she says she just 'dyed' her hair

Human? Yeah, right

While the fandom at large was basking in the warm sapphic phosphorescence of Pearl’s unbridled gayness, I have spent the last 24 hours fixating on a number of weird mysteries surrounding Pearl’s nameless new girlfriend.

Now, it’s not exactly a spoiler to say this lady looks like rose, but I don’t think we as a fandom have addressed just how fucking weird this is. Mystery girl isn’t just tall, she’s about as tall as Rose was. Rose herself was pegged as being around 10 feet tall (by comparison, the tallest human on record was only 8′11″). 

In other words, Mystery Girl is taller than any human alive. Now, I was willing to brush this off, but thats only the start of the weirdness. Remember the discussion about her Pink hair and how Steven speculated that she dyed it? As plausible as it sounded, that claim was never actually confirmed. When Pearl actually asked her, she completely deflected the question and asked Pearl to tell her instead. And when Pearl said she was a hologram, what did mystery girl say?

“I know how that is”

Okay, these clearly aren’t just a bunch of circumstantial similarities. Something smells fucking icthyan in here willing to suggest that this mystery girl is ANOTHER Rose Quartz.

Yes, I just said there was a second Rose Quartz in play, and it’s not as crazy as it sounds. A lot of people assume Rose was some sort of unique gem, but Bismuth stated pretty damn clearly this was not the case

Bismuth: Just another Quartz soldier, made right here in the dirt, but she was different. And she was different because she decided to be.

There are other Roses out there, or at least there were before the rebellion. I don’t doubt that after Rose became the face of the rebellion the Diamonds would have gotten rid of any imitators, and when that happened the only option a non-rebel Rose Quartz would have would be to go into hiding among the local population, to take a human name and wear human clothing.

The only other way we could see another Rose Quartz is if they were a fugitive like her. A gem hiding in plain sight, a twist so huge that the crew can’t even let her speak if they want to preserve it, lest people notice that she has the same voice actress as an identical gem. What a coincidence then that our Mystery Girl doesn’t speak in the episode all about her


Sonia sighs. “Four more days until I’m rid of you for good." "What happens in four days?” Risa asks. “The ice cream man comes”.

 "Dear sweet Dragon Lady won’t tell us what happens next,“ says the second boy, a lanky blond kid with a faint smirk that seems permanently fixed on his face.

We  get sent to harvest camp and they cut us apart, that’s what happens next”, says the girl. She’s asian, and looks almost as tought as the kid with the tattoo, with hair dyed a deep shade of pink and a spiked leather choker on her neck.

Shark boy looks at her sharply, “Wil you shut up with your end-of-the-world crap?” 

It’s not the end of the world,” she grumbles. “Just the end of us.

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I love your blog. Okay headcanons for Zen's kids. If he has a girl he's going to be wrapped around her finger (she probably has his flair for dramatics too). omg Zen's son is just like him charms his way out of everything. For names I was thinking Hyuna for the girl and Minhyuk for the boy. Thanks ily ❤️

Bless you anon

These names are so cute i’m dying 



  • Zen and Hyuna are inseparable 
  • they braid each other’s hair
  • he can’t scold her for his life
  • she has a pout that could melt anyone’s heart 
  • Drama Queen™
  • MC says she gets it from Zen
  • Zen thinks she’s just expressing herself 


  • Mr. Steal Yo Girl
  • legit such a flirt tho
  • the kid that comes home after the first day of preschool and has a girlfriend friend and a side hoe
  • so attached to MC
  • thinks she’s a goddess 
  • competes with Zen on the daily for her affections
  • usually wins much to Zen’s dismay

Feel free to send more asks for the child au

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She was never traditional. Tall with broad shoulders. Strong. Thick hair wild eyes. Dark skin made darker by the sun. She is my sun. Illuminating me with her glow. She says I sparkle. She says she loves just how small I am. Maybe it is silly we fall into a stereotype. Me small and pale, dark hair and eyes. Her big and and warm dark skin, her eyes like gold and her hair always dyed. Sun and moon. Big and small. Me the worlds smallest butch her the toughest femme. Gosh it feels so right though.

expanding on a post i saw that said sherlock goes on pinterest to find hair styles to try on rosie, when she gets older (he hasn’t done her hair for years at this point) she goes to him and is like “sherlock can you help me get my hair pink?” and his eyes light up a bit like he’s been waiting for this her whole life “pink?” “yes, pink. i already bought the dye.” “we’ll have to do it before your father gets home”

as they’re dying it, rosie can’t stop giggling, “dad’s gonna hate this” and sherlock just smiles and says “i know”

someone write john’s reaction i’m not good at this sfjdhgk

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You should make all the amethyst's and jaspers in your occult au Amethyst sisters because it would be nice and accurate because mexicans have a lot of siblings (no offense to mexicans) and you should make Carnelian Amethyst's twin you can just say that she has different eye color and that she just dyed her hair just saying if you want to

ok i think this is like the fifth time you’ve copy/pasted this ask to me and i’m sorry but this pretty much guarantees i’m not gonna do it (and i’ve talked before about why i didn’t include the betas). also i would have at least taken out the offensive stereotyping after the first copy/paste.

on kouyou ozaki.

as i said earlier, kouyou’s one of my favourites and most interesting to think about! i’m hella hyped for season 2 to open with her if it does because that would be the best thing i could ever ask for she’s the best this is also doubling as an appreciation post + ramble about kouyou i love her so much and i’ve been dying to write something, i was just waiting for chapter 43 to come out

oh kouyou kouyou kouyou where do i even begin with her? maybe with the fact that’s she’s so pretty

i agree i don’t even care if her pink anime hair defies all logic because she’s so gosh darn pretty

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my crush? ok!! she has fluffy hair and she is so so beautiful and when she smiles i think i'm dying a h h!!!! and her personality. oh. she's am a z i n g and so funny. she could literally just say cat and i'll start laughing and i literally can't even. think about her without smiling

Aaaaaaahhhh so cute


Hubby and I just watched the episode (so my rewatch), and I was thinking about how when Amethyst says this, it’s not reversed. It’s broken and slurred, but understandable, the first bit of understandable speech she’s made since she started talking backwards. And it hit me that the reason it sounds so strained is because it IS. She’s dying here, literally falling apart, and her gemstone is a hair away from splitting in two. Amethyst is fighting SO HARD right now to speak to Steven in a way he can understand. It’s so important to her that she get these words out.


It’s easy to miss because it’s played for laughs, but this is incredibly important to her character. Amethyst has so much trouble with actual, personal emotions, even with Steven, whose emotions she should be able to trust more than anyone else. She’s dying, and what may well be her last action, one she has to struggle to carry out in a way that HE will understand, is to dismiss what he feels. It’s not enough for Amethyst to just say it, STEVEN MUST HEAR IT OR IT DOESN’T COUNT. Otherwise his feelings will still be out there, full of sincerity and power. Amethyst can’t abide it.

It’s easy to not think about what Amethyst is saying or doing most of the time because it’s funny. I think that’s exactly WHY she does it. Pearl and her innumerable issues are laid out like an all you can eat lunchtime buffet, while Amethyst is a fucking circus down the street, so distracting you never notice the restaurant’s open.

It’s heartbreaking that right at the end, more than anything else, Amethyst needed to dismiss the idea that she mattered and anyone truly cared about her at all.

[Once again reminding that I’m watching Steven Universe spoiler-free and I appreciate your help in staying that way!]

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I think I'm going to buy the blue hair dye, and try to ask my mom if she can buy the pink one, that way I would have both and I'll ask my aunt (who dyed her hair many colors many times already) which she thinks I would look better with (IF SHE SAYS BOTH I'LL DO BOTH I SWEAR IT ON MY CAT'S HEAD) and I'll send you a pic of the final result ^^ (btw you look amazing with purple hair ^^)

omg im so sorry i literally just saw this

but that’s a really good idea omg YES i want 2 see how great u look



It had been days now since he told her, since he confessed and bared his soul to her. And while Evelyn had been receptive, accepting his feelings and admitting her own, she had left out three little words that Alistair had been dying to hear. Not that he wasn’t happy—he was just under the impression that when somebody told another person they loved them, said person should say it back.

But he wouldn’t rush Evelyn in any way. He would still tell her at every chance he was given, even if she only offered a bashful smile in return. He understood her apprehension, even if it was agonizing to wait. Instead he focused on the ways she said it through actions; adjusting his hair after a skirmish with bandits, buying him a roll of cheese in the Redcliffe market, sharing his bedroll during a cold night.

They had yet to be fully intimate, but he was already familiar with the warmth her body gave off when she slept next to him, tucked under his arm and against his chest. Her fingers would twitch against the laces that lay at the top of his sleep-tunic, breath fanning out in wisps around his neck. Since they had started this part of their relationship, he trained his body to stay awake a little longer, if only to watch her fall asleep and to memorize more parts of her face and body.

Al—mmmstair.” He had learned, fairly quickly, that she talked, or at least mumbled in her sleep. “Rhymes with bear.”

He smiled, turning his head to press a kiss to her forehead. With one hand he pulled away her hair from her neck and face, gently trailing a few fingers across her skin.

“Yes darling, it does.” He whispered. “Now sleep- I love you.”

Love youtoo.”

Alistair felt his heart soar out of his chest, his eyes widening as her quiet and muffled words echoed in his mind. A quick glance to her face told him she was deep in-sleep, her lips parted slightly as she breathed. He couldn’t hold back from grinning, wrapping his arms a little tighter around her as he kissed her brow once more, this time with more force. While he couldn’t wait for her to tell him the same words while she was in the waking world, he would take the confession she offered now. He loved her, and she loved him.

Take me to the Sice x Seven trash hell because this is where I belong. (Also is there a shipping name? I want to tag my stuff properly)
Edit: The shipping tag is SebuSai now, because 67 is a horrible shipping name to look for.

- Sice and Seven sitting outside of akademeia, leaning against a wall while Sice falls asleep on Seven’s shoulder while they are studying
- Sice sleeping on top of Seven, but her hair pokes Seven in the face and Seven just sticks to it and plays with it instead
- Sice making Seven’s hair in the morning and the other way around
- Sice running into Seven showering and hears her sing (have you heard Seven’s voice oh my god)
- One of them dying and the other one feels lost but they don’t know why. And then she sees pictures with them together, her clothes and her scent in her shared home, but she just can’t remember NO STOP I’M A FLUFFY PERSON DON’T YOU DARE
- Sice begging for the most ridiculous things, and she gets everything because Seven just can’t say no.
- Seven is top, you can’t tell me otherwise.
- Seven calming her down and embracing Sice after she hurt herself on a mission
- Seven helping Sice cheating on a test
- Sice on tiptoes to kiss Seven, because she is 4cm shorter
- traveling around Orience after the war / without a war, Sice tasting all the food she gets her hands on.
- watching the sun set together after a mission
- Seven wants to kiss Sice before class, but they get caught by other Class Zero members
- Sice slowly unbuttoning Seven’s jacket …
- Seven putting Sice in a dress, Seven laughs and Sice is not impressed at all
- Seven stealing blankets in the night and Sice has to move bit by bit forwards so she ends up in her arns

I’m done.

Well, can’t say I didn’t try. @yaushie I did it

Neith (pronounced Neeth)

  • Second guesses herself a lot
  • Worries very easily about offending people.
  • Lives with her grandmother, her parents travel the world a lot as they are archaeologists.
  • Being Aries teaches her to stand her ground, and assert herself more. Which stops her from being known as the class pushover.
  • Neith is very very good at languages. She learned how to do sign-language as well as braille purely out of interest and finding other ways to speak her mind.
  • Dyed her hair white because her natural hair colour made her look too much like her sister.
  • She comes off shy, but she just takes way too long thinking about what she wants to say as to not accidentally offend anyone.
  • Neith is ambidextrous

Miraculous Info

Name: Aries (full FR: Bélier / ENG: Aries)

Kwami: Sonne - A Ram

  • Fearless
  • VERY confident
  • Sonne is very protective of Neith and often pops out of her front pocket wanting to check up on her and tells her jokes to get her to laugh.
  • Can be defiant in the sense he doesnt always listen to Neith when she tells him to not do something. Mainly eating someone elses food when they are not looking.

Miraculous: Horn earrings

  • worn on her ears.
  • after using her ability, the lines showing a more defined horn start to disappear (like Chat’s ring paw print)
  • Yellow gold when active.
  • White gold when inactive

Abilities: [working on it.]


Special Ability: New Beginnings

  • touch based power
  • shows the akumatized person/villian a vision of sorts, them over coming their fear/problem.
  • The vision can be just of them, or have their friends/family/etc. helping them.
  • it’s a realistic vision, as it’s almost like seeing into the future of how things will actually be solved.

Weapon/communication device: Kendama

  • used as a grappling hook
  • the ball at the end of the string can change size
  • the length of the string can go rather far (there is a limit I just havent thought about the actual length it can reach to)
  • the kendama is not her communication device, her horns work like a headset and she can speak and hear those she is talking to with them (but she cant facetime or use it to google search like Ladybugs yoyo)
  • her skills/fighting style with the kendama are based off of this video
She is not a gem!

People are saying she’s a gem because of her hair and that she said “I know how that is” to Pearl saying she’s made of conscious light.
1. She told Pearl how she dyed it
2. Everyone says “same” to stuff like that all the time. I said same after I heard that line.

She is human. That’s the point of the episode, Pearl is finally, after millennia, interacting with humans. She might know more than she should about gems, or be special beyond just a pink punk nerd, but she isn’t a gem.

so here are some kuma and the magypsies thoughts

Do u ever just think about……. the magypsies, near-immortal beings with no sense of time, raising a little girl

They all want her to be girly at first because they’re all super girly but kuma wants to make mud pies and wear cargo pants and they’re all like UGH??? CARGO PANTS REALLY but they just want her to be happy so it’s fine
all of her parents are wearing these gorgeous outfits and little kuma is wearing cargo pants and a hoodie over a tie dye shirt and a pair of crocs Jesus Christ

She begs them to dye her hair and at first they say no but when Ionia realizes she wants to do it so that she looks more like them Ionia starts dying little streaks in her hair

Nobody really thinks about actively teaching kuma psi they just realize she has it at some point and then Ionia is like BOOT CAMP TIME BABY

The Magypsies are known for their wild parties but when Kuma comes along Alec will show up for a rager and everyone’s sitting around watching blues clues and Alec is like…. What happened to my crazy queer friends and
They’re your sleepy queer friends now Alec

Kuma basically has no rules. Like all of the magypsies are really lax with her and let her get away with shit. Except Ionia, who makes the most concerted effort at being a Parent. Ionia has to be the bad cop. When Kuma is little she fights with Ionia a lot but once she gets older she gets really close to Ionia because she realizes that they really really care about her.

They’ve all looked glamorous and young and basically the same for like however long they’ve been alive but in the process of raising a daughter they all start to look middle aged and they’re all confused like where did these wrinkles come from?? And then kuma starts drawing on the walls again and they’re all like RIGHT THATS WHERE

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Hi! For that drabble meme, could you please do 84 ("I'm dying.) with Sterek but make it lighthearted? I love how you can turn angsty prompts into cutesy ones instead. It's awesome. Please and thank you!

[This is pure fluff just for you, honey. Thank you and I hope you like it!]


“I’m dying.” Emmaline whines, clutching at her father’s shirt. “I’m dying, daddy.”

“You’re not dying, sweetie.” Emma’s dad says, running a hand over her back. Despite his words he shoots Derek a desperate look like saying ‘she’s not dying, is she?’.

Derek smiles fondly, reaches out to ruffle Emma’s hair. “You have the chickenpox.” Emma looks up at him confusedly, her pretty face dotted with blisters. “It’s nothing bad, but you won’t be able to play outside with other kids for some time.”

Emma’s bottom lip quivers at Derek’s words and she turns to her dad with pleading eyes. “Hey, listen to the doctor.” Mr. Stilinski says. “Thank you.” He tells Derek, smiling softly.

Derek’s stomach fills with stupid butterflies and he has to take a deep breath to recompose himself. He feels like a teenager all over again. Ugh.

“It’s –” he clears his throat, “it’s my job.” Mr. Stilinski nods, brushes his daughter’s hair with his left hand.

The fact that he’s not wearing wedding ring doesn’t go unnoticed.

“I can’t play with Thomas, daddy?” Emma interrupts Derek’s train of thought. “Not even for five minutes?”

“I don’t think so, baby.” Her father answers. “You don’t want him to get sick too, right?”

The little girl shrinks into her dad’s hold. “No.” She whispers.

She looks on the verge of tears again, and her dad is not too far from joining her. “Here.” Derek decides, scribbling a few words on the paper he has in hand. “This will help you feel better.” He offers the paper to Mr. Stilinski, smiles when the other man arches an eyebrow.

“Chocolate ice-cream?”

“I heard it’s her favorite.” He winks at Emma, laughs when she lets out a loud ‘whoooop’.

“It is! It is!” Emma celebrates, clapping her small hands happily. “Daddy, ice cream!”

“I know.” Her dad laughs. “I’ll buy it when we head home. Here, hold Mr. Snuffles while daddy talks to Doctor Hale for a moment, okay?”

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C: I was sitting in church recently with my mom and we had quite a bit of time before church started so we were talking with this high school girl, her grandma, and another older woman. I recently dyed my hair burgundy and the high schooler was saying how much she liked my hair. Then her grandma and the older woman got on their soapbox  saying they don’t know why these kids today are coloring their hair all kinds of colors and looking crazy and blah blah. The high schooler and my mom were on my side and my mom said “That’s just a new style nowadays and I think it looks good with the right colors and skin tone” and then she showed them a picture of my cousin who has a dark red bob. The grandma said “well a true redhead has white hair and freckles” and the other woman said “That girl is too pretty to be doing that mess to her hair”. The worst part was that the older woman had a blonde wig on!! At this point I was pissed off and I turned to them and said “If a black woman can wear blonde hair why can’t we wear any other color? I’ve never met any (mono-racial) black women with naturally blonde hair so coloring it red, burgundy, blue, and green is in the same field!” They shut up then haha. The woman with the blonde wig ignored me the rest of the church service and afterwards but I didn’t care. She should have kept her mouth shut.

Like Always

After five years, Aria and her friends returned to Rosewood due to Ali’s begging and pleading. Like old times, they meet in The Brew. Aria is nervous to be there, knowing there is a strong possibility she will bump into Ezra, who still owns the coffee shop.

When she goes to order her coffee, she isn’t let down. There he is, emerging from the kitchen carrying two sandwiches. When he sees her, his eyes widen. He puts the plates down onto the counter.

“Aria?” he says in shock. “It’s been ages since I’ve seen you.”

She laughs softly. “I look the same, basically.”

“Your hair…is blonde.”

“Yeah, it is,” she says, tucking her hair behind her ear self consciously. “I just dyed it recently and I’m not sure I like it yet.”

“You look beautiful,” he says with a smile. “Like always.”

Aria smiles in return. He still gives her that same feeling—like always.

Arabella ran her fingers through her hair nervously, staring at her reflection critically and trying to decide how she felt. Sh’d spent the evening dying her hair, the bottom third now a shocking black that contrasted her natural color nicely. After her conversation with Mallory a few days previous, the girl had decided she might as well try something new - she had a habit of changing her appearance often in some desperate attempt to find ‘herself’. As if one day she would get dressed, do her makeup, look in the mirror and say, 'Ah, yes, this is who I am’. She stared at herself in the mirror, resisting the urge to bite her lip and instead pouting slightly, raising an eyebrow at her reflection and trying to look like she knew what she was doing. Along with her hair color, she’d put on darker eye makeup, lining her eyes with what she thought was far too much eyeliner, and had painted her lips a dark purple which she honestly thought clashed with her hair. Sighing, she mentally admonished herself for giving up already, still trying to process the stranger reflected in the mirror. She was rugged. Maybe this was who she was supposed to be all along, with newly ripped jeans and an old leather jacket she’d found in the bottom of her suitcase. Maybe this was who she was. Rugged Arabella. She’d buy a motorcycle and drink straight tequila and smoke cigarettes….On second thought, maybe not. But the look was worth a try, right? Turning away, she ran her fingers through her hair again self-consciously, taking a deep breath to steel herself before heading downstairs. She kept a neutral expression as she wandered into the kitchen, pouting her lips slightly and keeping her eyebrow quirked slightly despite the horrible nerves pulsing through her entire body. “Hey.” She said to the lone person standing in the room, keeping her gaze cool as she looked over at them.