she sees the future but she didnt see that

Things Confirmed In Stevens Dream

New Location: The Palanquin

  • Greg got a new watch
  • Greg was told about Pink Diamond by Rose, but he never pressed her on the issue

  • Rose didnt like to talk about PD

  • Greg thought disc was coming back

  • Amethyst has never seen The Palanquin   

  • Steven is upset over the gems hiding things from him

  • Rose never wanted Steven to see The Palanquin 

  • Garnet is afraid of Blue Diamond

  • The Palanquin is located in Korea on a Mountain

  • Rebecca Sugar cameos in this episode 

  • Steven can see through BD’s eyes when he dreams

  • Steven can cry BD’s tears

  • This is the first time we’ve heard BD and Blue Pearl speak in their own vocies

  • BD fells like she could of stopped PD from being shattered

  • BD visits The Palanquin

  • The Palanquin was where PD was shattered

  • BD and PD were very close
  • This is the first time we’ve seen BD’s eyes 
  • BD didnt know that humans can feels loss
  • The Diamonds dont know that the Cluster has been bubbled

  • Greg has been kidnapped by BD
  • BD has her own warship ( armship)
  • Garnet knew Greg would be kidnapped 
  • Garnet saw a future where if she went to The Palanquin , BD would see her
  • The gems are going into space

ok where is the future vision ruby/sapphire prompts i mean think of it:

  • sapphire ‘seeing’ a few possible futures where she and ruby “get together” and it distracts her from work completely for the next few days
  • when ruby asks questions about her future vision sapphire jokingly like “i can see all kinds of futures, for instance there are a few right here where you kiss me.” and then shE DOES KISS HER and the fast babe is StuNNED as fuck DIDNT SEE THAT COMING DIDJA
  • sapphire getting more and more anxious at possibilities of ruby getting hurt/killed on missions and actively tries to stop her from going on particularly dangerous ones without telling ruby why
  • the big angst of “i’ve seen you die a thousand times” that would come with seeing all these dark timelines
  • when they fuse for the first time and ruby finally understands why sapphire is always trying to get in her way during missions and garnet just stands there hugging herself
karaoke night

the officers at the zpd were 95% sure that Officers Hopps and Wilde had a thing for each other and they were going to find out with drinks.At first Judy was apprehensive about the whole idea.
Cop:” Come on Hopp’s its Tradition once the rookies earn their strips we take them out for drinks.”
But Judy still wasnt certain then Nick walked up behind to the officer talking to

Judy and patted him on the back “ I got this.” he whispered as he looks over to his partner.

Nick:” Well I’m Game what about you Carrots unless you know your not Bunny enough?”

he said with his conman smile which worked.
After a few drinks Nick and Judy started to loosen up not enough to spill the beans it wasn’t until Clawhouser found the karaoke machine and add inn a few more drinks it got interesting. Now Judy was a funny drunk a silly, flirtatious, the kind that likes to dance to no music. Nick on the other paw didnt seemed phased and he was on his like 8th drink he just sat there with his conman smile like he knew the officers plan from the begging. This wasnt the first time someone had tried to get him drunk for information.

Judy wanders over to Nick he looks at the tipsy Bunny and smiled
“ Hey carrots, how you doing?” he ask looking at his partner “ Hey Nick! Hey I’M doing great just good.” she says a little bit to loud she looks over to to the other officers in the booth and smiles.
Judy:“ Thanks for bring us out this this was fun!” 
Cop:” No problem Judy.

Nick places a paw on Judy’s arm “ Well its getting late and this one has had to many so i’m going to call it a night.” he said as guided her out then clawhouser Interrupted “So soon? are are you sure? Judy! didn’t you want to do Karaoke?” Judy let out a loud gasped which made all the cops look at the bunny.

“ Thats right I cant believe I forgot!” she exclaimed Nick glared at Clawhouse before looking back at Judy.
“ Carrots I really think we should get you.” he was cut off by Judy when she placed a paw on his snout. “ Nicholas Wilde! don’t be a party pooper!”

then she ran off Nick let out a loud sigh and looked back to Clawhouser with half lid expression.

“ Do you know the level of chaos you just unleashed on this bar?”
“ Now if you excuse me i need to hunt down my partner.” Nick left the booth to chance down his partner while the other cops patted clawhouser on the back for buying them more time and followed behind the fox wanting to see what happen next.
When Nick had finally found Judy she was on stage sing “ Dear Future Husband“
Nick:” Oh no…”

Judy: You got that 9 to 5
But, baby, so do I
So don’t be thinking I’ll be home and baking apple pies
I never learned to cook
But I can write a hook
Sing along with me
Sing-sing along with me (hey)
You gotta know how to treat me like a lady
Even when I’m acting crazy
Tell me everything’s alrigh “

  she sang as she started to flirt with the drunk guys in the bar Nick looked over to the officers that encouraged this fiasco.

Nick:” This is why i dont like going to karaoke bars because every drunk here tries to get there paws on her!” he growled as his tail bristled.

Cop:” Sounds like your getting jealous Wilde, besides she can take care of herself.”

Nick:” Thats the thing she goes to far and then a fight breaks out and she either brakes some guys nose or pepper spraying everyone now unless you want to be one of her victims help me catch her! and keep the guys away.”Her growled as he formed his paw into a fist.
Judy was now dancing on the bar teasing the guys she kissed one on the cheek in a playful manner it looked like he want more than just a kiss then one of the cops stepped in and Judy got away.

Judy: Dear future husband,
If you wanna get that special lovin’
Tell me I’m beautiful each and every night After every fight
Just apologize
And maybe then I’ll let you try and rock my body right
Even if I was wrong
You know I’m never wrong
Why disagree?
Why, why disagree?”

For a while she danced with random guy which seemed to bothered Nick. It wasn’t until she saw her Fox she decided to leave her dance partner but when she went to run to him the guy grabbed her arm. “ Nick!” she yelled Nick turned to his head towards the area were he heard his name to see his partner
“Judy!” he called back. She turned to the guy holding her arm and punched him in the nose and ran to Nick and jumped in his arms “ Carrots!” he said surprise by her sudden actions Judy just giggled at his response

I’ll be sleeping on the left side of the bed (hey)
Open doors for me and you might get some kisses
Don’t have a dirty mind
Just be a classy guy
Buy me a ring
Buy-buy me a ring, babe You gotta know how to treat me like a lady
Even when I’m acting crazy
Tell me everything’s alright

the song played but Judy didnt sing along she just focused on Nicks face as she catches her breath. “ Are you alright?” he asked as he looked her over not seeing anything out of place Judy places her paw on his tie.
Judy: Dear future husband,
If you wanna get that special loving
Tell me I’m beautiful each and every night…”

Judy pulls Nicks tie so his face is closer to hers and she kiss him and everyone is watching them
Judy:” Future husband, better love me right.” she whispers as she breaks away from the kiss.

all the cops cheered seeing the bunny and Fox Kiss.

Jasper and Eyeball (spoiler)

Today a new ship was born. I just cant believe how much Eyeball Ruby loves Jasper. She is her hero, hope and love interest. I am sad that she couldnt meet up with the real Jasper maybe she could have save her from corruption and she could have fuse with her. I hope in the future we can see them together and they can have a healthy fusion. I think this gem would never leave Jasper and would love her dearly but Jasper would be very akward because she wouldnt know how the handle this kind of relationship. It would be so cute and she wouldnt be alone anymore. <3

Here some (ok a ton of )pictures of how lovestruck Eyeball was and how she behaved towards “Jasper”.

First of all she wanted to see Jasper so badly.

Then she didnt care if she had to push her team mates out the way to finally see and meet with her. Even the other Rubies are suprised by how Eyeball behaves.

She really wants to meet with her no matter what. I think Navy gets it why. :D

Finally the moment has arrived.

Look at her, as a fellow gem warrior and soldier she saluted to show her respect towards Jasper.

Look at this devotion.

She was just so…


to meet with her.

She really appreciated how strong Jasper was. She knew she was a new born gem who managed to save her colony and defeate the enemy despite the odds. Jasper gave hope to other soldiers like her.

She is the one who suppose to know her hero the best so she suspects that something is wrong.

She is still not buying it…

But then she accepts the excuse, maybe because she was just too excited.

She would protect Jasper no matter what even if she would have to destroy the Earth…

She calmed down after the other Rubies greeted “Jasper”, maybe she trusts in her team mates more than she let us know.

But I think at the end she stayed suspicious…

She was very angry when “Jasper” wanted to stay on Earth, probably she didnt want to lose her after they finally met.

She and the other Rubies understand “Jasper” loyality but they still think she takes too much responsibility. I think they want to protect her.

Eyeball tries to be happy for her hero but she cant because she will miss her.

She even wants to spend more time with her even if they only talk about the prisoners.

Look at her! While the other Rubies are doing their job she isnt. She just wants to look at Jasper.

She doesnt understand why “Jasper” is so friendly with the other Ruby.

She is heartbroken.

While the others are happy she just tries to cover her tears and sadness.

But she recovers after they arrive. She is like a real gentleman. Like: Please follow me, darling. Even Leggy is suspecting something now.

And then she tells us how strong those gems components were and how huge they were jut like Jasper. I think she wanted to compliment her. But because Ame is not a HW gem she couldnt pick on that. I mean she kinda expects some reaction here.

Look at Leggy she knows what is up. She is like: Oh boy! You are really into her, arent you Eyeball.

Then Eyeball tries to calm her because she knows how hard it must be to “Jasper” that she lost her diamond. If she was in the Earthling episode, man…

She still doesnt want Jasper to stay and she is suprised by her reaction.

Look at her! Like her dream came true!

She even waves like they are girlfriends now. They are just so cute…

And then the shocking truth breaks her heart… :(((

There were lots of things I didnt pick on when I first saw the episode but she clearly loves Jasper and I think it is more than just a crush. I hope they will meet later on. But I wonder how we should call this new ship? Like: Eyeper or what?

anonymous asked:

i didnt realize this before but sapphire and garnets future vision powers are different!! do you think it has to do with ruby having changed sapphires future like she did or something like that??

yea! Its been shown a bit previously in “Keystone Motel”, Sapphire is much more assured in what the future is (”I can see the path of fate as it stretches toward the horizon”) while in “Future Vision” Garnet straight up says that no one can see the future, that instead she sees possibilities (”Time is like a river” and all that)

and its definitely because of Ruby! I think, judging by how she’s used it, Sapphire’s future vision only sees one path, the most likely or logical path. Its absolute. And I reckon this worked well for Gems for the most part, since their society is more rigid and logical and they suppress their emotions (though they clearly have them). Gems are most likely to follow the whims of their Diamond, even if its detrimental to themselves, so I think it makes their futures much more predictable (usually), hence Sapphire never having been wrong before.

But Ruby is extremely emotional and impulsive, she doesn’t save Sapphire because it was a tactical advantage but because she doesn’t want her to get hurt. I don’t think Sapphire’s future vision accounts for emotion, which is why she didn’t foresee Ruby doing that. It was extremely unlikely, but it happened anyway. And I think the inclusion of Ruby’s impulsive and emotional nature is what gives Garnet the ability to see possible futures instead of just the most likely future. She’s able to account for emotion and illogical actions while Sapphire can’t

Is Garnets future vision not working??? She didn’t see that there would be TWO monsters in ‘Gem Hunt’ and in 'Crack the Whip’ her and pearl went searching for Jasper in the snowy place and Garnet didn’t see that she would show up in Beach City to fight and would eventually POOF AMETHYST??? AND SHE ALSO DIDNT SEE THAT BISMUTH WOULD TRY TO SHATTER STEVENS GEM EITHER??? I’m just saying, I know Garnet can’t see everything, but it seems pretty sketchy that she didn’t see ANy of this, especially when the Gems were in danger.

She hadnt spoken to Stella in months. The only real person outside of her family was Nathaniel who had snuck into the rehab center. Audrey hadnt wanted to see anyone and she had ment it. Now here she was struggling not to have an anxiety attack and the prospect of seeing her best friend. It wasnt that Audrey didnt want to see her best friend. It was that the last thing she wanted to do was talk about what happened, or pretend that everything was ok when really it wasnt.

Walking into the living room Audrey looked over at Elias as she gripped his hoodie she was wearing. “Your not going to leave the room right.” She asked him anxiously. Audrey needed him to stay in the room at all times.