she should be regular and have an affair with will

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You know what's extra shitty. To the general audience a scene like that diminishes L's importance to C. C may have the drawing on the her wall but casual viewers will focus more on the fact she slept with and is kissing someone else a month later. Especially like if your other anon said it didn't really appear like C slept with N out of desperation to feel something. It'll seem more like a C and L had a casual love affair and now on to the next. But whatever, Clexa is endgame.

The GA will think something like that, even if they didn’t show Nylon and Klork in the throes of passion the fact that Klork still has pinned that drawing there should give them a hint that the girl in there was waaaaay important to her. Even when she is having regular sex w someone she trusts enough to talk about it.