she saw into our souls

here is the spot where my sister said she saw god
where our limbs took root by the trees
and we committed our souls to the land. 

my sister had a crow she locked in her room
no one spoke of it; we all knew it existed
the crow died on a sunday and my sister called it god’s will
i don’t tell her the ghosts bother me at night

there is a place at the back of the farm
that god forgot. my sister points to it and tells me
when she dies, this is where she will stay
and i tell her she will find me waiting

there was a fire in the milking sheds and three boys died
the back of the farm is cold, and crows
don’t fly here anymore. the trees are bare.

my sister comes to me that night
she says, sorry about the body in the lake
i say, it’s okay, i dumped mine there too

RUN-ON SENTENCE: in which two independent clauses are joined without an appropriate conjunction || j.m

Locket (Xibalba and La Muerte short)


Xibalba and La muerte short

It has been almost a millenium since they ended their marriage.

Xibalaba sat at the edge of his bed in silence. In his glove hands held a small gold oval locket. He glide his thumb over its smooth frame. He press his thumb over its lock hearing a small click. He did not open it right away-everytime he looked at the picture inside.
He felt a wave a regret, sadness….anger. He always regretted letting her go.
He wondered what he did wrong when she place her wedding ring back into his hand. He asked her why, he pleaded, he begged, he promised-yet she gave him a kind smile and walked away. He had his guesses.
The first thought he had,is that she had fallen for anouther spirit. This was proven wrong after months of trailing her. He hid in the shadows of her castle, every chamber and even her sleeping quarters. Some might think that his actions might be called stalking. He called it…observing.
The secound thought he had is that maybe, she grew tired of him. They have been together since the beginning to time. He thought that he may have gotten too old-fashion for her.
He thought that playing an instrument might appese her.
Guitar was the most logical choice. He knew that she enjoyed the marachi band in the land of the living. Playing it-prove difficult. Unfortunetly, anger and frustration got the better of him and the guitar was quickly firewood.
His third thought was their diffrent thoughts about humans. Xibalba belived that humans costintly make mistakes, they are imperfect, clumsy, selfish, and boring. They were fun to mess with in the land of the living. In the Land of the Forgotten, they always seemed depressed. It bothered him not getting reactions from them. La Muerte always saw the good in them, no matter how many mistakes they made she always thought they go on the right path. Human children are her favorites. They were young and innocent. She always loved seeing them play in the cemetaries in Los Dias de los Muertos. For now.
He knew that once they reach adulthood they go downhill. La Muerte was always adement about them, never losing faith in them.
He found her stubborness unbecoming.

In the end, none of it matters because she would never tell him the real reason. He opened the locket, seeing an old black and white photo of his beloved. In the photo she is smiling. Almost as if she is still smiling at him. He felt himself smile back at the photo. Memories flooding back of their time together.

“What in the realms is this, Xibalba?” La Muerte ask holding a strange square metal object, with a glass cirle in the middle. It almost looked like a telescope. They both were hiding behind the church in the middle of the night. The full moon shining down on the two young couple.
Xibalba snatch it out of her hands as she began shaking the object.

“Careful my love…this is called a "camera” it was created by the living" he said, holding it close to him out of the prying hands of his lover.

“A cambrah?”

“Cam-era!” he emphisized. “It takes a drawing of us, called a "photo”, if we stand still and long enough"

“A drawing? that small thing!…it must be magic, it won’t take our souls, will it?” she asked as she saw him place it on a stand.

“Of course not, the living calls it science than magic…its the only good thing they ever made” he attached a tube and a ball taking a few steps back. He grabbed her gently, pulling her next to him.

“All right, now look at the glass object and smile”

“If you say so” she let out a smile and Xibalba press against the ball making the object flash twice. La Muerte reeled back and rubbed her irises. She blinked seeing black spots until her vision came back. Xibalba left her side grabbing the two photos that spit out of the object. He excitedly came back to her showing them.

“Here, do you see?” he grinned. “What a wonderful invention!”

She let out a small gasp, seeing themselves perfectly. It was better than any drawing or painting.

“How wonderful!” she smiled.

“Now to put them in their potraits…” he takes out two golden lockets, he cuts out their faces from the photo and place them inside the lockets. He gave her the locket with his picture as he put her face in his own locket.

“Oh Xibalba….It’s beautiful” she smiled. she puts the gold locket around her neck. “I shall treasure it always”


He let out a small sigh, closing the locket. She still wears the locket he gave her even now. He wondered if she still kept his picture in it. He can only wish.

I hope you guys like these little fanfics. Even if its all guesses of how their relationship worked. I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!