she seems to be so happy and that's all that matters :3

Track-By-Track Guide to 'How To Be A Human Being'

“Life Itself”
This one actually started off as a dark, slow, moody track. Quite insular. But eventually we realized there was a cheekiness to the lyrics that we hadn’t really explored, so we injected a sense of optimism into the music. The character that this track is about is a sci-fi obsessed dude who spends most of his time alone inventing strange things and writing stories about ray guns or looking for aliens on Google maps. We made him a website. But that’s what the chords and sound effects were inspired by. Old sci-fi films/series. I also got a bit obsessed with Lollywood music (music from Pakistani films), and thats where the idea for the drums came from.

The idea for this one came from a story someone told me once. They were telling me about their child, and something awful had happened to them. She was crying—but at the same time the memories that they had from that previous life made her so happy—so she was also smiling. That combination of emotions kind of made me feel like my heart was being ripped apart but also optimistic in a weird way. She had found a way to see happiness in this awful thing that had happened to her. That combination of emotions is what this song is getting at. Have a look at this character’s website, too.

“Season 2 Episode 3”
Everyone knows someone like the character from this song. If you don’t, then it’s you. But there are lots of references to different psychedelic cartoons in this one—sonically and lyrically—including Adventure Time. That show is crazy.

“Pork Soda”
I heard a homeless man talking to someone once and say ‘pineapples are in my head.’ In retrospect, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually those words, but I thought it was at the time, and it kind of stuck with me. The opening of the song is meant to sound like you’re outside on the street, and you can hear a group of people chanting this song. The drum sounds are made from old bins and trash pieces of metal I found around the studio. Kind of like those street drummers use. All that is meant to set the scene for the story.

“Mama’s Gun”
I don’t use samples very often. I only like using them if they bring something to the table, aside from just music—a context and a further depth to the actual meaning of the song. This song is mainly about mental health, and I remembered this song by The Carpenters called “Mr. Guder.” It fit the atmosphere musically, while the song “Mr. Guder” itself was about an odd character of sorts, and then on top of that, Karen Carpenter’s story added another dimension to the lyrics. if you don’t know the story, you should look it up. It’s important and very sad, and it started a general social dialogue about mental illness which is to this day still a subject matter that we avoid far too much.

“Cane Shuga”
This is the only track on the record that didn’t start with lyrics and vocal melody. It started with the beat and the heavy drums. I let the beat spin and wrote stream of consciousness lyrics through a vocoder for this one to try to capture a certain mentality you might have when you’re a bit fucked up. When you start speaking what seems like gibberish—but maybe that gibberish is actually quite revealing.

”[Premade Sandwiches]”
This is a spoken word interlude. My favorite word in the album is in this: “McFuck.” It’s something that someone’s gotten at McDonald’s. Here it is used in a sentence: “What the McFuck are you eating?”

“The Other Side Of Paradise”
This is musically my favorite track on the record, I think. The chords are quite bizarre, and there are some mad arrangement and structural things going on. And the beat was super fun to make. It’s gonna be fun live!

“Take A Slice”
This track is about someone with a lot of lust. It’s as sleazy as I’ll ever get in lyrics. But everyone has that inside them somewhere, even if it’s only a tiny bit. And it comes out from time to time. For some people, it’s out all the time.

“Poplar St”
This song is meant to open with a kind of musical/lyrical image of a place. A little guitar hook and a floating vocal line that all seems quite peaceful, but things get more and more twisted as the song goes on. The guitar starts doing weirder things, the music builds tension, and then the whole thing flips on it’s head at the end. And you find that maybe that place isn’t what you first expected it was.

As soon as I started writing it, I knew it would be the album closer. This is my favorite song on the record. And the saddest song I will ever write.

anonymous asked:

What is your opinion on the whole "Taylor is missing" thing? Do you think she's using us? I personally think she's doing just fine, there's no need for high fan or public involvement two months before the album, people will just get sick of her before it actually comes out

she’s not missing, lol she’s just not living a public life now (like she hasnt been for almost a year, idk why this is surprising) bc even living a semi public life during the last era brought her constant shit and bashing. 

and this is gonna get lonnnnng but let me just use this one anon to answer the pile of similar ones i have in one post. 

 I am completely stunned if people can not see that by not being public about her life - and i dont just mean her bf, i mean the entire thing -  she is diminishing a significant majority of the reasons she got hate. is it at the expense of not being able to ‘see’ her? yes. but it’s … her life, she’s not some character in a tv show that people should be able to tune in to every other day or week and see what she’s doing and know all the details of who she is with or what she is wearing. She’s an amazing talented artist who i love but she is also a person, and she - like all famous people - deserve the chance and choice to live a life outside her career w/o everyone butting in and knowing about it. And bc of the paps and the fact everyone has a camera nowadays in their pocket, the only way to achieve that is to live as privately as possible, avoiding photographing situations and avoiding situations where walking out of a door becomes a news story. 

she’s about 10x more involved w/her fans than any other artist that i follow bc the other artists are involved 0%, so um, to that end i think anyone complaining about the level of fan involvement being disappointing or not good enough or fake or using fans is just complaining because they want more from her and to that end i would ask, aside from the fact it is rather demanding of someone to always want more, what ‘more’ do they want of her … that she can reasonably do w/o backlash for it? let’s run throught the options. first off…  interviews about her personal life ( i thought it was ‘all about the music…’?) .. interviews where even if her personal life were off-limits, and she wanted to only talk about making her music, there is no way that any interviewer would not take the opportunity to ask her about the backlash of last year, trump, kk, feminism, being hated, all that was a part of the album’s coming-together and process, and why the fuck would taylor want to sit there and be asked about all that? sounds fun, haha, not? that would all only lead to more criticism and spur the news cycle even more?  does she want another feminism 2.0? or maybe talk about her friendships which brought along the whole squad nonsense? if people can’t quite frankly see that interviews right now would inevitably or immediately be turned against her i think they were not paying attention the last 3 years and watching what happened. she’s obviously saying what she wants to say to the public via her music / mv and the way in which she is presenting her music thus far in lieu of any sit-down interview. . now that said if she decides to do interviews then fantastic, i would love them too, i’ll be the first to read them,  but i have to say if she doesnt, then i can 150% understand why not. Why set yourself up to be attacked and have your own words used against you later?

maybe these folks want candids? missing taylor is fine and valid and that is okay, and you can want candids, there is nothing wrong with wanting to see her, but to be actually upset with her not wanting / allowing the paparazzi, who are the actual impetus to so many of the rumors about her and a significant majority of the bullshit she  has faced (not to mention the stalking), and ½ the reason for the overexposure,  to make money off unsolicited pictures of her? who can blame her? what good would those pictures have for her …. so that she can be plastered across the news, making the public sick of her again at a faster rate than she would be otherwise? or to lead to stories made up about her about being pregnant/having a boob job / about to b/u with her bf/ or just simply having her picture taken when she doesnt want it taken?  Look at the pics of her and joe running into her apt from the other day. they were picked up by a lot of sites. and those were blurry, shitty, no-face pictures. imagine what would happen if she casually walked from the car to the door and smiled for everyone? 

are people upset bc of things she experimented with during the 1989 era… like the secret listening sessions… so that the fandom can fight again about who got picked and who didnt? it was a wonderful idea she had to do that and generous and kind, and i’m happy for the fans who got to be a part of those types of things, but it also caused a lot of sour feelings. Same with swiftmas and other fan-specific things. you just can’t please everyone or people feel like there is favoritism and hurt feelings,… maybe it is better to treat the whole class equally… than only have a small group over for your birthday party, hmm?

 maybe people are upset of the lack of replies and reblogs on tumblr .. sure those were fun!! even tho it led to people thirsting for her attention harder which maybe made the experience for her on tumblr disingenuous? maybe if that expectation of getting involved in posts or fans’ personal lives is gone then that expectation will subside, and she can stay focused on liking things that pertain primarily to her music - and occasionally a few about her? her likes so far have been 99.9% pertaining to her and her music. not to mention the replies/rb’s let to buzzfeed and bustle etc running articles picking apart her replies? 

 or perhaps people are upset about the lack of  instagram posts so that those can also be dissected and mocked for whatever content? her insta was constantly regarded by the media as a bragger, ‘look at me, my life is so great, but also im a cat lady with a lot of famous friends’.  Trust me i loved seeing her ig pictures too, i love her sense of humor and that came through in some of her posts, but i have never seen someone’s instagram more attacked than hers in the last 3 years no matter what she posted unless it was a direct relation to her work … and even some of those were the source of negativity. her friend ships were attacked so hard, it became a topic of discussing and mockery in other artists’ interviews “are you a part of ‘the squad.’ Then there was the whole craze if she didnt wish someone a hbd, suddenly that friendship was in turmoil and there go the tabs again. So she’s using her ig like most businesses use theirs: to promote their brand. Seems reasonable to me. Why set yourself up for attacks. And back to tumblr, look at what happened last time she reblogged a certain blog playfully, it led to a story running across every outlet mocking her when she was just trying to have fun and being goofy re: the og blog’s sassy post? who can blame her for going, ‘guess i cant do that anymore’? even her ‘likes’ are being reported by the news now!! there is no ability to have a semiprivate fan-artist relationship because the media. gets. ahold. of. everything. and. they. ruin it. 

and since we are a society who loves to blame, if people want to blame someone for the way things are, blame the press, blame the paps, but don’t blame taylor. she’s simply reacting and adapting to the culture around her.

and i do expect she will do performances around the album launch, bc those are generally well regarded and not torn apart… 

and as for ‘using us’ .. .thats just an insult wow. first and foremost no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head. the door is right there. use it if her current approach is so bothersome, but to sit here and whine about it? If you hate your job, find a new one? if your friends suck, stop hanging out with them? but to sit there and bitch? come on. if you’re that unhappy and think taylor is some changed person you dont like/relate to anymore.. then go! the ongoing complainy judgmental negativity is puerile and rooted in underlying selfishness … and we are only three weeks into this era.  

i have heard people feel ‘disconnected’.. i thought the whole reason people liked taylor swift was to connect and relate to her through her music? isnt that what ultimately, every reviewer has said since the beginning of time: Great music, Great lyrics, Very Relatable. love story, fifteen, white horse, trouble, enchanted, all too well, sio, 22, clean, i could keep going but arent those all songs people have really related to, got them through good and bad times? was it not the music people related to with taylor from the beginning, to her experiences, growing up, love, love lost, coming of age, that she shared in lyric? that’s how i have since ages ago? it was always music first. The rest was gravy? but if some connected to her primarily through her personal life - interviews, instagram, baking, cats, boyfriends, friends, clothing, outfits -  was really where it was at…… and the music is just a footnote… if people are truly disconnected now bc the above don’t exist .. then maybe it is the very right choice of taylor to remove them… remove the ‘other’ way people felt connected .. .because maybe she really only wants people to *feel* connected to her through her art, not her private life?  i respect her choice to try to keep something to herself. 

idk if people were simply not paying attention, but taylor seems to have cut everything out of her life that people ragged on her for in the past. like, wouldn’t you? isn’t that basically self-preservation and protecting yourself? if someone is going to use something against you, why would you continue to do it anymore? wouldnt that be rather masochistic? i mean really give that a solid five minutes of thought. if you are taylor swift and you are doing something that you are repeatedly and vigorously torn down for - like all the things i have mentioned above - why on God’s green earth would you continue to do them? honestly, why? is pleasing some fans by doing A, B, and C above really worth the expense of allowing your life to be one where you are trashed daily by literally the entire media? what kind of life is that? 

good for her for putting herself first.

andysanime  asked:

I have a prompt, if that's ok. Also I want to mention I absolutely love these stories <3. My prompt for weird Wednesday is Tony gets deaged and the guardians have to take care of him. Maybe they are on earth and Cap along with the x-avengers visit because they heard what happened and Cap thinks their better to take care of kid!Tony?

Of course its okay so send a prompt! And also thank you! :)) ALSO THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SHORT STORY. BUT IT HAS OVER 2.7k WORDS. So watch out for the cut.

I really hope you like it…

“So he stays like that?” asks Peter and looks down at Tony. Doctor Cho shrugs.

“I don’t have an answer for that. But mostly magic loses their strength after a few weeks. But i will contact Thor and Doctor Strange.” is her answer and Peter nods.

Tony sits on the floor and looks at some toy blocks, but he doesn’t touch them. He looks incredible sweet like that.

“Okay thank you so much for your time.” says Peter and then lift Tony up. He seems like around three years old and is healthy. To be honest that is the only thing that matters.

“You were so brave.” says Peter to Tony when they leave the building. She had to take some blood from Tony and Peter thought he would cry at all the examinations. But he was quiet and really brave.

“Otay.” says Tony and smiles a bit. Peter wants to cuddle him. What a sweet boy.

“And?” asks Gamora, when Peter enters the Tower and he shrugs.

“Nothing she can do right now. But maybe Tonys other friends can help.” says Peter and he tries to sound happy, so he doesn’t upset Tony.

“Alright. Well i send Drax with Rocket and Groot to buy some things for him. So he doesn’t have to wear that big shirt all the time.” says Gamora and Peter groans.

“Why would you send these idiots?” asks Peter and Gamora laughs.

“Because i have a date!” she answers and is gone. Peter chuckles. There was a time where he would be jealous, but it changed a lot in the last year.

“Yondu?” yells Peter then and a moment later Yondu comes into the kitchen.

“What?” asks Yondu and he sounds annoyed. Tony giggles and holds his little hands out.

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Chuck and Amara - the ultimate Destiel expositions

Ok so I can’t help but think of Austin Powers and Basil Exposition while writing this whole post cos thats where I learned the term as a 10 year old….

Originally posted by austinpowersquotes


After writing quite a few pieces on Mary as a catalyst for the emotional growth of Sam and Dean I thought about Amara which in turn made me think about Chuck and then came an absolute lightbulb moment (for me). Chuck has already been shown as the narrator and expositional over-voice in Swan Song and alongside this and how I view nearly all Amara’s dialogue in season 11 my brain went to….

Chuck has always been important to Cas’s story obviously and it’s clear that Mary is important to Dean (and Sam’s) story. Going back I’ve noticed so many exposition moments for the bond between Dean and Cas and I realised when noting them down that Chuck often exposes Cas’s side of the story and Amara Dean’s. By exposition moments I mean something that’s not between the two of them but a parallel or an interaction with a different character that exposes their feelings towards the other. This is key on screen because you can’t know what’s going on inside a character’s mind like you can in a book, this has to come another way so you get expositions or self-aware moments like Dean’s praying/longing scene or interactions with other characters like Metatron’s multiple scenes with Cas.

With hindsight I feel like Chuck is a character exposition of Cas’s feelings for Dean and Amara a character exposition of Dean’s feelings for Cas. 

Below the cut : How I believe Chuck & Amara reveal Destiel exists in S11.

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Betrayal Leads To Secrets - Part 2

Request from anon:like can i ask u to pls write some avengers x reader where she is part of the team but one day goverment come for her with overwhelming evidences that she is a traitor or a killer? the avengers are shocked, even more so when reader just get along, let herself handcuffed ready to be put in jail. she asked for the avengers to leave it alone. of course none of them listen n tried to prove her innocent. whats going on? thats up to you. pls do this if ur in a mood to write.

Note: Here’s part 2! I apologise for the delay in posting this but unfortunately life can get pretty hectic….anyway thank you to everyone who gave me such wonderful feedback for the first part and I hope you enjoy this <3

Avengers x Reader

Words: 1,901

Warnings: Language, interrogation, mentions of torture, violence and angst.

Disclaimer: None of the gifs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

“I do not believe that this is the right course of action for you to be taking Captain Rogers.” Vision stood in the center of the room watching as the team prepared themselves to leave the tower. It wasn’t often that he doubted the actions of the Captain but after doing the usual barrage of calculations in his artificial mind the results were not positive ones. “Miss [l/n] willingly went with the agents which tells me that she did whatever it is they believe she has done. Therefore your plan on bringing her back here will be futile.”

“Vision I know you mean well but [y/n] is one of the team and if she really has done something bad then we want to hear it from her not from uptight men in suits. Those guys have been wrong before.” His blue eyes briefly glanced over to his old friend who was testing out his bionic appendage, completely unaware that Steve’s comment was directed towards him. “Something isn’t right about this and we’re going to find out what.”

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G Eazy Imagine

A/N: Hey! Sorry for being MIA if you’ve noticed at all but I’m back so sorry for such a long wait. Please know I take requests for anybody! Enjoy :) 

Request:  Hey, imagine request! I really like the one you just did with G-Eazy. Can you maybe do a part 2 of that one, and maybe some other ones maybe involving you getting into a car accident while pregnant or some other stuff like that? Thanks!

Synopsis: Gerald and you go out to dinner but you don’t quite make it to the restaurant.

Warnings: Blood, swearing, and mentions of injuries

Originally posted by allmusicvideogifs

Your POV

I put the little test down on the counter and walk away from it as fast as I could like it was some explosive that was going to go off. In some ways it was, the 3 minutes would be up and I wasn’t sure how it would go. G was in the studio working as hard as ever, that was no surprise to me by now. He was trying to put out another album for the fans so he was barely at home but you didn’t mind. I had work and other things to do even though at times I did grow frustrated with it but it is what it is. 

The timer goes off in the bathroom, the ringing filling the air in the silent house. Frozen in my feet I tell my legs to move but they don’t budge. Taking deep breaths I walk back into the bathroom and pick up the little pregnancy test, just rip off the band aid. 


I’m in shock. We had been so careful, this wasn’t the right time. Gerald was about to put out another album and go on tour. He didn’t want kids right now, what do I do. How far along am I? I immediately call a doctor to schedule an appointment and thankfully they can get me in the same day. I go to put my shoes on when my phones starts ringing and I see G’s face appear on the screen. 

“Hey baby! I have a great news! We finished the album so the guys at the studio are hosting some dinner tonight at that place downtown we’ve been wanting to go to.” Pride is all that could be felt. 

“That is amazing babe! What time are you going to be home at?” I ask nervously and quickly stash the test away so he wouldn’t find it. 

“Probably around 7, I’ll come home change and we’ll go. Oh babe I got to go I’ll text you bye!” He hangs up before I can put in another word. So much for telling him today, but I suppose I wasn’t ready to tell him anyways. I get in my car and drive to the doctors office. As I sit in the waiting room I anxiously bounce my leg up and down, clutching onto my purse. Maybe the test was wrong? That’s happened to people before. 

“Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Somebody calls and I quickly follow her to a back room. I undress and wait anxiously. I had never been so quiet in my life. The doctor reassures me that everything is fine, even though that doesn’t relieve any of my stress and performs some tests and brings out and ultrasound. 

“Well, you are definietly pregnant! Now let’s just see how far along,” The doctor glides the machine across my stomach. I watch the machine and thats when I see that something was there, a baby was there. 

“Wow! You are about 3 months pregnant!” The doctor smiles at me and I was in shock before but this was all new. 

“H-How? How did I not know?!” I question and she handsme some paper towels to wipe my stomach with. 

“Everybody is different, there are some signs but not every pregnancy is the same. Some don’t show as much as others. The baby is healthy but just make sure you start taking supplements we don’t want to have any trouble with the baby to come. Again, congratulations.” The doctor leaves and I sit by myself and start to cry. How did I not know? I could have done something to it and not have known. 

“I’m so sorry.” I touch my stomach. I would love and care for this baby no matter what, I would do anything in my power for this child. 

I go back home and wait until around 6 to start getting ready. How was I going to tell him that I was pregnant with his child? I wasn’t sure but tonight was about Gerald’s album. “Babe! I’m home, where are you?” I freeze but quickly come back to answer his question. “I’m in the bathroom upstairs!” I yell and I could hear his large footsteps climbing the stairs.

Suddenly his large fram peaks around the corner into the bathroom as I finish putting on some lipstick. 

“Damn baby, look at you!” Gerald takes a step back and admires everything about me.

“I’m one lucky man.” He whispers in my ear, now standing behind me. His hands wrap around my hips but I quickly break the contact and walk away. 

“Well! We should get going are you ready?” I ask and he seems to be a bit taken back but doesn’t say anything. 

“Yeah, let’s go. Just going to change real quick.” G says and I nod making my way downstairs. 

I was making this obvious that something was wrong, out of the normal. Well, something was out of the normal. I had been carrying a baby for a while and had no idea. I shake the thought out of my head as Gerald walks down the stairs. 

“Got everything?” He asks and I nod. We get into his car, it was one of my favorites. I knew Gerald loved this car, he would go 100 mph on the freeway in it, and that felt slow to him. To no surprise we get on the freeway and he’s passing every car. I try not to say anything but my anxiety only hightens and I knew that stress wasn’t the best for the new found baby. We pulled off and went into the city but he kept his speed up.

“Gerald, you need to slow down. You can’t drive like that anymore!” I shout and he turns to look at me and clenches his jaw. The street lamps light up the dark night as well as the car so I catch glimpses of how tense he was.

“What’s your fucking problem Y/N? You’ve been moody since I got home. Do you not want to go? Are you not happy for me?” Gerald clenches the steering wheel and doesn’t slow down. 

“Gerald it’s a red light!” I yell and all the sudden a truck honks and I turn to look out my window to see it coming right towards me. 

I open my eyes to feel shooting pains everywhere in my body, it radiated from my head to my toes. The hiss of the engine smoke could be heard as well as other peoples voices but I couldn’t think clearly. 

“Y/N? Y/N! Are you okay?!” I can hear G’s voice but I can’t look at him it would hurt too much to turn to him. 

“B-Baby, b-baby.” I mutter as I grip my stomach, my baby. What about my baby? 

“I’m right here. It’s me Y/N, I’m right here.” Gerald reassures thinking I was calling for him. Sirens filled my ears and within minutes we are pulled from the car and in an ambulance. I could see that Gerald had cut his head and it was bleeding but the paramedics managed to bandage him. 

“You are going to be alright. We just think you have a concussion.” A paramedic says and I nod which gives me a slight pain. 

“M-My baby, I’m pregnant. I need to know, is my baby okay?” I ask not thinking about Gerald but the paramedic looks at me confused and shocked. He then looks to Gerald who shares the same expression. 

“We are almost to the hospital they’ll check you out there okay? You and your baby will be taken care of.” I smile but a tear slips from my eye, this isn’t how I wanted to tell Gerald. He wouldn’t even look at me, I watched his every move until we got to the hospital. 

Within a couple of hours they had checked my baby and me and everything was okay. I had a slight concussion and was a bit dehydrated. I sat at the end of the bed waiting for my discharge papers. Gerald paced the room for a while before finally settling down in a chair. He kept his face in his hands but a deep sigh could be heard from every now and then. 

“Gera-” I whisper but her quickly interupts. 

“Y/N, not right now.” He says sternly and I decide that it wasn’t in his right to be pissy. 

“Gerald, you listen to me. I didn’t know until today, so don’t go thinking I was holding out on you with this. Tonight was about you, I wanted it to be about you G! You’ve worked so hard you deserved to have a night that was focused on that. I was going to tell you, and I’m keeping the baby.” I say and he looks up at me. 

“Whether you be there and raise the kid with me is your choice but you can’t change my mind.” My tone is stern with him now as I was serious. 

“Y/N.” Geralds voice cracks which catches me by surprise. He got up from the chair and came over to where I was grabbing either sides of my face. 

“I’m sorry I put you through this, both of you.” Gerald glances down at my stomach and up to meet my eyes. 

“I love you, and I love this baby. We are in this together babe. You and this baby are the best things to happen to me in a long time, okay? I love you Y/N.” With that Gerald kisses me.

“We are a family.” 

Just A Little Attention

Cute shit, as always. Your local trash human thought it would be fun to do a little fluffy cute Baddies (ex-Baddie too). Below is a short list of our beautiful boys and girls desperately trying to get their SO’s attention while they’re working. Widowmaker, Sombra, McCree, Junkrat, Reaper with reader. Nuetral “You” used. (Lots of lap sitting in this bitch and I hope y'all are about it) (cause I aaaaaam)


For some reason my inbox doesn’t accept asks and I don’t know why! However my personal messages are always open for requests! I am happy to keep you anonymous!

Broken up into 3 part! Cause they just long enough!

Part One; Widowmaker and Sombra


° She honestly scared the shit out of you when you felt her hand on your shoulder, pulling your focus out of your computer with a sharp intake of breath as your heart slammed in your chest as you turned around quickly to see her standing beside you.

° “Jesus Christ,” you breathed, clutching your heart for a moment before turning back to your computer, “Give me just a couple minutes I’m almost done, Amélie,” you stated with a light tone as you input data religiously into your computer. You could almost smell her distaste with this answer but you ignored it for now. You knew she found your work boring, a waste of your time. You had talents that could be put to better use, and in a way you agreed with her. But you truly loved your job, even the boring parts of it.

° She startled you again as she pulled out your chair with a quick tug. Wow, she was really persistent. And stubborn. You were about to have some words with the woman, but she surprised you yet again as she moved and sat down gracefully in you lap, wrapping her arms around your neck and you immediately adjusted you both so you both were more comfortable as you wrapped an arm around her waist to hold her there.

° This was… Strange. This was very much not like her. She pulled you both back close to your desk, the chair rolling across the floor. You rose an eyebrow at her actions, but your eyes wondered down from her face to her neck. And then just to her body in general. You often compared Amélie to a painting, her lines so smooth yet dramatic. You quickly gave her neck little nibbles and kisses. Maybe this is what she wanted? Just some love from you but this idea was shot down quickly.

° She took her hand and jerked your head to look back at the screen of your desktop and you momentarily had a face of someone caught doing something you weren’t supposed to. What was going on? So instead you began to type in the data she had interrupted. Occasionally your eyes would travel to her face and her eyes looked directly at your screen as well. You knew she wasn’t interested by the bored look on her face. The small pout on her lip. Finally you broke the silence and spoke gently. “So… Are you…okay?” You asked, choosing the words with care as you kept typing in the data with one hand. Amélie adjusted in your lap quietly and it seemed like no answer would come from her before she spoke in a calm voice.

° “I missed you today,” she answered and her voice was almost more matter-of-fact than endearing but the words and her accent made your heart skip a beat. Her words caused a deep red blush to come across your cheeks and now it was gonna be nearly impossible for you to work! But you did, you tried to focus. Now you understood. Now you got it. She just wanted your attention. Thats all. For you to focus on her. And only her. But she respected you enough to let you finish what you were supposed to but only so you could COMPLETELY focus on her. Your one hand moved faster than you ever thought it could, typing in as fast as you could with one arm still wrapped around her waist, fingers gently running up and down her side.

° Finally, thankfully, you pressed enter and you work was inputted and your other arm was quickly wrapped around your girlfriend and you lifted her up over your shoulder and stood up, one arm still holding her waist while the other pat her fantastic butt. Her face to the back of you while her legs were in the front.

° “So you missed me today, Amélie?” You asked teasingly, your foot kicking in your chair to your desk.

° “I don’t know whether to kill you or kiss you,” she stated honestly, not really scrambling but you could tell she wasn’t happy about where she was.

° “Isn’t that what love is?” You teased giving her butt another pat as her hand quickly came down on your own ass with a hard hit and you quickly put her down next to you and grasped her hand instead, holding it tightly in your own as you walked out of your work place.

° She didn’t fight the hand holding.


° “Hey Cariña!”

° You heard her voice and looked over your shoulder and gave Sombra a large smile, “Hey hon, I’m almost done, give me just a minute,” you stated over your shoulder, and she walked up and leaned over your shoulder, kissed your cheek and you returned it quickly with a peek on her lips and she wrapped arms around you and peeked at your screen.

° “What are we doing today?” She asked as she looked at your screen. You shrugged as you looked back at your screen, “Just data on bullet counts used by you guys. You’re the winner yet again,” you stated with a laugh as she did a little fist pump.

° “And if I don’t get Reaper to stop throwing away his fucking guns, papasito is going to have to start paying for the shit himself,” you added with a shake of your head but a smile on your face as you heard her hearty laugh.

° “He thinks it makes him look cool! Stupido,” she laughed as she climbed over the arm of your chair and plopped across your lap, her head resting on one arm while her feet dangled over the other one. You rested one hand on her tummy while the other hand typed on the computer still as you leaned over to read your paper work and then typed in some more. She pulled up her purple screen, nails on one hand typing into the air while the other rested over yours warmly.

° The two of you didn’t mind spending time together like this. You both enjoyed computers so much, that both of you typing away was a nice way to unwind and relax. Every now and again she would hack into your computer and type into your screen and show you a video she had caught of Reaper on security cameras and both of you would laugh as she messed with doors and lights and just truly frustrated the man. Both of you just couldn’t stop laughing as it continued before finally you had to give her your patented stern look and she’d sigh and pulled out of your computer.

° You had been at work a lot the past few days, so you picked up quickly that she wanted to spend time with you. Hell, today had been a 14 hour day. Sombra was good for international technological terrorism. Her talents unmatched. But you were good at getting the aftermath organized, the paper work put away, the intell invesitgated, the finances documented and printing receipts. And when it came to talent, Talon was where you belonged. You were good at covering tracks. Talon operatives and higher ups trusted you from the start. Plus your paycheck couldn’t be matched. So Sombra basically clung to you when she joined, you both having a passion of computers. You never realized it would get to where you both were now. Attached at the hips, and her being worried about the hours you worked. She compared your hard work to the importance of missions. And she must have missed you the way you missed her when she was gone. This thought made you move your hand to her hair, running it and fingers gently tracing the metal, your hand still typing on your computer.

° Extra for Sombra°

° Fingers tapped on your desk as you and Sombra slept in your office chair, mouths open and loud snoring coming from both of you. You fell asleep with your hand still on your keyboard and Sombra in your lap, asleep as well.

° Suddenly, the form went behind the chair and took the back of the chair in their hand dumped the two of you out of the chair. You immediately stood up, hand going into a salute motion as your groggy eyes opened and looked down at Sombra on the floor, looking up at the person behind the chair, a chain of Spanish curse words leaving her lips as she rubbed her head. You looked around to see Reaper behind you, arms crossed over his chest as he looked the two of you, turning his head to look at you.

° “Get back to work,” he stated firmly, voice scary.

° “Yessir,” you answered quickly, fear spreading down your spine, sitting down quickly and beginning to type into the computer as Sombra got pulled up by her ear and dragged away.

° “Y/N has already been working a week straight!” she agrued as she was dragged backwards.

° You looked over your shoulder at the two and couldn’t help but chuckle as you turned back to your computer.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 1 835
summary : Kai and Reader are best friends , but both of them are keeping something from the other.
* not my gif


Y/N and Kai sat on the top row at the mostly empty movie salon. She had no idea how he had convinced her go see this movie with him. Her life was scary enough with all the vampires , witches , hybrids , travellers and … the devil himself , she didn’t need more fright in her life yet he somehow always managed to get her to do what he wanted.
“Hold these.” Y/N said , passing him the large popcorn while she got their coca cola’s. “What’s the movie about again ?”
Kai looked amused at her , as she tried to walk , carry the drinks and check the seating on their tickets at the same time. He reached for one of the cups , taking it from her hand , before answering.
“It’s about some ghost from World War II that comes back to haunt relatives of the survivours from the war in gruesome ways… OH and we are sitting at the top row , sweetheart. It’s the best place to sit at the movies.”
“Right … ”
They walked into the movie salon and climbed up to the top row , Kai walking a step behind her watching her sway her hips. She was his best friend , the only one who had stood up for him since day one convicing everyone to give him a chance. Defending him after every screw up and putting herself in danger sometimes just to save his ass. He didn’t know when or how exactly but he felt drawn to her in a ‘more than friends’ way.
Y/N reached the top row , sitting on the left side tossing her bag on the seat next to her. Kai sat on the other side passing her the popcorn , their hands touching for a second. She pulled her phone out of her pocket , turning the volume down , stopping for a moment , thinking.
“So , when do I see this ‘super secret’ photography project you are working on?” he asked curious , pinching playfully her cheek with a smile on his face. “You never say anything about it or what it is from or anything about it really.”
“It’s top secret , thats why. ” she winked at him. “You’ll see it very soon.” she said smiling , taking a picture of him before he has had time to realise what’s happening. “OH I love this one.” she said, going into settings to change her phone wallpaper.
Kai glanced at the screen seeing a picture of himself all smiley and happy with that longing look Damon said he always has around Y/N, and snatched her phone from her hands.
“No! Don’t delete it , please.” she said suddenly scared. When Kai didn’t like the picture he’d delete it straight away no matter on who’s phone it was. Instead he leaned in towards her , saying ‘Smile.’ before snapping a selfie of them together changing her phone settings so the picture he had taken was now her wallpaper.
“I like this one better.” he said smiling , just as the lights started to go dim in the salon. “It has you in it..”
Y/N looked at her screen , the picture he had taken absolutely perfect , and she smiled. They looked cute together , pain hitting her in the heart at the thought they could only ever be friends.
Kai put his arm around her shoulder pulling her towards him a little.
“You know , you can hold my hand if you get scared.. I’ll protect you, always.” he whispered to her as the movie started. Y/N turned her head towards him , placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.
“I know , but it’s just a movie. I’ll be fine.”
He sighed , a look of disappointment on his face and started to move his hand from her shoulder but she stopped him.
“I didn’t say I didn’t like that.”
“Could you two shut up?” the guy from two rows in front of them called out. “I’m here for the movie not to listen to you two love birds.”
Y/N pressed her lips together trying not to laugh at the tone the guy said it with. Kai however tensed and nearly jumped off his seat and she had to put her hand on his chest to stop him. A few minutes later Kai had calmed down , or so he thought. Her hand was resting on his lap , creating a distraction like no other for him. Thoughts he had been pushing away returned into his mind , stronger than ever. Kai turned towards her , her gaze locked on the screen. He placed a gentle kiss on her head , seeing the corners of her mouth twitch. He didn’t move her hand and neither did she try to move it either.
Y/N tried to focus hard on the movie and not think about Kai’s arm around her , how right it feels for it to be there. She tried not to turn around and kiss him in a surprise attack. In moments like these it was harder than ever for her to push away her feelings towards him.
The movie went on and on , not as scary as Kai had hoped , at least until the point where the ghost suddenly jumped up out of nowhere interrupting an very calm scene and Y/N screamed grabbing at his shirt , hiding her face in his chest , while their popcorn went flying in the air and spilling onto the floor. Kai could hear her heart racing from the fright attack and he tried not to smile. He took her hand in his holding onto it.
“Oh-kay …” she whispered , taking a peek at the screen a few minutes later thinking it would be all OK this time , but there it was again. Y/N jumped up in her seat squeezing his hand a bit tighter. Kai pulled her closer to him , his excuse for them to watch a scary movie working out just the way he had wanted. He could hug her any time he wanted , but never like that and for this long. The next time she screamed , instead of burring her face into his chest she nearly jumped onto his lap.
“I’ve had my parents walk in on me making out with a guy , seen the Devil and spent an entire week tortured by Katherine but … this movie is by far the scarriest of all.” she whispered to him as he snacked his arms around her.
“If it’s too scary we can go..” he trailed off.
Y/N shook her head. She didn’t want to go because it would mean Kai letting go of her and that’s the last thing she wanted.
“Why would I want to go when I have you to protect me ?” she turned her head towards his , finding his face closer than she had expected. A small smile spread across his face as she intertwined their fingers together. Kai leaned in and for a split moment she thought he might kiss her . Her cheeks flushed and her heart beat was off the radar , so fast it was a miracle her heart hadn’t burst. Then he turned away , clearing his throat for a moment.
The rest of the movie passed too slow. Y/N she wasn’t paying any attention to what was happening on the screen at all anymore. All she could think about was Kai’s arms around her , his plump lips and his eyes piercing into hers every time she turned towards him. He appeared to have the same problem because Y/N could feel his eyes on her the entire time. Her feelings were on over drive and suddenly the movie salon seemed too hot with all the walls closing in on them. Y/N jumped up with no warning , taking her bag running down the stairs and out of the salon , stopping the moment she was outside, resting her back against the wall next to the door.
Kai was behind her , with 3 seconds delay. He opened the door looking around for her with a worried expression on his face.
“There you are.” he sighed , taking a step towards her. “What happened ? Are you OK ? ”
Y/N couldn’t meet his eyes , she didn’t know how or what to tell him.
Kai lifted her chin up , making her look at him.
“Maybe the movie was too scary after all…” he trailed off , his fingers stroking her hair trying to find a way to calm her down. Kai pulled her into a hug , fearing she’d get mad at him for making her this scared. A few minutes passed in silence , Y/N felt electricity every time Kai touched her. Y/N pulled away meeting his eyes which were bluer than usual and she found herself getting lost in them.
“It wasn’t the movie.” she said suddenly. “I … I …um…”
Y/N shifted nervously on her feet , trying to find the words except somehow they had all vanished , so instead she kissed him in a surprise attack , pullying away fast surprised by her own actions. What if she loses him completely after this ? Kai was her best friend. Before he had shown up , Y/N had closed herself to pretty much everything and everyone and then - there was him , knocking down the boundaries build around her heart as if they were made of glass instead of stones.
“I’m sorry .. I don’t ..” she said , starting to run away. Kai grabbed her wrist pulling her back towards him , his lips smashing against hers as he backed her against the wall nearby. Butterflies were flapping their wings in her stomach and she felt like flying , the whole world disappearing around her. All she could see , taste or feel was Kai - his hands on her cheeks , his body pressing against hers. He pulled away , a smile on his face.
“If only I had known … I would’ve done this weeks ago.” said Kai smiling , looking at her puzzled expression. “I like you Y/N. As more than a friend. Don’t know how or when it happened , but it did and I … I never want to be without you in my life.”
Y/N was trying to remember how to breath - it was a simple process but somehow she had forgotten all about it. It wasn’t just the kiss , it was his words after the kiss. She smiled her eyes darting all over his face - his eyes , his lips - as she processed his words. Everything seemed to be happening too slow and too fast at the same time.
“You … like me ?” she asked a hint of surprise , relief and pure happiness in her voice , Kai nodded. “W-why didn’t you say something before ?”
“Because … because I .. I was afraid I’d lose you, and I never want that to happen.” he said suddenly serious.
“You will never lose me , Kai. Never.” Y/N smiled lifting herself on her toes to kiss him briefly.
“C'mon , I’ll walk you home.” he said , his fingers stroking cheek for a moment before his hand snaked around her waist pulling her close to him. “The long way around …”


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


flyy0ufools  asked:

Hi Sera :) So both panels yesterday were amazing! I was so happy (and relieved). One thing that stuck out to me was during the gold panel when the Js were talking about their kids...I mean, their comments? Things happening that weren't the plan, having to "match" the number of From a tinhat perspective, it just sounded like they were bitching about how that all went down. (Not that that's to say they don't love their kids, of course). But it just cracked me up. Have a good day!

Anon: Hi Sera! I know that you don’t like to talk about the children but seeing the gold panel I’d noticed that Jared wasn’t really “haappy” about his  newborn child… I don’t know I find it really odd, thoughts?. okay, that’s all… have a happy week!

Hello, lovely people!

These two panels had the strangest vibe when they mentioned the kids. I’m going to put my opinions below the cut. I know a lot of people don’t want this stuff on their dashboards, so I’ll spare them.

This might not be entirely pleasant. Consider yourselves warned!

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FFXV : Nyx ulric x Reader "I miss loving you"

Tried to do some Nyx feels, so hope you guys like.
@itshaejinju @nyxswaifu @ulric-nyx @gladixlusamicitia @waifuthewhite @blindbae @stunninglyignis @fieryfantasy @alicemoonwonderland @bleucommelhiver

Word count: 1363

Nyx had just got off work from gate duty. As usual gate keepers were real welcoming. He’d been working the shift for a month, missing some action in the field. Which he was pissed about but it was worth it for his friends. Disobeying direct orders cost him once again, but he’d never leave a man behind no matter what.

While walking home he saw you in a restaurant eating. He quickly looked away not wanting you to see him. He had broken up with you…. It wasn’t because you weren’t pretty because you were gorgeous. Your personality was brilliant and everything about you was perfect. It was Nyx and all his fault, he feared one day he may never come home. He feared you being in love with a dead man a ghost. These thoughts kept him up so many nights. Or he’d often wake up covered in sweat afraid to go back to sleep.

Once he was past the restaurant window he looked back, you were smiling, laughing and seemed happy. Which made him happy, because thats all he ever wanted for you. But a part of him hurt…

Nyx continued walking along the cold streets, aimlessly. He missed holding you in his arms, kissing you in those places he only could, making you feel special. He missed loving you..

Eventually he found is way home. Stubbling digging in his pockets for the key. Once inside, he went to the fridge grabbing 3 beers. He flopped on his chair and removed the lid of one. He sat there for a minute as thoughts ran through his head.

“I never should have let you go, but it hurt to much..But I hurt you by letting you go..”

His thoughts began to tare holes in his mind, did he make the right choice? But honestly it was too late to go back now. He’d broken up with you 6 months ago. Which was 6 months of hell to him. Was it too late to take it back? Yes it was, he made you cry when he told you he wanted to end it. You fought with him, pounding on his chest as tears ran down your cheeks.

“Don’t do this nyx! I don’t care, i love you now and always don’t do this!”

You begged him, you pleaded. You promised him you’d be alright….But it wasn’t good enough.

Tarring from his thoughts Nyx realised he had finished all 3 beers within matter of minutes. But his thoughts and memories still tore him apart. The guilt ate him alive as each day went on, the only thing that saved him was his work. He began tapping his hand on the arms of the chair.

“3 bottles of beer fix everything, but honestly I’ve been doing this for 6 months. And its not working..maybe Crowes right? I was stupid to let her go… But what can i do to get her back? For all i know she could be engaged, expecting and getting married tomorrow.. I’m such a piece of shit!”

Nyx slams his hand on chair, why hadn’t he done something sooner? The silence of the room was taken by the sound of thunder as it broke open the sky. Nyx was never startled by thunder but he was this time.

Giving way to flashbacks of him covering his sisters ears in Galahd, these memories took the place temporarily of his current pain and lostness for you. But that didn’t make him feel any better.

Realising he was in a dark state of mind nyx jumped up to take a shower. But its hard to forget someone who gave you soo many good times. The warm water ran down his chest and through his hair. Reminded him of when he snuck into the shower with you. Till you kicked him out, but you weren’t mad. Or the time you braided his hair, that made his life so much easier. Plus it felt good to have someone do his hair.

He leaned his head against the shower pounding his head onto the shower wall. Until he realised he needed you back. No one or thing could drown out how he felt for you.. He needed you, no amount of alcohol could change that…

Nyx got out the shower and tied a towel around his waist. While water still ran down his body. It was a miracle he didn’t slip and fall.

Nyx grabbed his phone from ontop of his desk and began scrolling through his contacts. Till he found your name, then he sat on his chair pondering.

“Will she even pick up? She probably hates me now..”

Nyx dug his nails into his chair, then moved his thumb to call then pulled it away. Until his thumb accidently pressed the call button. He freaked out and tried to hang up. But instead someone picked up the phone.


You answered the phone, sounding sleepy and exhausted. Nyx looked at the time it was 2 in the morning. It felt like only a few minutes had passed since he got off work and saw you in the restaurant.

“Hey listen so-”

“Nyx what the hell its 2 in the morning are you drunk?”

You sounded so sarcastic and flirty, you had drunk alittle too much when you went out.

“I know I’m sorry i just, lost track of time…I-I need to talk to you…”

A long pause came after nyx had finished his sentence. Fear, guilt and doubt ripped him open as he waited for you to respond. He awaited his own destruction. When you answered him back or hung up the phone.

“Well its 2 in the morning…i can’t go anywhere. If i move I’m hitting the floor..”

“You went out and got drunk off your ass?”

“Yeah, my friend turned 30 today. We had to go out in a bang. And we did.. ”

Nyx laughed and shook his head,

“You haven’t changed abit?”

“Neither have you, Crowe still talks to me you know? Anyway you know my address, hurry up. I have work tomorrow.”

“Same, see you in a few”

You both hung up, Nyx leaned back in his chair and sat there for a minute. He actually got a chance to talk to you.. He felt tears trying to form and he quickly rubbed his eyes to try to stop them. But he couldn’t stop the smile that crept across his face.

“Maybe there’s still a chance?…man i owe Crowe…”

Nyx got up from the chair to put on some clothes. Grabbing his white long sleeve shirt, pair of black sweat pants and his tennis shoes. He didn’t even bother locking the door, as long as it was closed thats all that mattered. He ran down street, dodging puddles and occasional people walking on sidewalk. A couple of times he reached for his knife so he could warp, but he didn’t have it on him. The only thought that can through his head was,

“Babe…please wait for me..”

Finally he reached your apartment, he walked up to your door. His heart was pounding in his chest as sweat ran down his face. He ran the whole way minus waiting for cars to pass. He only used this much energy during his missions when he was out in the field. Once again his nerves got the best of him. He paced in front of your door then motioned to knock on your door, but stopped to pace again. In frustration he blurted out,

“What the hell is wrong with me? Like get yourself together!”

He quickly covered his mouth as if that could stop the sound ge had already made. He was just about to give up when you opened the door. Maybe in a state of drunk laugher you said,

“Nyx what the hell, two goofs in same day. Come in inside, your gonna sick. I are you already there?”

Nyx gave slight grin

“Possibly…sorry i woke you up..”

“Aww not first time a dude has called me at 2 in the morning. Then had an episode at my front door.”


“Nope, your the first.”

“Thanks.. ”

Live Drunk Watch of Sherlock s01e03 "The Great Game"

From the studio that drunk-watched TSoT, TRF, and TSoT again, we bring you: “The Great Game that Made Sherlock Realize He Loved John, like Love Loved Him. Also There’s a Moriarty”

This round, the rules are as follows: Drink every time you want to smack their heads together, lips first.

Here we go!

- I really dont get the point of this Belarus scene except to point out that Sherlock hates bad grammar. He flew all the way for this? Drove? Where’s Belarus?

- God, has his voice always been this deep? I’ve been reading fic all wrong.

- Drink every time a scene opens with making you think sherlock is getting a blowjob

- Oh my god John is all shy when he asks if he liked his first case blog entry.

- disclaimer i have read a thousand fics amd watched zero episodes in months, so actually seeing them on screen is a bit of a trip and i should not have mixed this with alcohol i am not prepared send help send

- Newsflash john aint mad cuz you insulted his blog, hes mad cuz you said nothing else matters but the work. NEW MIRROR: JOHN = SOLAR SYSTEM. THATS WHY LATER SHERLICK,CALLS THE STARS BEAUTIFUL. JOHN THOUGHT SHERLOCK WOULD DELETE HIM BUT HE DIDNT. IM DYING.

- oh my god instead of greeting mrs h he just spreads out on the couch like a cat, oh my god

- ok plot hole, john was literally thirty yards from the flat when it exploded. There’s no way he didnt hear it. By the timing of the scene, he coulda been in the blast. Everything from the flat exploding on is in Johns mind bungalow. Explosion Mind Palace.

- What the hell is a lilow, why wont anyone tell me. is it the same as a “lino”?

- There are 0.000009 reasons why John didnt sleep in Sarah’s bed and all of them are named Just Had a Domestic with my Boyfriend.

- Say hi to Travis, hes the one guy in Production that has to light John’s eyelashes at all time. He gets paid more than Sue.

- I want the inner monologue of johns self fladjulating tube ride


- Did he say Battersea station for the smashed in head guy? Is that important?

- I want to marry Johns hair in this episode. Sherlocks hair can officiate.

- Theres so much exposition. This is episode 3.

- My favorite thing about the Speedys sign is that it implies the three meals of the day are Breakfast, Lunch, and Pasta.

- I love how John does his shoulder walk as soon as sherlock says to get his phone out of his pocket. He’s not tense cuz he’s annoyed, he’s tense because he’s summoning the memory of Afghanistan to avoid a boner. Shameful

- Oh gawd it’s trainer deducing time. I need another drink.

- This whole show is Sgerlock making john do things he doeznt wanna do. Like confront his sexuality.

- Carl powers, child with big feet, is sherlock. Stay with me here. Big feet equals libido. Carl came from Sussex (sussex is where shelrock’s crime brain retires and his heartslashdick takes over). Suffered from exzema = discomfort with skin (outer visibility, opinions of the masses). Carl is also a symbol of sherlock before trauma, wbere he began supressing his humanity. Drowned in the pool (emotion). Only moriarty remembers (he knows where sherlocks heart is). The shoes are john because they reopen the case. Also they are an old soul/sole but well loved. Nibody noticed they were missing except Sherlock. And he found them in Baker st. Is this a meta? Or am i drunk?

- Why does their kitchen door slide.

- “I’m not ignoring it. Putting my BEST MAN onto it right now.”
“Good. Who’s that?”
Ummm hiii TSoT, how are you. Leave please.

- Did john wear a suit and tie just to see mycroft??? Cuuuute season 1 babyyyy

- I love how they call businessmen City Boys. Why is everything British so much cuter/pornier.

- Sally shouts “Fishing. Try fishing,” at John and then he immediately grabs Sherlock’s card and follows him. Honey i think John is the fish.

- I misremembered the Height of his Cheekbones

- Connie Prince is Culverton Smith, pass it on. This started out drunk and fun but now its all wild hair and peanuts.

- Around the world is Czech Republic, Cornwall, and Yorkshire.

- John doesn’t like pussy.

- I have drank too much

- Mrs. H said “I should never wear cerise. It drains me.” LOOK UP THE COLOR CERISE. Is that not the exact color the pink lady was wearing? Is mrs H the pink lady cuz she brought them together?


- Travis had to work hard during the Prince house scene.

- House boy???? Seriously britain???

- When sherlock sends the blog posts it sounds like a man breathing in. Like irenes texts are a woman breathing out. Somethin there. Lazy.

- Old lady got shot for saying moriarty sounded “so soft.” Ha. Nothing there to analyze, i imagine. Carrybon.

- My favorite thing in tjis epsiode are lazy news graphics and lestrades dad tummy


- Sherlock is passive aggressive and john falls for it. Every. Time.

- John is Peak Bangs here. Peak Bangs.
(Fringe, sorry lie lows)

- You can see the Golem’s shadow for a second while Sherlock is explaining him to Lestrade. And these people “accidentally” let John’s hair grow 12 inches in an hour in s4.

- Lestrade saying “and happy new year” after sherlock says “meritricious” is the new “God bless you” after a sneeze. Pass it on.

- The painting is a fake. The old art is a lie. You can tell because the stars are new. HINT HINT.

- “Strawberry jam on the line” is sherlock in TRF, ya welcome.

- Memory stick seems important but turns out to be meaningless to the villain. HMMM SEEMS INSIGNIFICANT AND NONE OF SEASON 4 IS IN SHERLICKS HEAD

- “What would you like me to make him say next?” HOW ABOUT ITS NOT ALL FINE I WANT YOU

- God, you guys, just kiss

- Seirously, all it would take is a little pencil on top of Moriarty’s arches and then brush a brow gel upward. He has a good shape and density already, he just needs the thickness.

- - I loce.johns little nod at sherlock befor ehe pointed the gun at the jacket. One inch of chin movement = go ahead, kill us all. Like an old marrie dcouple, these two.

Thank you again for the request!Hope you  liked it

any grammatical errors tell me


  • Well they had a fight
  • Like every other couple have
  • Normal
  • They passed that phase
  • Of course, MC was a little too rough in this fight
  • Zen was just being attacked
  • Mc is a beast!
  • But now, everything was alright
  • That fight was like, 1 week ago
  • They are the lovely couple again
  • But you are with a guilty consciousness
  • You should not have said all those things
  • That he don’t was talented, only beautiful, that people only love him for his face, not for his performances
  • That his career will never go further
  • In the moment of the discussion, Zen was destroyed
  • They were fighting because he is always on the rehearsal
  • He was trying so hard, to be better
  • And she was saying that he never gonna be better
  • That hurts
  • If any other person say this to him, he will prove that the person is wrong
  • But it was you
  • His princess
  • The love of his life
  • It hurts so much
  • But now everything is fine!
  • Right..?
  • No..
  • That guilty consciousness  is bigger and bigger
  • You just can’t take anymore
  • You have to say sorry, you have to talk about  it, this is killing you!
  • When Zen come back from rehearsals ,he go towards you and kiss your cheek
  • “Hello princess, i’m back, sorry for being late, i will take a shower ok?”
  • You just nodded, every time he comes back from rehearsals, you remember the discussion, you see him walking towards the bathroom 
  • “W-Wait…ZEN!”
  • He turns to you, giving a gentle smile that killed you even more
  • “I..Want to talk about that fight that we had”
  • “Why you want to talk about this,baby?Let this remain in the past”
  • He said laughting, he don’t know how is hard to you let this fight get away from your mind
  • “NO!" 
  • You scream sad, he is surprised by the scream you gave
  • "No…I need to talk about it..”
  • You said a little more calm, and he just, sits in a chair, giving all his attention to you
  • And you look at him, Understanding that he is letting you talk
  • “The things that i said to you,you know that i don’t thing any of these things..Right?”
  • But before he could even answer, you just starts crying
  • “I’m so so sorry, i know how hard you’re trying right now!”
  • You just starts to cry a lot, and Zen can’t stay still and run to you hugging you
  • “It’s  okay babe…Don’t cry”
  • “No it’s not!I was so bad for you!I’m so sorry Zen…I’m sorry,i’m sorry…”
  • You said crying, repeating how sorry you are over and over again, and Zen just hold you tightly
  • “Don’t cry babe…Please i hate to see you cry”
  • He said kissing all over your face and wiping the tears of your face while you keep saying how sorry you are
  • After a  few minutes of conversation about how sorry you were, him saying he was not even mad or sad anymore for all of that
  • You two say at each other how much you love each other.
  • “Well…You’re feeling better princess?”
  • You give him a little smile
  • “Yes Zen…I feel so much better now”
  • “Great then.
  • He gets up from the couch, and looks at you
  • “I will go to the bath..”
  • He give you a little smirk,extending a hand for you
  • “Do you mind joining me?”


  • It’s really hard to even think of hurt this precious baby
  • But MC was really harsh with him one night
  • Now he was really focusing in his studies, but in one night he was playing LOLOL, screaming at his teamates loudly
  • He was so focused in the game that he dind’t remember that you’re sleeping
  • Damn it Yoosung
  • When you wake up, you tought that he has been doing this every night
  • But you didn know that was only sometimes
  • The room was a mess because of that
  • Damn it Yoosung 2
  • You start screaming at him, but he was not even hearing you
  • Then you get up of your bed and unplug his computer
  • “Hey why you–Ugh…Hey Mc…Did i wake you up?I’m sor–”
  • Before he could talk
  • Saying that he never will be a man, saying he will never ever be successful
  • That he still a little child
  • These  words hit Yoosung like hell
  • He starts to reply , saying that  you are not giving him credit for what he already was accomplish
  • “What  Yoosung?What are you accomplish?A new rank in LOLOL?”
  • He just can’t believe in that, he just run to another room
  • You just lies down on bed
  • The next day he just apologize for waking you up the other night
  • Everything seems good
  • But everyday after that fight, your mind keep remembering the things you said
  • And seem him so focused at his studies, too focused, just because of the things you said
  • You’re feeling like a trash
  • Until one day you sit besides him while he was studying
  • For the fifth time only that afternoon
  • While he was reading, focused, you keep looking at his damaged eye
  • Look what he did for you
  • And you called him a child
  • Stupid MC.
  • “Yoosung..”
  • He looks at you almost instantly
  • Never matters what he is doing
  • If you call, he is there
  • I love him
  • “What it is dear?”
  • He said giving a smile, that beautiful smile of his
  • “I want to talk about…That fight we had in that night”
  • “But why my love?I already say that i’m sorry for that”
  • “But i didn’t apologize”
  • “What?”
  • He laughs getting a little closer to you
  • “Apologize for wh–”
  • “…Mc are you crying?”
  • Yes you are, like a waterfall, all this fault was in you
  • He did not know what to do, he was so surprised to see you cry like this
  • “I’M SORRY!I’m seeing you studying more than you actually need to, because i was and idiot that was only angry that you waked me up with that game…Which you have all the right to play after all that you have done!”
  • He was happy to hear those words, really, she recognize what he has done
  • This was really, really, satisfactory
  • But he don’t want to see his love crying because of one thing that she said while she was angry
  • “I’m sorry…So sorry…I’m don’t know why i said those things…I’m sorry…Sorry”
  • He just give to her a little sad smile while she was apologizing and kissed her cheek making her stop apologizing
  • “I’m relieve then…I can stop studying a little!”
  • She just…Gives a genuine smile
  • “Yoosung..”
  • She said while whipe her tears while he keeps looking at her, waiting for what she have to say
  • “Want to play a game?”
  • And then, everything  was great between them


  • You know this man loves you, right?
  • You are the first love of him, and probably the last
  • Jumin has some behavior that makes you really angry
  • Like him trying to say what you should wear, do, feel
  • Not even Elizabeth listen to him, why you should?
  • You usually  just say to him that he needs to stop
  • And he stops
  • But one day you was really, really stressed
  • Even Elizabeth knows it
  • And Jumin just came late at night, seeing you with a shirt that was dirty with some drink
  • And a messy hair
  • He starts lecturing you, saying that tomorrow he will let a dress to you wear, and will make a appointment for you in some hair stylist
  • And he even sayed that he is thinking what other hairstyles would suit you better
  • Usually you just cut him out, and he stops
  • But you want blood
  • wanna fight?!
  • get out here Elizabeth or you will see your owner die
  • “Why you don’t  find a psychiatrist for you?”
  • “Excuse me?”
  • You gets up, laughing angrily
  • “Yes, you are so messed up in the head i think you may need it”
  • Before he could talk you just continues
  • “I’m not your pet , you spoiled little brat, i will do everything that comes to my head, and even if you throw me out , thats fine, i know that a stubborn like you would never find another idiot to be here,you know why i know this?”
  • You just gets closer to a paralized Jumin
  • “Because nobody likes you, not even your own cat”
  • And with that, you just go to the bedroom, and with a click ,you sleep
  • The next day, he just behaves normally
  • You was sure that he would at least say something
  • But nothing
  • He was normal, but you, you aren’t
  • You need to say you’re sorry
  • Ok
  • He was wrong,but you know he was slowly getting better
  • After 3 days
  • You just can’t act like nothing happened
  • He was sit on the couch, petting Elizabeth
  • You make your way to him and just give one look to Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth go away like
  • “Ok ok, serious  conversation, imma out”
  • Jumin looks at you while you’re sitting down besides him
  • “Jumin, we need to talk about that fight.”
  • His eyes turn into sadness
  • “Mc i’m sorry, i want to ignore that fight, please forgive me, don’t go away”
  • Jumin Han the weak 
  • You look at him and starts to cry, a lot, like, really, a lot
  • “Jumin, you were wrong, but the things i said..Was terrible,i’m so sorry!”
  • You just said crying, like Yoosung, Jumin just..Don’t know what to do
  • Mc the weak
  • “I love you Jumin, i’m sure your father and Elizabeth loves you too, the RFA…You are an incredible man,that’s why i love you so much and that’s why i’m married to you’
  • His  heart just stopped
  • "I’m so sorry for everything Jumin, sorry please..Forgive me”
  • He gets closer to you quicky and kiss you
  • A passionatly and wet kiss because of your tears
  • When you two finally broke apart
  • He just smile
  • “But never use a dirty shirt again,specially if it’s white”
  • He winked as he gets closer and Elizabeth just jump in the couch again
  • Nice timing (not)


  • Jaehee was stressing herself with work
  • Again
  • She was making the dawn cafe a nightmare
  • You tell her over and over again that she needs to calm herself down
  • “Go to sleep Jaehee”
  • “What is sleep?”
  • She is really stubborn
  • You guys was nearly married and she still say “friends” sometimes
  • Stop
  • Gayhee
  • When you wakes up in the middle of the night and see that she still looking for something that she can improve in the cafe
  • You got really angry at her
  • She was deaf?
  • “JAEHEE!”
  • Jaehee looks at you
  • And then the fight started
  • “Jaehee are you deaf?How many times that i need to tell you THAT YOU NEED TO SLEEP”
  • “MC if you don’t worry about our cafe,i do”
  • “What?You’re worrying too much, this is suppose to be something relaxing, and you are making it a HELL”
  • “What are you talking about?”
  • “This place looks like a prison, this is supposed to be something fun, a thing that both of us like!You know what…Maybe being only your friend was not a bad ideia, you are really boring compared to the guys
  • You say in the anger, and go to the bedroom, not even thinking of going back and say that you’re sorry
  • But after that day
  • You regret saying those things
  • And regret even more for not say how sorry you were for it
  • But Jaehee finally looks like she listened to you
  • She was going to bed early, being more calm with everything
  • But she seem a little sad , hurt, when you two talk
  • This only makes you feel even more bad than ever
  • Then you decides
  • You will talk to her
  • She was cleaning the cafe while you walked toward her
  • “Jaehee..”
  • She turns to you
  • “What is it MC?”
  • “You know…About that night..”
  • “Mc i understand that you keep thinking about that, but i’m already doing the things you suggested,do you have any other thing that is annoying you right now?”
  • “Yes…”
  • “What?”
  • Then suddenly you start to cry
  • “That i didn’t apologize”
  • Oh poor MC
  • She said a little mean things to her, but she knows she didn’t mean all those things
  • When Jaehee opens her mouth to talk about how everything was alright 
  • MC start to speak again
  • “I love you just the way you are Jaehee, i’m so sorry for all those things!I was just worried about your health, i just don’t want to loose you!”
  • You say while so many tears fall from your eyes 
  • Jaehee just …Smile, while hearing your apologizes
  • She puts her hand in your cheeks and you look at her, don’t saying anything anymore
  • “I love you too MC”
  • She planted a calm kiss on your lips
  • “And i’m sorry for making you worried”
  • She smiles, you smiled
  • Everything was just smiles!
  • “But you don’t think we need more tables?”
  • Jaehee..For fuck’s sake


  • Ok
  • Seven make you laugh
  • Like every time
  • I love him
  • Everything is perfect
  • Except when he just lock himself in his room
  • Work work work
  • Sometimes he is just too grumpy
  • You say HELLO
  • and he is like
  • Get out
  • And the other day he is like
  • Bipolar
  • But in one unfortunate day, the two of you were grumpy
  • Saeran was like, the most calm person in there
  • But he just locks himself in his room
  • You know, if you or seven yell at him, he will kill you two
  • You are really mad at Seven for being in his damn computer the entire day
  • When he finally gets out with that face of someone who hates the world
  • You just don’t feel intimated
  • Come at me
  • He realize that you’re looking at him with a angry face
  • “What are you looking at?Don’t you having something better to do?”
  • “Why you just didn’t came to talk to me until now Seven?”
  • “Because unlike you, i have something to do,excuse me”
  • And he start to walk away
  • Saeran was about to yell at him because of how he was treating you
  • He was there, he don’t lock himself in his room
  • Yet
  • But before that, you yell Seven’s name, and he looks at you
  • Saeran is surprised, maybe he will stay there
  • Some man just wants to watch the world burn
  • Reference
  • “Why are you acting like this?You look just like a damn child! Talk to me goddammit !Stop with this grumpy face, and stops spending all the day in that room!Maybe is this the reason why everybody gets out of your life, and maybe your brother will be better without you!”
  • The expression of Seven change to grumpy…To surprise
  • Saeran was like
  • OMG 
  • But even him, knows you was really harsh
  • “You know what?GO BACK TO THAT ROOM SEVEN,everybody is better WITHOUT YOU”
  • And with this, he do what you asked
  • You was proud
  • You was like 
  • Hell yeah
  • try me Saeran
  • I’ll punch you too
  • But Saeran just looks at you with a face that says:
  • You fucked up 
  • But you just didn’t care
  • Ok you was harsh
  • You are right, but you are really harsh

  • Ok the other day you do care
  • Omg
  • You wakes up filled with regret 
  • You don’t see besides you…He was still working?
  • Ok, then he deserves what you said yesterday
  • When you go to the kitchen, he was there, with Saeran, and pancakes
  • Real food
  • “Good morning my looove ~~ Your God made you pancakes!”
  • You look at him, he has a big smile in his face,and you look at Saeran 
  • He is just eating
  • Looks like yesterday didn’t even happen
  • You wished it didn’t happen
  • But it did
  • And you just froze by everything
  • “Honey..?Are you alright?”
  • You look at Seven, and start to cry
  • Saeran and Seven looks surprised by it
  • “I’m sorry for the things i’ve said yesterday, i know what your work needs attention, but i hate when make you feel grumpy and be in that room for the entire day….I’m so sorry…I was an idiot for saying such things..I just..Really missed you…!”
  • You said, with tears falling and falling from your eyes
  • He just hugs you
  • “Honey don’t cry…You will get dehydrated”
  • You give a little laught for that, and he puts his forehead to yours, smilling
  • “I’m sorry too honey, i love you”
  • “I love you too Saeyoung”
  • You two just starts to give each other a little kiss after a “i love you”
  • Saeran is just like
  • Ugh
  • I will lock myself now
  • I lost my appetite


  • This precious man
  • It’s hard to be mad at him
  • I don’t even how i’m going to write this
  • But this precious man refuses to get a surgery from his eyes
  • Everytime you see his eyes
  • You remember how much he are suffering because of it
  • But V always say that is okay
  • But you know it’s a struggle for him
  • But he is so stubborn
  • This relationship is full with “but”
  • You see him struggling even more to walk without hitting any other object
  • everytime you try to help him, asking if he got hurt, he looks at you smiling saying it was fine
  • The bruise can be bleeding, but he always says it was “fine”
  • But you had enough, when you asked if he hurted himself, when he clearly did, he says “No ,it’s fine”
  • He got a little scared about this sudden scream
  • “Mc..Please..Jus–”
  • “Don’t even try to say "calm down” ,you are acting like a idiot right now, stop, you are turning a burden for yourself, do this damn surgery! I want to stop being so damn worried about you, i know you keep crying every night trying to sleep,stop with this!“
  • "Mc i already said th–”
  • “That you will not do the surgery?Ok fine, then don’t, but don’t think of hold me here,because you gonna be a burden to me after you turn completly blind”
  • With this , you storm away to the bedroom
  • And V is paralized
  • His vision is even more blurry now
  • Wait…Did he suddenly turns even more blind?
  • Oh no..
  • It is tears.
  • The other day you get up and go to the living room after realizing V wasn’t in your side
  • You see a blanket in the couch, he slept in there
  • When you turn you see him arriving home with a cellphone in hands
  • He must have gone talk to someone and don’t want to wake you up
  • “Oh hi love..”
  • He gives that beautiful smile 
  • And you are being hit with your own memories 
  • The things you said…Oh god
  • “V about yesterday…”
  • “I should have told you that it wasn’t fine…I understand that i will be a burden to y–”
  • You say with tears falling from your eyes, a lot of tears
  • “I’m so sorry V…You being blind is not a burden to me…But you lying is…If you turn completly blind , you will need my help, and with yours lies…Will be very hard…I’m sorry for all the things i said..But i love you, i will try my best, i promise..”
  • You said drowning in your own tears and he just laughs with tears in his eyes
  • “It will be no need for this.”
  • You look at him confused
  • “Why..?”
  • “I talked with Jumin,i will make the surgery”
  • You start crying again, with tears of joy, and you jump in his arms
  • You two are crying, smiling
  • A lot of love promisses were made that day


  • Ok this boy likes to fight
  • A lot
  • But with you?fight with you?!
  • No..
  • He don’t want to
  • You always think that he always are a lot more calmer with you
  • and with ice cream
  • But you know sometimes bad things are going throught his mind
  • And you need to take those things away from him
  • But everytime this happen and you ask him if he was okay
  • he  just scream at you
  • “GO AWAY”
  • He knows that he need to be treated, he knows he have to speak up
  • But he don’t do it
  • And this make you suffer, and it makes him suffer too
  • Until one day 
  • You asked him if he was okay
  • He said to you, “GO AWAY”
  • And you yelled at him back “NO”
  • He looks surprised but angry with you
  • You don’t even give him time to yell back
  • He yells back, and you just are happy to do what he want,and with this you go to the bedroom, having a good night ~
  • The  next day, was not a good day
  • You are feeling like trash
  • Yell at him will not help
  • He needs your help
  • Not your yells
  • This was not going to help him
  • You know sometimes he just want to hug you and cry
  • And say how hard it is for him
  • And you know one day he will do this, but not right now 
  • You look beside you,there he is, looking at the sky, the clouds, he loves it
  • When you sit on the bed , he turns to you, noticing you are awake
  • “Oh hello princess..”
  • He looks at the clouds again
  • Seeing him so peacefully..Makes you start to cry
  • Holy shit
  • You are crying so much
  • He looks at you when he heards it
  • The words give you a K.O when you remember them
  • “Saeran…I didn’t meaning that…Please forgive me”
  • He sits beside you in the bed
  • “I’m sorry for not be strong enought sometimes”
  • “I should say that,not you”
  • You say while you grab his hands
  • “I’m so sorry Saeran, really, you don’t deserve to die alone, you are a good person with a kind heart, and i love you, i will never leave you..I’m sorry…Sorry”
  • He give you a kiss, maybe to make you shut up and stop saying how sorry you were
  • “I will forgive you with one condition..”
  • “Say it..!I will do anything”
  • He smiled
  • “I want to go to the ice cream shop”
  • You laughts
  • He is a dork
  • But you love this dork

I hope this is what you asked for,

Oh man…This got too big?

If not now, when? (Rajila) - Pichitinha

A/N: hi there! I’m an old veteran writing fanfiction but this is my very first try not only with this ship or drag queens but also with rpf, so criticize but be nice pls :) Anyhow, there’s a tremendous lack of Rajila fics and I took it upon myself to write a very cliche and used plot because why not. Hope you like it, I’m still debating whether or not to post it in AO3. PS. yes, the title is from the Incubus song, but I just like the title, it’s not a songfic to the song in any way, shape or form.

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anonymous asked:

Hi read your post, D is diff in s3 but that is because she is struggling with all whats happened. 3.01 she was so sad ,then after Roscoff she was annoyed with him,he says one thing and does another,Dwight was his friend ,yes he had to go but one min he wants to be a country squire and next he in France. She gets snarky with him because he is stubborn

(2/5)  She knows what he wants before he does,he is blind to things, she deserves to be snarky after what he put her through ,it took him months to say sorry,now he is saying twice, you have married the wrong man, look else where,not all men are besottted, he cant see what L is really like,says she wouldnt allow G to behave bad, he knows L, (yes thats the prob). Know D knows he kissed L, would that sound good to a 25 yr old girl, she ought to hang the moon for R now and he still didnt change

(3/5)  He cant see that she is more vunerable now things that never bothered her before do now, she has lost her faith in him and herself,chink in her armour, she has been second best for most of her marriage . She has never had his unconditional love, he loves her but he just needed to show it more,one dance at the ball,tell her she looks nice, she doubts her self worth ,he is not honest with her,she feels unappreciated.he is s good man but takes her for granted, so yes glad she is modern

(4/5) He would walk all over her otherwise, think she deserved to be snarky with him at times ,didnt like the beach snark after Agatha died,he retaliated bad back as well, she knows that R should do this job not G,he knows it,it annoys her, agree that some dialogue from book D does not suit show D that gets mixed up, book D would not of suited todays audience,she was too forgiving after his vbt, then when with H while she was still happy with R, that was horrible,glad Deb changed that. D was sweet in

(5/5) She was sweet in s1 but she was young and blinded with love,she no longer sees him with rose rimmed spectacles, she had him on a pedestal . Circumstances have changed her. Going with H was wrong because of her beliefs but he is the first man thats loved her because he wants to,R married her out of obligation,Sparks helped me with understanding all this. Thats my take anyway,

Okay, Nonny. Since your ask was long, I’m going to try and tackle this the best I can. This answer will probably be long, too. Here goes: 

This is my take. Modern Demelza does not work in the show because they gave her 21st Century attitudes, but left everyone else in the 18th century. This is a period drama. It is not unreasonable to expect that the characters and the story are accurate to the time period. If modern people can’t accept that this is a period drama and that characters are going to act according to the mores and dictates of that period, then perhaps they shouldn’t watch the show. The other thing is that if DH wants a modern take on this, then, as @mmmuses said in another post, she should do a modern adaptation of Poldark and set it on the 21st century. 

One thing that people miss who love modern Demelza is that she can be as feisty as she wants, but it doesn’t change things like the laws at the time. A modern woman, in the same situation has the freedom to leave. In the 18th century, she did not. A married woman had zero rights under the law. In fact, the law did not recognize her as a person at all. She was part of her husband. In 18th century England, a woman could not obtain a divorce at all. A man could, but only if his wife had committed adultery. So hypothetically, Ross could divorce her after her thing with Hugh and she would be left with nothing. Not even her children. Being modern and feisty isn’t going to help you there. 

The thing about book Demelza is this: she is a more mature character. She is allowed to mature. Time and experience made her grow up. But in spite of everything she has gone through, she was still a sweet and kind person. That is not weakness. To maintain that in the face of some really tough things shows strength of character. She is wiser, but she is not bitter. What you’re describing with Modern Demelza is anger and bitterness. Those are not positive traits in a person.

There is a time gap between Warleggen and Black Moon where R & D’s reconciliation happened. Their reconciliation actually started in Warleggen, but it was very slow. Still, most of it happened between the two books. So no, she did not forgive Ross “too quickly”. Warleggen ended around Christmas time. Black Moon picked up a few months later. It may be your opinion that their reconciliation happened “too quickly”, but you are forgetting that R & D love each other deeply and they are meant to be together, which is their motivation to resolve things. The amount of time someone needs to resolve a problem is also subjective. It depends on the parties involved and how much effort they put into it. 

You’re also forgetting that Ross was sorry for what he did with E, even though he didn’t express it the best way. He showed regret and remorse right away because he damaged the trust between him and his wife. On the show, you see it in Aidan Turner’s acting and facial expressions. Ross is horrible at communicating things verbally, so on the show, you have to pay close attention to all those non-verbal cues, which Aidan does so beautifully. Demelza is also not very good at communicating, for that matter. Modern Demelza is even worse at it than Book Demelza. Modern Demelza has this nasty habit of never giving Ross a chance to explain or clarify things he says that don’t come out sounding as he may have intended. She reacts to the words. It also seems that Ross on the show is the one making the effort to change, where Demelza is not. 

This brings me back to the point about historical accuracy. Because Demelza is stuck in this marriage, the only option she has is to make it work. Being snarky and bitter and angry is not how you work things out like a mature adult. And as young as she is, people in those days grew up very quickly. They had no choice. Modern Demelza also does not work here because if she remains snarky and bitter and angry, then she’s basically stuck in a miserable marriage and contributing to its miserable state. What motivation does Ross have to stay faithful to her if all she does is bitch at him all the time? Plus now you’ve taken away the happy ending. As part of the audience, if she’s going to be bitchy and out of character all the time, then what motivation do I have to root for this couple to fix things and be happy? None. I can’t find anything worth cheering for if all she’s going to do is complain and be snarky at him and criticize him all the time. 

A successful marriage is about balance. Both partners are responsible for maintaining equilibrium. Things will happen that will upset this equilibrium. It is up to both partners to adapt and change to restore equilibrium. You cannot have equilibrium in a relationship when one person decides she’s going to do whatever she wants while the other person has to sit back and let her do it. This is also my problem with Modern Demelza. In the books, Ross and Demelza are perfect foils for each other. They also adapt and change to maintain that equilibrium in their relationship. I’m not seeing anything like that on the show. In fact, it seems like they’re trying to make Demelza more modern at the expense of Ross’s character. I also believe that making D modern also comes at Caroline’s expense as well. 

The other issue with modernizing a period character is that our modern culture defines strength of character backwards. Book Demelza is a stronger character than Modern Demelza. Book Demelza is a stronger character because she takes the time to think through and ponder what she does and how she feels about things before she acts. She doesn’t always do the right thing, but she is human. Modern Demelza is impulsive and doesn’t think things through. She acts on emotion and sometimes that emotion is spite or anger. Our culture mistakenly teaches us that to stop and think about things first is indecisiveness and therefore indecisiveness is weakness. Acting without thinking is weakness. 

Hugh Armitage doesn’t love her in an adult way. Hugh has basically a crush on her and because of who he is and his station in life, he can act on it and he does. 

The lines that Ross says about “you’ve married the wrong man” are an example of how Modern Demelza misinterprets things and doesn’t ask him to explain what he meant. At times during this past season, it felt like Modern Demelza was looking for reasons to take up with Hugh. This is an example of that. He was not pushing her away nor was he telling her he didn’t want her, as so many people are interpreting that to mean. Book Demelza struggled with her attraction to Hugh right up until the act itself. 

Modern Demelza is trying to make Ross into something he is not, and then she gets snippy when he won’t do what she wants him to do, while Book Demelza understands who her husband is and doesn’t push him or berate him for not taking the MP offer at first. 

If you have not read the books, I recommend that you do because there is so much context in them that is missing from the show. I felt that S3 was rushed and they tried to cram too much into 9 episodes. There was a lot of context missing from what we saw on screen. 

In the end, these two crazy kids, Ross and Demelza, do love each other. Deeply. They do not want to be without the other. And they do stay together because they love each other and they want to be together. That is the end goal, but with the changes that Debbie made, she’s going to have to do a lot of logical gymnastics in order to have the TV versions reach that goal. I can suspend my disbelief, but up to a point. Because if I were in TV Ross’s shoes, I wouldn’t want to stay married to someone who was snarky to me and did things out of spite towards me or never gave me the benefit of the doubt. That’s tantamount to emotional abuse. 


Fandom: teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Characters: Raph, Leo, Donnie, Mikey
Relationship: Raph/reader
Request: Hey i would like to request a tmnt fanfic (2014/2016) where the reader is talking to the turtles about relationship issues, and subtlety tries to hint at having had a previous crush on Raph, but then mentions having moved on from a lack of response, and Ralph is clueless but the brothers explain to him and fluff ensues. I totally get it if this is to long or something,I love your work!
“No, I’d never date a guy who ive never met before.” You giggled as Mikey followed you around the lair.
“Why not?” he asked and you saw Donnie and Raph turn to get an answer.
“Because, I don’t know what they would be like. I would like to meet someone a couple of times before deciding if I was attracted to them.” You shrugged as you plopped yourself down on the couch with Leo to your right. Donnie was on the other couch with Raph and Leo was training with Splinter in the other room.
“why are you suddenly so interested in my love life?” You asked Mikey, who had been asking you questions all day.
“Dunno, just wanted to know. So, you got any crushes?” He walked up and sat down at your feet, nudging your knee with his elbow.
“I don’t think thats really any of your business.” You teased, slapping the back of his head but that didn’t hid the growing blush on your cheeks. In truth, the one you had a crush on was only sitting at the other side of the room. And he was watching you. Closely.
“Ohhh! So you do have a crush!” Mikey cooed and you knew you were never going to hear the end of this.
“it doesn’t matter, Mikey. Nothings ever going to happen!” You shook your head as you spoke, wanting this all to stop right now.
“Aw, why not?” Mikey frowned and turned to fully face you. He was very sweet and really only wanted you to be happy. Mikey had always taken to be a big brother to you. Mainly because he had always been considered the baby of the group so it was nice for him to take on that role as protector just like the others had. But he was a little more ‘playful’.
“I don’t think they would have ever noticed how I felt. Nor would he return my feelings. So I need to try and, you know, move on. Its just proving to be a little harder than I thought.” You tried to smile but everyone saw the flash of pain in your eyes.
It wasn’t because you were saying it out loud, even though they might think that. It was because you were saying it in front of him.
And you knew it was more than a crush. You were completely and utterly in love with raph and had been for a while. But he never seemed to notice how much you cared for him or the things you would do just to try make him happy.
Just then, Leo walked into the room, only adding to the sudden tension.
“I gotta go back to mine. Ive got work in the morning.” You lied through your teeth, knowing you were off tomorrow but you just wanted to get away from all the prying eyes which you refused to meet. Apart from one.
You glanced up at Raph, who was studying you with a confused expression.
And that gave everything away.
Donnie saw it.
Mikey saw it.
Leo saw it.
Standing up, rather suddenly, you darted for the door, grabbed your bag and left, leaving a stunned silence behind you.
“What happened?” Leo asked as you walked to stand behind where Raph and Donnie were sitting.
“We were asking about [y/n]s crush.” Mikey turned to look at Leo, confused as to your sudden change of mood. You had been laughing only a moment ago and joking around.
“Did she say about her little thing for Raph?” leo asked, as confused as Mikey and the others to your sudden change in demeaner.
But Leo saw Mikeys eyes widen and Donnie and Raph twist in their seats. He instantly knew he had just said something he shouldn’t have.
“Whats that meant to mean?” Raph half growled, almost taking it as in insults or a joke.
All 3 of the brothers fell silent, obviously mulling over whether or not to say anything, until Mikey spoke up.
“We might as well tell him. Its upsetting [y/n] either way.” Mikey said, surprisingly being extremely reasonable which made Leo proud. If there was one thing Leo praised you for over everything else, it was how you brought out the best in each and every one of them.
“What are you talking about?” Raph looked from Mikey to Donnie.
“We were surprised you never noticed.” Donnie shrugged, avoiding Raphs eyes.
“If someone doesn’t tell me whats going on, im gonna-“ Raph didn’t get a chance to finish his insult as Leo snapped.
“For god sake. Shes in love with you!” He walked over to sit next to where you had been seated a few minutes ago. He half expected his brother to become even more infuriated with the situation because he wouldn’t believe it. But much to Leos surprise, Raph froze, staring at Leo.
After a few moments, Raph glanced to the door you had just left through and shook his head.
“She aint ever going to love me.” Raph sighed, pushing himself up, suddenly understand why you left so quickly. While you adored his brothers, it was hard to sit in front of them and speak of love.
“Yeah she does!” Mikey snapped, obviously offended by both Raph dismissing Leo and dismissing you.
“How would you know!” Raph growled.
“cause I do!” Mikey crossed his arms, not at all intimidated by his brother.
“She really does. Anyone can see it.” Donnie mumbled, not wanting to get involved but he couldn’t help himself. “Shes always following you around, she goes out her way to see you and make you happy.” He shrugged as he spoke.
“She does that for all of us!” Raph turned to Donnie, never thinking anything of it.
“You know what, Raph. You’re right. We’re all wrong. But can you risk that?” Leo walked over to Raph, standing tall against his brother.
“Whats that meant to mean?” Raph turned to Leo, repeating himself from earlier.
“If shes talking about you, then shes trying to move on. Shes fed up waiting. What happens if she gets a boyfriend in a couple of days, weeks or months? You think you could live with yourself? Wondering who she was speaking about? We all know you care the exact same about her as she does you. You got to speak to her, before you lose her.” Leo finished.
For the first time in a long time, Raph listened to Leo. Not just heard what he said, but actually listened to him.
Without a word, Raph turned and walked out the lair in a hurry. None of the brothers had to questions where he was going.
——————–time skip ————————–
You walked through the sewers, your feet were almost as heavy as your heart.
Why had you said that in front of him?
A part of you hoped he would understand you were speaking about him, but the other part said it was because you knew you needed to move on.
You stopped, hearing footsteps approaching you from behind.
Years of training with the turtles had taught you to be on your toes and suspect everything.
But as Raph came into view, you physically relaxed. He was staring at the ground in front of him as he walked and looked like he was deep in thought.
“Raph?” You called out, noticing he hadn’t seen you just yet and you didn’t want to startle him.
Upon hearing your voice, Raph jumped slightly and looked up.
“[y/n].” Raph smile slightly and sped up until he was closer. “You alright?”
“Yeah, im just tired.” You smiled, almost tempted to yawn but decided that would be too cliché.
“Right.” Was all he replied, looking down.
You just assumed he had come after you to make sure you were okay.
“Well, I’ll er see you later.” You prompted, hoping to get away from the situation.
“Yeah.” Once again, you got a one word answer.
Turning away from Raph, you started to walk away, noticing how he didn’t follow.
“What if he felt the same way about you?” Raphs voice made you freeze before you turned and looked at him in utter confusion.
“What?” You asked.
“the one you were speaking about.” Raph answered, but that didn’t really answer the question you were asking.
“Raph, I don’t understand what you’re saying.” You walked back to him, hoping that the closer you were, the more answers you would get.
“What if he loved you more than he could ever dare tell you?” Raph looked up at you as you stood in front of him.
your breath caught in your throat as you started up at Raph.
Was he talking about you and him?
“Then why not say anything before?” You asked, not daring to break his eye contact for fear of him taking it as rejection.
“I don’t want to lose you.” Raph was hunched over slightly as you stood directly in front of him.
“just say the word and im yours.” Was all you could say, hoping you were both talking about the same thing.
But Raph couldn’t take any more. He ducked his head down and pressed his soft lips to yours in a sweet but unexpected kiss. You quickly responded and placed a hand on either one of his broad shoulders, softly massaging his shoulders as you made out with him.
You felt like all of your senses were focused on him. You felt his arms around your waist and he pulled you closer.
eventually, the need for air outweighed the pleasure of the kiss and you pulled back a little, panting slightly.
“Will you go out with me?” Raph breathed, his voice sending a small chill down your spin.
“Only if you will come back to mine?” you smiled, looking up at him through your eyelashes and you knew he was putty in your hands.
Smiling, you went up on your tip toes to press a quick kiss to his lips before pulling away. You took a hand of his in your own and the two of you walked back to yours.
That night, you got 2 texts from Leo and Mikey that night.
Mikey asked if you were okay and Leo apologies if he had caused any trouble between you and Raph.
but you didn’t even notice they had messaged you because you were too focused on making up for lost time with Raph.

Time was winding down for her pregnancy since she knew she wouldn’t be able to carry full term and she really just wanted to wait it out till Monty 1st birthday was over, but with how she had to finally take her maternity leave from work because of how heavy the babies got she wasn’t so sure. 

Maternity leave had been hell for her because she was used to working and since she had to limit that since she was basically banned from the office she spent her time looking up baby names and nursery ideas for her baby girls and baby boy, however today was different.

Her and Nasir had just left her, now weekly, doctors appointment to make sure the babies weren’t running out of space and still developing well. After leaving their appointment Nasir said he had a work thing he needed to do.

Nasir had been slowly gathering new clientele and even some of his old ones who he worked with while still at his old company were seeking him out and helping him to start his own little one man company, which made her beam with pride. So when he asked her to tag along with him after a sudden phone call while leaving the doctor for a work matter she didn’t hesitate to tag along. I mean what else was she to do? Stay on simtrest all day? 

After driving for what felt like no time, which was odd since she hadn’t been to this part of town, he pulled up to a huge house with a security gate outside. 

“Oh my gosh! This is your clients place?!”

“It was. He selling the place and wanted me to update the system to the place before he put it on the market.”

“Oh look at my baby! Updating systems, making homes safe, being chocolaty and fine.”

Laughing as he parked inside the gate and helped her out the car before giving her a kiss on the lips, “I don’t think the chocolate part is going to sell the house.”

“I’d buy it if you came with it.” she said smacking him on the ass as he lead her around the front garden.

“Nah im already owned.” he said looking around.

“Baby! This house is gorgeous! Who even live here?! Like this is like house goals!”

“Girl don’t play I’ll buy it for you!”

“Nasir I will add another baby to the mix in these bushes RIGHT NOW! Don’t play!” she said swatting his arm as they made their way to the door missing the look of excitement on his face.  

“So its okay for me to be here with you today?”

“Yea they know you coming, I told them we had a doctors appointment today.”

“Oh okay cool.” she said looking around as he unlocked the door.

Stepping inside she gasped audibly, again missing the excitement in Nasir eyes.


“Do you like it?”

“Like it I LOVE it!” she said wanting to go explore badly. 

“Go baby.”


“Yea, my job here, just look around its empty and going on the market in a month, so whats the harm.”

Letting that move her feet she was off wobbling and exploring. 

“Four beds, three full baths, and two half baths. Two offices, a laundry room, updated kitchen, garage, and family friendly backyard with a pool.”

Whistling impressed as she continued to explore. 

“Baby! Why would someone move from here?”

“He said they got it back when his mom lived in town, but after she retired she moved to sunlight tide so she can be in the sun all day.” 

“How cute!”

“Thats what I said.”

“But why move?” 

“They just wanted to be back in the city and plus their kids were teens and wanted to be back with their friends so they had no ties here.”

“How unfortunate for this house.”

“Why you say that?”

“Because it just seems like there is so much care into updating it just to leave it you know? And you can tell it has been just updated inside by the vines out front that gives it that nice feel.”

“You have a point. Almost done baby.”

“Take your tim….LOOK AT THIS FUCKIN POOL!”

“Nice right!?”

“Oh baby it is! I love this house so much!!”

“I wonder what their selling for?”


“Come here!” he yelled from the other room as she stole one more glance out the floor to ceiling windows that took her breath away.

Walking back into the living room she seen him getting on his knee and started to hyperventilate and did the one thing that came to mind, act natural as possible.

“What you looking for down there?”

“Oh you know, our future.”


“Anita! I am so happy you love this house because I asked the guy to hold off on putting it on the market so you can see it first in exchange for updating the system for half off.”


Watching him shine to her saying ‘our’ made her heart pitter patter as he looked her in the eyes.

“Should I call him up and put in an offer?”


“Well… I know last time you denied me, and for good reason, and baby I don’t have a ring to present to you today, and I was hoping the day he needed me to do the install would be after your custom ring was finished, but hopefully this house will shine brighter then the ring I want to sit on your finger. Anita Howard, will you do me and this house the honor of making our family complete and marrying me.”

Standing there shocked and tears falling down her face she noded.


“I mean only if you want to.”

“Do I just chill on my knees for fun?”

“I mean……..” she said making them both laugh as she wiped her face.

“Girl I will take your fine ass up against that window! You better behave!”

“Oh, but won’t those poor bushes out front feel neglected.” she said as he got off his knee and pulled her into his arms.

“Well I’m sure these will be your bushes so I think we’ll have enough time to get to them too.” he said leaning his face into hers as he looked in her eyes.

“Oh thats right, because if that rings sucks this house gonna have to make up for it so you better make sure we get it.” she joked making him smack her on the ass and kissing her on the lips. 

June 7: So Better Things Can Fall Together

Title: So better things can fall together
Tags: 5+1, kind of, fluff, some tiny angst in the middle but it’s resolved, reference to sex but it happens off-screen, getting together, friends to lovers,
Words: 4.3k


Dan tells Phil his top 5 breakups of all time.


The five times Dan broke up with someone and the one time he didn’t.

Prompt:  I wrote ‘break up fic’ on my list of ideas. I’m not really sure this was what I meant…

‘Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together’ - Marilyn Monroe 

FEDIJ Day: June 7

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Doll Experiment.

Original Link By  mtspyte

Over the past few years I’ve read quite a few stories regarding dolls who seemingly come alive and torment the family who owns them. Since the first story I read I’ve been completely fascinated with the phenomenon. I worked through first hand accounts of ‘possessed dolls’ and many theories behind them before I finally decided to do an experiment of my own.

From what I’ve learned the age of the doll isn’t particularly important, its the amount of emotions you pour into it. Treat it like a living being and it invites spirits to take up resident, the theory being that they are jealous of the doll having the attention that they themselves cannot get. Another theory is that the amount of energy and emotion you pour into them creates a 'spirit’ of its own. These beings become violent when they are exposed to excess levels of stress, violence, fear and anger. It seems to be a perfect storm of emotions and energy which provides the spirit enough energy to manifest and attack those who are feeding it the unsavory energies.

My plan was to buy a doll (I decided on an American Girl Rebecca) who had no previous owner. Straight from the factory to reduce the risk of emotional contamination. This was important because I wanted to be the only being it received emotions from. When I received it I unboxed her immediately. I had a crafts room that my boyfriend who is very pediophobic never entered. He was effectively banned from the room because he tended to want to fiddle with the sewing machine and broke it more than once. The doll would be safe from him there.

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