she should have done something about that

What is a story you have been dying to tell?

When I was 15 years old, I ran away from home because I was pissed off at my parents for a reason I cant remember. I didnt have much money, so I decided to hop onto the skytrain(public transport train in British Columbia) and ride it as far as it would go. I reached the end of the line in less then an hour, and decided I wanted to ride it all the way back again, while trying to formulate some kind of plan of how I wanted to live the rest of my life without my parents or anyone. At the last stop, or the first stop depending on your perspective of it, a girl came on and sat in the row right behind me. I didnt pay much attention to her at first, as I was busy writing my life plan on a napkin. It was a few minutes later that she got up and came sat next to me, curious as to what I was writing. I told her the story, and after a few laughs, we began talking about everything and anything. Her name was Amanda, 17 years old, and absolutely wonderful. She told me she was getting off at the last stop, which was also the first stop, depending on how you look at it. It was also the stop I had gotten on originally, and I told her we would ride to it together. The train ride took less then an hour, and what a wonderful hour indeed.

When the last stop did come, we both knew we probably wouldnt see each other ever again(this was before the days of cellphones, and I was a shy little kid afraid to make moves). As we got to the end of the sidewalk which split in two different directions, she went right and I went left. Before saying goodbye she turned to me and asked me a question that has become a wonderful part of my life; she asked me, “Tell me something you have done, or want to do, that you think I should do? It can be anything, as challenging as you want it to be, or as easy. As long as you give me the rest of my life to complete it, I promise I will do it..” I was confused as to why, but I thought about it, and told her, “Sing a song acapella in a room full of strangers.” She said perfect and asked me if I would like a challenge as well. I told her I did, and she told me, “read, from start to finish, “Ulysses” by James Joyce.” I had never heard of it at the time, but I agreed, and we said our goodbyes.

I have a awful memory, and cant remember most conversations I have with most people. But I remember all of that clearly. You know why? Because of the challenge she gave me. In the 12 years that have past since, I have tried to read that book in over 150 different sittings. Everytime I open my copy of the 780 page monster of a book, I always think of her, and I always think of that day. Ive never been sure if it was her intent or not, but she left her lasting memory on me with that challenge. I soon after learned what she did, was a completey wonderful and amazing thing for me. So I decided to keep it going. Ive met a lot of strangers in my life; some that have become friends, and some, due to living in different time zones and whatnot, didnt. I dont want to just have experiences and then let them go. I want to remember these meetings, and embrace the fact that they happened. So whenever I leave someone who has left an amazing impact of my life, I always make sure to add them to my Ulysses Bucket List. I ask them to give me a challenge, as difficult or as easy as they want it to be, and regardless of the fact that they have done it or not; simply something their heart has had wanted to do.

Some have been easy and fun; I met a man in India 9 years ago who told me to, for a week or a month, cook/buy twice as much food as I intend on eating, and give the other half to a stranger in need. I completed that mission 8 years ago, and thought about that man and the time we had all the way through. I met a girl on a cruise 6 years ago, who told me to jump into a body of water on a slightly cold day, without touching or feeling the temperature of the water first. I did that the very same year. I met a couple at an outdoor music festival a few years ago that told me to wear the most bizarre outfit imaginable and walk through a public place, completely oblivious to the fact that you arent looking normal. I did that task the very next day, at the same festival. Some have been difficult, to say the least: three guys I met in Amsterdam and smoked all night with, told me to go to a mall and give 10 strangers 10 presents. That one took a lot of courage, but I did it a year or so after I met them. It was nerve racking, but at the same time exhilerating leaving my comfort zone. A girl I met on a plane told me to sky dive; Im still in the process of getting that done. A couple I met in Cali on the beach told me to tell the 5 people I hated the most, that I love them and respect them. That one was very difficult because of my stubborness, but ive come close to completing that list many a times(still in the process, 2 more people to go).

And some things, have had an everlasting impact on my daily life. I met a girl at a music festival, who told me that whenever I get mad at someone, walk away, sing my happy song in my head for 5 minutes, go back to the person im mad at with a clam heart and mind, and work things out. Ive made this my way of life. I once met a man at a gym in a hotel I was staying at, that told me “whenever your body and brain tells your that you are exhausted and done…use your heart instead and push out 2 more reps.” Ive made this my motto when working out or working on any kind of extrenuating exercise in which my body demands me to quit. I also use it while working on anything, and while studying. One of the best pieces of advice ive ever received.

There are many others that each brought joy to my life. There are still many tasks I have yet to accomplish, and everytime I think of these tasks, I think of the people that gave them to me. It amazes me how well I remember all these people, while I cant remember so many aspects of even yesterday. These experiences, not only do I take from them a “mission” or a “challenge”, I also take from them a memory of them that never fails to appear inside of my mind. I opened my Ulysses book for probably the 300th time yesterday, and read a few pages, which prompted me to share this story with you today. Im in the final 30 pages of the book, also known as the most dreaded of the read(in the last 40 pages or so, James Joyce doesnt use a single punctuation mark; no periods, no commas, no nothing; a straight 50 page run-on sentence).

I never saw Amanda after that day, nor do I know if she ever did get a chance to sing a song to a room full of strangers. But what I do know, is that she gave me a gift that has never once stopped giving. So wherever you may be, thank you for giving me the Ulysses Bucket List. And I swear i’ll finish it one day. My life advice? Simple: Create your own Ulysses bucket list.


Don’t do it. She is 12 going through something that is very hard. She should not have to deal with adults prying into something that is already very hard and upsetting for her. I feel like this should go without saying but people have already done it on Twitter and on Instagram (seriously whoever put “have fun with two Christmas’s” fuck you. You’re an asshole). Millie is a child. Just because this is in the public eye does not give you permission to ask her questions, make fun of her, or otherwise be a dickhead to her. Leave her alone. This already is going to hurt enough for her.

As a side note honestly don’t pry at all. To anyone! This is a personal matter and what we were given should be enough. We are fans not close friends or family. Geoff and Griffons personal life is not something that they should feel forced to share. Be respectful and kind and give them their privacy. Its already hard don’t make it any harder.

At this time they all need our support. Be respectful. Don’t be an asshole.

EDIT: Some of the replies I have been reading have been making some really great points. Such as, don’t bring up the divorce to Millie unless she makes it clear she wants to talk about it. Let her deal with it on her own terms. Words of encouragement mean well but she has a good support system to help her and that shouldn’t be us unless she asks. Support Geoff and Griffon through their content! Generally just use your brain. (Thank you everyone who has been adding on to this)


I should’ve been there. I should never have lied to you about your mom. Or about when you could leave. A lot of things I shouldn’t have done. Sometimes I feel like I’m… Like I’m just some kind of black hole or something… You know, it’s this thing in outer space. It’s like, it sucks everything towards it and destroys it. Sarah had a picture book about outer space. She loved it. - Who’s Sarah? Sarah? Sarah’s my girl. She’s my little girl… She left us. The black hole. It got her. And somehow I’ve just been scared, you know? I’ve just been scared that it would take you, too. I think that’s why I get so mad. I’m so sorry. For everything.

BOOK REC (Sci-Fi with PoC and wlw)

Why you should read The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers:

  • IT HAS A HUGE EMPHASIS ON FOUND FAMILY and also on moving forward and how you sometimes need different people at different stages of your life
  • The alien cultures, man, they are like nothing I’ve ever seen before on this scale. It’s not just surface stuff, it’s down to the belief systems and social interactions and how they view things like motherhood and violence and even board games! Also, FEMALE ALIENS WITHOUT BREASTS WHO ARE CONSIDERED VERY ATTRACTIVE TO HUMANS CAN I GET A HELL YEAH
  • Gender and sexuality are definitely way more fluid, one of the crew members is a species that changes gender across their lifetime (plus there is a crew member that goes by they pronouns, though not exactly in a nb way, it’s hard to explain)
  • Imagine Firefly, except in a universe full of aliens like Guardians of the Galaxy, and the crew aren’t criminals (for the most part) and are just generally a bit nicer. And by nicer I mean, as someone else more eloquent than me said about this book “they’re not all good people, but most of them are trying to be”. They care about each other despite all the cultural differences that sometimes have them screaming
  • most of the humans on the crew are not white
  • TWO FEMALE MEMBERS OF THE CREW BECOME A COUPLE I’m not gonna say which because it totally took me by surprise and that was an incredible thing cos I already adored this book and then it gave me the one thing it was missing that I hadn’t dared hope for 
  • polyamory is discussed frequently and is a base part of one of the alien cultures and it’s very normalised and respected
  • seriously everyone does their hardest to be respectful of each other’s culture and all the differences and even though sometimes they fail or really struggle they really TRY and that’s what makes it so great
  • the book is genuinely hilarious (“What do your crazy speciests do?” “Live on gated farms and have private orgies.” “How is that any different than what the rest of you do?” “We don’t have gates and anybody can come to our orgies.”)
  • there’s plot but it’s very character driven in a way that works really well
  • Kizzy - my favourite character who is just a joy (imagine Kaylee Frye if she was Chinese, hyped up on extreme amounts of caffeine, and totally eccentric)
  • like seriously every damn relationship in this book is so incredible and important and well done
  • I’ve never done a book rec on here before and the fact that I feel the need to do this should in itself say something about how amazing it is

In summary: 

  • amazing and compelling alien cultures
  • a crew/found family that are so beautiful in their differences and how they do their best to respect and accommodate them
  • it’s really fucking funny
  • “Ninety percent of all problems are caused by people being assholes.” “What causes the other ten percent?” “Natural disasters.”

She is…

A Harry Styles imagine

Based on this request:

Hey could you plzz do an imagine of you not feeling well throughout the day and Harry comes hone and is kinda pissed at you for some reason and you suddenly faint while you arguing. After in the hospital he feels so bad and is worried and it ends with fluff

Enjoy! Requests are open!


Ever since you woke up this morning, you’ve been feeling a bit…off. Not the “I’m getting sick” or “something bad is about to happen” kind of off, but there was something that tied a knot in the pit of stomach that has remained there ever since. When you first woke up, you noticed Harry, your boyfriend of almost one and a half year, being gone, even though he was supposed to have few more days off to spend with you before going to do his shows in Australia. You at first hestitated to text him, but you did anyways, asking him where had he gone, but received no reply. Deciding against doing something more or less productive while waiting for Harry to return, hoping he had only ran out to catch some take out, since you had been craving it during the night, even going as far as waking your him up in hopes that he might go and fetch you some, but without a luck. As you tiptoed down the downstairs, the cold floor hitting your bare feet, a sudden feeling of dizziness took over you, making you grip the shelves on the wall next to the stairway, accidentally knocking over a few of Harry’s old childhood pictures, most of them gifted by Robin on his last birthday. Seeing the pictures lying on the floor with shreds of glass around them made you even more dizzy, as Harry had been having a hard time coping with the sad news ever since he passed away. Once you had gained your ability to walk and see straight, you wasted no time in trying to clean the mess up, hoping to fix the broken frames before Harry notices something being out of place, seeing that these were somehow similar to the frames you had recently bought and still had in spare. But the recent mishaps seemed to be following you around as you went, and, as you were picking up the last small pieces of the remaining shreds, a sudden bolt of the door shutting startled you, making you accidentally cut yourself in the palm of your hand. Harry’s heavy boots echoed though the otherwise empty and quiet house, making you inwardly curse to yourself for being so clumsy, knowing a storm is about to hit you.

“(Y/N)! Where are you? I bought some food I thought you might like, to make up fo- what is this?!” He asked in disbelief, at first not noticing you crouched over the broken frames.

“Harry, I-I can explain, I’m so-“

“Sorry? You are sorry?! You broke them!!! With the pictures Robin himself gave me as a present!! How could you be so heartless?? You know how much they mean to me!!” He raged, kicking the bucket full of scraps, sending them flying across the floor. He bent down, trying to pick up the pictures himself, with you trying to help.

“Leave it, you have done enough already” he spat, gripping your wounded hand in order to stop you from even touching them, making pain shoot right through you.

“Harry, I said I’m sorry, it was an accident…” you breathed out, silent tears sliding down your cheeks.

“No. No, (Y/N). Don’t start this. At first you cancel our last night’s plans, because you “just felt like staying in”, even though we were not the only ones going and I had to find a silly excuse as to why, then you wake me up god knows how early just to tell me that you want food, and now this! What is wrong with you?!?” He fumed, but his rant became more distant with time and once again the feeling of dizziness took over you, this time sending you in the depths of darkness, making the shards of glass pierce your skin as your body hit the floor.

Harry’s POV

I was livid. The last few days have been a mess - so much to do, yet so little time. Not to mention the lack of sleep. The making of new music, arranging the new additional tour dates and interviews, making sure I get everything done before I take off to Australia was taking its toll on me. And her. (Y/N). God forgive me for leaving her like this the whole time. I’ve missed her so much, and the thought of me leaving her has been driving me mad. Especially this time, even though I cannot fully understand why. Every minute spent together with her has been leading me to the edge of breaking, either in tears or rage, and this time rage took over. It’s not like she has done anything wrong, no. It’s just that the more time we spend together alone, the more I don’t want to leave, making me consider postponing the tour, to which my management would never agree to. And the fans…

Last night we were supposed to go out for a nice dinner with my team, making it important to actually show up, since I was the one who initially came up with the idea. Having to lie made me angry, not because I could not understand that (Y/N) was not feeling her best, but the fact that she realised that only an hour before the actual meeting, making me look bad infront of important people. Even though I was more than glad to finally get a good night’s sleep, (Y/N) decided otherwise, which is the reason for my cranky mood today, since I had refused to get up, guilt eating me, as I felt her shuffle further away from me, mumbling a “sorry” as she did so. Waking up this morning, however, was when I decided I cannot keep up my behaviour and took a drive to the nearest take out place, knowing very well she would forgive me for being a massive dick. I don’t even want to talk about what happened when I arrived home. Something inside of me just snapped…

Seeing her fall, however, was the worst feeling I’ve felt in a long time. Watching the love of my life fall on top of a layer of scraps that I had initially scattered there in the fit of rage I was having, made me sick in my stomach, and seeing her unconscious and bleeding just about broke my heart. I rushed towards her and craddled her in my arms, shaking her for the dear life, hoping to see her beautiful eyes look up to me, telling me that this was all just a bad dream, and that everything is alright…

Once I took her to the hospital for the doctors to take care of her and find out what caused the fainting, praying to myself that I was not the reason behind it, I couldn’t help but to fear the worst. I kept repeating everything I said to her in my mind, wincing at how rude and unnecessary that was. I couldn’t help but to sob next to her bed, praying for her to wake up and forgive me, to hold me the way I’m holding her now and to tell me that everything is okay. That it will be okay… It will, right?

When the doctor came in, I couldn’t help but to jump up from my chair, asking him to give me the answers I oh so desperately wanted to know.

“Mr.Styles, you have got to calm down. The stitching was done professionally, so the scaring will be little to none with the right precautions taken. The fainting, however, is something I am more concerned about..” the doctor trailed off, making my heart sink.

“Wh-what is it?” I sniffled, not caring about anyone noticing my current state.

“Well, she has been lacking on the intake of vitamins, which, in her case, has lead this far, thus harming her immune system, not to mention the stress, but with the right diet and excercise, they should be fine.”

“I-I’m sorry, did I hear correct? They?”

Oh, yes, they. She is pregnant!

We should talk more about the fact that Renee Walker basically just walked into castle Evermore and took Jean away from his abuser just. like. that. They both came out in one piece and none of the ravens got hurt. Like Renee Walker did that. She did something that Andrew, Kevin and Neil couldn’t have done in a million years - together or seperate. Renee Walker is a true legend and I’ll never stop adoring her.


Navy has the ship. She’s back in space. She’s going to collect the Rubies, something the Crystal Gems should have done A LONG TIME AGO, and they’re going to return to homeworld to tell the diamonds about the crystal gems.

And Lapis let Navy get away. Literally just because “she was right”.

What’s worse is that Eyeball KNOWS Steven has Rose’s gem. That’s not a detail she’s going to leave out when they meet the Diamonds again.


Older brother Namjoon + rest of BTS scolds you PT.14 END

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I was waiting patiently for their arrival, I was early. I never liked being late, I hated the thought of making others wait for me, so I stood there waiting. Half an hour passed and I was still waiting. They’re only five minutes late I thought to myself, maybe coming so early wasn’t the best idea.

I was startled when I felt someone give me a back hug. I was ready to start swinging my arms until I heard familiar voices. The person who was hugging me had let go, and turned me to face them.

“Princess, how are you? It’s been a while.” Jin had his hands on my shoulders staring right at me, I felt a little flustered but I managed to smile.

“I’m good, how have you been?”

“I’ve been good too.” He said and ruffled my hair.

“Y/N.” I saw Joonie have his arms out wide open. I hesitated at first but gave him a hug anyway. This was nice, I missed it.

I pulled away and looked at everyone, I didn’t know how to face Hoseok or Jimin. I didn’t know how they felt about me still and it did make me feel slightly uncomfortable. Neither of them smiled at me, or even greeted me so I take it that they’re still mad. Jimin was my best friend, and it hurt knowing that I’ve lost him because of my stupidity. I understand why they may not like me anymore so I suppose I’ll just have to move on and pretend nothing ever happened.

“Let’s get going!” Yoongi piped up and we headed towards the entrance. I walked behind them still feeling some sort of awkward aura between us all, but Taehyung held back and waited for me.

“Y/N…” He called my name softly whilst walking and not turning to look at me.


“I’m sorry.” He turned to look at me but I shook my head.

“Why are you sorry?”

“Because I betrayed you, I never should have told them to come and I’m sorry because you’ve probably lost all trust and faith in me.” He looked guilty, and I admit that at first I was mad but how could I stay angry at him when he never meant any harm?

“It’s okay Tae, I’m not mad at you. Actually I’m thankful to have you in my life, you didn’t betray me. You only did what you thought was best but I was too stubborn and childish to see that, so for that I’m sorry. You’ve only ever done what you could to help me and I pushed you away.” I admitted.

“No don’t be, how about we just call it even?” He said and stopped, causing me to stop beside him. I nodded and he pulled me into a hug. 

“Hurry up!” Joonie complained and we pulled away and rushed towards them again. I was about to walk off when Jin stopped me.

“Are you really okay?” I nodded, reassuring him. But was I really? My best friend hates me, Hoseok doesn’t seem to want to be here, I just wanted to make everyone happy. “So why do you look so conflicted?”

“Does Hoseok and Jimin hate me?” I questioned bluntly. 

“What makes you think that?” 

“I’m just getting this vibe off of them. But it’s okay if they do, I completely get it, this was all my fault anyway so if they do then I understand.” I was hurt, but I didn’t want to show it. I don’t want to continue being that same old weak Y/N who acts like a child and needs to grab attention from everyone. If they don’t like me anymore then I’m just going to leave it.

Jimin’s p.o.v

I overheard her conversation with Jin hyung. Idiot. I don’t hate you, I’m just embarrassed and too stubborn to admit that I was wrong. Too afraid to apologise for being a shitty best friend. How could I even claim that title after what I had put her through. Knowing her, she believes that all this was her fault, but it wasn’t. We all played a part in hurting her, I was someone she trusted but I took advantage of that, I ruined the friendship we had once I had messaged back in the group chat. I should have never said those things, but I did. 

We walked around and had food, I still wasn’t speaking to her. She looked like she was having fun, especially with Taehyung. Did she replace me with him? Not like I can stop her from doing so, but I was jealous. I shoulder barged into Taehyung, who was standing next to Y/N. I continued walking ahead until I heard.

“Oh my gosh, Y/N are you okay? I’m so sorry.” I spun around and saw that Y/N was now on the floor with a scratch on her leg. The force of me walking into him must have caused a domino effect that knocked Y/N over. Now I felt even guiltier, I rushed over to her side as did everyone else.

“Are you okay?” I questioned, she looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes but nodded shyly and looked away.

“Ya, why did you walk into Taehyung like that Jimin?” Hoseok hyung glared at me. “Yeah I saw everything.” 

“It’s okay I’m fine don’t worry about it.” She smiled at us and got up. 

“Small, lets go get you cleaned up.” Namjoon glared at me whilst walking past holding a limping Y/N by his side.

“What the hell is wrong with you hyung?” Jungkook questioned me. “And you Hoseok hyung, why are they two of you so bitter? Can’t you see how hard Y/N is trying? Can’t you see how much she’s hurting? And I don’t mean physically, but emotionally.

“What did I do?” Hoseok complained.

“Exactly, you didn’t do anything Hoseok. You arrived and hadn’t said a single word to her.” Yoongi confirmed.

“She asked me if you two hated her.” Jin confessed.

“What? No I don’t, I’m just guilty for being so mean so I don’t know how to be around her.”

“She’s trying to push it aside and pretend that nothing happened, she’s trying but the two of you aren’t doing anything to help her and Jimin hyung, why would you knock into Taehyung like that?”

“You’re jealous because we’re close aren’t you?” Taehyung interjected.

“She was my best friend, but now you come along, I don’t even know how to apologise to her and you’re making it more difficult for me.” I said in such a bitter tone, I’m sure everyone realised that I was just jealous.

“You don’t know how much she misses you Jimin, and Hoseok hyung you have no idea how bad she feels for lashing out on you. Just have some decency and apologise for a change and stop making her feel like she’s in hell because the both of you are incapable of saying a simple sorry.”

“She misses me?” 

“Isn’t it obvious? She keeps stealing glances at you and after realising you don’t even care enough to look at her face just drops.” Jungkook said whilst rolling his eyes. 

It was silent between us all until Y/N came back, smiling.

“Are you okay?” Hoseok hyung asked her, which took her by surprise because her eyes widened. 

“Yeah, I’m definitely much better now.” Her smile was so genuine, you could tell that she was sincerely happy that Hoseok acknowledged her.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” I apologised.

“Oh no, it’s not your fault I’m just really clumsy I mean I must take it after my brother, I can’t even stand properly.” Namjoon hyung flicked her on the head.

“Not just that, I’m sorry for everything.” She looked like she wanted to cry, but instead she just wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“It’s okay, I just want my best friend back.” I nodded and hugged her back.

Namjoon’s p.o.v

After a few hours, we parted our ways. Y/N and I headed out to grab dinner whilst everyone else went home. Although we practically spent the whole day together, we barely even spoke because of the guys. 

“How have you been small?” I say whilst looking up from the menu.

“Pretty good I guess, how about you?” 

“Same, just busy I guess.”

“You don’t have to have dinner with me if you’re busy you know, I mean you’ve already spent the whole day with me and that’s honestly more than enough.” She looked guilty, how and why does she look guilty for asking to spend time with me? Her brother.

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Right, I’m sorry.”

“Why do I still feel so distant from you?” I asked her. 

“I - I don’t know, I’m sorry.” 

Y/N’s p.o.v

I felt like I wanted to cry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know how to act in front of Joonie. I don’t want to do anything that will make him mad at me. 

“Why do I still feel so distant from you?” he asked me, that’s something I never wanted to hear, because it’s not what I want and if that’s what he’s saying then it’s my fault he feels this way.

“I - I don’t know, I’m sorry.”

“Will you stop apologising? You’re not doing anything wrong. What happened to you?”

“Nothing happened to me.” 

“Then why can’t you be comfortable like you were before? Like the old times? Why have you changed so much? It’s making me feel awkward and uncomfortable.”

“I, I guess I’m afraid of doing something that you don’t like that will aggravate you. I don’t want to do something that you don’t like. I want to be that good younger sister that you loved before, but I didn’t know that it was making you feel uncomfortable.”

“Why does what I like matter so much? What about the things that you like?”

Namjoon’s p.o.v

“Last time I did something like that, this huge mess happened. I don’t want that again.” She said so quietly I could barely hear her.

“This is because of me?”

“I’m not blaming you oppa, it was my fault. I should have been more careful, I should have looked out for you more and I shouldn’t have done those things that could damage your career. You’ve worked so hard for it, I can’t be the one to ruin it for you.”

“How do you think that makes me feel? I feel like I’m ruining your life because of what may or may not even happen.”

“You’re not, it’s what I chose to do.” 

“But why?”

“You’re my big brother Joonie, I don’t want to let you down. I promised that I won’t let you down but I already broke that promise so I really have to set myself straight. It’s what I’ve always done for you so I’m sorry that I messed up that one time, I won’t let it happen again, I don’t know what came over me because I never got myself into that kind of trouble before but I promise I’ll go back to how it was before.” 

“But you’re not happy.” 

“If you and the boys are happy, then I’m happy too.” she smiled at me, so genuinely. How was she so selfless? How have I never noticed? All I thought about was myself the past few years that I had no idea she was hurting.

After all this time, I’ve finally come to realise, my image, the scolding. Non of it was worth it. All this time Y/N did everything she could to protect my image like she had promised to. But when she slipped up that one time to be a normal teenage girl, we scolded her, we hurt her. I finally realised how hard it must have been for her to neglect a fun life, where she could do whatever she wanted. She was never able to be herself because she didn’t want it to affect us. She put us before herself and we selfishly put ourselves before her, or more like I put myself before her. Is our image really that important if it made those around us miserable? All this time she was looking out for us, for me. But I never did the same for her. 

END!!! thanks for reading!! 


Ok I’m trying to get this OC out of my system so I can get back to drawing the gems everyone knows and loves. It’s not my fault, she’s really cute! Well, maybe it IS my fault, considering I created her…

I’m really flattered how many people seem to like her! The last picture I posted has over 300 notes already. You guys are so sweet!

Anyway. Under the cut I babble about what life is like for Aquamarine’s Pearl.

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  • *Sun makes a lame post-coital joke with Blake*
  • Sun’s Left Brain: Dude, what are you doing?! We’re blowing this!
  • Sun’s Right Brain: Well, what were we supposed to say?! We don’t know what made her like us in the first place!
  • LB!Sun: Fine, fine. Just calm down. Hard part’s over. As long as she doesn’t throw us any curveballs, I think we’re good.
  • Blake: So...what should we do now?
  • LB!Sun: FUCK!
  • RB!Sun: What the hell is she talking about?! What comes after sex?!
  • LB!Sun: I don’t know! All the dating sims just go to credits at this point!
  • RB!Sun: Well, she asked us a question, so we have to say something!
  • LB!Sun: Look...just say anything!
  • RB!Sun: Anything?!
  • LB!Sun: ANYTHING! Just...say it with confidence.
  • RB!Sun: Eh, alright! Here goes nothing!
  • Sun: We should get married.
  • LB!Sun: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • RB!Sun: What?! You said “Say anything”!
  • LB!Sun: *sighs* You know what? It’s fine. We’ll play it off as a joke. No harm done.
  • Blake: *crying tears of joy* Yes! Let’s do it!
  • RB!Sun: Hey, she seems pretty happy about it! Maybe she knows something we don’t!
  • Blake’s Left Brain: BITCH! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU SAY YES?!?!
  • Blake’s Right Brain: I DON’T KNOOOOOOWW!!!
I trust Julie and Iman

Have had a couple thoughts about how Season 4 is coming out and just wanted to share them.

i personally love this season. Julie has already publicly stated how she’s constantly scratching her head on how to keep us intrigued and being one step ahead of us. 

She’s done EXACTLY that. Everyone seems to be so invested and hurt by any little thing that happens on SKAM this season, and that’s okay! That’s literally what her intensions are. To make us mad, to make us sad, to make us THINK. 

No matter what this season has publicly exposed those who are racist, those who are homophobic and those who are understanding. 

That’s GOOD. We live in a world where we should be able to realize that there are things that are wrong and things that should be exposed and talk about things.

I also WHOLE-HEARTILY trust Iman. That girl is so unique. She was so smart to take advantage of an opportunity where she would be allowed to represent a minority in a Western Country.

She KNOWS she has a responsibility.  She wouldn’t have done this if she thought Julie was a white-obsessed supremacist or some shit. 

She’s even said that for her to do something like this, she would get hate from her own culture; but she took that chance because she knows that SKAM has an international fan base, and the world NEEDS to understand that being Muslim, doesn’t mean she’s not human or bad. Especially with everything going on right now. 

Seeing her curse, being sad, and making misjudgments is only to show that Muslims deal with the same issues that anyone else does. It’s not like Muslim’s have to be perfect all the time? And here she is, showing us that she’s just like any other teenage girl who gets hurt. Yes, her religion is different; and SKAM has shown us that as well. (and I trust that they still will show us more) But never to the point where it consumes who she is, because at the end of the day Muslims are still human, and we all make mistakes. 

And SKAM has done JUST THAT. 

Fucking amazing. 

Thank you Julie and literally everyone else behind it.

You’ve made me think, you’ve made me understand, and you’ve made me want to learn more.

fallen petals

Originally posted by wonhontology

pairing: wonho x reader

word count: 7k

genre: fluff, angst, mentioned smut, soulmate!au

description: in a world ran by soulmates & soulmates roses if you didn’t have one it was a very lonely life. And you thought you’d be living the loneliest of them all. 

a/n: cause’ monsta x finally got their first win (woo!) i finished this piece! 

inspired by this short piece: xx

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Ketch Her If You Can

Title:  Ketch Her If You Can

Summary:  Dean’s not happy when Ketch and the reader start flirting. Ketch seems interested in her, until the truth comes out, then he shows his true colors.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female Reader, Arthur Ketch, Sam Winchester

Word Count:  1795

Warnings:  canon typical violence

Author’s Notes: This was written for @supernatural-jackles Birthday Challenge. My prompt was the gif below. I decided to go a different route and not write demon!Dean. Also, this is smut free. Go figure.

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Newly Engaged Killian Jones and Emma Swan WON’T STOP TOUCHING EACH OTHER: A STORY

We start here where our heroes are hearing about another true love couple who have sacrificed their happiness for theirs and Killian’s arm is around her waist.















Still Sane// Jughead Jones x Reader

Requested By: @castellandiangelo
Prompts: 13, 12, 14, 16
Word Count: 1374

Summary: The reader is mentally unstable after witnessing the death of Jason Blossom yet is too afraid to speak about it to anyone. Jughead and the reader have only started their relationship as a couple yet Jughead has mentioned he loves the reader.

Warnings: mental illness, swearing

It’s was a cycle you began practicing everyday ever since you saw his death. You would come home from school, stare in the mirror and cry. You could have done something! You could have saved him!

You screamed on the inside, tortured yourself to think about it and what you could’ve have done to stop it. You can’t stop the feeling and you can’t stop replaying the moment in my head. Your trapped, your stuck, you feel paralyzed almost in fear and hatred of yourself.

The cell rings and you get sucked back into reality. You’ve been throwing things, your room is a mess and all kinds of shit is tossed on the floor or thrown on your bed. You reach for your phone and close your eyes not wanting to see the damage anymore.

“Hello? Who’s this?” You ask right away not wanting to open my eyes to check caller ID.

“Oh wow. You really care about me. It’s Jug

“Oh I’m sorry, I was just-so-yeah I’m sorry Jughead.”

He chuckles and it relives you for a split second,“It’s okay I guess. Hey you promised you’d help me write a few days ago, and I’m sorta close by. Would you let me in?”

“Yes!” You say without hesitation,“I mean, yeah, why not I just, come over.”

“Alright I’ll see you in, erm, six?”

“Yeah okay love. See you.”


He hangs up and you sigh and open my eyes. The damage you had caused was still there. No different. You feel the memory of that day coming back to you and you feel yourself getting sucked in but close my eyes. You try to remember something else. Something far more happier than that day.

“What’s wrong Veronica?” You ask as she approaches your locker squirming,“You seem odd.”

She laughs,“Anything but. So I heard you and Jug have started going out? How long?”

You give her a questioning look,“Seven dates so far. Why?”

“Hasn’t asked you be his girlfriend yet?”

“No. And he doesn’t need to. I’m perfectly fine in the state we are in.”

Veronica smiles,“Alright. Well I overhead Jughead talking with Archie. And Jughead is smitten.”

The though Jughead had mentioned he loved you even though you had asked him out with a the line of “You, me, date, Friday. Pick me up at six. Okay bye!”

“Nice to know.” You smile and you begin to walk down the hall and she follows.

“And well Jughead may have mentioned he loves you.”

Your smile grows and Veronica looks at you happily.

“All I have to say is, maybe you should think about loving him back. Just a thought.”

“Just a thought?” You laugh lightly.

“Yeah just a tiny tiny little thought.”

You smile at the memory and slowly open your eyes.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You scream when you look at the mirror once again.

You see it all, the words you wrote with consciousness, you could have done something, you could have saved him, your as bad as a killer.

Is it true? You want to say something yet the words won’t come out. Why won’t anything come out about that day? You don’t want to feel the guilt anymore your ready to tell somebody.

For fucks sake why can’t I tell somebody!

“Hey Y/N!” You hear someone scream from outside the window. You walk over and see Jughead out on your lawn and he waves at you. You don’t wave back and you only notice when you pull away for the window and try to hide everything thrown under your bed.

After that, you run downstairs and you open the door for Jughead. Maybe this, well Jug, was the detox you needed from all havoc you’ve been causing yourself.


You pull him for a hug and catch Jug off surprise for he isn’t a huge hugger. Jughead surprisingly hugs you back.

“Hey… are you okay? You don’t usually hug me when we see each other. Not that it’s a bad thing or anything, I guess.”

You let go,“Sorry. I’m sorry.” You say awkwardly,“I didn’t mean to really…”

You gesture for him to follow as you head up towards your room.

You open the door and look through your closet for a sweater as you hear Jughead shut the door.

“What are you writing about?” You ask as you continue searching. Jughead doesn’t answer you,“Jug?”

You back away from the area and look at Jughead who is twisting his head to read what you wrote on the mirror with a marker.

Shit. You had forgot to clean that up.

You grab your makeup wipes and immediately attempt to clean the mirror as quick as you can. The wipes only smudge the words and it’s still visible, so you take duct tape from the floor and ripe pieces to cover it up.

“You know. I’m just decorating my room.” You say as you rip another piece and stick it over,“I just noticed it’s better without those words.” You speak rapidly.

“Y/N.” Jughead says.

You continue sticking pieces.

“Y/N!” He yells at you now.

You look back at him and try to pull at another piece yet he takes it away from you.

“What the hell are you doing?” He ask setting his bag down and grabbing a hold of your arms.

“Jug let go, let me just-”

“Y/N what the hell is going on?”

“What? What do you mean?”

He sighs,“You think I don’t notice? You started coming into to school with red eyes and bags under them. Your distance and last time I set up a date you didn’t show up.”

You stare hardly at the floor clenching you fists not wanting to feel now both the guilts rising up to take over your thoughts.

“Do you really love me, or was that an illusion you made me believe?”

“What?” He says leaning forward.

You look at him in the eyes grabbing the side of his face and holding him there,“Did you really mention you loved me, did someone really tell me, did you really do it? Or am I making that up?”

Jughead looks at you and he smiles lightly,“No I- I did mention that. I think I love you. I guess Veronica did tell you.”

You let go of his head and wrap your arms around his neck and he doesn’t question this time, he wraps his arms around you and holds you protectively as you cry. Part of you is happy your not losing all your sanity but still the other part feels it’s still losing itself.

“I’m not very good when it comes to relationships.” Jughead tells you,“So I might be wrong about this. But if something is wrong, you can tell me.”

You wipe you tears with your sleeves and Jughead leans in to kiss your forehead.

“I just- I want to tell someone. I do but the words won’t come out.”

He rubs your back soothingly as you press your cheek against his chest as you continue talking.

“But I saw something, and it’s all I think about Jug. I can’t go a day without having hundreds of flashbacks to it. I feel like I’m not living anymore.”

Jughead pulls back to look at you,“Y/N if you ever need me. I’m here okay?”

You nod and Jughead leans into you to kiss you. It’s slow, very slow, yet it’s okay because this is new. Jughead always gave you peck, for you know he was not the best at kissing, but the longer he kissed the more you felt like he really did love you, even if you’ve only been a official couple for a few weeks.

“You hungry?” He asks you when he pulls away.

“I could go for some food.”

“Oh good. I thought you were going to say no.”

“And what if I did say no?”

“I would still go Y/N. Between you and food, I chose food.”

“Wow, I’m so special.” You chuckle before kissing his cheek.

He swings his bag onto his body and takes your hand in his as he leads the way.

Is That a Thong?

paring: Peter Parker x reader

plot: Peter finds a thong in readers stuff. 

A/n: I suck at plots, anyway I didn’t do much writing so iIhope I can make up for the loss. 

warning: Wade, that should be enough. 

word count: 722

It was Y/n’s day off from training. Y/n would usually spend her day off lazing out, but Wade was forcing her to out with him. He said something about having a girls day out. It was more of girl and merch with a mouth day. 

“Wade, are you done yet?” she whined. Y/n was sitting between two pile of clothing both for men and women. She didn't even bother asking why Wade had to try on every piece of clothing in the store. All he wanted to do was get something special for Vanessa, it was there 3 year anniversary after all. 

“So how is Peter?” Wade rolled the ‘r’. Y/n thought about her boyfriend and wondered what he was doing, ‘he’s most probably having fun with the gang’ she thought. It’s not that Y/n didn’t like spending time with Wade, in fact she loves it, but right now it was just down right annoying.

Wade picked out something for Vanessa a long time ago and paid for it too, he even got something for him and his stuffed toy unicorn. 

“hey writer, she has a name you know it’s Uni. Now get back to writing,“ 

“Wade, who are you talking too?” Y/n asked her best friend. “I am talking to the writer who is writing- ahh never mind” Wade came out of the dresser with a pink strapless sundress, y/n looked at him wide eyed, she didn’t even know why she was shocked this was just typical Wade. 

“does this make my ankles look fat?” 

 Y/n came home with a bag filled with clothes, she went to her room not bothering turning on the light, she jumped on her bed revealed that she can finally take a nap. 

Her head fell on her fluffy pillow, just when she was about to close her eyes, she felt someone’s hand wrap around her waist. Y/n screamed and rolled off her bed hitting herself on her way down. 

“FRIDAY lights now,” Y/n said and got up as fast she can without hurting herself in some way. 

“Peter?” she asked looking at her sleepy boyfriend “what are you doing here?” Peter rubbed the sleep from his eyes “ I got bored so I came here waiting for you to come home, but I guess I fell asleep,”.  You smiled and got back into bed. 

“didn’t you go shopping with Wade today? How was it? what did you buy?” Peter nudged your shoulder and you let a low growl which made peter laugh. “Was is that bad?” he kissed your temple. “ No it was great actually pretty amazing, but it was so long” Peter laughed. 

“what did you get, I wanna see,”  he said. Y/n chuckled “it’s in the bag over there the y/h/c girl pointed at the bag that was on the dressing table. Y/n went to the bathroom and Peter went to look at the things she bought. It wasn’t a lot.

Peter looked throw your things when he found a small bag in it there was some type of black material. He took out the lacy fabric out, but he didn’t expect what he was about to see. It was a lacy black thong. 

Peter blushed thinking about you wearing something like that. 

“so peter what do you think about- is that a thong?” Y/n scanned the thong in Peter’s hands. 

“that’s not mine,” both said at the same time. 

You looked at one another and blushed “if it isn’t yours then who’s is it?’’ Peter questioned. “ I think I took someone else one by mistake,”. 

Just then someone bursts out of the window “ that’s mine” Wade said he had his infamous red suit on, he took the thong from Peter’s hands. You looked at him quizzically “since when you wear a thong?’’ Peter asked. Wade wore the thong on top of his red suit. 

“Since always Spidey, but you wouldn’t know, now would you” Wade flirted with Peter and supposedly winked at him, but you couldn’t see because of his mask. 

“but in all seriousness does this thong make my butt look big?” Wade asked as he did a weird pose.  


Hey guys, just another bughead piece, this hiatus really is killing me slowly!

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.” Kevin mumbled tripping on the toe of his expensive, Italian loafers, effectively scuffing them, stopping his sprint to the trailer park

“My shoes!” He moaned, looking down to the scuffed up leather, before he continued on his journey. Almost instantly he picked out the red headed best friend of the particular boy he was searching for.
“Archie!” He shouted

The football player turned, his eyes going wide as soon as he saw the distressed looking teen.
“Kevin? What are you doing here? What’s the matter?” Archie dropped the basketball he was playing with and made his way over.

“Jughead.” He panted “I need Jughead.”

Suddenly a new baritone voice joined the conversation
“You looking for me Keller?”

Whipping around Kevin clutched Jugheads arms.
“She’s coming, she knows, she’s angry and she’s coming.” He practically fell into Jugheads arms.

“What are you talking about man? Who knows what? Who’s angry?”
Jughead was trying to calm down the flustered boy, when all of the sudden his beautiful blonde best friend was pushing past the three boys and heading for his trailer, Veronica was right behind her but stopped to stand next to Archie.
“I told you.” She whispered

“Betty?” He asked confused.

She didn’t even turn around, just slammed into his front door leaving all four of her friends to stare after her.

Jughead moved to follow her, but Veronica’s perfectly manicured hand stopped him in his tracks.

“She found out about your dad, about the drinking and you being homeless for a while. She has to do this, she’s hurt Jughead. Everyone knew except her. The worst part is, she found out from Cheryl blossom.”

Jughead felt sick to his stomach, he never wanted anyone to find out. Archie had found him under the stairs at school, and of course he had to tell Veronica, who then told Kevin who then spread it throughout the school. He had begged them all to help keep Betty in the dark, he didn’t need her being worried about him, she had enough going on. He didn’t want her to think of him as some homeless soon to be alcoholic, just like his dad, her opinion mattered to him. Hers was the only one he cared about.

He started towards his front door again but Archie stopped him
“Dude, you gotta let it happen.”

And so he stayed, Archie’s hand on his shoulder and his other two friends, patiently waiting by his side. His nerves pulling at his brain.

Meanwhile inside the house, Betty was the picture of calm. Eerily so in fact.

Slamming the front door loudly, she woke Jugheads dad from a deep sleep, beer bottle dangling from his hand. He jumped, adjusting his eyes to see the girl in front of him, standing there high school cheerleading uniform and all, with her arms crossed dangerously in front of her chest.

Jugheads dad rubbed his eyes “Elizabeth Cooper?” He squinted up at her “would you look at that? You’ve most certainly grown, if you’re looking for jug, he’s probably at the basketball courts with Archie.” He glanced at the bottle in his hand and took a swig, that was the final straw for Betty.

Turning on her heel, she headed for the kitchen. She bent down and pulled out a black trash bag from under the cabinets. She took a moment to smile, everyone kept their trash bags in the same place.

Ripping the bag open she reached into the sink, grabbing the empty and half filled booze bottles and chucking them into the trash bag, she turned to the refrigerator and began clearing out all the liquor that litter d the shelves. Apparently that snapped Jugheads dad out of his haze

“Girl what are you doing?!” He began walking towards her and she stilled, before storming over to him, stopping him in his tracks.

“This” she said, holding up the bag “is done. You are going to stop this.” She moved around his living room now picking up vodka bottles and dirty flasks depositing them all in the trash bag, she continued “you can’t do this, not anymore. maybe you don’t care about your own well being and as sad as that is, that is your choice, but when your choices start affecting my Jughead, then something needs to be done.”

Betty picked up pizza boxes and scrunched her nose “you’re going to get sober. You’re going to get a job. Preferably at Fred Andrews construction, I heard Jughead and Archie talking about how Fred is going to offer you a position, then you are going to get your family back. Because right now?” She shoved his recliner, peeking under the seat and finding a mason jar filled with some strong alcoholic substance, shooting him a look she threw it in the trash. “Your son is drowning, he is going through this all alone, and that is not okay with me. Do you like seeing him struggle? Does it make you happy to see the bags under his eyes? He had no where to stay Mr.Jones. He was sleeping under the school stairs.”

“Elizabeth I..” he was choking, tears welling up in his eyes, as he hung his head in failure.

Betty looked away, scanning the room, it was better, much better. There were no alchohol bottles in sight and all the empty food containers were cleared, it looked livable. She was sweating slightly, heaving the heavy trash bag over her shoulder. Sighing she moved to stand in front of him, smiling slightly at the all too familiar blue eyes. She placed a supportive hand to his shoulder

“We can’t go back and we can’t change what’s happened, but we can start fresh. Make it better. Be better. Be better for your family, be better for Jughead Mr.jones. Please.” With a subtle squeeze to the sobbing mans shoulder she headed outside, dragging her trash bag.

Everyone immediately ran to her as she walked out the door. She smiled reassuringly to her friends and shoved the trash bag into Archie’s hands. She nodded at them and they slowly moved away leaving just her and jughead. He looked devastated, humiliated and so sorry she wanted to cry.

“Betty I…” she shook her head, grabbing his hand and squeezing

“I’m hurt Jughead, I’m hurt you couldn’t talk to me about this. You couldn’t confide in me after everything I told you about my horrible family life. But” she dropped his hand , moving aside and motioning to his father standing at the door, tears streaming down his face. “We’ll talk later, I think someone else has a few things to say to you.” She squeezed his shoulder supportively and headed off with Archie, Veronica and Kevin.

Jughead took a deep breathe and headed to his front door, immediately falling into his fathers waiting arms. He let it all go, Jughead cried into his fathers shoulder, biting down to stop the sobs, everything he felt , everything he thought he had pushed away came barreling full force as his father squeezed him tightly, whispering “I’m so sorry son, I’m so sorry”

They stayed like that for what felt like hours until they both dropped to the porch and began speaking off all the things that would change, that had to change. By the end of the conversation both men were thoroughly exhausted. Jugheads dad took a watery breathe and let out a chuckle

“That girlfriend of yours is a keeper, you don’t let her go. Not for anything in the world. I’m not sure, but I think she just saved my life.”
Jugheads eyes widened as he hopped off the porch
“Betty!” He exclaimed, having forgotten that he had to talk to her. Had to see her.

“Hey jug!” His dad called after him, turning around Jughead raised an eyebrow

“Come home tonight okay? Please.”
Jughead swallowed the lump in his throat, his father had never asked him to come home but by the way he practically pleaded with his eyes, Jughead knew he meant it

He simply nodded at his father
“Okay dad.”

The older man smiled brightly
“Alright, go get your girl!”

Smiling back Jughead took off.

By the time he reached Betty’s, he was out of breathe and practically keeled over, he used whatever strength he had left to scale her ladder, spying her sitting in her vanity chair, staring into the mirror, he tapped gently.

She jumped before her eyes softened and she opened the window for him.

Taking In his red rimmed nose, bloodshot eyes and messy hair, she knew that the conversation with his father had not been an easy one. She sighed gently wrapping her arms around his waist. And leaning into him. He wrapped her tight, squishing her against his body. Not having to see her face gave him the courage he needed to speak what was on his mind

“I trust you. I trust you more than I trust anyone on this planet. I wanted to tell you about my dad, I just couldn’t. I didn’t want to drag you into my mess, I know you’re going through enough on your own. You’re the most important person in the world to me, I didn’t want you to think of me differently, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, I’m sorry you had to find out that way and I’m sorry I kept you in the dark. But what you did today?” He took a deep shaky breathe pulling. Away so he could look into her eyes.
“I can never repay you for that. You are the most amazing person I have ever met, and I’m lucky enough to have you in my life.” His eyes were shiny with unshed tears matching her own. Suddenly something shifted and he found his lips connected to hers

The kiss was far too short for his liking, but today had been an emotional day for everyone involved and he knew she was taking that into consideration.

“You are forgiven Jughead Jones, I think you and I have a lot to talk about, but we’ve both done quite enough talking today.” She giggled softly as he squeezed her waist “ I think we should both get some rest. Are you staying with Archie tonight?”

The smile spread across his face involuntarily as he answered “no. No I think I’ll go home.”

She smiled gently
“Walk me to school tommorow?”

Nodding contentedly he dropped his lips to hers for another quick kiss

“You got it babe.”

She giggled as he climbed out the window.

Maybe things were finally going to be okay

God, Betty Cooper really was something else.

New Years Kisses


2016, now

John was sitting alone, watching his friends socialize, and drink, and gush about Thomas’s new job in Washington. Alex was talking to Maria and Eliza, probably flirting. Eliza was giggling, and Maria was laughing at Alex and glaring. Alex looked over at John and his smile widened- if that was even possible.

Alex sat down not to John, smiling and holding a red plastic cup. “Hey, Laurens.”

John inched away. “Hi, Alex.”

“Happy new years! I haven’t seen you in forever.”

“It’s been, like, a month.”

“We live in the same city. We used to see each other every day.”

John shrugged. “I don’t know. You’re always hanging out with whoever you’re dating.”

Alex frowned. “What?”

“I’ll think about calling you, and then Laf tells me that you’re on a date. I don’t even know who you’re dating right now.”


John cut him off. “Forget it. I don’t want to know. You’re probably drunk.”

Alex tipped the cup toward John. “It’s lemonade.”

“Then you’ve had some of your date’s drink.”


“Go away, Alex.”

“John, I’m completely sober. I’ll devote my entire attention to you. If you tell me what the hell you’re upset about.”

“Right, of course, you will.”

“I will.”

“Why should I believe you? Why should this year be any different?”

Alex looked confused. “John?”

“Go away, Alex.”

“Okay…” Alex stood up, walking over to Thomas, where he appeared to, from John’s point of view, forget all about John

2011, five years ago:

John noticed the boy right away. He had long brown hair in a ponytail and was wearing a rumpled white dress shirt. He was talking loudly to another boy with frizzy dark hair and a hot pink t-shirt.

“What the heck, Thomas. Please don’t attack me with your absurd logic anymore.”

“Alexander, dear, that’s an oxymoron.”

“I’m not your dear.”

Thomas snorted. “And I’m very glad about that.”

Their conversation stopped, Alex taking out his phone and Thomas begining to look around the room. He noticed John staring at Alex and grinned.

“Come over here!”

John looked around. “Me?”

“Yes. You look like you might have some solid arguments.” Thomas smiled brightly.

John walked over, taking another bite of the cookie he was holding. It was a snickerdoodle, and those were far from John’s favorite, but it was sugar and tasted okay if dipped it in his lemonade, even if everyone looked slightly disgusted when he did that. “What’re you arguing about?”

Alex looked up from his phone, about to say something, but he froze, his mouth half open.

Thomas winked at John and stage-whispered “You’ve rendered him speechless. No one’s done that yet.”

Alex looked back at his phone, mumbling about ‘James’ and ‘Commitment’ and ‘god, Alex, no.”

“What’re you arguing about?” John repeated.

“Cats and Dogs.”


“Yes,” Alex said, not looking up from his phone. “Well, we were doing that. Now I’m amusing myself by looking at the most recent bill passed in Vermont.”


Thomas elbowed Alex. “You are not. I can’t possibly bore you that much.”

“You’re right, that’s not what I’m doing.”

“Mmm. Then what are you doing.”

“Texting my boyfriend,” Alex said, not looking at John.

“Ah, yes, your boyfriend, the one who’s also at this party.”


John wandered off, sensing that he detracting from the situation, and stood by the snack table eating snickerdoodles for the next few hours, until 11:57 when one of his friends- his only friend here, the reason John went to this stupid party- grabbed his arm.

“You’re met everyone here, I presume?” Lafayette said, weaving around the room to where- where Alex and a short boy were sitting. Alex’s arm was around the boy, and he was talking with yet another boy, who was wearing a beanie and sitting on the arm of the couch.

John pulled the other way, but Laf’s grip was pretty strong. “I’ve already met him, yes. Alex, isn’t it? No reason to go over there, um, what about that corner over there?” He babbled, fully aware he was babbling, but anything to not watch the cute boy kiss his boyfriend.

Laf, usually pretty aware, did not notice John wanting to leave, and walked over to Alex, dragging John with him.

The countdown started. Ten.

Alex looked up from his phone. Laf dragged John so that he was right behind the couch.


A girl in a bright red dress bumped into John, blushing and saying sorry. John waved her off. It’s okay.


Someone turned the music off, so you couldn’t hear anything but the countdown. A couple on the other side of the room was already kissing. John looked the other way. He had never liked watching people kissing. He thought, trying to figure out why he cared if Alex kissed the boy.


Laf let go of John, and he turned around to leave, but there was a wall of people behind him, and, unlike Laf, he couldn’t just weave through them and get away.


Laf grabbed the hand of a random person- the boy in the beanie- “Can I kiss you?” He asked.


The boy looked confused, then nodded slowly. “Sure, I guess.”


Alex leaned toward his boyfriend. John wondered what Alex’s boyfriend’s name was.


Laf moved to sit on the couch arm by the boy. John looked around awkwardly.


Laf and the boy kissed. John wondered if Laf knew the boy’s name.


Alex kissed his boyfriend.

“Happy New Years!”

Alex gave everyone around him his phone number, making them promise to call him periodically “So that I don’t forget to eat.”

John stuffed the paper in his pocket, willing himself to forget about it.

He didn’t.

2012, four years ago

It was 11:56, Alex was sitting on the couch again, this time with Laf, and John found himself sitting across from them, joking about being single. Laf was curled up at Alex’s shoulder.

Alex grinned at John. “I haven’t been single for a while- I can barely remember what it’s like.”

John sighed. Alex might be one of his best friends- which he could hardly believe- but he was kind of insensitive. “Alex, you don’t just say that.”

Thomas walked over and rested his arm on the back of John’s chair. “You know, you two never thanked me for introducing you.”

“And you never thanked me for introducing me to your boyfriend.” Thomas’s new boyfriend was Alex’s old one. John couldn’t quite remember his name. Alex pet Laf’s head. The beanie guy- Hercules, exchanged a look with John. The look said Why??

The two of them might have been slightly jealous.

Someone changed the music to the recording of a broadway play, and someone started rapping about marriage. Alex tapped his foot to the music. Herc turned on the television.


John glanced at Herc, who looked kind of sour.


John took a drink of his coke and stared at the ceiling. He sighed.


The girl in the red dress who had bumped into him last year bumped into him again. “Sorry.” Whatever.


John pondered why he was so good at falling in love with people he couldn’t have. It had happened in third grade, too.


John wondered if he was actually in love.


Isn’t it love if it lasts longer than three months?


John thought it was. Yeah, it was.


John looked back at Alex and Laf and.


He glanced at Herc, who was staring at the TV.


James. Alex’s old boyfriend’s name was James.

John wondered who it would be next year.

2013, three years ago.

Alex was in the same spot as the last two years, with Maria by his side, instead of Laf. Maria had nice black hair and was wearing a black dress. John did his best not to look at her.

“Herc, do you know where Laf is?” John asked Hercules, who was sitting in a rocking chair, staring at something on the other side of the room.

Herc startled, blinking, and nodded. “Yeah, I think he’s over there.” He pointed in the direction he was staring in.

Alex laughed. “Geez, you need to work on not pining.”

Herc rolled his eyes and walked over, mumbling something in Alex’s ear.

Maria nodded at Alex. “He’s right.”

Alex elbowed her. “That’s not your problem” He hissed.

Laf walked over, pecking Herc cheek. John couldn’t help being kind of jealous of the two of them. They were just so… so perfect. The poster couple.

Maria leaned her chin on her shoulder, leaning forward. “So, John, how long have you and Alex been friends?”

“About two years.” Laf interrupted. “They met at this party.”

Someone shouted, “Ten!”

Hercules and Laf grinned at each other.


The started kissing.


Alex snickered. “About eight seconded too early, guys.”


Laf didn’t respond.


Maria stared at John. “Oh, come on.” She mouthed.


John frowned at her. “What was I supposed to do?” He mouthed back.


Maria rolled her eyes.


“Idiot.” She said.


Alex looked at her, confused.


And then Maria kissed Alex, staring at John.

She cornered him later. “You like him. It’s obvious.”


“You should have done something.”

“Maybe I should have.” John turned around, walking back to Hercules, and Laf, and Alex. Damn Maria.

2014, two years ago.

Alex called her ‘Angel’. John didn’t call her anything. He knew she felt bad for him, he was pretty sure all of his friends did.

Alex loved her. Thomas did too, but not like that. James was ‘too amazing’ in Thomas’s words.

They were debating and ignoring John. John didn’t mind. At least he didn’t have to pretend to be happy for the two of them.

Laf was sure John was jealous. John was inclined to agree.

Laf sighed and draped his arm over John’s chair. “Turtle-boy, you need to stop pining.”

“I have a name.” John snapped.

“Okay. John, why don’t you come eat cake with me and Hercules?”

John looked over at Alex. Alex didn’t look back at him. “Okay.”


John followed Laf over to the snacks, happy not to watch Alex kiss yet another person this year.


John took a bite of a lemon bar.


Laf and Herc started kissing. John decided that it was ‘their thing’ or whatever.


John looked mournfully around the room at everyone else.


He took a sip of his lemonade.


John closed his eyes.


Alex is probably already kissing her.


Alex deserved Angelica.


They complete each other’s sentences, for god’s sake.


John took another bite of the lemon bar.

2015, last year.

This year it was Eliza. She was pretty, and almost an angel, and always nice to John. He didn’t like her. Yes, he had set them up- Alex being single was more painful that Alex dating someone- but he still disliked her.

Laf thought he was being territorial. Herc thought he was jealous. Maria just rolled her eyes.

Thomas and James were sitting with them this year. John didn’t care. It was just another two people to be disappointed in John.

Eliza’s sister, Peggy, was standing behind John’s chair, and their hair kept falling in his face. She was making fun of Alex, which helped John’s mood slightly, if not making him happy.

The TV turned on. John sighed. He had been hoping to skip the countdown- and the kiss- this year, but he should have known it wouldn’t happen.


Peggy patted John’s head sympathetically.


Laf and Herc started kissing. John sighed.


Eliza was staring at John. He frowned at her.


John stopped frowning at Eliza and stared at Alex instead.


Alex was staring at him.


John looked at Eliza again. She was looking back and forth between Alex and John.


Eliza rolled her eyes and stood up.


She started walking away.


Alex ran after her.


Peggy stared after her sister then winked at John. “It was bound to fall apart eventually.“

John tried to feel bad, but he failed.

“I guess.”

2016, now

It was 11:50, and John was the one sitting next to Alex.

Laf was talking animatedly about how Alex had apparently liked John all these years and had told everyone but John

Herc was sitting on the arm of the chair Laf was on, smiling at John. It was a ‘told-you-so’ smile, and John stuck his tongue out at him.

Maria was standing behind the couch by Eliza, resting her head on Eliza’s shoulder. John had found, over the year, that he liked Eliza a whole lot better when she wasn’t dating Alex. Maria was cutting into Laf’s story and crediting this situation to what Eliza had done last year.

Thomas and James were sitting next to each other. Thomas was smiling triumphantly.

Angelica was on the other side of the room, and Peggy was sitting on the couch’s arm.

Alex was blushing, and staring at John.

John was also blushing.

Peggy laughed. “Dorks,” and turned on the TV.


Peggy winked at John.


Maria mouthed “Finally.”


Laf and Herc started kissing.


Alex blinked at John. John rolled his eyes.


Alex grinned at John. “God, you’re adorable.”


“Took you long enough to say that,” Maria said, swiping Alex’s head.


Alex smiled. “Okay?”


John nodded.


“I’m fine.”


“I’m inclined to agree,” Alex mumbled and kissed John.

John found New Years better with Alex.


Nervous laughter. Right so this one kind of got away from me. 

Title: Good Morning

Pairing: Jasper/David a lil but could also be platonic.

Genre: Angst (but not too bad)

Word Count: 3,183

Warnings: Cuss words but dude you watch camp camp so

Summary: above ^

(Did I do the fic intro thing right?)

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Supercorp Appreciation Week

Day 2 (April 25): Favorite Quote

So I had an entire post scheduled to go today because I’m very busy but I still managed to find the time to watch Ace Reporter and immediately had to redo this day’s quote because HOLY SHIT OMG. This episode destroyed me.

Lena: Loss does strange things to my family and I’ve lost a lot of people.

Kara: Well, you’re not gonna lose me.

Lena: I think when I feel things again, I’m gonna be very, very afraid of the person I might be.

Kara: You don’t have to be afraid. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.

Lena: Promise?

Kara: I will always be your friend. And I will always protect you. I promise.

 I’m posting this from the grave, FYI.

This exchange was beautiful. One of the things that made me ship supercorp in the first place was just how honest these two are with each other. And this exchange? It’s a whole new level. Lena has stated over and over how she wants to be different from her family and her actions have proven it. But here, she’s openly admitting to Kara that she’s actually terrified of being like her family. But not her brother, like everyone thinks. But of her mother. She’s so afraid that she’s going to end up like Lillian Luthor. The cold and calm facade Lillian has that masks how dangerous she is. She doesn’t want to be like Lillian. But in this moment, she feels like her.

It goes back to what Supergirl told Lena in Medusa. “She [Lillian] is cold and dangerous. And you are too good and too smart to follow in her path.” It gives that scene a whole new perspective when you realize Lena has feared that she’s like Lillian in this respect.

And Kara takes a different approach this time. Because as Supergirl, she can only comfort Lena with words. But as Kara, she can be more…intimate.

Lena talks about how much she’s lost? Kara assures her that Lena won’t lose her.

Lena tells Kara about how she’s afraid of who she will be when she’s no longer numb? Kara says you don’t have to be afraid. Because from the beginning, Kara has known that Lena is good. She’s so good and wants to help and wants to better the world. Yes, she has a dark side and can sometimes operate in a morally gray area but Kara is certain that Lena doesn’t have to fear being a bad person because she’s just not one. And if something ever happens where that might change? Well, Kara will be right there for Lena and help her through it.

And now the part of the dialogue that really gets me. Lena asks Kara to promise that she isn’t going anywhere. That she won’t leave Lena like everyone else has that Lena cares about. And we know that Kara is Lena’s family. We know that no one has done for Lena what Kara has done and based on canon quotes, this includes Jack. So Lena asks Kara to promise that she won’t lose her.

And Kara can’t. She can’t promise Lena that she won’t ever leave her because Kara is Supergirl. And if she promises that and then something happens to her? She’d have broken that promise. And Kara is all about trust. So she can’t promise that she’ll always be there. But she can promise that she will always be Lena’s friend. And that is so, so important. Friendship has to be the core for any relationship. Romance should never be put above friendship because your romantic partner has to be your friend. And these two are so lucky to have both.

What Kara can also promise? Is that she will always protect Lena. Kara has gone into death defying situations to protect Lena and would do so again. Always. And Lena’s reaction when Kara says this? When she was snuggling into Kara’s side with her eyes closed? Her eyes open wide and her mouth drops. Because every time Kara has protected Lena? Has been as Supergirl. And whether this was just a slip on Kara’s part or Kara threw caution to the wind to make this promise because she wanted Lena to know how much she meant to her, I’m not sure. But it happened. And Lena noticed. And I think if Lena had any doubt before, now she knows.