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Suicide Squad: The Album Starters

Purple Lamborghini.

  • ‘ murder on my mind. ’
  • ‘ it’s time to pray to God. ’
  • ‘ I might make a mistake ’
  • ‘ this is Gotham City. ’
  • ‘ got that purple Lamborghini lurkin’. ’
  • ‘ forgive me for my wrongs, I have just begun. ’
  • ‘ don’t be beggin’ for your life ‘cause that’s a lost cause. ’
  • ‘ make up your mind, baby, 'cause the time is here. ’
  • ‘ need a couple gang members for these new endeavors. ’
  • ‘ from this point on anything we do we do together. ’
  • ‘ seven figures, I spend that every other month. ’
  • ‘ every day was life and death, that’s when the cash came. ’

Sucker For Pain.

  • ‘ i torture you. ’
  • ‘ take my hand through the flames. ’
  • ‘ i’m a slave to your games. ’
  • ‘ i wanna chain you up. ’
  • ‘ i wanna tie you down. ’
  • ‘ i’m just a sucker for pain. ’
  • ‘ i got the squad tatted on me from my neck to my ankles. ’
  • ‘ pressure from the man got us all in rebellion? ’
  • ‘ we gon’ go to war, yeah, without failure. ’
  • ‘ love and the loyalty that’s what we stand for. ’
  • ‘ alienated by society. ’
  • ‘ all this pressure give me anxiety. ’
  • ‘ so we put the world on our shoulders. ’
  • ‘ you don’t know me. ’
  • ‘ we’re the ones you trust in. ’
  • ‘ I won’t hesitate to go straight to your head like a concussion. ’
  • ‘ devoted to destruction ’
  • ‘ a full dosage of detrimental dysfunction ’
  • ‘ see I’m a fool for pain ’
  • ‘ that’s why my heart cold, full of sorrow, the lost soul ’
  • ‘ this is what we wanted from a young age ’


  • ‘ all my friends are heathens. ’
  • ‘ take it slow. ’
  • ‘ wait for them to ask you who you know. ’
  • ‘ please don’t make any sudden moves. ’
  • ‘ you don’t know the half of the abuse. ’
  • ‘ we check the guns at the door. ’
  • ‘ doesn’t mean our brains will change. ’
  • ‘ how’d I get here, sitting next to you? ’
  • ‘ please don’t forget. ’
  • ‘ we don’t deal with outsiders very well. ’
  • ‘ they say newcomers have a certain smell. ’
  • ‘ you have trust issues. ’
  • ‘ they say they can smell your intentions. ’
  • ‘ why’d you come? ’
  • ‘ you knew you should have stayed. ’
  • ‘ I tried to warn you just to stay away. ’
  • ‘ they’re outside ready to bust.’
  • ‘ it looks like you might be one of us.’

Standing in the Rain.

  • ‘ i saw you standing in the rain. ’
  • ‘ you were holding his hand. ’
  • ‘ i’ll never be the same. ’
  • ‘ dressed like a playboy. ’
  • ‘ the money eases everybody’s mind. ’
  • ‘ i should have known when you stole money. ’
  • ‘ slide your panties to the side. ’
  • ‘ i got old money. ’


  • ‘ i need a gangsta to love me better than all the others do. ’
  • ‘ always forgive me. ’
  • ‘ ride or die with me. ’
  • ‘ i’m fucked up. ’
  • ‘ i’m black and blue. ’
  • ‘ i’m built for it, all the abuse. ’
  • ‘ i got secrets that nobody knows. ’
  • ‘ i don’t want what i can get. ’
  • ‘ i want someone with secrets that nobody knows. ’
  • ‘ my freakness is on the loose. ’
  • ‘ running all over you. ’
  • ‘ take me to places that nobody knows. ’
  • ‘ you got me hooked up on a feeling ’
  • ‘ i’m barely breathing. ’
  • ‘ don’t let me go. ’

Know Better.

  • ‘ you should know better. ’
  • ‘ i’m a winner. ’
  • ‘ now we’re getting it for real. ’
  • ‘ shoulda left you right there where i met you. ’
  • ‘ i’m a bread winner. ’
  • ‘ no talkin’. ’
  • ‘ we finish it. ’
  • ‘ some say i’m ignorant. ’
  • ‘ maybe i’m different. ’
  • ‘ looked at you like you were special. ’
  • ‘ somebody called a riot? ’
  • ‘ teach them how to trust one another. ’
  • ‘ all we have is us. ’
  • ‘ shit like this is hard to come by. ’

You Don’t Own Me.

  • ‘ you don’t own me. ’
  • ‘ i can always have just what i want. ’
  • ‘ she’s the baddest. ’
  • ‘ i would love to flaunt. ’
  • ‘ take her shopping, you know yves saint laurent? ’
  • ‘ she got her own dough. ’
  • ‘ i’m not just one of your many toys. ’
  • ‘ don’t say i can’t go with other boys. ’
  • ‘ don’t tell me what to do. ’
  • ‘ don’t tell me what to say. ’
  • ‘ when i go out with you don’t put me on display. ’
  • ‘ don’t try to change me in anyway. ’
  • ‘ don’t tie me down cause i’d never stay. ’
  • ‘ i get bored of basic bitches. ’
  • ‘ straight up vicious. ’
  • ‘ i texted her asking her if she’s alone and if she’d send some pictures.. ’
  • ‘ she said no. ’
  • ‘ she said come over and see it for yourself. ’
  • ‘ independent woman. ’
  • ‘ stay up til we see the sun. ’
  • ‘ she does it better than I’ve ever seen it done. ’
  • ‘ that’s when she told me she ain’t never ever gonna be owned. ’

Without Me.

  • ‘ guess who’s back. ’
  • ‘ back again. ’
  • ‘ i’m chopped liver. ’
  • ‘ if you want shady this is what i’ll give ya ’
  • ‘ all the memories that we make will never change. ’
  • ‘ you waited this long. ’
  • ‘ now stop debating. ’
  • ‘ but it feels so empty without me. ’
  • ‘ I just settled all my lawsuits. ’
  • ‘ fuck you, debbie. ’
  • ‘ now this looks like a job for me. ’
  • ‘ so everybody, just follow me. ’
  • ‘ we need a little controversy. ’
  • ‘ little hellions. ’
  • ‘ feeling rebellious? ’
  • ‘ could start a revolution. ’
  • ‘ so just let me revel and back in the fact that i got everyone kissing my ass. ’
  • ‘ testing, attention please. ’
  • ‘ you sent for me? ’
  • ‘ nobody listens to techno. ’
  • ‘ i’ll be there with a whole list full of new insults. ’
  • ‘ i’m not the first king of controversy. ’
  • ‘ there’s a concept that works ’
  • ‘ it’ll be so empty without me. ’

Wreak Havoc.

  • ‘ they call me a menace. ’
  • ‘ they say that i’m cursed. ’
  • ‘ something about me is making them jealous ’
  • ‘ so listen and learn. ’
  • ‘ i’m surrounded by cowards. ’
  • ‘ that’s why i got all the power. ’
  • ‘ i’m where you wanna be. ’
  • ‘ all of my enemies made a decision, it’s better to follow me. ’
  • ‘ i make no apologies. ’
  • ‘ all of my sins I would repeat and repeat. ’
  • ‘ i’ll be me til the death of me. ’
  • ‘ i can smell your fear. ’
  • ‘ the only reason that i’m here is to wreak havoc. ’
  • ‘ everybody’s praying that i’ll change, yeah maybe one day but tomorrow i’ll be back at it. ’
  • ‘ bad habits they die hard ’
  • ‘ we live fast we die hard. ’
  • ‘ go against me you’ll die hard. ’
  • ‘ Thrive when I’m beating the man ’
  • ‘ straight outta context. ’
  • ‘ hate that you need me. ’
  • ‘ wanna destroy me but you can’t. ’
  • ‘ and if love is real maybe I’m just too bad to remember how good it feels ’

Medieval Warfare.

  • ‘ i’ve been looking for a diamond. ’
  • ‘ it shines like ice. ’
  • ‘ baby you can have it if you say it nice. ’
  • ‘ come on, baby, let’s do something ugly. something you would never touch yourself. ’
  • ‘ can you kill a man with your hands? ’
  • ‘ are you hot? ’
  • ‘ do you want me? ’
  • ‘ think i don’t understand? ’
  • ‘ i’ve been sleeping with a rifle. ’
  • ‘ come on, baby, let’s do something pretty. something you would never touch yourself. ’

Bohemian Rhapsody.

  • ‘ Is this the real life? ’
  • ‘ Is this just fantasy? ’
  • ‘ no escape from reality. ’
  • ‘ i need no sympathy ’
  • ‘ because i’m easy come, easy go. ’
  • ‘ mama, i just killed a man. ’
  • ‘ put a gun against his head pulled my trigger now he’s dead. ’
  • ‘ now i’ve gone and thrown it all away. ’
  • ‘ didn’t mean to make you cry. ’
  • ‘ if i’m not back again this time tomorrow, carry on. ’
  • ‘ send shivers down my spine. ’
  • ‘ body’s aching all the time. ’
  • ‘ i don’t want to die. ’
  • ‘ i sometimes wish i’d never been born at all. ’
  • ‘ i see a little silhouetto of a man. ’
  • ‘ thunderbolts and lightning very, very frightening.  ’
  • ‘ nobody loves me. ’
  • ‘ he’s just a poor boy from a poor family. ’
  • ‘ so you think you can stone me and spit in my eye? ’
  • ‘ nothing really matters. ’

Slippin’ Into Darkness.

  • ‘ I was slippin’ into darkness when they took my friend away. ’
  • ‘ he loves to drink good whiskey. ’
  • ‘ i talk to my brother. ’
  • ‘ i got a wife and a baby. ’
  • ‘ I was slippin’ into darkness when I heard my mother say. ’
  • ‘ you’ve been slippin’ into darkness. ’
  • ‘ pretty soon you’re gonna pay. ’

Fortunate Son.

  • ‘ some folks are born made to wave the flag. ’
  • ‘ they point the cannon at you. ’
  • ‘ it ain’t me. ’
  • ‘ i ain’t no senator’s son. ’
  • ‘ i ain’t no fortunate one. ’
  • ‘ some folks are born silver spoon in hard. ’
  • ‘ don’t they help themselves? ’
  • ‘ the house looks like a rummage sale. ’
  • ‘ I ain’t no millionaire’s son. ’
  • ‘ how much should we give? ’

I Started a Joke.

  • ‘ I started a joke. ’
  • ‘ But I didn’t see that the joke was one me. ’
  • ‘ Oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me. ’
[Femslash February]: Movies

an AU where Lila is actually gay as shit and the last person she wants to flirt with on her first day of school is Adrien Agreste >:P

Day 19: Movies

Words: 2295

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

[Previous: Autumn]

Marinette really needed to start showing up to school on time so that she wouldn’t keep missing important developments.

She was barely in the building for fifteen seconds and Lila was all anyone was talking about. Apparently coming in two minutes before the bell rang was enough to completely miss the fact that Lila apparently knew Jagged Stone, Prince Ali, and seven Hollywood directors. Chloe was the mayor’s daughter and even she didn’t have that much clout.

She walked past Mylene – saying something about how Lila was personally invited to the Lancôme Fall 2015 Couture Party a few months back – and bumped shoulders with Alya. “Who on Earth is this Lila girl?”

Alya looked up from her phone and jutted her chin across the courtyard. “She just started here.”

Marinette lifted a brow and saw Nathanael talking animatedly with a girl that she didn’t recognize and happily exchanging numbers with her. “Uh huh….”

“She gave me an interview, did I tell you?” Alya grinned and pulled up the video on her phone. “Apparently Ladybug saved her life once. My Ladyblog had the most hits ever afterwards.”

Well, that was something Marinette would’ve definitely remembered if it had actually happened. She scowled as she scanned through the video of this Lila person laughing into the camera and waxing on about this dramatic rescue that Ladybug never pulled off. “Who the heck is this girl?”

“I don’t know but she’s got the most incredible life,” Alya said. “And now she’s going here. She’s totally awesome, apparently her and Ladybug are really close friends.”

Marinette scoffed defensively. “Um…I’m close friends with Ladybug. I got you that personal interview with her. You know, the one that got you a thousand new followers?”

Alya laid a hand on her shoulder. “Oh no, of course babe, and that was fantastic. But Lila has like super duper insider information on Ladybug never heard before. It’s going wild.”

“You cannot be serious,” Marinette frowned. “Where is this chick, I need to have a quick chat with – ”

“Oh my goodness, I don’t think we’ve met yet!”

Marinette barely had a chance to finish her sentence before Lila practically skipped across the courtyard and slid up right next to Marinette, less than a foot away from her face. Marinette jumped in surprise and leaned her body away from her while Lila folded her hands behind her back and pinned her with a sly smirk. “U-Uh,” Marinette mumbled.

“This is Marinette,” Alya helpfully supplied. “She was that best friend I was telling you about. She’s also our Class Representative.”

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10 Years Later (With Pictures)

I woke up that morning to feel the opposite side of the bed was cold. “Vic?” I called getting out of bed and wrapping the duvet around my bare shoulders. I walked downstairs and saw an envelope on the counter with Y/N written on it in Vic’s sloppy hand writing. I laughed and opened the envelope.

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Nothing beats a summer abroad. But when travelling far from home it’s always nice to bring along an old friend from the neighborhood. Cobblestones and Cafe de Flore. Serena’s locked down the Left Bank and become a muse to us all. Meanwhile, Blair rules the Right Bank. Storming the shops and consuming the classics. And sampling sugary snacks like a modern Marie Antoinette. But we hear Serena’s stories sizzle while Blair’s are more fizzle. She shopped at Saint Laurent, and dined at Drouant, but the only beau B had this summer is on her headband. 

-XoXo Gossip Girl

-Favorite Scene 4x01 Part 1: Belles de Jour

Chapter 5, Part 1: A Weekend with Hunt

Previous Chapters:

Chapter 1 (After the Masquerade…)

Chapter 2 (It was her..)

Chapter 3 (Thailand)

Chapter 4 (Dinner Party)

Summary: Andi attends a casting call in San Francisco for a perfume ad as a school sanctioned field trip. However, tensions rise between she and Hunt as the weekend takes an unexpected turn…


Hunt cleared his throat, his distinct way of calling the class to attention. He expected a lot out of his students, and refused to raise his voice.

“Now,” he began. “I was on the phone with a friend of mine this morning… Francesca Belletini, CEO of Yves Saint Laurent. She is putting together a new ad campaign for the new fragrance, Forbidden. She is looking for talent for an ad to launch the fragrance. The actor or actress who stars in the ad will be the new face or muse for the fragrance. She is holding casting calls in San Francisco this weekend. I was informed me that they haven’t quite found what they are looking for. They need a fresh face for this campaign; not a familiar face or big name. The old faces are so tired, in their opinion. Francesca wants someone to get the town talking; someone to raise eyebrows and stir questions. Since we are good friends, she is allowing members of this class to submit for the part. There will be five students selected to attend the casting call. This will be considered a school related field trip. All expenses will be covered by the school, and I will be chaperoning. If chosen, this will be a huge opportunity for new doors and connections to open. You may bring me your submissions tomorrow.”

Her heart leapt. An ad for Yves Saint Laurent! And a possible weekend with Hunt… The thought caused her heart to beat with excitement.

After class, she found her way to the front of the class where he was packing up his things.

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“—What. The. Fuck? Jesus christ! I almost just whacked you with this wrench!”  

So at my vanilla job I see SB’s shopping with their SD’s all the time but I just had a customer come in with a friend and she was definitely an SB, she had a beautiful saint Laurent sac de jour 😍😍 that I couldn’t stop lusting over. Well as I’m ringing her out she asks if she can do two different transactions because she wants to use two different cards, fine. She starts to tell her friend how her boyfriend who I assume is really her SD has authorized her on his account and she just got her own card and she doesn’t want to spend too much because she thinks he’s watching her to see if she’s good. She had a few other bags with her and her friend asked her if she thinks she’s doing well and she’s like yeah well besides the fact that I just bought a new mac book. (In my head I’m screaming for her like YASSSS). She seemed a bit new and naive and I almost wanted to tell her it sounds like you found a whale girl you better cash out and also lets be friends haha. Oh and for anyone who thinks I’m judging her and this guy may actually be her boyfriend, they proceeded to ask me if my job was hiring and gave me their resume, and I definitely don’t know and 21yro boys who have high credit limits or that would authorize their gf on it either. Oh and she was a black baby as well, so for all you beautiful black babies who think SD’s don’t want you they do and when you find one their usually whales


“Can you believe it? She opens Giles, she closes Prada. At Nina Ricci, she opens and closes. At Givenchy and Saint Laurent, she simply closes. Whatever she does, Julia Nobis, the acid-hued, flaxen-haired Aussie is the runway’s most-wanted model—and she doesn’t even have an Instagram account. Hear that? Not one follower, not one post, and not one “like.” In the modeling world, where careers are now Insta-born and personalities are digitally cultivated, Nobis is an unfiltered anomaly. Go backstage at any show, and it is a rare thing to not spy a model Instagramming a kissy-face selfie or posing pretty for a group shot. Unless, it is Nobis, who, regardless whether she is backstage at Chanel or Dior, is most likely studying for her medical exams to become an emergency room doctor.”

“If there is a trace of Nobis on social media, it is low-key, usually a clip of her playing guitar on YouTube. (She’s quite talented.) There’s the off chance that you may catch a cameo appearance by her on her too-cool-for-school bosom-buddies’ Instagram accounts—sometimes bespectacled on Hanne Gaby’s feed, tagged under a comedic pseudonym like @gentlemonsterofficial or on Katlin Aas’s as @nobis_wan_kenobi. But Nobis’s own hyper-curated account is nowhere in existence. And in this smart phone–smothered day and age, where we can track a model’s skyrocketing rise, or simply where they went to brunch, it’s refreshing to see someone like Nobis—who leads a life separate from the runway and has a bevy of other interests. But that is what makes her career fascinating—not every fresh face has to have a 30K-plus following to remain a power player in the modeling game. In fact, maybe it is sometimes better to be like Nobis, the equivalent of today’s flip phone—a little old-school, somewhat removed, unreachably cool—and a total burner on the catwalk.”