she ships nalu

FT Episode 52
  • Hibiki/Ren/Eve: *flirts with Lucy and Erza at first glance*
  • Ichiya: *tries to flirt with Erza and Lucy, sniffs them and talks about parfum*
  • Lucy: *shivers* You’re freaking me out you know
  • Erza: *backs away* Sorry, I can’t really handle them him either.
  • Erza: *stutters* H-He may be an incredible wizard, but -
  • Gray: *sees Erza nervous and uncomfortable at a flirting attempt (which doesn’t normally happen since it's Erza) and just snaps*
  • Gray: - Listen you crappy Blue Pegasus boy-toys! How about you stop making passes at our princesses, huh?!
  • a grayza/nalu/graylu/natza shipper: HE CALLED ERZA AND LUCY HIS AND NATSU'S PRINCESSES!! *dies and goes to shipper heaven*

Original Art : @hiro_mashima 

So Mashima just posted this new character design and instantly my little shipper mind thought that it was a NaLu child , for the fact of the pink hair and then the weapon which looks very similar to Lucy’s Fleuve d'etoiles..

I don’t understand why ‘Natsu kicking Lucy out of the team for Lisanna’ and 'Lisanna is a jealous bitch’ fics exist. Natsu would never do that to Lucy and Lisanna is too sweet of person to ever be jealous. She ships NaLu. I get its fanfiction, but trashing characters personalities like that isn’t right.
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Fairy Tail Chapter 424: “Avatar” Review:

Lets go shall we!

Warren’s Cover: (Nice hair)

We get to the Village:

Happy.. Natsu…: (Dorks)

Natsu smells Juvia:

Juvia hallucinates Gray:

She fainted!:

Wait.. Juvia’s been living with Gray!:(Lucy and Wendy blushed)

They slept together: (Don’t lie to me like that Juvia!)

External image

What’s that demon mark of Gray…: (I got a bad feeling)

Its been half a year for her:

Natsu and Lucy argue:

Juvia ship NaLu!!: 

She cries in wait:

Natsu’s Resolve:

Let’s go to Sabertooth!: (Is Juvia coming??)

What’s this place:

Who are these idiots: (For Zeref?)

OMFG Gray!! What are you doing!!: (He looks hot though)

Chapter 425 - Sabertooth X792: (Yay to something less painful)

Overall Chapter:

Hope you enjoyed it!