she should be in charge

This is Shelby Shoup. She is a Jewish woman who is facing battery charges for throwing drops of chocolate milk, and is being doxxed and having her and her family’s personal information exposed. Her venmo is shelby-shoup, if you can donate and help her, please do.

[image 1: “Shelby Shoup, a Jewish woman at FSU, was arrested for throwing chocolate milk at members of the GOP-Nazi Party days after our people were slaughtered while praying. Now she’s the target of a massive antisemitic harassment campaign.

image 2: Everybody asking about the legitimacy of Shelby’s Venmo: yes it’s real, no it’s not fake. Please donate to help her cover legal fees, counseling, etc. shelby-shoup]

People are acting like she deserves this, like it’s a despicable act, but she literally threw drops of chocolate milk at them, and she’s facing battery charges. Some people say she should be charged with assault. She’s being targeted heavily by antisemitic attacks, which surpises no one. I haven’t seen anyone talk about her yet, and I really hope she is able to get through this because she does not deserve these charges or these attacks.


[image 1: “Grand Wizard of the KKK David Duke has now gotten ahold of Shelby’s case & it’s on his timeline. He was involved in the Unite the Right rally at which Heather Heyer was killed. Shelby is now afraid for her parents safety. @floridastate plz comment. REPORT & SPREAD THIS WIDELY.

image 2: From David Duke’s Twitter, “This behavior warrants expulsion.” On a tweet about Shelby.]

David Duke knows about Shelby. The Grand Wizard of the KKK knows about this vulnerable Jewish woman. Please donate and help her if you can, she is fearing for her family’s safety and it’s very, very common for jewish people to be attacked and have people look the other way.


It’s Kevin time *gets hit in the face with a chair*




Idk why I’m getting notices about Kardashian drama through yahoo but let me just say if you think Rob was in anyway right or funny to share nude photos of Chyna without her consent to get revenge on her you are a disgusting piece of garbage and should be ashamed.

I hope she presses charges and drags his sorry ass below ground.

ginny weasley not letting anyone tell her what she should feel, ginny weasley being in charge of her sexuality, ginny weasley loving girls and boys with no regrets, ginny weasley kissing boys and girls, ginny weasley falling in love with a girl who reminded her of a dream filled haze, ginny weasley who’s wife comes and supports her at all her quidditch games, ginny weasley who is always ready to fight anyone who dare attack her for the people she loves, bisexual, strong and activist ginny weasley

Mated part 4


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Warnings: smut


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hi, do you write angst? if yes, would you mind doing a headcannon for RFA finding out MC has an emotionally abusive mother when said mother suddenly appears and throws a fit and humiliates MC in front of them? thank you

RFA+minor trio in protective mode is always good shit


  • When your mom went off the hinges in front of Zen
  • And Zen saw the fear in your eyes
  • Ohohohohoh
  • If this boy normally was a beast, right now he was the fucking Hulk
  • He shoved you behind his back and started yelling right back at your mom, because how dare she say such filthy things to his precious princess
  • His beautiful, brilliant, amazing, innocent, perfect princess
  • You hadn’t even heard the combinations of curse words flying out of Zen’s mouth before
  • When you saw his hands clenching into fists you had to hold him back
  • Eventually your mom left
  • “Don’t come near MC again unless you get your shit together” he spat before slamming the door on her face for good measure


  • You were watching your literal worst nightmare unfold as your mom went bonkers right before your sweet, kind, innocent boyfriend who only saw the good in people
  • You tried to bite down the tears but eventually it got too hard
  • He nervously stood beside you, trying hard to figure out a solution
  • “Umm…uhh…I just remembered…I left the oven on! SHIT!” he yelled desperately, with the fakest tone of surprise you’ve ever heard
  • “Yoosung we don’t even have an oven” you whispered to him, but he was already dragging you out
  • Once you got far enough away from your mom, he gave you the tightest hug
  • “Has your mom…always been like this?” you nodded into his chest
  • You went out for comfort ice cream and he offered to share his mom with you


  • Everything went to hell when your mom busted into the café and lost her shit in front of Jaehee and all the customers
  • Everyone was watching
  • Yeah Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak sounds good right now
  • You were about to self-inflict some third degree burns with boiling coffee for the sake of getting out
  • …when Jaehee sternly suggested you all come to the back room to talk it out over coffee
  • Once in the back room, she told your mom off for her immature actions and gave her the number of a local therapist
  • …and that frankly, she will not hesitate to press charges towards your mom, should the coffee business ever be disrupted again


  • Jumin was quiet for a second when your mom started throwing her tantrum
  • Without even flinching, he stood up, signaled for security, grabbed your hands and walked you out the room
  • You were about to say something when you realized he was already on the phone
  • “…This is Jumin Han speaking. I would like to file a restraining order…yes, as soon as possible…”
  • When he got off the phone, he informed you that he will personally draw you a bath
  • Apparently, he had read somewhere that a bath is good for people in distress


  • Seven knew the signs of someone about to throw a tantrum all too well, so when he recognized this on your mom, he instinctively dragged you out
  • Not just out, but into his car, which he drove, very fast, and got both of you into his 15-security-layered-house, where he buried you in honey buddha chips
  • This boy ain’t having no more of this bullshit
  • He had the power to protect you now so you sure as hell aren’t becoming a second Saeran
  • “But hey!” He said cheerfully, “now we got another thing to bond over! Abused children high five!” He said, as he held one hand up, ready for a high five
  • You gave him the high five as both of you dissolved into laughter

————–Minor trio——————————–


  • Your mom made a bad, b a d mistake by raising her voice at you in front of Saeran
  • She had just started screaming at you, when Saeran looked at her dead in the eyes, and said “I could kill her” to you, as if he was offering to wash the dishes
  • You hastily declined
  • Knowing Saeran, he was probably not kidding
  • He proceeded to explain that it would be “very easy” and that “no one would know” and “it’s not like it would be the first time”
  • You looked at your now petrified mom, and for a split second you considered accepting his offer
  • However, you quickly came to your senses and assured Saeran
  • That it’s OK, you are pretty sure your mom won’t be bothering you anymore


  • Poor, innocent, very much blind V
  • He actually believed he could talk sense into your mom
  • When she flipped out at you, he calmly suggested you leave the room, so he can handle your mom on his own
  • As you stood outside the door, you could hear a mix of V’s soothing voice and your mom’s increasingly obnoxious screaming
  • You lost it when you heard the words “…you’re just as useless, selfish and pathetic as my daughter!”
  • That was when you barged back into the room
  • Usually you would’ve stayed quiet during one of your mom’s rage storms
  • Because sometimes you believed those words to be true
  • But now that the same words were used on V, you weren’t having any of it
  • You charged at her, grabbed her by the collar, threw her out and slammed the door in her face
  • …then you went back to check on V
  • “I’m so sorry, I tried my best”, he said with a sad smile as he pulled you in for a hug
  • You thanked him for helping you stand up for yourself, and honestly you were pretty proud


  • When your mom started screaming at you, for some reason, Vanderwood just could not take this seriously
  • “You’re GARBAGE!” Your mom yelled, whilst Vanderwood raised his eyebrows questioningly
  • He looked disbelievingly from your mom to you, back and forth a couple times, paused for a second before asking your mom “seriously? You’re calling her garbage? I mean, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?”
  • He laughed a bit, but he wasn’t done “Ok first of all, you look like garbage”
  • “Second of all, you act like garbage…”
  • “…Third of all…if you open the dictionary and look up the word garbage, there would be a picture of you”
  • He gestured your mom vaguely to the door, “um, so what are you doing standing here? Don’t you have anywhere better to go? Cos I don’t remember sending invitations to…” he lowered his voice dramatically, then whispered “…garbage
  • You stared in disbelief as your mom actually turned around and left, looking evidently defeated
  • You were about to thank Vanderwood, when you heard him question under his breath when he signed up to be a part of a soap opera

Bonus: if your mom screamed at you when the entire crew were in the room

  • Zen is yelling shit at your mom while Yoosung attempts to hold him back
  • Yoosung tries teary eyed to distract everyone by weakly asking if anyone wants to go for ice cream
  • Jaehee’s trying to make coffee so everyone can calm down and talk it out
  • …Saeran’s somewhere in the background grabbing a knife
  • Jumin’s calling his lawyer while eyeing Saeran - “ok so how do you legally get away with murder”
  • Seven’s just standing on the side, eyes wide and whispering “déjà vu”
  • Vanderwood is halfway out the door, mumbling “nope not this shit again”
  • V’s tapping Seven on the head muttering calming words thinking it’s your mom

Plz can someone draw this


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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' has its #MeToo moment (and a broken penis)
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine,' which has explored racial profiling and coming out, takes a serious look at #MeToo issues without out losing its sense of humor.

“Here’s this married couple moving through a discussion about something really painful,” she says. “#MeToo is not just a women’s issue. A lot of women have been saying from the beginning that we need the men to stand up. That’s the way our culture is going to change.”

If culpability for the assault is apparent in “He Said, She Said,” a satisfying outcome for the woman is a murkier proposition, just as in real life. Should she file criminal charges? Should she reach a settlement with her company? How will the matter affect her career, no matter her choice?

Amy and Rosa disagree on the best approach, and it’s a debate worth having, Fumero says. “It’s not neatly tied up with a little bow at the end. It’s left sort of messy, like life. I hope people will watch it and either gain a new perspective or perhaps feel reassured in their own opinions.”

“Will You Stay?”

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M’Baku x Fem!Princess!Reader

Length: 2340 words

Warnings: yeah, serious SPOILERS for BLACK PANTHER, Y/N is T’Challa’s other sister - obviously POC

The Jabari had separated themselves from the other four tribes long ago. They were the lone tribe not to join Wakanda, under the leadership of the first Black Panther. Instead, they went off into the mountains and built their own homes there – secluded from the rest of Wakanda. The Jabari stayed that way, secluded that is, and it allowed them to closely follow the way of those who came before them.

So, it was not until your brother’s coronation ceremony, that anyone even truly saw a member of the Jabari. Even you, a princess in your own right hadn’t seen them, despite your decades on Africa’s soil and your work as a Wakandan diplomat.

It had been M’Baku, the current leader of the Jabari, with several of his closest warriors. The Jabari Lord was a mountain of a man, so obviously a descendant of the mountain dwellers. He was as large and tall as his home, but with a rugged handsomeness too, that you hadn’t quite expected when you thought of someone called the ‘Great Gorilla’.

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valentine’s day is a terrible day to confess your love

“So,” Maki raises an eyebrow, one hand on her hip and the other playing with her hair in that annoying gesture she always, always seemed to do when unimpressed. “What’s this, exactly?”

Nico hadn’t really prepared an answer – with chocolate in both hands, she would’ve thought the answer to be clear as day. Then again, Nozomi had warned her that probably the only person more dense than herself (thanks, fucker) was the girl in front of her, so, well, perhaps she should have planned for that.

Not that any of Nico’s plans had been going right today, mind you, so what the hell was a plan anyway?

“Uh,” Nico stumbles over words and over herself as she struggles to maintain balance, realising she’s reaching out a little far and Maki still isn’t reaching back to take the chocolates. She maintains eye contact for another few painful seconds before the other girl looks away, turning up the left corner of her mouth and creasing her eyebrows. Nico sweats.

“Uh,” she repeats, hands all damn clammy now, goddamnit Eli why did you make this sound so easy – “Chocolate.”

Maki stares at the poorly-wrapped chocolate sitting in Nico’s palms. It’s probably melting, considering just how unfortunately moist her hands have become under the stare of the most unsettling first year this side of Akiba.

“Homemade,” Nico adds, as if it weren’t perfectly obvious to all who had functional eyes that yes, the slightly melty brown stuff was chocolate, and yes, the clumsy wrapping probably indicated it’d been wrapped by hands equally as clumsy. Maki’s eyes are disconcerting, glancing to the chocolates, to Nico, to elsewhere and back, again and again.

Eli never mentioned just how nervewracking this would be. Nico couldn’t even imagine confessing to that sneaky asshole Nozomi – then again, those two were so incredibly disgusting with each other they probably spewed rainbows from their mouths and made lilies bloom around them when it finally happened.

No, the only thing blooming was the anxiety in Nico’s stomach as Maki continued to be evasive, leaving her standing in quite the uncomfortable position, prostrating herself. Then again, maybe this was just her fault because she’d kinda just shoved them in the girl’s face instead of doing something normal like saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “I’m deeply in love with you, please marry me” or “I am so desperate to get in your pants you’re so hot it kills me I’m begging you”.

“I can see that,” Maki finally says, nodding to herself as if yes, that cleared everything up. Which it didn’t. Probably. You could never really tell with redheads. Or Makis. Or redheads named Maki. Yeah.

Nico wonders exactly how she’s going to explain this to the terrible two she calls her buddies – how she’d completely thrown any semblance of The Plan out the window the moment she’d frozen up until a purple gaze. Then again, The Plan had sort of been a wash from the beginning, considering how every time she’d tried to corner Maki alone in order to enact The Plan, some annoying ginger had waltzed along and ruined her chances of enacting The Plan (Nico made a mental note to kick Rin’s ass, later).

“So…” Maki trails off, halfway between making eye contact and staring at Nico’s open palms, still. Nico jolts back to life, stumbling over words and trying to make sense of her oh so conveniently clumsy tongue before –

“Valentine’s Day – Happy Day. For you. Yes.”

Ah, perfect. Just how she wanted to say it.

Before she trails away to curl up and die somewhere in a hole, Nico debates how best to ask Nozomi to scatter her ashes.

Maki, bless her, looks about as embarrassed for Nico as Nico feels herself, and blushes some pink that probably pales in comparison to the apparent luminescence of the shorter girl’s face. Seriously, she should be charging for the light she’s putting out.

“These are,” Maki hesitates, “for me?”

Nico nods, thanking whichever merciful god decided to give her a helping hand in the form of at least one of them being able to form coherent sentences. She doesn’t trust her own tongue to do the same, considering her last shameful display.

“Oh,” Maki says, voice cracking and freezes. Well, no, freezes is probably a little soft – it’s more like she self-destructs in a gentle, contained kind of way. Her face blossoms into a pretty miasma of blotchy red, and her limbs seize up, hands paused in front of her and mouth just a fraction agape.

Nico would have laughed if she weren’t in the exact same situation, so she instead opts for mumbling “Here,” and storming off.

She finds Nozomi eavesdropping behind the school wall, who promptly guffaws.

“I can’t breathe, Nico,” she wheezes, five minutes later. Nico stands there in despair.

Ten minutes later, Nozomi still isn’t together enough to stand.

(Maki drops the chocolates three times before managing to regain function of her body.)

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Can you tell us your insight on what problems might be present in the relationship with the mother depending on moon sign? Thanks! Xx

remember that aspects can also add to this (to a lesser extent) and also the house of your moon! so read up on them as well

** sort of a long post lol**

aries moon- you feel like your mom is always trying to wreck your plans but really is just looking out for you. you keep pushing against her and doing what you want anyways, not seeing the danger in it. you wonder why she gets angry at you after you push her to her limits. shes also always on her feet and sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever catch her sitting down, but that’s just who your mom is and you know that

taurus moon- when your mom can provide you things you call her sweet and the perfect mom but when she doesn’t, you say she’s too frugal and stubborn with her money. you dont push her that hard when you do try to convince her into things, so she never really gets mad at you but you might find yourself rolling your eyes at her when she’s not looking

gemini moon- you show your mom with your actions that you want freedom and want to be detached from her, but then when she gives up on trying to reach you, you say she’s too disconnected from you. there’s probably a lot of arguing, but remember that when she barks at you its only because you bit her first (geminis and their sharp tongue lol)

cancer moon- you’re very focused on her emotionally so you tend to go through all the pain she goes through with her. also if you feel like she isn’t giving you enough love you might flame up in emotion pretty quick but are also quick to blame her for it because you never want to admit you might be unstable without her affection

leo moon- your relationship with your mom is very upfront and honest. just like any leo in general, you find that you and your mom always say what you want to say to each other. this might cause some problems since you will immediately call her out and then she will bounce back with a “lion roar”. her overwhelming presence might be too big at times for you

virgo moon- your mom is under your magnifying glass at all times. youre verryy aware of just how well she cares for your needs. you find sometimes that she doesn’t live up to your expectations and when this comes up, you view her as too flighty and not around enough. you do accept that this is just how she is because.. at the end of the day this is honestly just how you want your relationship with her to be

libra moon- it might be surprising to some, but people with libra moon tend to have a pretty strict relationship with their moms. it seems that you subconsciously have a way of doing things so you can keep the peace between you. the rules that are set can seem too formal at times and there is a facade that says “i cared so much for you”, when you might feel she was actually very cold underneath. that’s the saturn aspect to libra

scorpio moon- your mother stirs many emotions in you but doesn’t seem to be there when you want her to be. other times she’s suffocatingly close when you want her to go away, but this tends to be your own internal clock that tends to go crazy at times. she never really knows when it’s a good time to be there or keep her distance so when she finally shows her frustration you feel shes being aggressive and controlling.

sagittarius moon- sort of like virgo moon in the way that you see all your mom’s faults but the difference is that you see her this way because of your “know it all, above it all” nature. you want to break free of her which made it pretty hard to raise you. you think she has a lot to learn and that you should be in charge of your life, not her

capricorn moon- this moon sign gives you a feeling of guilt in relation to your mom. it seems you can never enjoy life because of her very apparent, difficult problems. you empathize with her and always want to help her because you feel she always does her best but you do think that she could do things for herself that would make her life easier if she tried. she might’ve always relied on you more than you relied on her, but she really respects your ability to be mature

aquarius moon- you might of noticed that your mom didn’t really emotionally support you but it’s because she never really had to. you were very mature since you were young, so your relationship with your mom was pretty detached in the way that you didn’t need her emotionally. she was more of an equal rather than a mother and even though you prefer this intellectually, it can seem like a numb relationship at times

pisces moon- your mom undergoes a lot of difficulties in her life, and you two have a subconscious understanding that you have to be emotionally strong because of this. you want to be able to rely on her at times but you know you shouldn’t because she has enough on her plate. you feel really bad for her since she seems to be lost in her world of problems, but thats exactly what leads you into your own world of confusion and feeling lost

Day 2 of Blogmas

Y/N and Harry both get dumped on Christmas Eve. When their paths cross, a night to remember ensues. 


Christmas Eve With A Stranger


Y/N can’t think of the last time she’s ever felt this lonely. Which is pretty ironic seeing as her relationship was bound to fail - not that she was trying to make it fail. But it’d been a few weeks now, that she started getting that feeling that her boyfriend - well, ex now actually - was showing less and less interest in her as the days dragged on. They hadn’t been dating that long, and she’d tried to make it work, even when he denied wanting out. Part of her was excited Christmas was around the corner, because maybe, just maybe she would be able to get him into the holiday spirit. Maybe he would stop make up excuses when she’d ask him over for a nice comfy night in. Safe to say that hope was crushed when he spoke those four words. “We need a break.” A break? From what? There had been practically nothing to need a break from. And it’s not like she was going to fight for that relationship to stay in tact. There was only so much she could give before she’d have to give up.

Harry feels like an absolute fool. He’s spent every Christmas with his family, and this year wouldn’t have been an exception if his girlfriend - well, ex now - hadn’t guilted him into staying and spending it with her. She’d gone and thrown it in his face how absent he’s been because of tour, telling him she didn’t know if they would be able to survive the holidays and go into next year as a couple. Harry can admit he had been rather distant - in terms of how often he’d seen her - but he likes to think he hadn’t neglected her. When he wasn’t on stage or running around doing promo, he’d phone her, or text her. Occasionally when they weren’t too busy doing their own thing they would Skype. But regardless of that - and the fact he was letting his whole family down by cancelling the holidays with them - Harry felt he would be somewhat forgiven if he granted her the wish of staying near her. Had he known though, that she would be dumping him, he would have gone back to the comfort of his mum’s home for the holidays.

The only downside to it all, is that they’ve gotten dumped on Christmas Eve.

As if it couldn’t have been any worse, Y/N had taken her time getting dolled up after receiving a text from her then boyfriend. It had seemed like a normal invitation for a date, and it had made her feel a little giddy to finally be able to spend time with again. She’d worn her nicest dress and coat, along with a cute new pair of heels she’d just spoiled herself with. He’d picked her up at his place, but failed to open the door to his car or greeted her with a kiss. He’d barely even looked at her on their way to the restaurant, where after the first course meal - maybe she should have stayed for dessert and charged it on his card - he’d broken the news. She would be a fool to stay, and though it didn’t much faze her - she would be okay with or with it him - she refused to stay any longer. She’d stood up hastily, chair almost falling back, and put on her coat with out giving him the slightest glance. She scurried out of the restaurant as fast as her heels allowed, knowing for sure if he wanted to, he’d be able to catch up to her. And that’s exactly what he did. He tried apologizing, explaining how it all seemed to come to a sudden halt, but she wasn’t having any of it. The clicking of her heels increased the closer he was getting. At one point she felt his hand reach for her arm, only for her to jerk away and murmur something along the lines of “don’t touch me.” He’d tried to tell her it was too cold for her to walk home by herself, that he would drive her back, it was no trouble at all. But did he really expect her to willingly sit in a car after having just said what he did. Eventually, when she no longer heard footsteps chasing her down the windy streets, she stopped. It was then that she noticed she’d been silently crying, and her feet were aching.

Harry loved treating his girlfriend to nights out when he had the chance. It was nice to spend some time out after being restricted by tour buses and hotel rooms, so he’d gladly made plans to take her out to see the Christmas lights and the Christmas tree downtown. He’d driven down and parked on a somewhat secluded street before they began their walk through lit up buildings. With the wind blowing the cold air every which way, he was thankful she had reminded him to put on his beanie. Harry didn’t think much to how oddly quiet she’d been, and recalls the most she’d talked was on the phone while he was getting them a hot chocolate at a nice little café they’d spotted. He had just sat down a table when she’d walked over, eyes lingering on the table after she’d sat down before she finally spoke. He can’t say he hadn’t seen that coming, he just didn’t think it would have been this soon. And he didn’t think it would be appropriate to try and fix it, to make empty promises, if he was going to go back to leaving her. If anything, he might be able to say it’d ended mutually. Enough that she said she would have accepted him taking her back home if she hadn’t already called for a cab because she wasn’t sure how he would take it. And he wasn’t so much disappointed on the relationship ending, but rather on how guilty he felt now for why it did.

Now, two lonely souls walk about the streets. Harry’s forgotten where he’s parked his car, and Y/N doesn’t think she can continue walking any longer with out eventually having to take her heels off.

Soon enough she’s spotting a nice, warm looking little café across the street.

Soon enough, Harry’s spotting a beautiful woman making her way through the door.


With out a second thought, Y/N’s taking a seat on the first chair she spots, feet too hurt to take another step. She sighs audibly, sinking back into the comfortable furniture and kicking her legs out to relieve them of any pressure.

“Ye’ a’right there, love?”

The voice startles her, and it’s only then that she realizes the table she’s sat at is taken.

“I’m so sorry. It’s just-,” she inhales some much need warm air, the cold air outside having burned her nostrils, “-can I just have a minute? My feet are hurting like a bitch. I’ll just be a minute. Then I’ll move.”

Harry smiles at how adorably miserable she looks, her cheeks and nose having turned a dark red from the cold outside, and it’s not until she moves a strand of hair behind her ear that he notices those are red too. He gives her a second to herself, standing up and going over to the counter and ordering her a hot chocolate.

He looks at how she rubs at the back of her ankles, twisting them in a way he’s sure she’s doing to relieve pain. She seems completely oblivious to the fact Harry’s gotten up from his seat, and only looks at him when he’s setting the cup on the table with a small thud.

“‘Ere. Must be freezin’.”

He sits back down, nodding down at the cup for her to take. She smiles warmly at him as she reaches out and takes it, blowing into the liquid before pressing it up to her lips and taking a sip.

“Can sit ‘ere all ye’ want. M’not with anyone anymore.”

She looks up at him through her eyelashes, “anymore?”

Harry ponders on whether to tell a complete stranger how he was left to sit on his own this lovely Christmas Eve. When she won’t stop looking at him expectantly, he take the last sip of his drink before placing it on the table and sitting back in his chair with his arms crossed.

“Girlfriend just left,” he murmurs, catching his words before correcting himself, “well, ex girlfriend.”

This causes the woman in front of him to smile, and his eyes slit at that, brows furrowed as he’s about to ask what’s so funny about him getting dumped.

“I’ve been walking for a few block now, that’s why my feet hurt so much.”

When Harry looks at her funny, she continues, “my boyfriend, well ex boyfriend,” she corrects herself like Harry had, “dumped me over dinner.”

Harry’s eyes widen, his arms unfolding as he rests his forearms on the table, surprised someone like her would have been broken up with.

“And he left you out ‘ere in the cold to walk home?”

She giggles slightly at that. “No, no. He’s not a total prick,” she takes another sip, this time a longer one and smiles when she feels the liquid run down her throat, “he wanted to take me home actually.”

So he’d offered to drive her home? But she’d rather walk in this cold with those shoes on?

It’s as if she had read his mind, “he could have done it when he’d dropped me off after I’d had dessert,” she offers, “at least then I wouldn’t have been so mad.”

Harry nods her head and chuckles at her response. “So you’re mad b’cos you didn’t get t’have dessert?”

“No,” she tips her cup over to take in the last of her drink, sets it on the table and leans over it to whisper, “I’m mad because now I have to return the presents I went out of my way to get him.”

Harry throws his head back in amusement, his laugh echoing through the café.
She pouts and scrunches her nose at him in distaste.

“He wasn’t easy to shop for. Could’ve used that money for something else.”

She huffs and moves to sit with her back to the chair, arms crossed as she blows to move a strand of hair from her face.

“Like wha’?” Harry asks after his fit of laughter comes to an end.

“Like that dessert I wanted tonight.”

Harry’s not sure if she’s just saying to get another laugh out of him, or if she’s genuinely upset about not having gotten the eat dessert.

“C’mon then,” he’s standing up and pushing his chair in.

“C’mon where?”

“Gonna get you that dessert.”

Y/N’s astounded at that. A complete random - and handsome if she must admit - stranger is offering to get her baked goodies.

“What? No, what? You don’t even know me.”

Harry looks down at her, hand extended for her to take, “your name?”


He nods once, “M’Harry. Now c’mon. Haven’t got much left. Shops gonna close soon.”

Y/N eyes him carefully, stare lingering on his large warm looking hand.

“Tell ye’ wha’,” he begins, “s’Christmas Eve. Wouldn’t be fair for us t’spend it alone right?”

Y/N nods hers head slowly.

“So lets go get ye’ dessert. We can go look at the big tree. And then I’ll take ye’ home, yeh?”

Y/N thinks Harry’s got a point, and it sounds very inviting. What could she lose if she says yes.

She slips her hand into his as she stands up, “but my feet still hurt, y’know.”
Harry smiles at that, “we’ll pop over to a shop and get you something more suiting for this walk.”

He opens the door to the café, walking out first and holding the door open for her.

“Walk? I thought you had a car!”

Harry notices how she shivers as soon as she steps out into the cold night, arms wrapping around herself and shoulders shrugging to give her neck some coverage.

“I can’t remember where I’ve parked it,” he confesses, hands moving to rub her shoulders for more friction.

She doesn’t much complain after that, she lets Harry lead the way and walks by his side, leaning into him when a random gust of cold air sweeps over them. They eventually find a street shop where he buys her a pair of comfy flats, insisting he pay for them. “Christmas present from me,” he says. And he refuses to let her carry the bag containing her other shoes.

They continue their walk through the streets. At one point Harry sees some bloke eyeing her up and down, and out of instinct, he wraps an arm around her to keep her close just in case.

They talk about how much it sucks to have been broken up with on Christmas Eve of all days, and they both somehow admit to not really having seen a future with heir exes. Harry can’t say that he’s relieved to hear her say that, but part of him feels some sense of comfort knowing she isn’t completely broke about the whole situation. Y/N on the other hand, is absolutely relieved his heart is still very much in tact.

Y/N asks a bit about his music, only after spotting a billboard and excitedly pointing it out to him.

When they finally find a nice bakery, Harry buys her all the goodies she’s craving, which isn’t actually much since she doesn’t wanna take advantage of him. They don’t stay at the shop to eat though, instead, they continue walking and talking and eating and making their way to the big tree.

“Why not Christmas with your family?” She asks through a mouth full of cookie.

“Stayed cos she’d asked me t’.” It sounded silly saying it out loud. He hadn’t been dating her for that long for Christ sake, and yet he’d sacrificed the holidays with his family to avoid a fight.

Y/N nods understandingly, mouth twitching to one side, a sign that she may have something to say about it.

“Wha’?” He bows his head down in embarrassment, surely she must think he’s a complete dolt for denying his own family his presence.

“It’s really sweet. And I just don’t see why she broke up with you. You barely know me and you’ve treated me really nice. Can’t imagine how you were with her.” He smiles at the sound of that, but says nothing about the matter.

It’s not long until they spot the star on top of the tree, high and bright.

Harry notices how amazed and intrigued she is by the tall tree, looking at it through side way glances, like a child trying to figure out what it is.

“It’s huge,” her head tilts back as her eyes take in the humongous of it all.

Is it weird that Harry’s beginning to feel a knot in his stomach from just looking at her?

“C’mon,” she hollers, waving him over as she pulls out her phone.

He walks the space between them.

“Picture to remember?” She asks a bit timid.

“S’not like I could forget,” he murmurs under his breath, leaning over just enough so he’s head to head with her.

She opens the camera to take the picture, urging Harry to smile before he hears the click. And when she shows him, big toothy grin on display, he begins to remember what it feels like to genuinely like someone with out having to force anything.

“It’s almost midnight,” she tells him, “we have to find you car still.”

She bring up her hands to her mouth in balled fists, blowing warm air into them and then holding them up to her ears.

“Hav’ta take ye’ home, right.” Harry let’s the bag with her shoes hang off the crook of his elbow as he takes his beanie off and carefully slides it onto her head. “Should be somewhere close.”

She thanks him with a smile, hooking her arm to his as they continue walking.

By some miracle, they’re able to find his car down a dead silent street merely five minutes away from the tree. The second the car turns on, Harry makes sure to blast the air on hot.

“Hopefully your face will defrost soon,” he quips, a smirk playing at his lips.

Y/N self-consciously bring her hand to her face, palms press end against her cheeks to find them almost icy cold.

“Would be dead if I hadn’t met you then huh?” She laughs, her finger pulling on the soft fabric a top her head to readjust it.

Harry listens as she gives him directions to her place, ever so often pointing out places she’s been to and how many stars out of five she’d rate them.

“Well, this is me.” She makes no move to get out of his car though. Instead, she moves to face him, “thank you for everything by the way. Honestly, I would’ve been a complete mess if it weren’t for you.”

“S’nothing really. If anything, thank you for keeping me company. M’not very good with being on my own. Would rather have someone to spend time with.” He’s not just saying it for the fuck of it, he really did enjoy her company.

She ponders on whether she should say what she’s been thinking next only for a second.

“Are you tired?” She asks sheepishly.

“Not really, no.”

“You said it wouldn’t be fair to spend Christmas Eve alone right?”

Harry nods his heads in agreement.

“Wouldn’t be fair to spend Christmas Day alone either. And I’m not sleepy either. You don’t have to say yes, I just thought that it’s super late to be driving around in this weather and you’re going home to and empty house anyway and I’m heading up there to an empty place too and I though maybe we could stay up and watch movies if you want, or I have board games too-“ she’s rambling on with no hint of an end.

“‘Ave you got any wine?” He turns off the engine despite not giving her enough time to answer.

Y/N smiles knowingly, shaking her head yes. And that’s all Harry needs before he’s getting out of his car to open her side door.

The Forbidden Realm (2/8)

Word count: 3700ish

Warning: Loki gets to be OOC even more, may get boring since I think I became too wordy for this, Loki wants to have something back(which may get ooc)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Queen!reader

Summary: After the events of Ragnarok, without nowhere to go, Loki remembers a place where the Asgardians may be welcomed. But as expected, he would get the treatment he knew he deserved after what happened. Especially by the one he left behind.

A/N: Takes placed after the Thor : Ragnarok. I’ve added a few of my own fanons so yeah. And tell me if you want to be tagged for the next parts. ❤️️

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


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“I have no idea what’s going on but someone tell me because I feel like this is going to get better and better,” Valkyrie finally piped up, removing the awkward silence of the room they were placed in for the time being. She was amused of the story in front of her, enjoying the genuine shock on Thor’s face when he heard.

“You have a wife?!” Thor finally bursted out, couldn’t find it in himself to keep it in anymore. Loki cringed a bit, touching his ear.

“I can’t believe this, Loki!” Thor shouted, luckily the four was alone or else that could’ve caused a bit of attention. But Thor couldn’t help it, this was the first time he was hearing this information.“How could you have hidden this from me?”

Loki only retaliated by shrugging his shoulders. It wasn’t like he ever asked. “It never came up.”

“And no, she is only my betrothed,” he corrected, a small quirk of his lips broke out at the mention of that word. It’s been a while since he use that, and boy, he sure miss it.

“Actually, unlikely friends is a better title,” a cold voice interrupted. Thor, Valkyrie, Bruce and Loki all looked towards the woman surely had one of the iciest glare Thor has ever seen. But that quickly changed as she started greeting them with a warm smile. She bowed as she greeted the three with such hospitality. “Greeting, greetings. Welcome to Aikenheim. Welcome.”

Her warm smile then fell to a frown when she reached Loki who already had a smirk ready for the woman as if he was already expecting that kind of treatment. “Except you.” She squinted, glaring daggers at him.

“You don’t have the right to even say that she was ever your fiancée anymore,” she gave more emphasis on anymore. Thor, Valkyrie and Bruce identified her as the handmaiden of the Queen. By her clothes, she should be the one in charge of all the workers in the kingdom.

“Both you and my queen have broken off any romantic relations such as engagements and is no longer connected to each other in any way, especially that way,” the woman filled in. She sounded a little too sarcastic and happy about what she was saying. “That is, of course, entirely your fault because of your disgusting lies and empty promises.”

At then and there, the others could clearly infer that there was a lot of things they don’t know about. The way the woman just talked about Loki was both insulting and degrading. But judging by the grin now settled on his face, he was enjoying it. Almost like he was teasing the woman just by seeming so unaffected, glad even, of her words.

“Mila, it’s nice to see you again too,” Loki laughed, he missed her harsh words. Somethings never change.

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will say im warming up to agent Devineaux after the finale, so far his persistence and inability to give up was put in situations where it was meant to fail which makes sense since he is technically chasing the wrong person, but the finale was the one time it was a strength, continuing to resist the truth device even after finding out what it’ll do to his head and even his last action of activating his pen even while probably the “wrong” thing to do did show us how much will power he has.

make no mistake tho lmao julia > chase in detective skills and she should be in charge of him, hopefully the next season is about julia finally putting her foot down and convincing everyone else she is the smarty pants and everyone else should listen to her

To Have Your Heart, Chapter 7

A Small but Sweet Update.  I’ll update all my links and things later.  Sweet dreams everyone <3

Claire’s arms hung heavy at her sides as the wind whipped her curls back. Her face was cold from the sea spray that pelted her skin, and despite having landed on the docks an hour ago, Claire couldn’t will herself to care about Uncle Lamb’s whereabouts, or about the lively entertainers near and around the docks. She was in France, a place she had dreamed of since she was a little girl, and enviously imagined while Jamie was in school. Yet, it didn’t matter. All she loved was on the other side of the channel, as well as the man who had forced her away from it.

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anonymous asked:

I worked at a bakery and there were too teenage girls. One of them ordered a hot chocolate in medium, so I prepared a medium sized chocolate and she was about to pay when she changed her mind. Suddenly she wanted the big size so I typed the prize in the register and she said I should charge her the medium size. I said no because everyone has to pay correctly. She told me that I could be nice and charge her less. Sorry girl but it's not my problem if you suddenly change your mind.

Yet another scammer trying to get something for free. Go you for not giving it to her. 😀



Taylor couldn’t believe how annoyed she was.

She had been selected to represent the firm at a regional conference — it was supposed to be a professional coup. But then she was paired with — ugh — him.

OK, maybe his work product was good enough. But he was also selfish and jerkish. And, worst of all, he took for granted that he didn’t have to work his butt off to earn some respect.

Taylor, on the other hand, had been churning through nights and weekends since high school — a decade ago! — to pull off top grades and make sure that everyone viewed her as more than just some cute girl.

Yeah, she went out with friends Saturday nights — time management! — and could have fun when she wanted. That’s why Taylor dressed so casually for the Sunday networking brunch — to show she could be fun — with the expectation, of course, that she and her supposed work partner would build some contacts and maybe do the groundwork on landing a new client.

Instead, he just kept ordering drinks and fiddling around with some kind of weird overly-sized iPhone or something.



Taylor couldn’t believe how lucky she was!

Her boyfriend had invited her to tag along on one of his, like, super-important work trips. She didn’t quite understand all his office talk mumbo-jumbo — “I’m just a blonde! Duh!” — but her eyes popped when he said that should could just get anything she wanted at the resort and charge it back to her room.

Spa. Room service. Shopping. Anything.

Taylor remembered when her body had started to fill in back in high school — a few years ago — and how all the boys suddenly started acting so sweet and nice once they realize what a cute girl she was.


But this boy really took the cake. At this rate should could quit her part-time job as a hostess — squee! — and just have fun whenever she wanted. That’s why Taylor dressed up in the sexy lingerie that she had packed — it really showed off her hips and tits — with the hope, of course, that he’d ask her to move in with him and be a perfectly spoiled stay-at-home girlfriend.

So Taylor primped and preened and took some selfies and waited from him to come back from his very serious work brunch.