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Thoughts about simply_kenna's asexuality video?

I’ve watched a bit of the Q&A video and it seems OK. She’s speaking on her personal experience with aromanticism and asexuality and she’s clear in the beginning that her answers are based on her experience and aren’t necessarily the experience of everyone who identifies as aro ace. 

Followers, thoughts?


build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco

give me some more cute lesbians, ian jq

Which Touhou characters you should hug: a guide
  • Reimu: Yes. She works very hard for very little reward and sometimes wonders if she is appreciated enough. Please give her a hug to show her you appreciate her defending Gensokyo. She needs it.
  • Marisa: Yes! Marisa is a wonderful friend and will hug you back with just as much enthusiasm. This will be a good experience.
  • Rumia: No! She may look cute and while hugging her would be a fantastic experience she is a carnivore and this would not end well for you
  • Cirno: Yes! Hug her and call her strong! She is tiny and deserves love.
  • Meiling: Absolutely! She gives big strong bear hugs and is probably a fantastic person to hug, 10/10.
  • Patchouli: Do not! Patchouli does not appreciate her personal space being invaded. Keep to yourself and instead let her know you appreciate her with a polite conversation.
  • Sakuya: Probably not. She has knives and is quiet and mysterious. Potential danger.
  • Remilia: Do not! You would embarrass her and you do not want to deal with her rage!
  • Flandre: DEFINITELY DO NOT!! She deserves lots of hugs but she cannot be gentle! You would die, please do not it's for the best
  • Letty: Yes! She will wrap you in her warm winter clothes and it will feel amazing, would recommend.
  • Chen: ABSOLUTELY!!!! She is a tiny cat and you will not regret it one bit.
  • Alice: Please do not unless she knows you well. Alice is a reclusive person and this would likely startle her.
  • Lunasa, Lyrica and Merlin: Yes!! Go for it! Three in one!
  • Youmu: Yes!! Youmu needs to know that she is doing an incredibly good job! She deserves it!
  • Yuyuko: ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!! She loves you very much and gives the best mom hugs!
  • Yukari: Maybe. She probably gives good mom hugs too but is also mysterious. Dangerous. Hug with caution
  • Suika: Yes, but be prepared, she is much stronger than she appears!
  • Wriggle: Only if you are alright with the possibility of friendly bugs crawling on you!
  • Mystia: Nope. nope nope nope. she may look tiny but you'll go blind and she'll eat you
  • Keine: Yes!! As long as the moon is not full! Otherwise maybe not she's a little spiky
  • Tewi: Nooooo! She may be fluffy but she is devious!!
  • Reisen: Yes, but slowly and gently! She is an ex-soldier and so you must be cautious.
  • Eirin: Yes!!! She is a kind beautiful grandmother and she loves you
  • Kaguya: Only if you bring her a branch from the jeweled tree of Hourai, the Buddha's stone begging bowl, a fire rat's robe, a jewel from the neck of a dragon, and a swallow's cowry shell
  • Mokou: Yes! Please! She needs one very badly and will appreciate it
  • Maribel: Yes!! But don't be surprised if you wind up somewhere else!
  • Renko: Yes!! if Maribel gets one it's only fair!!
  • Rinnosuke: Yes!! He is very nice and probably lonely in that shop by himself!
  • Fairies of light: Yes!! They are very cute!! But be wary of pranks!
  • Aya: Yes! She may try to sell you a newspaper but overall a good experience!
  • Medicine: YES!!! She's poisonous and you might get a rash but she needs it very badly
  • Komachi: Yes!! she may be a death youkai but she is not scary!
  • Eiki: No. You will be Punished
  • Rei'sen: Please do!! She is soft and nervous and will appreciate this!
  • Watatsuki no Toyohime: Yes!! She seems ok and might share a tasty peach with you!
  • Watatsuki no Yorihime: DO NOT!! YOU WILL BE FORCEFULLY REMOVED
  • Shizuha and Minoriko: YES!!! Say thank you for the seasons and good harvests!!
  • Hina: No! She appreciates you, but does not want you to have to suffer because of her. Stay away!!
  • Nitori: Do not!! She is shy and might not appreciate it. Instead tell her you appreciate her hard work!
  • Sanae: Yes! She does a good job and this will make her happy!
  • Kanako: Do not!! You must show respect!! Donate to her shrine to show you care
  • Suwako: Yes!!!! She doesn't care about donations or worship and will take this happily!!
  • Iku: Wear insulated clothing and you're good
  • Tenshi: Yes!! She just wants friends!
  • Kisume: DON'T!!! she may be tiny and live in a bucket but she'll eat your face
  • Yamame: no!! she's nice but you could get sick. stay away
  • Parsee: DO IT!! she spends her entire life wanting to be loved like other people, please give her one!!
  • Satori: ABSOLUTELY! people fear her and so it would mean a lot to know somebody is not afraid of her for who she is!
  • Rin: Hug! Very soft and pettable
  • Utsuho: Do not hug! Very nice but also not very careful!
  • Koishi: Hug!! Please hug! She is extremely cute and it will be an amazing hugging experience, 11/10
  • Nazrin: Yes! She is small and fuzzy
  • Kogasa: ABSOLUTELY DO IT!!! she has been extremely lonely for a long time, she will appreciate this a lot!
  • Ichirin: Yes!!
  • Unzan: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FLUFF
  • Minamitsu: Why not?? She's a ghost but you're ok if you're not on a boat
  • Shou: Do!! She is big and fuzzy
  • Nue: Don't!!!! Dangerous!
  • Hatate: Please do!! she must be very lonely
  • Kasen: Yes! She is old and wise and very good!
  • Yoshika: Spooky but deserving of your love!!
  • Seiga: Nope nope, may seem nice but very wicked, you would be advised to not!!
  • Tojiko: Yes!! Very soft
  • Futo: Yea, doth!!!!
  • Miko: Maybe! She is royalty and must be respected. But she would probably be ok with it!
  • Kosuzu: Please do!! She is very conflicted and needs a friend!!
  • Wakasagihime: May be a little wet but overall a good idea!!
  • Sekibanki: Do not be alarmed if her head comes off! But yes!
  • Kagerou: Also not on the full moon! But otherwise yes!
  • Benben and Yatsuhashi: Yes! They are only babies!! Please give them love!!
  • Shinmyoumaru: ABSOLUTELY YES!! she is so tiny!!! hug her gently and carefully!
  • Raiko: Yes! She is a strong and wise youkai!!
  • Sumireko: Noooo! She is not good with people and this will most likely make her feel awkward! Instead tell her she is smart and skilled.
  • Seiran: Yes!! Fluffy!
  • Ringo: Yes!! Fluffy!!!
  • Doremy: YES!! FLUFFY!!!
  • Sagume: No!! You are not allowed in the Lunar Capital! You made yorihime mad again!!!
  • Junko: Yes! Please!! She needs it very badly she has had a lot of trauma in her life and the more love the better
  • Hecatia: Yes!! Looks like a good mom! Three hugs in one!!
  • Eternity Larva: yes!! but mind her wings, they are delicate!
  • Nemuno: Yes!! Do not mind the cleaver, she is a fantastic mom!!

you didn’t have to do that! you already have permission.
i– yeah, no, i didn’t have to, uh…i just wanted to.


sooo Julia became level 40 the other day, so I wanted to draw what she said because it was quite heartwarming o<o;;;

I also have Ryoma’s dialogue, but he’s gonna take longer because he’s a pain to draw ahahahahah;;;;

nngh it STILL kinda bothers me… how in the anime they showed kid tsubomi actually being impressed with mob’s powers and then growing “bored” of them… but in the manga she actually had no interest in them in the first place, and the lines from when she was impressed in the anime were taken from an omake that was mob’s dream……


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A Very Dirty Way to Get Clean

He’d been reluctant to let her go get in the shower, holding her against him in bed and sniffing at her until she shrieked with laughter — “I don’t wanna wash us off,” he’d said between comically loud inhales, “we smell so good all mixed together!”

Until finally she’d said, gasping and pushing at him between giggles, “Sex sweat — stop that! — is a renewable resource! We can make a new batch tonight!”

Relief flooded his veins like the warmth of a good bourbon and he realized he’d been afraid on some weird, deep level that this had been a lightning strike, a spectacular one-off event that she’d calmly get over and move past. But reassured by her assumption of there being a “tonight” together, he finally agreed that the sooner they got to work, the sooner they could come home — to his place, her place, the fucking moon, like it mattered — and lose themselves in each other again.

But still, unable to help himself, he tried another gambit: “How bout we shower together, to save some time?”

She turned, naked, in the doorway, her eyebrow at its highest altitude: “Oh yes, no doubt my breasts will get extremely clean. But there’s no way that saves us any time.”  

He wasn’t sure if what was on his face looked more like a grin or a leer, but whatever it was, made her laugh again. “I promise, Scully — swear to Chthulu —” he lifted a two-fingered salute in a gesture that brought a blush to her cheeks — “I will not slow you down.”

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So I’m a senior and I was walking down the hallway today (late for my Classical Greek class) when I saw this fifth grader kinda looking really really down. She was wearing a 9 ¾ shirt and obviously my inner potterhead instantly felt some sort of kinship towards her. In any case, as I neared, I saw that her eyes were red and I realised that her teacher must’ve let her out of class to calm down. As I was passing her I mimed the wengardium leviosa Wand motion and winked. She stared at me for a moment or two and then replied with a brilliant grin that brightened up her face and honestly made my whole week. I saw her again after afternoon classes and we spent about an hour discussing Harry Potter which is why I am now friends with a fifth grader.

Shadow: Part 1

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Natasha and Bucky rescue someone from their past. Being hunted down, they bring you to the Avengers. Will it be enough to keep you safe?

Warnings: injury

A/N: My first angsty and Bucky series!! That being said it’s my first time writing a series that’s so interconnected. Feedback is always welcome. Thank you so much for reading! ~J


Originally posted by luvinchris

Light was the first thing you noticed. It started like you were driving through a tunnel. Gradually sounds and voices came to you as well, until everything hit you all at once. You sit up gasping, or you tried to but something kept you down.

“She’s going into shock. Sedate her!” you hear someone yell over you. You feel a slight pinch and everything goes dark again.

This time sound came to you first. You could hear the clock ticking in your room, the sound of someone, no someones, breathing. Opening your eyes, everything was little blurs at first. Blinking until the image became clearer, you whimper at the sudden pain shooting through you.

“It’s ok. It’s ok друг” she says as she comes closer to you. For a moment you think you are hallucinating, you haven’t seen her since… She cuts off your train of thought when you feel her touch your clenched fist. You finally get a good look at her as she hovers over you and brushes strands of your hair out of your face, just as your mother had.

“Natalia” you breath and wince when you realize that everything hurts.

“I know, I’m here, you’re ok” she tries and soothes again, but it doesn’t work this time. Tears come to your eyes when you realize what the pain means, what seeing Natasha means. Breathing becomes a chore now and you heave your chest to try and get air in, but this just upsets your injuries more and blinding pain consumes you.

“They’re coming for me. They got me” you wheeze out through your tears.

“She’s having a panic attack, we need to sedate her again” you hear and suddenly you see the other person in your room.

“Steve, she’s had enough drugs!” Natasha yells as she tries to stop him from calling in a nurse.

Suddenly you feel cold metal touch your face and you turn to face the person you had missed in your initial scan. Two piercing blue eyes look down at you with such intensity it takes your breath away.

“Focus on my hand, can you feel it?” he says as he starts to move it from your forehead to your cheek. You nod slowly and lean into his touch.

“Great, keep focusing and tell me something else you can feel” his voice low and calming.

“Pain, everything hurts” you almost whine. His eyes go a little darker, but otherwise he keeps his composure.

“Something else кукла, anything else.”

“The sheets, they’re scratchy” you reply and he almost chuckles.

“Good, tell me something you can see” he goes again.

“You, your eyes, they’re so pretty.” you spill out before you can think.

His face flushes a bit and a smile creeps up on his perfect lips. He moves his hand from your cheek to your chest now and you feel a tingling sensation wherever he drags his hand.

“Good, your breathing’s calmed. You’re ok, just keep focusing on here and now кукла” he states as his eyes roam over you once more.

You hadn’t even noticed that Natasha and Steve had stopped fighting and were now watching your exchange curiously. A few moments pass before he realizes that he’s lingering now, and lifts his hand off your chest and retreats a little backwards. His eyes met Steve’s across your bed and he gives him a small shrug and nod, indicating that he’ll speak to him later.

“Thanks Barnes” Natasha says as she takes her spot next to you again, gripping your hand. You feel pain again and whimper as you turn to look at her.

“I know” she whispers, reading your mind. “We got to you in time, but they got away.” You nod as you comprehend her words, they’ll be coming back for you. You tear yourself out of the pit of despair you feel and look again at the room. The wall directly in front of you is all glass and you can see the pristine white hallway and blue chairs that line it. Your own room was white as can be. White linoleum tiles, white cabinets to your right, glass door lined with silver, the blanket that covered you, the lined chairs everyone had sat in, even the machines around you were white. A white side table held the only bit of color, a bouquet of gold and light pink gardenias sat in a vase.

“Y/N?” Natasha breaking you out of your daze. Your eyes flicker to the man on your right, blond, blue eyes, built like a god. You smile when you realize Natasha’s description of him and the pictures you’ve seen do not do him justice.

“Thanks for sedating me earlier” you say looking straight at him, remembering he was the one who held you down when you first woke . His cheeks flush as he comes to stand closer to your bed.

“Sorry, didn’t want you to hurt yourself” he mumbles and sticks his hand out before remembering that you were unable to take it and quickly put it down. “Steve Rogers, nice to officially meet you Y/N” he states. “Natasha, we should go get Dr. Cho” Steve says looking at Natasha. She looks to you almost in question before you wave her off.

“I’ll be fine, go get the doctor Nat” you try and smile at her. She hesitantly lets go of your hand and stands up, letting Steve lead her out of the room.

A moment of silence follows before you turn to him. You take a good look, also built like a god, his blue eyes look even bluer than you remember and his hair is different than when you last saw him. But he still looks the same.

“Soldat” you nod in greeting. He slightly flinches before coming closer to stand at the edge of your bed.

“Bucky, call me Bucky”

“Thank you for saving me, Bucky” you convey, his eyes and voice coming back as the last things you remember before you had almost died.

You can see the way he almost stops breathing before he lets out a sigh “you’re welcome”. You keep staring up at him and he shifts uncomfortably under your watch, since when was the soldat, Bucky, uncomfortable in your presence? It hits you then that he probably doesn’t remember you as anything more than the girl he had saved a few hours ago and the girl he had talked out of a panic attack a few minutes ago.

Before you can get another word out, Nat brings in who you assume to be Dr. Cho who holds your chart in her hands.

“Good to see you awake Y/N. I’m Dr. Cho, how are you feeling?” she sincerely asks as she checks the machines for your vitals and goes to press around your stomach.

“Everything hurts” you honestly tell her.

“I’m not surprised. Two broken ribs, multiple hairline fractures on your arms and legs, multiple lacerations to your legs and back. We had to stitch up the big one on your hairline. I’m surprised you’re even awake, you had severe brain trauma. Not to mention the fact that you were malnourished and dehydrated.” she lists off. From the corner of your eye you see Bucky tense. The rest of your checkup was done in silence, except for a couple of gasps of pain whenever she hit a sensitive area.

She finally left with Steve and Bucky in tow after prescribing you pain meds and telling you she would place you in the cradle later to help you heal faster. You thanked her profusely, you wanted, no needed, to be able to move around again soon.

“I know what you’re thinking Y/N and you’re not leaving here” Nat’s voice broke you from your thoughts.

“I can’t put you at risk too. They want me Nat” you huff.

“We can protect you! We can help you! You’re safer here than anywhere else! You don’t have to be by yourself anymore сестра”

“Well, sister, you know I can take care of myself. No one else needs to get hurt because of me” you snide back.

She takes a moment to compose herself, knowing the agony you had endured. “Please,” her voice coming out smaller than you’ve ever heard, “please just think about staying? I promise you, you are no burden. Everyone here wants to help you.”

You close your eyes for a moment, before looking at her. You couldn’t remember the last time you had seen her. She looked happier despite the current situation, her skin glowed, her eyes had a sparkle to them, and you could see the lines starting to form from smiling and laughing so much. Your heart tugged a little, longing to be as happy as she seemed.

“Ok” you breathed out. “1 month, I’ll stay for 1 month.”

“2” she smiled, knowing you couldn’t resist her pleads.

“Fine, 2 months, but no more” you conceded and smiled. She leans in and pulls you close to her. Both of you trying to control your emotions as you hold her back.

“I’ve missed you тень” and you giggle at the nickname.

“I promise I won’t follow you around as much” you grin at her.

“Please do, I’ve missed my shadow” she smiles back, eyes filled with sadness.

You see him pacing your room as you wake up from your nap. His brows have a groove in the middle from the worry and his bottom lip is caught in between his perfect teeth.

“Stop pacing before you wear a hole in the floor.” you say and stifle your giggle as he looks to you in shock.

“Sorry. I… I don’t know why I came. I mean I do, I had to make sure you were ok. But, I’ve seen you now. You look ok. I think I’ll just go” he babbles like a child getting caught stealing cookies.

“Stay” you let out and he looks away wearily.

“Do you remember me?” you innocently ask and see his body go rigid. He looks at your face, searching for something before he looks defeated.

“I’m sorry” he breathes out before turning on his heel and leaving.



кукла- doll (more on this later)

сестра- sister

Part 2