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Crazy how black women are shamed for plastic surgery and weave, but people put Iggy Azealea, the Kardashians, and heavily made up white women or non-black women on a pedestal, especially black men. Iggy got her whole face and some new titties and people talking about she should model and niggas talkin about "How can Nick Young leave that". Mofos really hate black women to the point of disdain about everything we do. Hypocrites.

True. It’s so sickening!

A scribble I did while watching one of my favourite underrated Disney films, Treasure Planet. The way they managed to blend 3D and 2D animation still boggles my mind. And its just a really fabulous movie. Seriously, watch it right now.

The Duff (2015)

Just watched this movie about a week ago and i have to say that i wasn’t that impressed. The thing that annoyed me the most was Bella Thorne who is not a good actress. I swear that chick has no talent ! She should stick to modelling or something like that because acting…not her thing. I’m gonna have to be honest, but without the hot guy this would have been pretty boring. And even the hot guy was boring sometimes. 

The movie is about a girl that finds out she is the duff of her group of friends. Duff means designated ugly fat friend. The thing that i liked is that wasn’t so predictable like many chick flicks are. I’m not gonna say anything more about this because i might give away something.

Anyway…the two friends were okay, i actually liked them. The main girl i think in my opinion looked older than she should have looked. The acting was average like i said and every single scene with Bella made me cringe. The guy was hot, i liked some of his lines and again he was hot haha. I’ve had a crush on him since 2008 from that movie with Ashley Tisdale “Picture This” if anyone remembers it. 

The movie was average… why can’t there be good chick flicks like the ones from 2002-2008 ? I recently watched John Tucker Must Die again and i still love every minute of it ! My opinion is that you should watch it because some of the scenes are really funny and…why not ? It’s just an hour and 20 minutes, no big deal ! Also send me your opinions :) 

Once are honsetly one of the most irritating fandoms around right now. I once said that Sana’s singing needed to be improved, and a fan actually told me that it was ‘pathetic’ that I only stanned groups 'for their talent’. Of course how well idols sing should be the main factor. Sana’s job is to sing, that’s why she’s in a pop group. If she wanted to just look pretty, she should have tried modelling.

My assistant wants to walk through the world just for a day without some guy hitting on her when she runs to Starbucks to get me coffee. She wants to not be called “cute” by the security guard. She wants to not be told that she should be a model. She wants to not see the look of surprise on someone’s face when she tells them where she went to college. She wants her boobs to no longer be a topic of conversation. She wants to no longer make 70 cents on the dollar. She wants to not have old men legislate her vagina’s rights. She wants to not know that a glass ceiling ever existed. She wants to not believe that having a baby would end her career. She wants everything in the world to be made for her, be about her and speak mostly to her. Because that’s how it is for men.

I just woke up and realized Kate Bishop is actually a little terrifying? Like, homegirl is every bit as good as Clint is with her bow and arrow (well, she’s a slight notch below him, but yk), and she just picked it up for fun. And it wasn’t even her main focus. She explicitly said that she picked it up at Interlochen music camp, where she was focused on playing the cello. Like, yes, she obviously practiced a lot after that, and the whole Central Park thing probably made her want to practice even more, but the fact that Clint’s life was literally riding on how well he could shoot the damn thing and he’s really only a hair better at it than Kate is… What else could she get amazingly good at if she decided to pick them up on the fly? I’m starting to wonder if maybe Clint wasn’t the Avenger she should have modeled herself after. Maybe it should have been Natasha.