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when I was around 14, my mom out of nowhere got pretty sick and so it was just medicine, eat, sleep, repeat for her. well my stepdad sent me to go wake my mom up so she can take some more medicine. I walk into the room and gently shake her shoulder well apparently she was having a bad dream and so she then proceeded to scream and punch me squarely in the nose. she hit me so hard, I flew back and hit my head on the wall and collapsed onto the ground. I ended up with a bloody bruised nose and a huge bump on my head I’m 17 now and she still hasn’t apologized cause she says it was my fault

Had a shit morning and decided to pull myself together in the women’s restroom… Two minutes later Michelle Gomez scurries in, hair flying, screaming that she has to pee and can’t deal with her hair right now. “I need bobby pins or something!,” she yells while in the stall. I rip everythingggggg out of my hair while she washes her hands. Her eyes go wide, “You gorgeous woman, thank so you much!” She hugs me and continues to yell “you gorgeous, gorgeous woman!” As she makes her exit. My hair is absolute shit now and I don’t fucking care because my bobby pins are in The Mistress’ hair and she thinks I’m pretty!! When you see her on stage, with her epic poof, that was me!!
#DoctorWho #laxmarriott #Gally1 #gallifreyone #michellegomez #missy #themistress #themaster (at Los Angeles Airport Marriott)

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Isabelle's attempt to defend hersekf was caught at the wrist. Yvonn brought her arm back and punched her hard with the same fist, letting go anf taking her to the floor. His left hand glowed as he placed it on the side of her face."Forfit your mind!"

Isabelle struggles violently against him, her teeth gritted. “No!” she yells, trying to pull away, but the seal makes contact with her skin and she screams in pain, writhing as her mind resists the spell.

Fire and Ice

She was a fire.
Surrounded by flames.
He was ice.
Soothing and made to entice.
Everyone she trusted scoffed and turned.
Leaving her to snuggle against the frost.
Not realizing the ultimate cost.
She felt comforted in knowing that with him, She would never be burned.
But Fire and Ice was never meant to mix.
Her embers sizzled as he held her in his arms.
Vowing to protect her from anymore harm.
But when the morning came.
She screamed in fright.
She destroyed the one she loved.
Because her flames burned too bright.
-I’m a hazard to everyone I love. //JC


tHIS IS A SIN ON SO MANY LEVELS I AM SO SORRY //splashes holy water everywhere

requested by: emery @prinicessjin this is 4 you ;)) nasty motherfucker

valentine’s day surprise coming in 2 days!!1 ! there’s going to be a lot of shitty fucking valentine cards that i literally made in ms paint bc i dont have photoshop and i cry about it a lot ok 



I haven’t been able to get you off my mind today..
This lump in my throat hasn’t gone away…

You were a man of not only words, but actions too…
When they called you ran to answer.
You lived up to your name…
Honoured… A lion.
I remember that day.. The sun had just set.. The call to prayer was announced.
I still remember my sisters sitting down, speechless.. Holding hands, holding each other as our tears streamed down.
Our eyes fixed to the screen as we watched him announce your departure.
His voice trembled and I heard the muffled sobs of my brothers echo through the room…
Brothers left the masjid with their eyes red and their beards soaked.
Wallaahi not one eye was dry that night.
Your mother refused to cry tears of sadness, but tears of joy…
I can still hear her voice as she screamed…
Allaahu akbar…

May Allaah accept you as a martyr… Aameen.

Forever on our minds and in our hearts…

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i have this headcanon that jinx is too nervous to ask out the person they like so she kisses her teddy bear pretending its her crush and cheshire catches her doing this once and now she thinks that jinx is a furry jinx is now. getting hardcore kinkshamed honey good luck jinx youre gonna need it

this is canon now. and cheshire rips the bear to shreds and she hears jinx screaming from the other room

The Fickle Gemini boy and the Capricorn girl

Capricorn was fed up with this boy.
“Hey, your hair looks cute.” Gem whispered from behind.
He was getting on her last nerve.
“Let me concentrate.” She hissed at him turning back.
He quickly pulled off her spectacles and wore them.
“Woah which world d'ya live in sO BLURRYYY”
“Mind your own business!” She screamed at him, but unfortunately it was nowhere close to his face.
“Pfft” he chuckled as he saw the self dependent female look so helpless. “Here.” He called out to her in a teasing tone.
As she reached her hands, he pulled his even further.
“Just give it to back!” She yelled as she attacked him. Her hands covered him unintentionally in a position of an embrace.
“Is this you?” She asked as she laid her fingers all over his face.
Gemini was rather happy she wasn’t able to see his face.
After all- It was so red.
Even though he was used to girls, she was quite different.
Her presence was so stable and sincere- it felt so different.
She was so quiet, always minding her own business- it tingled his curiosity, or just the want to mess with her.
But it was annoying that he was the only one getting messed up by her. Placing the glasses back over her nose, he pushed his face close to hers, “I’ll not take it again.” He mumbled.
“Thanks.” She began as she sighed.
“In return for a kiss.” He completed with a silly smile.
“Then I don’t care if I go blind.” She coldly stated as she walked off the class. Exiting the door, she rested herself leaning against a wall.
“Why, this jerk” she muttered to herself as her face turned pink.
Why is he so fickle? I hate it.

The next day, Capricorn was constantly nagged by Gem once again as always.
She always shut him off bluntly but she didn’t hate it one bit.
“And it seems Fred doesn’t actually like the guavava chick but actually the guava fruit.” He mumbled random stories. “And then-” he was about to continue but interrupted by Capricorn’s suppressed giggles.
“Pf-haha, what was that?” She told in between laughs.
It was the first time Gem saw her smile.
“Cute” he couldn’t help but mutter.
“Wh-” she started as her cheeks became red. She forcefully stopped laughing. “Smile more!” He raised his voice. “I wanna see!”
“Shut up.” She muttered turning away her face.
“Hey.” He teased pushing her face towards him.
“You’re actually just shy aren’t ya?” He asked grinning.
“But what’s the use… you’re like this to all girls…” she mumbled in a low tone as her eyes looked down.
Her cheeks were so red that it just forced him to kid with her. But at the same time, it was also to hide his embarrassment.
“You want special service then?” Gemini asked as his breath warmed her ears. “Stupid!” She yelled at him as she threw her book on him.
“Owwee” he whined.
“I was being serious!” She yelled at him as she turned to walk away.
He gripped her hand before she could do so however.
“And what makes you think I wasn’t?” He asked as he pulled her closer.
“I like it when you mess with me.” He told as he put his arms around her neck. “You’re frustrating.” She told under her breath.
You are.”

jfc i’ve just a huge argument with my mother bc she told me my legs would look “better” if I shaved them (she’s been at me to shave for over 6 months but then insists that she doesn’t care and that no one is pressuring me to shave) and i got angry bc I’m fucking sick and tired of it, then she started yelling at me calling me a “stupid hypocrite” bc I shave my arms/underarms (I haven’t quite got the confidence to stop shaving my arms yet since I show them more) and she always uses that as proof of my hypocrisy, but when I didn’t shave them she made fun of me for that as well so I can’t win. When I said I don’t like wasting time shaving my legs she was like “that’s just an excuse, shaving doesn’t take that long” because apparently I need a valid enough “excuse” to leave my body as it is naturally, and she was screaming that I’m deliberately making myself to ugly just to “needle people”.

She ended up telling me I look “disgusting and your legs look like man legs when you leave them like that” and that I’m “deliberately trying to make myself look worse” and I’m now on the verge of tears and feeling pathetic :)))))

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Oh my god!!!!!! I was scrolling through your screenshot post and trying not to scream because my roommate was still sleeping. but AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (She started screaming as soon as she got up, btw.)

I’m glad you liked it!!


It was Peter’s turn to get up for the baby the night before. Simon woke up, didn’t find him next to him, and assumed he was with Willow. He was. He got dressed and went downstairs.

“Pete, are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay. She won’t stop screaming; she’s been screaming all night, and I haven’t slept more than 4 hours in 3 days. I don’t know what she wants, I’ve fed her, I’ve changed her, I’ve held her, nothing works! I just want to sleep.”

“Come here.”


“I know it’s awful right now. She’s colicky, and she’s not even smiling and interacting with us yet, and that makes it a lot harder. Forrest was a mess of a baby… Our parents were really run ragged with him, but he got a lot better and fun as he grew out of the constant screaming stage. She’ll get a lot better too, I promise. I’m exhausted too, but we’re in it, together right? I really appreciate that you let me sleep last night, and I can do that for you tonight.”

“Yeah… I’m such a light sleeper though… Here I thought my parents were being dramatic when they said I screamed all the time.”

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