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Beach Day

Hi friends! Summer is in full swing, so Ronnie and I met up with my best friend, Demi to take our three little ones to the beach for the day. Gabe and Em are still so young, we didn’t stay for very long, and we went when the sun wasn’t so high just to make sure it was cool enough for the babies. Let me tell you, it was a blast. Connor, I think, had the most fun out of all of us. He’s never been to the beach before so he played in the sand, in the waves, and with all his toys until he literally passed out face first onto the blanket. He wore himself out with all the excitement. For me, I just enjoyed not being cooped up in the house all day long, and it was so good to see both Demi and Gabe again. He’s gotten so big since I’ve seen him last, and that was just a little under a month ago! We tried to get Dem’s husband to come along, so Ronnie had someone to hang out with, but he had to work. Either way I think he had a good time too. It was such a lovely day out. It was warm, but the breeze from the ocean cooled us all down, and we had ice lollies as a little treat and best of all, I got a lot of really great pictures for my scrapbook! Embrie enjoyed the beach too, I think haha. I say I think because she enjoyed listening to the waves, and really enjoyed the sun, but whenever she got a piece, a single grain, of sand on her she started to get fussy! I think she’ll enjoy it more when she’s older, I hope, because we’ll definitely have to do this again! 

Oh and before I go I just wanted to say I will be posting Em’s birth story soon(ish) I’m writing it up now. I also have her newborn pictures to post, and a life update to post. I’ve been really slacking with this blog, I know, I’m sorry, but I have a rambunctious three year old and a one month old to take care of. Not to mention I’ve been dabbling back into work from home, mostly while Em sleeps, so I have that to keep me busy. Promise, though, I’ll get more frequent updates out when I have the chance. Until next time, ciao! 

period pains (calum smut)

she say she love my lolly…

“no calum. stop” you said trying to pry calum’s arms off of your waist

“cmon baby i know you wanna” still clinging onto you, kissing up and down your neck, leaving a love bite

“i’m on my period”

he pulled back to look at you with puppy eyes, “..and?”

“i can’t do anything”

“sure ya can”

“but its not fair to me, you’re gonna get me all horny”

“y/n, pleaseee” he pouted his bottom lip out a little more

“fine cal” giving in to his pleading. you finally pulled his arms off from around you and he made his way over to the bed. calum pulled his pants down, with his boxers but left his shirt on. his length was standing proud, “eager aren’t we”

“all for you babe” he got on the bed and sprawled himself out, leaning back on his hands.

you climbed ontop of him and sat between his legs, placing your hands on his thighs, slowly rubbing up and down. you took the tip in your mouth and started sucking on it hard. next, taking the base of his cock in your small hands and pumped the rest.

“hmm babe yes” he moaned out, swirling his hips in circles trying to get more contact and more friction.

you pulled him out of your mouth to look up at him, “you like that cal?”

he nodded his head frantically up and down, biting his bottom lip hard. you kept your hand on the base of his cock and rubbed it faster and harder up and down. “more” he lowly choked out.

“like this?” you bent back down and took as much of his huge length into your mouth, wrapping your pink lips around him. and you began grazing your tongue along the understand of his cock. paying special attention to the prominent vein.

“just like that y/n” he groaned out, his hands going straight to the back of your hair and grabbing a tight fistfull of hair.

you bobbed your head faster up and down, getting saliva all over him. calum started using his hands to regain control and started shoving himself further down your throat.

“oh fuck” he swore out loud, throwing curse words everywhere as you felt his dick twitch in your mouth. his stomach muscles tightened, “i’m gonna cumm” squinting his eyes shut and pursing his lips.

calum shot his hot load into your mouth as he leant forward just enough to see your face. he pulled his length away from your mouth, a string of cum still attached to your lips. calum brought his hand to cup your chin in his hand to look you in the eyes.

as you looked at him in the eyes, you swallowed his salty cum, slowly trailing down your throat and wiping your chin clean

“thats it, good girl”

you went back down to his softening cock and licked the leftover cum

he groaned rather loud, “god i love you y/n”

“you owe me big time calum”

“i know button” he kissed your lips softly

*next morning*

still on your period, you crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. calum noticed your absence at the side of the bed and called out for you.

“i’m getting in the shower”

“y/n, babe, wait for me” he said with his scratchy morning voice

“i told you already, i can’t do anything yet”

“no no no no you don’t understand. yesterday you said you couldn’t do anything and i checked online and they said its supposed to feel good and like help with cramps and stuff”

“calum…” you started trailing off, “you saw this on the internet?”

“yeah, we could try it if you want”

“won’t there be…blood everywhere?” you cringed at the words

he held the small of your back and trailed his hands under your top, “we can try in the shower” giving you a cheeky grin and wink.

calum smut is my favorite smut. should there be a part 2 with shower sex? you can find more writing/smut HERE


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I just want to say that I really love my grandma! ❤️ She's the best! If I need to get driven somewhere&my parents can't? She'll do it. If I need to escape from home for few hours? Her place. One time she&my cousin just randomly called me like "we're going to Spain next week to visit your cousin, wanna come?" I can eat and drink what I want(how much I want)when I'm at her place. She never gets angry. Makes the best pancakes in the world! She's my neighbor too! I just love my grandma ❤️ - Lolly

Nic e nice 

gotta love grammy

demi lovato funny bios for twitter

se pegar dê like 

© fuklaine

nao costumo pisar em quem ja esta no chao por isso sou fã de demi lovato

cheguei na minha mae e falei que era fã da demi lovato ela me olhou com cara de desprezo e disse não é aquela que faz propaganda da prestobarba 

@ddlovato she say she love my lolly

demi lovato follow (never in my wildest dreams)

eu era lovatic mas o mc gui me salvou 

alguns infinitos são maiores que outros mas nenhum é tão grande quanto a bunda da demi 

alguns infinitos são maiores que outros mas nenhum é tão pesado quanto a gorda gileteira

ser fã da demi lovato já é uma tristeza ser fã brasileira é pedir pra sofrer 

POSSO ATÉ SER FÃ DA DEMI LOVATO MAS mas nada isso é pedir pra sofrer eu sei

se vc acha que vai vir aqui e encontrar coisas legais interessantes ta enganado querido aqui só tem coisa da demi lovato

pra que grammy quando se tem fanta awards

só pede sdv se atingir a nota b4

pra que grammy quando se atinge a nota b4


ツ ♥ ♡ ❤ ❥∞ ☆ ★ ✖ 。◕‿◕。® ™ ☏ ✿゚❀ ✿ • ♫ ♪ ♀♂ ზ ☢ ☼ ☀ ❂ ☁ ☂ ☃ ☄ ☾ ☽ ⇦ ⇧ ⇨ ⇩ ϟ ⇜ ⇝ ® ♔♕ † ☊ ☠ ✟ ✞ ✝  ✓ ♛ ♚

  • Baby Holmes: ...
  • Baby Holmes: *swallows* Daddy?
  • Sherlock: *stops pacing* Yes?
  • Baby Holmes: *bows his head* Will the new baby like me?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* I don't know.
  • Baby Holmes: *lip wobbles*
  • Sherlock: *lifts his son into his arms* I don't know if she'll like me either.
  • Baby Holmes: *mumbles into his dad's shirt* Do you think our chances are good?
  • Sherlock: *worried* Yours are better than mine.
  • Baby Holmes: *sad* I want her to like me.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Me too.
  • Baby Holmes: *looks up* What are we going to do if she doesn't like us?
  • Sherlock: *hugs his son* We'll have to go, Hamish. Just the two of us. Mummy will be forced to raise the baby and we can live with Uncle John and Aunt Mary. Mummy could see us at weekends.
  • Baby Holmes: ...
  • -5 minutes later-
  • Molly: *holding her stomach* Right, I've got the bag-
  • Sherlock: *holding his crying son*
  • Molly: *exasperated* What did you say to him?
  • Sherlock: *cuddling his son; hurrying downstairs* Just get in the car.
  • Sherlock: *staring*
  • Archie: Is she your wife?
  • Sherlock: *startled* What? Who?
  • Archie: That woman. The yellow one.
  • Sherlock: Oh. Why do you say that?
  • Archie: *shrugs* She looks like your wife. You're staring at her like she's your wife. Do you love her?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *swallows* Molly. Molly Hooper and she's engaged.
  • Archie: Oh. He's an idiot. The meat man.
  • Sherlock: *chuckles* He is, isn't he?
  • Archie: You need to impress her. Deduce the presents in front of her. She'll soon realise. Show her you're still the best.
  • Sherlock: *rolls eyes* Thank you but I'll take my chances with the speech I've made him give *winks*
  • Archie: *grins as Tom steps up to the mic*

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Hiiii! Can you please write a small fic where L's little baby siblings try and braid H's hair because they watched Tangled and say he's pretty like the princess?

Harry’s on the floor playing trucks with Ernest when he feels a tug at his hair.  Doris sits next to him with a wide grin, and he abandons his truck for a moment to give her his full attention.  “Hello, Miss Doris.  What can I do for you, lovebug?”

She grins at the attention, putting her tiny hand on his leg.  “Me and Lottie watched Tangled,” she says, eyes glittering.

“You did?” Harry asks, and she nods excitedly.  “That’s one of my very favorite movies!  Did you watch, too, Ernie?”  

The little boy shakes his head.  “That’s for girls!”

“Hey, no, it’s not.  It’s for anyone, yeah?  I think you’d love it!  I’ll bet you a lolly that you’ll love it.”

That perks Ernie up, and he nods as he holds out his pinky for Harry to shake.  “You’re on,” he tells him before he happily goes back to playing with his trucks.  Harry just smiles and ruffles his fine blonde hair, heart so full of love.

 “Maybe we should all watch it later.  I bet Lou would love to watch with us!”

Doris giggles, like there’s a secret Harry isn’t in on.  He tilts his head as he looks at her, and before he can question it, she replies, “Lou looks at you like you’re the princess.  And you’ve got pretty princess hair, Hazza!”

He chuckles, running a hand through his curls.  “Louis does look a bit like a prince, doesn’t he?”

“He does!” Doris squeals.  “And you have pretty long hair just like Rapunzel!  Can I braid it?  You can’t braid Rapunzel’s hair because it would take very much a lot of time, but your hair isn’t as long as hers!  So it would only take a very little time!”

“I would love it if you braided my hair, darling,” Harry tells her, and she jumps up excitedly, wrapping her arms around his neck in an excited hug. 

“Thank you, Hazza!  I’m gonna go get my hair stuff!”

She dashes out of the room just as Louis comes in, grin on his face.  “Rapunzel, eh?”  He sits down next to Harry, folding up his legs against his chest.

“And you’re Flynn, then.”

“She’s right.  You’ve got princess hair, baby,” Louis tells him, twirling a curl around his finger.  He leans in for a kiss, and as their lips meet, Ernest yells out a loud, “Ewwwww!” that causes Louis to pick him up and attack him with tickles, Harry’s loud laugh bellowing through the house.


Later, they all watch Tangled with Harry’s hair in a braid - done mostly by Doris with a little help from Louis - that flowers are woven into, and Harry was right - Ernie is entirely engrossed in the movie, loving every second.

“Think we could do this on our own someday,” Louis whispers as Doris shifts next to him.  “With our own kids.”

“There’s nothing I’d want more,” Harry tells him, eyes shining with the light of the TV screen.

Doris leans over in Louis’ lap, bright laughter spilling from her lips.  “You’re doing it again, Lou!”

“What am I doing, sweetheart?” he asks her, brows furrowed.

“Looking at Harry like Flynn looks at Rapunzel!  You must love him very much!”

Harry’s heart thuds against his ribs, and even though he already knows the answer, he grins when Louis says, “I love him more than anything.”

– se teletransportou para cima de uma mesa com uma garrafa na mão e começou a dançar – She say she love my lolly She wanna make it pop She say she love my lolly She wanna kiss the top She say she love my lolly She love my lollipop

nothing like us
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gente eu demorei mais de 2 horas para montar esses packs entao deem valor no que eu faço e CREDITEM NO TWITTER SEUS BOSTAS entao era só isso que eu queria dizer amorsinhos

she says she love my lolly ♪

bonus pq amo essa header 


Ok I still need to finish like part of the season finale but so farrr

1. Bring Nicky back she’s my FAVORITE character and she’s a fan fave so why tf was her time so short? I didn’t like that. At all.


3. We need MOOORE Stella, every time she shows up in a scene, I get too excited and then it goes onto the next and I’m just like “NO WHAT THE FUCK WE NEED MORE STELLA” and even though I honestly don’t understand half of things she says it’s just great to carefully observe every inch of her face (especially her lips)


5. Fucking Piper, she fucking played Stella so fucking hard, how do you treat someone who looks like fucking lady Jesus, so fucking cruel? Thinking she’s all ‘gangsta’ now BITCH I HOPE TF YOU DO!!!! I HOPE STELLA RUINS HER TF

6. We got to see more of Alex’s vulnerable side this season so that was really great I liked how she cut off Piper too, it was very pleasant

7. I want Nicky and Stella to be together like bad

8. I really really reeeallly didn’t care for Norma’s and Chang’s backstory but ok.. It’s just kinda annoying how everyone was up Norma’s ass this whole season, I’m glad Poussey finally realized that she isn’t…God (that’s Stella)

9. Red and Healy got some type of thing going on and it really wasn’t necessary, they could’ve waited on their little love story next season, or maybe it was good to put it in this season so it could get out the way, but I love Red…fuck Healy


11. Fuck Caputo, him and Fig’s disgusting sexual intercourses, I threw up a little.

12. I really hated (well more like a love/hate relationship) Pennsatucky in season 1 and season 2, but now that we have more of her backstory in this season, I’m just like…fuck. Episode 10 is depressing. Her and Big Boo’s friendship is making my heart happy.

13. Where TF is Bennett? I guess he really ain’t no hollaback girl :(

14. What happened to Daya’s baby? :(

15. Taystee is really the 'mom’ of the group lol, it’s cute. We got to see more of Black Cindy this season which is great but I want moooore I love her to death

16. Morello looked so pretty this season, she always have, but damn, you can see she went a little natural 😍 I loved it

17. I have no comment on Caputo and the guards, the white girl with the fucked up teeth and her friend, I always forget their names..

18. I wanted to Soso to mollywhop that girls ass after she cut her hair in her sleep but it was probably best if she didn’t

19. I fucking worship the ground Stella walks on. She’s so fucking hot. I’d sell my whole family to see her naked again. I can’t believe Piper out of ALL people got a taste of her… FUCK PIPER

20. Fuck….Piper….

21. Flaca and Maritza are annoying asf but it’s always nice to see them two together


23. And free my girl Sophia, she isn’t dangerous, she’s the most sweetest girl in that prison. I fucking love Sophia

I feel like I didn’t say everything but this is what I felt watching the season so far, I still need to finish watching ep 13 tho

Bios Twitter
  • diva sim pisando em você sim sambando em você sim
  • chupa o pau que eu não tenho
  • she say she love my lolly
  • i wanna get back
  • repete, agora late cadela
  • i’m feeling 22
  • la la land machine
  • i'am eat mc donalds baby
  • i think a heart attack
  • ate hoje n sei quem é o bi
  • mas eu só queria saber quem fazia o clipe da praia
  • talk dirty to me
  • move baby whoa
  • cause wing a made to fly
  • primadonna girl yeah
  • who says you’re not perfect?
  • you’re all that matters to me
  • she’s confident 
  • like a champion
  • she make stars dance
  • we on fire now
  • hey brother
  • i hate you, don’t leave me
  • this is me, this is real
  • cause made in the usa
  • iam a little skyscraper
  • like a skyscraper
  • let it go
  • in the dark
  • is like my mirrors