she should have a ponytail more often

“We’ve given Spectra a new face mold, she looks so much younger!”

“Don’t you just love these new big round eyes on Egyptian princess Cleo de Nile!”

“Maybe we should put Ghoulia in this line. Nah, nevermind.”

“People have been seeing this character in the background for years and are clamoring for a doll. This is the first version and it’s a signature. Get San Diego on the line!”

“You know what would be zany? If we took the characters everyone knows and loves and mashed them up!”

“Let’s do something different with this Operetta’s hair. This time put the ponytail on the left.”

“Sure, we could use black more often, but why?”

“Oh yeah, we’ve gotta sell these in international markets. Price hike!”

“Fashion packs? Pfft!”