she says it so many times

Keep calm! Jonsa is endgame!

Okay, so I know the whole fandom is  starting to panic because of what happened in episode 6 … or maybe just because of this season entirely. But we can’t forget ALL the little Jonsa moments and subtle clues that have made us believe that Jonsa will happen… SUCH AS: 

1. So many Ned/Cat 2.0 parallels:

2. Jon threatening every male to bring up Sansa…

3. The OMFG realization looks from LF and Davos…

4. The camera zooming in on every time Sansa touches Jon… 

5. The Brienne and Jaime Parallels, (okay I actually saw this on another post from @lyannas-loves so I don’t want to take credit for this idea, she noticed this little piece of brilliance…. but just look!) 

“The subtext is it’s almost like saying, “You keep my heart. It’s yours. It’s always been yours” - NCW …. and let’s not forget that Jon said the North will always be a part of him… so he technically gave Sansa a part of him/his heart

6, Their incredibly emotional reunion…



…I dead ass thought he was gonna kiss her in this scene, and this was BEFORE I was a Jonsa shipper, so I did not have shipping goggles on…I actually felt really weird watching it for the first time cuz I thought they were siblings and this scene DID NOT feel siblingly at all!  (but post R+L=J confirmation I was a happy shipper)

…Moving on…

9. The tent scene… with heavy breathing…in candlelight… and the crazy tension that you can practically cut with a knife…

10. The fake Starkbowl…

This was definitely done on purpose to throw us off…definitely a red herring to cover up the romance between the two so its not too obvious yet. 

11. Him looking back at Sansa but not Dany… 

12. She gave him a Ned 2.0 cloak which he has pretty much never. taken. off. …and cloaks of protection are used in wedding ceremonies..  

13. “I will protect you I promise”

…Promise me Ned…Promise me! 

14. After Jon and Jorah talk about Jon’s children, the STARK theme started to play and the scene cut to SANSA when it could have easily cut to Dany talking about her children with Tyrion (which would have better foreshadowed the Targ baby). 

^^^Future mother of his babies right here… and let’s not forget that in his original draft, GRRM had Jon and Arya fall in love, so he seems pretty open to the whole “fall in love with your sibling, but you can’t do anything until its revealed you’re actually cousins” idea. 

15. And just the way Jon looks at her… I can’t…


16. OH and Jon likes redheads!!!!

Sorry for the long ass post Lol, hope you’re all still with me! Anyways… this can’t all be a coincidence… there is too much going on… like even if Kit and Sophie’s insane chemistry is purely coincidental, they had to go out of their way to make the Ned/Cat parallels, make the “Oh shit” looks from LF and Davos, and make Jon want to kill every person who brings up Sansa and so many other things.. Keep faith Jonsa shippers, this was meant to be! I know with boatbang around the corner you’re loosing a bit of heart, but have no fear! Sex doesn’t mean he loves Dany more than Sansa AND Dany still needs to be betrayed for love…and look at all this Jonsa forshadowing, they would be absolutely stupid to have the show go in another direction! Just have hope for a few more days until episode 7 airs! Hang in there guys! Jonsa will come. Jonsa is endgame!  


This is so painful. How many times and you say not to read into it, but you all read into everything else?

Lili’s social media activity today is basically a carbon copy of every single time her and Cole are having issues. Likes a post about things falling apart or something similar, says she wants to go home/is homesick, then the KJ content. It’s all there. It’s always there. 

The most painful part for me though is Cole using Camera Duels again. I know that Coleneti shipper mentions it, I disagree with her on most things but she’s right about this. Camera Duels is Cole’s release. He’d never make it obvious but when things get to him he uses that account as a release. 

I know I’m going to get people calling me all sorts, but I really worry about Cole. That’s why I’m still here. I didn’t post when he was in Whistler with Lili, because believe it or not I was actually happy for him. I was thinking maybe Lili is making him happy if he’s choosing to spend so much time with her, same with yesterday, then obviously something happened. Then I realised why you’ve all been fooled into thinking they have a strong relationship.

I’m not here to hate on people making Cole happy, but it literally always seems to be for no more than a few days at a time with Lili. What you’re going to get now is what you always get after this. Nothing. And you’ll all suggest they’re just going even more private again when they aren’t spotted out together.

I don’t understand at this point how even a little of this isn’t obvious to you all now. And I’m going to tag, I wouldn’t if I wasn’t 100% certain about it.

It’s pretty obvious Cole really likes Lili at this point. IF Lili likes him as well, could she please try sorting whatever issues they have instead of making it obvious on social media. It could only have been yesterday for goodness sake. Because it just keeps coming across like whatever they have is so weak.

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Promot 59 please! If someone already asked, then 31 :)

59 hasn’t been asked yet! 59. “No one can hurt me like you can.”

Apparently, accepting Lucifer is the Devil isn’t actually the hardest part. Not after he’s said it so many times. No, the hardest part for her is accepting her own supernatural circumstances and it’s effects.

“It’s only when I’m in proximity to you.” he explains. “At a certain distance your influence fades and I’m rendered once more unkillable.”

“How long of a distance?” Chloe asks sharply.

“I don’t know.” he replies back testily. “I haven’t exactly gone experimenting.” 

“Christ, Lucifer.” she says, sagging down into a chair. He’s miserable enough to let her blasphemy slide. “If that’s what I do to you, why wouldn’t you just stay away?”

“Because it wouldn’t matter.” he answers.

“Wouldn’t matter?” she replies, appalled.

He throws back his drink. “No one can hurt me like you can. And I don’t just mean about my lack of immortality.” he says. “Though that is extensive.” he sucks a breath in through his teeth. “But because of - of what I feel for you.”

She stares at him, surprised. She didn’t think he would ever muster the boldness to say it. Ever talk about this thing between them. He looks down at his empty glass in his hands and huffs a soft laugh. He looks up and holds her gaze.

“You are a very real threat to me, Chloe Decker.” and it sounds almost like a compliment.

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How did you react when you found out your mom was still alive? Word around the base was you were ecstatic to finally be working with your mom again. Tell her I said hi, by the way!

Well, that isn’t entirely true. When I found out my mother was still alive through a letter she had sent me, I felt a mixture of emotions. Relief, anger, betrayal and outright amazed. So many paradoxical feelings that I did not know how to react to it all.

But, as time went by and she starting working with overwatch again, I quickly come to terms with it all after a very long conversation between the two of us, and now with each day and mission we do together, I truly am ecstatic to work with her more!

@things-ana-says Anon said hi!!

I’m not here for the Buffy-bashing. If you really gonna try to ruin a show just because Joss cheated on his wife, unfollow me please. This show has helped me through SO many fucking things. If I didn’t have Buffy as a role model, I would have probably been too scared to even leave the house. And all of you suddenly “getting woke” and poking holes in the story, they were there the whole time. The point is that even superheros are flawed and sometimes need help too.

And people really trying to say she wasn’t an independent woman and relied on a man. Um okay, this is the girl that told her honey to back off and let her slice a misogynist from the balls up. Try again. 


Commentary for Top 37-26 in AKB48 Request Hour 2009 with Sayaka, Sae and Nacchi.

37. Ai ni Ikou
36. Heart Gata Virus
35. Nagisa no Cherry
34. Baby! Baby! Baby!
33. Kagami no Naka no Joan de Arc
32. Korogaru Ishi ni Nare
31. Nage Kiss de Uchu Otose
30. Kaiyuugyo no Capacity
29. Namida no Shounan
28. Tsundere!
27. Kinjirareta Futari
26. Shamu Neko

Just look at the Twin Towers being nothing but genki in the beginning.

How many times do I hear Sae comment about Sayaka whenever she sees Sayaka performing?

During Nage Kiss de Uchu Otose, you can hear the three saying they’d like to perform this song. Then, knowing that they team k members are the cool, sportsy girls while this song is supposed to be cutesy and girly, Sae suggests to make things fun by them wearing something like black suits and black glasses or something different if they do this song. I guess so it’ll fit their cool image. XD

When Namida no Shounan is playing, the Twin Towers are heard saying that they want to sing this. Nacchi explains she performed this in the shuffle concert at JCB Hall previously. Well as we all know, fortunately for Sayaka and Sae, they will eventually perform this unit song years later in 2013.

Funny during Shamu Neko the three mention their team’s huge steps and movements since the AX stage is much bigger than the AKB theater’s stage.

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You must be so flattered that arzaylea actually thinks you're someone she knows. Like, your tea is so spot on she think it's someone she hung out with dkdjdn considering there is no way you're crystal, she again just exposed that your tea is correct by thinking you were a friend

Listen…I try sooo hard not to be like, “I’M RIGHT!!! I TOLD YOU SO!!!” but I always end up sounding like a conceited bitch and doing it anyway because I still can’t get over the fact that she’s proved me right this many times. 99% of what I say must be scarily spot on and that’s beyond crazy to me since I’ve never met Arzaylea or even anyone who knows her. I wonder how long she’s suspected that I’m someone she personally knows….maybe from day one and that’s why she’s been so obsessed with me and set on figuring out who I am?

I wish I still had my Twitter so we could look through old tweets from when Crystal and Arzaylea were friends. Arzaylea basically confirmed that they’re all accurate by believing I’m actually Crystal – someone who experienced the situations I tweeted about firsthand. 


Are you sorry yet? Sorry for what? That you came with me.

My experience with the signs in my life
  • Aries female: so stubborn is incredible. A hot head. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Yells a lot. Cares a lot about her family. Very concerned about her diet. She looks like a cinnamon roll but is a beast inside.
  • Aries male : very intelligent, probably the most intelligent. Can either have a very scientific mind or a very literary mind. Loves to read. LOVES to make puns. Horrible ones. Has the biggest laugh.
  • Taurus female: MY BIGGEST LOVE. Literally the cutest thing. She is so smart and caring and it's true: she loves to eat. Cares so much about everyone, not only her close friends. She almost never get angry but when she does. Ouch.
  • Taurus male: a cutie. Always ready to cheer you up. DOES NOT. BELIEVE. IN. ASTROLOGY. Likes scientific shit. Loves old movies. Always laughs at your jokes. The best friend you can find. Loves Shrek.
  • Gemini female: so strong and independent. Her hair is always on point, so is her outfit. Either very tall or very short. They talk a lot and they love listening to you. Geminis are actually very lovable people. Best companion for a boring class or for lunch break.
  • Gemini male: very bold and confident about himself. Does his own thing. It's not that he is a dick, it's just that he has his own problems to take care of. Except Trump, Trumps is really a dick. Im sorry Geminis that he is in your sign. The cool guy of the class who has a different girl every week. A lil fuckboy but fun to have a chat with. Loves videogames and perfect pal to get drunk with.
  • Cancer female: not a crybaby. Actually HATES to cry in public. More often than you think, very extroverted. Very passionate about what she loves. High ambitions, starts many things and then get bored. So many puns oh god.
  • Cancer male: oh boy. "Nightmare dressed as a daydream". Makes you feel so special. Boyfriend material. Usually dark hair and dark eyes. Not very tall. Adorable. Special laugh. Will do great things in life. Very creative but kinda introvert(?) WILL RATHER DIE THAN CRY IN PUBLIC.
  • Leo female: very close about her private things but she will open up if you demonstrate her she can trust you. Loves everyone. Not that confident about herself. Very confident about the world, tho. Wants to move someplace else and experience. People respect her.
  • Leo male: Stonehead™. Literally smokes all the time to forget about the pain he feels. Hides emotions and then explodes, usually with rage. Either very close to you that he calls you every day, or he'll completely ignore you. Smart even tho it doesn't look like. The lonely wolf.
  • Virgo female: so stubborn and independent. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Can get very clingy to the people she loves but sometimes neglect other people she loves even tho she doesn't notice. Get mad easily for the little things. The queen. Just listen to her, she knows the shit.
  • Virgo male: cute but doesn't have his own personality. Sometimes gets involved in ugly companies and does things he doesn't want to. Very sensitive but tries to hide it. Actually cares about you even tho he wants to appear a tough boy. Pretends he doesn't care about school, ends up with all A. Probably very good at soccer.
  • Libra female: becomes part of your family if she isn't already. Amazing lipsticks. Always has great stories to tell. Lives in the clouds. Forgets about things easily but won't forget the important things. Has so many passions but get easily distracted when she is studying for an exam. Perfect person to binge watch Sherlock with.
  • Libra male: my everything. Pretends he's a gryffindor but deep down is a slytherin. Stunning. Gets high grade without doing shit. The teacher favorite. The one you can do stupid shit with. Will do anything for you. Listens to you 24/7. Loves tv shows. Very smart. Will probably end up doing something very important. Perfect dad.
  • Scorpio female: actually very sweet and caring, as much as cancer. Never shows off her emotions but you'll know when she cares about you. She's like a mama bear. She'll call you if she feels you are not happy. She'll call you constantly. Extroverted and kind. Best presents ever. Looks naive but very cautious.
  • Scorpio male: ok so my ex fwb was a scorpio and i gotta say they get emotionally attached. Pretend they don't care AT ALL and then calls u at 2 in the morning telling u they love you. Just be careful cause they don't know what they want. Obsessed with electronic things and sex.
  • Sagittarius female: literally on fire. SHE. TALKS. SO. MUCH. I have so many different feelings about her. Either i love completely or I can't stand her. She pretends she knows everything. She's so slow at doing everything, except talking. Laughs a lot. Very sensitive deep down. So loud.
  • Sagittarius male: Pretty introverted. The fire is hidden. He's a freaking badass. If he cares about you, he will show you. Most likely to call you at midnight for your birthday. Very sweet. Goes big or goes home, especially in love. Both a cinnamon and a sinnamon roll. Like if he ain't in the same political party as you, just don't mention politics. That's when the fire shows.
  • Capricorn female: so. she actually cares about you. but she has so much shit going on so she might forget to come at a place you invited her, she won't even apologize but when something happens to you, be sure she'll call. She's absolutely cute and she has been hurt so many times so it's hard for her to trust people completely.
  • Capricorn male: THE FUCKING FANBOY. He loves to travel and to try new things. He is so shy but with his friends he's crazy. Laughs at his own jokes. Extremely sensitive and when he loves, he loves hard. So intelligent and interesting. Absolutely adorable.
  • Aquarius female: the sweetest. she gets clingy to everyone but because she wants to have friends and do things and has a lot of problems but holds everything in and puts her friends first and she's hurt. The most precious human. She needs, she deserves to be loved the most. Learns very quickly and she's very honest.
  • Aquarius male: the devil™. Actually he is funny, like so many jokes, but sometimes it's just too much. He hates when people offend him. Gets on the defensive. Kinda selfish and cares a lot about like 3 people (?). Like he will kill for them. So much drama, boy. Probably failed history and algebra 2 twice.
  • Pisces female: such a badass and a cutiepie at the same time i don't even know how this is possible. she has such a strong personality and loves her friends. Determined and will fight with her teeth for what she loves. You need to have a pisces in your life. She always says she will kill a person but then she just like run away.
  • Pisces male: like just like the pisces female. Cares so much about his family and shows his emotions easily, whether is anger or sadness or happiness. Determined but also insecure about himself, but will do great things.

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Ok so I was a bit worried about the way my own biological father looks at me and I thought it was so bazar that I always even end up crying and it seems I’m really not the only one. and then after searching for so long, this is how they put it, she is like my wife but 25 years younger, ofcourse it’s normal” 

men are terrifying, like I wish I could say this is so completely un normal, but how many times do you hear about fathers and step fathers sexually abuse their daughters. like I can’t help but wonder how many just simply don’t act on their thoughts like this guy but still have it in their heads.

and he worst part is, this doesn’t happen when the girl is like an adult, it happens when she is begining or is hitting puberty. 

I know this is “dark” and uncomfortable but the more you don’t talk about this, the more it happens and the more men try to normalize it. 

So about Jon Snow calling Dany "My Queen"

I know some fans reacted negatively to Jon calling Dany “my queen” and blah blah blah… I hadn’t noticed this the first time I watched the episode, but in the beginning Tormund made a great point that I think had an impact on Jon! He said “you spent too much time with the free folk, now you don’t like kneeling. The king beyond the wall would never bend the knee and how many of his people died because of his pride.” Watch Jon’s face when he says this. He really takes that to heart. Then when all hope is lost, Dany shows up and saves the day. She risked her life and the lives of her dragons to save them. Her children. The dragons she needs to fight Cersei. So no Jon has not betrayed the north. He’s not an idiot. He knows this is the right thing to do. She’s proved herself to him.

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My Dearest Harry,


Happy Birthday!!!! I’ve set an alarm for 8:30, and if you haven’t fire-called me by then I’m side alonging Rose over to scold you. Today took some serious planning, dear, and that boyfriend of yours will never forgive me if you show up late. Wear that green top- it brings out your eyes!


With love,


Hermione Granger-Weasley





If you are late this afternoon I will fillet you alive.


Birthday Wishes.


-Draco (I love you. Wear the green top.)





Happy 37th, Mate!!! Do us all a favor and get your old arse out of bed before 2, would you? ‘Mione and Draco have been working together, and you know how they get going. She’s in a right fuss, that one. I had to talk her out of sending you a howler this morning, and that was only by… Distracting her, so to speak. As I’m human and understand human emotions, needs, etc., (unlike our crazy robotic lovers), I’ve sent over a coffee and some chocolate frogs to make the ungodly time a little more bearable.






P.S. Hermione told me to tell you to wear the green top? I don’t give a flying fuck what you wear as long as you and Malfoy manage to keep the clothes firmly on this time.





I had to hold mum down, she wanted to bring you breakfast in bed this morning. As much as she loves you, I’m not sure how she would have felt if she walked in on you having a lovely birthday shag with Malfoy against the coffee table. You’re welcome. See you tonight. And, for Merlin’s sake, try to be on time. In the green shirt, or Malfoy will send you straight back. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-Ginny P.s. Luna sends her regards and also asked me to tell you that green wards off the hucklefins.





I had the strangest dream last night, Harry. I was being chased by a group of wrackspurts, all of them demanding I return their ‘treasure’. I was quite confused by their insistence that I had taken this ‘treasure’ (you know how I feel about stealing, it affects my aura), and I kept spraying lilac essence to ward them off, but to no avail. I asked Ginny if she thought it meant something, but she thinks I may have just had too much to drink last night. What do you think?


Oh yes dear, I almost forgot! Happy Birthday! I do hope you know to be on time, but I’ll try to distract him if you run late. I read last night about some very new potions research that could keep him talking for at least an hour.


Love you, dear.


Luna (Wear green.)



The boy who continues to live,


I’d say congratulations, but you’ve been complimented so many times for merely staying alive that it feels tacky at this point. Draco’s got himself all in knots over tonight’s events, and as much fun as it’s been watching him all flustered, I know that if you manage to screw this up I’ll be the one supplying his alcohol, so I feel I must warn you; If you wish to continue to be the boy who lived, show up on time, and properly dressed, if you can manage. Although, come to think of it, “The boy who fucked up one too many goddamn times” has a ring to it.


-Pansy Parkinson





You have always been a son to me, dear. I know it goes without saying, but if I learned anything from the war, it’s that telling people what they mean to you is a privilege, and something we should do as often as we can. So, and I don’t mean to be sappy love, I know you have big plans for tonight, but I simply have to tell you how proud I am of the man you have become. Happy Birthday, dear. (I’ve sent over some breakfast, though Ginny suggested maybe I shouldn’t have. Terribly sorry if I’ve interrupted anything. Draco’s favorites are in there too, just in case.)







Happy Birthday, you geezer. The Amazon is great, as promised, if a little hot for my taste. I’m sorry to be missing your evening tonight- there truly isn’t anything for it. They want me back at the University this Thursday, and I’ve got very little besides a sunburn to show for my time out here. Personally, I think they’ve been a little outrageous with the timing; researching Amazonian werewolf roots and ancient cures isn’t exactly a picnic, you know.


Enough complaining. How’ve you been? How’s Draco? Have you finally bucked up and popped the question? I assume not; someone would have owled, I’m sure. You really ought to do it soon, Harry. If you don’t, he will, and you know how terribly dramatic he is. Just think on it. Send my love to Grandma, would you? I miss her terribly. Oh, and you can have some too, of course.


-Teddy Lupin



Uncle Harry,


I know you aren’t awake yet. You are never awake before noon. Which is why, in approximately 28 minutes, if you don’t firecall mum (which you won’t) to tell her you’re getting ready, (which you aren’t), I’m coming over there myself to talk some sense into you.


You do realize how important today is? Happy Birthday. I’ll see you in precisely 27 minutes.


-Rose Granger-Weasley Future Minister for Magic



Uncle Harry,


Please be awake when Rose gets to your place, she’s in a scary mood this morning. Happy Birthday, and best of luck, because Mum isn’t much better by the looks of it.







Happy Birthday. I know you are prone to sleeping in, but Draco has been particularly high-strung about this evening and I would really encourage your punctuality this once. I will, unfortunately, be quite busy this evening, but I look forward to seeing you soon. Tea at the manor Wednesday, perhaps? Talk to Draco and get back to me. Oh, and you do look so ever lovely in green. Regards,


Narcissa Malfoy
—  Birthday Letters

i surround myself with good people, so i forget sometimes. 

it’s a little like finding thorns in a clover patch. it’s just a facebook comment but it has 536 likes. i see the laughing reactions on it and say. see, somebody else thinks it’s just funny. they brush it off. they walk away without taking it to heart.

i hear it on the train when a couple talks just a little too loudly. about how people like me are actually just mentally ill, or we’re making a bad choice, or we’re sinning in the face of god.

i hear it in church when i’m just trying to pray. i hear it and the bell it rings in me echoes for weeks: they don’t love you. they only tolerate you. they think you’re poison and you don’t deserve a family. they put people like you into programs where they abuse the sin out of your bones.

i forget. that’s all. from time to time i relax and pretend like we might actually be safe in this world. 

but i thought she was my friend and her mouth is saying that she thinks people like me just are confused about who we are and need therapy. my heart drops into a quiet place. i feel the words leak out of me. 

and i remember, all at once, terribly and suddenly.

Guess Who’s Back

Writer - @damndescendants 

Requested - nope. Send in request!

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is the daughter of Dr. Facilier and is one of the Villain Kids who go to Auradon but when Mal returns to the Isle she goes with Ben, Evie, Carlos, and Jay to get her back when they run into her boyfriend, Harry Hook

Warning(s) - threats, if you squint harm/harassment hinted and mentioned, protective 

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Lana Del Rey says Donald Trump helped shape her album ‘Lust For Life’ — and the world needs feminism more than ever.
The singer has returned to the world of music with her fourth studio album in five years.

By Jacqui Swift for The Sun (UK).

LANA DEL REY’s latest album glitters with an all-star cast.
On ‘Lust For Life,’ her most impressive album yet, Lana teams up with heavyweights such as The Weeknd, Stevie Nicks, Sean Ono Lennon and A$AP Rocky.

They are the first collaborations in her career so far, which spans five studio albums, including four in the past five years — an impressive work rate for the Los Angeles-based star.

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lapis is probably going to leave

@thelightwithinthedark said:

I want to ask you something. From the lines that was said on the trailer for the new season five episodes of Steven Universe. Lapis said “Their gonna take their anger out on this planet just like they did before.” “I won’t let myself get caught up in another war.” What is your take on this and could this give us more of Lapis’ arc? Also I want know on what do you want Lapis to go through so she can have character development? I’m really worried for her and I love her so much. Your very logical.

i think lapis is leaving the barn. it’s been foreshadowed for a very long time, and this was never a mutually happy thing. it was her and the crystal gems trying to coexist, and it mainly worked because they were always avoiding a core issue: they’re determined to defend earth. lapis is not.

why don’t you put that corn in a mirror for thousands of years and then see how it feels about the table? (laughs) it would really… hate the table!

the ‘table’ is earth. and that… never changed. remember, this was long after steven tried to show her the beauty of earth, by way of uh… leaf. and cities.

of course that wasn’t going to be enough.

lapis tried to be positive, because it’s steven, and he’s her friend! she wants him to see her best, and she knows he’s the reason the other crystal gems let an old enemy live on earth, despite trying to kill humans (and their boy).

connie: you almost drowned me when you tried to steal the world’s water

lapis: …i almost drowned a lot of people.

she feels guilty for some of her actions, but after her breakdown, she’s gone back to avoiding all these things. she doesn’t really want to address bad blood with these people when she has nowhere else to go.

that’s why people often remark that she seems ‘out of character’ when talking to steven - she’s actively trying to be the beach summer fun buddy.

life on earth is really confusing… it took me a long time to get used to it. i’m still getting used to it.

but things aren’t so peachy. there are too many reasons she hates the earth, too many tensions between her and the crystal gems, too many things lapis avoids talking about (connie, steven, jasper, greg, the crystal gems as a whole)… it was only a matter of time before the fragile truce was challenged. 

the other CGs don’t have much nice to say about her either.

steven: visiting peridot and lapis will be so much fun!

amethyst: …yeah, cause when i think fun, i think lapis.

pearl was nothing short of scornful of lapis in ocean gem. that never really changed. she’s only tolerating her, even in gem harvest. lapis feels the same, judging by their history, and the malice in her voice when saying peridot should be ‘the pearl’ when pretending to be crystal gems. 

garnet has sympathy for malachite, but even that was with the careful neutrality of “yikes. those two are really bad for each other”. alexandrite agrees, suggesting “you two should spend some time apart”.

you ran? from blue and yellow diamond?!

the benefit of pretending everything’s fine was that lapis was left alone, without having to face more severe consequences, and for the crystal gems, that this very powerful gem didn’t give them any trouble

but... with the diamonds setting their sights on earth, that peace is in question.

they’re gonna take their anger out on this planet just like they did before. i won’t let myself get caught up in another war.

lapis looks out for lapis - that’s always been part of her. she cares for her friends, but she’s also determined to live. despite her guilt, she can be calculating, vicious and desperate to keep the status quos that benefit her. when that is no longer possible, she adapts, lashes out… or flees. 

in other words… the crystal gems will fight for earth. lapis doesn’t want to.

i think acknowledging this is good. lapis’ challenge should involve facing consequences and figuring out what’s right for her now. because this isn’t it.

peridot: earth is our home now! isn’t that worth fighting for?

peridot wants to believe she will stay, but… judging by the lighting, their eye-contact and the angles, we already have lapis’ answer: