she said with a sigh

«[The Doctor] rolled his eyes and turned to Rose, pulling her away from the crowd and behind a large bit of decorative plastic that was apparently meant to be a plant. Bugger, bugger, bugger. “Rose, remember when I told you I’d been to one of these [conventions] before?”

“Yeah,” she agreed. “But you said you couldn’t remember.”

“I just did,” he said, with a sigh. “It’s this one.”

“What?” she demanded. “Where?” Her eyes darted every which way, as if trying to catch a glimpse of pin stripes, or possibly leather, in the crowd around them.

The Doctor shook his head. “Here are the rules. Absolutely no mention of the Time War or the Daleks is to cross your lips. Understand?”

“Yes,” she agreed. “But can’t we just…”

“Do not under any circumstances refer to me as the Last of the Time Lords.”

“I don’t,” she said. “That’s all you. Can’t we…”

“And do not ask his companion for her real name, as I’m rather fond of you and want to keep you around.”

Rose’s eyes went huge. “OK,” she said slowly. “But why don’t we just avoid you?” she added.

The Doctor stared at her in surprise, then looked at the huge crowd around them. “Good idea,” he said. “Let’s try it.”

“Excuse me,” said a vaguely Scottish voice behind him, “what do you think you’re doing here?”

“Or not,”»

- Double Crossing, by @jessalrynn (Chap.1)

  “Have you seen Marya?”

        “No, have you? She’s supposed to go on soon.”

        Oh dear. Oh no no no. I don’t think I can do this. I’ve never- I-I-I can’t- why did I agree to this?

        “Marya?” The door creaked open and even though I didn’t move an inch, I could see Lily entering the washroom and approaching me from behind in the mirror. “There you are! Come on it’s almost time to go!”

        “I don’t know if I can do this, Lily… you know how I feel about speaking in front of large groups.” I said to her, letting out a deep sigh as she raised her hand to my shoulder and gave it a gentle pat.

        “I know, it’s not the easiest thing in the world, and I understand if you absolutely have to, but you shouldn’t run away from this now!” She grabbed my shoulders from behind and rested her chin on my shoulder. “Look, you prepared a lovely little speech about kindness and friendship and stuff, and you look so amazing that even if you did mess up – which you won’t – nobody would be paying attention to that!”

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“I loved you,” she said.

He sighed, “I know you did, and I loved you. But I wasn’t right for you.”

“That wasn’t your choice to make, it was mine. I decide who I spend my life with and I cannot tell you how many times I prayed to God begging for that to be you. But you left, you left because you thought you knew what was best for me when it was you who was best for me.”

—  Best of me // excerpts of a book I’ll never write

yesterday this girl in my academic writing class sits down next to me and puts 3 bananas on the desk (which was jarring by itself) and i had two bananas in my backpack so i wanted to see if she would notice if i added those to her banana pile when she wasn’t looking and when she finally looked back at the bananas she sighed and said really quietly to herself “oh my god…i have so many…” and put all five of them in her backpack

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"is that my shirt" djwifi

I loved writing this, thank you :’)


Alya stared at Nino over the rim of her glasses, arms crossed and foot tapping.

“Babe,” Nino started, not looking up from tablet on his lap. “Your tapping is super cute, and I’m sure the way you’re quirking your eyebrow at me is simply adorable, but the sound is really throwing me off.”

“Don’t babe me, DJ. I’ve got a bone to pick with you,” she said, the tapping increasing in speed.

Nino sighed and pulled an earbud from his ear before looking up at his girlfriend. “Alright, spill.”

She stopped tapping and gave him a serious look, but he could see the smile fighting through it. “Nino, you know I love you. You know my schedule and I know yours. We know each other’s hobbies and deepest, darkest secrets. So I have just one thing to ask you.” It was Nino’s turn to quirk an eyebrow. “Is that my shirt?”

By the look of puzzlement on his face, he hadn’t expected that. “Uh…” He looked down at the shirt he was wearing. “I… I was wondering why it was so short,” he admitted sheepishly, standing so Alya could see.

She burst into laughter at the sight of him, the shirt a couple inches too short to cover his whole upper body. “You didn’t even stop to think it wasn’t yours?” she said between laughter.

“I thought it just got shrunk in the wash! Besides its length, it looks really good on me, Als!” As if to prove his point, he struck a pose worthy of Adrien Agreste.

When her laughter died down a bit, she walked over and gently punched his shoulder. He cracked a smile at her, which she returned. “I will admit, it does look pretty nice on you. My only problem is that is says ‘Nice girl’ and you didn’t even go to Nice with me. Go to Nice, then you can wear my shirt. Hell, I’ll even buy you one just like it,” she told him.

“Alyaaaa, you know I can’t go to Nice with you until I finish all the gigs you booked for me here,” he groaned. “What kind of girlfriend and manager leaves a guy to play in Paris while she goes down to Nice for shopping?”

“The kind who knows you would’ve been worrying about your reputation dying since you just started to get out there,” Alya says matter-of-factly. “Also the kind who is friends with the owner of La Petite Cocinelle and needed to be there for support.”

“I know, I know, you’re a great friend and an even better girlfriend,” he said, giving her a loving look.

“Yes, yes I am,” she agreed, leaning forward to kiss his cheek. “Now, either get out of my shirt or give me one of yours to wear.”

He snorted and sat down, gesturing to their room. “Dresser’s all yours, babe. Pick any shirt you want.”

“Probably not wise of you to give me free reign, but no backsies!” she called as she rushed into their room, shutting the door behind her.

Shaking his head, Nino returned his attention to the tablet he had set down. He set to responding to emails concerning his work while he waited for her to come out. After what seemed like hours, he heard the door open. Setting the tablet back down, he grinned and turned. “What happened, Als, you get lost in Narnia agaaaaainholycrap.”

Alya stood proudly, chest puffed out at her find. It’d taken a lot of time and digging around, but she found the shirt Nino wore a lot back when they first met. She was lucky it’d been such a large size, otherwise it probably wouldn’t fit her.

Nino’s fingers ran through his hair as he stared. “Wow, Als. I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting you to find that. I didn’t even know if it was here with us or with my parents. It- it looks really nice on you. I mean, everything does, but-”

“I know what you mean,” she interrupted. “And thank you, o music man of mine.” She walked over and sat beside him, leaning into his side. “Play me some music?”

“Anything for the lovely lady,” he said, affection clear in his voice. He unplugged the headphones from his tablet and pulled up a playlist of older music he’d made. Knowing which ones she preferred and which ones helped calm them both, he selected a song and leaned into her.

It wasn’t long before the two were dozing together, their hands intertwined as the music continued to sooth them.

Christmas Dinner - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: Damian and the bat fam is going to Dami’s little gf house for Christmas and her older sister opens the door and Jason falls in love with the sister.

“Remind me again why I’m the one who has to drive you to your girlfriend’s house.” Jason complained.

“Because Grayson is on a date with his flavor of the month and Drake taking me would result in one of us being obliterated. You were the logical option.” Damian explained. “Besides my girlfriend wants to meet you for whatever reason. Something about wanting to meet all of my brothers and you being the last to hold out.”

“Well isn’t she sweet.” Jason commented dryly as he pulled into your driveway. “Alright amscray.” Jason said when the car came to a stop.

“Not a chance. She will kill me if she doesn’t meet you.” Damian said shaking his head. Jason sighed in defeat and shut off the ignition.

“Fine.” Jason sighed, zipping up his coat in preparation for facing the bitter cold. He didn’t wait to see if Damian was following him when he quickly made his way over to the door. Might as well get this over with.

Jason rang the doorbell and shoved his hands in his pocket while he waited for someone to answer the door. He expected Damian’s girlfriend or hell one of her parent’s. He certainly didn’t expect to be greeted by the captivating vision that was Damian’s girlfriend’s sister. Jason’s jaw dropped at the sight of you while you stood there staring at him expectantly.

Say something asswipe! Jason’s mind shouted at him.

“Uh … Hi.” Jason said. He intended to say something smoother

“Hi? Can I help you?” You asked. Jason couldn’t help but be utterly enchanted by the sound of your voice. God, it sounded like music to his ears.

“I - uh … well you see …” Jason stuttered, completely struck by your presence.

“Hey [Y/N]. The bumbling idiot with the fly trap mouth is my brother.” Damian greeted

“Oh I see … does he have a name?” You asked flirtatiously. Damian shoved his elbow into Jason’s side when he didn’t immediately answer. Jason blinked rapidly and shut his mouth in attempt to regain composure. He was making a fool of himself.

“Jason. My name’s Jason.” He answered perhaps a little too eagerly. What was wrong with him today? Why did you reduce him to acting like some sort of love sick teenager? He was a grown man, he knew how to talk to women so why were you any different.

You let out the most adorable laugh and opened the door open further invitingly.

“It’s nice to meet you Jason. Would you like to stay for Christmas dinner? I made dessert.” You said temptingly with a suggestive wink. Jason melted inside at your proposition and immediately wanted to agree. He had never been one to be all that big on Christmas or family gatherings but if it meant he could have the chance to get to know you better he couldn’t find the sign up sheet fast enough.


“Sure!” Jason and Damian said simultaneously. Damian shot a glare in Jason’s direction and Jason gave him a defiant look in return.

“Great! The more the merrier!” You said happily, taking Jason by the hands and pulling him into your parents home. As you gave Jason the tour of the home and introduced him to everyone, Jason could vaguely hear Damian grumbling behind him.

“ … should have asked Tim to drive.”

Random headcanon

Joker doesn’t like giving Harley his coat because she always leaves a bunch of empty candy wrappers in the pockets (but he always gives it to her anyway because she looks all pathetic when she’s cold)

Wait, wait, wait! There are still people that are bitter that Harry and Hermione didn’t end up together???? 

Originally posted by vismaviedevie

I mean come on people!!! The books came to an end nearly 10 years ago. Just get the fuck over it already. 


Last of Linktober, The Madness of Princess Zelda

Man outside of Hyrule castle:
> Oh hey, you there!

> I’ve seen you around playing with the princess from time to time…

> But lately the princess seems different.

> She doesn’t laugh as much anymore or take time to talk with the townspeople.

> All she does is spend her time in the castle with that absurd bird on her head.

> The queen too… She seems to have forgotten her people, wanting to go to war with the neighboring kingdoms.

> Even the Princess’s music has changed. I should know I taught her how to play.

> It sounds strange… even otherworldly and people don’t seem to notice.

> But when I said something about it she had me thrown out of the the castle….*sigh

> Do you know what happened to the princess?

I’m sorry to say this is the end of Linktober for me. I wanted to finish it off with a story…I hope to return to this someday but that may be a long while before that happens. Unfortunately life intervened…

*Note The illustration on the bottom is an older version, The one on top being the more current model.

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“I made you both appointments to see the dentist next week,” Maddie said, settling down at the table with a cup of steaming hot cocoa.

Both the boys stared at her with identical expressions of horror. Jack’s expression turned into a pout rather quickly as he slouched down in his chair, but Danny’s face stayed firmly rebellious.

“You’re seventeen, Danny,” she said with a sigh. “You need to outgrow this eventually. The dentist isn’t going to hurt you-”

“Unless he’s overshadowed,” Danny interrupted. Jack’s eyes lit up at the viable excuse.

“I happen to know you can pick out someone who’s overshadowed at a hundred feet,” Maddie said patiently. “You’re going.”

As Jack scowled and sank back down, Danny’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t need to go to the dentist. My teeth are fine. See?” He flashed her a smile, filled with razor-sharp fangs.

Maddie settled back in her chair and blew on her hot cocoa before taking a sip. “Stop changing your appearance. It’s unhealthy.” After a moment of silence, making sure her son’s teeth looked human again, she added, “And you’re still going.”

Bedtime story.

Fun fact. Semi-based on real events. 

Team RWBY had a lot of books. Whether they were Ruby and Yang’s comics, or Weiss and Blake’s novels (or Blake’s ‘Novels’), the shelves were usually stocked to the breaking point with pages. So it should have really come as no surprise when Ruby found the Belgariad. 

Weiss pushed open the door, emotionally exhausted. Sitting through one of Port’s ‘lectures’ was always draining. As her eyes swept the room, they hooked on Ruby (Sitting on her bed. Of course [Well technically now it was their bed but you’d sooner see Juane fly then get her to admit it.]) with a book in her lap, engrossed in the pages. A very familiar book. 
“Ruby! Is that my book!”
Ruby started with an “Eep!” and quickly slammed the cover back. “Uuuhhh…No?” 
Weiss sighed and walked over. “The Belgariad.” she said, sitting down next to Ruby on her (their) bed. “Good choice, but you’re not doing it right.”
“Weiss, I know I’m not always the best at book smarts, but I know how to read.”
“I know that you dolt!” Weiss snapped, before calming down. “The Belgariad is not a book you read. It is a book that is read to you.” 
“Yes. My…my mother used to read it to me and Winter every night before bed.” Weiss said, remembering the nights fondly. 
When she looked up at Ruby, the girl had that damn look in her eyes. The one Weiss couldn’t deny. 
“Ok. Fine.”
“Woohoo!” Ruby cheered, handing the book to Weiss and laying back.

“…and that’s how I beat a Beowolf with just my teeth!” 
Blake giggled at the blatant lie/story. “Oh really?” 
“Of course!” Yang exclaimed arriving at their door. Opening it, she was greeted by the sight of Weiss sitting in her desk chair, book in her lap, Ruby tucked into their bed, looking ecstatic. 
For a second, the two pairs of grown-ass-women just stared at each other. 
“Oh Hell no! No one reads bedtime stories to my little sister but me!”
“Yang, come on! It’s her book! And she’s really good at it! She even does the voices!”
“Babe, chill. Let’s give her a shot.”
Blake laying her hand on Yang’s arm had an immediate effect. Although still grumpy, Yang sat down at her desk and said “Fine. But if I disapprove, then we’re gonna have a talk.”

Damn Weiss and her singer’s voice. 

Juane knocked at the door and waited. 
“Why are we doing this again?” Ren asked while rubbing circles into a tired Nora’s back. Pyrrha laid her head on Juane’s shoulder, eyes closed, possibly sleeping. 
“Because every night, team RWBY rushes back here like they’re being chased by Nevermores. I want to know why.” Jaune replied with determination in his voice that surprised his teammates. Maybe being a team leader was doing him some good. 
When the door opened, team JNPR was not expecting to see team RWBY dressed in their pajamas, sitting in a circle (or at least he assumed was a circle, as Yang had answered the door) around Weiss, who had a book in her lap. 
The grown-ass-adults stared at each other. 
“Well that was not what I was expecting.” Nora said, fully awake. 
A beat.
“Ooh! Ooh ooh ooh!” Ruby noise-d, drawing the gaze of the other seven people in proximity. She had a look on her face. 
A look Weiss could read like a book.
“No way!” 

“Come on, no!”

“We’d have to start the whole first book over again!”
Credit where it was due, Weiss resisted seven simultaneous puppy-dog-eyes for longer than anyone else ever had. 

Coco led the way down the hall, Velvet under one arm. 
“…and that’s how I beat the Deathstalker with only my shades!” 
“Naturally.” Velvet replied, shaking her head and grinning. Yatsuhashi and Fox followed, giving the pair space. 
As they walked, Velvet slowed down, listening.
“I..I hear something.” She said, picking up the pace.
Pushing open one of the doors that was surely meant to be closed, but wasn’t, she saw seven people seated in a circle, in their bedclothes, around an eighth person. 
Guess what the grown-ass-adults did. 
Weiss sighed, and said “Just get in here.”

And so it came to be that Weiss was reading a bedtime story to 50+ people. Getting them all in the room was a challenge, but Sun usually hung from his tail outside the window. And Neptune usually hung from Sun. Unwillingly, but still. It was a real shocker when Professor Goodwitch and Headmaster Ozpin showed up to listen. It was also a shocker that so many people could sit through the same intro over and over again. 
“It’s your voice.” Ruby replied one night when Weiss voiced her thoughts to her girlfriend after storytime. 
“It’s gorgeous.”
Weiss was glad the darkness in the room hid her blush.  


Requested by @lollipoppopsicles. Hope you like it:) (Y/F/N= Your First Name. Y/L/N= Your Last Name) 

You P.O.V 

“Come on Y/N, if you want this to be your best performance going to have to work a lot harder!” My manager shouted from the front of the stage. I was doing rehearsals for my performance at this year’s VMA’S and I’m so nervous. I’ll be performing my single ‘Side to Side’.

“I am trying alright!” I shouted back, the exhaustion to getting to me causing me to snap at her. “Look I’m sorry. I am trying” I said, rubbing my forehead, trying to get rid of my headache.

“It’s okay. Let’s run it through one more time and then you can have a break” she said, smiling slightly at me. I nodded and sighed about to get on my exercise bike when I heard a shouted “Go get em’ babe!”. I turned and saw my boyfriend, Justin Bieber standing next to my manager. I smiled, blowing him a kiss.

I turned and swung my right leg over the seat of the bike and lifted myself so my bum was on the seat. I place my feet on the peddle and made sure my heeled shoe doesn’t slip. Yeah, I’m rehearsing in heels but my manager made me.

The music started and I began to sing. As I was doing my choreography on my broke, my foot slipped and bent in a weird angle making me yell in pain, the noise echoing though out the arena due to my headset on my head.

“Stop the music!” I yelled, getting of my bike. I tried to walk but I fell to the ground, next to my bike.

“what happened Y/N?” My manager asked as her and Justin ran towards me. Justin knelt down next to me, grabbing my ankle and tried to move it gently making me hiss and tears left my eyes. He looked at my face and wiped my tears, kissing me gently muttering that it’s going to be fine.  

“I don’t know, my foot just slipped and bent” I said, being pulled up by Justin. I rested my head on his shoulder as he carried me out to the car, bridal style.

“Okay, we’ll take you to the hospital now” My manager, Amy, said. I nodded. He placed me in the back seat so I could stretch my leg. Amy got in the passage seat and Justin was obviously driving.

“Do you think you’ll be able to perform tonight?” Amy asked, turning to look at me. I also saw Justin glance at me through his mirror.

“I think I should be able to, it’s not broken I don’t think” I said, trying to twist my ankle but hissed when a sharp pain ran the my ankle.

“Oi, don’t twist it” Justin said as he parked the car. He opened the door and pulled me out gently, lifting me up bridal style. I sighed, this would have to happen to me.

“Okay, you have a sprained ankle. It should be fine by tomorrow but you can wear this tight sock to help with the pain” the doctor said, as he began to pull the tight boot on my foot. (I don’t know if this happens I’m improvising).

“She has a performance tonight; do you think she’ll be able to do it?” Amy asked, crossing her arms her full attention on the doctor.

“Yeah, her sprain isn’t serious, the boot should help so you can perform smoothly” he said, smiling at me. I nodded and got up. I walked and felt hardly any pain, just a dull feeling making me sigh in relief.

“Okay thank you doctor” I said, patting his arm and walked out the door. I felt Justin close to me making me turn to him.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, waiting for Amy at the car. He sighed and leaned against the car.

“I was worried about you. You really scared me” he said, placing his hands on my waist pulling me into him, his back now pressed against the car.

“I’m sorry babe” I said, leaning up and kissed his lips. I heard sigh and run his hand up my back the back of my head. I smiled through the kiss and pulled away.

“Come on love birds” Amy said, tapping my shoulder. I giggled and pecked his lips once more before fully pulling away.


“Okay, remember, make sure your foot doesn’t slip of the pedal” Amy said, standing next to me. I nodded at her, taking one more look at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a white crop top and white trousers. My hair was in a high ponytail and I had a pink had on.

“Okay” I said, walking onto the stage and onto my bike, waiting to be introduced.

“Our next performer is new on the scene but definitely blew us away with her new hit single, performing ‘Side to Side’ with a sprained ankle, Y/F/N Y/L/N”

The music began and I began singing and doing my choreography. It was so much fun to perform my song for the first time, hell, this is the first time I’m performing at all.

“If you wanna Minaj I got a tricycle” Nicki rapped the last line. The arena erupted with claps and screams from the fans. I smiled looking around. I saw Justin and Amy in the front row, jumping up and down making me giggle. I turned to Nicki and hugged her.

“You did amazing!” Justin shouted, running into my dressing room as I was taking a drink from my bottle of water.

“Really?” I asked, screwing the cap back on my water bottle. Justin walked to me and hugged me tight.

“I’m so proud of you. I knew you could do it” He said, pulling away so he could see my face. He placed his hands on both sides of my face and pulled me to him, kissing me on the lips. I smiled through the kiss. He pulled away put pecked my lips again.

“ Thank you babe” I said, kissing him again, making him smile this time. 

Sorry for any mistakes<3        


‘  Y/N: Why is it so cold here? Should have brought more blankets.

  Y/N said as she snuggled to her green blanket. She sighed and put his bowl down to the floor. The sound of the knights and Arthur’s bickering was cut off and Merlin was clearly failing at keeping himself from bursting into a laughter. She looked up to see them looking directly at her.

  Y/N: What? Did I said something wrong?

  Arthur: No, no you didn’t. But if you’d like to you can get my blanket.

  Y/N: Oh no, sire, I can’t.

  Elyan: Y/N is right, your highness. We can’t risk you getting cold. But perhaps she would accept my offer?

  Y/N: I am not going to take anyone’s blanket and that’s final. What if one of you catches a cold.

  Percival: Honestly Y/N, it’s not even that cold.

  Gwaine: I can give you mine if you’ll take care of me when I catch a cold. That’s a fair deal isn’t it? *winks*

  Y/N: Gwai-

  Leon: Obviously one of us have to keep Y/N warm at night. I can if you’d like?

  Mordred: Well you are only one person maybe I can also help you out?

  Arthur: If someone’s going to accompany Y/N at night that should be me. I could protect her better than you two.

  Y/N: I-I *desperately looks at Merlin who is enjoying himself a little more than he should*

  Lancelot: You said no blankets right? But no one said anything about cloaks.

  He said as he wrapped his cloak around you.

  Merlin: Good thinking Lancelot.

  Suddenly you were drowning in cloaks. Seven cloaks layered on top of you. You started to get warmer by second.

  Y/N: Thank you guys…

  Merlin: Problem solved.          ‘

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Tried calling out sick, got told No. Went into work anyways and puked for 3 hours. Got sent home and told I was stupid for coming in and my boss was mad she had to close by herself. She said I should have called in sick. Sigh

“You can take my castle, but you will win only bones and blood and ashes.”

“That’s all she said?”

“All,” Rhaenys says, and Orys sighs, running his hand over his jaw.  There are dark circles under his eyes–he hasn’t slept well since the battle–and she is quite sure that cut on his face will scar.  

“There isn’t time for a seige,” he murmurs, clearly thinking.  “Aegon needs…” his voice trails away, but Rhaenys understands.  In the weeks that she and Orys have been campaigning together, words sometimes have fallen away.  Perhaps it is to be expected.  She doesn’t need words with Aegon, but this is different.  Orys is not her brother.  It is a thought that has hung in her mind more than once.  If he were not so loyal to Aegon, no doubt he’d have wanted to bed me, she muses.  He may still, though he’ll deny himself to the grave.  

Not for the first time, she wonders what he would have made of Argella Durrandon if they had been wed.  Or, more curious to her, what she would have made of him.  The woman was as forceful as the gales in which her father had died.

“I suppose there’s no trickery that will can bring is within the castle’s gates?  A seaside entrance?” he asks.

“I can search for one tomorrow on Meraxes, but I dare not get too close to the castle’s walls.”

“Why tomorrow and not today?”

“Because I am tired, as are you,” Rhaenys answers evenly.  “Because I’m your queen and I will it.”

Orys considers, then shrugs and turns away.  “Storm’s End,” he murmurs.  “And here I thought it would be mine when I defeated Argilac Durrandon.”

“Aegon will give it to you, I don’t doubt.  He wanted you to have it before all this began.”  Orys lets out an amused snort.

“I suppose there’s something to be said for claiming it, but I’d rather hoped not to have to fight.  Least of all when it could have been a sweeter transition to my power.”  Did he still nurse dreams of marrying her?  Ever since Aegon had first mentioned it to him, he’d liked the idea, though he’d never met Argella Durrandon, and knew little and less about her.  Visenya would call Orys a romantic, but surely not even romantics could treasure such hopes through a war such as this.

“You wanted it presented on a silver platter?” Rhaenys laughs.

How she regrets the laughter as the sun sets and a guard comes to find her and Orys as they pour over maps together.

“My lord, your grace,” the boy–he is just a boy–pants.  “Lord Massey is here.  And others.  They’ve brought…” his voice trails away and Rhaenys feels a chill on her neck that has little to do with the sea breeze.  She looks to the castle and sees that the Durrandon crowned stag does not flutter in the wind above the gates.

What have they done to her?

What they had done to her makes Rhaenys ill.  There are yellow bruises on her belly and arms and a purple one on her cheek, and if that were the worst of it, she’d have been quite content.  The chains seem so huge on Argella Durrandon’s wrists and ankles, and there is a gag of some sort stuffed between her lips–swollen and split.  Bone and ashes and blood.  

She fought them at least.

The men are laughing, and some are even cheering as she and Orys approach, but Orys silences them with a raised hand, his eyes determinedly on Argella’s face and not her nakedness.  Argella’s gaze is not on Orys, though.

Her eyes–clear and blue like the sky after a storm–are locked with Rhaenys’, and there is fury there, and pain, and Rhaenys pities her, except that the moment she feels her face soften with pity, an indignant pride swells in those blue eyes, and Rhaenys feels her lips quirk almost approvingly.

There are ways to break a woman like Argella Durrandon, to defeat her, to lay her low.  But this…this is not one of them, and even as Lord Massey bends his knee to Orys and declares the Stormlands for Aegon, and even as Orys sweeps his own cloak from his shoulders and wraps them around Argella’s to cover her from the eyes of the men around them–Rhaenys sees that this…this did not break her.  

And she finds herself glad of that.

Maybe this was always our fate" she said.

He sighed “ I didn’t think it could be as cruel as this.”

She chuckled slightly “Oh it often is”.

—  M.C.E. Loving each other but it still doesn’t work out.
Reyna Writes: DJWiFi Snowball Fight - An ML Secret Santa drabble

Merry Christmas, guys!!! As you may know, I agreed to take place in @mlsecretsanta‘s gift exchange this year, so this is a special fic for @theyrejustbehindtheveilSurprise–I’m your Secret Santa! :D I hope you enjoy this bit of DJWiFi goodness! <3

           Alya tapped her foot against the sidewalk. The snow covering it muffled her impatience, but that didn’t mean it was going away anytime soon.

           “They’re late,” she complained again to her single companion: Nino. She felt him glance over at her, but refused to meet his gaze.

           “Yeah,” he said, and left it at that. Alya sighed. She was going to kill Marinette.

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