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I love how Celeana gets mad at being called “the prince’s harlot” to the point of throwing a flower pot at Kaltain, but then the narration UNIRONICALLY refers to her as just that??

Also, my rant on how the library should not have millions of books and questioning the contents of those books. I get the feeling the author wanted them to be novels (JUST LIEK THE ONE WE’RE READING GAIZ WE ARE JUST LIKE CELAENA!) but if you know anything about the history of literature and consider this world’s setup, that doesn’t make a whole load of sense?? Like not a lot of people would be able to read or write for starters, so it would be a cushy position. Two, they’d be paid by wealthy people, so they’d write stuff to appease them like poetry that praises them. Or like, religious stuff (think Paradise Lost and the like).

I know it’s supposed to be a fantasy, but like, this is just so poorly written.


I’m a GM in a Pathfinder campaign and this is an magic pendant I created for it using blender. It can transform its bearer into a chicken saying the words “Kokoriko kokoko kokorikó”. The pendant only changes the form of its bearer, with the exception of it’s vocal cords (so he/she can speak normally), but the abilities and magic remain unaffected. He/she can turn back to its original form at any time, saying the magic words again, but only after a mandatory period of 30 minutes


every westallen scene ever (2/?)