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♥️ Beatles Ladies ♥️

Okay, so whether it’s a popular opinion or not, I don’t believe the Beatles Ladies’ really receive enough credit for who they are/were and what they put up with. I think it’s worth taking a minute or two out of my time to list my favourite quality of each Beatle Lady.

Cynthia Lennon: Courage. When thinking of Cynthia, I can’t help but admire her sheer courage. Let’s face it, she must have had a pretty good idea what she was getting into when starting a relationship with John, and she had a fairly rough ordeal with what others were thinking of the whole thing; especially the press and Aunt Mimi. But despite what was said, Cynthia stuck to her guns and stayed true to herself. To me, that spells courage.

Yoko Ono: Determination. Subject to much controversy, you have to give Yoko her due - she was one hell of a determined lady. Be it her pursuit of John or the way in which she still, after almost 37 years, continues John’s legacy, you can’t think of Yoko without coupling her with the word determination.

Jane Asher: Imperturbability. One thing I love about Jane is her ability to not let things cloud her judgement. Not to say that nothing ever upset her, because everybody has emotions, but she is a fine example of a lady who would not be controlled by her significant other.

Linda McCartney: Ambition. One thing that can be said about Linda is that, similarly to Cynthia, she received much critical acclaim. However, she never let that get in the way of pursuing the career of her choice, or marrying the man she loved. Linda’s truest quality was her utter ambition to do whatever she wanted, no matter what anybody else thought of it - which brings our minds to one important life lesson: As long as I’m having a good time, why should I care what other people are thinking? What a wonderful philosophy to have.

Pattie Boyd: Beauty. Okay, call me vain all you like, but Pattie was truly gorgeous! Another perfect example of someone who broke the boundaries to get to where she wanted to be. Being told from many sources that she would never make it as a model due to her face “resembling a rabbit”, Pattie never paid any attention and pushed on to do exactly what she wanted to do. Pattie is a wonderful example of someone who has never let her beauty become vanity. Now a well established photographer (and author), Pattie has clearly taken the time and expressed her many talents.

Olivia Harrison: Bravery. When thinking of Olivia, coupling her with bravery was by far an easy decision. One example comes to mind when considering Olivia’s bravery: The infamous intruder of 1999. Having seen the intruder stab her husband, leaving him unable to fend for himself, Olivia stepped in immediately and fought off the intruder single handedly until he left the property. If that doesn’t scream bravery, I don’t know what does.

Maureen Starkey: Strength. To me, Maureen was a classic example of a strong lady. Married at 18 and having had her first child at 19, Maureen clearly had no qualms about what she wanted in life. With her husband spending most of his time in the studio and coming home at all hours of the night, Maureen was always sure to have a cooked meal on the table for him every night. But to me, the true example of her strength is through her and Ringo’s divorce. With things beginning to crumble, Maureen battled depression and even attempted suicide by riding a motorbike into a brick wall. To be able to bounce back from such a steep decline in her life, to me, is astonishing. I will forever be inspired by her for that. And what’s more, she was always positive with her leukaemia battle. She was always smiling and staying strong for her children. Personally, I find that incredible. And on a side note, despite saying I only chose one quality, I would so love to have her bomb eyeliner skills!

Barbara Bach: Positivity. My favourite thing about Barbara has got to be her positivity. Several years into her marriage with Ringo, both of their careers had hit rock bottom. Struggling to get their careers back on track, they both fell into alcoholism. But where the true positivity shows is the part where they both entered rehab and have stayed sober until this day. To me, that shows that staying positive can get you through absolutely anything.


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Kurt Wagner x reader

Prompt: “Hi, can you to a Kurt Wagner imagine where the reader is new to the mansion and she has to keep headphones with music blasting on because if she takes them off she screams (kind of like a banshee). One day someone takes her headphones off and she screams and hurts a lot of people so Kurt puts her headphones back on her and teleports her somewhere with no people and he helps her control her power and fluff maybe?? Sorry is it doesn’t make much sense, but thank you!”

Notes: The powers of the reader in this fanfic is a little bit confusing so I will kind of explain them here. So the reader cannot speak to people and needs to hear constant noises because if she does she will scream (kinda like Banshees power.) Oh and the reader cannot hear anyone because she is listening to constant noise.

Warnings: none?

God help me this will be horrible, you mumbled as you walked into the doors of Xavier’s school. The mutant power that you possess allows to you scream forces of energy from your mouth but unfortunately you would need to listen to constant noise to make sure you didn’t project your constant scream. You did not understand this power and most of the doctors didn’t understand it either but probably just because they had no idea how to treat mutants.

There have been many incidents in which you have hurt people because of your power but thankfully the person would only get a bad bruise or in worse cases get knocked out. This made you feel horrible that you would hurt people if you tried to listen to a conversation or talking.

You straightened the dark navy blue dress and a jean jacket that you wore with your hand nervously before knocking on the door. Thoughts rushed through your head as you knocked three times on the door. What will they do, what if I hurt somebody, What if somebody takes off my headphones, you thought to yourself as the door opened slightly. A mutant with a very obvious mutation opened the door. It was a blue boy with three fingers on his hands and a tail.

“………………………… (hi I am Kurt Wagner),” you couldn’t hear what the boy said but you kindly reached out your hand and he shook it, and lead you inside. You walked into the professor’s office and stopped in your tracks as you felt somebody talking to you in your mind.

“Hello (y/n) I am professor Charles Xavier, I understand your condition so if it is ok with you I will talk with you in your head,” you realized that he was a telepath and calmed down. You nodded to the Professor and he turned to Kurt and ushered him off to his friends.

“How will I be trained to actually hear here Professor,” you asked the professor who was in your head.

“That will be our main focus (y/n), we will try to find a way to control them but for now we will be accompanied by one of my best student Jean she will show you around the campus and your dorm,” The door opened behind you and out came a girl with long orange hair.

“Hi (y/n) I am Jean grey, I am another telepath in the school,” you smiled at her and she smiled back.

“Now Jean may you show (y/n) to her dorm.”

”Oh yes professor, you will be sharing a dorm with one of my close friends, Jubilee. She loves music and I can see that you do to so she will be a great friend,” Jean opened the door and lead you to exit the room.

“You will receive your class schedule tomorrow but for now, you should get to know the students and the campus,” you smiled and followed Jean out of the office.  Jean talked (in your mind)  through out the way up to the room but you didn’t really listen to you mostly just looked at all the different mutants, they all seemed so free and comfortable with each other. You felt you could never feel that way.

You reached your dorm and across the hallway, the boy who opened the door for you earlier  was talking to an another boy with red sunglasses. He gave you a wave and you smiled at him before walking into the room. The room was nice it had a bunk bed, posters of famous music singers, and a few bright yellow and pink shirts scattered throughout the ground. A girl with black hair and a bright yellow jacket burst up from her seat from her bed to talk to you.

“She said hello I’m Jubilee,” Jean said into your head. You smiled and put out your hand and she shook it. Throughout the day Jean explained to you what Jubilee was saying until it was time for dinner. Both of your new friends led you toward the dining hall which had a variety of food.

Jubilee and Jean both left to go to the salad area but you just headed toward a stand where they had some apples. You grabbed a ripe apple and smiled once you took a bite out of it and headed toward the lobby area. You walked down but stopped when Kurt stopped and was about to talk to you.

When Kurt was about to speak something a boy bonked into your side pushing your headphones off of your ears. You screamed and a few boys shot backwards hitting back into the stairs. Kurt lunged at you and wrapped his arms around you and found you outside.

You couldn’t stop screaming and Kurt had no idea what to do. You turned to Kurt concerned eyes and you suddenly felt something you had never felt toward a person. Love.

You suddenly stopped screaming and Kurt grabbed your wrists,”Are you ok (y/n),” he breathlessly asked.

You coughed and turned to Kurt. A smile crept to your lips,”Oh my god Kurt! I-I can actually talk without hurting someone and hear.”

“That is amazing (y/n),” You wrapped your arms around him and hugged him. Your head pulled away from where it sat on his shoulder and it awkwardly stopped at where Kurt’s face was. You smiled nervously and he smiled back.

“Want to go out sometime,” you asked with a smirk, not wanting to waste time before the teachers came rushing in to interrupt you.

Kurt raised his eyebrows and his eyes immediately widened,”Yez, yez very much so,” you smiled at him before the teachers came rushing out to where the both of you sat in the grassy field.

you know when i think of feyre’s daydream of owning a little art shop in velaris, i kinda see it as a tattoo shop

like it all starts a few years down the road, her friendship with lucien fully mended when he asks her for a design to get a tattoo to fit in the night court like the others, or maybe the sight of dark ink on skin has just grown on him the way the illyrian culture did

at first feyre is reticent because she would’t want to screw it up, but lucien says he trusts her and loves all her drawings so she can do whatever inspires her

feyre thinks about it for days, wondering if she should include spring and autumn reminders in the design, whether or not they’d be well received since they bring both bad and good memories to lucien

then one night as she’s training with cassian and lucien,,,he joined them after the commander started teasing him about his stamina or lack thereof,,, she watches her friend’s bare torso and that’s when the idea comes to her, as clear as day

so the next day she gets the materials ready, tells lucien to close his eyes and starts drawing on his chest and neck, along the scars on his back, around his metal eye

it’s autumn leaves, orange and red shining by the firelight, and flowers that only bloom in the dark, touches of blue and white,, the sun and a fox in a burst of bright colors,,and all along those designs, tiny little stars following the bumps and scarred tissue of his golden skin

all in all, it’s all the courts and allegiances that made lucien who he is and are part of him, woven into the lingering traces of pain he caries on his skin like an open book

lucien tells feyre she needs to open a shop and do this for other people who were scared, mentally or physically, by the war or their lives

and seeing the gratitude and brightness in his eye, the way his shoulders seem a little less heavy than the day before, she thinks giving people relief and peace this way is perhaps the best gift she could give them, the way she was gifted with her beautiful family 

I.O.I’s reaction to you being cuddly and affectionate all the time

(For Anon)


*Silently enjoys it*

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*Loves affection as long as she gets some time to herself too*

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*Equally as affectionate*

“You’re so soft and warm Jagiya~”

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*Likes the attention but requires alone time to*

“I’m stepping out for a bit but when I come back we should cuddle and watch a movie.”

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*Loves receiving and giving affection so she definitely won’t mind*

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*Not Particularly keen on constant touching and cuddling*

“Jagi… can I please have a few moments to myself?”

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*For the most part she really likes the attention.*

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*She loves it and thinks its so cute.*

“Y/N why are you so lovely?”

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*enjoys cuddling and closeness but also values her alonetime.*

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*She’s also a very affectionate person, probally treats you very gently.*

“Y/N come here so I can kiss you.”

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*Probably just as cuddly, maybe more so.”

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My Prince Charming

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Character: Yoongi x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Length: 1564 words

“Maybe she would’ve been better off if I wasn’t her Prince Charming.“ 

 That night, as Yoongi lay next to her in bed and observed her while she snored softly, his expressionless features turned into a frown. 

He wasn’t enough for her. He hadn’t been the best boyfriend; he was often busy at work as a composer and didn’t have much time to spend with her. By the time she was awake, Yoongi would already have left for work and when he came back, she’d already be sleeping. It was only some rare days that he wouldn’t have to report in so early or could come back home earlier that he could just savour being in the presence of her. 

 He definitely wasn’t enough. 

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I’m Sorry (Jin) Part Two


Word Count:1,425

Summary: “This is where you’ve been?”

A/n: To everyone who kept requesting this two months ago, I’m so sorry about how long it took I hope you enjoy reading it!~Joy

Part One//Part Two//

It had been a week since you had left Seoul, Jin was a mess, Jin never really drank since he didn’t like how it made his throat burn sometimes, but nowadays he always seemed to be holding a can or a bottle. “Jin maybe you should stop drinking so much, it’s getting so concerning” Jin’s mother advised worriedly, as she pat him on the back only to receive a groan from Jin.

“What’s the point, she’s gone and I have nothing to look foreword to anymore” Jin cries, as he takes another sip of the beer, only to get a eye roll from his mom.

“Her again? What’s so good about her?” Jin’s mother scoffs, picking up the empty cans of beer on the floor.

“She was my everything and then all of a sudden she was out of sight, I couldn’t believe what happened. I really loved her mom, and she left me” Jin pours his heart out, Jin’s mother only clenched her fists.

“She was horrible, honestly she probably only dated you for your money, dear I want you to know there are billions of wonderful girls, who happen to have a lot of money and won’t date you just for your money” Jin’s mother smiles, as she holds her two hands together smiling at the future her son could have.

“Mother, I don’t want just any girl…I want Y/n” Jin whines, as his mother starts to get more frustrated.

“It’s too late, she’s leaving today and good for that, all she really wanted was your money…” Jin’s mother began to ramble, but Jin was only interested in one thing she said.

“Wait how do you know she was leaving today?” Jin asked as Jin’s mother smiled at him.

“Oh I was the one who-” She began before stopping herself suddenly “called her to ask how she was doing and she told me.”

Weeks had passed since you moved to a new place, you weren’t at all happy with the current situation. Although the scenery was beautiful, all you could think about was Jin’s last words to you, it played like a movie, every second since you moved you always remembered that moment. You decided you didn’t want to stay in the apartment that Jin’s mother had provided you, so you decided to find a job at a nearby cafe, you didn’t have to work for your money so you took this as time to get your mind off of Jin.

“Hello! Can I get a Cafe Mocha?” A young girl asked, as she held up a five dollar bill. You smiled sweetly, taking the five dollar bill and gave her the change back. You headed over to make her drink, when you heard the door open.

“Jin you need to get out of this house!” Whined Namjoon, as Jin only groaned.

“I don’t feel like leaving anywhere” Jin muffled into his pillow.

“It’s been weeks since Y/n left, it’s time to move on” Jungkook reminded as he sat next to Jin.

“Let’s go on a road trip, that always cheers me up” Suggested Hoseok, as everyone nodded their heads.

In the car Jin sat passenger, Jin wasn’t really talkative at all during the road trip, he just looked at the window, staring blankly at the yards of dull grass that seemed to go on and on. “I know it’s hard, all of a sudden she left and I know you won’t be healed just like that but Jin you need to know that we, your friends, care about you and don’t want you hurt” Namjoon comforted, as Jin gave a tiny smile.

“I know, I’m happy to have friends like you guys, thanks for getting me to finally get out of that place.” Jin smiled, as Namjoon smiled back, turning back to the road. 

“Yoongi search up some good coffee places, I’m super tired” Namjoon asked, as he made a right turn.

“There’s a good cafe if you take another left, and then a right.” Yoongi replied, as Namjoon did as instructed. Once they arrived, they looked at the tiny cafe, it was adorable, it had a tiny cat on the sign.

“Y/n would have loved this” Jin mumbled to himself, as everyone started to walk in.

You looked at the people who came in, you realised that they were people you knew. They were Jin’s friends, and then someone walked in with them, it was Jin, you were now making eye contact with Jin. You felt your heart speed up, you almost dropped the drink, but quickly snapped out of it. Smiling at the costumer who ordered the drink you handed it to the girl, as she thanked you leaving. The first one to speak was Jimin, who smiled at you and quickly ordered the drinks for everyone, you jotted them down quickly, as you started to work on them.

“This is where you’ve been?” Jin asked, as you suddenly jumped.

“It’s a nice town, and I liked it so I decided to move here” You simply answered, as you got back to making their drinks.

“Why did you break up with me?” Jin asks, silently, as you suddenly take a deep breath.

“I couldn’t do long distance.” You simply stated, as you tried your best to keep a straight face.

“We could have at least tried.” Jin cried, as you simply let out a sigh.

“I couldn’t even if I really wanted to! I didn’t even want to leave you!” You cried back, as Jin became more confused.

“What do you mean?” Jin asked.

“I’m talking about your mo-…nevermind…forget I said anything” You reply back, as you hand him the drinks and cakes they ordered. “That will be thirty five dollars.”

“Y/n please, can we at least try? I’ll move here if you want!” Jin persisted, you couldn’t handle it anymore, you loved Jin too much to let him go.

“Can we just go back home? I’ll explain everything on the way.”

Another week had passed since you moved back to Seoul, you told Jin about why you had moved and Jin decided it was time to confront his mother about this. You took the money and refunded everything she had given you, as you headed back with Jin you walked to her house. You were nervous to face her again, you didn’t know how she would react, you were scared to talk to her. “It’s okay, I’ll handle this” Jin smiled sweetly, as you and Jin walked into her home. “Mom I’m here!”

“Jin! You’ve come to visit me!” Jin’s mother cried in joy as she walked to the entrance room, her smiled quickly disappeared once she saw you and Jin holding hands. “What is she doing here?”

“She’s my girlfriend, and I’m not going to let you take her away from me anymore.” Jin declared as Jin’s mother gave him a tsk.

“Jin you are dumber than I thought, you’d choose your girlfriend over your own mother, wouldn’t you?” Jin’s mother asked, as Jin’s eyes widen in surprise, of course she would use that card, she wanted to find anything to make Jin guilty for bringing you back to Seoul.

“Mother that’s not the point, I love Y/n and I don’t think it’s your choice to decide who I want to love.” Jin replied back, as she let out a sigh.

“You know what? Maybe I have been a little hard on her, I’ll try my best to accept Y/n” Jin’s mother smiled as Jin smiled as well.

“Really? That’s great!” Jin smiles brightly. 

After a couple minutes of talking and having tea with Jin’s mother, Jin excused himself to the washroom as you and Jin’s mother sat in silence. “I know you think you brought the gun to a knife fight, but dear it’s the other way around, you are the one who brought a knife to the gun fight and I’m going to get rid of you one way or another.” Jin’s mother smiled sweetly, but her words were seethed with poison.

“Why do you hate me?” You asked her, but she only gave you a scoffed.

“I don’t hate you, my feelings towards you are so much worse” Jin’s mother glared.

“Why though?” You asked, but before you could get any answers Jin came back in.

“Ready to go Y/n?”Jin asked as you smiled, and grabbed your purse “bye mom, see you next time!”

“Bye dear, and good bye y/n” She smiled, as she pulled you into a hug whispering into your ear

 “Watch out.”

SasuSaku vs. NaruSaku: Sasuke's character as a whole actually.

What will it take SasuSaku fans? Does Sasuke have to kill her? If that scene wasn’t genjutsu, would you all have jumped ship to NaruSaku?

No, of course you wouldn’t have. You’d still be gasping at straws trying to convince everyone and yourselves how a Chidori to the heart is an act of love.

And now your stating that chapter 693 is full of SasuSaku moments? Your right it is…anti SasuSaku moments.

“Oh Sakura said she still loves Sasuke!”

She said she loved him. Past tense. Although I still believe she does love him, just not in a manner that would lead to a romantic relationship. That’s why she cries out for him. She wants to save him. The whole team does. They want him to return to the Leaf with them.

“Oh he used genjutsu on her instead of killing her. He does care about her.”

Ok, so why did he make her think that she was being murdered by him? Was it to shock her into unconsciousness?

“He didn’t kill her.”

Is that it? Is that a great SasuSaku moment when one partner doesn’t kill another? At this point I think the only reasons Sasuke didn’t kill her was A) He was saving up his chakra to take on Naruto. And B) Killing her with her regeneration powers would have been too tedious and time consuming. Knocking her out was quicker.

“He wanted to keep her out the fight so she wouldn’t get hurt.”

When he wanted her and Kakashi to stay trapped in the genjutsu where they would be safe I would have argued that. But then Sasuke made no attempt at saving them from the lava. So…no.

“He doesn’t think he deserves her.”

He’s right, he doesn’t. All the time and effort she put into him. The love and affection. He squanders it. He’s been given all the chances in the world to be happy. If this was part 1 of the manga I would be forgiving. Hell, even up to chapter 691 I was looking forward to a neck and neck battle between NaruSaku and SasuSaku. At that point I could have accepted either pairing. Maybe not totally accepted it, but I could see the appeal in both sides.

But now Sasuke is evil again.

Once again he choose power and revenge over friends and love. I honestly thought he had gotten over his problems. He finally saw the forest for the trees as Itachi had. That was why he prioritized Naruto’s life over Sakura’s and Kakashi’s. He knew the whole world was at stake and in the end nothing else mattered except sealing Kaguya. But now I see it was only to further his own ambitions. Its tragic, he’s learned nothing from this whole ordeal. He still believes that might makes right.

So Sasuke needs to be penalized for this. He can survive this battle with Naruto, receive redemption, come back to the Leaf, all that jazz. But I just can’t accept him getting to hook up with Sakura in the end. Its unnatural and demeans her character. If she tries to pursue a romantic relationship with Sasuke after everything that has happened. She will undo 15 years of character development. She will be right back at square one, a Sasuke fangirl: completely numb to his faults. Sasuke has ignored her feelings of love so he should be left alone.

Whenever the stress of managing the Ceurlean Gym gets to be to much from Misty she always makes sure to open a letter she receives from Ash on his latest journey. Whenever she gets them she never opens them right away, as she feels she should enjoy whenever she has downtime and can relax while reading them. Ash’s latest letter was about him visitng an Aquarium in the Kalos reigon, where he was on his latest journey.

“Hey Mist!

Oh man, I wish you would’ve been here to see this awesome aquarium me my friends went to. There were all SORTS of water pokemon! Mantine, Piplups, Clamperls you name it! Im sure you would have loved to see it. Bonnie sure was, I think she shares your enthusiasm for water types a bit. Oh and get this! We heard some stories about a Golden Magikarp and we spent all day fishing trying to find it! Unfortunately I didnt get the chance to use your special lure (im still a bit nervous that ill lose it after the Buizel incident, haha) but it was still a fun time. It was also nice teaching Serena how to fish, she actually tried to catch a Corsola, which is Pokemon you have right? I thought that was a funny coincidence. To bad she missed her chance though, she has quite a ways to go as a trainer but I think she’ll get another chance to catch a Pokemon one day!

Team Rocket tried to cause trouble again (they never give up) but it was okay because MAN that Clauncher was one heck of a battler, oh yeah I forgot to mention that, he belonged to the old man who was searching for the Golden Magikarp, I think you would have been really impressed to see such an awesome water Pokemon! And speaking of, we actually did find the Golden Magikarp! Can you believe that!? I kinda wish I gotten a picture of it, but I dont think it would be to hard to imagine what one looks like I guess.

Anyway, that was it for my day, it was a really fun time, but as I get closer to the next Gym I gotta start focusing on some strategies! Dont worry ill be sure to tell you all about it very soon! 

Until then, your super awesome friend, Ash.”

Misty had a smile on her face after reading the letter, it sounds like Ash was having a great time with his new friends and she hopes he succeeds at the next gym. She then carefully puts the letter in a folder with the other dozens of notes Ash has sent her and puts the folder away. She has another note from him already actually, but she’ll save that for another time, his stories are really precious to her after all.

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Kara is Cat's mom assistant and Kara meets cat when her mom goes to visit

“Kiera, make sure to reschedule my evening, it seems my daughter has something important to show me. Though why she couldn’t bring it here herself, I’ll never know. She’s always been so willing to insert herself into my schedule. Next time she calls tell her to go tell someone else.” Katherine Grant walked around her office, picking up her few things before she left. “Also, call Pablo and tell him I won’t be able to make it to my Botox injection tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, Miss Grant.” Kara quickly took notes on her iPad before scrambling back to her desk. She was assistant to the CEO of CatCo and worked her ass off despite still being in college. Though, it didn’t seem like her boss really cared about what responsibilities she had outside of the office. Kara quickly went through the calendar, clearing everything and making about a dozen phone calls to officially cancel all appointments and meetings. Just as she was hanging up the last phone call her boss walked out of her off.

“Chop chop, Kiera. You’re coming with me.” Katherine looked her assistant up and down, shrugging at her. “I suppose that outfit will do.”

Kara stood and looked down at her yellow dress, wondering why she was being sized up. She then looked at her boss in confusion. “I’m coming with you?”

Her boss turned and narrowed her eyes. “Of course you are. Someone needs to be there to tell my daughter that I don’t have a lot of time with her.” Katherine headed for her private elevator and watched as her assistant packed up her things and headed for the public ones.

When the car pulled up to an apartment building, not far from where Kara lived, the young woman got out of the car and followed her boss up to the third floor. She listened as her boss grumbled about how her daughter refused to live in a top floor penthouse and chose this dive. Kara actually liked it, finding it homey, like her own building.

After Katherine knocked on the door, it swung open to reveal her daughter, Cat. “Kitty, nice to see you. Sorry I don’t have a lot of time.” She walked right in past her.

Kara followed to the door and stopped as she looked at Cat. She had seen pictures of the woman and heard a little about her, but she had never imagined her to be so beautiful in person. “Uh, h-hi. I’m Kara, your mother’s assistant.”

Cat, for her own part, was trying not to drool over the stunning woman who just followed her mother inside. She had heard her mother mention the girl a few times but never thought she would be her own age. “I thought her assistant was Kiera.”

Kara chuckled and blushed. “That’s me. I’m Kiera to your mother, and Kara to literally everyone else.”

Cat smiled and welcomed her in before turning to her mother. “Mother?” She walked down the hall and sighed when she heard the familiar clink of ice in a glass. She then turned back, deciding that Kara seemed like much better company. “So why did she bring you?”

“I honestly have no idea.” Kara shrugged and looked around. “Your place looks amazing. I live a few blocks from here and I was only able to get a studio.” She smiled brightly at Cat, her heart pounding as she received one in return.

Cat smirked a bit and stepped closer to Kara. “If you live so close, maybe we should get together for drinks.”

Kara swallowed hard and nodded. “I would love that.” She felt like she was falling head over heels and she had been in the apartment all of five minutes.

Cat was about to lean in and say something else when the sound of more ice clinking broke them apart. “I’m sure you can get my number.” She gave the girl a quick peck on the cheek before going to her mother.

Kara’s eyes went wide and she blushed deeply, watching beautiful hips and tight butt walk away. “Oh boy.”