himself.

“Harry, stop!” Y/N’s laugh echoes through the house and she glares at Harry, but he just winks at her, “but as much as I’d love to, I have to finish packing. Now go!”

With out another word, Harry begins his walk to her room, but not before wiggling his bum her way, earning a giggle.

And Y/N can’t believe that after all this time, Harry still has the power to make her feel weak. Heart thumping, chest tightening, butterflies in her tummy weak.


The drive to her parents has been nothing less than a nightmare. Y/N would have counted on a complying Harry, but all he seems to be doing is complaining. At first, the car is too hot and the air is barely “breathable.” Then, after turning on the A/C, in which moment Y/N has to put on a sweater because even though Harry is hot, she is rather chilly, he complains about a headache. And after that it becomes too cold, and not only does Y/N have to take her sweater off for the third time, but now she’s also having to take her top off. And she would’ve appreciated Harry’s comment about how much he loves when she’s not wearing a top any other day, but at that particular moment the compliment’s only made her all the more frustrated.

So now, the drive’s become more of a chore than she would’ve liked. She doesn’t wanna press on Harry’s illness, knowing he’s probably just feeling anxious. But she does think he should maybe tone it down a bit and stop being so melodramatic.

Harry’s really beating himself up though. Doesn’t want Y/N thinking he’s actually trying to avoid meeting her parents. He’s been eager to make the trip ever since he first pitched the idea, and c'mon, if he didn’t wanna meet them he wouldn’t have even brought it up. Y/N was always going on about how she thought it might be too soon. How she didn’t want her parents to over step their boundaries and judge him because he’s Harry Styles and he might not be living the lifestyle they’d want their daughter to surround herself with. But after much convincing, she’d caved, and Harry’s been ecstatic since then.

So yeah, he really doesn’t like upsetting his Y/N, and he’ll prove he’s not backing out from this even if he ends up in the hospital.

After hours of silence, they finally arrive, but Y/N still doesn’t utter a word. Instead, she opens the car door as soon as Harry’s pulled into the driveway and putthe car on park.

She opens the boot and helps out with the duffle bags, leaving Harry to carry the bigger suitcase. And he has to find the strength in him to pull it out of the boot, stumbling back a bit from the force, his eyes blurry and head woozy. But he takes a deep breath and continues to lock the car before catching up behind Y/N, who’s leading the way to her parents’ home.

From the moment he steps foot inside, he feels it. He feels the warmth that a home should have. Pictures decorate the walls, personalising its surroundings. Y/N’s parents meet him with tight hugs and comments of how happy they are to finally meet Harry. Y/N’s mom makes a comment on how handsome he is, and he swears she might have even blushed when Harry smiles at her. Her dad greets him with a ‘son’ and Harry likes the sound of that.

Y/N excuses them after a moment, telling her parents she’s gonna settle them in her old bedroom real quick before having to head down for an early dinner.

Harry trails behind her, luggage in hand. She sets their stuff down on the end of the bed they’ll be sleeping in, shuffling about to unpack the necessities. Harry just watches her body move around the room, clearly still remembering where everything should go. He stands by the door quietly, fiddling with his rings and biting the inside of his cheek because he really just wishes she’d stop being mad at him, wishes she can just look at him at least. And he can feel the worry lines begin to form on his forehead, his lips pulled into a line in thought of how he’s gonna make this up to her. Not that it’s any of his fault, but he just can’t stand to see her upset.

But he continues to stand there, fingers running through his damp hair, eyes drowsy. And it’s not until he yawns that Y/N finally pays him any attention since they left her place.

She walks over to him and brings a hand to cup his cheek. She stands on her toes and brings her lips to his forehead in a light kiss. “Take a nap, babe. I’ll come get you when the food’s done.”

Harry complies easily at that, toes his shoes off and sneaks under the covers.


Y/N isn’t sure why Harry’s still asleep. She dragged making dinner as long as she could so he can rest longer, but for some reason Harry’s still upstairs.

“Be right back mum, gonna go get Harry.”

She makes her way to the room, peeking the door open, the room just a bit brightened by what’s left of daylight seeping through the window curtains. It’s odd, when Harry’s asleep there’s usually a wheezing sound, a sound that soothes her ears when they’re laid in bed. But the room is oddly quiet. She sees his body stir a bit, and it’s when he painfully grunts that she walks to stand over him, peeling the covers back just a bit.

“Oh my god, babe,” her heart just about stops at the sight of him. Paler than usual, lips a bright pink against his complexion. “You’re soaked in sweat.”

She removes the cover all the way then, tugging at his arm for him to sit up.

“Harry, why didn’t you tell me?” The worry in her voice breaks Harry’s heart, he thinks he really should have taken more medicine.

“Tried t’.” His body is weakly slumped, head hanging because he doesn’t even have enough strength to hold it up.

She’s working to get his drenched shirt up and off, tossing it elsewhere before pulling the covers around his shoulders.

“Oh I’m so sorry, sweets. Crap I’m really really sorry. You did try to tell me.”

“S'fine, kit'en.” He’s rubbing at his eyes tirelessly as Y/N walks away and back, towel in hand. She runs the soft cloth over his face, down to his chest, and wherever else she can reach before bringing it up to his hair. Seeing how week he is, she then helps him put on another shirt.

“It’s not.” She takes her hand to his forehead, and she almost loses it at how hot he feels. And god does she feel awful. Knows she should have believed him, or at least made sure and checked him.

With out a single word, she runs out of the room, and explains to her parents how sick Harry is before running back and taking a seat next to Harry who’s now lying back down, covers tucked under his arm.

He feels her tap at his shoulder to get him to face her, and gulps down the spoonful of medicine she gives him before she tells him her parents have called their doctor over.

“M'sorry for ruinin’ our first day here, lit'el one.”

“Oh no no,” as if she hadn’t felt bad enough, now HE’S the one apologising for being sick, that’s just like Harry to do that.

She wraps an arm under and around Harry’s shoulder, shushing him as she pulls his body closer to hers, her fingers trailing under where his eyes have swollen before tangling in his hair in soothing strokes. She kisses where his eyebrow arches, and Harry can only bury his face in her neck then, pursing his lips to lay a gentle kiss on her neck.

“G'na take care o’ me now?” His glossy green eyes look up at her, the lines on his forehead prominent.

“Until you’re all better, babe.”

Harry hums at that, and even though he’s sick and feeling awful, having Y/N with him, fingers running through his hair, help more than he can ever ever express.

Leather Jackets (Chapter 1)

Group: Bangtan Boys

Pairing: Jikook

Genre: Fluff/Angst

He’s a bad influence and Jimin knows it better than anyone else.

Jimin has seen him too many times wearing a leather jacket, his dark brown hair styled in a mess, a cigarette that always dangles from his lips which are curved in a lopsided smirk that Jimin begrudgingly admits he finds very attractive.

But he is a bad influence and Jimin must stay away,

He remembers his mother always warning him right from when he was a small child that he should stay away from troublemakers at all costs.

“Jimin-ah,” she would say. “You are a nice kid. Don’t mingle with the bad kind”

Jimin follows that advice to this day and that’s why even though he finds the leather jacket wearing boy with his perfect hair, cigarette and boy oh boy that attractive little smirk he stays away because he knows it’s better this way.

But it only takes so much time for the other boy to notice Jimin looking at him from the bus stop but look away in a flash when their eyes meet and naturally he’s curious because what is a good boy like that doing here?

Jimin looks out of place among the graffiti-covered walls and the cussing teenage boys with their hands always wrapped around a beer can and one clutching a cigarette.

Jimin isn’t like them and he stands out with his bubblegum pink hair and naturally, the other boy is curious about him.

It only takes him long enough to start a conversation.

“Hi,” Jimin hears the boy say and for a second Jimin thinks that he is hearing voices or is the boy actually speaking to him.

He blinks slowly and looks at the boy.

“Uh,” he says.

“You dropped this,” is all the boy says handing Jimin 5,000 wons.

Jimin blinks again before taking the money and he mumbles incoherent thanks and the boy just nods as he walks away.

Jimin’s bus comes and he gets in and buys a ticket and takes a seat in the far back as he counts the money that he earned through tips.

He finds he has a 10,000 won instead of a 5000 and he realizes that he never did drop his money on the ground.

Jimin is left wondering why the guy gave him money that wasn’t even his.

The next day as soon as Jimin gets off his shift he walks to the bus stop his pocket heavy with the extra 5,000 won that the boy had given him, that he hopes to return to the boy if he sees him.

And he does, the boy is lying across the lap of some girl sitting on the bench blowing out smoke and laughing along with the other kids around him.

Jimin almost walks away but he turns back and walks up to him.

They all stop laughing as Jimin clears his throat.

“I…want to uh give you back your money,” he says to Jungkook who sits up removing the cigarette.

“My money?” he asks and Jimin melts because he has never heard a voice that sweet.

“Uh yes,”

The boy looks at him and then takes the money from Jimin’s hands before shoving it in the back of his jeans pocket.

“Why are you returning it back?” the boy asks.

“Because it isn’t mine,” Jimin simply answers.

The boy doesn’t say anything and Jimin takes it as a cue to leave and so he does and walks to the bus stop not looking back and when he finally does their eyes meet for a brief second before he sees the boy putting the cigarette up to his mouth and taking a huge puff while lying back down on the girl’s lap.

Jimin looks away too and sees his bus coming. He gets in and pays for his ticket and then once again takes the last seat on the bus his mind only thinking about the boy with the leather jacket.

Jimin’s mother told him a lot about bad people.

She told him to not mingle to stay away from all those who are bad and Jimin never questioned her.

But now he wonders what bad means?

He would consider someone like the boy who gave him those extra 5,000 won as bad because he smoked cigarettes and by the looks of it didn’t bother to go to college but yet Jimin finds himself held by him in a secure way as he dabs on Jimin’s cut with a little cotton pad.

Jimin hisses

“Stay still,” he says in a low voice and Jimin does staring at him. He has warm brown eyes. But what intrigues Jimin are the other boy’s piercings on his ear.

He stares at them in a longing way as he remembers begging his mother to let him get one.

She said no, of course.

“You are fixed up,” the boy says distracting Jimin. He sees the boy getting up and Jimin finds himself staring at his butt before he mentally curses himself and decides to look around instead.

For someone who looks that intimidating the boy’s house doesn’t match him in any way.

The walls are a pretty baby blue color and there are plushies everywhere. Jimin would have never thought someone like that boy would have a room full of soft toys.

“You should be more careful,” Jimin hears the boy’s voice.

“I…,” Jimin said. “What happened again?”

“You fell face first on the ground,”


“I saw you and you were unconscious and you hurt your head,” he continues. “So I thought I’ll get you somewhere safe,”

“Oh…uh…thank you,” Jimin says.

“You don’t feel dizzy, do you?” the boy asks.

Jimin shakes his head no.

“Can I uh get some water?”

“Sure,” the boy says disappearing in the kitchen. He returns with a glass of water and gives it to Jimin who gulps it down in one go.

For a few seconds after that, they stay silent.

“I think I should go now,” Jimin says. “Thank you for helping me”

“Are you sure you can get home?”

“Uh yeah I’ll…I’ll get the bus,” Jimin stutters.

“I can drop you,” the boy says.

“No, no it’s fine,” Jimin says. “You’ve done enough already”

“It’s no big deal,” the boy says. “I’ll just get you home safe”

Jimin ponders over the offer for a second before giving in.

“All…all right,” he says.

The boy smiles at Jimin.

“Let’s go then,”

Jimin nods setting the glass down and stands up following the boy outside. The boy locks the door and they head to the boy’s truck.

The boy holds the door open for Jimin who gets in. The boy gets in and starts the truck.

Jimin tells him the name of his street and the boy just nods his hand already on the radio.

“Do you mind?” he asks.

Jimin shakes his head no.

Soon the sound of a slow soft song fills Jimin’s ears and he finds himself liking the music.

“The Smiths,” he hears the boy voice. “It’s called Asleep if you were wondering”

Jimin just nods as he listens and is a little happy when the boy puts it on loop.

A few minutes later they are near Jimin’s street and the boy stops the car.

“Thank you so much for the ride uh…,” Jimin says.

“Jungkook,” the boy smiles.

“Oh thanks, Jungkook,” Jimin says.

“It’s no problem…”

“Jimin,” Jimin says.

The boy smiles again and for the first time in the day, Jimin smiles back at him.

He then gets off the car and gives the boy a small wave as he drives away and Jimin walks to his home with a little smile on his face.

That night he falls asleep listening to a Smiths album.

Jimin considers himself lucky that he works for someone like Seokjin.

Seokjin isn’t too pushy and actually understands that Jimin has studying to do and the pay is quite okay, so Jimin doesn’t mind.

The days can be slow, the diners a little too rude.

Jimin remembers once a woman had thrown a glass of water on his shirt because her noodles weren’t hot enough. At least Seokjin understood it wasn’t his fault. But sometimes he gets lucky and gets some good tips.

And today was a particularly slow day until he sees a group of people walk in and to his surprise, it’s Jungkook and friends.

It had been two weeks since Jungkook had helped Jimin and the boy has been on and off of Jimin’s mind and Jimin is completely in love with The Smiths thanks to him.

But now he has a job to do.

Jimin walks up to them with a notepad and pen.

“Order,” he asks with a smile.

“Hotdogs,” he hears a loud voice.

“Taehyung shut up,” he hears another voice. “No hot dogs,”

“Hyung,” the brown haired boy named Taehyung whines but he is ignored by everyone.

“We are getting five cheeseburgers and fries,” Jungkook says.

Jimin jots it down.

“Anything else?” he asks.

“No thank you,” he smiles.

Jimin nods before walking away. He gives the ticket to Seokjin who seems very glad by the sudden business.

Jimin feels sorry because Seokjin works so hard in the diner.

Jimin returns and finds Jungkook and his friends laughing when suddenly Jungkook meets his eyes and he gives Jimin a smile. Jimin smiles back and then he is called by Seokjin to take the orders away and Jimin does as he is told and brings them to the table.

“Thank you,” Jungkook says and Jimin smiles leaving the table and joining Seokjin in the kitchen.

“Are we closing up after they leave?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah, I guess,” Seokjin sighs. “I don’t think anyone is gonna show up at this time”

Jimin nods and returns to the counter where he sees Jungkook and his friends eating and Jimin’s heart feels heavy.

He doesn’t even remember the last time he sat down with ‘friends’ and had a meal. Well, he never had friends, to begin with, expect for a boy until 7th grade who left school and gave Jimin his number so they could talk but Jimin lost it and now he’s alone. He is quite frankly used to it but sometimes he does wish he could have friends like everyone else does.

Jungkook and his friends finish up their meal and Jimin clears out their table.

When they leave, there is a huge tip for Jimin almost as much as their bill.

That night for the first time in days Jimin eats something else than ramen.

3 days pass until Jimin sees Jungkook again.

He is standing at the bus stop waiting for his bus when he feels a tap on his shoulder, Jimin takes out his earphone and sees Jungkook.

“Hey,” Jungkook says.

“Uh um hi,” Jimin says.

“How have you been doing?” Jungkook says. “Um I mean your head is it okay?”

“Yeah, I am fine,” Jimin says.

“Oh, I am glad to know,” Jungkook says and smiles.

Jimin smiles back and they stand there awkwardly until Jimin speaks up which shocks both of them even more so Jimin himself.

“I have been listening to The Smiths,”

“Have you?” Jungkook asks a little surprised.

“Uh yeah they’re great,” Jimin says.

“Yeah, they are,”

Just then Jimin’s bus comes.

“Uh, I’ll see you later then,”

Jungkook nods.

“Yeah, bye,”

Jimin gets in and puts on The Smiths again while thinking about Jungkook.

It’s days later and Jungkook has a habit of showing up at the diner but now he’s alone and he gets a chicken sandwich most of the time and he shows up at the closing time almost always and the more Jungkook comes to the diner the more Jimin gets to know him.

For example, Jungkook loathes mustard with a passion and he literally can’t live without ketchup, he always wears leather jackets and that his favorite band is Nirvana and he likes to sing which shocks Jimin the most because he never imagined Jungkook the kind of singing.

When he leaves and Jimin starts clearing all the tables he hears Seokjin.

“He comes here a lot,” Seokjin says.

“Uh yeah,”

“I wonder why,”

“To eat?” Jimin says as if stating the obvious.

“Are you sure?”

“I guess so,”

“He talks to you a lot,” Seokjin says. “Are you guys friends?”

“Uh yeah, sort of,” Jimin says. “He helped me once when I fell down and fainted”

“Oh,” is all Seokjin says as he puts the rag away and removes the apron.

“Why are you asking hyung?” Jimin asks.

“Oh nothing,” Seokjin says.

Jimin doesn’t answer but he senses that Seokjin was definitely acting weirder than usual.

They leave the diner together and Jimin gets the bus home and to his disappointment, he doesn’t see Jungkook today so he puts on The Smiths and gets lost in his thoughts already.

Over the next few days, Jimin listens to Nirvana and he falls in love again and makes a mental note to tell Jungkook that he has an excellent music taste when they meet but it’s been over two weeks and Jungkook hasn’t shown up.

Jimin feels stupid already because he was looking forward to seeing a stranger for whatever reason and he actually thought they were friends and he was being completely silly because of course, they weren’t. Jungkook just came to the diner because he liked the food, it had nothing to do with Jimin and Jimin feels like kicking himself because he builds up hopes over something that never existed.

So he just takes the orders of the few people that did come to the diner, clean the tables and then listen to Nirvana and The Smiths whenever he could as he tried not to get too sad because Seokjin has been giving him weird looks over the past two days and Jimin knows the question will start anytime. In some ways, Seokjin is like the older brother that Jimin never had.

One of such nights when Jimin is cleaning tables again he hears the jingle of the bell of the door and Jimin glances up at the clock and it’s almost 7:30 pm and almost nobody ever comes to the diner this late.

Jimin turns back to look and the sight he sees is a surprise for him.

It’s Jungkook,

When Jimin looks at him Jungkook smiles.

Jimin’s heart warms because Jungkook is just like he remembers him sitting here exactly three weeks ago talking about ketchup but he looks so different.

It’s hard to miss the swollen eye and torn lip and the bandages wrapped around Jungkook’s knuckles but he is still wearing his signature leather jacket and has a smirk on his face as he sits down.

“Can I get a sandwich now or is it too late,”

“I’ll tell hyung,” is all Jimin says as he leaves and goes to the kitchen where Seokjin is busy cleaning the kitchen. Even though it’s past their closing time Jimin knows that Seokjin would cook for Jimin because business has been particularly slow and Seokjin could do with some extra money.

“Hyung, a sandwich,” Jimin says.

“We have a customer?” Seokjin asks as he sets down the brush and Jimin nods.

‘Is it your friend?” he asks.


“I don’t remember his name,”


“Yeah, him,” Jimin says.

Seokjin just nods.

“I’ll get you that sandwich,” Seokjin says as he begins and Jimin leaves to find a lone Jungkook observing the décor of the little diner.

A few minutes later Seokjin calls Jimin back for the sandwich and Jimin takes back to Jungkook who smiles at Jimin and just as Jimin almost leaves he hears Jungkook’s small voice.

“Can you sit with me?”

Jimin stops thinking for a second. He is done with cleaning and his shift technically already ended and he knows for a fact that Seokjin won’t mind so he just nods sitting down.

Jungkook smiles widely and Jimin smiles back.

“Did I tell you I listen to Nirvana now?”

“You do?” Jungkook asks clearly surprised and Jimin nods.

Jimin nods.

“But I still like The Smiths better,” he says and Jungkook laughs.

“Each to their own,”

“Yeah,” Jimin says. “You have a really great music taste”

“Uh thank you,” Jungkook says as he bites his sandwich and Jimin looks away because they have once again run out of things to say but for some reason, Jimin wants to talk more.

Jungkook finishes his sandwich and Jimin stands up taking his plate and takes it back to the kitchen where Seokjin takes it and washes it.

“So he’s finally back huh?” Seokjin says.

“Uh yeah,” Jimin says. “But why are you giving me that look”


Jimin doesn’t say anything and goes out to clean the table and to his surprise, Jungkook is still sitting on the chair.

“Do you need anything else to eat?” Jimin asks. “I am sure hyung wouldn’t mind…”

“No, I am full,” Jungkook says with a smile. “I just thought aren’t you leaving soon”

“Uh yeah,”

“Well, then we can walk together to the bus stop,” Jungkook asks and Jimin feels a hint of hesitation in Jungkook’s voice.


Jungkook smiles again as Jimin cleans the table and then sweeps the floor again before Seokjin closes the place.

“Bye hyung,” Jimin says to Seokjin who nods waving with a smile as he walks away to his car and Jimin and Jungkook walk to the bus stop.

Surprisingly neither of them talk but it still feels nice to have someone walk with him and Jimin has a light smile on his face and when he looks at Jungkook he smiles at him and Jimin feels his heart getting warm yet again.

They reach the bus stop and Jimin gets a little disappointed.

“So,” Jimin says. “I’ll see you soon”

Jungkook nods his hands shoved in his pocket as he lets out a long sigh.



“Do you…do you have anything that you’re doing this Saturday?”

Well, Jimin does have a paper to work on and a lot of chores that has piled up but he’s sure he can manage as he shakes his head.


“Oh, so would you like to hang out with me?” Jungkook asks.

“With you,”

“Um, yeah,” Jungkook says. “No pressure”

“It does sound fun,”

“So will you come?”

“Yeah, sure,”

Jungkook gives him the widest of all grins he has seen.

“All right,” Jungkook says. “I’ll pick you up at your street”

“Okay,” Jimin says as he sees his bus.

“Your bus is here,” Jungkook says.

“Yeah, I’ll uh see you then,” Jimin says. “Bye,”

“Goodbye,” Jungkook says as he walks off his hand still stuffed in his pockets and Jimin gets into his bus and to his disappointment the empty seat in the back is taken but it still doesn’t dampen his mood because he is glad he saw Jungkook today after about 3 weeks and he smiles as he puts on The Smiths and thinking about Jungkook.

He wonders a lot about the boy, who is he? Where does he come from and everything else but mostly about the split lip and the swollen eye the other boy was sporting.

Jimin only hopes it’s a one-time thing.

Jimin had last seen Jungkook on Monday when he came to the diner and since then Jungkook hasn’t shown up and Jimin doesn’t even have his number so that they can talk and Jimin almost expects Jungkook to cancel their plan and he would be lying if it wouldn’t disappoint him.

After all, Jimin has taken out about 15,000 wons from his measly saving so that he could pay for stuff if they do go out somewhere but it doesn’t seem like it would happen.

So on Saturday when he is on the way home from his shift he gets a call and it’s an unknown number.

Jimin picks up and it doesn’t take him long to recognize the owner of the voice.

It’s Jungkook.

‘Where are you?” Jungkook asks.

“Walking to home,”

“Stay there,” Jungkook says. “I am coming to pick you up”

“Uh okay,”

Jungkook hangs up and Jimin waits to lean on the wall until Jungkook shows up in his car.

Jimin gets in and he has to stop himself from not staring at Jungkook’s face. He has a cut on his forehead and his lips look even worse than before and Jimin thinks Jungkook senses it as he puts The Smiths and smiles.

“You love them right?” he says and Jimin nods and decides not to question Jungkook because he senses that he doesn’t want to talk about it but there is some awkward tension in the air and Jimin decides to break it.

“How did you get my number?”

“Your boss,” Jungkook says. “He wasn’t giving it to me at first, I really had to request before he finally gave in”

“Oh,” Jimin says.

“I am sorry,” Jungkook says. “I should have gotten it from you but I completely forgot”

“It’s fine,” Jimin says and smiles. “

Jungkook smiles back.

“Where are we going?” Jimin asks.

“To the movies,”

“Oh,” Jimin says again remembering the last time he has been to the movies. It was when he was 11 to see some animated movie with his mother; it was a sort of treat because he had got the best grade out of everyone.

Now he doesn’t have money to spare for luxuries like that because Jimin has a lot of things to be taken care of. Watching the latest releases isn’t his priority.

“You don’t like movies,” Jungkook asks.

“Uh no,” Jimin says. “They are pretty fun”

“Yeah, they are,” Jungkook says. “Also a few of my friends are coming”

When Jimin hears that his heart sinks a little because he doesn’t know what to expect from Jungkook’s friends. They could be nice but Jimin wouldn’t feel the sense of familiarity that he does with Jungkook and that makes him slightly uneasy.

“Don’t worry,” Jungkook says. “They’re all really nice”

Jimin just nods as he gazes out of the window until Jungkook finally stops the car.

“We’re here,” Jungkook says and Jimin steps out of the car and they walk to a group of people.

“Guys, this is Jimin,” Jungkook says with a big smile.

“Oh I finally get to meet you,” a brown haired boy says as he gives him a boxy grin. “I’m Taehyung”

“Hi Taehyung,” Jimin smiles and they all introduce themselves and Jimin smiles at them and nods. They’re all a lot nicer than Jimin ever expected them to be.

“We are probably gonna miss half of the movie if stand here,” the green haired one named Yoongi says.

They all nod and go in to buy their tickets and Jungkook pays for Jimin’s tickets before he can even so much as protest. He feels extremely guilty as he sits down between Taehyung and Jungkook and the movie is a horror one and Jimin never liked horror so he closes his eyes most of the time until he hears a small voice in his ear.

“Are you okay?”

It’s Jungkook.

“It’s scary,”

“I am sorry,” Jungkook says. “I should have asked you what movie you liked before we came”

“It’s fine,” Jimin smiles because he doesn’t want Jungkook to feel guilty about it.

Jungkook just nods leaning back as Jimin tries to watch the movie. He is more than relieved when the movie is finally over and all of them decide to go to a restaurant nearby.

They all get burgers and fries and Yoongi pays and everyone cheers as Jimin feels guiltier. He is sitting between Jungkook and a girl named Sana who he vaguely remembers as the same girl whose lap Jungkook was lying on when he had first seen him.

After finishing their meal Jungkook and Jimin leave together.

Jungkook drops Jimin home while they listen to The Smiths again and it all feels so perfect that Jimin has a grin on his face that falls slightly when Jungkook stops the car at Jimin’s street.

“I…I had a lot of fun today,” Jimin says.

“Oh really, I’m glad,” Jungkook says scratching the back of his neck.

“Yeah,” Jimin says.

“We should hang out again,” Jungkook says. “Like maybe even just the two of us”

“That sounds fun,”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Jungkook says.

“Yeah, I guess I should go now,”


“Goodnight Jungkook,” Jimin says.

“Night Jimin,” Jungkook says as Jimin steps out of the truck and Jungkook starts his car and drives off and Jimin walks to his home and he feels like he is the old Jimin again.

Because home just doesn’t make him as happy as Jungkook does.

He is bad a voice keeps telling Jimin but Jimin ignores it as much as he can.

He is with Jungkook in some abandoned park that no one cares about anymore and Jungkook is on his second cigarette as he narrates an incident involving Yoongi and it’s funny and Jimin is laughing but he sees the bruises that litter Jungkook’s hands and how the swollen eye is back and he has so many concerns but he keeps quiet because he doesn’t want to make Jungkook mad and make him leave.

“Yoongi hyung is hilarious,” Jungkook finally finishes and takes a huge drag blowing out smoke and Jimin nods.

“You don’t smoke, do you?” Jungkook asks and Jimin shakes his head no and only thinks about how his mother would disown him if he ever so much as touched cigarettes.

But she probably would never approve Jimin hanging out with someone like Jungkook because the boy reeks of everything that his mother despises.

“Boys like that, they go to jail,”

Jimin pushes the thought of his head because he knows Jungkook isn’t like that and he knows it.

Jimin glances at his phone. It’s 2 pm and the time for Jimin to start his shift at Seokjin’s diner.

“Jungkook I have to go,” he says standing up. “To work”

“Stay please,”

“Jungkook I can’t…”

“It’s just one day,” Jungkook says. “Your boss can manage”

‘I need the money,” Jimin wants to say but he doesn’t.

“Just for a day,” Jungkook says. “You work yourself too much”

Jimin knows Jungkook is right because for the past two years that he has been working at Seokjin’s diner he only took 5 days off. He was a loyal worker and he knows Seokjin won’t mind.

“All right fine,” Jimin says.

Jungkook grins.

Jimin sits back down and Jungkook lies on the ground staring at the clouds and Jimin does the same and they point out the shapes of clouds and laugh together and Jungkook puts on some more good music and they talk a lot about everything but nothing in particular and Jimin looks into Jungkook’s warm brown eyes again and he gets a fluttery feeling in his heart that is hard to ignore and he wonders what does it mean and why does he finds himself smiling when Jungkook smiles.

When it’s past 8 pm and Jimin finally realizes he sits up in a hurry.

‘I…I have to go,” Jimin says.


“Homework due,” Jimin says as he grabs his backpack and Jungkook gets a call and Jimin hears him curse and nod.

“Jimin, I am sorry I can’t drop you,” he says. “I have to get Taehyung”

“It’s no big deal,” Jimin smiles. “I’ll get a bus”

“Uh okay,”

“Bye Jungkook,”

“Bye Jimin,”

Jimin walks in a hurry to the bus stop and prays that the bus shows up on time and luckily it does. He gets in and sits on the last seat cursing himself over how could he forget that it was over 8 pm. He has never been irresponsible before. He even missed work today and even though he had the best time with Jungkook the guilt doesn’t go away.

‘It’s all his bad influence,” Jimin hears a voice that vaguely sounds like his mom.

Jimin looks in the dusty mirror at his home and he sees his eyes are puffy and red.

He has been crying, a lot.

He missed University yesterday and when he went to the diner Seokjin took one look at him and told him to take the day off despite Jimin’s repeated requests that he wants to work.

“I’ll pay you for the day,” Seokjin finally said. “But go home and get some rest”

Jimin stops protesting and he tears up again as he hugs Seokjin and the boy pats his back.

“It’s gonna be okay,” he says and Jimin appreciates it even though Seokjin has no idea what the hell is going on with Jimin.

Jimin isn’t a weak person by all means but for the past two days he has been a wreck and it all started when he got a call.

“Jimin ssi,”


“We are speaking from the nursing home,” the woman on the other end says and Jimin sits up straighter because they never call unless…

“Your mother’s condition has been worsening so we had to move her to the ICU this morning,”


“The doctors can’t say when they will let her out of the hospital but the charges for the treatment…I mean you have to bear them”

Jimin’s heart sinks as he gulps only praying it’s the amount he has saved up.

“How much is it?” Jimin asks.

The woman says a hefty sum and it’s just exactly how much Jimin had managed to save and now he can pay his mothers’ bills but he isn’t quite sure how will he pay for any of the other bills’ that have been piling up.

“I’ll make a transfer,” Jimin says.

“Okay,” she says.

“Can I see her?”

“Not yet,” the doctor says. “But they will move her to the general ward by tomorrow”

“Okay,” Jimin says as he hangs up and he goes by his day unaffected and he works empty stomached all day and goes home to eat some of the leftover kimchi he had in his fridge and he has almost nothing left to eat and he has no money for groceries until Seokjin pays him at the end of the month which is another 10 days away.

The next day he finally gets to visit his mother and the subway ride is costly but he has to see his mom.

He arrives at the hospital and asks the nurses for her room and goes to her and what he sees breaks his heart.

His mother looks skinnier than she has ever been her bones visible her skin an ashen color as she lets out labored breaths her eyes closed.

Jimin sits down next to her and holds her hand and then he cries because he has held it in for too long and he wants to cry all he can because he is struggling every day and he just wants his mom to be okay but she only gets worse and it dawns on Jimin that if his mum leaves he will be alone and he doesn’t want that.

He wishes to be a little kid again but he has no choice but to work every day so that he can make sure that his mother lives because he clings on the littlest of the hopes that one day his mother will wake up and that keeps him going but as he sees her frail body he really isn’t sure what he believes anymore.

Ever since he got back home he has been crying and he isn’t okay and he is hungry but he already has eaten the last two crackers he had and he is saving the last packet for the following days and he has almost given up on life and on everything else as he stays curled up on his bed the tears long dried out on his face, his pillow damp when he hears loud banging and Jimin doesn’t move hoping whoever it is just goes away but they don’t and Jimin gets up wiping his face even though he knows he doesn’t even look half presentable as he opens the door and finds Jungkook.

‘Jimin, oh my god,” Jungkook says and pulls him into a hug and Jimin wants to push him away but he melts in because he wants to feel okay again.

Jungkook runs his hands through Jimin’s hair in a calming way and they stand there for a long time until Jungkook lets go.

“Jimin your phone was dead,” Jungkook says. “You weren’t at the diner. I was so worried”

“I…” Jimin begins but he doesn’t find the words to utter out and Jungkook understands as he closes the door.

“Sit down,” he says softly and Jimin sits.

“You don’t have to tell me,” he says.

Jimin nods and Jungkook begins wordlessly clearing the clutter that has piled up. He picks up the books throws the trash and sweeps the place clean all while Jimin wordlessly stares too far gone.

“Have you eaten?” Jungkook asks when he is done but Jimin doesn’t reply so Jungkook checks the kitchen and comes back biting his lip.

“I’ll be back in some time,” he says and leaves while Jimin doesn’t move and when Jungkook does come back he has a whole month worth food with him.

“Eat,” he says as he places some kimbap in front of Jimin.

Jimin eats and suddenly ravenous he finishes it in no time not caring as he washes it down with a can of soda and a bag of potato chips and when he is done Jungkook clears the stuff and tells Jimin that he has kept the rest of the food in the kitchen.

He comes back and sits next to Jimin.

“Now tell me how are you doing?”

And Jimin cries into Jungkook’s arms and they stay like that for a long time and Jungkook just gently pats his back until Jimin finally stops crying.

“Jimin it's’ gonna be all right,” he says and Jimin believes him because he really does need the hope.

Over the next few days Jimin goes back to the diner, he feels better, much better as he had visited his mother and she seemed a lot better and they took her to the nursing home again and things have been going well, Jungkook keeps checking on him even though Jimin feels much better.

Jimin does tell him about his mom and he feels a strange weight lifted off of his chest because he never told anyone.

His mother had a car accident when Jimin was 16 and she went to a coma and since then Jimin began working odd jobs juggling school and everything else along with having to pay for his mom to stay at a nursing home cum hospital thing and by the end of it Jungkook had hugged him again and Jimin was just grateful.

The diner has some changes too, especially in the food and the décor and there a lot more people visiting and Jimin isn’t complaining at all because it just means more tips for him.

Seokjin looks happier than usual and promises Jimin a raise and Jimin is quite happy.

It’s all because of Seokjin’s new friend Namjoon who had some suggestions to fix up the place and their business is doing much better now.

Jimin likes Namjoon hyung too, he always has a smile on his face and is quick to help Seokjin and usually comes late when they are closing down and helps Seokjin with the cleaning and they go back to home together while Jimin takes a bus or has Jungkook drop him though he prefers the latter because it means spending more time with Jungkook something that he loves now.

And even though Jimin likes Jungkook so much and the fact that Jungkook has helped him so much, he doesn’t know how old he is or what even his last name is or what does he do as work and why does he always have bruises?

Jimin has questions and that need answers.

Jungkook stays nights at Jimin’s house now and it’s just them watching some movie that Jungkook gets on Jimin’s old TV and it’s a new feeling for Jimin who has to sacrifice his studies to spend some time with Jungkook and every time he does that he sees his mother clicking her tongue in disapproval at him.

They watch classics and new movies but nothing horror for Jimin’s sake and Jungkook gets popcorn as they sit on the wobbly sofa until one of them falls asleep.

When Jimin has university the next day Jungkook even makes him breakfast to go to and Jimin is so grateful to find a friend like Jungkook that he feels he got luckier than he deserved to.

When Jimin gets back from the diner Jungkook usually is already at Jimin’s home because Jimin gave him his spare key and they watch another movie and eat Chinese food that Jungkook got.

After the movie is done Jimin and Jungkook clean out everything and since the next day is a Sunday neither of them is particularly keen on sleeping so they talk and Jimin finds himself staring at Jungkook’s lips more than often and he marvels over how soft and pink they look.

“Have you ever been in a relationship?” Jungkook asks.

The question breaks Jimin’s attention as he slowly shakes his head no.

“Never,” Jimin says. “Have you?”

“A lot,” Jungkook answers. “Nothing serious, though”


They both sit still for a while and Jungkook clears his throat and looks at Jimin before looking away and then he gulps a little.

“There’s…there’s something that I want to do,” he says.

He leans in and presses his lips on Jimin’s in a swift moment and they kiss and Jimin doesn’t push him off because he knows just how much he always wanted to kiss Jungkook’s lips but he never admitted it even to himself.

The kiss feels perfect and Jungkook tastes slightly like ash and mint probably from the mint candy he has been sucking on and his lips move in a perfect sync against Jimin’s and Jimin never wants to stop ever but Jungkook does.

“I am sorry but I just had to,” he says. “I can leave now if you want”



This time Jimin is the one who kisses Jungkook and he places his hands on Jungkook’s shoulder and he feels Jungkook’s hands on his small waist and they hold him in a secure way yet so gently and he feels a rush because of the simple touch through the fabric.

They kiss for a long time and they stop only to catch their breaths.

“That was my first kiss,” Jimin says.

“How did it feel?”

“Pretty good,” Jimin says. “You are a good kisser”

“I am flattered,” Jungkook grins.

Jimin blushes and he feels Jungkook press a kiss on his cheek.

“You are so adorable,”

Jimin blushes a deeper shade of pink at the statement.

“So,” Jimin finally says. “Now that we have kissed I think I am entitled to some answers to questions I have”

“Ask away,”

“What’s your last name?” Jimin asks.

Jungkook laughs.

“You want to know that?”

Jimin nods.

“Jeon,” Jungkook says. “Jeon Jungkook”

“Okay,” Jimin says. “How old are you?”


“You are younger than me,” Jimin says surprised.

“I guess so,”

“You should call me hyung you brat,”

“Hyung? Nah,” Jungkook says. “I’ll call you Jiminie”



Jimin rolls his eyes.

“I have another question”

“I am getting sleepy,” Jungkook whines.

“Just one I promise and then we can sleep,”


“Why are you so obsessed with leather jackets?”

“I don’t know, they just keep me warm,”


“Anything else?” Jungkook asks.

“Not for now,” Jimin says. “We can sleep”

“Thank you,” Jungkook pecks Jimin’s lips.

They go to Jimin’s bedroom and sleep on Jimin’s little bed and it’s not exactly uncomfortable but they don’t mind much.

Jimin is happy at least for now.


This is not the end. There are more chapters to come.