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The One After Vegas...

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Sub!Dean, Dom!Reader, use of restraints (for Dean) mention of anal play, mention of spanking (sorta), edging. Pretty much PWP

Word Count: 3152

A/N: This one is written for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess birthday challenge. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES! It also has a Part 1 that was posted earlier today. Thank you goes to @avasmommy224 for betaing this for me. Feedback is appreciated and I hope yall enjoy!! ♥

Dean’s POV

It’s been a month since that night in Vegas and no matter how many women I pick up, no one has compared to her. It seems like just plain old vanilla sex just isn’t enough anymore. Yeah, I get off but it’s just not the same. Then there was the one other time I tried the sub thing with another chick…it got weird, quick.

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killerakirakuru  asked:

Headcanons on jackets the phantom thieves like!

Thank you so much for the request, meiteu! I had fun doing this hohoho~ And by the way, since I haven’t finished the game, all headcanons that are to the Phantom Thieves will have only some characters in it such as Akira, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, and Futaba. Thank you again. 

  • Akira doesn’t have a preference, most of the time. He’ll go with anything as long as it’s comfortable and decent. But to be honest, I believe the pea coat has caught his interest, for once! It does have that aesthetic, intelligent, and sophisticated nuance all over it. It suits him, or so I believe~
  • Ryuji, on the other hand, is attracted to hoodiesvarsity jackets, and bomber jackets. He likes to seem sporty and cool. As expected of him, lel. Plus, he hears some girls love boys who wear them so yeah. He’s desperate to be a chick magnet, people. God help him pls. 
  • Ann has a thing for sukajan jackets! She likes how they can appear casual, feminine, and classy at the same time. And also, have you ever heard of its history? It has a pretty unique one – sukajan were originally made for american soldiers who’d wanted some souvenirs from Japan hoho.
  • Yusuke prefers clothes that have artistic value, or, if that doesn’t seem to be the case, he’d most likely choose those which own a mature characteristic. Yusuke dislikes nowadays fashion in my headcanon(s), so he has a knack for blazers and pea coats, like Akira.
  • Makoto’s sense of fashion is similar to Akira and Yusuke’s. She prefers mature clothings like pea coats, blazers, and minimalist dresses/gowns. She loves clean looks, so she doesn’t go all out in fashion. But there are times when she uses colorful outfits tho. It happens if Ann or Futaba asks her to do so.
  • Futaba too. She doesn’t go all out in fashion, tbh. She wears comfortable stuff! Baggy hoodies are her favorite thing in the world, ever. Oversized sweaters, too! But did you know? She sometimes wears a kigurumi at home~

I met a cool chick at the rationalist Seder and wanted to add her on FB.  But I’m faceblind, so I just added all of the white, dark-haired girls with her relatively common name and the right mutual friends that I could find.  they all accepted, and they all seem like delightful people, so I’m declaring this a perfectly valid approach.  

I’ve found out which one she was, but by some bizarre implementation of the halo effect, I’m already fond of them all.  

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Why do you think Marie (Is that right?) liked Double D out of the three? It confuses me a bit, considering they seem totally different. I can see May and Double D together, though. They're both really smart and caring.

As I have analyzed behind Marie’s punk chick look, Marie is not who she displays herself as. Marie may look like a cool punk chick, but she’s a very different person on the inside. She is emotional, but bottles it up like Eddy. 

There was a school episode, Mission, Ed Possible, where Marie was reading a book in the background in a classroom. She likes reading.

Marie is attracted to nerds. Also, Edd is a sweet and gentle person.

Look how she reacts to him when she believes himself to be bully who likes to hurt people in A Fistful of Ed.

That is not the type of guy she wants to be around. 

And as you said they are both smart and caring. Despite Marie’s distinct look from her personality I can see her having some things in common with Edd. They both like to read and they’re protective.

I love how no one in LIS is exactly what they initially appear to be.

Chloe seems like a reckless sad punk chick but she’s also a dork with a heart of gold.

Frank acts like a tough drug dealer but he’s mostly a big softie who loves dogs.

Nathan Is a rich asshole but kind of a sympathetic asshole whose life probably is hell.

Victoria is mean to everyone but deep down she’s really insecure about herself and doubts that she has any talent.



The season premiere of The 100 has got me like…

OCTAVEN: holy balls… “Try to keep up” omg, can you see that sexual tension. Raven’s smirk? Raven being happy and Octavia the cause of that happiness? I die. But then…
DOCTOR MECHANIC: I thought I wouldn’t but then when Abby helped Raven off the horse, like Dr. Griffin why don’t you just scoop her up and into your bed?
MINTY: Miller, confirmed gay, loves Monty, we saw that chemistry in the truck. And how could Miller not love adorable little Monty?
JASPER I ship with improved mental health, poor kid.
EMORI/MURPHY: they both mess up and can be sarcastic lil shits together
CLARKE/NIYLAH: Clarke, you lil player! I love it, it’s so great! Niylah seems like a cool chick, i just hope she doesn’t turn on Clarke. I wouldn’t mind seeing her character more.
HARPER/MONROE: I ships it, play fighting into something more? I think so.
BELLAMY/NEW CHICK: Bellamy, unofficial group mom, needs an unofficial group dad to watch the kids with… Wait, does that make sense? Don’t care, I dig it. She runs a bar and works on trucks, she’s cool.

Basically, thank you, The 100 and Jason Rothenberg, for giving me more canon/non-canon ships that I could ever ask for.

she who’s winsome, she wins him (Part 3/3) || Writing Challenge - #47: Perfection 

Summary: Human AU. Rose hair with a gentle curl. That’s the girl he chose, and heaven knows…

A/N: Inspired by the song ‘I’m Not That Girl’ from the musical Wicked. So, I totally lied and I’m sorry for that. But here it is! The long awaited third part. I hope you enjoy!

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Thoughts on the o'Grady sisters?

“Both are lookin’ like snacks. Summer is cool, i’d like to get to know her a bit more. She seems like she hates people which is my kink. but she has been through some shit, with having to deal with Plastics and popular people, so I don’t blame her. Isabelle is kinda stuck up, I try and stay away from chicks like that now that i’m outta that crowd. Plus they always have their nails done and probably suck at giving neck because they don’t use their hands, afraid they’ll mess up their paint and shit.”

whaddya do when ya wanna like some chick and she’s technically cool but she’s engaged to a dude who uh super fucked you over like he literally was supposed to come over one night when y'all were seeing each other years ago and then he never shows up and you never hear from him again ….

so im like wait idk gurl your art is cool but your judgement seems really bad lol good luck being married to garbage? ugh nvm i tried

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I found your blog, Sarah-boo through Moosh actually because you two were reblogging something back and forth and some asks you sent her as well, I think. I had saw the username a few times and giggled often because I typo Noctis as noctit a lot. I was like she seems like a cool chick and send some anons your way and well the rest is history. :D

HOW TF DID I MISS THIS OMG. I am so glad we started chatting you are such a fun, open kind of person. Totally my speed! idk what my obsession with chests is about I have promptitties hoarded as a url too lmao 

I think I found your blog just looking for smut. LMAO IS THIS HOW I FOUND EVERYONE. And you posted some freaky shit that had me wrekt and I just had to hit that follow button. Love having you on my dash!!!

Emo Puppies (Steve x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Character: Steve Rogers

Persona: Female

Word Count: 664

Request: Hi Jamie! How ya doin? So I’m a big fan of this blog—I think I read 90% of your stuff tbh X) and I was wondering if someone could take this request: ok so a Steve x reader where she’s all grumpy around the team and everybody thinks she’s kinda dark but Steve finds out she likes to paint puppies and stuff idk you can do whatever you want with that I mean it can be a drabble or something else but please make it fluffy I need some fluffy stuff k bye love ya guys♥ 

A/N - For eternity-in-hell, sorry it’s short! I’m good and I hope you’re well! We love you too <3

“Morning”, Steve greeted you politely as you entered the kitchen, a swift grunt was all he received in return. Captain America watched you with a smile as you quickly rushed around the kitchen, gathering a bowl of cereal and a drink, just as fast as you had entered the kitchen you had left again. “Why do you even bother?”, Tony asked with genuine curiosity. You had been a member of the team for quite some time now and still you hadn’t bonded with anyone.

“(Y/N) will warm up soon enough”, the Captain spoke confidently. He fully believed that if you were given enough time and if he put just enough effort in, you’d finally give up your grumpy facade. 

“Hopefully, she seems like a cool chick”, Clint commented, Steve nodded his head in agreement. 

Later on that day Steve walked up to your room, you would be in there without a doubt as it  you spent nearly all of your time there.

He knocked on the door lightly and waited for you to answer, “Who is it?”, you shouted gruffly, the unopened door muffled the sound. “Steve”, he replied. “What do you want?”, you called, still refusing to open the door. “I..Um..Just wanted to see if you’d like to go catch a movie or something?”, Steve stated, “I mean–just as friends y’know?”. “No”, you growled back bluntly. 

Steve sighed, but he held his ground, “Well would you like to do something else then?”. 

“I’d like to go back to being left alone thanks”, you shouted back. With all this attention you were receiving, behind the closed door you were finding it hard to concentrate on your current art piece.

“That’s not going to happen, sorry (Y/N)”, Steve continued to speak to the door, “It must be lonely spending this much time by yourself and I can imagine how lonely you probably are, so I’m not going anywhere. I’ll sit out here and speak to the door all day if I have too”. Slowly the Captain crouched down and leant against the door. 

“Go. Away!”, you shouted firmly “Nope”, Steve smiled to himself. Silence quickly fell so Steve decided to continue on with the one-sided conversation, “So my day has been pretty good, I hope yours has been too. I was thinking that I might go and train later but I’m not sure what I’m going to do after-”. Steve heard a click and the door opened.

“Just stop talking already you win”, you sighed woefully, walking away from the door, Steve let himself in. 

Your room was a lot different to Steve’s expectations; yes the walls were dark and the curtains were drawn but you had beautiful fairy lights strung up, illuminating the room. Band posters were scattered here and there, beautifully coloured paintings were hung on nearly every wall, each one different from the other in some way or other. The Captain was engulfed with curiosity and charmed by what he assumed was your work.

“Did you do these?”, he asked in awe. You were sat on your bed, staring at your phone, “Yeah”, came your dull reply. “These are absolutely stunning”, Steve complimented. He studied each piece carefully before moving onto the next.

“T-Thanks”, you stuttered, Steve looked over to you and he was taken back by the genuine smile that framed your face, he smiled back, “You’re welcome, what inspired you to paint this?”. Instantly you rose up from your spot and began to talk in detail about each piece and why you’d produced it: Steve indulged in your speeches about your work, he could feel himself being completely taken in by you.

An amused grin lit up your face as you pointed to a particular piece, “This is one of my favourites, it’s a painting of a puppy”. Steve chuckled, “It’s brilliant, it’s almost as cute as you”.

Your cheeks heated up, you looked up, “So is there still time to go and catch that movie you wanted to see?”

Finished!! My doodle (that took about 12 hours) of Dodger! She is probably my favourite female youtuber at this point and she just seems like such a cool chick. Love to meet and hang out with her someday! Also, her and her fiance are my real life OTP, they are too cute!! Search up Dodger and Sam, you’ll see what I mean.



Happy Christmas to the mmfd fandom I hope you like this Au ficcy. Thanks to everyone that is kind enough to like, reblog and comment on my Ramblings.

Thanks to the lovely Norma @nenita1978 for advising me to make more of the silly little fic I started with.  And big thanks to Beta Extraordinare Dana @nemo-miracle-grow For finessing and sound advice.

Not sure anything needs warning.  Please let me know what you think?


“Hey Chloe? What’s up wi’ yer mate?” Finn enquired, acting casual by arranging his fringe and adjusting his leather jacket. Chloe didn’t even need to ask the question why, her eyebrows raised so high in confusion they nearly became part of her hairline.  Finn huffed, “It’s not like I’m bothered or anythin’, you know? She just looks anxious and that?” Finn felt nervous as he motioned over to the bar where Rae stood fetching another round. Chloe was still staring at him mouth agape like he had just landed on earth from another planet.

“Since when do you care what’s wrong wi’ Rae?” Chloe looked intently at Finn.

"What d'ya mean?” Finn enquired feeling extremely puzzled. “Why wouldn’t I care?” He scrunched his brow in question. He cares about all their mates. Chloe was insinuating he had a problem with the raven haired beauty and couldn’t be further from the truth. He caught a couple of pricks picking on her outside the chippy the other day and gave them a slap because he cared so much about her. He felt slightly hurt by Chloe’s accusations.

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From that thing you just Reblogged I can see why you look at your beautiful Cosplayer friend as a bro xD

Yeah thats actually how norikat and I first met, i was at a some Anime con and I bumped into this dude and I was like “sorry bro” and he was like “its cool dude” and then like I walked away and this one douche dude started a fight with him and he seemed to be holding him off then his hat flew off and the dude said “Is that all you got boy” and this long blonde hair came flowing down and then she wiped her face and stared at him and said “Im no boy” and kicked him in the nuts and I was like “woah you were chick the whole time” and then his voice lightened up and said “Yeahhhh most of the time” and then she was like
I’m Nora but they call me DJ Smackdown cause I lay the smackdown on bitches like that” her name was Dj smackdown back then
and I was like “I’m Nathaniel” and we became cool, so nowadays we give each other silent respect head nods 

True story

anonymous asked:

I saw your tag of having so many head canons about Book 3 Masami... care to share? :D I am always super curious about your head canons, especially where Asami is concerned, because I feel like you give her so much needed thought and attention.

The problem is to contextualize my Masami Book 3 headcanons I’d also have to share my headcanons for the 2 week gap in between Books 2 and 3, which are more or less mini-fics I have in my brain and never wrote down. Let’s see if I can bullet point some of this.

Keep in mind that Book 2 ended with a Makorra breakup while they were still in the SWT, and that we really didn’t see any Masami interaction (other than fighting together when they had to) in those last few episodes.

So…(jeeze I forgot how embarrassing sharing headcanons was):

In between Book 2 and Book 3:

  • When Asami heard Jinora describe giant blue Korra and the battle of ultimate good and evil (and then probably pointed out the new spiritual age stuff), I think Asami’s “Korra makes me feel weird maybe this is a crush” feelings that were lying a bit unexplored came to the forefront, and she thought it was really fucking cool.
  • On the ship ride back to RC, Asami and Korra begin bonding. I may or may not script out their first scene at some point, but the long and short of it is that Asami’s working on something…probably innovating tech that’s going to help with the RC cleanup effort (or securing contracts for new airships for the RC police idk) because she knows from Jinora how bad the city looked. Korra walks in seeming all down-trodden, Asami’s all “what’s wrong” (*resists urge to hairflip*), Korra mentions the breakup and they talk about that a bit (it really seems like Mako became their punchline pretty quickly, doesn’t it?). Then Korra’s all “what are those engineering schematics” and Asami explains, Korra’s stressed about the state of the city, but Asami says something to the effect of “things change, and people adapt.”
  • Also on the ship, Mako keeps trying to avoid both Korra and Asami, which he’s not very good at. He and Asami just like, inevitably run into each other, and she’s still expecting an apology. He manages to skates the entire subject. It’s not necessarily outright hostile or anything, but it’s more that Asami expects to at least be given the proper respect with an apology that he won’t give, and for that reason she’s not going to be forthcoming herself. So it’s fucking awkward. And that also explains the expression on her face during this moment. She’s slightly done with his ineptitude. It’s not pissed, it’s more fed-up.
  • There’s a chance Mako asked Asami not to tell Korra about their hookup(s), but I go back and forth on it (and she wouldn’t agree to anything because it’s not his call whether she gets to be honest in a friendship just because he couldn’t be honest himself).
  • Once back in RC, we know Mako hides from everyone and sleeps in his office.
  • At some point, Korra’s taking a lot of heat for the vines and she’s upset, and she talks to Asami about how it’s all her fault, which Asami denies (one of her “that’s ridiculous” style lines). Korra is like, reassured a little bit and like “huh, this chick is pretty cool!” (not self-aware as to what that might actually mean), and decides to ask Asami “did you think I started the Civil War?” just because she’s not used to someone taking her side so quickly. Asami will be all “just because your uncle manipulated the situation to make you seem like the aggressor doesn’t mean it’s true.” So Korra is sort of subconsciously comparing responses between Asami and Mako. Cause that’s what our brains sometimes just do…
  • And Asami btw fully trusts in Korra’s vision for the world with the open portals. Rather than thinking everything is an inconvenience, she’s actively thinking of solutions, something she clearly carries into her approach to the infrastructure contract. And she’s super fascinated by all the spirits that live there, albeit a little bit horrified when they’re combative hedgehogs.

Book 3 Masami

Book 3 Korrasami is pretty obvious, so let’s get to the good stuff

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His Reaction To TFIOS (Movie/Book)

If you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend you do!

Calum Hood: Calum sat next to you on the couch reading “The Fault in Our Stars” and it took a couple of weeks for him to agree to read it, because lets face it, what teenage boy wants to read a book? He stared intently at the pages before flipping the page and a smile spread across his face. 

“What?” You laugh putting your own book down.

“He’s taking her to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten!” He smiles looking from the book to you.

“So you actually like it?” You giggle.

“Yeah, it’s well written and I feel sorry for the girl and Augustus seems like a pretty cool lad. I don’t see why it’s so sad. Does she die or something?”

“You have no idea.” You laugh silently to yourself, not wanting to ruin the book for him.

Ashton Irwin:You raved on and on about the book and you absolutely had to see the movie, of course dragging Ashton along.

“I don’t want to watch a chick fick (Y/N).” He pouted.

“Come on. You’ll like it, I promise.” You smile looking at the menu.

Towards the end of the movie you heard a few hiccups and saw Ashton move his hands to his face. You hand him a few tissues and grab his hand for comfort.

The movie ended and you and Ashton walked out, “Who writes a book like that and ends it that way? Does he try to make people cry? Is that his goal? Because he achieved it. Why did you make me watch that? I feel sorry for the lad!” He ranted causing you to laugh yet sniffle since the two of you weren’t over your crying session a few minutes before.

Luke Hemmings: (third person pov) Luke walked in to the kitchen and put the book on the counter while his girlfriend made dinner.

“It was an okay book.” He lied, it was the best yet most heartbreaking book he’d ever read.

“Just okay?” She giggled stirring the food on the stove. She knew he was lying. She heard his sniffles earlier when she was doing laundry.

“Maybe okay will be our always.” He mimicked wrapping his arms around her from behind and resting his head in the crook of her neck. They boy knew he low key enjoyed that book and he’d reread it many times before admitting it to her or anyone.

Ever since he finished the book he would always make references to it. He’d always say okay and call you by your first and middle name (when it was just the two of you), even though it was an “okay” book.

Michael Clifford:You and Michael rented the movie “The Fault in Our Stars” for a date night. The two of you were cuddled on the couch and Augustus passed away. (If you didn’t read the book and you were waiting for the movie to come out on DVD then #sns) Michael cried a little but you cried a lot more. After the movie Michael felt the need to listen to Green Day and do ‘punk rock things’ to make him feel like a man again.

Like Luke he’d start calling you by your first and middle name, and the boys would tease him about it.

Oh wow, that sucked, tell me what you think thouuuugh! -Lexi x

anonymous asked:

I'm a chubby girl and I follow you and it seems like you really like and are supportive of curvy women but your gf looks really small and thin? i'm just kinda disappointed tbh

Alright, do you want to have this conversation? Let’s have this conversation. I’ve been anticipating an ask like this since the girl and I started dating.

I think it’s time I set a couple of ground rules. These are the things I believe.

1. Never let my point of view on anything affect how you feel, especially about yourself.

I’d like to think I’m a pretty good dude. I consider myself a feminist dude. I consider myself a tolerant and supportive dude. But I’m still a dude, and dudes are kinda the worst. You shouldn’t let my opinion on anything affect how you feel, especially about yourself.

Every woman is a goddess that deserves to feel beautiful and special because she is. My personal preferences shouldn’t mean shit to anyone who isn’t directly romantically or sexually involved with me, because I’m a fucking nobody. 

I’m a guy and so I don’t know your struggles, and I respect everything women choose to do or not to do in terms of their appearance and style. Girls who work out, girls who don’t, girls who dye their hair or do their makeup or pick out cute outfits, it’s all fantastic and wonderful and should be celebrated.

The other day the girl was telling me that she thinks she wants to dye her hair again. I said “If you wanna go for it, go for it.” She said I didn’t seem too thrilled about the idea and I said “It sounds cool, but it isn’t my decision. It’s just hair. Hair grows back. I’d love you if you were bald so fuck it, do what you wanna do.”

I’ve got no right to state how women “should” look because they shouldn’t look any specific way. All I have are my personal preferences and things I’m into, and that should in no way dictate what I believe women should look like.

2. Never let the appearance of other women negatively influence how you feel about yourself.

When I see chicks (and I don’t mean that in a demeaning way because I refer to chicks the same way I refer to guys as dudes) reblogging each others selfies, saying positive and sweet things, it lights me up inside. When I see a girl tell another girl that her eyebrow game is on point or that her eyes are beautiful I get genuinely elated and happy for a lot of reasons.

Part of it is because I like it when people sincerely appreciate the attractiveness of other people, even when it’s not a sexual thing. When I see a photo of a guy with a cool beard or tattoos or nice style I say “damn that is a fine-ass looking dude” because, well, that’s a fine-ass looking dude. I feel like guys get so defensive about appreciating each other because the patriarchy tries to teach us that we have to have masculinity shooting out of every orifice and it’s fucking stupid. I didn’t say I wanted to blow the guy, I just think he’s good looking. Hell, even if I did want to blow him, who cares? I’ve never wanted to do that before but if I suddenly felt compelled to I’d think “Huh. Well, that’s an interesting development.”

I was one of those neckbeard fedora dicks for a while throughout my youth. I didn’t have a neckbeard because at 22 I still can’t grow facial hair, and I didn’t have a fedora because even at 15 I knew they look fucking dumb, but I followed the ideals. I had just come out as an atheist, I thought girls didn’t like me because I was too nice, it was a difficult time and I had a lot of dangerous ideas. I learned a lot, about the friend zone being bullshit and about women’s rights and about what it means to really be a good person.

But I think the strangest thing I saw on the internet while I learned about feminism was the tendency that some (this is just a subset after all) women had to jab at each other about their style or their makeup or whatever. I would sometimes see women who decided not to wear makeup or to wear flannels or to dress grunge make comments about how “shallow” or “vain” or “girly” doing all that other shit was, and it bothered me. It felt like the same issue I had when I came out as an atheist. When you break the standard society tries to hold you to, be it religion or gender roles, you have this hostility toward those still in the folds.

These women didn’t realize they were shaming other women who held the same ideals as them but chose to embrace it in a different way. Some women broke the idea of being feminine completely, some chose to embrace it as their own, but both were fighting for the same thing. It’s those ideas that the patriarchy instills that’s dangerous to young women, so dangerous that even when they break free they can still be held back.

There’s a big movement about loving yourself regardless of size, and you totally should. Don’t compare yourself to other women. When you see someone beautiful, appreciate their beauty. Don’t put yourself down because you’re “less beautiful,” because you aren’t. You’re as beautiful, in a different way.

3. You can’t choose who you love.

This is the final part of this whole thing. I’m going to directly address your question here. 

Of course I like curvy women. I like women.

Of course I’m supportive of curvy women. Curvy women are people. People need support, especially those who have been told by the media that they aren’t good enough.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, I make no secret of my sexual history. I was 500 pounds at the age of 16, lost 280 pounds over 5 years, had my first kiss at 18, lost my virginity just before 20, and I’ve been with around 19 girls. I stopped counting after a while because “sex partner numbers” are just fucking weird.

To me, sex and dating are two things that can be tied together in a wonderful way, but don’t have to be. You can date someone you care for and have great sex together. You can date someone you care for and not have sex if you choose not to. You can have sex with someone and not date them. But I treat sex and dating with the same base points.

If I’m attracted to you, interested in you, if you’re single and feel the same way, then let’s see what happened. 

If I’m single and at a bar and I see a girl I’m attracted to, I’ll talk to her. If she’s interested and not tied down, let’s see where it goes. Maybe we’ll end up dating, maybe we’ll end up fucking in the bathroom, maybe both. It all depends on the people involved and what we want.

But these rules are the same regardless of age (as long as they’re over 18, obviously,) ethnicity, body type or gender. (I mean, I’ve never felt compelled to have sex with another man but if I was single and the mood strikes, I’ll try anything once.)

I don’t like chubby women or middle eastern women or whatever. I like women I’m attracted to. I’ve been involved with girls who were 3 years younger than me, 12 years older than me, incredibly thin, fairly chubby, 6 foot 2, 4 foot 11, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Pakistani, Ukrainian, it’s all because they were women who I was attracted to and were, somehow, attracted to me enough to ride the disco stick at least once.

I don’t want you to think I’m not supportive of you because of course I am. This comes from nowhere but a place of love. I’m a chubby guy. I’ve always been a chubby guy my entire life. I’m 6 foot 5 so I look slightly less chubby than I am but trust me, it’s there. I support you so much because you deserve support and you deserve to feel beautiful. But I’m not going to apologize for what I like and who I’m attracted to.

Now let’s talk about my girlfriend.

My girlfriend, Patty, is adorable. She’s the fucking cutest. She looks short in our photos, but that’s because I’m 6 foot 5. In reality, she’s about 5 foot 10. She’s thin and her legs are toned and she has an ass that won’t quit, but it’s not like she was just “blessed” or something. She works really fucking hard. She goes to the gym, she eats well, and she really tries. 

I’m not going to say “how dare you try and put her down for being thin” because it’s kinda like the idea of reverse racism. You can’t really put down skinny people the same way you can’t really put down white people. You may say something they find insulting, but in the media they’re so reinforced that it won’t put a dent in them.

Yeah, she’s thin and beautiful. But holy shit, she’s so much more than that. She’s the sweetest, kindest human being I’ve ever known. The day we told each other we liked each other, I told her that I have Bipolar Disorder. I was just diagnosed a few months ago, and I hadn’t told anyone in my life beyond my closest friends. I had purposely stayed away from dating because I was terrified. But I liked her, and I needed to tell her about what she was getting into.

She didn’t even hesitate. She didn’t care. She said it was a part of me, and “me” was who she liked. 

The first time we ever spent the night together, I woke up in the middle of the night. I stared out the slit of window I could see behind the curtain into the vague, dull blueness of the night sky. I could hear her breathe. I felt something I hadn’t in years, not since I lost my best friend. It was home. Being with her is like being home.

I don’t love her because she’s beautiful. She’s beautiful, and I love her.

I’m already seeing people being harassed over Tracer being confirmed being LGBT in the newest motion comic from Playoverwatch, and I have one thing to say about it…

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Seriously, this shit ain’t cool. 

Is it awesome that Tracer is confirmed to have a girlfriend? HELL YEAH! I mean, Tracer is basically the face of Overwatch at this point to where she is on the box art for the game. Not to mention she was one of the first characters shown off for the game, alongside Winston, Reaper, and Widowmaker!

But harassing people over the fact they ship Lena with other people and drawing her differently? That shit ain’t cool. 

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Yes, it’s canon, but getting pissy about it to others and being a dick isn’t cool at all. It can’t be undone by fanfiction or fanart. That stuff is made by FANS, not the ones who created and own the property that the character is from (in this case, Blizzard Entertainment).

Also, ya know, Tracer COULD have a different sexuality besides gay, ya know? She could be bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, or even asexual! That’s kind of what LGBT is. That type of stuff sadly seems to be overlooked when stuff like this happens.

Look, I’m a 20 year old white chick, who is asexual (questioning at best), and was I excited as all hell when I read the comic? Hell yes! This shit is huge! A lot of my online peeps were excited too (especially people from the net fam run by  @rattlecat and @shrineart), and I’m glad that we have some positive representation of an LGBT character in such a popular game franchise.

But this shit needs to stop. Just let people enjoy this, and don’t be a dick head to people who ship Tracer with another character or draw/write her differently from canon. 

-Signed, a very annoyed woman who is sick of this already

To be honest, I didn’t really have an opinion on her before I started working with her because everybody has an opinion about everbody in Hollywood. And until you get to actually work with them, you really can’t form one. Now that I have, I can honestly say she’s the girl next door who happens to be wildly successful at what she does. But she’s just a chick who likes to hang out. You know, she’s cool, she’s confident. She kinda likes to be in the background though. And at the end of the day, she’s just supremely professional. She’s an actress, that’s what she is, that’s what she does.
—  Ser'Darius Blain on Kristen (x)